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this Bill to excite prejudice on questions not even in the remotest manner connected with this Bill. I am not going to argue the amount of money given to rates in connection with the Local Government Bill for Ireland, or the half rates to farmers in England and Scotland, or the grant to voluntary schools. But one word I think I may say on these three topics.


ACT, 1898. I remember perfectly well when the first sketch of the Irish Local Government Bill was made in this House, an essential part of which was to get rid of the just, or at all events the justifiable, objections which were naturally felt at so great a transfer of power from one class to another in Ireland. How was that proposal met? Did we hear anything from the right hon. gentleman and his friends about doles on that occasion ? Not a word. I remember that that proposal, which was an integral part of that Bill, was met with a chorus of approval not alone from Members on that side -- from gentlemen representing Ireland and from their colleagues representing English constituencies.


ACT, 1896. Now I come to the half rates, which the right hon. gentleman said we gave to the landlords in England. We gavo them to the farmers. (Opposition laughter.) Well, I am going to put a simple query to Members for agricultural constituencies in England sitting opposite. When they go down to their constituencies, and when they issue their addresses, is this dole to the farmers of England going to be represented as a monstrous abuse, and is there going to be any proposal that it should be repealed by the next Parliament ? I shall be curious to have an answer to that question.


I come now to the third dole, and that is the extra grant to the voluntary schools. In that Bill every single gentleman from Ireland supported the Goverrment. They were all for a policy of doles and sabventions; and again I ask, are you going to the country to ask the country whether they are going to take away from the voluntary schools the dole that has been given to them ? And are you going to have the support of the Irish Members when the time for this inevitable policy arrives? It is all nonsense."

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Regulation Act,

What has the present Unionist Government done for the country in five years ? Instead of wasting its time, like the Gladstonians, by bringing in Separatist and destructive measures which had no chance of being passed into law, the Unionists settled down to genuine work directly the country returned them to power, and this is what their Government has done during the five years of its existence. It should be remembered that the War in South Africa has occupied much of their attention during the last year.

1.-It has passed an Act amending the Coal Mines Regu- Coal Mines lation Act, providing for the increased safety of 1896. the workers in fiery and dusty mines, The Act also empowers the Secretary of State to impose special regulations in regard to the use of explosives, to secure inspection, and for other matters affecting the wellbeing of the miner,

2.-It has passed the Conciliation (Trades-Disputes) Act, Corades biswhich provides for the creation of. Boards of. Conciliation. By putes) Act, 1896. this Act the Board of Trade is: empowered to intervene on its own initiative, or on the application of one of the parties to a dispute with the view of bringing them together, and has already been successful in a great number of cases.

3.-It has passed an Act additionally safeguard - Diseases of ing this country from the contagious diseases of cattle.

4.-It has passed the Land Law (Ireland) Act, clearing the Land Law previous law from some doubts and uncertainties, dealing with 1896. certain hard cases which had been brought to light, removing

Animals Act, 1896.

(Ireland) Act,

some of the obstacles in the way of the purchase of land by tenants, and reforming the law relating to Tenants’ Improvements and Sub-letting.

5.-It has passed an Act to provide the means of cheap and easy transport for farm produce, and has set aside a sum of £100,000 for the purpose of encouraging this movement.

Light Railways
Act, 1896.

Locomotives on Highways Act, 1896.


Acts, 1897 and 1900.

Voluntary Schools Act, 1897, and Elementary Educa. tion Amend.

6.-It has passed an Act to facilitate the use of light locomotives upon the highway in this country, relieving them

from certain restrictive regulations, &c. Truck Act, 1896. 7.-It has amended the Truck Acts by giving further

protection to the workman against unreasonable deductions by way of fines or otherwise.

8.-It has passed the Workmen's (Compensation for (Compensation for Accidents) Accidents) Acts which provide for compensation

to the workmen in a large number of trades, including Agriculture, for all accidents sustained in the course of their employment, except in cases of "wilful misconduct," and which saves injured workmen from the legal expenses they were previously put to in recovering damages.

