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Coote-The Practice

of the Court of Probate in the Common Form Business. Fowler-Texts for Talkers; with Occasional Discourses, Practical and Imagi. By H.C. Coote, F.S.A. Also, a Treatise on the Practice of the Court in Con- native. By Frank Fowler. Fep. 8vo, cl. 85. Bl. Saunders, Otley, and Co. tentious Business. 3rd edit. Svo. el. 18s. Butterworth.

Fox-Studies of Christian Character. By Bertha Fox. Illustrated by Godwin.

Cr. 8vo, cl. gilt, 6s. Hogg and Sons.
Cornhill Magazine. Vol. 2. July to December, 1800, 8vo, cl. 78. 6d. Smith
Elder, and Co.

Fraser--A Handy Book of Patent and Copyright Law, English and Foreign, for Costello-Holidays with Hobgoblins, and Talk of Strange Things. By Dudley the use of Inventors, Patentees, Authors, and Publishers, comprising the Costello. Illustrated. Fcp. 8vo, ol. 3s. Bd. J.C. Hotten.

Law and Practice of Patents, the Law of Copyright of Designs, the Law of Crossman-An Introduction to the knowledge of the Christian Religion. Ву Literary Copyright. By James Fraser, Esq. Post Svo, cl. 48. od. S. Low,

Son, and Co. H. Crossman, M.A. New edit. 18mo, cl, 1s. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Crorr--A Treatise on Industrial Resources (still neglected) in Ireland. By W. Fyfe-The Triumph of Invention and Discovery, etc. By J. Hamilton Fyfe.

Post 8vo, cl. 35. ed. T. Nelson and Sons. Gienny Crory. Fop. 8vo, cl. 2s.6d. (M'Glashan and Gill, Dublin.) Whit

Garden (The) Oracle, and Economic Year-Book, 1881. 12mo, swd. Is. Groomtaker and Co.

bridge and Sons. Cumming-Sabbath Evening Readings on the New Testament. Hebrews. By the Rev. Jno. Cumming, D.D. Fep. 8vo, cl. 5s. A. Hall and Co.

Gouger-Personal Narrative of Two Years. Imprisonment in Burmah. By

Henry Gouger. Illustrated. Post Svo, cl. 12s. Jno. Murray. Curling-Frank Beresford; or, Life in the Army By Capt. Curling (Parlour

Gothe's (Aus.) Italienische Reise, with Notes, Vocabulary, etc. By Dr. A. Library, vol. 224.) Fcp. 8vo, bds. 2s. C. H. Clarke.

Buchbeim. 12mo, cl. swd. 2s.60. Williams and Norgate. Daily Light upon the Daily Path: a Devotional Text-book for Every Day in the

Gordon-Dawn and Sunrise: Brief Notices of the Life and Early Daath of B. 8. Year, in the Very Words of Scripture. 16mo, el. 38. Bal.; 32mo, cl. 2s.6d.

Gordon. By C. B. 2nd edit. 12mo, cl. 2s.6d. Seeley and Co. Bagster and Sons. Dalton-Will Adams, the First Englishman in Japan. A Romantic Biography. Gospel Magazine (The) and Protestant Beacon. Vol. 4. New Series. Svo, cl. By Wm. Dalton. Hlustrated, cr. Svo, cl 10s. 6. A. W. Bennett.

7s.6d. W. H. Collingridge. Davidson-Detached Musings on the Organic, Physical, and other Causes Gospel Missionary (The) for 1880. Vol. 10., 18mo, cl. ls. Bell and Daldy; which Operate in the Formation of the Various Opinions and Character.

Grandmamma's Present Book for the Dear Little Folks. Roy. Svo, bds. Coloured istics of Men anxiliary to Philosophical and Christian Charity, etc. By W. Illustrations, 28. 6d. Ward and Lock. Davidson, Esq. 12mo, swd. 29.; cl. 2s.6d. W. Goddard.

Greenhow-On Diphtheria. By Edward Headlam Greenhow, M.D. Svo, cl. Davidson's Book of Anthems, containing 27 Anthems, in Vocal Score, the

78. 6d. J. W. Parker and Son. entire Words and Music, with suitable Accompaniments for the Organ, Grimshaw (William), Incumbent of Haworth, 1742-63. By R. Spencer Hardy. Harmonium, or Pianoforte. Oblong 8vo, swd. Is. Music Publishing 12mo, cl. 38. Jno. Mason.

Guichet-An Italian and English Grammar, from the Italian and French Company. Dawson-Supplementary Chapter to Acadian Geology. By J. W. Dawson, LL.D.

Grammar of Vergani and Piranesi; exemplified in Twenty Lessons. With 13mo, swd, 2. (Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Exercises, Dialogues, etc. By J. Guichet. New edit.enlarged and corrected Dead Shot (The) or, Sportsman's Complete Guide. By Marksman. 2nd edit.

by Signor A. Tommasi. 12mo, bd. 58. C. H. Law, fep. Svo, hf.-bd. 58. Longman and Co.

Gutenburg and the Lost Child. ismo, el. 18. James Blackwood, Dean's New Dress Book, Rose Merton, the Little Orphan. Roy. Svo, bds. 2s.

Hall-Plain Truths Plainly Put. By Newman Hall, LL.B. 18mo, cl. swd. 1s.

