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LONDOX, 23rd August, 1800.
Messrs, R. WOTHERSPOON & Co.

46, Dunlop-street, Glasgow.

I have, as requested, to-day visited the Royal
Laundry, with reference to the advertisement of the Not-

tingham firm, who state that their Starch has been used for
many years in the Royal Laundry, and have been assured by

Mr. Thompson, the Superintendent, that none bui yourselves
have any right to state that they supply Stareh to her Ma-

jesty's Laundry, as no other Starch is there used, nor has
been used for some years, but the Glenfield Patent Starch.

use, has saved many a life: and yet we think the idea might be improved I have been further assured that your Starch continues

upon, and reduced to a more simple form. Take some good compound, such to give complete satisfaction, and that though trial has been

as COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, and we find that the desired end may be made of samples of various Starches, none oi these have been

obtained without scales and weights or little mysterious compartments, and found nearly equal in quality to the Glenfield.

enchanted bottles with crystal stoppers. Others might be need, but Cockle's I am, Dear Sirs,

Pills as tested by many thousands of persons, and found to answer their pur. Your obedient Servant,

pose so well, may be set down as the best.- Obserter. WM. BLACK.

Beware of Spurious and Dangerous Compounds sold in Imitation of

DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE. "A very useful series of Educational Works, of which Dr. Cornwell is Certain dishonest and unprincipled Chemists piratically apply this name to author or editor. It (the Geography for Beginners) is an admirable intro

worthless compounds--- name invented and applied by Dr. J. C. BROWNE, duction. There is vast difficulty in writing a good elementary book, and Dr.

M.R.C.S. (Ex-Army Medical Staff), to his great discovery, which is so extra. Cornwell has shown himself possessed of that rare combination of faculties ordinarily curative in CoxsumptiON, COUGuls, Astuma, Croup, BRONCHITIS, which is reqnired for the task."--John Bull,


lies, Invalids, and Travellers, it is indispensable, and medical authority proGEOGRAPHY for BEGINNERS. 6th Edition, ls. nounces it invaluable.

A SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY, 29th Edition, 3s. 6d. ; with As a proof of its efficacy, a few extracts from numerous testimonials bs Maps, 5s.6d.

physicians and surgeons are given:

From W. VESALIUS PETTIGBEW, M.D., Hon. F.R.C.S., England, formerly A SCHOOL ATLAS, 2s. 63. plain; 43. coloured. Lecturer upon Anatomy and Physiology at St. George's School of Medicine:ALLEN and CORNWELL'S GRAMMAR, 30th Edition, I have no hesitation in stating, after a fir trial of Chlorodyne, that I have

as -and 25. red; Is. Qd. cloth.

I have used it in Consumption, Asthma, Diarrhea, and other diseases, and am GRAMMAR for BEGINNERS, 36th Edition, 1s. cloth; most perfectly satisfied with the result." 9d. sewed.

From Dr. M'MILLMAN, of New Galloway, Scotland:-"I consider it the most THE YOUNG COMPOSER, 23rd Edition, Is. 60.

valuable medicine known."

G. B. HAYWARD, Esq., Surgeon, Stow-on-ye-Wola :-"I am now giving the SELECT ENGLISH POETRY, 11th Edition, 4s. Chlorodyne in twenty-drop doces with marvellous good success in allaying THE SCIENCE of ARITHMETIC, 6th Edition, 45. 60. inveterate sickness in advanced pregnaney."

Dr. MGRIGOR CBOrt, late Army Staff, says:-“It is a most invaluable ARITHMETIC for BEGINNERS, 4th Edition, ls. 6d. medicine." London : SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, and co.; HAMILTON, ADAMS, Dr. GIBBON, Army Medical Staff, Oaloutta :-"Two doses completely cured me and co. Edinburgh: OLIVER and BOYD.

of Diarrhwa."

From C. V. RIPOUT, Esq., Surgeon, Egham :-"As an astringent in severe W. C. BENNETT'S NEW VOLUME.

Diarrhea, and an anti-spasmodic in Colic with Cramps in the abdomen, the

reliefis instantaneous. Aya sedative in Neuralgia and Tic Douloureux its effects THE WORN WEDDING RING, and other were very remarkable. In Uterine Aflections I have found it extremely valu.

able: and I could, if necessary, add many more striking instances of the

powerful influence Chlorodyne exerts in controlling disease. BABY MAY, and other POEMS on INFANTS. Third Thousand. ls.

Sold only in bottles, at 2s. Od. and 48.6d., by the Sole Agent and Manufacturer, QUEEN ELEANOR'S VENGEANCE, and other POEMS. 3s. 6a.

J. T. Davenport, 83, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury-square, London: or sent, SONGS BY A SONG WRITER. Ss. 6d.

carriage free on receipt of stamps or Post-office Order, and with Professional

Testimonials enclosed. None Genuine without the words “Dr.J. Collis Browne's London: CHAPMAN and HALL, 193, Piccadilly.

Chlorodyne" engraved on the Government stamp.


Β Ε Ν Ν Ε Τ Τ,

65 & 64, CHEAPSIDE,




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Gs. Ga. Gs.

Horizontal Construction, sound and serviceable
Horizontal Construction, enamel dial, 4 holes jewelled 10

Superior Lever (Geneva) 10 jewels Ditto, gold dial and strong case

12 10

Bennett's London-Inade Levers ...
Bennett's superior London-made patent Lever-jewelled ... 17 14




Ga. Gs.

