Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers to the Secretary of War for the Year ..., Частина 2

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Сторінка 1174 - And they constitute navigable waters of the United States within the meaning of the acts of Congress, in contradistinction from the navigable waters of the States, when they form in their ordinary condition by themselves, or by uniting with other waters, a continued highway over which commerce is or may be carried on with other States or foreign countries in the customary modes in which such commerce is conducted by water.
Сторінка 1668 - That the Secretary of War shall expend the appropriation under this head with reference to the final improvement of this river as contemplated In the Report of the Chief of Engineers for the year ending July...
Сторінка 1492 - Port Barre, 17 miles upstream, and then to Washington, La., 11 miles farther up. The preliminary estimate for the cost of this work was $40,000, which was afterwards increased to $78,500, and it was reported in the annual report of 1886 that the cost of masonry lock and dam would be $175,000.
Сторінка 1024 - ... said first section mentioned, and against all other persons and corporations who may claim to have any such right, title, or interest. On the filing of said bill process shall issue and be served, according to the ordinary course of said court, upon all persons and corporations within the .jurisdiction of said court...
Сторінка 1071 - War, with recommendation that a Board of Officers of the Corps of Engineers, to consist of Col. William P. Craighill, Lieut. Col. George H. Elliot, and Maj. GELB ] )avis, be constituted, to consider and report upon the...
Сторінка 1263 - A detailed description of this river is found in my report of the preliminary examination and survey, printed as House Ex. Doc. No. 215, Fifty-first Congress, first session. For a special history of past work, see p.
Сторінка 1263 - ... (3) removing snags and logs from the channel and overhanging trees from the banks of the stream. The cost of the improvement, as given in the project of 1890, is estimated at $210,000, provided funds are regularly and adequately supplied.
Сторінка 1374 - The original project contemplated the formation of a continuous channel 100 feet wide and 5 feet deep at mean low water from Tampa Bay to the town of Sarasota, Fla. , a distance of 21£ miles, the estimated cost being $17,500.
Сторінка 1832 - ... the survey printed in the Annual Report of the Chief of Engineers for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1875...
Сторінка 1777 - ... the custom in carrying out work on the Upper Mississippi to select, when funds are available, such localities for improvement as may be at the time most detrimental to navigation. Each and every locality thus improved has a beneficial result on the navigation of the whole river, and as the shoalest bars have been improved from year to year the ruling navigable depth has been considerably increased. By this method the good...

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