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Garibaldi: an Autobiography, Edited by Alexandre Dumas. Translated by Louis-The Anglo-French Calculator; a Ready Reckoner for facilitating Trade

William Robson. New Edition, revised and corrected. Fep. 8vo, bds. 2s. with France. By S. Louis. Fep. 8vo, cloth, sewed, 1s. H. K. Causton. Routledge and Co.

Lowe-Central India during the Rebellion of 1857 and 1858: a Narrative of Opera Gase--The Second French Book: being a Grammar and Exercise Book; and tions of the British Forces from the Suppression of Mutiny in Aurangabad

intended as a Sequel to the First Prenck Book. By Ferdinand E. A. Gase. to the Capture of Gwalior under Major-General Sir Hugh Rose, G.C.B., ete, Fcp. 8vo, cloth 2. od. Bell and Daldy.

and Brigadier Sir C. Stewart, K.C.B. By Thomas Lowe, M.R.C.S.E., LA.C. Genders (The) of French Nouns reduced to Rule. By M. A. H. 2nd edit. 12mo, Medical Officer to the Corps of Madras Sappers and Miners: with Map. Post sewed, 1s. Od. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

8vo, cloth, 18. 63. Longman and Co. Gibbon-the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. By E. Lowe's (John) Series of Fourteen Original Tables, designed

to show the DifferGibbon. With an Introductory Memoir by William Youngman. Imp. Svo, ent Modes of Ruling the various sizes of Sheets of Paper and skins of cloth, 188. W. Tege.

Parchment commonly used for legal instruments. Demy ito, cloth, price Giles. First Lessons in English History. By the Rev. Dr. Giles. New edit. Bs. Maxwell, 32, Bell yard. 18mo, sewed, ed. C. H. Law.

Lytton-Alice, or the

Mysteries. By Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton. New edit. Glen--The Law Relating to the Lincensing of Refreshment and Wine Houses ; icp. dvo, cloth, 2n. dj. Routledge and Co.

and the Wine Licenses and Refreshment Houses Act, 23 Vict. c. 27, Popu: Lytton-- What will he do with It! By Pisistratus Carton. (4 vols.). Val TV larly Explained. By W.C. Glen, Esq. 12mo, sewed 2s. Shaw and Sons. (Bulwer Lytton's Novels, Library Edit.) 12mo, cloth, 5s. Wm. Blackwood Goalen-Four Sermons on the Comfortable Words" in the Omice for the Holy and Sons.

Communion. By Alexander Goalen, B.A. Pep. Svo, cloth, 38. Bell and Mackerel Win. By the Author of Gilbert Grekan, etc. 18mo, cloth, 18. ReliDaldy.

gious Tract Society. Goethe's Correspondence with a Child. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 79. Bd. Trabner and Co. Macready-Leaves from the Olive Mount: Poems. By Catherine Frances B. Goedere cohes Brements of Mechanism, designed for students of Applied Man ecrafrench reading Book, in two parts, on an Improved Plan. By A. Goodly Pearls; or, Choice Extracts from Christian Writers. 18mo, cloth, limp, Manier. 18mo, cloth, reduced to 39. D. Nutt. Od. Religious Tract Society.

Martin-An Encyclopædia of Every-day Knowledge for the Young. By W. Gordon-Dawn and Sunrise:

Brief Notices of the Life and early Death of Martin. New edít. 10mo, cloth, 28.G. Berger. Barbara Sophia Gordon. By C. B., with a Preface by J. C. Colquhoun. Fcp. Maunder's Treasury of Geography. New edit. 12mo, cloth, 108. Longman and

Co. Grindrod - The Compressed Air Bath: a Therapeutic Agent in Various Affec. Mills—The Wine Guide: being Practical Hints on the Purchase and Manage

Spo, cloth, Is. 62. Seeley and Co. tions of the Respiratory Organs and other Diseases. By R. B. Grindrod, M.D. ment of Foreign Wines; their History, and a Complete Catalogue of all Fep. 8vo, sewed, od. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

those in present ase. Together with Remarks a pon the Treatment of Spirits, Gurney-Poems, by Archer Gurney. New and revised Edition. Fep. 8vo, cloth, Bottled Beer, and Cider; to which is appended Instructions for the Cellar, Os. Longman and Co.

etc. By F.C. Mills. 18mo, cloth, limp, 1s. Groombridge and Sons. Hall - The English Counties. By Sydney Hall. With all the Railwayr. Also Minton-The Handbook for Modelling Was Flowers. By John Minton. stk

General Maps of Scotland, Ireland, and Walos. Cr. folio, half-bound, £1 4s. edit. 18mo, cloth, sewed, 1s. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.
Chapman and Hall.

Miranda: a Book divided into Three Parts, entitled Bouls, Numbers, Stars, on Halls--Two Months Arrah in 1857. By John James Halls. 2nd edit. fep. 8vo, the Neo-Christian Religion. With Confirmations of the Old and New cloth, 28.0d. Longman and Co.

Doctrines of Christ, from Wonders hitherto unheeded in the Words and Divi. Handbook (A) for Travellers in South Wales and its Borders, with the River sions of the Bible ; in the Pacts and Dates of History, and in the Positions Wye. With a Map. 12mo, cloth, 58. Bd. Jno. Murray.

and Motions of the Celestial Bodies. Vol. I. containing Parts L. and IL Harding-Robinson-Universal Stenography; or, a New and Practical System 8vo, cloth, Os. James Morgan.

of short-hand. By William Harding. A revised edition by John R. Robin. Mitchel-Popular Astronomy: a Consiso Elementary Treatise on the Sun son. 12mo, sewed 8s.; roan, 8s. Od. John Van Voorst.

Planets, Satellites, and Comets. By O. M. Mitchel. Revised by the Rev. L. Pardman-The Spanish Campaign in Morocco. By Frederick Hardman. Cr. Tomlinson. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 29. 80. Routledge and Co. 8vo, cloth, 6s. Wm. Blackwood and Sons.

Moore (Thos.), his Life, Writings, and Contemporaries. By H. R. Montgomery Harriet Browne's School Days. By the Author of Mountains and Cities, etc. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 9s. Od. H. Newby. New edit. er. 8vo, cloth, 5s. W. R. H. Adamson.

Morrison-Astronomy in a Nutshell. By Lieut. Morrison. Fep. Sro, seved, Is. Hart-Hymns Composed on Various Subjects; with the Author's Experience, G. Berger.

etc. By the Rev. Joseph Hart, New edit. $2mo, cloth, 10d.; roan, 1s. W. Mylne-Plain Words for the Sick and Aged: being Nos. 49 to 73 of "Plain H. Collingridge..

Tracta" in large type. By G. W. Mylne. 3rd series, Icp. 8vo, cloth, ?s. Havet - French Studies; Comprehending Graduated Conversations upon all the Wertheim and Co,

Ordinary Topics of Life, Instantaneous Exercises, and Reading Lessons. Neilonde: an Egyptian Scrap-book. Oblong imp. Sro, cloth, 103, 6d. (W. The whole arranged on an entirely New Plan. By Alfred Havet. Cr. Svo, Robertson, Dublin.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. cloth, 59. Bd. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Nettleton and his Labours: being the Memoir of Dr. Nettleton, by Bennet Hibberd–The Book of the Aquartum:

or, Practical Instructions on the Forma- Tyler; Remodelled in some parts, with Occasional Notes and Extracts, and tion, Stocking, and Management in all Seasons of Collections of Marine and Specimens of his Sermons and Addresses, and an Introduction, by Rev. River Animals and Plants. By Shirley Hibberd. New Edit, revised, etc. Andrew A. Bonar. 2nd edit. fep. Svo, cloth, 48. Od. (T. and T. Clark Pep. 8vo, cloth, Ss. Bd. Groombridge.

Edinburgh.) Hamilton and Co. Hibberd - The Book of the Freshwater Aquarium. By Shirley Hibberd. New Never Despair: a Pastoral Reminiscence., 82mo, sewed, 2d. H. J. Tresidder. edit. fep. Svo, cloth, 28. Groombridge.

New Testament (The) Construed Literally, and Word for Word. By the fier Hibberd - The Book of the Marine Aquarium. By Shirley Hibberd. New edit. Dr. Giles. Vol. II. Part II. Epistles of St. Paul (Dr. Giles's key to the fep. 8vo, cloth, 39. Groombridge.