B с

Horizontal Construction, neat and flat, beautifully en-
Gs. Gs. Gs.
graved cases

5 Horizontal Construction, gold dial

6 Superior Geneva Lever

6 Patent Lever (Geneva)

12 10 8

Elegant Silver Digi, ime fid. axtra. Ditto (English), highly finished 16 14 12 Small London-made, Levers

7 0

5 The performance of every Watch is Guaranteed; all are carefully Examined anıt Timed for use; and overy Watch is adjusted and cleaned at the end of the first year without charge, if it have not been broken, and has never been in another watchmaker's hands.

Every description of Hall, Shop, and Railway station Dials and Clocks - now first manufactured by Steam Machinery-on very advantageons terms be special contract, in any quantities, or the best materials and

workmanship. Sizes and prices immediately forwarded on application.




Post-office Orders payable to

[blocks in formation]



By JOHN HOLLINGSHEAD, Author of Under Bow Bells, Odd Journeys, etc. CONTENTS:-ECCENTRIC WAY8-A Gipsy kng-A Relic of the Middling Ages-Three Masters - A Fearfully Practical Man-A Starling Confession-An Adertising Medium. COMMON WAYS-Street Memories Umbrellas--Petishes at Home--Really Dangerous Clase s-Black, White, and Whitey Brown-Men in Masks-Carriages-The Leviathan Cheese-My Name-Too Late. MUSCULAR WAYS-The Great Pugilistic Revival - The Pugilistic Drama-A Muscular Tutor. CROOKED WAYS-Convict Capitalists-Very Singular Things in the City-The British Merchant in Trouble-Inexhaustible Hats--Pianoforte LessonsA Literary Adviser-A Counterfeit Presentment-Our Mr. Dove.

Will be published on Thursday, March 21st, price 5s.


By W. MOY THOMAS, Author of When the Snow Falls, etc. CONTENTS :-The Wandering Mason-The Golden Ram-Milton's Golden Lane-Our New Year's Eve A Night of Tortures-Going Hopping-Twelve Miles from the Royal Exchange-The Portrait of a Sps--Loitering by the Way—The Abbot's Garden-The Elixir of Life--An Englishman's Castle-Edgar Allen Poe.


will be published on Monday, March 25th, price 58.

By J. HAIN FRISWELL, Author of Out and About, etc.
CONTEXTS :-Uses of Fame-Great Thinkers-Heroes--Rulers of Mankind-Leaders of Men-Yotaries of Science-Ploughers of the Deep-Pioneers of
Science-Great Workers-Lovers of Nature-Searchers of the Skies--Watchers on the Shore-Patriots--Benefactors of their kind-Art and its Votaries.

GROOMBRIDGE and SONS, 5, Paternoster-row.


PARTS I., II., III., IV., each containing



Brother to the Inventor. SONGS, harmonized for four voices. Composed for Schools, hy T. MORBY,

Privately, or through the Post

£1 1 0 Teacher of Music at the Training College of the British and Foreign School

In Class

0 7 6 Society. "It is a good idea to employ new tunes for teaching expression, if these tunes

London: FRED. PITMAN, 20, Paternoster row, E.C. are good ones, such as Mr. Murby's."-Pupil Teacher.

Price, to elementary schools, 3d. each part; 2s. 6d. per dozen The whole bound in cloth, Is. 6d.

Fifth Edition, s. 6d., with Notes and Comments,
London: GROOMBRIDGE and SONS, Paternoster-row.

TEACHER: a Guide to a Pructical acquaintance with the Art of Short.

London: Crockford. Or may be had at Mr. Barber's office, Abchurch Chambers, hand. ed., by post, 7d. The Lessons of Students are corrected gratuitously Abchurch.yard, Cannon-street, City. through the post, by the members of the Phonetio Society,

"A calm and able review of the whole case."-Atheneum. London: FRED. PITMAN, 20, Paternoster-row, E.C.

"More interesting than any novel."-Weekly Dispatch.


Campbell's One Hundred Voices from Nature, 16mo, 4s. Ed. cloth. (Any book in the following list will be obtained to order by the publisher of Campbell's Conquest of England, fep. 8vo, 8s. 6d. cloth.

Campbell's Dangers and Safeguards of Modern Theology, 8vo, Os. the REGISTER within two daye.]

Carlyle (Rev. Dr. A.), Autobiography of, 3rd edit. Svo, 14s. cloth. Admiralty Administration, its Faults and Defaults, 2nd edit. 5s.cloth.

Carr's Paul Gerhardt, new edit. fcp. Svo, 2s. cloth. Aimard's The Trail Hunter, fcp. 8vo, 2s. boards.

Carr's Pastor and Prince, new edit. fep. 8vo, 28. cloth. Alderson's Orthographical Exercises, revised by Smith, new edit. Is.

Cassell's Popular Natural History, Vol. 2, royal 8vo, 8s. Od. cloth. Amber Witch, The, fcp. 8vo, 13. boards.

Catechism of Latin Grammar, fep. 8vo, 1s. cloth. "An M.P. in Search of a Creed," cr. 8vo, 108. Bd. cloth.

Cazenove on Certain Characteristics of Holy Seripture, 8vo, Is. 6d. Anderson's Bible Incidents, and their Lessons, fep. 8vo, 2s. Od. cloth.

Chamberlain's The Christian Verity Stated, cr. Svo, 3s. 6d. cloth. Annette; or, Ears to Hear, fop. Svo, 23. cloth,

Characteristics of Old Church Architecture in Scotland, 4to, 255. Apel's German Grammar, Key to Exercises, fep. 8vo, 4s. cloth.

