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ject; and then, to appease him, the rela- are held supreme. Tāne, the Father; Orotions and other connections of the afflicted mattow, the Son; Taroa, the Bird, the Spiperson, especially if he be a chief, run into rit. This stinks of the Methodist. Their all the inhuman practices of cutting off other greater gods they call Fwhanow-po, their little fingers, beating their faces, and born of night. Among these are the names tabooing themselves from certain kinds of Orohho, Oehawhow, Tamma, Toaheite, Vafood."

veah. Each family has its Tee, or guar

dian spirit; he is supposed to be one of “ A young woman gave us an affecting their departed relatives, who for his supeaccount of the fate of one of Moomöoe's rior excellencies has been exalted to an

The youth, it seems, lived at some Eatooa. They suppose this spirit can indistance from Noogollifva, where the father fict sickness or remove it; and preserve lies sick, and by order of whom he was sent

them from a malignant deity also called for, under pretence of having his little fin. | Tee, who has no power but upon earth, gers cut off, a custom common here, and and is always employed in mischief. ilcne with a view to appease the anger of

When the spirit departs from the body, the Odooa, that the sick person may re

they have a notion it is swallowed by the cover, but in fact that he might be strangled. Eatõoa bird, who frequents their morais, Upon the arrival of Colelallo, he was sa- and passes through him, in order to be puluted in a cordial manner by his elder bro- rified, and be united to the Deity.-Ibid. ther, Tõogahowe, and soon after went to see his father, whose attendants seized upon him with a view to strangle him instantly ; “ In the beginning, Tāne took Taroa and when he, guessing their intention, said, if begat Avye freshwater, Atye the sea, Awa they would use gentler means he would the water-spout, Matāi the wind, Arye the submit to his father's will; but they con- sky, and Po the night, then Mahanna the tinuing their violence, he by a great exer- sun, in the shape of a man called Oerða tion beat them off. Three feejee men were Tabõoa. He had by Townoo the thirteen then called, and these being joined by a months. Then she returned to earth, and sister of the unfortunate Colelallo, they ac- Oeroa embraced a rock called Poppoharra complished his death."— Missionary Voyage. Harreha, which conceived a son named Te

The Egyptians had this custom also. Are tooboo-amata-hatoo, after which the rock not all sacrifices vicarious ?

returned to its original state, and the father of the months himself died, and went to

dust. The son he left embraced the sand “ They believe the immortality of the of the sea, which conceived the brother and soul, which at death, they say, is immedi- sister Tee and Opeera ; then he also reately conveyed in a very large fast sailing turned to earth. Tee and Opeera married; canoe to a distant country called Doob she fell sick at last, and requested her husludha, which they describe as resembling band to heal her; she would in his illness the Mahometan Paradise. They call the do the same for him; and thus they should god of this region of pleasure Higgolayo, both live for ever. But Tec let her die, and esteem him as the greatest and most and married her and his daughter, Oheerapowerful of all others, the rest being no Reene-Moonoa. Their children peopled better than servants to him."—Ibid. the earth."-Ibid.

OTAHEITE. The general name for Deity " They believe the stars are the children in all its ramifications is Eatooa. Three of the sun and moon. When the sun and

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moon are eclipsed, they suppose them in the act of copulation. When a star shoots,

[Self-performing Instrument.] it is the Eatooa. They put great confidence “A MANUSCRIPT,” says Mr. Marsden, "is in dreams, and suppose in sleep the soul now lying before me, containing the adleaves the body under the care of the guar- ventures of two princes who were sent by dian angel, and moves at large through the the king their father to obtain for him the region of spirits. Thus they say, my soul possession of an extraordinary self-performwas such a night in such a place, and saw ing instrument of music, whose enchanting such a spirit. When a person dies, they air he had heard in a dream."— Asiatic Resay his soul is harre Po, gone to the night." searches. -Ibid.

