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PAGE Remy-National Two-Armature System

402 Remy-Reo System

.(Insert) between 402-403 Remy Two Spark Magneto

222 Remy Type R. L. Magneto System

215 Simms-Duplex Ignition System

217 Simms-Huff-Maxwell System

387 Simms-Huff System (Simplified)

384 Simple Battery Ignition System Six Cylinder Battery-Coil-Distributor System

116 Six Cylinder Triple System ...

131 Splitdorf Transformer-Coil System

213 Technical Diagram, Gray & Davis Two-Unit

351 Technical Diagram, Gray & Davis Two-Wire System

354 Testing Delco Armature Windings

449 Transformer Coil-Magneto System.

192 Two Spark Magneto Ignition

221 U. S. L.-Jeffery System

420 Unisparker System

84 Use of Lamp Bank Resistance

154 Vulcan Electric Gearshift Circuits

478 Westinghouse Ignition Generator Circuits

407 Westinghouse Ignition Unit System

101 Westinghouse Lighting System

410 Westinghouse-Pierce-Arrow System

411 Westinghouse Starting Motor Circuits

408 Wiring of Lamp and Test Points




Wagner-Saxon Circuits.
Wagner-Studebaker Circuits






Nature of Electricity-Why Current Flows—Parts of Circuit-Conductors

and Insulators—Methods of Producing Electricity–How Primary Battery Generates Current-Wiring Dry Cells—How Storage Battery Works, Magnetism-Current Production by Induction—Magneto Action-Low Tension Magneto--High Tension Systems—Dynamo and Motor ActionMethods of Winding-Electrical Terms Defined-Electrical Measuring Instruments.

MANY forces exist in the universe the character of which have never been solved and may never be to the end of the world. We know these forces exist because their presence is made known by well understood phenomena. Among these forces gravitation, light, electricity and magnetism are prominent and even in this advanced age no one has a very clear conception of the nature of any of these forces nor would a presentation of theory and surmise be of any material benefit to those who are more concerned with the practical utility and the way these forces can be made of value to man than with a scientific presentation of theoretical causes.

Nature of Electricity.-A knowledge of electricity is of great value in permitting the reader to grasp clearly the principles underlying the operation of the various units comprising the ignition, starting and lighting systems of the modern motor car. If the following explanations are carefully studied it will be possible for one without any previous electrical training to understand intelligently the functions of electrical appliances and make it easier to locate and remedy troubles that are apt to materialize in these appliances. Electricity is a form of energy and is known because

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