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Miller-Nephalism the True Temperance of Scripture, Science, and Experience. Paul-First Principles of General Knowiedge Explained in a Simple and Easy By Jas. Miller, Post &o, cloth, Ss. Tweedie.

Manner. By S. M. Paul. 3rd edit. revised, corrected, and greatly improved, Miller-My Schools and Schoolmasters; or, the Story of my Education. By By John Davenport. 18mo, cloth, 28.61. Relfe Brothers. Hugh Miller. Cheap edit. cr. 8vo, sewed, 2s.6d. A, and C. Black,

Pearls from the Poets. Specimens of the Works of Celebrated Writers, selected, Milner-The History of the Church of Christ, from the Days of the Apostles with Biographical Notes, by H. W. Dulcken, with a Preface by the Rev.

till the famous Disputation between Luther and Miltitz in 1520. By the Thos. Dale. Small 4to, cloth, gilt, 12s. Ward and Lock, Rev. Joseph Milner, A.M. Continued after the same plan by the Rev. Isaac Pepper-The Play-book of Metals; including Personal Narratives and Visits to Milner, D.D. New edit. With a further continuation extracted from the Coal, Lead, Copper, and Tin Mines, with a large number of interesting

Rev. T. Hawes's Church History. Svo, cloth, 103. Od. T. Nelson and Sons. Experiments relating to Alchemy and the Chemistry of the Fifty Metallic Ministrial Portrait Gallery of the United Methodist Free Churches. 12mo, Elements. By John llenry Pepper. With 800 Illustrations, Post sro, sewed, 6. (Jno. Heywood, Manchester.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

cloth, 78. Bd. Routledge and Co. Miriam May: & Romance of Real Life. New edit. (Railway Library.) Fcp. 8vo, Pinkney--Tacita Tacit: a Novel. By the late Janc Pinkney. 2 vols, cr. 8vo, bds, Is. C. Routledge and Co.

cloth, 21s. T.C. Newby. Miscellaneous Sermons by Clergymen of the Church of England. Edited by Pinkney -- The Rifleman's Indelible Metallic Record of Target Practice. the Rev. Frederick G. Lee, F.8.A. 8vo, cloth, 8s. 61. J. Blasters.

Arranged by Robert Pickney, Lieutenant. 19.110, cloth, fep. 18. 6d.; in diitchell-The Lighthouse: a Novel. By Elizabeth Harcourt Mitchell, authoress leather, 2s. Whittaker and Co. of First Fruits. 2 vols.cr. 8vo, cloth, 21s. Saunders, Otley, and Co.

Pipon-Collier-Manual of Military Law, for all ranks of the Army, Militin, and Modern Household Cookery: a New Work for Private Fainilies. By a Lady. Volunteer Service. (Under the sanction of HI.R.H. the General Commander

With an Introduction on the Philosophy of Cooking. New edit. fep. 8vo. in Chief.) By Col. J. K. Pipon and J. F. Collier, Esq. Oblong 18ino, roan cloth, 88.6d. T. Nelson and Sons.

and clasp, 35. 6. Wm. H. Allen and Co. Montgomery-Rome and the Papacy now and for ever Inseparable. This Fact Pirrie-The Principles and Practice of Surgery. By Wm. Pirric, F.R.S.E. 2nd

made apparent, and certain matters therewith connected, considered in a edit. 8vo, cloth, 24. J. Churchiil. Letter to the Editor of the Tablet. By the Rev. Geo. Montgomery. 8vo, Phillips- The Hooded Snake: a Story of the Secret Police. By Watts Phillips. sewed, ls. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Fep. 8vo, bds. 2s. Ward and Lock. Moore- Paradise and the Peri. By Thos. Moore. Iliuminated by Owen Jones. Phillips-Life on the Earth: its Origin and Succession. By John Phillips, M.A. Royal 4to, cloth, 428.; calf, 52s.6l. Day and Son,

Post Svo, cloth, Cs. 60. Macmillan and Co. Moore-Popular Guide to Homeopathy, for Family and Private Use. By Geo- Pleasant Stories for the Young. By the Authors of old Peter Pious, Here, etc. Moore. 2nd edit. 82mo, cloth, limp, ls. T. Sanderson,

82mo, packet, 1s.; in box, Is. Od. J. F. Shaw and Co. Joore Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence of Thoinas Moore. Edited and Poet's Wit and Humour, selected by W. H. Wilis. Illustrated with 100 engra.

abridged from the first edition by the Right llon. Lord J. Russell, M.P. vings from drawings by C. Bennett and G. H. Thomas. Small 4to, cloth Square cr. 8vo, cloth, 12s. Od. Longman and Co.

elegant, 21s.; morocco, 31s. 61. Bell and Daldy. Moore--Lalla Rookh: an Oriental Rornance. By Thomas Moore. Illustrated Power-Anatoiny of the Arteries of the Human Body, Descriptive and Surgical,

by Tenniel, engraved by the Brothers Daiziel. sto, cloth, gilt, 218. ; morucco, with the Descriptive Anatomy of the Heart. By John Hatch Power, M.D. 364. Longman and Co.

With Illustrations by B. Wills Richardson. Fcp.dro, cloth, 10s. Od. LongMorgan-The Text Book for Domestic Practice; being Plain and Concise Diree- man and Co.

tions for the Administration of Homcopathic Medicinex in Simple Ailnients. Practical (A) Guide to Domestic Homeopathy. 6th edit. Gimo, cloth, sewed, is

By Samuel Morgan, M.D. 2nd e lit. $2ino, cloth, sewed, Is. T. Sanderson. T. Sanderson. Horton-Homeopathic Family Medicine. By J. Edward Morton, M.D. 2nd Practical Housewife (The): a complete Encyclopadia of Domestic Economy edit. revised and enlarged. Fcp. Svo, cloth, 2s.6d. T. Sanderson.

and Family Medical Guide. By the Original Editor of the Panily Friend, Mortoa's Farmer's Almanack for 1861. 12mo, sewed, ls. Blackie and Son.

etc. New edit. revised and greatly enlarged. Cr. Svo, cloth, 2s.6d. Hvalston Moseley-Twelve Chapters on Nervous, Mind, and Head Complaints, including

and Wright. their Causes, Cure, etc. By the Rev. Wm. Willis Moseley, A.M. 12th edit. Prayer Book (The) Remodelled and Adapted to the Men and Circumstances of fcp. 8vo, sewed, ls. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

the Present Times, with an Historical Introduction; an Experiment Maller- A History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature, so far as it illustrates the addressed to the Clergy and Laity of the Church of England, also to Candii, Primitive Religion of the Brahmins. By Max Müller, M.A. 2nd edit, revised.

and Sober-Minded Men of all Denominations. 12mo, cloth, 2s.ci.; morocco, 8vo, cloth, 21s. Williams and Norgate.

8s. Longman and Co. Museum (The) of Classical Antiquities; being a series of Essays on Ancient

Pride and his Prisoners. By A. L. 0. E. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 3s. 62. T. Nelson Art. Edited by Edward Falkener. New edit. Complete in I vol. imp.

and Sons. Evo, cloth, 42s. Longman and Co.

Proctor-Legends and Lyrics; a Book of Verses By Adelaide A. Proctor. 5th My Life, and what shall I do with it ? A Question for Young Gentlewomen.

edit. fcp. 8vo, cloth, 58. Bell and Daldy. By an Old Maid. Pep. Svo, cloth, 6s. Longinan and Co.

Promises of Jesus Christ. Tluminated by Albert H. Warren. Fcp. 4to, cloth, Nation's (A) Manhood; or, Stories of Washingion and the American War of elegant, 158.; Morocco, elegant, 21s. Bell and Daldy. Independence. By the Author of Sunlight through the Misl, etc. Illustrated,

Protestant Dissenters' Almanack for 1861. Cr. 8vo, sewed, 61. C. R. Nelson. post 8vo, cloth, 58. J. F. Shaw and Co.

Public-(The) General Acts of 23 and 24 Victoria, 1800; intended as a Supple. Newton-Memoirs of the Life of Sir Isaac Newton. By Sir David Brewster

ment to the Commercial and General Lawyer. Svo, sewed, 48. Od. R. Mac2nd edit. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, cloth, 125, Edmonston and Douglas.

donald. Nicolo-Narrative of Ten Years' Imprisonment in the Dungeons of Naples. Raphael's Prophetic Almanack for 1801. 12mo, seved, 28. 6d. Le Mare. By Antonio Nicolo. Cr. Svo, canvas, 34.6d. A.W. Bennett.

