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9:00 a.m. Two hours

Allow about twenty minutes for the first question, one hour and a quarter for the second, and twenty-five minutes for the third.

Plan your compositions before you begin to write, and save time enough for careful revision.

1. a) Explain the grammatical relation of each subordinate clause in the following sentence, and tell what part of speech each italicized word is:

When such a question comes before the Supreme Court and is determined, the determination may be different from what the legal profession has expected, may alter that which has been believed to be the law, may shake or overthrow private interests based upon views now declared to be erroneous.

6) Copy the following sentences, making such changes as you think necessary or desirable. Briefly tell why you make each of these changes:

1. The long line of automobiles, each with their freshly painted bodies, were very impressive.

2. There is no doubt of him being the best of the two.

3. The final match to the tournament transpired yesterday. Each played first-rate. Whom do you think was the victor?

2. Write in several paragraphs a composition of about 400 words upon one of the following subjects. Choose such aspects of the subject as you can well discuss according to an orderly, consecutive plan in which each paragraph shall be one stage:

a) Relief Work in the Present War.
b) A New Vocation for Women.
c) On Reading Fairy Stories.
d) Julius Caesar in History and in Shakespeare's Play.
e) Military Training Camps.

) A Recent Feat of Engineering.
g) Why I Have Chosen a Large (or a Small) College.
h) Franklin as a Typical American.
i) The Gas Engine: Its Principle, Its Operation, and Some of Its Uses.
j) Public Playgrounds.
k) My Study of Birds (or Trees, or Stars, or Flowers, or Animals, etc.).
1) The Effect upon Country Life of Better Communication and of Modern

Inventions. m) Why I Should Like to Be a Lawyer (or a Doctor, or an Engineer, etc.).

3. Use one of the following subjects for about 150 words of description or narrative:

a) A Group (or Settlement) of Foreigners.
b) A County Fair.
c) A Night in Camp.
d) Moving Day.
e) One of My School Friends.
f) The School at Recess.



9 a.m. Two hours

Allow about twenty minutes for the first question, one hour for the second, and thirty minutes for the third. Reserve ten minutes for careful revision.

1. a) Make a list of the phrases in the following sentence, and indicate the nature of each:

"Never misusing the power which his wealth gave him, he was, during all his life, and especially after his withdrawal from active affairs, a constant benefactor of the city.”

6) Copy the following sentences, making such changes (in grammar, punctuation, and use of words) as you think necessary or desirable. Briefly tell why you make each of these changes.

1) He made a real good try but I don't enthuse much over the result. 2) The party who you are looking for is in the next room. 3) To have constantly objected to their plans which were certainly well

intended seemed small minded on his part. 4) The committee were unanimous in objecting to the park's extension.

2. Write a carefully planned theme of four or five hundred words upon one topic from the list below:

a) Summer work. 6) The building of an inexpensive garage, or a summer camp. c) The equipment, in the home, of a shop, a laboratory, a kitchen, or a

gymnasium. d) The best section of the United States. e) How I furnished my room. f) The relations between the United States and Mexico. g) The mining of coal (or any other important industrial process, such as the

milling of lumber or the production of steel). h) The equipment and training of a military officer or of a Red Cross nurse. i) Lectures: their influence, and their value to the school or to the com

munity. j) Changes I should like to make in the organization of some school activity. k) Books that I shall not make my children read.

1) A project for world-peace. m) The “movie habit.” n) A contemporary writer whose works might well be read in school. 0) An argument for (or against) national prohibition by federal enactment.

3. Write a descriptive or narrative passage of about two hundred words upon one of the following topics:

a) Around the soda-fountain. 6) A stretch of uninteresting country. c) My chum's family. d) Coming home from school. e) A factory town from a distance. f) A character in real life who might have come out of Dickens or Hawthorne. g) “The best parlor. h) "Just in time.” 2) Aunt Carrie in the kitchen.


Tuesday, June 18

9 a.m.

Two hours

NOTE CAREFULLY-Candidates are required to write either upon one topic each from I and II or upon one topic from III. They are required also to answer both questions in IV.


Write a theme of about three hundred words upon one topic from the following list:

a) Revolutionary Russia.
b) What makes a story popular ?
c) Why do women wish to vote?
d) The customs of a strange community.
e) A letter, with proper heading and conclusion, intended to persuade a

friend to enter the college of your own choice.
1) The effect of the war upon your school.
g) The Y.M.C.A. (or some similar organization) as a factor in winning the war.
h) School dramatics.
i) Food conservation.


Write about a hundred words of description upon whatever is suggested to your mind by one of the following subjects:

a) A tree.
6) Enter the "star."
c) “Time!”
d) Firing up.
e) The crossroads.
D) A bright spot.
8) A shop window.
h) Newspaper caricatures.

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