Charlesworth's Light of Life, new edit. fep. Svo, 2s, 6d. cloth. Approximations to Truth, cr. 8vo, 5s. cloth.

Cheltenham Guide, New, fep. Svo, 28.0d. cloth. Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, new edit. fop. Svo, es, eloth.

Circle of the Sciences, new edit. Vol. 9, cr. 8vo, 5s. cloth. Austin's Province of Jurisprudence Determined, 2nd edit. 155. cloth.

Circle of Christian Doctrine: a Handbook of Faith, fep. 8vo. 4s. 6d. Barbauld's Lessons for Children, new edit. 18mo, 2s. cloth.

Clark's Four Advent Sermons, fep. 8vo, 16. 61. cloth. Barnes's Notes on Isaiah, edited by Cobbin, new edit. 2 vols. 78. cloth.

Clark's Outlines of Theology, Vol.3, 8vo, 10s. cloth. Barner's Notes on Job, edited by Henderson, new edit. 2 vols. 68. cloth.

Clay's Doctrine, Parable, and Prophecy, Discourses, post Svo, 5s. cloth. Bayly's Ragged Homes and How to Mend Them, cheap edit. Is. 6d.

Clayton's, Tales and Recollections of the Southern Coast, 1 Ber. 7s.6d. Beason's Redemption: a Course of Sermons, fep. 8vo, as. 6. cloth.

Clever Boys of our Time, 3rd edit. fcp. 8vo, 5s. cloth. Berkeley's English Sportsman in the Western Prairies, 80s. cloth.

Close's Eighty Sketches of Sermons, square'8yo, 58. 64. eloth. Bidlake's Exercises in Orthography and Derivation, 18mo, Is. 6d.

Collins's The Dead Secret, new edit. or. 8vo, 5s. cloth.
Blagden's Agnes Tremorte, 3 volg. er. Svo, 21s. cloth.

Companion to the Writing.Desk, 32mo, Is. cloth.
Bohn's English Gentleman's Library, Walpole's Correspondence, Vol. 2, 9s. Cornwell's Map.Book for Beginners, 4to, plain, Is. 6d.; col. 28. 6.
Bohn's Scientific Library, Ure's Cotton Manufactures, Vol. 1, 55. cloth.

Coutie's Annals of Eminent Living Men, fop. 8vo, 2s.6d. cloth.
Bolus's New System of Tubular Geography, Part 3, Asia, 19. 6d. cloth.

Cowan's Thoughts on Satanic Influence, and edit. fop. 8vo, 2s.6d. Braddon's The Trail of the Serpent, fcp. 8vo, 2s, boards.

Cresy's Encyclopædia of Civil Engineering, new impression, 429. Bridges's The Christian Ministry, oth edit. Svo, 10s. 64. eloth.

Crockford's Scholastic Directory for 1861, royal 8vo, 75.01. cloth. Brock’s The Rectory and the Manor, new edit. fcp. 8vo, 5s. cloth.

Curling's Man as he Is, and Woman as she Should Be, 8s. 64. cloth. Brock's Daily Readings for Passion-Tide, fep. 8vo, 43. cloth.

Dampier on the Occasional Services of the Church, cT. Sro, 56. cloth. Brougham's History of England and France, new edit. 8vo, 108.6d.

Davies's Glimpses of our Heavenly Home, 3rd edit, fcp. 840, 3*. Od. Brougham's The British Constitution, new edit. fep. Svo,5s. cloth.

Davison's Gold Deposits in Australia, 2nd edit. 8vo, 14s. cloth. Brown (Rev. J., D.D.) Supplement, Chapter to Life of, by Brown, 2s.

Denizen's Church-Rate a National Trust, Svo, 10s. Ed. cloth. Brown's My Share of the World; an Autobiography, 3 vols. 31s. 6d.

Dewar's Evidences of Divine Revelation, 2nd edit. cr. 8vo, 5x, cloth. Brown's Restoration of the Jews, fep. Svo, 5s, cloth.

Dibdin's Sea-Songs, with Music and P. F. Accompaniment, 5s. cloth. Brown's Horæ Subsecivæ, 2nd series, cr. 8vo, os. cloth.

Dickens's Works, Library Edition, illustrated, Pickwick Papers, Vol. 2, 78.08. Budgett, the Successful Merchant, Life of, by Arthur, 24th edit. 25. od.

Dicey's Rome in 1800, cr. Svo, Os. 6d. cloth. Burrows's Pass and Class, 2nd edit. fep. 8vo, 5s.cloth.

Dick's Celestial Scenery, new edit. cr. Svo, 5s. 6d. cloth. Bushnell's The Character of Jesus, 21mo, 1s. cloth.

Dick's The Sidereal Heavens, new edit. cr. Sro, 5s.6d. cloth. Bushnell's Christian Nurture, fep. 8vo, Is. Od. cloth.

Dickie's Botanist's Guide Aberdeen, Banff, etc., fop. Svo, 6s. cloth. Business Life, and edit. fep. 8vo, 2s.6d. cloth.

Dodd's Fifty Years' Struggle o: Scottish Covenanters, 3rd edit. 58. cloth. Buttman's Lexilogus, 5th edit. 8vo, 12s. cloth.

Doran's Memoir of Queen Adelaide, 4to, cr. 8vo, 2s. Od. cloth. Caballero's The Castle and the Cottage, 2 vols, cr. Svo, 213. cloth.