Redding-Keeping up Appearances; a Novel of Engiish Life. By C. Redding. Nison- Lectures, Historical, Doctrinal, and Practical, on the Catechism of the

3 vols. cr. 8vo, cloth, 81. 6d. C. J. Skeet. Church of England. By Francis Russell Dixon, D.D. 6th edit. Svo, cloth,

Ree's Improved Diary and Almanack for 1881. 18ıno, sewed, 61. Simpkin, .. 18s. Rivingtons.

Marshall, and Co. Noble's Hull, Yorkshire, and Lincolnshire Almanack and Diary for 1861. 12mo,

Richmond--Annie Maitland; or, the Lessons of Life. By D. Richinond. Illus. sewed, 6d. W. Kent and Co.

tratel. 16mo, cloth, 18.0d. Routledge and Co. Noble Traits of Kingly Men; or, Pictures and Anecdotes of European History,

Richson-The Elements of Elocution and Correct Reading In Three Parts, with a Bird's-eye View of the Grander Movements, and their Leaders.

with Exercises and Appendix. By the Rev. Charles Richson, M.A. Fep.

8vo, cloth, 2. The Depository of the National Society. Illustrated, fep. Svo, cloth, gilt, 3s. 6d. Hogg aad Sons. Novuin Testamentum Græce ex Antiquissimo, Codice Alexandrino a C. G.

Riego-The Book of 12-Ply Siberian Wool. By Malle. Riego de la Branchardiere. Woide olim Descriptum : ad fidem ipsius codicis denuo accuratius edidit.

Olong 18mo, sewed, od. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Rhodes-Power in Weakness: Memorials of the Rev. W. Rhodes. By C. Stan. B. H. Cowper. 8vo, cloth, 12s. Williams and Norgate. Novum Testamentum Græcum. Textus Stephanici 1550, Acccdunt varie

ford. 2nd edit, 12mo, cloth, limp, 24. Jackson and Walford. Lectiones editionum Beza, Elzeviri, Lachmanni, Tischendorfii, Tregellexii.

Roberts-An Autumn Tour in Spain in the year 1859. By the Rev. R. Roberts,

B.A. Illustrated. Svo, coth, 219. Saunders, Otley, and Co. Curante F. H. Scrivener, A.M. Marginal edit. 4to, hall-bound, 12s. Beli and Daldy.

Roche--Les Poètes Français recueil de Morceaux Choisis dans les Meilleurs Odal Rights and Feudal Wrongs; a Memorial for Orkney. 8vo, cloth, 6s.

Poëtes, avec une Notice Biographique sur chaque Počte. Par Antonin Edmongton and Douglas.

Roche. 5th edit. revue et augmentee de Noles. Cr. Svo, cloth, 6s. Wiliams

and Norgate. Oke-The Laws of Turnpike Roads : comprising the whole of the General Acts; with Cases, Notes, and Forins, etc. By Geo. C. Oke. 2nd edit. 12mo, cloth,

Routh-An Elementary Treatise on the Dynamics of a System of Rigid Bodies.

With Examples. By E. J. Routh, M.A. Cr. Svo, cloth, 10s. 6d. Macmillan 18. Butterworths.

and Co. Oke--The Magisterial Synopsis: a Practical Guide for Magistrates, their Clerks, Rowcroft-Recollections of the Fleet Prison, from the Papers of the late Alfred etc. By George C. Oke. 7th edit. enlarged and improved. 8vo, cloth, £2 4s.

Seedy, Esq. By Charles Rowcroft. Pep. Svo, bds. 25. H. Lea.
Oliver and Boyd's Memorandum Book for 1801; comprising an Almanack and

Ruddock-A Stepping-stone to Homaopathy and Health. By Edward Ruddock. Diary and Cash-book. Top. Svo, cloth, Is. 6d.; roan tuck, 28. (O.iver and

2nd edit. revised and enlarged, 32mo, cloth, sewed, Is. T. Sanderson.

Ruddock-A Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine. Compiled Boyd, Edinburgh.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Olshausen-Biblical Commentary on the Gospels and on the Acts of the Apostles, Ruth Levison; or, Working and Waiting. A Tale. 18ino, sewed, ls.; cloth,

by Edward Ruddock. 32mo, cloth, sewed, ls. T. Sanderson. adapted expressly for Preachers and Students. By Hermann Olshausen 18.00. J. Masters, D.D. Translated from the German. Srd edit. A vols.,cr. 8vo, cloth, 242. Sabbath School Messenger (The), Part 4, 1860. Folio, swd. Od. H. J. Tresidder, (T. and T. Clark, Edinburgh.) Hamilton and Co.

Saunders-The Shadow in the House. A Novel. By John Saunders. Cr. 8vo, Ore-Seeker (The); a Tale of the Hartz. By A. S. M. Illustrated. Small 4to, cloth, 10s. 6d. Lockwood and Co. cloth, 15s.; morocco, elegant, 288. Macmillan and Co.

Scheffer-Memoir of the Life of Ary Scheffer. By Mrs. Grote. 2nd edit. post Paleario-The Life and Times of Aonio Paleario; or, a History of the Italian Svo, cloth, 8s. Od. J. Murray.

Reformers in the Sixteenth Century. Illustrated by Original Letters and Scott-The Talisman. A Tale of the Crusaders. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
Unedited Documents. By M. Young. 9 vols. 8vo, cloth, 825. Bell and Fcp. 8vo, cloth, gilt, 59. A. and C. Black,

Scott-Incentives to Bible Study; Scripture Acrostics. A Sabbath Pastime for Parker-The Modern Treatment of Syphilitic Diseases, both Primary and Young Persons. By Lady Scott. In a box, 1s. 6.1. J. F. Shaw and Co.

Secondary ; with numerous Cases, Fongulæ, and Clinical Observations, Scott-The Waverley Novels. By Sir Walter Scott. Illustrated. Vols. 81 lly Langston Parker, F.R.C.S. 4th edit. entirely re-written, with numerous and 89. Quentin Durward. Vols. 1 and 2. 12.no, cloth, 4s. 61. each. A. and alditions. 8vo, cloth, 103. J. Churchill.

C. Black. Parley-Peter Parley's Annual for 1861 ; a Christmas and New Year's Present Scott-Farr- A New and Comprehensive History of England, from the Earliest

for Young People. Edited by Wm. Martin. Royal 16mo, cloth, gilt, 58. Period to the Accession of George III. By Adam Scott. Carefully revised Darton and Co.

and brought down to the present time, with Questions. By Edward Farr, Patterson-First Steps to Zoology. By Robert Patterson, F.R.S. Illustrated. 2nd edit. cr. Svo, cloth, 5s. T. J. Allman.

3rd edit. fep. 8vo, cloth, S. (Simms and M'Intyre, Belfast.) Longman Scripture Revelations Concerning the Results of Adam's Disobedience. Fcp.

and Co. Paterson-The Practical Statutes of the Session 1860 (23 and 24 Victoria), with

8vo, cloth, 78. 62. Bell and Daky. Introductions, Notes, Tables of Statutes Repealed and Subjects Altered,

Seaman's (The) Pocket Annual for 1801; a Handy-Book for Masters, Appren.

tices, and Seamen. 18mo, cloth, tuck, ls, O'Bryne Brothers. Lists of Local and Personal and Private Acts, and a Cupious Index. Edited Selected Services of the Church or England, by the most esteemed Masters, by W. Paterson, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Umo, cloth, 109. Bd. Johan Crockford.

with Accompaniments for the Pianoforte and Organ. Imp. Svo, ciotly is. Musical Bouquet Office.

Seven (The) Champions of Christendom: a New Version, from the most Ancient Strickland-Old Friends and Now Acquaintances. By Agnes Strickland.

Chronicles and Records, and all other authentic and reliable sources of Second Series. Cr. Svo, cloth, 108. 6d. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.
Information. By Wiliam H. G. Kingston. With Coloured Illustrations, Sunday all the Week. 83mo, cloth, 6d. T. Nelson and Sons.
Royal 16mo, cloth, 53. S. Low, Son, and Co.

Sunny Faces, Blessed Hands, Loving Words. 82mo, cloth, sewed, Bd. T. Nelson

and Sons. Sewell-Sentences from the Works of the Author of Amy Herbert. 18mo, cloth, 38. J. Masters.

