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Сторінка 88 - THE LIVES OF TWELVE EMINENT JUDGES of the LAST and of the PRESENT CENTURY. By W. CHARLES TOWNSEND, Esq. MAQC late Recorder of Macclesfield ; Author of " Memoirs of the House of Commons.
Сторінка 82 - ATHENS: ITS RISE AND FALL : with Views of the Literature, Philosophy, and Soc-.ial Life of the Athenian People. By Sir LYTTON BULWER, MP, MA 2 vols.
Сторінка 76 - Buonaparte; containing ... a philosophical review of his manners and policy as a soldier, a statesman, and a sovereign: including memoirs and original anecdotes of the imperial family, and the most celebrated characters that have appeared in France during the revolution. By WILLEM LODEWYK VAN Ess.
Сторінка 5 - In seeking a remedy for this evil, the idea occurred to me several years ago, to stereotype the titles separately, and to preserve the plates or blocks in alphabetical order of the titles ; so as to be able readily to insert additional titles in their proper places, and then to reprint the whole catalogue. By these means, the chief cost of re-publication — that of composition, together with the trouble of revision and correction of the press, would, except for the new titles, be avoided.
Сторінка 89 - EUROPE, PAST AND PRESENT: A Comprehensive Manual of European Geography and History ; with Separate Descriptions and Statistics of Each State, and a copious Index, Facilitating Reference to every essential fact in the History and Present State of Europe. By Francis H. Ungewitter, LLD New York ; Geo.
Сторінка 9 - When all shall have adopted and carried out the plan, each for itself, the aggregate of the general catalogues, thus formed — few in number — will embrace the whole body of literature extant, and from them, it will be no impossible task to digest and publish a universal bibliography. How much this would promote the progress of knowledge by showing more distinctly what 'has been attempted and accomplished, and what yet remains to be achieved, and by thus directing...
Сторінка 8 - Again, this general catalogue would enable purchasers of books for public libraries to consult judiciously for the wants of the country. So poor are we in the books which scholars need; so long, at best, must we remain in a condition of provincial dependence in literary matters, that a responsibility to the whole country rests upon the man who selects the books for any public library.
Сторінка 9 - ... uniformity would render catalogues, thus made, far more useful than the present chaos of irregularities. The best possible system ought, however, to be the object of our aim. It is an important consideration, that this plan would greatly facilitate the formation of an American bibliography, or a complete account of all books published in America.
Сторінка 21 - ... titles, and subsequently in the printing. In short, I humbly conceive that it would be impossible to prove the inexpediency of Mr. Collier's plan more effectually than he has himself done ; and I hope I may add, without giving offence, that, had I seen these titles under any other circumstances...
Сторінка 85 - The North American review and miscellaneous journal." V. 1-58 are in Svo. V. 59-76 are in 12mo. General index to the NORTH AMERICAN review, from its commencement in 1815 • to the end of the twenty-fifth volume, published in October, 1827. Boston, 1829. 8° (6.1x3.6) [ 2779 ] NORVINS (JACQUES MARQUET DE MONTBRETON DE).

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