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Plane and Solid

Geometry 000

A Progressive State No other State in the Union offers greater inducements for the location of Indus. tries and Manufacturing Plants than Wisconsin, with its limitless Iron Ore deposits, abundance of Hardwood Timber, numerous Clay, Kaolin and Marl Beds, and other advantages.

The Wisconsin Central Lines penetrate the Center of the State, and Manufacturers can find excellent locations for Plants, with facilities for reaching markets everywhere. Reliable information will be cheerfully furnished upon application to W. H. Killen, Industrial Commissioner, Milwaukee, Wis.


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For High Schools and Preparatory Schools.

No memorizing. Teaches self-reliance and assists the student to become an independent reasoner, which is the main object of the study. The Plane and Solid can easily be completed in one year ...

will find the lands in Northern Wisconsin desirable, and splendid Hardwood Farming Lands adjacent to the Wisconsin Central Lines can now be purchased at a very low figure and on easy terms.

Write for free illustrated pamphlet with maps to Fred'k Abbot, Land Commissioner, Milwaukee, Wis. H. F. Whitcomb, B. Johnson, Gen'l Manager.

Gen'l Frt, Agt.
Jas. C. Pond,

Gen'l Pass. Agent.

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In the Lake Regions of Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota, along the lines of the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, are hundreds of charming localities preeminently fitted for summer homes, nearly all of which are located on or near lakes which have not been fished out. These resorts range in variety from the "full dress for dinner" to the flannel shirt costume for every meal. Among the list are names familiar to many of our readers as the perfection of Northern summer resorts Nearly all of the Wisconsin points of interest are within a short distance from Chicago or Milwaukee, and none of them are so far away from the busy marts of civilization" that they cannot be reached in a few hours of travel, by frequent trains, over the finest road in the Northwest-the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. Send a two cent stamp for a copy of "Vacation Days'' giving a description of the principal resorts, and a list of summer hotels and boarding houses, and rates for board, to Geo. H. Heafford, G. P. A., Chicago, Ill.





....FREE RECLINING CHAIR CARS.... For tickets and full information apply to agents

“Work with Words”.


A Practical Etymology and Word Analysis. This book has an extensive use in the best schools of the country. It teaches word analysis by a pactical method. It gives the root words only, requiring the pupil to make his own derivations and to go to the dtctionary for his etymology.

If you are teaching this subject, do not continue in the old way, but mention this paper, your school, and enclose forty-five cents for a sample copy for examination with a view to its introduction.


W. B. KNISKERN Gen'l Traffic Manager. Gen'l Pass. and Tkt. Agt. DON'T EXPERIMENT THERE ARE

Fountain Pens Y THEY

and Fountain Pens... CENTURY You want the Century. Price $2.00 PENE

and up. A good agent wanted in
your town. Address

Box 705.

Whitewater, Wis.

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Courses in Psychology and Pedagogy, History, English Literature, Library Science, Mathe

matics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Physiology, Zoology, Histology,

For circulars and further information, address



None Better. The HAZARD TEACHERS' AGENCY. Established 1892.

The best Tokohors, Saporintendents and Boards patronize this Agonoy and recommend it.
732-4 Boston Block. MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA. Circulars Free.



Dy Saman Lovise a The Prang Course in Art


Stepping-Stones to Literature. By Sarah Louise Ar

NOLD and Supt. C. B. Gilbert.
The Normal Course in Reading. By Miss E. J. TODD

and Supt. W. B. Powell.
The Rational Method in Reading. By Prof. E. G.
Ward and Mrs. E. E. K. Warner.

The Normal Review System of Writing: Slanting

Copies—Vertical Copies. By Profs. Farley and GUN- | In SIX BOOKS, furnishing one book a year for Third to Eighth

Grades, inclusive.
The Normal Course in Spelling. By LARKIN DUNTON, | In TWELVE BOOKS, furnishing two books a year for Third to
LL.D., and C. G. CLARK.