Swedenborg-Angelic Wisdom concerning Divine Love and concerning Divine Shakspeare- The Dramatic and Poetical Works of William Shakspeare. New Wisdom. By Emanuel Swedenborg. Translated from the original Latin, edit, with Notes, etc. Svo, cloth, 03. Griffin and Co.

published at Amsterdam in 1703. Svo, cloth, 3s. Longman and Co. Shakepeare- The Tempest. By William Shakspeare. Illustrated by Birket Tanner-On the Signs and Diseases of Pregnancy. By Thomas Hawkes Tan.

Foster, Gustave Doré, Frederiek Skill, Alfred Slader, and Gustave Janet. ner, M.D. Post 8vo, cloth, 129. 61. Henry Renshaw.
Cr. Sto, cloth, elegant, 108. 02.; morocco, elegant, 21s. Bell and Daldy. Taylor-Know Thyself. By Mrs. Jane Taylor. Illustrated, 2nd edit. or. 8vo,

bds. Bd. W. Kent and Co. Shakspeare's Household Words ; A Selection from the Wise Saws of the

Iminortal Bard. Illuminated by Samuel Stanesly. New and Improved edit. Testimonies of eminent Pædobaptists concerning the Ordinance of Baptismi 10mo, cloth, elegant, Os.; morocco, 14s. Griffith and Farran,

with Preface, Notes, and Reflections, by writers of various denominations. Shakspeare- The Dramatic Works of William Shakspeare. Adapted for Family Fcp. Svo, cloth, sewed, 6d. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Reading. By Thomas Bowdler, Esq. New edit. with Steel Engravings. Thackeray-The Irish Sketch Book. By W. M. Thackeray. Illustrated. Srd Cr. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, 10s. Bd. R. Griffin and Co.

edit. cr. 8vo, cloth, 5s. Chapman and Hall. Shaw-The Story of my Mission in South-Eastern Africa: comprising some Theodosia Ernest; or, the Heroine of Faith. English edit. revised, fep. 8vo,

Account of the European Colonists; with extended Notices of the Kaffir and cloth, 3s. Bd. H. J. Tresidder. other Native Tribes. Ilustrated with Maps and Engravings. By W. Shaw. Telemachus-By M. de Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray ; designed for the use Cr. Svo, cloth, Os. Hamilton and Co.

of H.R.H. the Dxke of Burgundy, Dauphin of France. Rendered into Sherman-The Pastor's Wife: a Memoir of Mrs. Sherman. By her Husband. English blank verse by the Rev. Jno. Lockhart Ross, M.A. Or. 8vo, cloth, New edit, fcp. 8vo, cloth, 88. Bd. A. W. Bennett.

79. Od. James Blackwood. Sims-A Manual for the Genealogist, Topographer, Antiquary, and Legal, Thomas-External Remedies for Accidents. By H. Thomas, M.D. 4th edit. Professor. By Richard Sims. 2nd edit. 8vo, cloth, 15s. J. R. Smith.

enlarged. 82mo, cloth, 18. T. Sanderson. Slack-The Philosophy of Progress in Human Affairs. By H. J. Slack. Cr. 8vo, Thornbury - Turkish Life and Character. By Walter Thornbury. ? vols.cr. cloth, Os. Chapman and Hall.

8vo, cloth, 28. Smith, Elder, and Co. Smith-Expositions of the Cartoons of Raphael. By Richard H. Smith, jun. Three Chancellors (The); or, Sketches of the Lives of William of Wykebam,

Nlustrated by Photographs, printed by Negretti and Zambra. 8vo, cloth, William of Waynflete, and Sir Thos. Moore. By the Anthor of the Knights gilt, 8s. 6a, J. Nisbet and Co.

of St. John, etc. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 4s. Burns and Lambert. Smith-A Collection of Pieceg in Prose and Poetry, suitable for recital in Thrupp-An Introduction to the Study and Use of the Psalms. By J. F. Thrupp,

Sabbath-schools, etc. Selected and arranged by S. A. Smith. Part 2. Fer. M.A. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 216, Macmillan and Co.

8vo, sewed, 6d. (Jno. Heywood, Manchester.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Tillotson-Beauties of Welsh Scenery. A Series of Views, with Descriptions, Smith-The Volunteer's Manual of Health and Vigour; or, the Laws of Life by Jno. Tillotson. Ato, cloth, elegant, 10s. &d. T. J. Allman.

applied to the Natural, Healthful, and Beautiful in Humanity. By Henry Tillotson-Beauties of English Scenery. A Series of Views, with Descriptions Smith, M.D. Cr. 8vo, sewed, 14. Ward and Lock.

by Jno. Tillotson, sto, eloth, elegant, 10s. 60. T. J. Allman. Smith-Watchword for Christians. By the Rev. James Smith. $2mo, cloth, Tillotson-The Album of Scottish Scenery. A Series of Views, with Descripgilt, 1x. 6d. H. J. Tresidder.

tions, by Jno. Tillotson. Sto, cloth, elegant, 10s. 61. T. J. Allman, Smith, The Wit and Wisdom of the Rev. Sydney Smith; a Selection of the most Tilsley-A Digest of the Stamp Acts and the Judicial Decisions of the Stamp

memorable Passages in his Writings and Conversations. Cr. 8vo, cloth, Laws not contained in the Author's Treatise, including the Probate, Legacy, 78. 02. Longman and Co.

and Succession Duties; with Tables of all the Stamp Duties. By Hugh Smith-After Many Days; a Tale of Social Reform. By Seneca Smith. 2nd Tilsley. 8th edit, cr. 8vo, cloth, 108.6d. V. and R. Stevens and Sons. edit. fcp. Svo, cloth, 55. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Tilt's Pocket Almanack for 1861. 82mo, cloth, ed.; tuck, Is. Bd. W. Kent Smithics- The Male Flirt, or, "Ladies, Beware of Him." a Novel. By Mrs. and Co.

Gordon Smithies. (Blackwood's London Library.) Fcp. 8vo, bds. 28. J. Tilt's Miniature Almanack for 1861. Cloth, 6d.; tuck, 19. W. Kent and Co. Blackwood.

Travers-Further Observations in several parts of Surgery. By Benjamin Smith-Exercises in Arithmetic. Part II. By Rev. Barnard Smith, M.A. Cr. Travers. 8vo, cloth, 6s. Bd. Longman and Co. 8vo, cloth, sewed, 1s. Macmillan and Co.

Trench-Synonyms of the New Testament. By Richard Chenevis Trench, D.D. Sophoeles, with Annotations, Introduction, etc. By Edward Wunder. With 5th edit. revised. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 5s. J. W. Parker and Son.

the Notes literally translated into English, and a Collation of Dindort's Trollope- The New Testament in Greek, with a carefully corrected Text, Text. Part 1: Edipus Rex (2nd edit.) Part 4: Antigone (2nd edit.) Svo, copious English Notes, etc. By the Rev. William Trollope, M.A. New edit. sewed, 8s. each. Williams and Norgate.

8vo, cloth, 78. W. Tegg. Sophoclis Tragoediæ Superstites ex recensione G. Dindorfi. Royal 16mo, cloth, Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines, containing a clear exposi.

with large Margin, Writing Paper, Ss.; or square 10mo, cloth, 3s. 60.; the tion of their principles and practice. Edited by Robert Hunt. Illustrated Plays separately, fep. 8vo, cloth, limp, 6d. cach. J. II. and J. Parker.

with nearly 200 Engravings on Wood. 5th edit. chiefly re-written, and Sophoclis Tragordise Superstites et perditarum fragmenta ex recensione et eum greatly enlarged. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, £4. Longman and Co.

commentariis G. Dindorfii. Editio tertia, 2 vols, fep. 8vo, cloth, 218.; the Urquhart-The Lebanon (Mount Souria); a History and a Diary. By D. Plays separately, fep. Svo, cloth, limp, 29. 03. each. J. H. and J. Tarker.

Urquhart. 8 vols. 8vo, cloth, 288. T.C. Newby. Southlanders (The): an Account of an Expedition to the Interior of New Valentine Duval: an Autobiography of the Last Century. Edited by the Holland. Srd edit, revised, fcp. 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. J. W. Parker and Son.