Doran's Queens of England of the House of Hanover, 3rd edit. 2 vols, 128. Caillault's Treatise on Diseases of the Skin, cr. Sro, Se, Bd. cloth.

Dougall's Scottish Field Sports, fep. 8vo, Ss. 6d. cloth. Calder's Civil and Traditionn! History of Caithness, post $70, 53. cloth.

Drayson's Practical Military Surveying and Sketching, 4s.od. eloth. Campbell's Louisa's Metrical French Grammar, cr. Svo, 29. 6d. cloth.

Drummond's Homeopathy amongst the Allopaths, 12mo, ls. sewed.

Eadie's Commentary on Paul to the Ephesians, 2nd edit. 149. cloth. Eadie's Biblical Cyclopædia, Sth edit, cr. 8vo, 75. 6d. cloth. Edmonstone's Short Readings on the Collects, fep. 8vo, 6s. cloth. Edwards's Eton Latin Grammar, Soth edit. 12mo, 2s. Bd. cloth. Edwards's The Russians at Home, cr. Svo, 10s. Od. cloth. Elegant Arts for Ladies, new edit. cr. Svo, 88.6d. cloth gilt. Ellacombe's Practical Remarks on Belfries, etc., 2nd edit. 8vo, 53. Evans's The Blood of the Aristocracy, its origin, fep. 8vo, 2s.6d. Ferguson's Consecrated Heights, 2nd edit. cr. 8vo, 6s. 6d. cloth. Filippo Malincontri: an Autobiography, edited by Volpe, 2 vols. 183 Ford's Twelve Sermons preached at Heavitree, 2nd edit. Ss. cloth. Forester's Rambles in Corsica and Sardinia, 2nd edit. 18s. cloth. Forster's Commercial Code of Signals, edited by Larkins, 3rd edit. 78 Foster's History of England for Schools and Families, 6s. cloth. Fragments in Verse, by R. H., fcp. 8vo, 3s. Bd. cloth. French Treaty and Tariff of 1860, edited by Lack, cr. 8vo, 5s. cloth. Free Church of Scotland: The Cardross Case, 8vo, 1s. sewed. Galloway's Manual of Qualitative Analysis, 3rd edit, post Svo, 5s. Gatty's Aunt Judy's Tales, 3rd edit. fep. 8vo, 3s. 64. cloth. Gatty's Proverbs Illustrated, 3rd edit. 32mo, 2s. cl. General Introduction to the Apostolic Epistles, 2nd edit. Ss. 61. Giraldi Cambrensis Opera, edited by Brewer, Vol. 1, royal 8vo, 8s. Od Graham's Merchant's Counting House Companion, royal, 8vo, 25s. Grandineau, Conversations Familières, 13th edit. by Thibaudin, Ss. Gray's Country Attorney's Practice, 8th edit, by Paterson, 178. cloth. Gretton's Vicissitudes of Italy, 3rd edit. fep. Svo, 2s. bds. Gryll Grange, by the Author of Headlong Hall, cr. Svo, 78. Bd. cloth. Guy's New Arithmetical Plan, 12th edit. royal 18mo, 1s. cloth. Guy's Principles of Forsenic Medicine, 2nd edit. fcp. 8vo, 10s. Bd. cloth. Habersak's Conversational Hindustani Phrases, 32mo, 2s. Bd. cloth. Haines's Manual of Monumental Brasses, 2 vols. Svo, 21s. cloth. Handbook of Letter Writing, fep. 8vo, lg. cloth. Handbook for Travellers in Central Italy, 5th edit. cr. Svo, 10s. Harris's Questions on History, 18mo, 1s. sewed. Kardwicke's Shilling Peerage for 1881, compiled by Walford, 18. Hardwicke's Shilling Baronetage for 1881, by Walford, ls. cloth. Hardwicke's Shilling Knightage for 1881, by Walford, 89mo, 1s. Hardwicke's Shilling House of Commons, 1881, 32mo, Is. cloth. Haycock's Gentleman's Stable Manual, 3rd edit. cr. Svo, 109. 6d. Head of the Family, by the Author of John Halifax, 6th edit. 5s. boards. Heaton's Threshold of Chemistry, post Svo, 4s. cloth. Heaven our Home, 2nd edit. 12mo, Ss. ed. cloth. Heimann's Fifty Lessons on the German Language, 3rd edit. 53. 60. Heurtley's Two Sermons preached at Oxford, 8vo, 28. sewed. Hillyard's Recollections of a Physician, fcp. 8vo, os. boards. Hints on Houses and House Furnishing, 18mo, 18. Od. cloth. Hogg's The Microscope, its History, Construction, etc. 5th edit. Os. Hollingshead's Ways of Life, post 8vo, 58. cloth. Holme's Hymns and Sacred Poetry, 32mo, 1s. cloth. Holme's Elsie Venner, fep. Svo, 2s. boards. Holmes's Elsie Venner; a Romance of Destiny, fcp. 8vo, Os. cloth. Household Proverbs; or, Tracts for the People, fep. 8vo, Is. Od. cloth. How to be a Rifleman-Moveable, royal 8vo, 2s. boards. Hupton's Anatomy of the External Form of the Horse, 318.0d. Hursthouse's New Zealand, the “ Britain of the South," 2nd edit. 159. Hutton's Personal Duties and Social Relations, edited by his Son, 79. Od. Hutton's Mathematical Tables, Additions by Gregory, new edit. 12s. Ihne's Short Latin Syntax, with Exercises and Vocabulary, Ss. Bd. Inne's Sketches of Early Scotch History, etc., 8vo, 18s. cloth. James (John Angell), Works of, Edited by his Son, Vol. 7, cr. 8vo, 73. a. Jell's Grammar of the Greek Language, 3rd edit. 2 vols. 30s. cloth. Jenkin's Short Family Prayers for the Week, post 8vo, 1s. 63. cloth. Jerram's Child's Own Story Book, 2nd series, 10mo, 2s.6d. cloth John Hampton's Home, 4th edit. 4to, 18. sewed. Jones's Hints on Preaching, fcp. 8vo. 28. cloth. Jowett (Rev. B.), Statements of Christian Doctrine and Practice, 29. Karcher, Biographies Militaires, fcp. 8vo, Ss. Od. cloth. Keith's History of the World and of the Church, Part 1, 10s. cloth. Knill (Rev. R.) Life of, by Birrell, cheap edit. fcp. 8vo, 2s.6d, cloth. Laird of Norlaw, The, new edit. cr. Svo, 5s. cloth. Lamont's Seasons with the Sea Horses, 8vo, 18s. cloth. I.andreth's Studies and Sketches in Modern Literature, 79. 6d. cloth. Lawrence's Handy-Book on Principal and Surety, post 8vo, 18. cloth. Life's Problems, 2nd edit. fep. 8vo, 58. cloth. Little Crumbs for Little Chickens, fcp. 8vo, 1s. cloth. Little Ella and the Fire King, and other Fairy Tales, 2nd edit, 3s. Bd. Little Sunshine, by Author of A Trap to catch a Sunbeam, 28. Lockhart's Medical Missionary in China, 2nd edit. 8vo, 158. cloth. Louis's England and Europe : a Discussion, 8vo, 10s. 6d. cloth. Lucy Melville; or, Lost and Found, 3 vols. post 8vo, 31s. Od. cloth. Lyttelton's Sibyl, and other Poems, fcp. 8vo, 4s. cloth. Lytton's Novels, The Disowned, fop. 8vo, 28. 6d. cloth. Lytton's Novels, Library Edition, Leila, and Calderon, post 8vo, 6s. Macaulay's History of England, Vol. 5, 8vo, 129, cloth. Macdonald's Introduction to the Pentateuch, 2 vols. 8vo, 218. Macgregor's Text-Book for Youth, Christian Doctrine, 18mo, Is. Mackenzie's The Wanderer and his Return Home, new edit. ls.6d. M'Gowan's Tea Planting in the Outer Himalaya, 8vo, 5s. boards. M‘Nieoll's Essays on English Literature, fep. 8vo, 79. cloth. M'Kinlay's Heir of Ardanarchan, and other Tales, 3s. 6d. cloth. Mair's Introduction to Latin Syntax, by Carson, 12mo, 8s. boards. Many Crowns; or, the Names and Titles of Jesus Christ, new edit. 13. ed.