J. Nisbet and Co. Dean and Son. Dean's Peep-show Magic Picture Book, showing Wonderful and Life-like Halse-Agatha: a Fanciful Flight for a Gusty Night. By Geo. Halse. With Effects. Royal Svo, bds. 2s. Dean and Son.

Illustrations by H. K. Browne. Small 4to, cl. gilt, 78. "Harrison. De Porguet-Turning English Idioms into French ldioms at Sight; or, Sequel Handbook (The) of Investments. Being a Complete Account of Gorernment to Le Tresor. By Louis Philippe R. F. De Porquet. 16th edit. 12mo, cl.

Stocks, Railway Shares, ete. Fep. Svo, cl. swd. Is. Cassell and Co. 3s. 6d. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Happy Hours; or, Affection's Whispers. Miscellaneous Poems, Domestic and

Sacred. By C.A.R. 12mo, cl. 58. Hamilton and Com Dictionary (A) of Contemporary Biography: a Handbook of the Peerage. Cr. 8vo, cl. 8s. 6d. R. Griffin and Co.

Harrison-A Practical Treatise on the Culture and Management of the Peach, Dictionary (The) of Daily Wants. Vol. 3. Post svo, cl. 2s.6d. Houlston and

Nectarine, and Apricot. By Messrs. J. J. and E. Harrison. 8vo, swd. 23. Wright.

J. Allen. Dictionary (The) of Useful Knowledge. Vol. 2. Post 8vo, cl. 2s.6d. Houlston

Harrison-Garden Almanack for 1861. The Garden all the Year Round: What and Wright.

to do and How to do it: being a companion to the Gardener's Weekly MagaDisorderly (The) Family; or, the Village of R--: A Tale for Young Persons,

zine for the

year 1861. By J. J. and E. Harrison. 8vo, swd. 6. J. Allen, by a Father, Fep. Svo, cl. limp, 1s. Bell and Daldy.

Harrison--The Practice of the Sheritt's Court of the City of London. By O. B. Donaldson-A Complete Latin Grammar for the use of Students. By Jno. W.

C. Harrison, M.A. Cr. 8vo, cl. 78.0d. H. Sweet. Donaldson, D.D. 2nd edit. considerably, enlarged. Svo, cl. 148. (Deighton,

Harrow (The) Atlas of Modern Geography (Junior), New edit. folio, cl, limp. Bell, and Co. Cambridge.) Jno. W. Parker and Son.

78. E. Stanford. Drew-Scripture Lands in Connexion with their History; with an Appendix

Hawker-The Poor Man's Morning and Evening Portions. By Robt. Hawker. and Extracts from a Journal kept during an Eastern Tour in 1856-57. By


edit. cr. 8vo, cl. ss. W. H. Collingridge. G. S. Drew, M.A. Post Svo, cl. 10s. Od. Smith, Elder, and Co.

Head-The Horse and his Rider. By Sir Francis Head, Bart. Ilustrated. Post Ebrard-Biblical Commentary on the Epistles of St. John, in Continuation of

8vo, cl. 58. Jno. Murray. the Work of Olshausen. With an Appendix on the Catholic Epistles, and

Heaven our Home. Square 12mo, cl. ss. 6d. (W. P, Nimmo, Edinburgh.) an Introductory Essay on the Life and Writings of St. John. By Jno. H.

Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. A. Ebrard. Translated by the Rev. W. B. Pope. Svo, cl. lus. . (T. and

Henry-A Glossary of Scientific Terms for General Use. By A. Henry, D.D. T. Clark, Edinburgh.) Hamilton and Co.

Cr. Svo, el. 38. 8d. Walton and Maberly. Elwes--The Adventures of a Cat, Dog. and Bear. By Alfred Elwes. With

Herzog-The Protestant, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Encyclopædia : being Coloured Illustrations by Harrison Weir. Sm. 4to, el. 6s. Routledge and Co

a Condensed Translation of Herzog's real Encyclopædia, with additions Emerson-The Conduct of Life. By Ralph Waldo Emerson. Post svo, el. os.

from other sources. By the Rev. J. H. A. Bomberger, D.D., assisted by fcp. Svo, cl. ls. Smith, Elder, and Co.

distinguished Theologians of various denominations. (In S vols.) Vol. 2. Engineer's (The), Architect's, and Contractor's Pocket-Book for 1861. 12mo

Roy, Svo, hf.-bd. 24s. (T. and T. Clark, Edinburgh.) Hamilton and Co. roan tuck, 6s. Lockwood and Co.

Hessey-Sunday; its Origin, History, and Present obligation, considered in Ensign Sopht's Illustrated Volunteer Almanack for 1901. 12mo, swd. 1s. (W,

Eight Lectures preached before the University of Oxford in the Year 1800. P. Nimmo, Edinburgh.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

on the Foundation of the late Rev. Jno. Bampton. By Jas. Augustus Erichsen-The Science and Art of Surgery. By J. E. Erichsen. 3rd edit. Svo,

Hessey, D.C.L. Svo, el. 148. Jno. Murray. cl. 288. Walton and Maberly.

High Life in New York, By Jonathan Slick, Esq. Fep. 8vo. bds. 2s. C. H. Eutropii Historiæ Romanæ Breviarium. Necon Sexti Aurelii Victoris de viris

Clarke. Illustribus liber. Quibus adjicitur index verborum Anglice redditorum.

Hind-Narrative of the Canadian Red River Exploring Expedition of 1857, and Studio R. J. Neilson, A.M. Editio decima. 18mo, cl. 2s. (Oliver et Boyd,

of the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition of 1858. By Edinburgi.) Simpkin, Marshall, et Socios.

