Punch, Том 94

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Punch Publications Limited, 1888

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Сторінка 118 - Still let the bridegroom's arms infold an unpolluted bride. Spare us the inexpiable wrong, the unutterable shame, That turns the coward's heart to steel, the sluggard's blood to flame, Lest, when our latest hope is fled, ye taste of our despair, And learn by proof, in some wild hour, how much the wretched dare.
Сторінка 165 - ... squire has not said his prayers either in public or private this half year ; and that the parson threatens him, if he does not mend his manners, to pray for him in the face of the whole congregation. Feuds of this nature, though too frequent in the country, are very fatal to the ordinary people ; who are so used to be dazzled with riches, that they pay as much deference to the understanding of a man of an estate, as of a man of learning ; and are very hardly brought to regard any truth, how important...
Сторінка 156 - Verse, a breeze mid blossoms straying, Where Hope clung feeding, like a bee — Both were mine ! Life went a-maying With Nature, Hope, and Poesy, When I was young ! When I was young ? — Ah, woful When ! Ah ! for the change 'twixt Now and Then ! This breathing house not built with hands, This body that does me grievous wrong, O'er aery cliffs and glittering sands, How lightly then it flashed along : — Like those trim skiffs, unknown of yore. On winding lakes and rivers wide, That ask...
Сторінка 89 - HERE, a sheer hulk, lies poor Tom Bowling, The darling of our crew; No more he'll hear the tempest howling, For Death has broached him to. His form was of the manliest beauty. His heart was kind and soft; Faithful below he did his duty, But now he's gone aloft.
Сторінка 165 - I was obliged to serve as sheriff of the county ; and in my servants, officers, and whole equipage indulged the pleasure of a young man (who did not think ill of his own person) in taking that public occasion of showing my figure and behaviour to advantage.
Сторінка 241 - We have a little front garden; and there is a flight of ten steps up to the front door, which, bythe-by, we keep locked with the chain up. Cummings, Gowing, and our other intimate friends always come to the little side entrance, which saves the servant the trouble of going up to the front door, thereby taking her from her work. We have a nice little back garden which runs down to the railway.
Сторінка 241 - ... all that didn't belong to nobody. In the evening, hearing someone talking in a loud voice to the servant in the downstairs hall, I went out to see who it was, and was surprised to find it was Borset, the butterman, who was both drunk and offensive. Borset, on seeing me, said he would be hanged if he would ever serve City clerks any more - the game wasn't worth the candle.
Сторінка 40 - The familiar world which surrounds us may be a totally different place to other animals. To them it may be full of music which -we cannot hear, of color which we cannot see, of sensations which we cannot conceive.
Сторінка 121 - Time Works miracles. In one hour many thousands Of grains of sand run out ; and quick as they, Thought follows thought within the human soul. Only one hour ! Your heart may change its purpose, His heart may change its purpose — some new tidings May come : some fortunate event, decisive, May fall from Heaven and rescue him.
Сторінка 269 - I turned back for a moment, when I saw Stillbrook, closely followed by Cummings and Gowing, make for the entrance. I watched them, and thought I would have a good laugh at their expense, I heard the porter say: "Where from?" When, to my surprise, in fact disgust, Stillbrook replied: "Blackheath," and the three were immediately admitted. Gowing called to me across the gate, and said: "We shan't be a minute.

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