Market Harborough ; or, How Mr. Sawyer went to the Shires, Os.
Marks's Men of Deeds and Daring, fep. 8vo, 89.64. cloth.
Martyrdom of Keldvare, a Poem, fcp. Svo, 5s. cloth.
Mavor's Eton Latin Grammar, Accents, etc., by Carey, new edit. 28.
Mayhew's London Labour and London Poor, Vol. 1, 8vo, 78. 6d. cloth.
Mayhew's The Law of Merger, as it affects Land, post Svo, 53. 64.
Measor's The Convict Service; Letter to Sir G. C. Lewis, 8vo, ls.
Millar's Hints on Insanity, fep. 8vo, 88.6d. cloth.
Mill's Life of a Foxhound, 2nd edit. 8vo, 59. cloth.
Moir's Poetical Works, edited by Aird, 2nd edit. 2 vols. 128. cloth.
Morgan's St. Paul in Britain, cr. 8vo, 4s. cloth.
Murby's New Tunes to Choice Words, fcp. 8vo, 1s. ed. cloth.
Musgrave's By-Roads and Battle-Fields in Picardy, royal 8vo, 16s.
Newcombo's Pleasant Pages for Young People, new edit. Vol. 2, 83. Bd.
New Dictionary of Quotations, new edit. cr. 8vo, 79. 64. cloth.
One of the Family; or, the Ladies, edited by Mrs. Grey, 2 vols. 218.
Our New Rector; or, the Village of Norton, er. 8vo, 109. od. cloth.
Oxford University Calendar for 1881, 12mo, os. boards.
Palmer's What is Truth? Hints on Religious Opinions, 29. Bl. cloth.
Parlour Library, Gaskell's Ruth, new edit. fcp. 8vo, 2s. boards.
Parlour Library, Jewsbury's The Half-Sisters, 28. boards.
Parlour Library, A Romance of Common Life, by “Waters," 28. boards.
Partridge's Upward and Onward, 3rd edit. cr. 8vo, 43. cloth.
Pepper's Scientific Amusements and Recreations, fep. 8vo, Is. 6d.
Perrin's French Spelling and Pronunciation, edited by Gros, new edit. 29.
Phillimore's Commentaries upon International Law, Vol. 4, 80s.
Photographs of Paris Life, cr. 8vo, 5s. cloth.
Plumptre's Principles and Practice of Elocation, fop. 8vo, 2s. 60.
Poetry for School and Home, edited by Shorter, 18mo, Is. 6d. cloth.
Poix-Tyrel's Grammar of Household Words, English and French, 19.01.
Pritchard's Handy-Book for Executors and Administrators, 2s.6d.
Protoplast, The, 4th edit. cr. 8vo, 0s. Od. cloth.
Punch, Re-Issue, Monthly Series, Vol. 1, 4to, 59. boards; Bi-Monthly Series, Vol.

