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Salem (Mass.)--Public library. Cookery and domestic economy. (Bulletin,

May 1898, 4: 83-88) Sargant, E. B. & Wbishaw, Bernhard. Guide book to books. 1891 Sonnenschein, W:T. Best books. 1891 - Reader's guide. 1895 South Kensington museum). First proofs of the Universal catalogue of books

on art. 1870 Sonth Kensington museum-National art library. List of books illustrating

furniture. 1878 Sturgis, Russell & Krehbiel, H: E: Annotated bibliography of fine art. 1897 Utica (N. Y.)-Public library. Finding list. 1895 Wharton, Edith & Codman, Ogden. Decoration of houses. 1897

“Books consulted," pref. p. 12-17.

MAGAZINES OF HOUSE DECORATION AND FURNISHING Art amateur ; a monthly journal devoted to the cultivation of art in the household. N. Y. Marks 350 a copy; yearly subscription $4.

705 fArzi e Decorator and furnisher. N. Y. Art trades publishing and printing co. 200 a copy; yearly subscription $2.

740 fD35 e A montbly journal devoted principally to modern house decoration with occasional articles on historic ornament.-Drexel, p. 32 House beautiful; a magazine of art and artisanship. Chic. Stone 1oc a copy ; yearly subscription $1.

e An excellent publication; interesting and instructive.

Painting and decorating; a journal treating of house, sign, fresco, car

and carriage painting and of wall paper and decoration. N. Y. Trade news publishing co. 200 a copy; yearly subscription $2.

698 q05 e Monthly. Other magazines not devoted to house decoration and furnishing but containing numerous articles on the subject are: Art interchange; an illustrated monthly guide for amateurs with hints on

artistic home decoration. N. Y. Art interchange co. 35€ a copy; yearly subscription $4.

740 qAry e International studio; an illustrated monthly magazine of fine and applied art. N. Y. Lane 35c a copy; yearly subscription $3.50.

705 qIn8 e An unusually good publication. Occasional articles on or relating to house decoration and furnishing may also be found in Architectural record, L'art, Art journal, Artist, Magazine of art, Portfolio.

GENERAL WORKS Balfour, Henry. Evolution of decorative art. 120. N. Y. 1893. Macmillan $1.25.

е An interesting and suggestive account of very primitive forms of ornament, both prehistoric and among savages of our owu time. Careful reading of this book throws a good deal of light on many problems of fine art.-Sturgis,

p. 48 Benson, William A. S. Elements of handicraft and design. illus. 12° N. Y. 1893, Macmillan $1.60.

е Intended for school workshops, but its directions for simple carpenter work and the making of book-shelves and tables are excellent and are illustrated with 94 drawings. The souvdest principles of design are explained in simple language and well enforced. This part of the book is important, because there is a strong teudency in our times toward mere taking of desigus from old works. This shows how designs are made originally. The final chapter gives good general ideas as to coloring, and a loug bibliography is added. -

Sturgis, p. 48 Blanc, Auguste Alexandre Philippe Charles. Grammaire des arts

décoratifs ; décoration intérieure de la maison. New ed. enl. 392p. 255 illus. Q. Par. 1886. Laurens 30 fr. 740 qB59 e

The works of this author are in a sense perfunctory ; one does not go to him for stimulating criticism or bold and incisive views. They are generally trustworthy, written by a bard-working man to whom all modern French culture and much of foreign thought were accessible. His Grammaire des arts du dessin and tbis work form one analytic history of art which is well

worth study.-Sturgis, p.3 Chevreul, Michel Eugene. Principles of harmony and contrast of

colours. Ed. 3. 465p.D. Lond. 1890. Bell 5s. (Bohn's scien-
tific lib.)
Sold by Macinillan $1.50.
With special application to the arts.

The one book on color in the list of 5000 books selected by the American
library association.
Crane, Lucy. Art and the formation of taste. 292p. illus. D.
Lond. 1882. Macmillan $2.