Classics). 13mo, cloth, sewed, 28. 63. Jas. Cornish. High Church. ? vols. post Svo, cloth, 918. Hurst and


Nicolaides-An Evangelical and Eregetical Commentary upon Select Portions Holland - The Unloved One: a Domestic Story. By Mr. 8. Hofland. Fcp. 8vo, of the New Testament, founded on the Writings of Nicephorus Theotoces bds. 24. (Railway Library, Vol. CCVIII.) Routledge and Co.

By the Rev. Archimandrites 8. Nicolaides, Minister of the Greek Church Horace-Currie-Notes on Horace, Explanatory, Critical, and Grammatical, from Liverpool. 19 vols.) Vol. I. 8vo, cloth, 155. Longman and Co.

the best Commentators, Ancient and Modern, with Original Matter. By Northcote Fables, Original and selected. By J. Northcote, R.A. Fcp. Sro Joseph Currie. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 49. Griffin and Co.

cloth, limp, 25. Od. Routledge and Co. Horace-Currie-The Works of Horace, with English Notes. By Joseph Currie. Notes on the Greek Text of the Epistle of Paul to Philemon, as the basis of a Fep. 8vo, bound, ls. Griffin and Co.

Revision of the Common English Version, and a revised Version with Notes Horner - A Century of Despotism in Naples and Sicily. By Susan Horner. 12mo, cloth, %s. (New York.). Trubner and Co. 12rno, cloth, 39. Bd. Edmonston and Douglas, Edinburgh.

Old Jonathan; or, the District and Parish Helper. Vol. IV. Folio, sewed, Is. 6. Humble-Dictionary of Geology and Mineralogy;

comprising such Terms in W. H. Collingridge. Natural History as are connected with the Study of Geology. By William Oliphant-Agnes Hopetoun's Schools and Holidays: the Experiences of Humble. _8vo, cloth, 12s. Griffin and Co.

Little Girl. By Mrs. Oliphant. Cheaper edit. royal 16mo,

cloth, 5s. Nec Hunter-An Introduction to the Writing of Précis or Digests, an applicable to millan and Co.

Narratives of Facts or Historical Events, Correspondence, Official Docu- Oliver and Boyd's Scottish Tourist : a Hand-book to the Picturesque Scenery, ments, and General Composition: with numerons Examples and Exercises, Cities and Towns, Historical Places, Works of Art, and Antiquities of Seot ad: ted specially for the use of Candidates the Civil Service Examina

land. 20th edit. ord revised and in great part re-written. Hlustrated tions. By the Rev. John Hunter, M.A., formerly Vice Principal of the with Maps, Plans, and

thirty-seven Engravings on steel, 19mo, cloth, limp, National Society's Training College, Battersea. 12mo, cloth, 2. Longman Bs. Bd. (Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. and Co.

Oliver and Boyd's Guide to Moffatt and its neighbourhood, the Gray Mare's Hunter-Key to the Elements of Mensuration, containing Demonstrative Solu- Tail, St. Mary's Loch, etc. With the Railway Routes from Edinburgh and tions of all the Exercises in that Treatise. By the Rev. John Hunter (Gleig's Glasgow to Carlisle. 12mo, cloth, limp,

6d. Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh.) School Series). 18mo, sewed, ed. Longman and Co.

Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Hurd--Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Right Rev. Richard Hurd, D.D. Oliver and Boyd's Guide to the West Highlande, including Oban, Staffe, Ions

Lord Bishop of Worcester: with a Selection from his Correspondence and Inverary, Caledonian Canal, Inverness, etc. With Map and View of Staff other Unpublished Papers. By the Rev. Francis Kilvert, M.A. 8vo, cloth, 19mo, cloth, 1s. (Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. 12s. R. Bentley.

Orbs of Light (The) or the Apocalyptic Vision. By a Lady. Fcp. 8vo, cloth Hutton

A Course of Mathematics, composed for the Use of the Royal Military 58. Wertheim and Co. Academy. By c. Hutton, LL.D., etc. A New and Carefully Corrected Organ-Accordian Tutor (The), containing all the necessary Instructions, and a Edition. By Willian Rutherford. 8vo, cloth, 13s. William Tegg.

large collection of Tunes. Oblong royal 8vo, sewed, 1s. Music Publishing Hymns for Infant Minds. By Ann and Jane Taylor. 45th edit. 18mo, cloth, Company: 18. Bd. Jackson and Walford.

Our Farm of Four Acres. New. edit, fop. 8ro, bds. 23. Chapman and Hall. Is it Peace, Jehu! or, Bonapartism. By an Es.Cabinet Minister. Cr. Svo, Oxenden-The Earnest Communicant. By the Rev. A. Orenden. New edit cloth, 109. Bd. T.C. Newby.

18mo, cloth, sewed, ls. Wertheim and Co, Jenkinson - The Universality, and Unchangeableness of Jehovah's Laws: a Oxenden-Portraits from the Bible: Old Testament Series. By the Rev. A.

Poem. By the Rev. J. Jenkinson. 8vo, sewed, sd. Simdin, Marshall, and Co. Oxenden. Yep. 8vo, cloth, 8g. Wertheim and Co. Jocko, the Brazilian Ape. Adapted from the German. By Madame de Chata: Paley-The Works of William Paley, D.D. A new edit. with Notes, etc. Royal lain. Oblong fop. 8vo, bds. 1s. J. Myers and Co.

vo, cloth, 12s. Wm. Tegs. Jones --Turnip Husbandry.. A Series of Papers on the Culture and Application Peacock-The Beauties of Llangollen and Chirk; with a supplementary Chap

of that Important Root. By David F. Jones, with Preface by Professor ter on Wrexham. By W. F. Peacock. 12mo, sewed, 2d. G. Vicars. Johnstone. New edit. fcp. 8vo, sewed, Od. (W. Robertson, Dublin.) | Pinches--The Practical Elocutionist: an Extensive Collection of Recitaticas Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

By C. H. Pinches. 3rd edit.

revised and corrected, 12mo, cloth, ts. W Just-The German Reading Book; consisting of German Tales, Anecdotes, Kent and Co.

Fables, and Poetry, progressively arranged for beginners; with a Complete Pinks_Country Trips: a series of Descriptive Visits to Places of Interest in Vocabulary at the foot of the pages, and an Appendix of Gerinan Expletives. various parts of England. By W. J. Pinks. 18mo, sewed, Od. cloth, ls. J. By Wolfgang Heinrich Just, German Master to the City Grammar School, T. Pickburn.

and at the New College, Bristol. 12mo, cloth, Ss. Ad. Longman and Co. Plain or Ringlets? By the Author of Handley Cros, etc.; with Ilustrations by Juvenile (The) Museum of Entertainment and Instruction. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 2s. John Leech. Svo, cloth, 148. Bradbury and Evans. H. Lea.

Poole-The Genesis of the Earth and of Man; or, the History of Creation and Kavanagh-How I Won the Victoria Cross. By T. H. Kavanagh. Cr. 8vo, bds. the Antiquity

and Races of Mankind, considered on Biblical and other 28. Ward and Lock.

grounds. Edited by Reginald 5. Poole. 2nd edit. Revised and Enlarged Kemp_ Rachel Cohen, the Usurer's Daughter. By Mrs. Kemp. Illustrated by Cr. 8vo, cloth, Bs. Williams and Norgate,

Birket Foster. New edit. 19mo, cloth, 25.01. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Practical Time Tables (Monthly Oficial Red Book) of Continental Rells, to Kerr-Learn to Live: Firstlings from the Pen of a Working Man. By Robert aceompany the "Practical Guides." Post Bvo, sewed, 3d. Longman and Co. Kerr. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 8s. Houlston and Wright.

Practical Through-Routes. General Continental Guide (to accompany and Kugler-Waagen-Handbook of Painting. The German, Flerpish, Dutch connect "Murray's Hand-books"). 4th edit, fep, 8vo, sewed, 18. Longman

Schools, based on the Handbook of Kugler. Enlarged, and for the most and Co. part re-written. By Dr. Wangen. With illustrations. ; vols, post, Svo, Prescott-History, Theory, and Practice of the Electric Telegraph. By George cloth, As. J. Murray.

B. Prescott.Cr. 8vo, cloth, 108. Od. Trubner and Co. Lambs of Christ's Plock, with three illustrations. End edit. 18mo, cloth, Ilmp. Prior--Ancient Danish Ballads, translated from the Originals by R. C. Alexander 0d. Wertheim and Co.

Prior, M.D. 8 vols. 8vo, cloth, 318.0d. Williams and Norgate. Langley-Narrative or a Residence at the Court of Meer Ali Moored, with Wild Procter-Literary Reminiscences and Gleanings. By Richard Wright Proeter.

