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Cicero-M. Tullii Ciceronis Cato Major sive de Senectate laelius sive de Amicitai | Footprints on the Sands of Time--Biographies for Young People. Dedicated to

et Epistolae Selectæ recensuit. By G. Long (Cambridge Greek and Latin, her Nephews and Nieces by L. E. B. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2.0d. J. H. and J.

Texts). Royal Ibino, cloth, Is. Od. (Deighton, Dell, and Co. Cambridge.) Parker.
Whittaker and Co.

From London to Lucknow: with Memoranda of Mutinies, Marches, Flights, Civilization in Hungary: Seven Answers to the Seven Letters addressed by M.

Fights, and Conversations. To which is added an Opium-smuggler's Explo Barth de Szemere to Richard Cobden, Esq. By an Hungarian. Fcp. 8vo, nution of the Peiho Massacre. By a Chaplain in H.M. Indian Service. cloth, 6%. Trobner and Co.

vols. cr. Svo, cloth, 148. J. Nisbet and Co. Coghlan - The Beauties of Baden; Baden and its Environs. By Charles F. Gardener's (The) Weekly Magazine and Floricultural Cabinet. Conducted Coghlan, jun. 12mo, cloth, advanced to 34. Bd. Trobner and Co.

Meesters. Tarrisomky 1. L. January to Janet, nado. abing the conducted by Cooke- A Word to our Volunteers: their Duties and Responsibilities. A Ser. Allen.

mon preached at the Parish Church of Brompton, keni, on June 10, 1800, by Garibaldi : an Autobiograhy. Edited by Alexandre Dumas. Translated by W. Daniel Cooke: 12mg, sewed, 2d. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co

Robson. Fcp. Svo, ds. 2s.; hall.bd. 28. od. Routledge and Co. Colletta-The History of Napies from the Accession of Charles of Bourbon to Geldart-Strength in Weaknes, or Early Chastened Early Blessed: a Brief

the Death of Ferdinand I. By Pietro Colletta. Translated from the Italian, Memoir of William Geldart. By Mrs. Geldart. Fcp. 8vo cloth, 3s. . Sesley with a Supplementary Chapter, by S. Hurner. Re-issue of original edit. Co. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 913. Edmonston and Douglas, Edinburgh.

Gilbart-Logic for the Million a Familiar Exposition of the Art of Reasoning Collinson-Smallpox and Vaccination Historically and Medically considered : with an Appendix on the Philosophy of Language. By J. W. Gilbart. 615

an Inquiry into the Causes of the Recent Increase of Smallpox, and the edit. 12.no, Cloth, 8v. 6d. Longman and Co. Means tor'its Prevention. By Alfred Collinson, M.D. Svo, sewed, 28. 01. Glasgow-Guide to Glasgow and its Neighbourhood, Lanark, the Falla of Hatchard and Co.

Clyde, and the Watering Places on the Frith of Clyde. With Plan of the Collis-Ponticulus Graecus. Short Elementary Exercises from the Greek Testa. City and Six Engravings in Steel. (Oliver and Boyu's Scottish Tourist)

ment, up, and Jenophon, arranged for translation into Greek (to accom. 12mo, cloth, limp, Is. (Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh.) Simpkin, Marsball. pany Pontes Classici, No.2). By the Rav. Jno. Day Collis. Square 12mo, and Co. Sewed Is, Longthan and Co.

Glasgow (The) Infant School Magazine. Ist Series. Complled by D. Caughie. Collis --Ponticulus Latinus. The History of Rome to the Destruction of Car. New edit. 18mo, cloth, 3s. Darton and Co.

thage, arranged for Translation into Latin (to accompany Pontes Classici, Glenny's Illustrated Forget-me-Not: containing Notes on Men and Things. No. 1). By the Rev. Jno. Day Collis. Square 12mo, sewed ls. Longman 12mo, cloth, 1s. 0d.; fine edit. gilt, 2s.6d. Cassell and Co.

and Co. Conference of Progressive Thinkers. Bread cast upon the Waters, by Sowers of and Deformities of the Chest and Limbs, without Artificial supports or any

Thought, for the Church of the Future. With Four Sermons by Theodore Mechanical Appliances. By Mrs, Godfrey. 3rd edit. carefully revised and Parker. Svo, sewed, Is. G. Manwaring.