Hy. Youle Hind, M.A.F.R.G.S. With Twenty

whole-page Chromoxylographs, Evangelical The) Pulpit. Vol. 1. 1560. Cr. 8vo, cl. 84. 6d. Thickbroom and Co.

Seventy-six Woodcuts, Three Maps, Topographical and Geological, Four Every Boy's Stories. A Choice Collection of Standard Tales, Rhymes, and

Plans, and a Sheet of Profiles of the Country Explored. 2 vols. 8vo, cl. 425. Allegories. Hlustrated, fep. 8vo, cl. os. Hogg and son.

Longman and Co. Eyre-The Stomach and its Difficulties. By Sir J. Eyre, M.D. 5th edit. fcd

Hints and Helps for Every-day Emergencies, in connexion with Social 8vo, swd. 29. 01. Church.

Economy, Domestic Economy, Rural Economy, etc. lmo, swd. 1s. Ward Fairy Footsteps ; or, Lessons from Legends. With 100 Illustrations, designed

and Lock by Alfred Crowquill. Small 4to, cl. gilt, 58. H. Lea.

History (The) of a Scuttle of Coals, in Rhymes and Pictures. Oblong cr. Svo, Family Pictures. By the Author of Mary Powell. Cr. 8vo, el. 78. 6d A. Hall swd. Od. plain; ls. coloured. Griffith and Farran. and Co.

History (The) of a Cup of Tea, in Rhymes and Pictures. Oblong cr. Svo, swd. 6d. Family (The) Friend. (Vol. July to Dec. 1880.) 12mo, cl. 2s.6d, Ward and Lock. plain ; ls. coloured. Griffith and Farran. Family Prayers for Cottage Homes: with Introductory Passages from the

Home (The) First Book: containing Nursery A BC, Aunt Easy's Primer, and Scriptures. By the Author of A Woman's Secret, etc. Fcp. Svo, cl, swd. 4d. Aunt Easy's Poetry for Good Little Folks. Illustrated. Roy. 16mo, el. Is. Od. Griffith and Farran,

Dean and Son. Family (The) Treasury of Sunday Reading. Edited by the Rev. A. Cameron. Home (The) and School Library of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge. Edited

Vol. 1860, complete. Roy. 8vo, čl. 78. Od. Half-yearly Vol. July to December, by E. Hughes. 4 vols. fcp. 8vo, cl. 14s. R. Griffin and Co. 1900. Svo, cl. As. Od. J. Nelson and Son.

Homilist (The). Conducted by the Rev. D. Thomas. Vol. 3. (New Series.) Fancy Tales from the German. By J. S. Laurie. Illustrated. sq. cl. gilt, 5s.

Cr. 8vo, cl. Ss. Od. Ward and Co. 8. Low, Son, and Co.

Hood-Fairy Land, or, Recreation for the Rising Generation. By the late Farningham-Lays and Lyrics of the Blessed Life; consisting of Light from Thomas and Jane Hood, their son and Daughter, etc. With Illustrations by

the Cross and other Poems. By Marianne Farningham, Fcp. 8vo, L. 38. Od. T. Hood, jun. Super-royal 10mo, cl. ss. Bd.; coloured, gilt edges, 4s. 61. B. Lowe and Co.

Griffith and Farran. Farrar - An Essay on the Origin of Language, based on Modern Researches, Hooker-The British Flora, comprising the Phænogainons or Flowering Plants and especially on the Works of M. Renan. By Frederic W. Farrar, M.A. and the Ferns. By Sir William Jackson Hooker and Geo. A. Walker Arnott,

LL.D. 8th edit. 12mo, cl. 143. Longman and Co, Farra--Eric; or, Little by Little: a Tale of Roslyn School. By F.W. Farrar. Hopkins-on Winds and storms: with an Essay on Weather and its Varieties. 4th edit. cr. évo, cl. 68. 01. A. and C. Black.

By Thos. Hopkins, M.B.M.S. 8vo, cl. 7s.6d. Longinan and Co. Farrar-Julian Home; a Tale of College Life. By F. W. Farrar. 2nd edit. fcp. Hogg --The Gardener's Year-Book, Almanack, and Directory for 1861. By Robt. cl. 58. A. and C. Black.

Hogg. Cr. Svo, swd. 1s. Cottage Gardener Office.
Favourite-(The) Picture Book. A Gallery of Delights, designed for the Amuse- Hook-Lives of the Archbishop of Canterbury. By Walter Farquhar Hook,

ment and Instruction of the Young, with several hundred Illustrations. D.D. Vol. 1, Anglo-Saxon Period. Svo, cl. 16s. R. Bentle
New edit.roy. 4to, bds. 38.0d. plain ; 7s.6d, coloured ; 10s. Od. coloured and
mounted, Griffith and Farran.

House (The) on the Moor. By the Author of Margaret Man..nd. $ vols, cr.

8vo, cl, 318.0d. Hurst and Blackett. Ferguson-A Universal Scholastic Register, arranged for Three Months. By

Howitt-Adventures of Jack and Harry. By Mary Howitt. 4to, bds. Is. Dean James Ferguson. New edit. 12mo, swd. 3d. Simpkin, Marshall, ar.d Co.

and Son. Fifty Soft Voluntaries from the Slow Movements of the Great Masters. Oblong

Howitt-Little Arthur's Letters to his Sister. By Mary Howitt. 4to, bds. Is. Svo, swd. 18. Musical Bouquet Office.

