William Godwin: His Friends and Contemporaries, Том 1

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Roberts Brothers, 1876 - Всего страниц: 387

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Стр. 108 - of the other. What magic is there in the pronoun ' my' to overturn the decisions of everlasting truth ? My wife or my mother may be a fool or a prostitute, malicious, lying, or dishonest. If they be, of what consequence is it that they are mine ? " 'But my mother endured for me the pains of
Стр. 210 - opening after another. I wish I had even kept the cat with me ! I want to see something alive, death, in so many frightful shapes, has taken hold of my fancy. I am going to bed, and, for the first time in my life, I cannot put out the candle. MW
Стр. 108 - happiness. In the same manner the illustrious Archbishop of Cambray was of more worth than his chambermaid, and there are few of us who would hesitate to pronounce, if his palace were in flames, and the life of only one of them could be preserved, which of the two ought to be preferred.
Стр. 204 - millinery, &c., would be their employment. " The young people of superior abilities or fortune might now be taught in another school the dead and living languages, the elements of science, and continue the study of history and politics, on a more extensive scale, which would not exclude polite literature. " Girls and boys still together ? I hear some
Стр. 114 - The abolition of marriage will be attended with no evils. We are apt to represent it to ourselves as the harbinger of brutal lust and depravity. But it really happens in this, as in other cases, that the positive laws which are made to restrain our vices irritate and multiply them The
Стр. 288 - Thee nor carketh care nor slander, Nothing but the small cold worm Fretteth thine enshrouded form— Let them rave. Light and shadow ever wander O'er the green that folds thy grave— Let them rave.
Стр. 80 - announced liberal opinions anticipated prosecution. I have frequently heard my father say that Political Justice escaped prosecution from the reason that it appeared in a form too expensive for general acquisition. Pitt observed, when the question was debated in the Privy Council, that ' a three guinea book could never do much harm among those who had not three shillings to spare.'
Стр. 234 - although the lid of one of them is affected by a little paralysis, they are the most meaning I ever saw. . . . As for Godwin himself, he has large noble eyes, and a nose —oh most abominable nose! Language is not vituperatious enough to describe the effect of its downward elongation."—
Стр. 250 - not you be drowned, whatever I am. I remember at every moment all the accidents to which your condition subjects you, and wish I knew of some sympathy that could inform me from moment to moment how you do, and what you feel. " Tell Fanny something about me. Ask where she thinks I am.
Стр. 30 - The young lady is in every sense formed to make one of your disposition really happy. She has a pleasing voice, with which she accompanies her musical instrument with judgment . She has an easy politeness in her manners, neither free nor reserved. She is a good housekeeper and a good economist, and yet of a generous disposition. As to her internal

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