enlarped, svo, cloth, 53. J. Churchill. Coutts-A Summary Account of Prizes for Common Things, awarded by Miss Goldsmith - The Vicar of Wakefield. By Oliver Goldsmith. Hlustrated. New Burdett Coults. New edit, 8vo, cloth, 1s. 6d. Hatchard and Co.

edit. 12mo, ods. 2s. H. Lea. Croly - Marston; or, the Soldier and Statesman. By the Rev. Geo. Croly. 3rd Goodacre-The Fruits of Sin. A Course of Six Plain Sermons, Preached in the edit, fcp. 8vo, bds. 2. H. Lea,

National Schoolrooin, Ipstones, on the Friday Evenings of Lent, Isos. Crowe- The History of France. By Eyre Evans Crowe (5 vols.). Vol. II, 8vo, By the Rev. R. H. Goodacre. Fcp, sro, sewed, is. 6d.; cloth, 2. Longusa cloth, 155, Longman and Co.

and Co. Cumming-French The Hammesmith Protestant Discussion : being an Au. Gore--The Lord and the Lout. By Mrs. Gore. 12mo, hds. 2s. Knight and syn.

thenticated Report of the Controversial Discussion between the Rev. Jno: Griffith--The Ship-Builder's Manual and Nautical Referee. By J. W. Grifiha. Cumming and Daniel French, on the Differences between Protestantism and Illustrated with Tables and Engravings. 3rd elit.enlarged. Small 4to, cious Popery. New edit. er, vo, cloth, 6. A. Hall and Co.

24s, (New York.) Trübner and Co. Cunming-Sabbath Morning Readings on the Old Testament. By the Rev. Hamilton-Lectures on Metaphysics and Logic. By Sir Wm. Hamilton. Edited

Jno. Cumıning. The Book of Daniel. Fcp. Svo, cloth, 86. A. Hall and Co.. by the Rev. H. L. Mansel and John Veitch. (4 vols.) Vols. III. and FV. Curling-Julian Blountjoy. By Capt. Curling. (Hodgson's New Series of

Svo, cloth, 24s. William Blackwood and Sons. Nuvels. Vol. IX.) Kep. Svo, bus 24. J. Hodgson.

Hamilton-Reminiscences of un Old Sportsman. By Col. J. P. Hamilton. 2 rok Dalton-Christian Instruction founded on the Catechism of the Church of

er. 810, cloth, 189. Longman and Co. England, in Three Sucuessive steps. By the Rev. Wm. Dalton. 4th edit. Hardwick's Shilling Handy Book of London. By W. More. New edit. hast. fep. 8vo, cloth, 2s. Hamilton and Co.

32mo, cloth, sewed, is, R. Hardwick. Davies-The Work of Christ; or, the World Reconciled to God. Sermons Hardy's Tourist's Guide through Ireland; in Four Tours, By Philip Dixon

preached at Christ Church, St. Marylebone. With a Preface on the Atone- Tardy. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, liinp. 48. Hardy and Sons, Dublin. ment Controversy. By the Rev. J. Llewellyn Davies. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, os. Harper - Glimpses of Ocean Lite: or, Rock-Pools and the Lessons the Teach. Macmillan and Co.

By John Harrer. 12mo, cloth, 53. T. Nelson and Sons.
Davison-The Discovery and Geognosy of Gold Deposits in Australia ;, with Haven (The) and the Home. By the Author of Memorials of Captain Hedley

Comparisons and Accounts of the Gold Regions in California, Russia, India, Vicark, etc. 18mo, cloth, wewed, 6d. J. Nisbet and Co.
Brazil, etc. ; including a Philosophical Disquisition on the Origin of Gold in Hazlitt- History of the Venetian Republic, her Kise, her Greatness, and her
Placer.deposits and in Quartz-veins. By Simpson Davison, Meinber of the Civilization. By W. Carew Hazlitt. New edit. ? vols. 8vo, cioth. 388.
Philosophical Society of New South Wales, and late Mining Asociate of the Ernith, Elder, and Co.
Gold Discoverer recognized by the Local Government, and employed as Henslow and Skepper--Flora of Suffolk: a Catalogue of the plants (Indigenous
Crown Commissioner for Exploration of Gold fields in Australia. With or Naturalized) found in a Wild State in the County of Suffolk. by the
chiromo-tinted map. 8vo, cloth, 14s. Longinan and Co.

Rev. J. S. Henslow and Edmund Skepper. 12mo, cloth, 55. Simpkin, Day-Sandford and Merton. By T. Day. New edit. revised (Bohn's Cheap Series). Marshall, and Co. 12mo, bds, 29. H. G. Bohn.

