Sunbeam stories, a selection of the tales by the author of 'A trap to catch a sunbeam'.

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Сторінка 350 - Medieval, from the Eighth Century, with Numerals; including Gothic, Church-Text, large and small, German, Italian, Arabesque, Initials for Illumination, Monograms, Crosses, &c., &c., for the use of Architectural and Engineering Draughtsmen, Missal Painters, Masons, Decorative Painters, Lithographers, Engravers, Carvers, &c., &c. Collected and Engraved by F. DELAMOTTE, and printed in Colours. New and Cheaper Edition. Royal 8vo, oblong, zs.
Сторінка 350 - There is comprised in it every possible shape into which the letters of the alphabet and numerals can be formed, and the talent which has oecn expended in the conception of the various plain and ornamental letters is wonderful.
Сторінка 359 - With a Slide Rule, in tuck of cover. Fifth Edition ..... . 2/6J 196. THEORY OF COMPOUND INTEREST AND ANNUITIES; with Tables of Logarithms for the more Difficult Computations of Interest, Discount, Annuities, &c., in all their Applications and Uses for Mercantile and State Purposes.
Сторінка 350 - For those who insert enamelled sentences round gilded chalices, who blazon shop legends over shop-doors, who letter church walls with pithy sentences from the Decalogue, this book will be useful.
Сторінка 350 - OF MODERN ALPHABETS, Plain and Ornamental; including German, Old English, Saxon, Italic, Perspective, Greek, Hebrew, Court Hand, Engrossing, Tuscan, Riband, Gothic, Rustic, and Arabesque; with several Original Designs, and an Analysis of the...
Сторінка 347 - School-days of Eminent Men. Containing Sketches of the Progress of Education in England, from the Reign of King Alfred to that of Queen Victoria; and School and College Lives of the most celebrated British Authors, Poets, and Philosophers; Inventors and Discoverers; Divines, Heroes, Statesmen, and Legislators. By JOHN TIMES, FSA Second Edition, entirely revised and partly re-written.
Сторінка 350 - A PRIMER OF THE ART OF ILLUMINATION ; for the use of Beginners : with a Rudimentary Treatise on the Art, Practical Directions for its Exercise, and numerous Examples taken from Illuminated MSS., printed in Gold and Colours.
Сторінка 350 - Modestly called a Primer, this little book has a good title to be esteemed a manual and guide-book In the study and practice of the different styles of lettering used by the artistic transcribers of past centuries.... An amateur may with this silent preceptor learn the whole art and mystery of illumination.'— SPECTATOR.
Сторінка 360 - ASSISTANT. A Compendium of Husbandry; especially in the departments connected with the Breeding, Rearing, Feeding, and General Management of Stock ; the Management of the Dairy, &c. With Directions for the Culture and Management of Grass Land, of Grain and Root Crops, the Arrangement of Farm Offices, the use of Implements and Machines, and on Draining, Irrigation, Warping, &c. ; and the Application and Relative Value of Manures. By WILLIAM YOUATT, Esq., VS Twelfth...
Сторінка 350 - ORNAMENTAL ALPHABETS, ANCIENT and MEDIAEVAL ; from the Eighth Century, with Numerals ; including Gothic, Church-Text, large and small, German, Italian, Arabesque, Initials for Illumination, Monograms, Crosses, &c.

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