9.-It has passed Acts to increase the efficiency of Education ment Acts, 1897 in Voluntary and Board Schools. Foreign Prison 10.-It has passed an Act to prevent the com

petition of Foreign Convict Labour with Free Labour in this country.

11.—It has undertaken the improvement and extension of Acts, 1896-7-9

various dockyards and harbours, barracks and hospitals, and the construetion of new ones, thus strengthening

our Naval Defence. If See also No. 18.) Benefices Aot, 12.- It has passed an Act dealing with some of the grosser

abuses of patronage in the Church of England and strengthening the hands of the Bishops in enforcing discipline.

13.—It has passed an Act to enable, but not to compel, prisoners to give evidence in their own cases.

14.-It has given to Ireland local self-government

and 1900.

made Goods Act, 1897.

Naval Works


Criminal Evidence Act, 1898.

Local Govern

Naval Reserve

15.—It has sanctioned the solemnization of matrimony in Marriage Act,

1898. Nonconformist places of worship without the presence of any registrar, the marriage being registered by the person authorised by the trustees or other governing body of the building. 16.--It has passed an Act which will have the effect of Merchant

Shipping (Mer. increasing the proportion of British seamen serving in our cantile Marine

Fund) Act, 1898 Merchant ships, and of strengthening the Royal Naval Reserve; and also an Act to raise a new division of Royal Naval Reserves.

Act, 1900 17.-It has passed an Act which improves the regulations Vaccination

Act, 1898. for compulsory vaccination, but which also frees conscientious objectors to vaccination from penalties for the non-vaccination of their children. This Act has resulted in a great increase of the number of children vaccinated every year.

18.-It has provided for the construction of 148 new Navy Estimates, ships of war in order to maintain the balance of naval power, and has added over 27,000 men to the Navy.

19.-It has taken steps to promote the interests of Agricul- Agriculture and ture and Technical Instruction in Ireland by the establishment Instruction

(Ireland) Act of an Irish Board of Agriculture.




Education Act

20.--It has provided for the inspection and examination Board of of all kinds of secondary schools in order to effect greater 1899. efficiency.

21.-It has passed an Act to improve the government of London London by the establishment of Municipal Boroughs in place Act, 1899. of the Vestries and District Boards.



22.-It has sought to protect the consumer Salo of Food an

Drugs Act, 1894 against the adulteration of certain articles of dairy produce, such as butter, &c.

23.-It has passed an Act affording facilities to Small Houses working men to become the owners of the ownership) Ac houses they occupy. 24.-It has passed an Act which will have the effect of Telegraphs

(Telephonic improving and cheapening telephonic communication.


Act, 1899. 25cIt has removed a serious injustice in respect of the Tithe Rent:

charge (Rates) rating of the clerical owners of tithe rent charge.

Act, 1899

Private Bill
Act, 1899

Agricultural Holdings Act, 1900.

IIousing of the
Working Classes
Act, 1900.

26.-It has passed an Act to facilitate and cheapen the System of Private Bill Procedure in Scotland, a great stimulus to private and municipal enterprise.

27.-It has passed an Act amending the law with regard to Agricultural Holdings, enabling an outgoing tenant to claim increased compensation for improvements, and simplifying the procedure for establishing claims.

28.—It has passed an Act amending the previous Acts by enabling Local Authorities to establish or acquire houses for the Working Classes outside their own jurisdiction, and by improving the procedure in rural districts.

29.—It has passed an Act to protect the public against undue exactions by money-lenders.

30.—It has passed an Act compelling the Railway Companies to provide methods of coupling that will prevent their

men from having to incur danger by going between the wagons. Army Estimates,

31.-It has provided for the addition permanently to the Army of 55 Batteries of Horse and Field Artillery, and 56,243 Officers and Men. Regimental transport for Militia, Yeomanry, and Volunteers has been provided for; and the re-armament of the Volunteer Artillery with up-to-date guns will be carried out.

Act, 1900.

Railway Accidents Act, 1900.


ELECTORS! These are some of the things the Unionist Government has done since it came into power five years ago.





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