Dean and Son. Finlason-A Brief and Practical Exposition of the Law of Charitable Trusts,

Howitt-The Blackbirds, the Parrot, and the Cat. By Mary Howitt. Sto, bds. 16. with special reference to the Jurisdiction of the Commissioners of Charities: Hough-The History of Christianity in India, from the Commencement of the

Dean and Son. containing also all the Charitable Trusts Acts, with Notes, and the Rules, Minutes, and Orders of the Court of Chancery and the Commissioners of

Christian Era. By the late Rev. Jas Hough, M.A.. Edited by his son, Rer. Charities. By W. W. Finlason, Esq. 12mo, cl.75. V. and R. Stevens and Sons.

T. G. P. Hough, M.A. Vol. 5, 8vo, cl. 10s. 6d. J. Nisbet and Co Finlason-The Common Law Procedure Acts of 1852-54 and 1860, with Notes and

Howitt-Hall-The Favourite Scholar, and other Tales. By Mrs. Mary Howitt the Forms and Rules; to which are prefixed or appended all the Acts (or

and Mrs. S. C. Hall. 18mo, cl. ls. 6d. H. Lea, portions of Acts) relating to Common Law Procedure, or the Trial or

Humphreys - The Coinage of the British Empire. By H. N. Humphreys Issues of Facts in the Courts of Common Law, Chancery, or Probate, with

Nustrated by Fac-similies of the Coins. New edit, roy. 8vo, cl. gilt, 21s. R. the Rules of each Court respectively. By W. F. Finlason. 12mo, el. 10s. 6d.

Griffin and Co. V. and R. Stevens and Sons.

Hughes-The Great Barrier. By Thomas Hughes. Cr. 8vo, cl. 85. 6d. Hamil. Forster-Oliver Cromwell, Daniel De Foe, Sir Richard Steele, Charles Churchill,

ton and Co. Samuel Foote. Biographical Essays. By Jno. Forster. 3rd edit. post Svo,

Hunt-William Holman Hunt and his Works. A Memoir of the Artist's Life, el. 12s. Jno. Murray.

with Description of his Paintings. Svo, swd. 1s.; cl. 2. J. Nisbet and Co. Forster-The Debates on the Grand Remonstrance, November and December

Hunter-A School Manual of Letter Writing: including numerous Models of 1641. With an Introductory Exsay on English Freedom under Plantagenet

Mercantile and Other Letters, and Exercises in Epistolary Composition ; and Tudor Sovereigns. By Jno. Forster, LL.D. Fost Svo, cl. 12s. Murray.

with Introductory Explanations, Rules of Punctuation, etc. By the Rer. Fowler-The Medical Vocabulary; containing a Concise Explanation of the

John Hunter, M.A. 12mo, cl. ls. 6d. Longman and Co. Terms used in Medicine. By Robt. Fowler. 19mo, cl.75. Hy. Renshaw.

Hymns for the Church of England. Cr. 8vo, cl. 3s. 6d.; cl. limp, 3s.; ISıo, e!. Fowler-The Elements of Algebra, with numerous Examples for Schools. By

1s. Od.; cl. limp, ls. 3d. Longman and Co. Rev. Robt. Fowler, N.A. 1?mo, cl.os. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Illustrated (The) Boy's Book of Pastime; or, Fun for the Holidays. Iêmo, swd. Ingram-- Trotter--A Concise System of Mathematics in Theory and Practice, Maurey-The Physical Geography of the Sea, and its Meteorology: being a

ls. Ward and Lock.

for the Use of Schools, Private Students, and Practical Men. With an Api Reconstruction and Enlargement of the Eighth Edition of The Physical pendix. By Alexander Ingram. With many important Additions and Geography of the Sea. By M. F. Maury, LL.D. Svo, cl. 12. S. Low, Son, Improvements by Jas. Trotter. 12th edit. 1mo, cl. 4s. Bd. (Oliver and and Co. Boyd, Edinburgh.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Medico-chirurgical Transactions. Vol. 43 (2nd Series, Vol. 3). 8vo, cl. 16s. Ingram-Trotter- A key to Ingram's Concise System of Mathematics, By James Longman and Co.

Trotter, 7th edit. 12mo, bd. 3s.6d. (Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh.) Simpkin, Memorable Events in the History of the Bible. A Pictorial Sunday Book for Marshall, and Co.

the Young. New edit, fep. 8vo, cl gilt, 4s. 64. Jno. Field. Initia Grærk, for the Use of the Junior Classes of King's College School. New Merry Tales

of the Olden Time. Sa. 18ino, cl. 2s.6d.; coloured, 8s. 6d. Dean edit, 12mo, cl. 4s. Fellowes.

and Son. Irving (Edward) : an Ecclesiastical and Literary Biography; By Washington Mexico and Peru (Conquest of). By Hernando Cortes and Francis Pizarro. Wilks. 2nd edit. Scp. 8vo, swd. 2s.; cl. 2s.6d. W. Goddard.

Illustrated. Fcp. Svo, cl. gs. 6.; gilt, 4s. James Blackwood. Jackson- A New Check Journal upon the Ponciple of Double Entry. By Millar-Collier- A Treatise on Bills of Sale, with an Appendix, containing the George Jackson, New edit. 8vo, cl. 58. E. Wilson.

