Temple Bar, Том 31

Передня обкладинка
George Augustus Sala, Edmund Yates
Ward and Lock, 1871

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Сторінка 250 - Abraham delivered unto his servants bracelets and ear-rings of gold. The form of the ring being circular, that is, round and without end, importeth thus much, that their mutual love and hearty affection should roundly flow from the one to the other as in a circle, and that continually and for ever.
Сторінка 316 - I comprehend all fine gentlemen too, not knowing in truth where else to place them properly) is vastly obliged, or vastly offended, vastly glad, or vastly sorry. Large objects are vastly great, small ones are vastly little ; and I had lately the pleasure to hear a fine woman pronounce, by a happy metonymy, a very small gold snuff-box that was produced in company to be vastly pretty, because it was so vastly little.
Сторінка 315 - Laureate in one of his comedies. Some inattentive and undiscerning people have, I know, taken it to be a term synonymous with coquetry ; but I lay hold of this opportunity to undeceive them, and eventually to inform Mr. Johnson, that flirtation is short of coquetry, and intimates only the first hints of approximation, which subsequent coquetry may reduce to those preliminary articles, that commonly end in a definitive treaty.
Сторінка 314 - Nebo had had the preaching that thou hast they would have converted. And you rulers and officers, be wise and circumspect, look to your charge, and see you do your duties; and rather be glad to amend your ill living than to be angry when you are warned or told of your fault.
Сторінка 73 - ... quietly out of it, and go to play, a circumstance he would rarely perceive. Sir Walter had many opportunities of procuring him a benefice, but never dared avail himself of them, satisfied that his absence of mind would only bring him into scrapes, if placed in a responsible situation. Mr. T. was once very nearly summoned before the Synod for reading the ' visitation of the sick' service from our Liturgy, to a poor man confined to his bed by illness.
Сторінка 421 - And indeed happy is it for society that men have commonly such repositories for their ill-humours; for I can truly assert, that the easiest, the best-natured, and the most entertaining man I know out of his own house, is the most tyrannical master, brother, husband, and father, in the whole world...
Сторінка 29 - HILL 1 857] voice was just as friendly — ay, and if possible, more winning still. He was now in the prime of manhood, in his forty-fifth year; full of youth and life and eloquence, and rich in a rare humour that glowed with kindliness. I know not how to describe him better than...
Сторінка 34 - Dickens, so like him, so youthful and handsome ; and over a bedroom door and a dining-room door were inserted the bas-reliefs of Night and Day, after Thorwaldsen. On the first floor was a rich library with a fireplace and a writing-table, looking out on the garden ; and here it was that in winter Dickens and his friends acted plays to the satisfaction of all parties. The kitchen was underground, and at the top of the house were the bedrooms. I had a snug room looking out on the garden ; and over...
Сторінка 106 - War, took a pair of oars, and drawing near the Bridge, leapt into the Thames, and drowned himself, leaving a note behind him in the boat to this effect : 'My folly in undertaking what I could not perform, whereby some misfortunes have befallen the King's service, is the cause of my putting myself to this sudden end ; I wish him success in all his undertakings, and a better servant.
Сторінка 52 - Who could suppose that the son of a pastor would take into his head the idea of hanging himself to the stanchion of a public-house sign, because a furrier and a soldier had hung themselves there before him ? It must be confessed, Master Christian, that the thing was not very probable — it would not have appeared more likely to you than it did to me. Well " " Enough ! enough ! " I cried ; " it is a horrible affair. I feel sure there is some frightful mystery at the bottom of it. It is neither the...

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