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By A. O. WRIGHT Will be ready about September 20, 1897. Although this book contains much matter taken from the author's well known "Exposition of the Constitution of the United States,''it is so greatly changed as to be virtually a new book, and it is called by a different name so as to avoid confusion with the older book.

With an addendum on Local Government in Kansas, written by a leading teacher of that state, and with some changes and omissions the new book has already been

ADOPTED FOR THE STATE OF KANSAS. All the changes in the state government by constitutional amendments and by legislation, up to and including the Revised Statutes of 1897, just adopted (Aug. 21), are embodied in the new


which with the “Civil Government”, will be designated as "Wright's Civil Government, Wisconsin Edition."

In ordering be careful to send for Wright's Civil Government, as “Wright's Combined Constitutions of the United States and of Wisconsin,” will still be sold.

All orders from Wisconsin for “Wright's Civil Government” will be taken by us to be for the Wisconsin Edition, unless it is expressly stated that the Wisconsin Edition is not wished. But in * ordering from other firms it will be safer to designate the book as “Wright's Civil Government, Wisconsin Edition.”

Price by mail prepaid for the Wisconsin Edition, .
Price by mail prepaid for the book without the Wisconsin Constitution, . .75



created. The Prang Course in Art


Elements of Descriptive Astronomy. By Prof. Herbert A.

Howe, Sc. D., University of Denver, Colo. 200 illustrations

and star-maps. $1.36. Send for specimen pages. "An excellent text-book, accurate, up-to-date, clearly and most elo

quently written, finely illustrated. 1. M. DELONG, Chair of Mathematics, University of Colorado. Introduction to the Study of Economics. By Prof. Charles

JESSE BULLOCK, Ph. D., Cornell University. $1.28 "A capital piece of work." The Outlook, New York.

FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS *Will be distinctly useful to me in my attempts to teach the industrial

history of the United States." Prof. F. J. TURNER, University of Wisconsin.

In SIX BOOKS, furnishing one book a year for Third to Eighth A History of the United States for Schools. By W. A. Mowry, Ph. D., and A. M. Mowry. 180 illustrations, maps, etc.

Grades, inclusive. $1.04. Specimen pages free. "An exceptionally good book. The perspective is good, the matter well

In TWELVE BOOKS, furnishing two books a year for Third to chosen, the style clear and strong." B. A. HINSDALE, Ph, D., Professor of Pedagogy, University of Michigan.

Eighth Grades, inclusive.
A History of American Literature. By Prof. F. L. Pattee,
State College, Pa. $1.20.

A complete revision of the Prang Series of Text "The most careful, complete, and satisfactory school or college textbook on the subject of American Literature." Public Opinion, New

Books, putting into practical form the most proYork. The Earth and Its Story: A First Book in Geology. By Angelo

gressive ideas on elementary Art teaching so HeilPRIN, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. that they can be successfully worked out under

64 beautiful full-page illustrations. $1.00. "Deserving of warm welcome as one of the best elementary treatises ordinary school conditions. They will be the

of its kind."-PROF. JAMES GEIKIE, F. R. S., University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

newest, the best and the most attractive books Life in Asia. Book VI. OF THE WORLD AND ITS PEOPLE

Series OF GEOGRAPHICAL Readers. By Mary Cate Smith. | in the schools.

12mo, 328pp., 60 cents, 8o choice illustrations. "I cannot imagine any book more helpful than this either for supple

For detailed information concerning these mentary_reading or as an aid in the teaching of the geography of Asia." Supt E. B. NEELY, St. Joseph, Mo.

Books, and other new publications, address

Superior Text-Books for Primary, Grammar and High Schools,

Academies, and Colleges.



151 Wabash Ave.



-The latest additions to the Riverside Literature Series" are: "The Pied PIPER OF HAMLINE" and other poems by Robert Browning—some twenty-five pieces, mostly lyrical but including Pheidippides, A Grammarian's Funeral and Rabbi Ben Ezra, and No. 113, Poems FROM THE WRITINGS OF RALPH W. EMERSON, edited with an introduction and notes by Geo. H. Browne. Ginn & Co.