Registration Act, 17 and 18 Vict. c. 36, and Precedents, etc. By Fred. C. J. Jacob-The Bromsgrove Greek Grammar. By the Rev. G. A. Jacob, D.D. 3rd Mihar, and J. R. Collier. 2nd edit. revised and enlarged. By F.C.J. Millar. edit. 12mo, el. 78. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

12mo, cl. Os. Stevens and Son, Jameson-Memoirs and Essays Wustrative of Art, Literature, and Social Mission Fi (The), a Monthly Record of the Proceedings of the Society for the Morals. By Mrs. Jameson. New edit. fep. Svo, cl. 25. 6d. R. Bentley;

Propagation of the Gospel at Home and Abroad. Vol. 5. 1860. Cr. Svo, cl. Jones-The Natural and Supernatural; or, Man Physica!, Apparitional, and 8. Bell and Daldy. Spiritual. By Jpo. Jones. Post Svo, cl. 10s. 6d. 1. Bailliere.

Moberly-Sermons on the Beatitudes, with others, mostly preached before the Jones--Poems by Walter Whitmore Jones. and Series. 12mo, swd. 1s Long- University of Oxford to which is added, a Preface relating to the recent man and Co.

volume of Essays and Reviews. By George Moberly, D.C.L. sro, el. 10s. 6. Kemp-Exercises in Latin Syntax, adapted to Ruddiman's Rules, with copious J.H. and J. Parker.

Vocabularies. Part I. Agreement and Government. By W. S. Kemp. Morell-The Catholic Church; an Epitome of Sacred History: By Mrs. Morell. 12mo, cl. 28. (A. and C. Black, Edinburgh.) Longman and Co.

3rd edit. 12mo, cl. ls. (W. P. Nimmo, Edinburgh.) Simpkin, Marshall, Kempis–On the Imitation of Christ. 4 Books. A New Translation. 18mo, cl. and Co. Ss. 6d. Bell and Daldy.

Morley--Oberon's Horn: a Book of Fairy Tales, by Henry Morley. Witstrated Kent's Christmas Yule Log, with Calendar for the Year 1801. 8vo, swd. Od. Post 8vo, cl. 58. Chapman

and Hall. (Jno. Morton, Boston.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Motley-History of the United Netherlands, from the Death of William the Kingsley- The Limits of Exact Science as applied to History. An Inaugural Silent to the Synod of Dort. With a full view of the English-Dutch

Struggle Lecture delivered before the University of Cambridge. By the Rev. Charles against Spain, and of the Origin and Destruction of the Spanish Armada. Kingsley, M.A. Cr. 8vo, bds. 29. Macmillan and Co.

By Jno. Lothrop Motley, D.C.L. vols. 8vo, cl. 30s. Jno. Murray: Kingston-- The Boy's Own Book of Boats, including Vessels of Every Rig and Mother's (The)

Thorough Resource Book; comprising Self-Discipline of the Size to be found Floating on the Waters in all parts of the World. By W. Expectant Mother:

General Management during Infancy and Childhood. H, G. Kingston. With numerous Illustrations drawn ly E. Weedon, and The whole Classified and Arranged upon an entirely new Plan, and Illusengraved by W. J. Linton. 12mo, c1.58. S. Low, Son, and Co.

trated. Cr. 8vo, cl. 2s. Bd. Ward and Lock. Kingston-My First Voyage to Southern Seas. By W. H. Kingston. Fcp. 8vo, My Life, and What shall I Do with it? A Question for Young Gentlewomen. cl. T. Nelson and Sons.

By an Maid. 2nd edit. fep. 8vo, el. os. Longman and Co. Knell-Chips from the Block; an Essay on Social Science. By Henry Knell. National (The) Melodist, with Symphonies and Accompaniments for the PianoFcp. 8vo. el. swd. 18.00. Candwell.

forte. Edited by J. C. Kieser. Roy. Svo, cl. gilt, 78. Od. (James Nisbet, Knight-Family Prayers for Two Weeks. By Wm. Knight, M.A. 2nd edit. Edinburgh.) Houlston and Wright. 18mo, cl. Is. 6d. Hamilton and Co.

Naughty (The) 'Girl Won. 18mo, cl. 18. Religious Tract Society. Kohl--Travels in Canada, and through the States of New York and Pennsyl. Neville-Hydraulic Tables, Coefficients, and Formulæ, for finding the Discharge

vania. By J. G. Kohl. Translated by Mrs. Percy Sinnett. Revised by the of Water from Orifices, Notches, Weirs, Pipes, and Rivers. By J. Neville. Author, 2 vols, cr. 8vo, cl. 915. Geo. Manwaring:

2nd edit, with extensive Additions. Svo, cl. 16s. J. Wenle, Ladies' Treasury, (The). Vol. 4, 1860. Roy. Bro, cl. gilt, 78. Bd. Cassell and Co. Niblett-English Class Handy Book; comprising the Outlines of English Lamp (The) of Love : a Book for Young Readers. Illustrated. Vol. 8, 1800. Grammar, Parsing and

Analysis; Aids to Juvenile Composition : together Ismo, cl, Is. 6d. (Gall and Inglis, Edinburgh.) Honlston and Wright.

with Arithmetical Tables and Rules, Questions, etc., on the Science of FamiLandells-True Manhood: its Nature, Foundation, and Development. A Book liar Things. Compiled by D. Alfred N. Niblett, M.A. Fep. 8vo, cl. limp.

for Young Men. By Wm. Landells. Fcp. 8vo, cl. gs. Od. J. Nisbet and Co. 18. 6d. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Landells—The Message of Christianity: a Book for the Busy. By Wm. Landells. Nicholson-- The Lord Chiet Baron Nicholson; an Autobiography. 12mo, bds. 2s. 12ino, cl. 2s. 60. J. Nisbet and Co.