Eighth Grades, Inclusive. ARITHMETIC. The Normal Course in Number. By Pres. John W. A complete revision of the Prang Series of Text Cook and Miss N. Cropsey.

Books, putting into practical form the most proHISTORY. A History of the United States for Schools. By W. gressive ideas on elementary Art teaching so A. Mowry, Ph.D. and A. M. Mowry.

that they can be successfully worked out under Historical Charts of the United States and of Europe.

ordinary school conditions. They will be the By Townsend MacCoun. PHYSIOLOGY.

newest, the best and the most attractive books Health Series of School Physiologies. By Chas. H.

in the schools. STOWELL, M. D. MUSIC.

For detailed information concerning these The Normal Music Course.

| By JOHN The Cecilian Series of Study and Song. ] W. Tufts. | Books, and other new publications, address SILVER, BURDETT & COMPANY, Publishers Pullishers of School and College Text-Books, Music Instruction

THE PRANG EDUCATIONAL CO. Books, Charts, Books of Reference, and Teachers' Helps.



151 Wabash Ave.


For Brain-Workers, the weak

and Debilitated. Horsford's Acid Phosphate is without exception, the Best Remedy for relieving Mental and Nervous Exhaustion; and where the system has become debilitated by disease, it acts as a general tonic and vitalizer, affording sustenance to both brain and body.

Dr. E. Cornell Esten, Philadelphia, Pa., says: “I have met with the greatest and most satisfactory results in dyspepsia and general derangement of the cerebral and nervous systems, causing debility and exhaustion."

Descriptive pamphlet free on application to Rumford Chemical Works, Providence, R. I.

Beware of Substitutes and Imitations. For Sale by all Druggists.

but such as are treated are handled vigorously and practically and others, such as public finance and taxation, which cannot be satisfactorily discussed in an elementary text, are frankly omitted. The student is thus not trifled with, but taught to look upon his work seriously. Controverted points again are handled independently and where opinion is nearly evenly balanced both sides have been presented as fully as possible. We are impressed with the directness, vigor and common sense of this treatise which we confidently predict will make its way to a foremost place among our economic text-books. American Book Co.

-Carpenter's GEOGRAPHICAL READER, Asia, by Frank G. Carpenter (304 pp.; 60c.), presents the results of a two years' tour through that continent by the author. Many of the descriptions were written on the spot by the visitor, and they are not only exceedingly graphic, but present such aspects of life in different countries of this great continent as afford most interest and instruction to young readers. Mr. Carpenter writes entertainingly, with a quick eye for what is most characteristic, and his book has a freshness and charm which we do not expect to find in a 'Reader.” The colored map and numerous half-tone illustrations add much to the attractiveness of the book.

-STORIES OF MISSOURI, by John R. Musick (288 pp.; Soc), continues an interesting series of state histories which will do much to improve the teaching of United States History. Mr. Musick is a practiced writer, known as the author of the Columbian historical novels, and he has at his command a series of novel and stirring events which might give effectiveness even to the composition of a novice. He has made good use of them, and few who begin the book will be willing to lay it down before the last page has been read. The adventures of the early explorers and settlers, the tales of the early schoolmasters, the rangers, the pilgrims and the mormons, the slavery debates and the civil war all contribute distinctive material for this varied and delightful history.

-Bible ReaDINGS FOR SCHOOLS, by Nathan C. Schaeffer (217 pp.; 35c.), arranges the selections under the rubrics, narratives, parables, sayings and discourses, the law, selected psalms, proverbs, from the prophets and selected topics. Thus both the Old and New Testament are chosen from, and the purpose of the book to afford ethical inspiration and guidance is apparent.

-A Brief LATIN GRAMMAR, by W. D. Mooney (272 pp.). has been made by omitting exceptional usages, stating the leading facts simply and concisely, and reducing the quotations. The examples are taken from the classics usually read first. Peter Paul Book Co., Buffalo, N. Y.

