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Intend, according to Act of Congress, in the year itji, By W. J. HOLLAND & CO., In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. PREFACE.

The editor of this work has endeavoured to render it useful clear, and reliable in every department of which it treats His object has been to make a practical manual to meet thi wants of every household. He offers it therefore to this public as a Cyclopaedia of complete and trustworthy information on everything pertaining to daily life.

The numerous Cookery Receipts have been actually tested and hence bear the impress of real experience. Among them will be found receipts for many new articles of diet, and frequent hints for economy in the preparation of food.

In the sections devoted to the Choice and Furnishing of a House, the Adulteration of Food, Domestic Chemistry, ami Clothing, the principles of household management and domes tic economy are fully and distinctly stated. Important cautions and useful receipts are given which every one having to do with housekeeping will find of daily value.

The medical advice and prescriptions contained in the sections on Domestic Medicine, Accidents and Injuries, Couv sels for Mothers and Nurses, and the Diseases of Children, ar from the carexuJ pen of an experienced physician. They foiii

a complete treatise on family medicine and surgery, and the rearing and management of children.

The departments on Law and on Trade, Social and Scientific Facts, contain information and bits of advice indispensable to every business man and woman.

Every lady will, after perusal, acknowledge the interest and value of the chapters on Domestic Pets and Ladies' Work.

Young people and often their elders will be pleased with the means of innocent diversion revealed in the chapter on Games and their Rules, and will be instructed by the sections on Etiquette and Manners, and Correct Speaking and Writing.

No farmer should be without the practical knowledge furnished in the section devoted to Veterinary Medicine, and the diseases of cattle and poultry.

Housekeepers know the annoyance they experience from Domestic Pests and will be glad to learn how to destroy them.

The editor, therefore, believes that not only the last, but every chapter of the book, will be found to contain



the stewing of poultry, &o. To stew the various kinds of fish, . 37—40

'riling.—How to fry. To fry ham, eggs, fish, trout, &c, . • 40—41

'roiling.—How to broil economically. To broil fowl, fish, and game. 41—42

oasting.—How to toast welsh rabbit, &o. . . • 42—43

'urvmg (illustrated). How to carve. To carve a sirloin of beef (illustrated);
an aitchbone of beef (illustrated); a roast leg of mutton (illustrated) ; a
boiled leg of mutton (illustrated) ; a shoulder of mutton (illustrated) ; a
fore-quarter of lamb (illustrated) ; a breast of veal; a roast sucking-pig; a
ham (illustrated); a turkey (illustrated); a goose (illustrated) ; a fowl
(illustrated); a pheasant (illustrated); a partridge (illustrated) ; snipes,
woodcocks, &c. ; a hare (illustrated); a salmon (illustrated) ; a cod's head
and shoulders (illustrated); a turbot (illustrated) ; other fish, &c. 43—48

8 ups.—How to make meat soups. College soups; ox-tail soup; mock-turtle

soup; julienne soup; eel soup; oyster soup ; rabbit soup; game soups;

giblet soup; clear vegetable soup; carrot soup ; spring soup; onion soup;

cabbage soup ; parsnip soup; vermicelli soup; macaroni soup; green pea

soup; winter pea soup ..... 48—55

Gravies.—How to make gravies. Brown gravy, a number of receipts for;

savoury gravy ; veal gravy ; liver gravy ; white gravy; fish gravy 55—56

Made Dishes —Lobster salad; stewed rump steaks ; gibelotte of rabbits; beef
olives; stewed chops or cutlets; broiled fowl; oyster sausages ; fried
patties; fricassee of chicken; rump steak pie; beef collops ; peas and
butter ; anchovy toast; ham and eggs; bullock's kidney; a-la-mode beef;
various rump steak dishes; mutton, lamb, veal, and pork puddings;
curried chicken ; cod-fish pie; giblet pie ; various meat pies; omelettes
and other dishes with eggs ; pancakes, chicken fritters, &c., &c. . 56—67

Cold Meat Cookery.—Hashed goose; hashed mutton, beef, veal, lamb, or

poultry; curried mutton, lamb, beef, veal, or poultry; stew of cold veal;

turkey or fowl sausages; cold poultry and game ; beef or mutton pudding;

ragout of veal; cold veal pie; potato pie; cold fish pie; pepper pots,

*o. . . ..... 67—71

ikk-Soom. Cookery.—Hints on cooking for the sick. Chruels and porridges:
water gruel; rice gruel; bread pap; oatmeal pap; arrowroot; sago; rice
milk; barley water; apple water; toast and water; caudle. Jellies:
tapioca jelly; isinglass jelly, &o. Possets, wheys, &c. Beef drink;

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