Geo. Vickers. Lardner-Handbook of Astronomy: By D. Lardner, D.C.L. 2nd edit. revised, One Hundred and One Days on Horseback, being a Lady's Ride from Rome to

ete, by E. Dunkin, F.R.A.S. Cr. sro, cloth, 7s.6d, Walton and Maberly. Lucerne; and Garibaldi at Home. By the Author of Leures from a Lady's Lavinia. By the Author of Lorenzo Benoni, etc. 8 vols, cr. Svo, cl. 31s. Bd. Smith, Diary of her Trarels in Africa. Post 8vo, cl. 10s. 61. Saunders, Otley, and Co. Elder, and Co.

Original Poetry for the Young. 18mo, hf. bd. 60. Dean and Son. LeeAnecdotes of the Habits and Instincts of Birds, Reptiles, and Fishes. By Osborn-Japanese Fragments, with Facsimiles of Hlustrations by Artists of

Mrs. R. Lee. 2nd edit, with Mustrations by Harrison Weir. Fcp. sro, cl. Yedo. By Capt. Sherrard Osborn, C.B. Roy. 10mo, cl. gilt edges, 78. Brad3s. 8d.; gilt edges, 1s. Griffith and Farran.

bury and Evans. Lee-- Anecdotes of the Habits and Instincts of Animals. By Mrs. R. Lee. 3rd Our Exemplars, Poor and Rich; or, Biographical Sketches of Men and Women

edit, with Illustrations by Harrison Weir. Fep. 8vo, cl. Ss. 6d.; cl. gilt who have by an extraordinary use of their opportunities benefited their edges, 14. Griffith and Farran.

fellow-creatures. Edited by M. D. Hill. With a Preface by Lord Brougham. Lee-Twelve Stories of the Sayings and Doings of Animals. By Mrs. R. Lee. Fcp. Svo, cl, gilt, 58. Cassell and Co.

3rd edit, with Four Illustrations by J. W. Archer. Super-royal, 10mo, el. Owen-The Heroines of Domestic Life. By Mrs. Oetavius Freire Owen. Illus. 28, 6d.; coloured and gilt edges, 38. 6d. Griffith and Farran.

trated. Fep. 8vo, cl. 3s. Bd. Routledge and Co. Lee-Legends from Fairy Land: narrating the History of Prince Glee and Oxenden-Portraits from the Bible. Old Testament Series. By the Rev.

Princess Trill; the Condign Punishment of Aunt Spite: the Adventures of Ashton Oxenden. 2nd edit. fep. 8vo, el. Ss. Wertheim and Co.
the Great Tuflongbo; and the Story of the Black Cap in the Giant's Well. Oxenden-Family Prayers. By the Rev. Ashton Oxenden and the Rev. C. II.
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: : : : :


LONDOX, 23rd August, 1800.
Messrs. R. WOTKYRSPOOX & Co.

48, Dunlop-street, Glasgow.

I have, as requested, to-day visited the Royal
Laundry, with reference to the Advertisement of the Not.

AS INFERIOR KINDS ARE OFTEN SUBSTITUTED. tingham firm, who state that their Starch has been used for,

many years in the Royal Laundry, and have been assured by
Mr. Thompson, the Superintendent, that none but yourselves
have any right to state that they supply Starch to her Ma.
jesty's Laundry, as no other Starch is there uvedl, nor has
been used for some rears, but the Glenfield Patent Starch.

Brother to the Inventor.
I have been further assured that your Starch continues

Privately, or through the Post

£1 1 to give complete satisfaction, and that though trial has been

In Class

0 7 6
made of samples of various Starches, none oi these have been
found nearly equal in quality to the Glenfield.

London : FRED. PITMAN, 20, Paternoster row, E.C.
I am, Dear Sirs,
Your obedient Servant,

Beware of Spurious and Dangerous Compounds sold in Imitation of
Now ready, postage free,


Certain dishonest and unprincipled Chemists piratically apply this name to

worthless compounds-a name is rented and applied by Dr. I. c. Browne, NEW AND CHOICE BOOKS M.R.C.S. (Ex-Army Medical Staff), to his great discovery, which is so extra

ordinarily curative in ConsomPTION, COUGHS, ASTHMA, CROUP, BRONCHITIS, In Circulation at


lies, Invalids, and Travellers, it is indispensable, and medical authority proMUDIE'S SELECT LIBRARY.

nounces it invaluable.

As a proof of its efficacy, a few extracts from numerous testimonials by

physicians and surgeons are given :Also, a List of

From W. VASALIUS PETTIGREW, M.D., Hon. F.R.C.S., England, formerly

Lecturer upon Anatomy and Physiology at St. George's School of Medicine :-SURPLUS COPIES OF RECENT WORKS "I have no hesitation in stating, after a fair trial of Chlorodspe, that I have

never met with any medicine so efficacious as an anti-pasmodic and sedative. Withdrawn from Circulation,

I have used it in Consumption, Asthma, Diarrhoa, and other diseases, and am

most perfectly satisfied with the results." AND OFFERED AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES From Dr. MMILLMAN, of New Galloway, Scotland :-"I consider it the most

valuable medicine known."