-Heart Tones, and other Poems, by D. O'Kelly Branden, (169 pp.; $1.25), comes from a young Catholic writer who has been making his way for some years as a contributor to the eastern press. Rev. Dominick Brennan, who has written under several press names, is director of St. Mary's Preparatory College, in charge of the Passionist Fathers, at Dunkirk, N. Y., and a pupil of Brother Azarias, whose writings have attained large popularity. The volume before us is a collection of miscellaneous verse, classified under the heads, poems of the sentiments, patriotic poems, and visions of St. Paul of the Cross. About half the book is religious, the prevailing tone of which is related to suffering and sorrow, themes of the passion of Christ. We discover the same tone pervading the poems of the sentiments. One selection shall illustrate it. This is called

There is no Peace.
Deep in the sullen, surging ocean

Ever mad battle is raging.
High in the murky sky the storm fiends

War elemental are waging.
Far in the matted, lawless jungle

Lion is lamb devouring,
Low in the languid, sleeping valley

Vulture o'er victim is hovering.



One page...

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Six months........... 66.00 One page.......

....... Three months....... 36.00 One page............ ...... One month......... 15.00 One-half page............

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5.00 One-sixteenth page......... One year....

18.00 One-sixteenth page......... Six months..... 12.00 One-sixteenth page ........ Three months........ 7.00 One-sixteenth page.........One wonth.......... 2.50

One inch is one-sixteenth of a page.

For choice of position of advertisements 25 per cent. additional will be added to the above rates.

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$30,000 Worth of Books at Almost Your Own Price




E'en in the vaunted councils of nations

Might against right is debating,
E'en in the infant crib the tyrant

His first vanquished foe is waiting.
Peace there is none on earth! 'Tis but battle

Ruling with sceptor infernal.
F. A. Plummer & Co., of Oshkosh, Wis., and Sup-

Peace there is none among men! 'Tis but struggle plier of the Books for the State of Wisconsin Libraries,

Waging life's warfare eternal.

This pessimism is religious, essentially akin in spirit to became financially embarrassed, a Receiver was ap

that of the Imitation of Christ though modernized in form by pointed, who accepted our bid for the stock of books, modern science and life. The patriotic pieces are Irish and

American. The verse is correct though not specially muamounting to

sical, and the feeling true but not impassioned.
Inland Publishing Co., Terre Haute, Ind.

-STUDIES IN INDIANA GEOGRAPHY, edited by Charles RedThe F. A. Plummer & Co.'s stock consists of books way Dryer, (110 pp.; 50c.). represents the "new geog

raphy," which our author defines as “The science which on Science, Art, Fiction, History, Belles Letters, etc.

deals with the mutual relations in space of relief, climate You Never Before had such an Opportunity

and life." He tells us further that it is ''not anthropocen

tric but geocentric," is scientific and rational, founded on the to buy Books at so Low Prices

study of surface forms, and perponderatingly a natural science

giving true scientific training. We may best indicate the Tbink of some book you wish, then write and let us

meaning of this by a brief account of the contents of this

treatise. The general geography of Indiana treats of its tell you how cheap we can make price on it, or send geological structure, physical history and physiographic re8 cents to pay postage on our 400 page illustrated Book

gions with their features, climate and vegetation and re

sources. · The next chapter studies the glacial deposits of Catalogue. It will tell you what you should pay for Indiana, followed by a detailed study of the Erie-Wabash Books.

region in its drainage, physical history and soils. The morainic lakes of Indiana, and the natural resources of the state come in for detailed treatment, followed by an account of the changes in the aspects of nature wrought by the coming of civilized man, and a detailed study of the city of Terre Haute, as to pre-historic conditions determining the location of the town, the influences which determined its

growth, its early history, stages of development and present Originators of the Catalogue Business.

conditions, the latter followed out in much detail. The volume concludes with a chapter entitled "A short history

of the great lakes." This bare statement reveals how comScientific American

plete the departure is from existing ideals of geographic Agency for

teaching. The book is one of much interest, and so far as we can judge is thoroughly well executed. Does it foreshadow the great change that is coming in our teaching of this subject? Perhaps it is better to leave that to experience to determine. Certain it is that such a book is not for young pupils. They cannot handle the broad generali

zations and scientific conceptions which constitute its foundCAVEATS,

ation. The old geography will therefore precede such TRADE MARKS, DESIGN PATENTS,

teaching as this, the place of which in our schools will deCOPYRIQHY8, etc.