A PRACTICAL PHYSIOLOGY, a text-book for higher schools, by Albert F. Blaisdell, (448 pp.; $1.30) begins with anatomical studies preparatory to a proper understanding of

the functions of the various parts of ihe body, an account Horsford's Acid Phosphate

of which follows. The point of view is distinctly practical, to impart such knowledge as will enable young

students to understand the conditions of health and to with water and sugar only, makes

apply them to daily living. A collection of carefully ara delicious, healthful and invig

ranged practical experiments is appended to each of the

chapters of the book to develop a real and scientific knowl. orating drink.

edge of the subject treated such as no merely text-book

description can give. The book is well illustrated, clear Allays the thirst, aids diges

and readable, and seems to us well adapted for class use. tion, and relieves the lassitude

We most heartily commend it to the attention of teachers

of this subject. so common in mid-summer.

American Book Co.

-A STUDY OF ENGLISH WORDS, by J. M. Anderson, (118 Dr. M. H. Henry, New York, says:

pp.; 40c.) offers something far more interesting and scientific "When completely tired out by prolonged

in place of the "'word analysis" of the schools. It very wakefulness and overwork, it is of the

clearly sets forth the general principles of language growth, greatest value to me. As a beverage it pos

followed by a sketch of the origin and growth of English,

the elements of which it is made up, changes in the forms of sesses charms beyond anything I know of

English words, growth and change in the meaning of words, in the form of medicine."

Latin and Saxon English, the artist's and the scientist's use of

words, synonyms and rhythms. The book is packed full Descriptive pamphlet free.

of valuable information – information capable of wide apRumford Chemical Works, Providence, R. I.

plication and leading to reflective use — and will be found

teachable and inspiring. Beware of Substitutes and Imitations.

-STORIES FROM THE ARABIAN Nights, selected and edited by M. Clarke (271 pp.; 60c.) contains some thirty of these world famous stories – the most celebrated ones, like Abou Hassan, Aladdin, Sinbad and Ali Baba-adapted in form and expression for school use or for home reading. The

book is attractively printed, bound and illustrated. One page................... One year......

-FRAGMEMTS OF Roman Satire, selected and arranged One page................... Six months...

66.00 by Elmer T. Merrill, (178 pp.; 75c.) consisting of examples One page................... Three months.

36.00 or fragments of Roman Satire of special interest and value One page................... One month.

15.00 to classical teachers and scholars. The selections are from

Ennius, Lucilius, Varro, Petronius, Seneca and Apuleius, One-half page............... One year....... 66.00

authors less known and read than Horace, Persius, and One-half page.. .. Six months...


Juvenal. It is hoped that the survey of the rest of the field One-half page....... ... Three months... 24.00

of Roman Satire may be helped by the publication in this One-half page............... One month....


convenient and inexpensive form of selected portions. One-fourth page..... .One year

36.00 -L'ABBI CONSTANTIN, a comedy in three acts, by Hector One-fourth page. ... Six months...

24.00 Cremieux and Pierre Decourcelle, (III pp. ; 35c.) dramatizes One-fourth page.... ..... Three months..

18.00 pleasantly Halevy's charming story of the same title. One-fourth page..... ...One month.


-Curtiss's Semi-Vertical Copy Books combine the One-eighth page............ One year........... 24.00

legibility of vertical writing with the ease, speed, and One-eighth page........... . Six months.......... 18.00 beauty of slant writing. Some of the distinctive features One-eighth page............ Three months....... 12.00 of the system are: the exercises and copies are arranged so One-eighth page............ One month.......... 5.00 as to present one new feature at a time and to make each

lesson a preparation for the succeeding one; each lesson One-sixteenth page......... One year............ 18.00 constitutes a review of the preceding one, thus insuring the One-sixteenth page....... Six months.......... 12.00

acquisition of a simple, plain, and automatic handwriting; One-sixteenth page ........ Three months........ 7.00

a systematic and progressive series of movement exercises One-sixteenth page.........One tuonth.......... 2.50

upon letters and their various combinations are arranged One inch is one-sixteenth of a page.

to be practiced in the writing books, thus insuring that For choice of position of advertisements 25 per cent. ad training of the hand and arm so essential to rapid and legible ditional will be added to the above rates.

business writing.

Miscellaneous. ALLAN D. CONOVER.

LEW F. PORTER -L'ONCLE ET LE Neveu, et Les Jumeaux de l'Hotel

Corneille, par Edmund About (William R. Jenkins, 851-. 853 Sixth Av., N. Y.; 120 pp.; 25c) two delightful short stories edited, with notes, by G. Castegnier.