[Processional Music of the Idol of

Juggernaut.] “They entertain a high idea of the power of spirits. In the beautiful and romantiche rides abroad in his procession, sit the

“ Under the idol of Juggernaut, when view of Taloo harbour, the remarkable peaked mountain is said to be but a part of king's wives,' which, after their manner, the original one. Some spirits from Ulietēa play on all instruments, making a most had broken off the other half, and were

sweet melody.'”—LINSCHOTEN. transporting it down the bay in order to carry it away with them, but being overtaken by the break of day, they were obliged

[Offspring of Menu.] to drop it near the mouth of the harbour, “ The sons of Marichi, and of all the where it now stands conspicuous as a rock, other Richis, who were the offspring of —for these spirits walk and work by night." Menu, are called the companies of Pitris or -Ibid.


They are elsewhere called the proge

nitors of mankind, and the patriarchs in[Notions in the Kingdom of Benin.]

habiting the moon.”Inst. of Menu. “ Les habitans du Royaume de Benin, en Afrique, reconnoissent un Dieu qui recompense ou punit, selon le bien ou le mal

From the Hindoo Mythology. Sonnerat. qu’on a fait. Ils croyent que l'ombre du

“ Tue Andon is the visible world: it is corps est un être réel, qui nous accompagne composed of one sun, one earth, planets, and sans cesse, qui se rend à son gré visible ou

stars. The whole is surrounded with a invisible, et par qui Dieu est instruit, à notre mort, de nos bonnes et de nos mauvaises

round and very thick shell. The Andons

are innumerable, and ranged one upon actions."-SAINTFOIX.

another, very much in the manner of piling

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[Maldive Ingenuity.]

“ SATIALOGAM is the Paradise of BrahThe inhabitants of the Maldives—“ de ma, the Vaicondon of Vichenou, the Cailal'estoupe du Cocos ils font des chemises en- son of Eswara." tieres avec les manches et les quartiers, d'un mesme tissu, aussi-bien que des demi-vestes." -Anciennes Relations.

“The virtues are divided into two classes, which must not be confounded. The one is called Pravarty, and the other Nivarty.



The first contains two articles, called Ische- | and Eswara, that he at last destroyed the tam and Bourtam. Ischetam comprehends giants, and remained peaceable possessor of ail actions done in religious ceremonies; but the Sorgon. the building of temples, choultrie, digging “Aguini, god of fire, second of the Devertanks, planting rows of trees, &c. all such kels. He supports the south-east part of good works are called Bourtam. Those the universe, and is represented with four who practise them will die at the time that arms, holding in two a crit; his head surthe sun advances towards the south, and rounded with flames, and mounted on a the night of a day when the moon is in her second quarter. After their death they Yamen,

'god of death, and king of hell, will find themselves in the world of the governs the south, a terrible figure holding moon, where they will be happy according a staff and mounted on a buffalo. to their deserts.

“ Niroudi, king of the demons, and bad “ The soul in the state of Nivarty burns genii, supports the south-west. He is carwith the fire of wisdom. Its power

anni- ried on a giant's shoulders, and holds a hilates the action of the senses, and this sabre soul enters into the immensity of the uni- * Varounin, god of the sea, supports the versal being. All men in the state of Ni- west, he rides a crocodile with a whip. varty will die at the time that the sun takes Vayou, god of the wind, supports the his course towards the north, and the morn- north-west. His weapon a sabre, his beast ing of the day when the moon is in the first an antelope. quarter. Raised by the sunbeams, the soul "Couberen, god of wealth, the north, on will go to the paradise of Brahma, called a white horse with plumes. Satialogam, where it will enjoy those inex- “ Isanien, equipped like Eswara, and pressible delights possessed by the gods. also on an ox, supports the north-east.” The matter of which it is composed becomes subtile, and is changed into an universal “ CHOURIEN, Sandrien, Anguaraguen, body, and the faculty of this casual body is Bouda, Barasouadi, Soura, and Sani, are destroyed by the wisdom of the soul. From the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, this delightful place it goes to the Sorgon; Venus, and Saturn, demigods as well as from whence the followers of Vichenou pass planets ; each presiding over one day of the into the Vaicondon, and the followers of week. Sani is the god who punishes men Eswara into the Cailason."

during their life-time, he approaches only

to hurt them. The Hindoos fear him much, “ DEVENDREN is king of the Deverkels and address prayers to him. He is blue, or demigods. The Sorgon is his paradise. quadrimane, and rides a raven.