Author of Mary Powell, Cr. 8vo, cloth, 79. Bd. R. Bentley. Spruner's (Dr. Karl Von) Historico-Geographical Hand Atlas, from the De Valley (The) of a Ilundred Fires. By the Author of Margaret and her Brides

struction of the Western Roman Empire by Odvacer, in the year 476. Oblong maids. 3 vols. cr. 8vo, cloth, Sls. Od. Hurst and Blackett. imp. 8vo, cloth, 15s. Trubner and Co.

Veitch-Tinsel and Gold; or, What Girls should Learn. A Tale by Mrs. Veitch. Stafford--Compendium (A) of Universal History, from the Earliest Period to 12mo, cloth, 2.0d. T. Nelson and Sons.

the Year 1859, with Questions for Examination. Translated from the Virgil-The Bucolics, Georgies, and Æneid complete, with English Notes, German, by Charles T. Stafford. 4th edit. revised, corrected, and enlarged. Explanatory and Critical ; also a Metrical Analysis of the neid. Edited by Mrs. Percy Sinnett. Fcp. Svo, cloth, 48. Longman.

Roscoe Morgan, A.B. New edit. fep. 8vo, cloth, 8s. Simpkin, Marshall, Standing Orders (The) of the Lords and Commons relative to Private Bills; and Co.

with Appendix, containing Table of fog charged at the House of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation. Ilth edit. Illustrated, cr. Svo, 1

Commons, etc. For Session 1801. 12mo, cloth, 5s. Simpkin, Marshall, cloth, 76.0d. J. Churchill. and Co.

Vernon-A Guide to the Anglo-Saxon Tongue. A Grammar after Erasmus Stanford-A Hand-Book to Romish Controversy : being a Refutation in Detail Rusk; Extracts in Prose and Verse, with Notes, etc. and an Appendis.

of the Creed of Pope Pius the Fourth, on the Grounds of Scripture and By E. J. Vernon, B.A. 2nd edit. post Svo, cloth, 5s. J. R. Sinith.
Reason; with an Appendix and Notes, By Charles Stuart Stanford, D.D. Volunteer's (The), Artillery, and Ride Corps' Almanack for 1861. 1?mo, sewed,
New edit. with numerous additions. Cr. 8vo, cloth, sewed, Is. G. Herbert, 18. Koulston and Wright.

Volunteer's (A) Scrap Book. By the Author of a Cambridge Serap Book.
Star (The) of Hope and Staff of Duty: Tales of Womanly Trials and Victories. Oblong bds. 7. 61. Macmillan and Co.
Illustrated. 12mo, cloth, 3s. 6d. Hogg and Sons.

Warburton-Darien ; or the Merchant Prince. By Eliot Warburton. 4th edit. State Policy (The) of Modern Europe, from the beginning of the Sixteenth (Hurst and Blackett's Standard Library, Vol. 13.) Cr. Svo, cloth, Ss.

Century to the Present Time. By Emeric Szabad. New edit. 2 vols. 8vo, Hurst and Blackett. cloth, 12s. Longman and Co.

Wardlaw's Systematic Theology. New edit. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, 91s. A. and C. Statutes-A Collection of the Public General Statutes, Passed in the Twenty. Black.


third and Twenty-fourth Years of her Majesty Queen Victoria, 1800. sro, Waverley Novels. Cabinet Edition. 25 vols. New edit. fsp. 850, cloth, 70s. bds. 16s. 6d. Eyre Spotttswoode.

A. and C. Black. Statutes (The) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, 23 and 24 Weus-Ilin Tedbiri Milk, “The Science of the Administration of a State;" or,

Victoria (1800). Vol. 24, Part 1. 4to, bds. 92. Bil. Eyre and S;ottiswoode. an Essay on Political Economy in Turkish, being the first ever written in Statutes (The) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, 23 and 23 Victoria (1860). 8vo, bds. 318.6d, Eyre and Spottiswoode.

that language. By Chas. Wells. Pep. 8vo, cloth, 78. 6d. Williams and

Norgate. Stephen--A Treatise on the Principle of Pleading in Civil Actions, comprising Wharton-The Wits and Beaux of Society. By Grace and Philip Wharton,

a Summary Account of the whole Proceedings in a Suit at Law, being the 6th edit. of Serjeant Stephen's Work under that Title, with alterations. By

Authors of the Queens of Society, with Illustrations from Drawings by H. Jas. Stephen and F. F. Pinder. 8vo, cloth, 15s. Stevens and Son.

K, Browne and Jas. Godwin, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. 2 vols. Sro,

cloth. 218. Hogg and Sons. Stephen-The Common Law Procedure Act, 1800 (22 and 23 Vict. c. 12%), with Practical Notes and an Introduction. By Jas. Stephens, Esq., LL.D. Svo,

White-History of England from the Earliest Times to the Year 1858. By the

Rev. Jas. White. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 78. 6d. Routledge and Co. cloth, 5s. Butterworth.

White-Guide to the Civil Service. By Hy. White, M.A. 4th edit. greatly : Stepping-stone (The) to General Knowledge; Second Series, containg upwards improved, 12mo, sewed, 28. 61, P. S. King.

of 800 Questions and Answers on Miscellaneous Subjects, adapted to the Why Paul Ferroll Killed His Wife. By the Author of Paul Ferroll. Cr. Svo, capacity of Children. 18mo, sewed, 1s. Longman and Co.

cloth, 10. od. Saunders, Otley, and Co. Stevens--Lewes--Lecture on Heads, originally written by Alex. Stevens and Wightman-Haste to the Rescue: or, Work while it is Day. By Mrs. Charles

delivered by him; and afterwards by Chas. Lee Lewes. 12mo, sowed, od Wightman, with a Preface by the Author of English Hearts and English (W. P. Nimmo, Edinburgh). Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Hards. Cr. Svo, cloth limp, Is. 6d. J. Nisbet and Co. Stokes-A Treatise on the Liens of Attorneys, Solicitors, and other Legal Prac. Wills- The Eagle's Nest in the Valley of Sixt; a Summer Home among the titioners. By Whitley Stokes, Esq. 12190, cloth, 8. H. Sweet.

Alps ; together with some Excursions among the Great Glaciers. By Alfred Stonehenge-Manual of British Lural Sports. By Stonehenge. Illustrated. 5th Wills, of the Middle Temple, Esq. Barrister-at-Law, Author of Wanderings

edit. entirely revised, with additions. 12mo, hal-bound, 103. 6d. Routiedge among the High Alps, and one of the contributors to Peaks, Passes, and and Co.

Glaciers. With two maps of the Valley of Sixt and the surrounding Stone- The Justice's Poeket Manual; or, Guide to the Ordinary Duties of a country, and twelve illustrations drawn on stone by Hanhart, from sketches

Justice of the l'eace. By S. Stune. 2nd edit. r. 3ro, cloth, 133. Shaw and and photographs by Mrs, and Ms. Wills, 2nd. edit. post Sro, cioth, 12. 64. Sons.

Longman and Co.


Wilberforce-A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral of Canterbury on the sending Maynard-St. Vincent de Paul: sa Vie, ses Euvres, etc. 4 vols. Svo, portraits,

forth of Archdeacon Mackenzie and his Company to Afrien, Oct. 2, 1800. By autographs, 28s. Samuel Lord Bishop of Oxford. 8vo, sewed, 1s. Rivingtons.

Maynz (Ch.) - Traité des Obligations d'après le droit Romain. Imp. 8vo, 99. Windham-Up Among the Arabs in 1860; or, Jottings in Algeria and Tunis, Mégnin (J. P.) Essai sur les Proportions du Cheval. 410, plates, 2us.

Deseriptive and Sporting. By W. G. Windham, Esq. Illustrated 12mo, Ménard-De la Morale avant les Philosophes. 8vo, 5s. sewed, ls. Ward and Lock.

Montepin (X. de)-La Fille du Maitre d'Ecole. 2 vols. 12mo, 7s. Winslew Life in Jesus : a Memoir of Mrs. Mary Winslow, by her son, O.Moussy (le Dr. V. de) - Description Geographique et Statistigue de la ConfedeWinslow, D.D. New edit. er. 8vo, cloth, 78. 6d. J. F. Shaw and Co.

ration Argentine. Vol. 1. 8vo, 10s. Wonders of Home (The): In Eleven Stories. By Grandfather Grey. 3rd edit. Nicole (G.) Le Livre d'Or de la Savoie et de Nice. 8vo, 8s. 03.

with 8 Hlustrations. Royal 16mo, cloth, 2s.6d.; gilt, Ss. Od. Griffith and Nourvelle Question d'Orient. Svo, 18. Fartan.

