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Сторінка 94 - The right of a plaintiff in equity to the benefit of the defendant's oath is limited to a discovery of such material facts as relate to the 'plaintiff's case,' and does not extend to a discovery of the manner in which the ' defendant's case is to be exclusively established, or to evidence which relates exclusively to his case.
Сторінка 202 - Pledging, is a bailment of goods by a debtor to his creditor, to be kept till the debt be discharged.
Сторінка 220 - Act is an unconditional promise in writing made by one person to another signed by the maker engaging to pay on demand, or at a fixed or determinable future time, a sum certain in money to order or to bearer.
Сторінка 56 - Now chattels by the common law " comprehend all goods moveable and immoveable, except such as are in the nature of freehold or parcel of it." Jac. LD Co. Litt. 118, b. " Goods or chattels are either personal or real : personal, as horses and other beasts.
Сторінка 137 - A hundred - court is only a larger courtbaron, being held for all the inhabitants of a particular hundred instead of a manor. The free suitors are here also the judges, and the steward the registrar, as in the case of a court-baron.
Сторінка 251 - Black's law dictionary where a subsidy is described as 'an aid, tax or tribute granted by parliament to the king for the urgent occasions of the kingdom, to be levied on every subject of ability according to the value of his lands'.
Сторінка 196 - Original .writs are either optional or peremptory: or in the language of our law, they are either a praecipe or a si te fecerit securum. The praecipe is in the alternative commanding the defendant to do the thing required, or show the reason wherefore he hath not done it.
Сторінка 267 - Lieutenant-Governor shall be elected at the same time and for the same term as the Governor, and his qualifications and the manner and ascertainment of his election, in all respects, shall be the same.
Сторінка 148 - Such is that of inquisition, or inquest of office ; which is an inquiry made by the king's officer, his sheriff, coroner, or escheator, virtute officii, or by writ to them sent for that purpose, or by commissioners specially appointed, concerning any matter that entitles the king to the possession of lands or tenements, goods or chattels.
Сторінка 167 - A right in one man to retain that which is in his possession belonging to another until certain demands of him, the person in possession, are satisfied'.

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