Henry V, War Criminal?: And Other Shakespeare Puzzles

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'Shakespeare loves loose ends; Shakespeare also loves red herrings.' Stephen Orgel Loose ends and red herrings are the stuff of detective fiction, and under the scrutiny of master sleuths John Sutherland and Cedric Watts Shakespeare's plays reveal themselves to be as full of mysteries as any Agatha Christie novel. Is it summer or winter in Elsinore? Do Bottom and Titania makelove? Does Lady Macbeth faint, or is she just pretending? How does a man putrefy within minutes of his death? Is Cleopatra a deadbeat Mum? And why doesn't Juliet ask 'O Romeo Montague, wherefore art thou Montague?' As Watts and Sutherland explore these and other puzzles Shakespeare's genuius becomes ever more apparent. Speculative, critical, good-humoured and provocative, their discussions shed light on apparent anachronisms, perfromance and stagecraft, linguistics, Star Trek and much else. Shrewd andentertaining, these essays add a new dimension to the pleasure of reading or watching Shakespeare. 'Few modern academics are doing quite so much as Professor Sutherland to connect the "common reader" with great books' Independent

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The watch on the centurions wrist
Desdemonas posthumous speeches
Poor Toms a yokel?
feint or faint?
REAL OR PRETEND III Does Cleopatra really care about
How much time did Richard waste?
whats the issue?
valid or invalid?
vengeful or reconciled?
Why is Shylock unmusical?
Muddle or method?
Shakespeares feminist play?
Angelo guide to sanity?
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John Sutherland, Lord Northcliffe Professor of Modern English Literature, University College, London. Cedric Watts, Professor of English, University of Sussex. Stephen Orgel, Jackson Eli Reynolds Professor of Humanities, Stanford University.

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