G. B. HAYWARD, Esq., Surgeon, Stow-on-ye-Wold :-"I am now giving the
Chlorodyne in twenty-drop doses with marvellous good success in allaying

inveterate sickness in advanced pregnancy." CHARLES EDWARD MUDIE, New Oxford-street, London ; Cross-street,

Dr. M'GRIGOB Crort, late Army Staff, says: “It is a most invaluable Manchester; and New-street, Birmingham.


Dr. GIDBox, Army Medical Staff, Calcutta :-"Two doses completely cured me ing, 10.; Second Book, 24.; Third Book, 8d. Children and Adults can

From C. V. RIDOUT, Esq., Surgeon, Egham: "As an astringent in severe acquire the art of reading common books in one fourth of the time now spent Diarrhea, and an anti-spasmodic in Colic with Cramps in the Abdomen, the in learning, by first going through a course of Phonetie Reading.

reliefis instantaneous. As a sedative in Neuralgia and Tic Douloureux its effects Loudon : FRED, PITYAX, 20, Paternoster-row, E.C.

were very remarkable. In Uterine Affections I have found it extremily valu. able; and I could, if necessary, add many more striking instances of the powerful influence Chlorodyne exerts in controlling disease."

Sold only in bottles, at 28. Id. and 4s. 6d., by the Sole Agent and Manufacturer, TEACHER: a Guide to a Practical aequaintance with the Art of Short. J. T. Davenport, 33, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury-square, London: or sent, hand, bl.; by post, 7d. The Leasons of Students are corrected gratuitously carriage free on receipt of stamps or Post-office Order, and with Professional through the post, by the members of the Phonetic Society.

Testimonials enclosed. None Genuine without the words "Dr. J. Collis Browne's London: FRED. PITMAN, 20, Paternoster-row, E.C.

Chlorodyne" engraved on the Government stamp.

PHONETIC READING: --First Book in Phonetic Read of Diarrhea


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65 & 64, CHE APSIDE,





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Gs. Gs.
Ge. GA. Ge. Horizontal Construction, sound and serviceable
TIorizontal Construction, enamel dial, s holes jewelled 10

Superior Lever (Geneva) 10 jewels

6 Ditto, gold dlal and strong came

12 10
Bennett's London-made Levers

6 Bennett's superior London-made patent Lever-jewelled ... 17 14



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Gr. с

Horizontal Construction, neat and Aat, beautifully
G., Gs. Ga.

graved cases Torizontal Construction, gold dial

8 6 Superior Genera Lerer Patent Lever (Geneva)

10 8

Elegant Shrer Dials, 10s. 6d. extra. Ditto (English), highly finished... 16 14 12 Small London-made Levers

7 The performance of every Watch Guaranteed; all are carefully Examined and Timed for use; and every Watch is adjusted and cleaned at the end of the first year without charge, if it have not been broken, and has never

been in another watchmaker's hands. Every description of Hall, Shop, and Railway station Dials and Clocks -- now first manufactured by Steam Machinery - on very advantageous terms be special contract, in ans quantities, of the best materials and workmanship. Sizes and prices immediately forwarded on application.


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Post-office Orders payable to


are now being reprinted, and will in future be kept constantly on sale.

Now ready, Svo, 128.

CHRUIDSHAEGENDS; or, Miren and Marseis. Gs.

unpublished Letters and Documents. By HEPWORTH Dıxox, Author of Life Penn, Blake, etc. London: JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle-street.

CONTENTS OF NOVEMBER NUMBER :-Literary Intelligence - The Prima HRISTMAS and NEW YEAR GIFTS.-THE Donna's Revenge. Chapter I. By GEORGE AUGUSTUS Sala-Mr. Mudie.

By Joux HOLLINGSHEAD-The Social Science Week at Glasgow-George DR. STEBBING'S LIVES of the ITALIAN POETS. 78. Od.

Fox, the Founder of Quakerism-Contemporary Portraits-George Sand's Last MRS, ELLIS'S MOTHERS of GREAT MEN, 58.

Novel By DUDLEY COSTELLO- The Newspaper Press - General William MRS. ELLET'S WOMEN ARTISTS. 58.

Walker-Recent Explorations in Central Africa-Storm Telegrams. By W.F. THE BENTLEY BALLADS. 5s. BUCKLAND'S CURIOSITIES of NATURAL HISTORY, 1st Series. 68.

TEGETMEIER-The Naturalist in Australasia--The House Fly-Ferns: their BUCKLAND'S CURIOSITIES of NATURAL HISTORY. 2nd Series. 6s.

Cultivation, Teaching, and Literature-Popular Physiology-Alpine Glaciers LAMARTINE'S MEMOIRS of CELEBRATED CHARACTERS. 58.

and Glacier Science - English Books Recently Published – Recent French MITFORD'S RECOLLECTIONS of a LITERARY LIFE. 58.

Books-Recent German Books-Recent American Books. THE LIFE of HENRY POLEHAMPTON, Chaplain of LUCKNOW. 6s.

CONTENTS OF DECEMBER NUMBER: - Literary Intelligence - The Prima RICHARD BENTLEY, New Burlington-street.