Hensman-Handbook of the Constitution : being a Short Account of the Rise, Debary- A History of the Church of England from the accession of James II. Progress, and Present State of the Laws of England. By Alfred P. Hensman

to the Rise of the Bangorian Controversy in 1817. By the Rev. Thos. Debary, 16mo, cloth, 49. Longman and Co. M.A. 8vo, cloth, lis. Bell and Daldy.

Hewson-Principles and Practice of Embanking Lands from River-Floods as De Charente-Exercises adapted to the New and Complete Course of Gram- applied to "Levees” of the Mississippi. By W. Hewson. Svo, cloth, 10..

matical and Idiomatic Studies of the English Language. By Auguste (New York.) Trubner and Co. Aigru de Charente. Part 4, 12mo, cloth, 38.; Parts 3 and $ in 1 vol. 12mo, Hill-Ruckstro-Stories on the Commandments Part I. by Rev. G. Hill; Part cloth, 5s. Od.; Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 in one vol. 12.no, cloth, 10s. 6d. Longman II. by W. 8. Rockstro. New edit. 18mo, cloth, 2. Masters. and Co.

History of the Forest andChase of Sutton Coldfield including the Border Distriets Domenech-Seven Years' Residence in the Great Deserts of North America. of Great Barr, Perry Barr, Erdington, Curdworth, Wishaw, Middleton, Dras

By the Abbé Domenech. Illus vols. 8vo, cloth, 30s. Longman and Co. ton, Welford, and Shenstone. Compiled from the best accessible sources. Donaldson--Varronianus; a Critical and Historical Introduction to the Ethno- Svo, cloth, 66.. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

graphy of Ancient Italy and to the Philological Study of the Latin Lan. Hollings-Lord Macaulay; 4 Lecture delivered before the Leicester Literary Suge. By John Wm. Donaldson. 3rd edit. revised and considerably and Philosophical Society, April 2, 1800, by J. F. Hollings. 8vo, seked, ls. enlarged, 8vo, cloth, 10s. J. W. Parker and Son.

(J. and T. Spencer, Leicester. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. D'Orsey-- A Practical Grammar of Portuguese and English, adapted to Ollen. Hood Memorials of Thomas Hood. Colected, Arranged, and Edited by his

dort's System. By the Rev. Alex. J.D. D'Orsey. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 78. Trubner Daughter. With a Pretace and Notes by luis Son. Illustrated with copiou and Co.

from his own Sketches. % vols. pont Srs, cloth, 318, E. Moxon and Co. D'Orey-Colloquial Portuguese. By the Rev. Alex. J. D. D'Orsey. New edit. Huntingdon-- Married or not Married : That is the Question! A Novel. By cr. Svo, cloth 34.0d. Trübner and Co.

Augusta Huntingdon. 3 vols. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 31s. 8d. T. c. Newby; Downes-On the Physical Constitution of the Comets. By Olinthus Gregory Illustrated (The) Boy's Own Treasury. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 5s. Ward and Lock. Downes. Illustrated. 4to, sewed, 6s. C. and E. Layton.

Illustrated London News, Vol. XXXVI., January to June, 1860. Folio, cloth, 1&s. Doyle -- A Tribute to the Memory of Ismena Whittaker. By Hannah Doyle. Once. Cr. 8vo, cloth, sewed, 18. A. W. Bennett.

Italian Lyrics, and other Poens. For. 8vo, cloth, 88. Saunders, Otley, and Co. Drawing Room (The) Portrait Gallery or Eminent Personages, with memoirs Jerrold - The Brownriz Papers. By Douglas Jerrold. Edited by Blanchard

by the most able authors. 4th series, July to December, 1900. Folio cloth, Jerrold. Illustrated by Cruikshank, Crown 8vo, cloth, 108, od. J. C. 21. John Tallis,

Hotten. Drummond-Bpeeches in Parliament and some Micellaneous Pamphlets of the Jerrold's Imperial Paris. Cheaper edition. 12mo, bdg, 3s. 6d. Ward and

late Henry Drummond, Esq. Edited by Lord Lovain. 2 vois. 8vo, cloth, Lock. 918. Bosworth and Harrison.

Jerrold-The Wit and Opinions of Douglas Jerrold, Collected and Arranged by Dumas-Doctor Basila. By Alexandre Dum29. (Routledge's Standard

his Son, Blanchard Jerrold. (Cheaper edit.) 12mo, bds. 2s. H. Lea. Noveis.) 12mo, cloth, 34. 61. Routleige and Co.