Bports in the Valley of the Indus, By Edward Archer Langley. Illustrated. With Illustrations by Jas, Stephenson and Wm. Morton. Crown Sro, cloth, 9 vols. 8vo, cloth, sog. Hurst and Blackett.

49. (T. Dinman and Co, Manchester). Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Lankester The Uses of Animals in relation to the Industry of Man, being Purday-One Hundred and One Punim and Hymn Tunes, arranged in Short Lectures delivered at the South Kensington Museum by E. Lankester, M.D. Score for Four Voices and Organ, Piano,

or Private Devotional Use. Selected First Course. Cr. 8vo, sewed, ls. R. Hardwicke.

and Arranged by Charles H. Purday.Square, 10mo, cloth Ilmp, lk. RoulLife in a Whaler; or, Perils and Adventures in the Tropical Seas. By Sailor ledge and Co. Charley. 12mo,

cloth, gilt,

38.6d. Ward and Lock. London Journal (The) and Weekly Record of Literature, Science, and Art.

Pycroft-Twenty Years in the Charch: an Autoblography. By the Rer. James

Pycroft. 3rd edit. fep. 8vo, cloth, 108. od. L. Booth. Vol. XXXI. Koyai sto, cioth, 13.0d. G. Vickers

Ramble at the Antipodes. New edit. Pcp. 8vo, bds. 2s. Ward and Locke,


Railway Library, Vol. CCVIII. The Life of a Sallor. By Captain F. Chamier, Webster-A Critical and Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language R.N. A new edit. Fop. Svo, bds. 2s. Routledge and Co.

New and Improved edit, for the use of Colleges and Schools. By Noah, Rawlinson-The Historical Evidences of the Truth of the Seripture Records; Webster. Enlarged for General Use by Chauncey A. Goodrich. Cr. 18mo,

being the Baropton Lectures for 1859. By the Rev. Geo. Rawlinson. and cloth, 3s. Bd. W. Tegg. edit. 8vo. cloth, 14s. J. Murray.

Webster's Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language. Edited by Dr. Reid-Quadrureds : What they are, and where found. A Book of Zoology for Nuttall. A new edit. fcap. 8vo, canvas, ls. Routledge and Co.

Boys. By Capt. Mayne Reid. hlustrated by William Harvey. Imp. lomo, Warneford-Tales of the Slave Squadron. By Lieut. Warneford. (Parlour eloth gilt, os. c. H. Clarke.

Library, Vol. CCXVII.) Fcp. Sro, bds, 2n. C. H. Clarke. Reid-The Wood Rangers, from the French of Bellamare. By Capt. Mayne Wellington-Supplementary Dispatches, Correspondence, and Memoranda of

Reid. New edit. fcp. 8vo, bds. 25.; Illustrated, sro, cloth, 88. 01. H. Lea. F.M. Arthur, Duke of Wellington. Edited by his son, the Duke of Revival (The): * Weekly Record of Events connected with the Present Wellington, K.G. Vol. VI. including Denmark, Mexico, and the Peninsula.

Revival of Religion. Vol. II. Small 4to, cloth, sewed 28. Morgan and 8vo, cloth, 90s. Jno. Murray.

Wetherill-The Manufacture of Vinegar, its Theory and Practice,

with special Robertson-The Works of William Robertson, D.D. With Life by D. Stewart. reference to the quick process. By Charles M. Wetherill. Cr. 8vo, cloth, Imp. Svo, cloth, 188. W. Tegg.

78. Od. Trubner and Co. Ronses Practical Man: giving nearly 400 carefully prepared Forms in Legal Whately – The Parish Pastor. By Richard Whately. 12mo, cloth, 56. J. W.

Matters requiring prompt attention. 9th edit. By Rolla Rouse. Oblong Parker and Son. 18mo, cloth, 8s. Od. W. Maxwell.

White-A History of France from the Earliest Times to 1848. By the Rey. Routledge's Everlasting Primer. No. 1, Alphabet. No. 2, Little Words. Imp. James White. 2nd edit. Post Svo, cloth, es. Blackwood and Sons. 10mo, cloth, limp, d. each. Routledge and Co.

Whitehead-Driver -- Lectures chiefly on subjects

relating to Literary, and Routledge's Church and Home Metrical Psalter and Hymnal, containing One Scientific and Mechanics Institutes. By H. Whitehead, T.C. Whitehead,

Hundred and One Psalm and Hymn Tunes adapted to Six Handred and and W. Driver. cap. 8vo, cloth, 3.0d. Bosworth and Harrison. Forty Psalms and Hymns. Edited by Charles H. Purday. Square, 18mo, Wightwick-Hints to Young Architects. By George Wightwick. Second Issue. cloth, 2. Routledge and Co.

Cr. 8vo, cloth, 78. Lockwood and Co. Roweroft -The Bushranger, or Mark Brandon the Convict. By Charles Row. Wills--The Eagle's Nest: a Summer Home in an Alpine Valley; together with

croft. (Hodgson's New Series of Novels.). Fop. Svo, bds. 2s. T. Hodgson. some Excursions among the Great Glaciers. By Alfred Willis, of the Middle Sala- A Narrative of the Target Shooting at Wimbledon, in the week commene. Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law; author of Wanderings among the High Alpu.

ing July 2, and the Distribution of the Prizes at the Crystal Palace, July , With 12 Illustrations, Drawn on Stone by Hanhart, from Sketches and Pho1800: Algo'a Narrative of the Grand Volunteer Review in Hyde Park, on tographs by Mr. and Mrs. Wills; and a Map. Post Svo, cloth, 12s. Od. LongSaturday, June 23, 1860. By George Augustus Sala. Cr. 8vo, sewed, od. man and Co. Dean and Son.

Wild Sports of the West. By the Author of Stories of Waterloo. A new Salisbury School Register (The). Folio, sewed, 8d. Simpkin, Marshall, and edition. Fcap. 8vo, bds. Is. Bd. Routledge and Co. Co.

Wilson-Nelson's Handbook to Scotland for Tourists. Ilustrated by Maps, Sauer-The Modern French Syllabic, in which the Sounds and Articulations of Plans, and Views. By the Rev. Jno. M. Wilson. Post 8vo, cloth limp, ds. d.

the Language are Methodically Arranged. By Professor Joseph Saner. 3rd T. Nelson and Sons. edit, carefully revised. Fep. 8vo, cloth, Is. Bal. C. H. Law.

Windsor-Ethica; or, Characteristics of Men, Manners, and Books. By Arthur Savile

Night and Day: a Novel. By the Hon. Stuart Savile. 3 vols. post Svo, Lloyd Windsor. Svo, cloth, 12s. Smith, Elder, and Co. cloth, Sls. 61. Hurst and Blackett.

Worboise-Helen Bury: or, the Errors of my Early Life, Ry Emma Worboise. Scattered Pearls Strung Together, being an Arrangement of the Precepts, Illustrated by Birket Foster. New edit. 12mo, cloth, 2s. &d. Simpkin, Mar. Promises, Judgments, Complaints, Prayers, Praises, and Meditations,

con shall, and Co. tained in the Book of Psalms. 2nd edit. fep. 8vo, cloth, sewed, 1s. 8. Low, Wynne-- Private Libraries of New York. By James Wynne, M.D. 8vo, hakSon, and Co.

bound, 258. New York: Trubner and Co. Scenes from Life. By S. S. B. 10mo, cloth, sewed, Is. Hamilton and Co. Wynter-Curiosities of Civilization, reprinted from the Quarterly and Edinburyd Scott-Anne of Gierstein, or the Maiden of the Mist. By Sir Waltor Scott. Fcp. Reviers. By Andrew Wynter, M.D. Cr. 8vo, cloth, os. Robert Hardwicke. 8vo, bds. ls. Bd.; cloth, 2s. A. and C. Black.

Yarns for Green Hands: a 1reatise on Practical Yachtsmanship. By VanderScott-The Waverley Novels. By Sir Walter Scott. Vol. XXV.: The Pirate, decken. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 78. Od. Hunt and Co.

Vol. II. Illustrated, 12mo, cloth, 4s. 6d. A. and C. Black. Scott-The Waverley Novels. By Sir Walter

Scott. Vol. XXVI.:

The Fortunes of Nigel, Vol. I. Hlustrated. 12mo, cloth, 4s. Od. A. and C. Black. Schnorr's Bible Pictures ; Scripture History Ilustrated in One Hundred and

RECENT FRENCH BOOKS.* Eighty Woodcuts from Original Designs. By Julius Schnorr. Complete in A bas Rigolboche! 2nd edit. ls. one vol. Royal 4to, hall bound, 40s. Williams and Norgate.