Ortolan-Latte et Lacarrière. Cours de Machines à Vapeur appliquées à la Wood - What is Homeopathy? a Lecture by Neville Wood, M.D. Srd edit. 8vo, Navigation. 8vo, and Atlas, 10. sewed, 6. T. Sanderson.

Panlantinisme (C.)--Confederation Gallo-Latine, etc. 8vo. Ss. 6.
Wood-The Boys' Own Book of Natural History. By the J. G. Wood, M.A. Pictet de Rochemont. De la Neutralite de la Suisse dans l'Interèt de l'Europe.

Illustrated with 330 engravings. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, Ss. Od. Routledge and Co. 8vo, ls. 60.
Wood-Lund-Solutions of Two Thousand Questions and Problems, forming a | Peltier-Equitation Pratique. 1?mo, Is.

Key to Wood's Algebra. By Thomas Lund. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 78. 60. Longman Pepoli (le Marquis J. N.)--Les Finances Pontificates. Svo, 8x.
Wood-Natural History Picture Book for Children.-Mammalia. By the Rev. Plattner-Traité Théorique des procèdes Métallurgiques de Grillage. Svo,

J. G. Wood, M.A., with 180 Illustrations by Wolf, Zwecker, Weir, Coleman, plates, 123.
etc., engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. Fcp. Ato, cloth, 5s. Routledge Rabelais--Euvres. 12mo, 8s.
and Co.

Rattos (D.)-Constantinople, ville libre. 8vo, ls. Wonderous (The) Tale of King Nut-Cracker and Poor Richard. New edit. 4to, Révoil (B.)--Chasses dans l'Amérique du Nord. 12mo, 28. bds. Is. Routledge and Co.

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and Notes. By Chr. Wordsworth, D.D. The General Epistles and Book of Roche (E.)-L'Italie de nos jours. 460, illustrated, 20s. Revelation. Part 4. Imp. 8vo, cloth, 21s. Rivingtons.

Rome et Constantinople. Svo, Is. Year 1800 (The); or, the Sayings and Doings of our Fathers and Mothers Sixty Saint Albin (A. R. C. de)-Championnet, Général des Armées de la République

Years ago, consisting of Extracts from the Newspapers and other Period. Francaise. 12mo, 2s.

icals. Prepared by F. Perigal. Royal Sro, sewed, Is. 6d. T. Sanderson. Stendhal-Histoire de la Peinture en Italie. 12mo, &s. Yeldham-Arnica, Rhus, Calendula. A Lecture on “Surgery as Modified by Tchihatcheff (P. de-Asie-Mineure. 2 vols. imp. Svo, with Atlas of 44 plates,

Homwopathy," delivered at the London Homeopathic Hospital. By s. large 4to, Sos.
Yeldham. Svo, sowed, od. T. Sanderson.

Valori (le Prince H. de) -Une Triple Alliance contre l'Angleterre, Lislamisme et Young-Daily Readings for a Year, on the Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus la Revolution. Svo, Is.

Jesus Christ. By the Rev. Peter Young, M.A. 2nd edit. revised, 2 vols. er. Varia-Morale, Politique, Literature. 12mo, Ss.
Sro, cloth, 218. Bell and Daldy.

Zimmermann (le Dr.) - Angine Couenncuse et le Croup. 8ro, 3s.


RECENT GERMAN BOOKS.* Andrade (M. A.)-Essai sur la Traitement des Fistules Vésico Genitales. 4to, rlates, 2s.

Abhandlungen der königl. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Aus dem

Jahre. 1850. 4to, 45s. Archiac (A.d") -- Historie des Progrès de la Géologie de 1834 à 1859. Vol. 8.

Agatz (G. J.) 8vo, 8s.

Atlas der chirurgischen Anatomie u. Operationslehre. $ve,

cloth, 478. Auburtin (le Dr.)-Recherches Cliniques sur le Rheumatisme Articulaire Aigu.

Alpenklänge. Dichterische Bilder aus den Alpen von einem bern. Geistlichen. Svo, 39. 60. Bassanville-Les Aventures d'une Epingle. Plates, 8vo, Gs.

Svo, 4s. ed. Basterot-De Québec à Lima. 12mo, 28.

Armand. Ralph Norwood. 5 vols. 8vo, 288. Bautain (l'Abbe)-La Chrétienne de nos Jours. 2nd part, Age mur. 12mo,

Braun (G.) Compendium der operativen Gynaekologie u. Geburtshilfe. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

78. Bécot (J.)-De l'Organisation de la Justice Repressive aux Principales Epoque Briefwechsel zwischen Leibniz u. Christian Wolf. Aus den Handschriften der Historiques. Svo, 5s.

königl. Bibliothek zu Hannover hrsg. v. C. I. Gerhard. 8vo, os. Berthellot (M.)-Chimie Organique Fondee sur la Synthese. 9 rols. 8vo, 209. Burdhart (F.) die Cultur der Renaissance in Italien. Ein Versuch. 8vo, Os. Bonneau (A.) Les Turcs et les Nationalités. Svo, Is.

Burgener (L.) Helvetia sacra oder Leben u. Wirken der heiligen, seligen u. from. Bougy (A. de) - Voyage dans la Suisse Française et le Chablais. 12mo, with men Personen d. Schweizervolkes. 9 vols. 8vo, 10s. kap, 8s.

Carion (F.) der lezte deutsche Kaiser u. seine Zeitgenossen. Historischer Roman Bourgeois (le Dr.)-Traite de la Pustule Maligne et de l'Adèm Malin. 8vo,

Vols. 1 and 2. Svo, 12s. 46. 60,

Christlieb (Th.) Leben u. Lehre des Johannes Scotus Erigena in ihrem Zusam. Boussingault- Agronomie, chimie Agricole, etc. Vol. I. 8vo, 5s.

menhange m. der vorhergehenden u. unter Angabe ihrer Beruhrungspuncte Brat (P.) - Principes d'Administration Communale. 2 vols. 12mo, 88.

m. der neueren Philosophie u. Theologie. 8vo, Ss. Bd. Buffon-Euvres, with Supplements of Lacépède, etc. Illustrated, 4 vols. 13mo, les. Chrysander (F.) G. F. Handel, Vol. 2. Svo, As. Duez (le Dr. A.)-Du Cancer et de sa Curabilite. Illustrated, 8vo, šs.

Dentwürdigkeiten einer deutschen Erzieherin in Belgien, England, Spanien, Capefigue-Agnes Sortel et la Chevalerie. 12mo, 8s. l.

Portugal, Polen u. Deutschland. Svo, 5s.6d. Capendu (E.)-Le Capitaine la Chesnaye. 5 vols. 12mo, 178. 01.

Emminghaus (C. B. A.) die schweizerische Volkswirthschaft. Vol. 1. Die LandCaros (A.) --Reconstruction du Théâtre de Moscou. In folio, plates, 509.

wirthschaft u. Industrie der Schweiz. Svo, 5s. Correspondance de Napolcon I., published by Order of Napoleon III, Vol V., 8vo, Esmarch (K.) Grundsätze des Pandekten-Rechtes zum akadem. Gebrauche.

Svo, 78. Cretineau (J.)-Simples Rerits do notre Temps. 8vo, Es.

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Fechner (G. Th.) uber die Seelenlehre. Ein Gang durch die sichtbare Welt, um die Demolombe (C.)- Traité des Successions. Vol. V. Svo, Ss.

unsichtbare zu finden. 8vo, 8s. Od. Documents et Pièces Authentiques laisses, par D. Manin. 2 vols. Svo, 12s. Feuchtersleben (E. v.) Zur Diatetik der Seele. 22nd edit. 16mo, cloth, gilt, 09. Drasch (le Dr. ) - Maladies du Foie et de la Rate. Svo, Is. Od.

Fitting (H. H.) ab. das Alter der Schriften römischer Juristen von Hadrian bis Dumas (4.) -Roi de Naples. 8vo, ls.