mand much thought and careful experiment. We comFor information and free Handbook write to

mend the book as one of much value and interest.
Oldest bureau for securing patents in America
Every patent taken out by us is brought before

the public by a notice given free of charge in the

-Four GREAT AMERICANS, Washington, Franklin, Webster and Lincoln, by James Baldwin (Werner School Book

Co.: 246 pp.; 50c.), combines four of the Biographical Largest circulation of any scientific paper in the

Booklet series, issued at ioc. each, into a more permanent world. Splendidly illustrated. No intelligent

form. The narratives are constructed for very young read. man should be without it. Weekly, 83.00 a year; $1,50 six months. Address, MUNN & CO,

ers, the print is large aad the arrangement such as to help PUBLISHERS, 361 Broadway, New York City.

them in gathering the meaning from the printed page. The

biographies seem to have secured general favor. CHATTANOOGA-B. Y. P. U.

-A SHORT HISTORY OF EDUCATION, edited by W. H. And Nashville Centennial; Half Rates via Monon Route. Payne (C. W. Bardeen, Syracuse, N. Y.; 93 pp.; 400.), is a Get stop over at Mammoth Cave and West Baden and

reprint of the admirable article on Education in the ninth French Lick Springs. M. Hunter C. & A. Milwaukee; Chi

edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, written by Oscar cago City Ticket Office, 232 Clark St.

Browning, to which have been added thirty-six portraits and eleven other pictures. Prof. Payne has added brief

notes and a bibliography of Comenius. SCHOOL TEACHERS—Please send me your ad

-ELEMENTARY Physics, by Elroy M. Avery (Sheldon & dress and I will send you a copy of my new NA

Co.; 317 pp.), seeks to meet the wants of schools which TIONAL MEMORIAL HYMN, the words and music of cannot give the time necessary to complete the author's which are artistically printed upon the American larger work. Much of the matter in this book is entirely Flag as a background. Have your school pay tribute

new, and it has been brought up to date, including even

the Roentgen rays, while the general plan of it is like that to the old veterans “whose ranks are thinning fast.”.

of the larger work. The song is a lesson in patriotism and can be sung

-Die NONNA VON RODOLF BAUMBACH, edited by Dr. Wilat a glance.

helm Bernhardt (97 pp.: 30c.;, is the last addition to D. C. J. EDMUND ESTES, Fall River, Mass. Heath & Co.'s Modern Language Series. No more de


lightful romantic tale is to be found than this, and the notes and full vocabulary make the reading of it easy for students. The same publishers issue MATERIALS FOR GerMAN COMPOSITION, based on Höher als die Kérche, by J. T. Hatfield.

- We are indebted to Mr. Frank A. Hull, Secretary of the Board, for a copy of the SixtieTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE MASSACHUSETTS BOARD OF EDUCATION for the year 1895-6. This report is always of much interest by reason of the careful studies which it contains and we shall have occasion to recur to some of these hereafter. Especially important are the papers on drawing, the courses of elementary schools, on the development of the schools of the state, and on the inspection of the schools.





Journal Clubbing Rates. In receiving money for periodicals clubbed with the JOURNAL our responsibility ceases when we have forwarded the money. All correspondence after that relating to such periodicals should be addressed directly to them and not to us.

To our subscribers wbo wish to take some other public cation with the WisCONSIN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION we offer the following clubbing rates: , MAGAZINES.

ALONE. BOTH. Harper's Magazine ...

$4.00 $4.00 Atlantio Monthly ......

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4.00 4.50 Review of Reviews..

2.50 3.00 Scribner's Magazine .......

3.00 3.50 Cosmopolitan Magazine...

1.00 1.80 The Forum .....

3.00 3.50 The Arena....