Adhémar-Traite Pratique de la Construction des Chemins de fer a Chevaus Scripture (The) Text Book and Treasury. Complete in one vol. New edit. fep. (tramways). 8vo, 45. vo, limp, 2s. Bd. Groombridge and Sons.

Aimard-Curumilla. Ss. Od. Sermons-Twenty-five Sermons by Twenty-five Bristol Ministers of various Aimard-La Fièvre d'Or. Ss. 61. Christian Denominations. 12mo, cloth, $s. Wertheim and Co.

Andrt s. P. N. Andred, Cretensis Archiepiscopi Opera quæ reperiri potuerunt Shepherd--Ellen Seymour, or "The Bud and the Flower.". By Saville Shepherd. omnia. Vol. 1. Patrologiæ Græcæ. Vol. 07. 8s.

Mustrated by Birket Forster. 12mo, cloth, 28. Od. Simpkin, Marshall, and Assolant-La Mort de Roland. 2.

Armengaud - Nouveau Cours de Dessin Industriel Appliqué Principalement a Sherwood-Boys will be Boys; or the DiMculties of a Schoolboy's Life: a School. la Mécanique et a l'Architecture. 45 plates, with text, 25.

boy's Mission. By Mrs Sherwood and her daughter, Mrs. Kelly. Fcp. 8vo, Barrau-Morale Pratique. New edit., 1s. cloth gilt, 8s. Od. Milner and Sowerby.

Beaugrand-La Médicine Domestique et la Pharmacie usuelle. New edit., 29. Sidney-The Miscellaneous Works of Sir Philip Sidney, Knt., with a Life of the Bernoid-Etudes et Paralleles des Mots. Ss.

Author and Illustrative Notes. By W. Gray. Svo, cloth, 14. (Boston U.S.) Bonnafont-Traité des Maladies de l'Oreille, etc. 22 plates. Os.
Trabner and Co.

Boulmier-Corrigé des Elements de la Grammaire Grecque de Dübner. Is. Sidney. Grey:

a Tale of School Life. By the Author of Mia and Charlie. 2nd Caboche-Marguerite de Valois. 89. Od. edit. sep. 8vo, cloth, s. 6d. Lockwood and Co.

Carlier-Le Mariage aux Etats-Unis. 2s. Sinclair-Sketches and Stories of Wales and the Welsh. By Catherine Sinclair. Casse-Mémoires et Correspondance Politique et Militaire du Prince Euègne.

(“Run and Read Library.") Fep. 8vo, bds. 29. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Tome X. (last), 6s. Sinclair-The Journey of Life. By Catherine Sinclair. 9th edit. fep. Svo, cloth Cicéron-Les Catilinaires, avec Traduction. 28. gilt, 8s. Bl. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Claveau-Nouvelles Contemporaries. 2s.
Sketches of the African Kingdoms and Peoples. 12mo, cloth, 4s. S.P.C.K. Cousin--Du Vrai du Beau et du Bien. New edit. 3s. 60.
Smart-Songs of Labour and Domestic Lite; with Rhymes for Little Readers. Damaschino. Traité des Magasins Généraux (Docks), et des Rentes Publiques

By Alexander Smart. Fep. 8vo, cloth, Ss. Bd. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. des Marchandises en Gros. Bs.
Smith - Exercises on Arithmetic. Part 1. By the Rev. Barnard Smith, M.A. D'Aurevilly-Les Prophétes du Passé. 35.
Cr. 8vo, cloth, sewed, 18. Macmillan and Co.

Demolombe-Traité des Successions. Vol. V. The five vols. 408.
Smith-Watchword for Christians. No. I. Watch and Pray. No. II. Fear Not. Demnolombe-Traité de l'Absence. New edit. 88.
By Rev. Jas. Smith. 83mo, sewed, 22. each. H. J. Tresidder.

Deville-Excursions dans l'Inde. 35. d.
Smith-The Believer's Daily Remembrancer; or, Pastor's Morning Visit. By Enault-L'Amour en Voyage. 2s.

the Rev. Jas. Smith. New edit. fep. Svo, cloth, gilt, Ss. (d. (K. Edwards, Eschyle-Les Sept Contre Thèbes, avec Traduction. Is. 62. Cheltenham.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Figuier-Histoire du Merveilleux dans les Temps Modernes. Vol. II. Ss. Bd. Smith-Wild Oats and Dead Leaves. By Albert Smith. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 58. Forgues-Le Rose et le Gris. 29. Chapman and Hall.

Forgues-Histoire de Nelson. 8s. 61. Smith-Mont Blanc, By Albert Smith. New edit, with a Memoir of the Author Gérardy-Saintine-Trois Ans en Jerusalem. Ss. Bal. by Edmund Yates. Pep. Svo, bds, ?s. Ward and Lock.

Goldenberg-La France et l'Angleterre devant le Traité de Commerce. Is. 62. Snowdon : & Journey Due North Wales, for Summer Excursionists. By a Heuzé-Les Plantes Industrielles. ls. Pedestrian Tourist. Cr. Svo, sewed, &d. W. Kent and Co.


Quatre Chant, avec Traduction. Is. Spring Buds and Autumn Leaves. Poems. By A. W. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 5s. Hommaire de Hell-Voyages dans les Steppes de la Mer Caspienne et dans la Hurst and Blackett.

Russie Mériodionale. 88. od. Stainton- The Natural History of the Tineina. Vol. V. containing

Coleophora, Humboldt-Lettres & Varnhagen von Ense 1827-1828, accompagnées du Journal
Part II. By H. T. Stainton, assisted by Professor Zeller, J. W. Douglas, and de Varnhagen et de Lettres Diverses, Os.
Professor Frey. 8vo, cloth, 198.00. J. Van Voorst.

Jauffret-Catherine II. et Son Regne. 2 vols. 12s.
Stephen-Essays in Ecclesiastical Biography. By the Right Hon. Sir Jas. La Beame-Jeunesse. ls.
Stephen. Ath edit. 8vo, cloth, 148. Longman and Co.

Lalande-Tables de Logarithmes à Cinq Decimales. 28.
Step by Step: or, the Good Fight. 12mo, cloth, Is. Bd. R. Bentley.

Laroque-Sayssinal-Des Faillites et Banqueroutes. ? vols. 119. Stone-A Handbook to the Christian Year, for Young People. By Mrs. Stone. Legouvé-Edith de Falsen : l'Education d'un Pere. Un lache, 29. 18mo, cloth, 29. od. Masters.

Letronne-Mélanges d'Erudition et de Critique Histoire. 5s. Tegg's First French Book for Children. Designed for Schools and Families. Maury-Le Magie et l'Astrologie dans l'Antiquité et au Moyen Age. 78. 18mo, bds. Bd. W. Tege:

Maynard - Saint Vincent de Paul, sa Vie, son Temps, ses Euvres,

son Influence. Thompson-An Outline of the Necessary Laws of Thought: a Treatise on Pure 4 vols. 288.

and Applied Logic. By William Thompson. 5th edit. fep. Svo, cloth, 68. &d. Montalembert-De l'Avenir Politique de l'Angleterre. New edit. 38. Longman and Co.

Morin-Leçons de Mécanique Pratique. New edit. 78. 60. Thompson-A Sight of Christ; or, the Sinner's Blessedness. By Rev. D. Yunier-Maison Bonaparte Devenue Impériale de France. bs. Thompson, 32mo, sewed, sd. H. J. Tresidder.

Nettement-Histoire de la Restauration. Tome I. et III. 14s. Thoughts for Holy Seasons. Translated and Abridged from Tholuck's Hours Omatre-Thomassine Spinola, ou Louis XII. en Italie. 2s. of Devotion. 18mo, cloth, limp, Is. Bd. Wertheim and Co.

Pallu-Les Gens de Mer. 2s. Tracts for the People. By the author of Tracts for the Poor. 18mo, cloth, limp, Pichot (Amédée) - Arlésiennos, Chroniques, Légendes contes et Souvenirs BioIs. W. H. Collingridge.

graphiques et Litteraires. 4s. 6a. Tracts for the Poor. By the author of Nothing to Pay. 18mo, cloth, limp, 1s. Reclus-Guide du Voyageur à Londres. 10.; bound, 11s. Bd. W. H. Collingridge.