1, 4to, 6s. cloth.
Pycroft's Course of English Reading, 4th edit. fop. Svo, 5s. cloth.
Railway Library, Gore's The Debutante, 2s. boards.
Rawlinson's Elementary Statics, edited by Sturges, cr. 870, 4s. 01. cloth.
Redhouse's Lexicon, English and Turkish, royal Svo, 24s. half-morocco.
Rhind's Six Days of Creation, 4th edit. oblong 8vo, 3s. Bd. cloth.
Roberts's Dwellings of The Labouring Classes, 3rd edit. royal Svo, ds.
Roscoe's Law of Evidence at Nisi Prius, 10th edit. by Smirke, 315. 61.
Pussell's The Fleet of the Future: Iron or Wood ? So, Is. 6d sewed.
St. Matthew, English and Greek Text, Revised Version by Conant, 83.
Scott's Handbook Dictionary for Militia and Volunteers, 33. od.
Scott's Poetical Works, new edit. Vols. 3 and 4, fcp. 8vo, Ss. each, cloth.
Scott's Poetical Works, Illustrated by Halswelle, cr. 8vo, 78. 8d. cloth gilt.
Scott's Lectures on the Fine and Ornamental Arts, &s. 6d. cloth.
Selected Tales of the Genil, 2nd edit, edited by Whately, 5s. cloth.
Sellon's Abridgment of the Holy Scriptures, new edit. Is. 62. cloth.
Serbski Pesme ; or, National Songs of Servia, by Owen Meredith, 4s.
Shakspeare's Julius Cæsar, with Notes by Hunter, fep. 8vo, 25.0d.
Shell-Flower Maker, The, 18mo, 19. cloth.
Shelley's Poetical Works, new edit. fep. Svo, 78. cloth.
Short Family Prayers for the Week, by Jenkins, cr. 8vo, 18.0d. cloth.
Smith's Principia Latina, Part 2, First Book, post 8vo, 3s.6d. cloth.
Smyth's Mornings with Mamma, Gospel Series, fcp. 8vo, 5s. cloth.
Soyer's Gastronomic Regenerator, 9th edit. illustrated, Svo, 158. cloth.
Spensers, The; or, Chronicles of a Country Hamlet, fep. 8vo, 8s. 61.
Struggles for Life, new edit. cr. 8vo, os. Od. cloth.
Symonds's Old Bones, or, Notes for Young Naturalists, 39. Od. cloth.
Teacher Taught, Book of Genesis, new edit. 18mo, 29. cloth.
Testament, New Greek, Griesbach's Text, by Duncan, new edit. 38.62.
Thayer's Printer-Boy : or, How Franklin made his Mark, 3s. d.
Three Hundred and Sixty Popular Songs and Ballads, with Music, 43.
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full credit," says our contemporary, "for his rhymes, but THE REGISTER. the dramatis persone, the plot, the situations, tho minuto

descriptions of scenery and feelings and objects, in the APRIL 1, 1861.

French prose and the English verse are identical.” The

following is a fair specimen of the parallel passages quoted LITERARY INTELLIGENCE.

in proof of this assertion :The chief literary event which has occurred since our

Lavinia, page 278. last issue is the publication of the fifth volume of the late

« Des rideaux de basin bien blanc recevaient l'ombre mou. Lord MACAULAY'S “ History of England.” To the account

vante des sapins qui seconaient leurs chevelures noires au which will be found further on of this final portion of the rent de la nuit, sous l'humide regard de la lune. De petits most magnificent historical fragment ever written, we seaux de bois d'olivier verni etaient remplis des plus belles need only add here that the last hundred pages of this fleurs de la montagne. Lavinia avait cueilli elle-même, dans fifth volume are occupied by an elaborate index to the les plus désertes vallées, et sur les plus hautes cimes, ces whole five volumes, which will be found of the utmost bella-dones au sein vermeil, ces aconits au cimier d'azur, au value to all who may have reason to consult them as calice vénéneux; ces silénes blanc et rose, dont les pétales books of reference. Fifteen thousand copies of the sont si délicatement découpés ; ces pales saponaires ; ces volume were subscribed for before the day of publication. clochettes si transparentes et plissées comme de la mousseline;

ces valérianes de pourpre ; toutes ces sauvages filles de la The “Essays and Reviews” have passed throngh two solitude, si embaumées et si fraiches, que le chamois craint more editions since our last, and are now selling faster than de les flétrir en les effleurant en sa course, et que l'eau des ever. By the time these lines reach the reader the sale will sources inconnue au chasseur les couche à peine sous son tlux probably have exceeded 20,000 copies. The article upon nonchalant et silencieux.” them which appears in the current number of the Quarterly Review has caused a demand for thrce succes.