Two serHe supports the east part of the universe. pents form a circle about him.” He is represented covered with eyes, with four arms, holding a hook, a coulichou, and “ THIRTY-THREE courous of Deverkels, mounted on a white elephant. Devendren all pure spirits, all sons of Cassiber and had many wars to sustain against the giants, Adidi inhabit the Sorgon. A courou is enemies of the gods. Alternately conque- 100 lacks; a lack, 100,000. They are diror and conquered, he has at several times vided into tribes, called been driven out of the Sorgon ; and it was “ 1. Vassoukels. These are only eight in only by the protection of Brahma, Vichenou,

? “ Two forms inseparable in unity · The Choultry or Madan, is a repository of Hath Yamen; even as with hope and fear stone, covered with a vault, adorned on all sides The soul regardeth him doth he appear,”' &c. with sculpture, and built in temples to shew the The Curse of Kehama,-Padalon, xxiii. 13. divinity.

Poems, p. 621.-J. W. W.

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number. Perhaps, and probably the pro- | that they get near those who are praying, tectors of the octagon world.

and endeavour to confound them ; that “ 2. Maroutoukels. Only two.

they may omit some of the ceremonies pre3. Guinerers. Gods of music.

scribed by their ritual. It is by this means, “ 4. Guimbourouders. Of singing. and not by their own works, that they can 5. Chidders.

find grace before the Lord. When they “ 6. Vitiaders.

have collected a sufficient quantity of pray" 7. Guerouders. They have wings, and ers, they are permitted to change their natheir noses are like the eagle's beak. Viche- ture; and then from wandering unfortunate nou rides on a Guerouder.

genii they become souls, passing into the “8. Grindouvers, famous for their beauty. bodies of men, and by this change enjoyThey have wings, and love to fly in the air ing the bappiness promised to the latter. with their wives.

In order to prevent such surprise is the “ 9. Pidourdevadegals; protectors of the reason that the Indians, in beginning the dead. The only tribe that is adored and divine service, repeat a prayer, and fling supplicated.”

water three times over the left shoulder,

which is the only part where the genii can “ Tue Calis and Poudaris are tutelary attack them.” divinities, protectresses of cities. Each city has its own. They delight in blood, “ They believe also in spirits, attributand some of them in human sacrifice. They ing the same qualities to them which we are not immortal, of giant stature, many- give to hobgoblins. They name them armed, their heads surrounded with flames. Mouni, or Cateri, or Pichache. They have Several fierce animals are also placed under no body, but take what form they please. their feet."

It is particularly during the night-time

that they roam to hurt mankind, endea“Of the giants, or bad genii, are five vouring to lead astray travellers to precitribes.

pices, wells, and rivers; transforming them“ 1. Achourers, of whom some have go- selves into Will-o'-the-wisps, houses, men, verned the world, a favour they obtained or animals, to conceal the danger into which by their penances.

they are conducting the traveller. To make “ 2. Rachadars, who have often subjected them propitious, the Indians erect colossal the world under the government of some of statues to their honour, and pray to them." their kings. But these monarchs, abusing the power given them by the greater gods, “ The wicked will be flung into hell, a were punished by Vichenou and Eswara. place beneath the earth, near the south,

3. Bouders, or Boudons, attendants and called Padalam. Rivers of fire, horrible guards of Eswara.

monsters, destructive arms, infectious in“ 4. Caleguejers. The most powerful sects, and all sorts of evils are concentered race of giants. They inhabit the Padalon. in this terrible corner. After the death of