3.00 3.50 St. Nicholas and Wide Awake Combined .... 3.00 3.50 Littell's Living Age....

6.00 6.00 Arthur's Home Magazine .....

1.00 1 75 Child Garden..

1,00 1.70 Overland Monthly ......

3.00 3.25 New England Magazine ....

3.00 3.40 North American Review.. .....

5.00 5.00 Do (special offer to teachers only).

3.50 Munsey's Magazine......

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1.00 1.80 EDUCATIONAL JOURNALS, Intelligence......

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2.25 OTHER PERIODICALS. Harper's Weekly....

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. 5.00 5.00 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly.

: 4.00 4.20 Life...

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3.00 3.50 The Outlook

3.00 3.75 Weekly Wisconsin and Newspaper Library.. 1.00 1.50 Scientific American .....

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BOOKS. Wright's U.S. and Wis. Constitutions (1 vol.) 1.00 1.75 Hand Book for Teachers, by I. N. Stewart..

1.75 Wright's American Constitutions ..

1.00 1.75 Hebberd's Wisconsin Under French Dominion

1.75 Memory Gems....

1.25 Thompson's Teacher's Examiner...........

2.00 The Evolution of "Dodd"................... Salisbury's Orthoepy .......

1.40 Young Folks' Stories of American History, by Pansy, Nos. 1 and 2, each....

1.00 1.75 Fallows' Synonyms and Antonyms..........

1.00 1.75 Schulz on U.S. History ........

.50 1.40 Walker's Physiology ......

2.00 Address all orders, with cash, to WISCONSIN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION.

Madison, Wis.

-The Library Journal, ($5.00 per year, 59 Duane St., N. Y.) is recognized as the foremost periodical in its field now published. Of course with the development of library technique a good deal of each issue is taken up with matters of management and details important to librarians, and it has made itself indispensable to intelligent workers in this field. It has besides much of interest to general readers and especially to teachers. Every year it issues a school number (in April this year) devoted largely to the relations of schools and libraries. Library workers all over the country--and they are fortunately increasing rapidly at present-contribute to it, and from it derive fresh stimulus as well as knowledge of the latest devices and improvements in library art.

-McClure's Magazine for June opens with an article by Prof. S. P. Langley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, describing the "flying-machine" that he himself has lately completed, after ten years of laborious experiment, and which is the first "flying-machine'' ever made by man that has actually flown. Apropos of the sixtieth anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria, it contains a series of life portraits of the Queen, the earliest showing her, a child on her mother's lap, at the age of two years; the next at four, the next at five, and so on, almost year by year, down to the present day. The reproductions are, in most instances, directly from the originals, and by the finest process. No such series has ever been published before.

--- The Library Journal ranks foremost in the English lan. guage of publications devoted to library, science and technique, Libraries have long recognized it as indispensable for their work, and it appeals to all interested in the management of circulating libraries, or in the topics connected with such work. The April issue was distinctively a school number, containing a symposium on Work between Libraries and schools with numerous articles on phases of library work in connection with public schools. It is published at 59 Duane St., New York; yearly subscribtion $5.00.

-William J. Shearer, superintendent of schools at Elizabeth, N. J., has evolved a system for grading students in the public schools which allows, more than any other ever has, for the individuality of the student. The success of his system has attracted to it the attention of all thoughtful educators, and he has written in the June Atlantic a most interesting and instructive description of it under the title "The Lock-Step in the Public School.” Incidentally he shows the weak points in the usual grading system, and points out effective remedies.

- The Northwestern Journal of Education, published at Lincoln, Neb., is distinguishing itself by its special numbers. The July issue is devoted to "The Physical Child," and contains valuable papers on games, kindergarten games, physical training, defects of hearing, sight, speech, foods, clothing, health and the schoolhouse.

-Silver, Burdette & Co. aunounce the "Beacon Series of Vocal Selections," a number of choice new selections admirably adapted for commencement and memorial day use. Among them is a spirited song, No. 99. "The Marathon

Race," which can hardly fail to attract attention at the I present time.

50 1.50

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