Alexander. 4to, 28. 04. Du Moncel-Etude des Lois des Courants Electriques au point du vue des Appli. Fortschritte (die) der Physik im Jahre, 1858. Dargestellt v. der Physikal. cations Electriques. 8vo, plates, 4s,

Gesellschaft zu Berlin. 14. Jahrg. Red. v.0. Hagen. Abth. 2. Svo, 75. Dupont (P.)-Sur Certains Bruits de Coalition. Svo, 18.

Foetterle's (F.) Geologischer Atlas d. Österreichischen Kaiserstaats. Part I. Enault (L.) -inde Pittoresque. Illustrated, imp. 8vo, 20s.

Folio, 14s. Fleuriot (31alle.) ---Marquise et Pêcheur. 12mo, 28.

Friedlieb (E.) die Rechtstheorie der Reallasten. 8vo, 5s.6d. Foe--Aventures de Robinson Crusoë. Ilustrated. Imp. Svo, 10s.

Geibel (E.) die Loreley. 8vo, bound, 58. Fond (Malle.)-L'Esclave Russe. 19mo, 28.

Georg, Systematische Grammatik der Französischen Sprache mit eingenochForthomme (C.) - Traité Elementaire de Physique Experimentale et Applique.

tenen Uebersezungsaufgaben u. Konversationsubgn. Zum Schul. u. Privatge. Vol. 2. Illustrated, 12mo, 5s.

brauch. 2nd edit. Svo, 5s. Forgues (E. D.) Revolte des Cipayes. 12mo, 8s. 64.

Goll (F.) Beiträge zur feineren Anatomie des menschlichen Rückenmarks. Frederic-Charles-L'Art de Combattree l'Arme Prancaise. 12mo, ls.

4to, Is. Gd. Galerie de Portraits (la) de Malle. de Montpensier. Svo, 78. 60.

Gumpach (J. v.) der Prophet Habakuk. Nach dem grundlich revidirten, zum Gourdon Dr.) -Traité de la Castration des Animaux Domestiques. Plates, 8vo, erstenmale in seiner ursprüngl. Verbindg. wiederhergestellten hebr. Text Gs. od.

auf's neue ubers., eingeleitet u. erklärt. Sro, 58. Od. Guerin (L.)-Marins Ilustres de la France. Illustrated, imp. 8vo, 10s.

Hagenbach (K. R.) Vorlesungen über die Kirchengesehichte des Mittelalters. Hanoteau-Essai de Grammaire de la Langae Tamachek. 8vo, plates, 129.

Die Christl. Kirche vom 7. bis zum 12. Jahrh. Svo, 5s. Bd. Hoffmann--Contes Fantastiques. Mitstrated, 8vo, 10s.

Hagenbach (K. R.)dia theologische Schule Basels u. ihre Lehrer v. der Stiftung Houel (E.)-Les Chevaux de pure Sang en Franoe et en Angleterre. lst Part. der Hochschule 1460 bis zu Dewette's Tod 1849. Ho, 2s.6d. 8vo, 5s.

Hammerstein (L. v.) Erzallungen u. Novellen. Vol. 2. 16mo, 4s. 64. Joanne- Les Bains d'Europe. 12mo, 108.

Hubener (E. A. L.) Pathologie u. Therapie der Scrophein. 8vo, Ss. Od. Jolly (J.)-Histoire des Mouvement Intellectuel au XVIe siècle, et Pendant la Hyrtl (J.) Kandbuch der praktischen Zergliederungskunst als Anleitg, zu den Première partie du XVIIe Siecle. 2 vols.8vo, 16s.

Sectionsubgn. u. zur Ausarbeitung anatom. Präparate. Sro, 143. Jourdier (A.) Excursion Agronomique. 8vo, Ss.

Jahrbuch deutscher Buhnenspiele. Hrsg. v.J. W. Gubiz. 1801. 12mo, 64. La Fontaixe-Fables. Illustrated. 8vo, 4s.

Jahresbericht ub. die Fortschritte der Chemie und verwandter Theile anderer La Gouraerie (J.)- Traité de Geométrie Descriptive. Ist Part. 4to, with Atlas Wissenschaften. Von H. Kopp u. H. Will. Fur 1859. 8vo, 16s. 60. of 32 plates, 10s.

Jolowicz (H.) Blúthenkranz morgenländischer Dichtung. 16mo, cloth, gilt, 78. Lambert-La Fée Sagesse. In 4to, illustrated, 0s.

Kortüm (F.) u. K. A. v. Reichlin-Meldegg, Geschichte Europa's im Lebergange La Varenne (C.)--La Revolution Sicilienne et l'Expedition de Garibaldi. 8vo,

vom Mittelalter zur Neuzeit. Vol. 1. 8vo, 08. 6d.

Kretschmer (A.) u. C. Rohrbach, die Trachten der Volker vom Bezinn der Lenormant (P.) - Persecution du Christianisme en 1860. 8vo, 88.

Geschichte bis zum 19. Jahrhundert. Parts 1 and 2, at 19.64. Imp. 4to. Lescure (De)-La Nouvelle Question d'Orient. 8vo, Is.

Kunst (Deutsche) in Bild u. Lied. Original-Beitrags deutscher Maleru. Dichter, Lévi-La Clex des grands Mysteres suivant, Henoch, Abraham, etc. 8vo, plates,

Hrsg v. T. Rohrbach. Jahrg. 1861. 4to, cloth, gilt, 20s. 128.

Lebert (II.) Klinik des acuten Gelenkrheumatismus, 8vo, 8%. Machelard (E.) - Dissertation sur l'Accroissement entre les Heritiers. Svo, 58. Lied u. Bild deutscher Dichter u. Kunstler. Lieder mit Holzsehnitten von Bur. Marcou (J.)--Lettres sur les roches du Jura, illustrated, 8vo, complete, 15s. ger, T. Jager, Merkel, Neureuther u. 4to, cloth, 85.

Labke (W.) Grundriss der Kunstgeschichte. Svo, cloth, 18s. 6d. • Supplied by Messrs. L. Hachette and Co., French Publishers and Importers of French Books, King William-street, Strand, London

• Supplied by Mr. D. Nutt, Foreigu Bookseller, 270, Strand, London.

Maly (J. K.) Flora von Deutschland. Nach der analyt. Methode bearb. 8vo. Os.

69, QUEEN STREET, Meissner (A.) Neuer Adel. Roman. 3 vols. 8vo, 103.

LONDON, 23rd August, 1800. Meissner (A.) die Sansara, Roman in 4 vols, 18s.

Messrs. R. WOTKERSPOON & Co. Merian (P.) die Mathematiker Bernoully. 4to, 23. Od.

46, Dunlop-street, Glasgow. Meyer-Ahrens (C.) die Heilquellen u. Kurorte der Schweiz. In histor. topograph,

DEAR SIRS, chemischer u. therapeutischer, Beziehg. geschildert. Vol. 2. 8vo. 98.

I have, as requ, ted, to-day visited the Royal

Laundry, with reference to the Advertisement of the Not. Mommsen (Th.) Geschichte d. römischen Manzwesens. Svo, 21%.

tingham firm, who state that their Starch has been used for Mundt (Th.) Niccolo Machiavelli u. das System der nodernen Politik. Srd edit.

many years in the Royal Laundry, and have been assured by Svo, 78.

Mr. Thompson, the Superintendent, that none but yourselves Neigebaur (J.D.F.) Geschichte der kaiserl, Leopoldino-Carolinischen deutschen

have any right to state that they supply Starch to her Ma. Akademie der Naturforscher während des ten Jahrhundertshres Beste

jesty's Laundry, as no other Starch is there used, nor has

been used for some years, but the Glenfield Patent Starch. hens. 4to, boards, 14s.

I have been further assured that your Starch continc.es Xoak (L.) Immanuel Kant's Auferstehung aus dem Grabe. Die Lehre des

to give complete satisfaction, and that though trial has been Alten vom Konigsberge. Svo, 5s.

made of samples of various Starches, none of these have been Otto (L.) Aus der alten Zeit. llistorische Erzahlungen. 2 vols. Svo, 5s.

found nearly equal in quality to the Glenfield. Plaff (F.) Grundriss der Mineralogie. 8vo, 4s. 64.

I am, Dear Sir,

Your obedient Servant,
Philippi (R. A.) Reise durch die Waste Atacama auf Befehl der Chilenischen
Kegierung im Soinmer 1853-1851 unternominen u. beschrieben. 4to, boards,

l'oggondorit (J. C.) biographisch-literarisches Handwörterbuch zur Geschichte

Now ready, postage free, der exacten Wissenschaften. Part 4. Svo, as. Od.