" 5. Guingerers, endowed with extra- these unfortunate people, the Emaguinguilordinary strength. They serve the Achou- liers, the giant servants of Yamen drag rers as soldiers, and inhabit also the Pada-them, tied and bound with cords; they are lon.

beat, whipt, and trod under foot; they “ Many of these malicious genii are con- walk on points of iron; their bodies shall demned to wander on the earth after their be picked by crows, and gnawn by dogs ; decease, on account of their bad actions; and they shall be flung into a burning river. and cannot quit it but by collecting the It is not till after these cruelties have been prayers the Indians make to the gods; so exercised upon them that the ministers of

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death will conduct them before Yamen. | which their torments shall be lengthened, This incorruptible and severe judge will and by an effect of the Divine power they condemn them according to the faults they shall find themselves again in the seed of have committed. Those who have despised | man. This seed diffused in the womb, the duties of religion shall be cast on heaps all be, during a whole night, like mud. of cutting arms, and suffer this torment as The fifth day it shall be like globules of many years as they have hairs on their bo- water. In the fourth month, the sinews of dies. Those who insult the Bramins and the fætus shall be formed. In the fifth, he persons in high office, shall be cut in pieces. shall experience hunger and thirst. In the Adulterers shall be forced to embrace a sixth, an epidermis shall cover his body. statue made hot with fire. Those who fail | In the seventh, he shall be sensible of moin their duty, who do not take care of their tions. He will inhabit the right side of his family, and who abandon them to roam mother, and be nourished by the suction of about, shall be continually torn by the the nourishment she takes. Reduced to crows. Those who do hurt to men, or who flutter in his excrements, the worms shall kill animals, shall be cast from precipices bite him; the sharp nutriture and warm to be tormented by wild beasts. Those who water which his mother drinks will give have not reverenced their parents, nor the him acute pains. He will suffer much in Bramins, shall burn in a fire whose flames his birth; and when born will be still subshall rise to 10,000 yogenais. Those who ject to infinite pains. It is thus that this have ill-used old men and children shall be painful birth shall be renewed, till these cast into furnaces. Those who have slept unhappy creatures have the courage to give in the day time with lewd women shall be themselves up entirely to the practice of forced to walk on thorns. Slanderers and virtue." calumniators, stretched upon beds of redhot iron, shall be obliged to eat excrements.' “ ALL souls whom a violent death hasMisers shall serve for food to the worms. tens to the grave, except those who perish Those who rob the Bramins shall be sawed in a war, or in defence of their gods or through the middle of their bodies. Those their country, remain wandering and ramwho from motives of vanity slay cows and bling upon the earth as long a time as they other animals in the sacrifices, shall be beat were destined to live in the bodies they on an anvil. False witnesses shall be Aung lately animated. They can be judged only from the top of high mountains. Lastly, after this interval.” the sensual, the idlers, and those who have had no pity on the poor and miserable, “ If the destiny of the soul has been so shall be flung into burning caverns; shall unfortunate, that it is doomed to animate be crushed under mill-stones, and trod un- the body of an animal, it will successively der foot by elephants; and their bruised pass into different disguises of this kind, and torn flesh shall serve for food to those except some fortunate circumstance delianimals. All these miserable sinners shall vers it from this deplorable state; because suffer in this manner during many thou- an animal cannot perform a meritorious act. sand years ; and their imperishable bodies, Those fortunate circumstances are, the sight although divided by torments, shall re-unite of a deity, whether in his temples or in the as soon as quicksilver. They afterwards streets during the ceremony of a procession. shall be condemned to a new life, during Sometimes the sight alone of a holy place

may operate for the deliverance. At this See 2 Kings, xviii. 27; Isaiah, xxxvi. 12.

epocha the soul passes into the body of a It is said that these disgusting expressions are

man, and thus wanders from body to body still used.-J. W. W.

till it becomes perfectly pure."

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