704 C85 e Contains chapters on form and color in decorative art... with illustratious by Thomas and Walter Crane.-Drexel, p. 24 Crane, Walter. Claims of decorative art. 1912. illus. sq.O. Bost. 1892. Houghton $2.25.

704 C851 e We can not recommend Mr Crane's book to the student of art as one from which he is likely to glean any instruction.-Nation, July 1892, 55:17

Short and unpretending essays on the subject of ornamental or applied art, mingling art, ethics and social economy.Dial, Oct. 1892, 13 : 212

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Marshall, Henry Rutgers. Aesthetic principles. 2010.D. Lond. 1895. Macmillan $1.25.

701 M35 e Briefly and clearly written ... has ... every claim on the attention of those interested in the science of beauty.--Nation, Sep. 1895, 61: 192

Full of sound and stimulating thought, though it can not be regarded as a contribution of first-rate importance to the literature of esthetics.-

Academy, Aug. 1895, 48 : 169 Morris, William, ed. Arts and crafts essays ; by members of the Arts

and crafts exhibition society. 420p. D. N.Y. 1893. Scribner $2.50.

740 M83 e Some excellent papers, such as “ Furniture and the room" by Edward S. Prior and “The room and furniture" by Halsey Ricardo. Mr Morris's preface is also important ... Contains also “ Decorative printing and desigoing” by Walter Crane.--Sturgis, p. 51

– Decorative arts; their relation to modern life and progress; address. 16o. Bost. 1878. Roberts, paper 30C.

Hopes and fears for art. 217p. D. Bost. 1882. Roberts $1.25.

704 e Full of timely warning and practical suggestion.--Dial, Ap. 1882, 2:292 Opinions and advice on practical details occur usually as illustrations.

Academy, Feb. 1882, 21 : 143 Ruskin, John. Two paths; being lectures on art and its application

to decoration and manufacture delivered in 1858–9; with an introd. by C: E. Norton. 270p. D. N.Y. 1893. Maynard $1.50.

704 e The law which it has been my effort chiefly to illustrate is the dependence of all poble design, in any kind, on the sculpture or painting of organic

form.-Preface Santayana, George. The sense of beauty; being the outlines of - aesthetic theory. 275p.D. N.Y. 1896. Scribner $1.50.

701 Sas e One of the best contributions ever made to the subject-penetrating, per ceptive and judicious, and clad in a superlatively good English style.

Nation, July 1897, 65: 75 Sturgis, Russell. Decorative art. (see Johnson's universal cyclopaedia. 1894-95. 2:697-99)

Rozi (J623 e Vallance, Aymer. William Morris. Ed. 2. 462p. illus. Q. Lond. 1898. Bell 255 net.

928.21 M83 e Sold by Macmillan $10.

A well digested statement of the Morris creed, supported by examples of work in all the crafts he enriched and developed. --International studio, Jan, 1898, 3:204

HOUSEHOLD ART, DECORATION Adam, Robert & Adam, James. Architecture, decoration and furni

ture; 26 folio plates of interiors, ceilings, chimney pieces and various pieces of furniture, etc. selected from “Works on architecture" published 1778–1822. 5p. 26pl. sq.F5. Lond. 1880. Batsford 255.

The high estimation in which tbe decorative work of the talented brothers Adam is held makes this work of value to the architect, to decorative artists and to the art public generally.-Haferkorn, H: E. & Heise, P. E. A.

Handy lists of technical literature, 1889–93, pt 5-6, p. 2 Brunner, Arnold W. & Tryon, Thomas. Interior decoration. 65p. illus. Q. N. Y. 1887. Comstock $2; paper $1.50.

740 qB83 e Authors are architects; they offer decorations suited to the ball, staircase, library, parlor, dining-room, study and bedrooms, both for city and country houses. Many good hints are given for altering and bettering oid work and on furnishing. A book which will suggést many points for discussion before the practising architect and decorator are called upon.