A REVISED LIST OF THE PRINCIPAL l'ola (6.) Griechische, Römische u. mittelalterliche Bau-Verzierungen. Heft. 1.

Inc.p. folio, 5s. l'olenz (G. v.) Geschichete des franzosischen Calvinismus bis zur National. versammlung im J. 1789. Vol. 3. Geschichte d. politischen franzos. Cal.

In Circulation at vinismus. Part 2. Svo, 10s. 6). Ranke (L.) Englische Geschichte vornehmlich im 16. u. 17. Jahrhundert. Bd. 2.

8vo, 138. Redwiz (D. v.) der Zunstmeister von Nurnberg. Schauspiel in 5 Acten. 18mo,

Also, a List of cloth, gilt, 5s. Roth (A.) Marokkanische Bilder. Nach der Malers Frz. Buchser Reiseskizzen SURPLUS COPIES OF RECENT WORKS ausgefuhrt. 8vo, 3s. 6.

Withdrawn from Circulation, Rutenberg (D. v.) Geschichte der Ostseeprovinzen Liv. Esth u. Kurland y, der

altesten Zeit bis zum Untergange ihrer Seibstandigkeit. Vol. 2. 10s. AND OFFERED AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES Hutenberg (A.) Novellen. 2 vols. 8vo, 5%. Schaefer (J. W.) Literaturbilder. Oarstellungen deutscher Eiteratur aus den

Werken der vorzuglichsten Literarhistoriker. 2 yols. 8vo, Is.
Seitz (E.) die Ascultation u. Percussion der Respirationsorgane. Nebst e.
theoretisch. physicalischen Einleitung v. F. Zamminer. 8vo, 5s.

CHARLES EDWARD MUDIE, New Oxford-street, London ; Cross-strect, Sivers (J. v.) Cuba, die Perle der Antillen. Keisedenkwurdigkeiten u. For.

Manchester; and New-street, Birmingham. sehungen. Svo, 7.




nebst Betrachtgn. uber die Entstehung von Mineralien u. Gebirgsarten.

8vo. Os. 6d. Spruner (C. v.) historische Karte v. Europa, West-Asien u. Nord-Afrika. 15

sheets Chromolith. Fol. in case, 12s. Stulpnagel (F. v.) Wandkarte v. Europa zur Uebersicht der staatlichen Verhalt

nisse. 2nd edit. 9 sheets, Lith. und color. Fol. mounted in case, ss. d.

post for

F. in Embroideries every description, 44, Great St. Andrew-street, Broad-street, Bloomsbury. А Descriptive Price List post free to any address. A Handsome Traced Collar seni with the list for Three Stainps. The Trade supplied.


Taschenbuch (historisches) Hrsg. von F. v. Kaumer. s. Folge

. Jalarsang I. 8vo. BRITISH SHELLS: -- Marzec Reimo Nriced :

A :


Temme (F.T. H.) Adel. Roman in 3 Abthlgn. 2 vols. 8vo, 78.

supplies single Specimens or named Collections. Catalogue sent

for 4d. Volks-kalender fur 1961. Hrsg. v. K. Steffens. 8vo, Is. Od.

FOREIGN SHELLS.- A large Stock received direct from Foreign CorreWagner (11.) malerische Botanik. Schilderungen aus dem Leben der Gewachse. spondents.

Populare Vorleegn. úber physiologische. u. angewandte Pflanzenkunde. FOSSILS.-An extensive Stock, from every Formation.-Geological Collections Vol. 1. Svo, 86. 60.

at prices ranging from 12 to 130. Wartenburg (A.) neue Propheten. Roman. 2 vols. Svo, 08.

Catalogue of British Shells, New Edition, 8vo. Is. Labels for ditto, etc.

See Printed List sent with above. Wohlfarth, der Student v. Oxford. Padagogischer Roman, als Rathgeber sowohl

f. gebildete Eltern, wie auch als Fúhrer f. Júuglinge beim Eintritte in die Welt. 2 vols. Svo, 8s.

JESTY'S CIVIL SERVICE: containing, in full, the Examination Papers

for every Department, used since the appointment of the Commissioners; full RECENT AMERICAN BOOKS..

details of the Limits of Age and Qualitication of Candidates; Hints to Candi

dates for every Office; and copious Tables of the Emoluments and SuperannuaBaird (Spencer F.)-The Birds of North America. With an Atlas of 100 tion Allowances of erery Civil Service in Great Britain, Ireland, India, and the coloured Plates. (Philadelphia, 1960.) 410, pp. 1,005, £6 6s.

Colonies. By a CERTIFICATED CANDIDATE, an Oficer in her Majesty's Civil Bincroft (Hon. G. B.) - History of the United States from the Discorcry of Service, Crown 8vo, cloth, 38. fd. the American Continent. (Boston, 1860.) Vol. VIII. 8vo, pp. 475, 11s.

This is the most complete and anthentic book of the kind ever issued. Ichford (G. S., M.D.) - Clinical Lectures on the Diseases of Women and

London: JAMES BLACKWOOD, 4, Lovell's-court, Paternoster row. Children. Oth edit. Revised and Enlarged. (New York, 1860.) Svo, pp. 603, 21s.

Beware of Spurious and Dangerous Compounds sold in Imitation of Deat Club (The); or, the Bunkers of Reppleton. A Tale for Boys, By Oliver

Oplie. (Boston.) Fcp. Svo, pp. 282, 48. 60.
Coverley Family (The); or, lrs. Linden's Teachings. (New York, 1800.) 12mo,

Certain dishonest and unprincipled Chemists piratically apply this name to PP. 251, 4s. ed.

worthless compounds-a naine invented and applied by Dr. J. C. BROWNE, Holland (J. G.) --Miss Gilbert's Career. An American Story. (New York, M.R.C.S. (Ex-Army Medical Stall), to his great discovery, which is so extra186).) Cr. Svo, pp. 470, 7*. 6d.

ordinarily curative in Cox SUMPTION, Coughs, AsmamA, CROUP, BRONCHITIS, Mitcalf (James W.)-Spiritual Progress; or, Instructions in the Divine Life or NEURALGIA, HEADACHES, HYSTERIA, Diakruga, and DITURRIA. T) Fami the Soul. (New York, 1800.) Fcp. Svo, pp. 318, 58.

lies, Invalids, and Travellers, it is indispensable, and medical authority pro.

nounces it invaluable. Bloone (J. V., D.D.)-The Last Days of Jerus; or, the Appearance of our Lord As a proof of its efficacy, a few extracts from numerous testimonials bs

during the Porty Days between the Resurrection and Ascension. (Phila- physicians and surgeons are given :delphia, 1960.) 12mo, pp. 300, cloth, 18. 6d.

From W. VERALIUS PETTIGREW, M.D., Hon. F.R.C.S., England, formerly Olshausen (Dr. H.) - Biblical Commentary on the New Testament. Translated

lecturer upon Anatomy and Physiology at St. George's School of Medicine :from the German by Dr. E. Kendrick. (New York, 1861.) 6 vols. Svo, €1.

"I have no hesitation in stating, after a fair trial of Chlorodyne, that I have Palfrey (John G.)-llistory of New Englaad. Vol. II, (New York 1800.) 8vo,

never met with any medicine so efficacious as an anti-spasmodic and sedative.

I have used it in Consumption, Asthma, Diarrhea, and other diseases, and am Pp. 010, 11s.

most perfectly satisfied with the results." Palmer (J. W.)-Folk Songs. With 60 original Illustrations, fac-similes of the

From Dr. MMILLMAN, of New Galloway, Scotland:-"I consider it the most original autograph Ms., etc. (New York, 1961.) Royal 8vo, PP. 466, morocco

valuable medicine known." extra, £? 10s.

Chlorodyne in twenty-drop doses with marvellous good success in allaying

4. B. HATWARD, E39, Surgeon, Stow-on-ye-Wold:-"I am now giving the Tafel (Dr. L. and Prof. R.L.)-Latin Pronunciation and the Latin Alphabet. inveterate sickness in advanced pregnancy: (New York, 180).) 1210), pp. 172, 3s. Bl.

