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and religion.




Du Bois H. Loux, Ph. D.

Author of "God Speaking in the First Person in His
Kingdom;" “France, the France I Love,"
French and Italian texts in preparation ;
"Songs of Theocratic Democracy,"

Victory Circle Literature, Etc.

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This book is sent forth to break the way to definite ideas as to what we may be supposed to mean when we pray the commissioned prayer, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven." Dedicated in no sense as a fixed and final word upon the subject, but rather as a pathfinder to the mind of God concerning the government of human society, the work seeks to reach open-mindedness and the candid opinion of one and all. It is published as a text-book for the extension course of study for the year 1920, by the unanimous direction of the Collegiate churches of Central Michigan-Jackson, Parma Federated, Sandstone Union Congregational, and North Presbyterian Societies. It is provided in the plan for the study of the book to give public audience to statesmen, educators, political philosophers, manufacturers, bankers, business men in general, farmers, lawyers, magistrates, labor leaders, and others. Open discussion will be had from week to week throughout the year, to bring to light, so far as possible, such conclusions of value as might be termed the logical platform of the kingdom of God. Churches and communities of the state and nation will be heartily welcome to join with us in the American Victory Circle which has been incorporated to study the plan of God's government for the nations of the earth.

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