The Beauties of England and Wales, Or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of Each County, Том 10,Частина 3

Передня обкладинка
Thomas Hood, John Harris
Thomas Maiden, 1815

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Сторінка 582 - And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it. And he called the name of that place Beth-el : but the name of that city was called Luz at the first.
Сторінка 602 - Society has been established for the Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men in London and its Vicinity.
Сторінка 354 - That to avoid superstition some people should be brought to belch out such horrid profaneness as to call the temples of God the tabernacles of Satan ? the Lord's Supper a two-penny ordinary ? to make the communion table a manger and the font a trough to water their horses in ? to term the white decent robe of the presbyter the whore's smock ? the pipes, through which nothing came but holy anthems and hymns the devil's bagpipes...
Сторінка 49 - ... achieve when animated by a glorious spirit of resistance to a foreign yoke. In the critical situation of the war in the peninsula, I shall be most anxious to avoid any measure which can lead юу allies to suppose that I mean to depart from the present system.
Сторінка 560 - ... writ in verse, and performed in recitative music. The original of this music, and of the scenes which adorned his work, he had from the Italian operas; but he heightened his characters (as I may probably imagine) from the example of Corneille and some French poets.
Сторінка 8 - But, under all these misfortunes, the trade and revenne of the country were represented as being highly satisfactory. After the investigation of the Walcheren expedition had been nearly brought to a close, Mr. Yorke, on the 1st of February, gave notice of his intention to enforce the standing order of the house for the exclusion of strangers. This rule, which is settled at the commencement of every session of parliament, led to a train of events which very materially endangered the peace of the City...
Сторінка 36 - An act [here insert the title of this act ;] and that I will administer, according to law, the power and authority vested in me by virtue of the said act ; and that I will in all things, to the utmost of my power and ability, consult and maintain the safety, honour, and dignity of his majesty and the welfare of his people. So help me God.
Сторінка 158 - This grave is made for Hodges ShaUghsware, the chiefest servant to the King of Persia for the space of 20 years, who came from the King of Persia, and died in his service. If any Persian cometh out of that country, let him read this and a prayer for him, the Lord receive his soul, for here lieth Maghmote Shaughsware, who was born in the town Novoy, in Persia.
Сторінка 205 - ... community of goods, so far as that every one is to consider all that he has in his possession and power liable to the calls of the poor and the church ; and the unlawfulness of laying up treasures upon earth, by setting them apart for any distant, future, or uncertain use.

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