-FRA LE CORDE DE UN Contrabasso, an Italian story, Brown Block, Madison; Ist Nat. Bank Bldg, Ashland, Wis.

edited for schools by Salvatore Farina, (William R. JenDesign and superintend construction of School-Houses. | kins, N. Y.; 35c.) is a pleasing little pastoral story.





“Christopher Columbus”

-TRAINING OF THE Child Voice, by Francis E. Howard, (Novello, Ewer & Co., 21 East Seventeenth St., N. Y.; 30 pp., 35c.) contains clear and simple directions for training children's voices in singing, with a series of exercises to be used for the drill. From the same house we have book II of The KNICKERBOCKER SERIES OF SCHOOL SONGS containing a choice collection of two part songs by the best composers.

-THE JOURNAL OF SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY, edited and published by Richard E. Dodge, Teachers' College, 120th St., West N. Y., ($1.00 per year) deserves cordial support from

teachers of this subject. It has as associate editors Prof. STEAMSHIP

Davis of Harvard University, Prof. Hayes of the United States geological survey, Prof Kummel of the Lewis Institute and Prof. F. M. McMurry of Buffalo. The first six numbers are before us, and contain, besides many valuable articles on geographical subjects, suggestions for teaching

geography 10 the grades, geographical aids, laboratory The Fastest Largest and Finest Steamer in the World.

work in physiography, etc. Leaves Milwaukee. Week Days, 4:00 P. M. -GANTVOORȚ's Music Reader for Rural and Village Leaves Milwaukee, Sundays, 5:00 P. M.

Schools and Teachers' Institutes, (216 pp.; The John

Church Co., Cincinnati, 50c.) impresses us as a serviceable Fare—75c. one way. $1.50 round trip.

book, well adapted to the place for which it is intended. DOCK-Foot Detroit St.

The instruction in music is simple and practical, and the

selections for practice varied, suitable and many of them Leave Chicago, Week Days, 9:00 A. M.

already popular. We commend the book to the attention Leave Chicago, Sundays, 9:30 A. M.

of our institute men.
Fare Excursion-$1.00 round trip.
Good to return any time-$1.50 round trip.


originator of the synthetic method of teaching reading. DOCK North End Rush St. Bridge. (Western Publishing House, Chicago; 232 pp).

Children under six years, free.
Between six and twelve years half fare.
Bicycles free

For further information apply to

Gen'l. Pass'r. Agt.

-Houghton, Mifflin & Co. will shortly add to their list

of Students' Editions Thoreau's Walden and Cranch's J. G. KEITH, Room 140 Rialto Bldg. Chicago.

Translation of Virgil's Æneid complete, each, crown 8vo, Gen'l Agent.


-In Progress for August, the history of American literaScientifio American

ture by Prof. Freeman of the state university, is completed. Agency for

This number begins with 1840, and comes down to the present time.

-Appletons' Popular Science Monthly for September contains a very important article for the educator, by Prof. M. V. O'Shea, under the title When Character is Formed. It

is a plea for greater care and attention to the child during CAVEATS,

infancy, at home and at the school, at which period Prof. TRADE MARKS,

O'Shea contends the strongest and most lasting impressions

are made,
For information and free Handbook write to

--The great question, "Are the Rich Growing Richer and MUNN & CO., 361 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. Oldest bureau for securing patents in American

the Poor Poorer?'' is discussed in the September Atlantic Every patent taken out by us is brought before

by Carroll D. Wright, commissioner of labor. He proves the public by a notice given free of charge in the

that while the number of rich men is growing larger, the relative number of the poor is decreasing, and that the tend

ency of our population is towards an increase in universal Largest circulation of any scientiic paper in the

world. Splendidly Illustrated. No intelligent
man should be without it. Weekly, $3.00 a
year; 81.50 six months. Address, MUNN & CO.