Renaut-Rose André is Trench-Notes on the Parables of our Lord. By Richard Chenevix Trench. Rivière Pierrot-Cain, ls, Eighth edit. 8vo, bds. 12s. J. W. Parker and Son.

Stahl-De Paris a Baden, Voyage d'un Etudiant et ses Suites variés. 8. Od. True Love rernu Fashion; or, the Flirt's Fallure; also, Brown's Daughter, and Veuillot-Melanges Religieux, Historiques, Politiques, et Litteraires. Ze scrie,

Husband and Wife. By the Author of Nothing to Wear. and edit. 12mo, tome IV., Os.
Is. Ward and Lock.

Vitu-Contes a Dormir Debout. 2s.
Universal Decorator. Edited by John Wilson Ross. Ilustrated by William Wailly--Les Deux Filles de M. Debreuil. 2 vols. As.

Gibbs. Second Series. Vol. II. 4to, cloth, 7s. 62. Houlston and Wright. Weill--Histoires du Village. 2s.
Useful Library : Novelties, Inventions, and Curiosities in Arts and Manufac Windham-Nouvelle Grainmaire anglaise simplifiée. 86.

tures. A new edit. Pop. 8vo, canvas, ls. Od. Routledge and Co.
Vaughan-Memorials of Harrow Sunday; 4 Selection of Sermons Preached in

the Chapel of Harrow School. By Charles J. Vaughan. And edit. or, 8vo, cloth, 109. 6d. Macmillan and Co.

RECENT GERMAN BOOKS. Vaughan-Sermons on the Resurrection, with a Preface. By the Rev. David J. Andree (K.) Forschungsreisen in Arabien und Ost Africa nach den Entdeckaughan. Fep. 8vo, cloth, 8s. Macmillan and Co.

ungen v. Burton, Speke, Krapf, etc. Vol. I. 8vo, Os. Od. Walcott- A Guide to the Coasts of Esser, Suffolk, and Norfolk, Descriptive of Barth's (H.) Reise von Trapezunt durch die nördliche Hülfte Klein-Asiens

Scenery, Historical, Legendary, and Archäological. By Mackenzie Wallcott. nach Scutari im Herbst 1850. (Supplement to Petermann's Mittbeilun.

Pep. 8vo, cloth, 2. E. Stanford.
Walker Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language. Edited by Dr

gen.) Ss. Od. Nuttall. A new edit. fep. Svo, cloth, 28. Routledge and Co. Webster's Pocket Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language. New and Supplied by Messrs. L. Hachette and Co., Importers of French Books, King

revised edit. 83mo, bda. Is.; cloth, Is. d. and 23. 6d. ; roan, 88. Ward and william-street, Strand, London. Lock.

+ Supplied by Mr. D. Nutt, Foreign Bookseller, 270, Strand, London.


Bender (I.) Repetitorium des gesammten gemeinen Rechts im Auszuge, con- Schimper (W. Ph.) Icones Morphologicae atque Organographicae Introdue

taining: Geschichte des römischen Privatrechts, Pandekten, Deutsches tionem Synopsi Muscorum Europaeorum praemissam Illustrantes. 4to, Recht, etc. Svo, 78.

bds, us, 6. Cannstatt's Jahresbericht aber die Fortschritte in der gesammten Medicin in Statz, Kirchliche Bauwerke im Gothischen Style. Twelve Parts, complete, each

allen Ländern im J. 1850. Red. v. Scherer, Virchow u. Eisenmann. S88, 6d.

Strauss (D. F.) Dich v. Hutten. Vol. III. containing: Gesprache von Ulrich Cannstatt's Jahresbericht aber die Fortsehritte in der Pharmacie u. verwandten von Hutten, ubersetzt u. erlautert. Svo, 75.

Wissenschaften in allen Ländern im J. 1859. Neue Folge. Vol. IX., Part I. Tendlau (A.) Sprichworter u. Redensarten Deutsch-Judischer Vorzeit. Als Ho, Bs. 6.

Beitrag zur Volks., Sprach,, u. Sprichworter Kunde, Svo, 5s. 64. Cannstatt's Jahresbericht über die Leistungen i den physiologischen Wissen Verzeichniss der Bucher, Landkarten, etc., Welche vom Januar bis zum Juni, schaften in allen Landern im J. 1859. 4to, 6s. 0d.

1800, neu erschienen oder neu aufgelegt worden sind, etc. 8vo, fine paper. Die vorzäglichsten Rostungen und Waffen der K. K. Ambrager Sammlung. In

Original Photographien von And. Groll. Mit historisch beschreibendem Vogt (C.) Grundriss der Geologie. Svo, 8s.
Text von Dr. Ed. Freih. von Backen. Twelve parts, ench with Eight Walter (F.) Geschichte des Romisehen Rechts bis auf Justinian. Srd edit.
Photographs. Folio, £10 10s.

2 vols. 8vo, 18. Dudik (B.) Mahrens allgemeine Geschichte. Vol. I. Von den altesten Zeiten Weber (J.) das Recht der Unehelichen Geburt in der Schweiz, sro, 85. od. bis zum J. 06. Svo, 108. Od.

West (Ch.) uber Plotzlichen Tod in der Kindheit. Veber Gehirnerscheinung, Gmelin's (L.) Handbuch der Chemie bearbeitet u. hrsg. von K. Krant. 4th edit. Unabhangig von Gehirnlasionem, Vortrage. From the English. Sro, is Parts 55 to 57. 8vo, each Is. Od.

Ziegler (A.) meine Reisen im Norden. In Norwegen, auf den Orkney. u. Shet. Graefe (C.) Hippologische Karte von Preussen. Lithographed and Coloured. land-Inseln, in Lappland u- Schweden. vols. 8vo, 108.64.

Jmp. folio, Ss. d. Grapow (W. das Stationsgebäude zu Breslau fur die Oberschlesische u. in Breslau-Posen-Glogauer Eisenbahn. Large folio, bds. 75.

RECENT AMERICAN BOOKS. Hiller (P. Vebungen zum Studium der Harmonie u. des Contrapunktes. and Appleton

ohustrated Handbook of American Travel. N. York, 1848, PP. 46.

Canadian Naturalist and Geologist. Vol. V., No.3. Montreal, June, 1800. SF, Kiepert (H.) Neuer Hand-Atlas aber alle Theile der Erde. Ten Parte, complete, sewed, 8s. imp. folio, eloth, £3 8s.

Coppee (Henry A. M.) - The Select Academic Speaker. Philadelphia, 1800, pp. Kunze (C.F.) der Kindermord. Historisch u. kritisch dargestellt. 8vo, Bs. 6d. Langhans (C.F.) das Victoria Theater in Berlin. Imp. folio, with Text, Os. Gd. Craik (Rev. James, D.D.)-Old and New. N. York, 1860, pp. 283. 12mo, cloth, Magerstedt (A P.) Bulder aus der Römischen Landwirthschant. Vol. III. Die Os. Viehzucht der Romer. Part II. 59.

Crum (Rev. George) - The Mount of Blessing; or, lectures on the Beatitudes. Mayr (G.) Specielle Reise-Karte vom Bayerisehen Hochland, Nord-Tyrol, Salz. Edited by the Rev. Dr. Clark. Cincinnati, pp. 235. Fep: Svo, cloth, 3s. 6.

burg u. Salzkammergut. New edit. coloured, imp. folio, mounted in case, Dennison (Mary A.)-The Days and Ways of the Cocked Hats. N, York, Isco, 5s. 03.

pp. 888 12mo, cloth, 7. Mayr (G.) Hand u. Reise-Karte y. Italien nebst den Alpenländern. New edit. Emmons (Nathaniel, D.D.) – The Works of, with Life. Edited by Dr. Ide. Vol. coloured, imp. folio, mounted in case, 3s. GJ.

III. Boston, 1891), pp. 619. Svo, cloth, 138. Mayr (G.) Specielle Reise- u. Gebirgs-Karte vom Lande Tyrol m. den angren. Fairfield (Caroline E.) -Our Bible Class. N. York, 1960, PP. 352. 12mo, cloth zenden Theilen v. Sadbayern, Salzburg, der Schweiz u. Ober- Italien. New

os. Bd, edit, coloured, imp, folio, mounted in case, 10s. 6d.

Mason (Lowell, Dr.)– The People's Tune Book. N. York, 1800, pp. 801. Oblong Mayr (G.) Specielle Reise-Karte v. Sad-Tyrol m. den angrenzenden Ländern. 4to, cloth, 6s. New edit. coloured, imp. folio, mounted in ease, Os.

