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means of placing the country in a position of independence.

In the last chapter, some portions of the pamphlet above alluded to are republished : and the same arguments are froguently repeated throughout the work, with a view of shewing the evils of large encumbered estates, and the necessity of such alterations in the laws, as may give security and simplicity of title; may facilitate and cheapen the means of transfer ; may free the land from the various restrictions which interfere with its improvement; and may permit its sale to those who possess the capital indispensable for that purpose.

He trusts that the details he has given of the recent calamity, of the means adopted for its temporary alleviation, and of the present position of the country, may prove interesting to many of those who have evinced their sympathy for the sufferings of the Irish peasantry, by the greatness of their liberality.

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Natural features of Ireland - - -
Its advantages imperfectly developed . e -
Ignorance of the English respecting Ireland . - -
Contrast of the Norman conquest of England with the imperfect
subjugation of Ireland • - - - -
English law confined to the limits of the Pale . o -
Confiscation of Munster - - - - -
Settlement of Ulster - - - - - -
Cromwell's grants to his soldiers - - -
Difference of creed added to previous causes of discord -

Subsequent contests assume a sectarian character
No serious wish to convert the Irish to the reformed faith -
Note on Irish Protestant Church e - e - -
Degrading effects of Penal Laws . - - -
Penal Laws not strictly enforced - -
Relaxation of Penal Laws in 1782 and 1793
Forty-shilling freeholders - - - • - -
Difference between the condition of Ulster and Leinster, and that
of the other two provinces - - -
Reference to statistical tables in Appendix . - - -
Shorter average duration of life in Connaught and Munster .

Want of industry of Irish not attributable to their creed .
Nor to the Celtic origin of the people . - -
Irishmen succeed in America: why not at home? . - -
Large remittances from America . - - -

Time alone can change the character of a nation

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Small number of proprietors in fee in Ireland

Tenants in possession very numerous

These features peculiarly striking in Connaught -
Greater part of Ireland confiscated since the reign of Henry VIII.
Confiscated lands in Munster granted by Elizabeth in large tracts
Hence resulted absenteeism and sub-letting .
Note on subordinate interests - - - -
Grants by James I. in Ulster much smaller than those of Eliza-
beth in Munster - -

Cromwell's grants smaller than either

Property naturally accumulates - - - - -

Extract from Report of Land Commissioners respecting landed

proprietors - - - - - - -

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First appearance of the potato disease . - - -
Alarm thereby created .

Total failure of the crop of 1846
Estimate of the loss thus suffered by Ireland - - -

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