Dr. M'GRIGOR CROFT, late Army Stait, says : -"It is a most invaluable Wakeley (Rev. J. R.)-The Heroes of Methodism; containing Sketches of medicine.” Eminent Methodist Ministers, and Characteristic Anecdotes of their Per

Dr. GipBox, Army Medical Stafi, Calcutta :-“Two doses completely cured me sonal History. (New York, 1860.) Cr. sro, cloth, pp. 470, 78. 6d.

of Diarrhoea."

From C. V. Ripout, Esq., Surgeon, Egham :-"As an astringent in severe

Diarrhoea, and an anti-spasmodic in Colië with Cramps in the Abdomen, the ESSAYS

relief is instantaneous. As a sedative in Neuralgia and Tic Douloureux its effects on the CONDITION, the were very remarkable. In Uterine Affections I have found it extremely valu. RIGHTS, and the DUTIES of the WORKING CLASSES.

able; and I could, if necessary, add many more striking instances of the The Directors of the NATIONAL NEWSPAPER LEAGUE COMPANY powerful influence Chlorodyne exerts in controlling disease. (Limited) offer SIX PRIZES of FIVE GUINEAS a PIECE for the best Sold only in bottles, at 2. Od. and 4s. 60., by the Sole Agent and Manufacturer, ESSAYS on the following subjects, to be competed for by working men:-- J. T. Davenport, 33, Great Russell-strect, Bloomsbury-square, London: or sent, 1. Trades' Unions.

carriage free on receipt of stampe or Post office Order, and with Professional 2. Strikes,

Testimonials enclosed. None Genuine without the words “Dr. J. Collis Brukne's 3. Co-operative Societies.

Chiorodyne" engraved on the Government stamp. 4. The Moral and l'hysical Effects in a Workian's Family of a Weekly Day

of Rest.
3. The lloksehold Economy of the Workman.

6. How to Educate a Workman's Daughter.
For particnlars, see DIAL (Weekly), published by William Freeman, 102,
Flect-street, London.

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Now ready, fcp. 8vo, with Four Illustrations by E.M. Wimperias and J. Jackson,

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a Tale of the Reign of Terror in France, Adapted from the French of M. J. PORCHAT, Author of Three Months under the Snorr and Charles Roussel. By the Rev. T. TUNSTALL HATERZIELD, B.D., Rector of Goddington, Oxon.

“This is one of the books we like to recommend."--Church of England Magazine,

Now ready, fcp. 8vo, cloth, price 2s. 60.

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THE MARSDENS;5.07, Struggles in Life. By G. E. AGNES LOWTHER; or, Life's. Struggle and Victory.

. "Another good story."-Critic.

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. "It is really well written, and contains sound religious principles." — Atheneum. Super-royal 32mo, bound handsomely in cloth gilt, gilt edges, price 1s. 6d.

By the Rev.

SKETCHES of the whoRUN FLA PE Sem, els G. E. Sargent, WATCHWORDS for CHRISTIANS.

. or, the HEROINE

Esq., Author of The Marsdensetc.

Fep. Svo, cloth, price 2s. 60.

Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 3s. Oul.

, D.D.

London: HENRY JAMES TRESIDDER, 17, Ave Maria-lane. Edinburgh: ANDREW ELLIOTT. Dublin: W. ROBERTSON.




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Will be ready on the 1st of December, cr. 8vo, ornamental cover, richly gilt The widest possible circulation is given at this Library to every Recent

front and back, price 10s. 60. Work of acknowledged merit or general interest in History, Biography, Reli. STRANGE SURPRISING ADVENTURES of the gion, Philosophy, Travel, and the higher classes of Fiction.

VENERABLE GOROO SIMPLE, and his FIVE. DISCIPLES, NOODLEThe present rate of increase exceeds ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY DOODLE-WISEACRE-ZANY-and FOOZLE. Adorned with fifty Illustra. THOUSAND VOLUMES per Annum.

tions, drawn on Wood, by Alfred Crowquill. A Companion Volume to bun

chausen and Owlglass, based upon the famous Tamal Tale of the Gooroo Para. Single Subscription, ONE GUINEA per Annum, martan, and exhibiting, in the form of a skilfully-constructed consecutive

Narrative, some of the finest specimens of English wit and humour.
Commencing at any date.

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Author), of the BIGLOW PAPER8. By Jane Russalu Lowell. Author's Prospectuses may be obtained on application.

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REYNARD the FOX; after the German Version of Governesses, and Infant Teachers; containing an Exposition of Froebel's Gothe. By Thomas J. AnnOIP, Esq. With Seventy Illustrations, after the System of Infant Training; and a great variety of Instructive and Amusing Celebrated Designs by Wilhelm von Kaulbach. Games, and Industrial and Gymnastic Exercises ; also numerous Songs, set to Music, and arranged to Gymnastio Exercises. By Jox. and BERTHA RONGE.

Crown 8vo, ornamental cover, richly gilt front and back, 78.00. Second Edition, crown 4to, with Three Lithographic Plates, several Hundred THE TRAVELS and SURPRISING ADVENTURES Ilustrative Diograms, Specimens of Plaiting and Cutting Paper, etc. 75. 60. of BARON MUNCHAUSEN. With Thirty Original Illustrations (Ten full.page cloth.

Coloured Plates and Twenty Woodcuts) by Allred Crowquill.


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Method of telling about the Geography of the Bible, and Ancient Countries.

neatly hall-bound morocco, gilt top, uncut, Roxburgh style, New Edition, lano, square, with numerous Engravings on Wood, 28. od. cloth



on the Principles and Practice of the Moral Virtues and Duties, and their and a Critical and Bibliographical Appendix, by KENNETH R. H. MACKENZIE, connexion with Practical Religion. In two Parts, the first ad: pied more F.S.A. With Six coloured full page Illustrations, and Twenty-six Woodcuts, especially for the Youth of the Industrial Classes. By'a CHRISTIAN MINISTER. from Original Designs by Alfred Crowquill. Second Edition fcp. Sro, 1s. cloth

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One to Seven Years. By SAMUEL WILDEKSPLX, Eighth Edition, carefully
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(Always on Sale at the REGISTER Office.)
Price 1s, each, post free,

In Shilling Packets of 13; or,

13 assorted in a Tinted Enamel Enrelope, One Shilling. and Answer.--GOLD from SCRIPTURE MINES.-N0.1. The Pentateuch. No. n. The Historical Books.

THE SUNDAY MORNING'S DREAM, Twentieth Thousand, New Edition, royal 32mo, sewed, 81.; cloth, 13.


Or, "Does you lore God?"
Friend. Designed as a guide to fireside and social conversation on that
Sacred Volume, emphatically styled Tax Book.

ANGEL LILLY; The Sunday School Teacher will find in the solution of these questions as

Or, "Do you lore Jesus?" profitable an exercise for the understanding and heart as any in which he can engage." - Sunday School Magazine,

THE SHADOW OF THE YEW; * We believe parents and teachers will join with us in thanking the pious author for her labour of love."--Mother's Magazine,

Or, Unconscious Influence, To Teachers.-The above work is now published in two parts, and will be found

HAVE YOU A BIBLE? very suitable for a class book. The Steps, Threepence; and the friend is a key, LITTLE CARES, AND WHAT WILL YOU DO at Sixpence. London: WARD and CO, 97, Paternoster-row.



Or, A Rebuke to Self-Edcem.


Neatly bound, 1 vol. 12mo,

Or, "Going to sing in Heaven."
Notes Grammatical and Explanatory, and a short Biographical Notice of

THE TWO STRONG MEN; the Author, by AUGUSTUS JEssor, M.A., Head Master of King Edward VI.

Waking Dream. School, Norwich. “The editor has performed his task well, both his biography and notes being

THE VOICES OF THE EARTH. excellent."-dlheneum.

THE CHURCH CLOCK'S MESSAGE TO THOSE This day is published, demy 8vo (490 pages), cloth, price 0s. Cd.

AROUND IT. 450 Select Pieces by the most celebrated Authors, from the Classical

"HAPPY, HAPPY HEAVEN." Period to the Present Day; with Explanatory Notes, and preceded by a short

IS IT TRUE? History of German Poetry; forming a Library of the Modern Poets of Ger. many, and especially adapted for the Use of schools, for Sell Instruction, and for Private Reading. By CHARLES GAAESXR, Master of the Royal Prussian L'pwards of EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND of these interesting little Gymnasium, Marienwerder,

works have been circulated. London: D. NUTT, 270, Strand.

London: HAMILTON, ADAMS, and co.


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