Donna's Revenge. By GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA-Fashionable Publishers. By Two rols. post Svo, with Eight Illustrations, price 21s. cloth,

Jour HOLLINGSLEAD-Stories about Doctors-West Highland Legends. By

TURKISH LIFE and CHARACTER. By WALTER GOPAS TORNERTA Gallery of Wits and Beaur-Lord Dundonald's


London : SMITH, ELDER, and Co., 63, Cornhill.

raphy-Scientific -. English Books Recently Published-Recent French Books --Recent German Books-Recent American Books.

CRUIKSHANK. Price 3s. Od.



A Romance. By the Author of the Woman in White, Vignette by Puik. Post Svo, cloth, 59

WONDERFUL THINGS. By CHARLES ALLATOX COLLINS. Vignette by Punz. Post 8vo, cloth, 5s.

of, including several never before given in any collection. choicely printed.

London: JOHN CAMDEN HOTTEN, Piccadilly.


of the SEA and its METEOROLOGY. Rewritten and Enlarged. With Illustrations. Svo, cl. 126.

London : SAMPSON, LOW, SON, and co.


Svo, 108.6d.

BABY MAY, and other POEMS on INFANTS. ls.

London: CHAPMAN and HALL, 183, Piccadilly.

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Men and Women who have, by an extraordinary use of their oppor

TEENTH CENTURY. By the Author of Magdalen Stafford. tunities, benefited their fellow-Creatures. Edited by MATTHEW DAVENPORT

London: BELL and DALDY, 186, Fleet-street.
HILL, Esq., Recorder of Birmingham; with a Preface by Lord BROUGHAM.
Post Svo, Sio pp. cloth, 5s.

Just published, price 8s.
CASSELL, PETTER, and GALPIN, London and New York.

speaketh."-Heb. xi. 4. FOUR VALUABLE DISCOURSES, written and will be published in Monthly Numbers, price 8d. ; in Quarterly Parts,

between the years 1749 and 1750, by the Rev. GEORGE WATson, M.A., Fellow of price 28.; in Complete Volumes, price 89. 6d., sent post free, as the subscriber University College, Oxford; the Tutor and Friend of Bishop Horne; rescued may direct. Subscribers remitting 78.0d. for the year will be supplied regu.

from obscurity by JOHN MATHEW Gurcu, a Lay Member of the Church of larly with the Monthly Numbers or Quarterly Parts, post free.

London : WARD and co., 27, Paternoster-row.

JOHN HENRY and JAMES PARKER, Oxford, and 377, Strand, London.

THE HOMILIST (Third Year) commences Jan. 1, 1861, W ADISIONAREDIVIVUS.

"He being dead, yet

THE MECHANICS' MAGAZINE, PUBLISHED WEEKLY, PRICE 4d. T of Engineering, Agricultural Machinery, manufactures, protecter under the perimento do te the reais pariter

che agisches

and Ship-building. Price 4d.; by post, 5d. Annual sub- is as full and reliable as the Government records, and makes scription (post free), £1 ls. 8d.

it, par excellence, the Inventor's Organ. The Mechanics' Magazine, which has now existed for The Magazine is frequently quoted as an authority by thirty-seven years, has recently been permanently enlarged, the Times and other leading newspapers, and has been and is now the same price, size, and number of pages as the warmly eulogized by the principal literary authorities in the Athenæum.

kingdom. The Magazine since its commencement has borne a con- The Report of the Select Comunittee of the House of Comspicuous part in the promotion of those great undertakings mons on the Arts of Design, says—The Mechanics' Magazine by which practical science has distinguished the last half has conferred lasting advantages on the manufactures of the century.

country.No needful effort or erpense is spared in producing the Sir Charles Wood, a short time since in the House of Magazine. It is well edited, carefully and profusely illus- Commons, spoke of the Magazine as a great and reliable trated, and numbers among its contributors some of the authority; and Lord Brougham, in the House of Lords, ablest scientific writers.

said—The Mechanics' Magazine has, from its commenceThe reputation of the Magazine, as an Engineering Journal, ment, had an extensive circulation, and it communicates, for has long since been established. Of much which relates to fourpence per week, far more valuable information, both new and improved manufactures the Magazine is unquestion- scientific and practical, than was ever before placed within ably the herald. In connexion wit. Ship-building-an art the reach of even those who could afford to pay six times as which, except in their own pages, has been much neglected much for it." the Editors confidently assume the foremost place. And as Sir Robert Peel, in his speech at the Annual Meeting of the time for great improvements in agricultural machinery the Blackburn MechanicsInstitution, said—Iwas reading has manifestly arrived, the Magazine gives, from week to the other day your catalogue, which I hastily scanned, conweek, full and detailed descriptions of all really valuable taining a list of the books and pamphlets of your Institution, implements which are introduced.

and I do not find one which I think you ought to possess In addition to the foregoing, the Magazine publishes Re- -the Mechanics' Magazine. I think it is an admirable ports of the Proceedings of Scientific Societies, Letters from periodical, which should be in every institution designed for Scientific Correspondents, Gossip on the Scientific Events of the welfare of the industrial classes, just to show you that the Week, and such other information as properly belongs to Science is entering into everything in which we are engaged. a Scientific Newspaper.

The Advertisement Department of the Magazine is a good The splendid part played by inventors of every class in channel for bringing everything of a scientific character this country, under the protection of the Patent Laws, is before the public. duly regarded in its columns, in which complete lists and Published every Friday, at the Mechanics' Magazine Officer descriptions of all Patents applied for, granted, and ex.l 166, Fleet-street, London, E.C.

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