Parsons, The Law of Contracts. Boston, 1800, PP. 782, 011. 2 vols. royal Srey, Moller (G. W.) Geschichte der Kosmologie in der Griechischen Kirche bis auf cloth, 60s.

Origines. 'Mit Specialuntersuchungen uber die Gnostischen Systerne. Svo, Pendeton (Rev. W. N., D.D. --Science a Witness for the Bible. Philadelphis, 109.

1800, pp. 350. 12mo, cloth, Os. Od. Mollhausen (B.) Reisen in die Felsengebirge Nord-Amerikas bis zum Hoch- Porter (James, D.D.) - Kevivals of Religion. N. York, 1800, pp. 250. Pep. Sra

Plateau von Neu-Mexico, unternommen als Mitglied der im Auftrage der cloth, 28.0d.
Regierg, der Vereinigten Staaten ausgesandten Colorado-Expedition. Vol. 1. Prescott (George B.) - History, Theory, and Practice of the Electrie Telegraph.
Large 8vo, 11s.

Boston, pp. 488. Cr: Sve, cloth; 10. 64.
Nathusius (M.) Dorfund Stadtgeschichten. 2nd edit. 8vo, Ss. Od.

Scientific American. Vol. II. (New Series.) N. York, pp. 414. Folio, cloth, Pfaff (E. R.) Anleitung zur Vornahme gerichtsärztlicher Blut-Untersuchun. 12s. gen. Nach dem gegenwärt. Standpunkte der Medicina forensis u. nach Wetherill (Charles M., M.D.).

The Manufacture of Vinegar: its Theory and eigenen Erfahrungen bearbeitet. Svo, 1s. 6d.

Practice. Philadelphia, 1800, pp. 300. Cr. Svo, cloth, 70. 61, Preasler (R. M.) Mathematische Brieftasche mit Ingenieur-Messknecht zur Wise (Rev. D.)-The Path of Life. N. York, pp. 244. Fop. svo, cloth, ks.

Erleichterung, Belebung u. Befruchtung der Wissenschaft, des Unterrichts Wise Rev. D.)-The Young Man's Counsellor. N. York, pp. 255. Pep. Svo, u. der Praxis. 8vo, cloth, 78.

cloth, 4s. Reise Ihrer Majestaten Franz Joseph und Elizabeth durch Karnthen im Sep. Wise (Rev. D.)

The Young Ladies' Counsellor. N. York, pp. 951. Pep. Sro, tember, 1856. 34 Lithographs, many coloured, and 91 Pp. text, folio, ele- cloth, 4s. gantly bound, 85s.

Wright (Elizabeth C.)-Lichen Tufts from the Alleghanies. N. York, pp. I. Retzsch (M.) Gallerie zu Shakspeare's Dramatisehen Werken. In Umrissen. 12mo, eloth, Os. 6d.

2nd edit. 4to, Sus. Runge (G.) das neue Opernhaus, Academy of Music, in Philadelphia. Large • Supplied by Messrs. Sampson Low, Son, and Co., American Booksellen, folio, bds, 78.

Ludgate-hill, London.


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A New and Final Edition of ROYAL ASYLUM of ST. ANN'S SOCIETY.-The

Friends of STERBEET EREDERICK MONSABLAT ber to return their THE PENNYCYCLOPÆDIA, with a NEW SUPPLEElection of the loth of August, and earnestly soltelt a continuance of their ENGRAVINGS, prepared expressly for this Work. Thirty Volumes bound in support for the Election in February, 1861.

Seventeen. Price FIVE GUINEAS.

The CYCLOPEDIA and the ORIGINAL SUPPLEMENT being out of print after a sale of more than 32,000 copies, the Proprietors, to meet the continued

Twentynine Volumes. The paper and print for the tirst time, of ANN'S SOCIETY-Your sympathy and support at the ensuing

Election, excellence. The whole work can never be reproduced in the same style, the which takes place in February next, for candidates for admission to the plates having been destroyed. The Second Supplement is entirely new, and Royal Asylum of St. Ann's Society, is earnestly solicited on behalf of

embraces every addition to the sum of human knowledge during the last twelve HERBERT FREDERICK MONSARRAT, AGED O YEARS,

years. The Thirty Volumes, bound in Seventeen, and extending beyond 16,000

pages, form a complete library of reference on all subjects of art, science, and Whose father, Frederick Geale Monsarrat, died November, 1854, at the early age literature. The entire contents are the original productions of more than 9 of 80, leaving a widow and four infant children an provided for. The widow is a eminent writers. The sum of £40,000 has been expended on authorship and gentlewoman by birth and education, but being aflicted with deafness and engravings. This great work, admitted to be the cheapest ever published, is declining health, is incapable of billing any situation in order to provide for now offered, in an improved form, and with important additions at less than her fatherless children. Her father, Captain John Harris, entered the Army half the original price. The present edition being final and limited, early appli. at the early age of 14 years, and served gallantly throughout the Peninsular cation must be made to secure copies, and other campaigns under the Duke of Wellington, and remained with the

A few odd Vols. to perfect old sets. 45th Regiment of Foot throughout the whole of his military career: he had

James Sangster and Co., 36, Paternoster-row, London, E.C. seven brothers, also in the military profession, two of whom were killed in action. The Case is strongly recommended by

Author of The Crisis of Being; The Progress of Being, etc., etc. Pas! The Archdeacon of Waterford, Waterford. Rev. Charles Seymour Langley, Pector of St. Mary's, Clonmel, Ireland.

lished Monthly, price sd. Rev. William Carpenter, D.D. Christ's Church, Manchester.

One of the most thoughtful and eloquent religious serials within our knox. Rev. Sydney H. Widdrington, Vicar of St. Michael's, Coventry.

ledge."--Church of England Monthly Rerier.

London: Ward and Co., Paternoster-row. • John Mills Thorne, Esq, Turret House, South Lambeth. • William Thorne, Esq., Sherborne, Dorset.

ILLIAMS and SON'S PURE GLYCERINE SOAP, Sydney C. Child, Esq., 62, Cannon-street, London, E.C. John Boyes, Esq., 70, Great Tower-street, London, E.C.

Analyzed by Dr. Hopman, F.R.S., and Professor Redwood, Ph.D., strongly J. Pilkington, Esq., 15, Fish-street-hill, London, E.C.

recommended by many eminent merabers of the Medical Profession, and George White, Esg., 31 Dowgate-hill, London, E.C.

favourably noticed by the following Medical Journals. Walter Wheeler, Esq., 3, Falcon-court, Pleet-street, E.C.

The Lancet.

The Medical Times and Gazette. Proxies will be thankfully received by those marked thus *, and by the

The British Medical Journai. widow, Mrs. Monsarrat, Richmond-terrace, Clonmel, Ireland.

The Medical Cireular. It is particularly requested that those Governors who may kindly assist this

The Edinburgh Medical Journal. case will fin up the voting papers accordingly before parting with them.

The Dublin Hospital Gazette,
It is suited to all cases of delicate skin (whether arising from disease or

spectable Chemists, Perfamers DESCRIPTIVE PRICED CATALOGUE, of their CELEBRATED

Soap Works, Clerkenwell, London, E.C.
HYACINTIIS and other BULBS, is now ready, and can be had free on applica.
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No.2, 1121b. finest mottled in fib, cakes; Half the Usual Price, Conducted on Principles of Unsectarian Chris- No. 8, 1121b. half yellow, half mottled, in alb cakes: tianity and Political independence; containing ample Discussion of Public No. 2, sulb.half yellow and hall mottled, and sib.'or fine Card, for washing Questions, Fall Intelligence, Political, Religious, and on Matters of Social lace and fine things, with an assortment of fancy Soaps. Reform Reviews and Discussions in Iterature, Science, and Art; and an The price for each box is ass. in London, 2. extra to any part of England; or extensive Monetary and Commercial Department. Price Threepence un. Is,

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To be had of all Grocers and Oilmen

in the kingdom, or (wholesale only) at Published every Friday, at 102, Fleet-street, London

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HANDBOOK a completo

LIFE OF GARIBALDI, Wx Sne who Knew Kim. The other contemporaneor the THE CIVIL SERVICE.-With the FAMILY PAPER

theleelation some of these the higherzichaguere that we may describe it as impos. QAŞSELL'S EDUCATIONAL WORKS:CA



Weekly Numbers, price Id.; and Monthly Parts, price 5d. and 6d.; or free

"Guide to the usages of Polite Society. by Post 2d.

