On Royalty: A Very Polite Inquiry into Some Strangely Related Families

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PublicAffairs, 31 лип. 2008 р. - 384 стор.
The notable characteristic of the royal families of Europe is that they have so very little of anything remotely resembling true power. Increasingly, they tend towards the condition of pipsqueak principalities like Liechtenstein and Monaco -- fancy-dress fodder for magazines that survive by telling us things we did not need to know about people we have hardly heard of.

How then have kings and queens come to exercise the mesmeric hold they have upon our imaginations? In On Royalty renowned BBC journalist Jeremy Paxman examines the role of the British monarchy in an age when divine right no longer prevails and governing powers fall to the country's elected leaders. With intelligence and humor, he scrutinizes every aspect of the monarchy and how it has related to politics, religion, the military and the law. He takes us inside Buckingham Palace and illuminates the lives of the monarchs, at once mundane, absurd and magical. What Desmond Morris did for apes, Paxman has done for these primus inter primates: the royal families. Gilded history, weird anthropology and surreal reportage of the royals up close combine in On Royalty, a brilliant investigation into how an ancient institution struggles for meaning in a modern country.

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This is a book about the psychology of monarchy, examined from the perspective of both the monarch and their subjects. Its general theses is that the monarchy, like religion, is an irrational ... Читати огляд повністю

ON ROYALTY: A Very Polite Inquiry into Some Strangely Related Families

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Popular BBC broadcaster Paxman (The English, 2000, etc.) examines the monarchy's relevance to contemporary British society.Best known for his confrontational interviews on current-affairs program ... Читати огляд повністю


Introduction 1
1 First Find a Throne 25
2 Next Produce an Heir 45
3 Learning to be Regal 57
4 Now Find a Consort 81
5 Marshals and Mannequins 104
6 Being Gods Anointed 120
7 Killing a King 142
9 We are You 183
10 The Happiness Business 215
11 Gilded but Gelded 233
12 The End of the Line? 263
Acknowledgements 289
Notes 295
Bibliography 326
Index 353

8 Divine Right and Diviner Impotence 161

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Jeremy Paxman is a journalist, best known for his work presenting BBC's Newsnight and University Challenge. His books include Friends in High Places, The English, and The Political Animal. He lives in Oxfordshire, England.

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