Leypoldt, p. 129 Campbell, Mrs Helen (Stuart). Household economics; a course

of lectures in the school of economics of the University of Wisconsin. 286p.O. N. Y. 1897. Putnam $1.50. 640 P6 e

See “ Decoration ” p. 86–106 ; “Furnishing" p. 107–26. Contains a bibliography of each subject.

The esthetic meaning and uses of decoration and furnishing are suggestively treated.--Dial, May 1897, 22 : 286

- Household furnishings. (see Architectural record, Oct.-Dec. 1896, 6: 97-104)

720.5 Arai e Maintains that good furnishings are “Beautiful and orderly forms, all peacefully serving their uses." Coleman, Oliver. Successful houses. 160p. illus. O. Chic. 1898. Stone $1.50.

Cap. 749 C67 e A manual of interior decoration. Taking the ball, the drawing-room, the dining-room, the library, the den or smoking-room, the bedrooms, walls and ceilings, floors, windows and doors, each separately, methods of treatment are suggested and applied, and the result illustrated by giving pictures of the interiors of eminently good houses. Additional articles are : “ Portières, their use and misuse” by Donald Warren, who also writes on artificial lighting; "Small ornaments” and “On the use of soft wood” by

Alfred H. Granger.Publishers' weekly, Ap. 1899, 55 : 572 Cook, Clarence Chatham. What shall we do with our walls? 35p. illus. O. N. Y. 1881. Warren, Fuller & Co. boards $1.50.

745 C77 e General principles rather than formal rules.- Preface

Day, Lewis Foreman. How to decorate a room. (see Magazine of art, 1881, 4: 182–86)

705 qM27 e Inculcates the principles on wbich a house should be decorated, by working out the scheme for the decoration of one room.

- Place of pictures in the decoration of a room. (see Magazine of art, 1881, 4:319-23)

705 qM27 e “The rule should be to hang no picture but what is roally cared for.” Earle, Mrs Maria Theresa (Villiers). Pot-pourri from a Surrey

garden. Ed. 7. 381p. O. Lond. 1897. Smith, Elder 75 6d.

640 P7 e See • Furnishing" p. 276–88.

Contains a number of practical suggestions. Urges simplicity, but not at the expense of warmth and comfort. Eastlake, Charles Lock. Hints on household taste; ed. by C: C. Perkins. illus. 8°. Bost. 1881. Houghton $3.

749 Ea7 e A standard work giving practical suggestions for artistic furniture and decoration. Edis, Robert William. Decoration and furniture of town houses; a

series of Cantor lectures, delivered before the Society of arts, 1880. 292p. illus. O. Lond. 1881. Paul 12s 6d. 747 Ed4 e

Desigps which are both simple and economic with regard to space and money.-Litchfield, Frederick, Illustrated history of furniture, 1892, p. 245

His book would be more serviceable if he had learned the art of compression aud clear statements.- Nation, Mar. 1881, 32 : 175 . Ellwanger, George Herman. Story of my house. 286p.illus.S.

N. Y. 1891. Appleton $1.50; ed. de luxe $6. 814.49 Els e Reveries and little essays...ou rugs. ..on the literary dev...on cabinets of porcelain. ..on the greenhouse. . .and on many other of those topics about whicb it is agreeable to read if the author is himself sufficiently interested

in his task.- Nation, Jan. 1891, 52:39 Falke, Jakob von. Art in the house; historical, critical and aesthetic

al studies on the decoration and furnishing of the dwelling; tr. from the 3d German ed. with notes by C: C. Perkins. : 356p. illus. Q. Bost. 1879. Prang $15.

729 qF18 e Discusses the floor...walls and...ceiling and throws out many suggestions as to their artistic decoration.- Academy, Mar. 1874, 5 : 267 Garrett, Rhoda & Agnes. Suggestions for house decoration, in

painting, woodwork and furniture. illus. 12°. Phil. 1877. Porter $1.

e Written from the artist's point of view, and requiring some means and previous kuowledge to carry out its ideas.-Leypoldt, p. 129

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