Other Works in Preparation. A favourable opportunity is now presented for commencing the purchase of this periodical. With Number 136, dated Saturday, July 7th, is given the first

, by ; and also the first portion of a usual interesting character, forming an instructive and amusing miscellany

for August (Part 83, price ®d), is issued a complete guide to Situations

under Government containing an authoritative synopsis of the name of the exaof the highest excellence, embellished by first-class Wood Engravings.

minations appointed for cach department of the Public Service: full particulars LORD BROUGHAM, in his address at Liverpool, thus speaks of this universally

of the offices subject to the New Regulations; the age and other qualifications popular Periodical:" Cassell's Illustrated Manily Paper began this year with a

of Candidates, Salaries, etc. This important work will be sold with the Family sale of THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND.

The Tales composed for Paper, at the above price for both inclusive, for a short time only. working men's hours of relaxation are of a kind that address themselves both to the understanding and to the heart at once giving lessons of instruction and fostering the kindly affections... It is from experience, no less than from sible to read stories with a dry eye."

ENGLISH SPELLING and READING BOOK, with ASSELL'S ILLUSTRATED NATURAL HISTORY.urwards of 150 Engravings on Wood. The Lessons are progressive, commencing

with the Alphabet. The Orthographical portion is arranged upon the "Web. Profusély embellished with splendid Engravings and Tinted Plates. In ster" Principle of Pronunciation. Svo, cloth, 15. Monthly Parts, price 6d. each.

The First Volume, already completed, contains a complete accountor-1. Four: LESSONS in ENGLISH, containing a Practical Gramhanded Animals, comprising all the Apes and Monkeys. 2. Wing-handed mar, adapted for the Use of the Self-Educating Student, and abounding in Animals-the Bats. 3. Insect-eating Animals-Hedgehogs, Shrews, Moles, etc. Illustrations calculated to impart a thorough knowledge of the Language, the 4. The Rodents, or Gnawing Animals, such as Hares, Rabbits, Marmots, Rats Roots and Derivatives of English Words, and of those Rules by whic- the Lan. and Mice. 5. A'Commencement of the History of Flesh-eating Animals, inclue guage may be spoken and written grammatically. By J. R. BEARD, D.D. 12mo, ding the Bear in all its varieties, the Racoon, and some others. These subjects in paper covers, 8s.; cloth boards, 3s. 6d. are Tilastrated with more than 500 Wood Engravings, and 19 Tinted Plates. Price, elegantly hound in cloth, 89. Od.

THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE in its ELEMENTS and Parts XIII. XIV., XV., and XVI., commencing the Second Volume, are also FORMS; with a History of its Origin and Developments. Designed for the ready. Part XVII. will be publish on the 1st of August next.

nse of Pupils and of Teachers, and as a book of General Reference. By WILLSAX

C. FOWLER. Svo, cloth, 38. 6d. Opinions of the Press. “The text and the illustrations of this work are alike admirable. It does not SIXPENNY LESSONS in FRENCH, with Rules for merely supply a careful

and detailed description of animals, but enters decply pronunciation on an entirely novel and simple plan. Crown 8vo, paper covers, into the whole subject, and is no less amusing than full of information and 6d. instruction." -Morning Herald, “The narrative part is full of interesting anecdotes and details, free from

LESSONS in FRENCH: containing a complete View of that dry and tedious description so frequently met with."-Daily Telegraph.

the Idioms of the French language, in a series of Easy and Progressive Lessons. By Prof. FASQUELLE. 12mo. Parts I. and II., in paper covers, 2s, each, or is

cloth, 28. 6d. each. Complete in one volume, cloth, Ás. Bd.

In FRENCH MANUAL. Forming a complete, simple, and Weekly Numbers, price 1d., and in Monthly Parts, price 5d. and ed. The Family Bible is handsomely printed on good paper, and embellished with By Prof. Dr. LOLMX. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s.

practical Guide to a thorough knowledge of speaking the French Language. the choicest of Scriptures, and with more than On THOUSAND additional Engravings our artists, representing

FRENCH READER; or, Interesting Narratives in of the fountains, Valleys, and Plains, the Lakes and Rivers, the Cities, Towns, French for Translation. Accompanied by Conversational Exercises and a and Villazes in the "Lands of the Bible.

Vocabulary. By Prof. FASQUELLE. 12mo, paper covers, 2s.; cloth, 2s.6d. Volume I., from Genesis to 1 Samuel, inclusive, is now ready. Prices :-Neatly bound in cloth boards, gilt back, 78. 6d. ; handsomely bound

LESSONS in GERMAN. Containing a Complete View in einth boards, gilt back and sides, 88.; elegantly bound in cloth, berellod of the Idioms of the German Language, in a Scries of Easy and Progressive boards, red edges, gilt back and sides, os.

Lessons. By W. H. WOODBURY. 12mo. Parts I and II., paper covers, 2s, ; cloth, Opinions of the Press.

23. 64. each; coinplete in 1 vol. cloth, 4s. Od. “We are as rejoiced as we are astonished to hear of the enormous circulation of this edition of the Holy Scriptures has attained, both in this country and in

GERMAN PRONUNCIATION. Consisting of Easy the United States. Yet why should we be astonished? The type is handsome,

Extracts in Prose and Verse, with Vocabularies. 12mo, paper covers, 15.; cloth, the printing and general getting up all that could be desired, the notes ureful, Is. 6d. the marginal references complete, and the illustrations numerous and superior; GERMAN READER : containing CŁoice Selections from finally, it is a miracle of cheapness." -The Patriot.

the best German Authors, in Prose and Verse, and a complete Vocabulary. By

W. H. WOOD BURT. 12mo, paper covers, 28.; cloth 2s.6d. LAND during the last 100 Years. By, WILLIAM Howitt. In Weekly Introduction to the Latin Language. Comprising Grammar, Exercises, and

FIRST LESSONS in LATIN; or, a Short and Easy Numbers, price ld.. and in Monthly Parts, price 5d. and 6d.

Vocabulary, By Prots. ANDREWs and STODDARD. 1200, paper covers, ls.; The Illustrated History of England has been characterized by Lord Brougham cloth, 18. od. As one "in which the soundest principles are laid down in almost wery instance, and in which the interests of virtue, of liberty, and of pence--the best LESSONS in LATIN: being an Elementary Grammar of interests of mankind-are faithfully and ably maintained." --Address to the the Latin Language, in a series of Easy and Progressive Lessons. By the Rev. Association for the Promotion of Social Science,

J. R. BEARD, D.D. 12mo, paper covers, 2s.6d.; cloth, 35.
Parts I., II., II., IV., V., and VI. are now ready.

LATIN GRAMMAR. For the use of Schools and Col.

ILISTORY of ENG. leges. By Profs. ANDBEWS and STODDARD. Revised Edition, crown Svo, LAND, from the Earliest Period to the Death of George II, By WILLIAM

cloth, 3s. 6a. Howitt. May also be had complete in Four Volumes, royal 8vo, bound in LATIN EXERCISES. Adapted to ANDREWS and STOD. cloth, price 6s. each.

DART's Latin Grammar. 12mo, cloth, 29. THE HISTORY of FRANCE, from the earliest Period; LATIN READER, adapted to Cassell's Latin Grammar; with numerous Portraits. 12mo, cloth, 28. 3d. ; strongly bound in leather, Ss.

consisting of Fables, Mythology, Anecdotes of Eminent Men, etc. Cloth, 18.6d. THE HISTORY and SOURCES of the GREATNESS

LESSONS in ITALIAN: being an Elementary Grammar of the British Empire. By BENJAMIN Parross. 12mo, cloth, Is. Gd.

of the Language, with numerous Exercises, Italian-English, and English-Italian,

Vocabulary, etc, etc. By Charles TAUSENAU, M.D., of the University of Pavia. the Progress or Photography and its allied Arts and Sciences. Published LESSONS in GREEK; including a Grammar of the Lanerery Friday, price sd., or Stamped 14. Vols. I. and II, handsomely bound in guage in Easy and Progressive Lessons, with numerous Exercises for translating "Whether for the practical man or the deep-thinking philosopher, there are

from Greek into English, and from English

into Greek, etc. By the Rev. P.

R. BEARD, D.D. 12mo, stiff covers, 3s. 64. cloth, 4s. few journals more interesting than this weekly paper." --Spectator.

THE ACTS of the APOSTLES in the Original Greek. of entertaining Literature, Education, Domestic Economy, Ncedlework: 12mo, cloth, 25. Od.

use of Schools, Colleges, and Theological Seminaries. By JOHN J. OWEN, D.D. and Fashion. In Monthly Numbers, Bd. Vols. I., II., and Ill., handsomely bound in cloth, gilt, 6s. 61. each, or with gilt edges, 78.0d.