Lucile, page 70. sive reprints of that number, which is thus now in its “In the white curtains waver'd the delicate shade fourth edition. The Quarterly has often passed into Of the heaving acacias in which the breeze played. second editions; but there is no other instance on record

O’er the smooth wooden floor, polish'd dark as a glass,

Fragrant white Indian matting allow'd you to pass. of either it or any other quarterly review having reached

In light olive baskets, by window and door, a fourth. Fired by this example, many of the weekly

Some hung from the ceiling, some crowding the floor, journals are trying to turn the excitement caused by the

Rich wild flowers, plucked by Lucile from the bill, “Essays" to their own account, the most notable instance

Seem'd the room with their passionate presence to fill: being that of the London Review, which announces seven Blue aconite, hid in white roses, reposed; supplements, each to consist of a reply to one of the The deep bella-donna its vermeil disclosed ; essayists. It is notable, too, that advertisers seem And the frail saponaire, and the tender blue-bell, to be of opinion that the surest means of attracting

And the purple valerian-reach child of the fell attention to their advertisements just now is to head

And the solitude flourish'a, fed fair from the source

Of waters the huntsman scarce heeds in his course, them“ Essays and Reviews.” In a recent Times'

Where the chamois and izard, with delicate hoof, advertisement sheet thero were not fewer than a dozen

Pause or flit through the pinnacled silence aloof.” advertisements so headed in one column. Of the pam. phlets, etc., which the “Essays” have already drawn forth Well may another contemporary observe that “whatever the name is legion ; but only one publication of real im- may be the issue of the matter, there can be no doubt portance, as a reply to the “Essays,” has yet appeared, that if Mr. MEREDITH's reputation as a poet be somewhat that being the Bishop of London's "Dangers and Safe. damaged by tho affair, his consummate ability as a transguards of Modern Theology.” Another, under the title of lator is abundantly proved by it.” “Aids to Faith,” will shortly be published by Mr. MURRAY. Mr. MEREDITH's new volume, “Serbski Pesme; or, It will consist of a number of essays by the Rev. Professor National Songs of Servia,” reaches us just as we are Ellicott, the Rev. Professor MANSEL, the Rev. GEORGE going to press,--too late for us to give any account of it Rawlinson, the Rev. Provost of Queen's, and other this month. Mr. GERALD MASSEY'S “HAVELOCK and clergymen.

other Poems ” will probably appear before our next issue, Other new works of importance announced since we and the new edition of Mr. ROBERT BROWNING's “Sorlast went to press are “ Considerations on Representa dello,”—said to be almost entirely re-written,-is expected tive Government,” by Mr. J. STUART MILL; “ The Politi- very shortly. Mrs. BROWNING and Professor LONGFELLOW cal Life of the Earl of Derby ;" “ Ten Weeks in Japan,” are both said to be engaged on new poems, and the Critic by the Bishop of VICTORIA; “Ragged London,” by Mr. tells us that Mrs. BROWNING's will be longer than “ Aurora John HOLLINGSHEAD, being a reprint of his recent remark- Leigh,” and that Mr. LONGFELLOW tells his friends that able letters to the Morning Post on the London poor, with his will surpass all his previous efforts. important additions; a “Life of Lord CASTLEREAGH," by A new tale by the authoress of “Paul Ferroll” is com. Sir ARCHIBALD ALiSoy; a “History of the Greek Revo menced in the first number of the St. James's Magazine. lution,” by Mr. GEORGE FINLAY; and “The Euglish Cathe. Three other famons female novelists will shortly be in drals of the Nineteenth Century,” by Mr. A. J. BERRESFORD the field again. Mrs. Stowe is to commence a new HOPE, M.P.

story in the May number of the Atlantic Monthly; a new The rumonr that Lord BROUGHAM is writing an autobiog- novel by Miss Muloch is announced for early commenceraphy has been contradicted, upon authority.

ment in Good Words; and “Silas Marner, the Weaver of It is said that the correspondence of the late Mr. LEIGH Ravenloe,” being the new story by the authoress of Hunt is being collected, for publication, by his son, Mr.“ Adam Bede” to which we alluded last month, will be THORNTON HUNT.

published to-morrow, in one volume, by Messrs. BLACKThe Literary Gazette bas pointed out that a great part wood and Sons. of Mr. OWEN MEREDITH's poem, Lucile,” is nothing The Morning Chronicle, once the most influential and more nor less than a marvellously exact translation from important journal in the British Empire, has recently GEORGE Saxd's “Lavinia." “We give Mr. MEREDITH passed into the hands of Mr. Stiff, the proprietor of the

[ocr errors]

London Journal, who, beginning with its issue of March not long resist. The hand unwillingly put in the pocket, the 8th, has reduced its price to a penny. As it in nowise and the objecting face, tell the story capitally. differs from the other metropolitan penny dailies, except, This vigorous and humourous picture was the work of perhapa, in being slightly inferior to them in talent, we 1811, the same year that Mr. Egs painted his Gil Blas do not see much chance for it under its new manage. exchanging Rings with Camilla, -a good example of sly ment. There is doubtless plenty of room for more lanmour, and of the pleasant trickery of Le Sage's picapenny dailies, but not for more dailies of the existing roons. type.

