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Write a composition of not less than four hundred words upon one of the following topics: a) An important historical event or period before 1900, and its effect upon

society or political institutions. 6) The future of the United States if the present war ends in (1) unquestioned

victory for the Entente Allies, (2) victory for the Teutonic Allies, or (3) exhaustion, with no military decision. (Treat the topic with regard

to each of these three possibilities.) c) Imagine yourself chosen by your schoolmates to head a committee to lay

before the principal some question of importance to the spirit or the morale of the school. Write a connected and clear presentation of the issues involved, with the view of submitting it for criticism to the

members of your committee. d) Write a criticism of a book which has failed to interest you. Give the

reader an idea of the story or the aim of the work, and discuss specifically

the reasons for your adverse judgment. e) What has your community (town, school, or neighborhood) done to help

in the war?


a) Who chooseth me shall gain what many men desire.

1) What kind of sentence is this as regards structure, and use (or

meaning)? 2) What are the subordinate clauses, and how is each used ? 3) Name the case of each italicized word, and tell why that case is

used. b) In the passage on the attached SUPPLEMENTARY SHEET, what changes do you think necessary or advisable from the point of view of good modern usage? Do not rewrite the passage, but make these changes in the margins or the spaces between the lines. Detach the corrected sheet and hand it in with your examination-book.



Candidate's number.....

I observed, that the two who swam were yet more than twice as long swimming

over the creek as the fellow was that fled from them.

[blocks in formation]

down the ladders with all possible expedition, fetches my two guns, for they were

both but at the foot of the ladders, as I observed above, and getting up again, with

the same haste, to the top of the hill, I crossed toward the sea, and having a very

short cut, and all down hill, clapped myself in the way between the pursuers and

the pursued, halooing aloud to him that fled, who, looking back, was at first

perhaps as much frighted at me as at them; but I beckoned with my hand to him

to come back; and, in the meantime, I slowly advanced towards the two that

followed; then rushing at once upon the foremost, I knocked him down with the

stock of my piece. I was loth to fire, because I would not have the rest hear;

though, at that distance, it would not have been easily heard, and being out of

sight of the smoke too, they would not have easily known what to make of it.

Having knocked this fellow down, the other who pursued with him stopped, as if

he had been frighted, and I advanced apace towards him; but as I came nearer,

I perceived presently he had a bow and arrow, and was fitting it to shoot at me;

so I was then necessitated to shoot at him first, which I did, and killed him at the

first shot.

(DANIEL DEFOE, Robinson Crusoe, 1719)


Tuesday, June 17

9 a.m. Two hours

PART I–GRAMMAR 1. Re-write the following sentence so that the subordinate clause shall be converted into a phrase and the second co-ordinate clause into a subordinate clause. “And as he was troubled thereabout, he espied two men come tumbling over the wall, on the left hand of the narrow way; and they made up apace to him."

2. Indicate the parts of speech and the grammatical relations of the italicized words.

PART II—COMPOSITION Write a composition of approximately five hundred words upon one of the following topics. Selection from the last five topics should be made only by those who have sufficient knowledge to discuss one of these topics intelligently.

1. A town or a section of the country which interests me especially. 2. The habits and habitat of an animal that I have observed carefully.

3. A comparison of two families, or occupations, or institutions, or sports, or writers, or books, or places.

4. An industry or an engineering project with which I am familiar.
5. The efficiency of the American Army.
6. My voluntary reading outside of school.
7. Some things I learned at school outside the curriculum.

8. An estimate of the time, money, and physical and nervous energy that my parents will have expended upon my training and education by my twenty-first year.

9. A League of Nations as an aid to permanent peace.

10. Our future on the sea.

11. The rehabilitation of Belgium.

12. A new conception of colonial administration.

13. War poetry.



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