- It was discovered a few years ago that the entire conPUBLISHERS, 361 Broadway, New York City.

tents of a series of regular readers, such as used to supply

all the reading matter given to a boy during his eight CHATTANOOGA-B. Y. P. U.

years in the primary and grammar scbools, could be read And Nashville Centennial; Half Rates via Monon Route. through in one week by a diligent boy of average intelGet stop over at Mammoth Cave and West Baden and

ligence. Realizing the small amount of material supplied French Lick Springs. M. Hunter C. & A. Milwaukee; Chi

by the readers, teachers are now using a large amount of cago City Ticket Office, 232 Clark St.

supplementary matter in all grades of school work. So

great is the supply of such material that it becomes CREAMERIES IN SOUTH DAKOTA.

important for the teacher to make a careful choice During the past two years the creamery industry has of what he will use. Literature of power, as it is somegrown from a small beginning until at the present time times called, has very properly received the preference. there are one hundred and ninteen (119) creameries and Such literature may be defined to be that which has the cheese factories scattered over the State, and all doing well. power to stir the human soul, to arouse men to action, to

Four times as many creemeries are needed in South give them a love for country, for home, for church, for Dakota, and farmers or dairymen desiring free list showing honest labor, etc. It is not hard to find plenty of illustrawhere creameries are now located, together with other in tions of literature of this sort. It is known that during our formation of value to live stock growers and farmers gener Civil War the patriotic writings of Longfellow, Holmes, ally, will please address Geo. H. HeaFford, General Pas Whittier, and Emerson, recited as they were in school and senger Agent, C., M. & St. P. R’y, Old Colony Bldg., Chi at home, sent many thousands of men to the front. These çago Ill.

I writers were the best recruiting officers our country had.

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Scientific Ametim

& Webster's Authentic Dictionaries.


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0 not be deceived in buying small so-called

« Webster's Dictionaries." All au

thentic abridgments of the Inter-
COMON Spa POWRY SODA national in the various sizes bear
DICTIONARY DICTIONARY our trade-mark on the front cover o

as shown in the cuts.



Webster's International the

The One Great Standard Authority, Dictionary.g
8 Words are easily found. Pronunciation is easily ascertained. Meanings are casily :

So writeg Hon. D. J. Brewer,
Justice U.S. Supreme Court.


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ic School Journhe American peoment of the pagend among most sancceed- Q

learned. The growth of words easily traced, and because excellence of quality
o rather than superfluity of quantity characterizes its every department. It is
thoroughly reliable.

Public School Journal, Bloomington, Ill., says :- Webster's International
Dictionary is an honor to the American people. For conciseness and accuracy of defi-
Onitions it is superior. For artistic arrangement of the page there is nothing equal to
O it. * . It is the acknowledged standard in all schools, and among most scholars.

It was never so popular as at the present time, and more copies are sold each succeed-
ing year than the year before.

Specimen pages sent on application to
G. & C. Merriam Co., Publishers, Springfield, Mass.


Y HOLT & CO. 1


To illustrate the many-sidedness of a great poet and the amount of good that may be derived from studying him, reference may be made to a little book published a few years ago as No. 12 of the Riverside Literature Series, entitled Studies in Longfellow, by W. C. Gannett. This book is now being revised to date. In it will be found lists of poems relating to the Universal Church, to Brotherhood, to the Immortal Life, to Heroes and Saints, to Character, to the Presence of God in Nature, to History, the Home, etc. Doubtless similar lists could be made, though not so full, perhaps, of the writings of other American authors. These lists show how much may be obtained, from the study of Longfellow, of history, of ethics, of patriotism, and, in fact, of almost all those things which help to prepare chil. dren for life.

There is little excuse for the teacher not to select the best material, now that it can be found in so cheap a form as to be within the reach of every one. In the Riverside Literature Series, for example, there have been published over a bundred books at 15 cents each, containing material that has been carefully chosen during the past fifteen years with special reference to its use in schools.


378 Wabash Ave.,






Will be delighted with the souvenir book of this beautiful spot now being distributed by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company. It is a magnificent publication of 96 pages full to overflowing with delicious half tone pictures of one of Creation's most charming places of resort for citizens of the Great Republic.

No stranger visiting Chicago should be without a copy of the Souvenir of Lincoln Park." It can only be procured by enclosing twenty-five (25) cents, in coin or postage stamps, to Geo. H. Heafford, general passenger agent, 410 Old Colony Building. Chicago Ill.





EXKse Reports received from the graded schools of the State of Wisconsin, for the school year 1896-97 give the following figures concerning the geographies in use:

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While reports are not yet in from every graded school in the State of Wisconsin, the number not reporting is not large enough to materially affect the proportion.

If you are not already using the books, write for terms.

We cordially invite your correspondence.



Ginn & Company, Publishers

Address 378-388 Wabash Avenue, CHICAGO

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