Mr. Egg never tires us with a prettiness that becomes of the books issued since our last which are not noticed nauseous because it is unvarying and unrelieved. He in detail in subsequent pages, thereare a few which deserve uses his pretty faces to tell a story, and where ugly faces special mention. These are “My Share of the World; an are needed he has the courage to introduce them. Autobiography," being a three-volume novel by Miss At the Manchester Exhibition, Mr. Egg was one of the Frances Browne, the blind poetess ; “Ways of Life,” arrangers of the gallery of modern pictures. He (short a collection of sketches by Mr. John HOLLINGSHEAD; and dark) might have been seen there leading in bands of “ After Office Hours," a collection of tales and essays workmen, or balancing himself acrobatically on impossi. by Mr. EDMUND YATES ; “ The Tragedy of Life : Records | ble and alpine flights of steps. He did his work with taste of Remarkable Cases of Lunacy,” by Mr. J. H. BRENTON; and energy. His own pictures were hung in the most “ Animal and Vegetable Substances used in the Arts and self-denying way. They struck every visitor as low-toned Sciences," by Mr. J. E. DEXTER ; “A Seaman's Narrative and sombre in effect, but solid and strong. of his Adventures during a Captivity among Chinese In 1850, there appeared his great work, Peter the Pirates ;" • A Life of St. THOMAS A’ BECKET," by John Great sees Catherine, his future Empress, for the first time. MORRIS; English Puritanism and its Leaders,” by This was a very pure and admirable picture. It is a tent Professor TULLOCK; “ The Fleet of the Future, Iron or scene, and Catherine-Catherine, the serving girl, the Woodp" by Mr. Scott RUSSELL ; a “Memoir of Queen poor parson's daughter,-is bringing in a bottle of schnaps ADELAIDE, Consort of King WILLIAM the Fourth,” by Dr. to Peter the Great, and her master, the aide-de-camp DORAN; and a translation of WIELAND'S “Republic of Merischikoff. The moment given is Peter's first glance of Fools,” by Professor CHRISTMAS.

awakening love. Menschikoff already sees that he will

have to surrender his pretty Catherine. The uniforms EMINENT LIVING ARTISTS.--MR. A. EGG.

and dresses are painted with a simple, manly, dramatic MR. Augustus EGG, R.A., was born in London, and force, that is perfectly incomparable. descended from the celebrated family of gun-makers This picture was thought a great advance on the rather whose name ranks with those of Manton, Purday, and ill-chosen subjects of 1848.9,-Queen Elizabeth discovers Colt, and has long since acquired a European celebrity. she is no longer young,-a discovery which, by-the

Whether Mr. Egg inherits a mechanical skill and correct bye, the great parsimonious queen never did make; and eye from this constructive family habit of mind, I do not Henrietta Afaria released by Cardinal de Retz. Technically, know. It is sufficient for me to say that in 1838 Mr. Egg it was better painted than its predecessors. It bad, too, exhibited at the Academy,and that he was elected associate more character, more truth, reality, and ease of action. It in 1818; and this fact of his election proves that the ten went far beyond the frontier of the old Smirke region. years that had elapsed from his first exhibited picture This was like a sentence of Macaulay, painted by a mind were nc ill-spent.

of large calibre. One of our best critics, Mr. Tom Mr. Egg seems at first not to have ventured much Taylor, lavished very just praise on Mr. Egg's Music out of the conventional path of the Gil Blas and Don Lesson Scene, from the Taming of the Shrew. Bianca, he Quixote school, and to have followed in the steps of Smirke, says truly, is so radiant with“lady-like good-humour.” Mr. Newton, and Leslie. A critic of 1856, in one of those par. Egg has learnt the difficult art of painting ladies and tizan biographical collections that are published at certain gentlemen, and he has a keen eye for the graces and intervals with loud flourishes of the Paternoster-row witcheries of society. · We only wish he would plunge trumpets, calls Mr. Egs “a clever painter of scenic and more boldly into modern life. humourous subjects.” Five years have done much for Less meretricious than Mr. Frith, and of a calmer and his fame. We all know Mr. Egg now as a thoughtful more serious mind, Mr. Egg has great tragic power. painter, who is not without his deep tragic moments, Nothing can be too dark and sad for his pencil; yet he is though he is full of humour, and a practical comedian by seldom morbid, and always true to nature. He has no instinct, as those who have seen him perform with Mr. pleasure in mounting skeletons on dragons, with Fuseli ; or Charles Dickens in Ben Jonson’s Every Man in his in drawing vulgar Greek exaggerations, liko Haydon. Humour well know.

Having illustrated Le Sage and the memoirs of that At first, before venturing on history, Mr. Egg tried his intriguer of the Fronde, De Retz, Mr. Egg next took up strengthon Shakspearean comedy, and drew several scenes Pepys,--that delightful clerk of the Admiralty, whose from Le Sage's Frenchified Spanish novels, and from the pompous folly and perpetual self-stultification were ten delightful memoir writers of the seventeenth century. In times more amusing than other men's wisdom. these experiments, the colouring is low toned, yet rich He shows us Nell Gwynne, with delicious naivete, allowand solid, the drawing good, and the expression admirable; ing Mr. Pepys, the Duke of York's humble friend, to steal yet the manner was not original, and the subjects were a salute. In another picture Mr. Egg gives us the wicked backnied.

and scented Buckingham, with a wicked beauty about his There is a very good example of Mr. Egg's early manner eye and mouth, paying his suit to some court lady, who con. in the Vernon Gallery. It is a scene from that series of temptuously destroys a card house, in typical mockery of cynical tableaux which Le Sage entitled the Lame Devil. his vows and oaths. Here again, perhaps, the painter has The painter has called his picture the Victim. A green given too serious a tone of colour to a gay and wanton court. gallant has been treating two Spanish courtezans to a Surely in such a scene in the matted gallery of Whitehall, supper much grander than he can afford; and now he is gravity is wasted, especially as the painter attempts to protesting to the landlord against the charges, which at tell no moral. the same time you see he cannot escape paying, and will But Mr. Egg's greatest efforts were his two pictures,

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