ARITHMETIO for the YOUNG: inculcating the Science The Ladies Treasury for August will contain the first of a series of Lessons in of Numbers by means of Familiar Objects; in a Series of Easy Lessons, with Sepia and Water Colour Drawing. Its other contents include Fancy Work for copious Directions for Teachers. 12mo, cloth, 1s. Ladies, Costume in all ages and countries, Domestic Economy, the newest Fashions direct from Paris, Illustrated, entertaining Literature, Fine Arts, ete.

ELEMENTS of ARITHMETIC, giving improved Expla"The Ladies' Treasury is fllustrated by woodents of the highest excellence. nations of all the Rules, on the basis of the "Higher Arithmetic" in the series Female dress is a subject wloch receives full attentiou."-Daily Telegraph. of American School-books. By Prof. Wallack, A.M. Cr. 8vo, paper covers, 18;

cloth, 2s. Od. CASSELL'S HANDBOOKS, 12mo cloth, 15. each.

ELEMENTS of ALGEBRA, intended for the use of Under this title, it is intended to issue a series of thoroughly useful Works on Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Self-taught Students, Cr. Svo, paper covers, various subjects, all of which will be treated in an elementary and popular 18.; cloth, 18. 6d. manner, so as to meet the wants of those who wish to obtain the best informa. tion in a condensed form. The following are now ready:

EUCLID: being, the First Six Books, with the Eleventh

Is.; cloth, Is. 6d. Double Entry. Ruled Account Books, estra 1s. . each set. "In the Handbook of Book-keeping the principles of this science are exhibited

MATHEMATICAL SCIENCE, its LOGIC and UTI. in a concise and simple form,

and by practical examples In lieu of mere abstract |LITY; with Explanations and Illustrations of the best Methods of Instrue. rules, which too often tend to confuse the learner - Daily News

tions.' By Charles Davies, LL.D. 8vo, cloth, 2s. Containing a clear Expoși. GEOGRAPHY and ATLAS. By Peter Parley. New

, Players, etc.,

with an Account of the different Openings and Endings of Games, mass of details far exceeding any work of similar price and pretensions. 8vo. etc. By an OXFORD AMATRUR. "In this small volume is contained the substance of the bulky works of

paper covers, Is. ; cloth, Is. d. Staunton, Phillidore, and other chess authorities."--Brighton Gazette.

ASTRONOMICAL GEOGRAPHY, with the use of the The author has managed his subject with no little ability"Illustrated News Globes. Arranged either for simultaneous Reading and Study in classes, or for of the World.

study in the common method. By E. WILLAND. Svo, cloth, 29. of BUSINESS, a Dictionary of the OUTLINES of BOTANY; including a description of Terms and Technicalities used in Commerce, and Tables of Foreign Mosser, Lichens, Fungi, Ferns, and Sea-weeds. By Dr. J. Scorrerx, M,B. Svo, Moneys, Weights, and Measures,

cloth, 28,




THE PHOTOGRAPHIC NEWS: A Weekly Record of mo, stiff covers, 8s.; cloth, dsed.





By WALTER THORNBURY, Author of Life in Spain. Two Volumes. Post 8vo. With Illustrations from Photographs.


By ABTHUR LLOYD WINDBOR. Demy Sro. Price 12s. cloth.

MODERN PAINTERS. Volume V. (Concluding the Work.) By Joan Ruskin, M.A., Author of The Stones of Venice, Seren Lampa of Architecture, etc. etc. Illustrated with thirty-four Engravings on Steel, and one hundred

Engravings on Wood, from Drawings by the Author, and other Artists. Imperial Sro. Price £2 105. cloth. With an Index to the whole five volumes.



Three Volumes, Post Svo.


By SIB ARTHUR HALLAM ELTON, Bart, Author of Below the Saface. Three Volumes. Post 8vo.

By CU BER BELL (CHARLOTTE BRONEE), Author of Jane Eyre, Shirley, etc. To which are added POEMS by CUHBER, ELLIR, and Actor Bell. New Edition,

Fep. Svo, 28. Od. cloth,
London : Smith, Elder, and Co., 65, Cornhill,

Will be published on Monday, the 27th inst,, in 1 vol. post 8vo, neatly bound in cloth, price 7s. 01.



In proof of the great popularity of this work, and the interest which it has excited, it is only necessary to observe, that Ten Editions have been sold within a very short time in America. In the present Edition the author (who is now residing in England) has introduced a considerable quantity of new matter.

London : Trubner and Co., 00, Paternoster-row.

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ILLUSTRATED BY PHYSIOLOGICAL DIAGRAMS, Designed for the Use of Teachers in Schools and Young Men destined for the Medical Profession and for Public Instruction generally. By JOHN MARSHALL, F.R.S., F.R.C.S., Surgeon to the University College Hospital, London, and Lecturer on Anatomy in the Science and Art Department,

South Kensington.

TERMS OF PUBLICATION.—The Work contains 200 4to pages of Text, bound in Cloth, and 103 Coloured Illustrations, arranged in 0 Folio Plates,

measuring 15 inches by 75, in a Limp Cover. Price of the 4to Volume and small folio Atlas, 21s.

London: Published by Day and Son, Lithographers to the Queen, 6, Gate-street, Lincoln's-Inn Fields.


28th Thousand; Sewed, 3d. ; Bound, od; Interleaved, Od.

PHONETIC READING: - First Book in Phonetic Read.

ing, 1d. ; Second Book, 20.; Third Book, sd. Children and Adults can acquire the art of reading common books in one-fourth of the time now spent in learning, by first going through a course of Phonetic Reading.

London: Fred. Pitman, 20, Paternoster-row, E.C.


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" It is condensed power: every point is clectric."--Homilist.
"Ajewel of great value." -Christian Witness.
*Well conceived; eloquently written and unique."- Temperance Spectator.
* Most instructive Sunday lessons." - Mother's Journal.
"A privilege to commend it." - Jervish Herald.

The best thing of the sort in existence."-Britisk Ensign.
“Eminently suggestive." - Educator.
"Biblical, doctrinal, and ethical."-Youth's Magazine.
"We heartily recommend it." - Herald of Peace
"Nothing to equal it in the English Language." -- British Plag.
* Widely catholic, but intensely evangelical."--Blackburn News.
"The hints on Puseyism are very good."-Uxion Magazine.
"Tersest form of words possible to be conceived."- Teacher's Treasury.
"Written in a most attractive style."--Scottish Press.
"Sound in doctrine, lucid in arrangement.-Harbinger.
Displays great industry and

ability."-Glasgow Commonreallk. "A good discipline to scholars and teachers.--Baptist Magazine. "An admirable manual."-Evangelical Magazine, "A charming little book."--Mother's Friend. "Successful in execution as it is novel in design."--Band of Hope Journal. “The book is worthy of a life.-Bolton Independent.

Deserving the widest circulation." -Dial. “Enforces the Temperance Reformation."-Scotish League. London : Snow, and all Booksellers. Schools supplied by the Author, at per cent. discount, and Carriage Free.

REFINEMENT. An Essay on the Teeth and Complexion. By EDWARD DAVIESON, Dentist, 448, West Strand, London.

Chapter 1.-Contains a Description and Philosophical Analysis of Beauty and its numerons manifestations. Chapter II.-A Treatise on the Teeth; showing how these Organs may be Preserved Healthy, and Free from Decay; a Description of an Important Dis. covery for Artificial Teeth; and a New Agent for rendering Natural Ones Sound.

Chapter III.-The Complexion ; a Description of Beauty in the Human Face, and how to be attained.

Chapter IV.-Cosmetics ; showing how many a beautiful complexion has been injured by the very means taken to preserve it.

Chapter V The Fleur de l'Age, an Important Secret disclosed, and one of
the Greatest Discoveries in the World brought to light, by which the coarsest

kin may be made White, Soft, and Delicate, in an incredibly sbort space of
Chapter VI.-The Hair: showing how the most Soft and Luxuriant Tresses

obtained by and
tion without trouble.

The Work is Illustrated with numerous cases.
London ; Holyoake, 147, Fleet-street, and all Booksellers,

PHONETIC SHORTHAND TAVUGHT by Mr. F. Pitman, they have already taken place; and the Hair always kept in Deslrable Condi

Privately, or through the Post
In Class

London, 20, Paternoster row, E.C.

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