Jewitt-Rifles and Volunteer Corps. By Llewelyn Jewitt. Illustrated, Svo, Duruay-Roland de) Montrevel. 12mo, bds. 2. Cassell and Co.

Bewed, 16. Ward and Lock. Duin 25-Doctor Basilius By Alexandre Dumas (Railway Library, Vol. CCVI.). Johnson-Hunter-Johnson's Rasgelas ; with Introductory Remarks, Esplana. Fcp.gro, bds. 2s. Routledge and Co.

tory aud Grammatical Annotations, Specimens of Interrogative Leasons, Eaton--Shakspeare and the Bible. shu ving how much the great Dramatist was Answers to Questions set at the Oxlord Middle-cluss Examinations, etc.

indebted to Holy Writ for his Profound Knowledge of Human Nature. By and a Life of Dr. Johnson; adapted as a Reading-Book for Schooly, and spe Rev. J.R. Eaton. New edit. post Svo, cloth, 38, 6d. Jame: Blackwood.

cially designed to prepare young persons for the University Middle-class Edge -Slavery Doomed; ur, the Content between Free and Slave Labour in the Examinations. By the Rev. John Hunter, M.A. 12ino, cloth, price altered

United States. By Fred. Milaes Edge. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 0s. Smith, Elder, tos. 60. Long- man and Co. and Co.

Johnstone-Croall-The Nature Printed British Sea Weeds. By William Edinburgh-Guide to Edinburgh and its Neighbourhood, with a plan of the City, Tirosart Johnstone and Alexander Croall. Nature-Printed by Henry Brad.

and Light Engraviny on steel. (Oliver and Bord's Scottish Tourist), 1.no, bury (4 vols.) Vol. IV. Chlorospermez. Koyal 8vo, cloth, 123. Bradbury

cloth, limp, 15. (Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh), Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. and Evans. Elton--Below the Surace: a Story of English Country Life. By Sir Arthur Johnstone -- Hunter-Rasselas: a Tale, by Samuel Johnson. With Introductory

Hallam Elton, Bart. New elit. fcp. 8vo, cloth, 95. B1. Smith, Eider, and Co. Remarks: Explanatory and Granımatical Annotations ; Specimens of Inter Elton-Herbert Chauncey: a Man niore Sinned against than winning By Sir rogative Lessons; Answers to Questions set at the Oxford Middle class

Arthur Hallam Elton. 9 vols, post sro, cloth, 8ls. 6d. Smith, Elder, and Examinations etc.; and a Lite or Dr. Johnson. By the Rev. John Hunter Co.

12mo, cloth, 4s. Longman and Co. Emmons-Manual of Geology, designed for the use of Colleges and Academies. Johnston-The School Arithmetic, Including a Comprensive Course of Mental

By Ebenezer Emmons. Ilustrated, 8vo, cloth, 78. od. (New York.) 8. Low, Arithmetie; with Hints on the Improved Method of Teaching Arithmetio. Son, and Co.

By R. Johnston. Fep. Sro, cloth, 2s. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Englishman's (The) Greek Concordance of the New Testament, with Indexes. Keary-Mia and Charlie; or, a Week's Holiday at Kydal Rectory. By Miss

Greck-English and English-Greek. Third edit. revised. Royal 8vo, cloth, Keary. Illustrated. New edit. fep. 8vo, cloth, 88.63. H. Lea. 4. Walion and Maberly.

Keary-The Rival Kings; or, Overlearing. By Miss Keary. Illustrated. New Epistle (The) of Paul the Apostle to the Romans. Transcribed from the Editio edit. fcp. Svo, cloth, 8s. 6d. H. Lea.

Septima of Tischendortl', and arranged in parazraphs and lines, ete. By Kelty-Eventide; a Devotional Diary for the Close of a Day. By Mary Ann J. R. Crawford. 4to, cloth, ds. Longman and Co,

Kelty. Cr. sro, cloth, 5s. J. Nixbet and Co. Factory Book (Now. Registered), Factory Act, 7 Vict. 0. 15. Oblong 850, sewed, Lamartine-Memoir of Celebrated European Characters. By Alphonse da 8d. Simpkin, biar ball, and Co.

Lamartine. New edit. crown, Svo, clotn, 38. R. Bentley. Facts, not Fictions. With Preface by Rev. D. K. Drummond. Royal 10mo, Landells --The Buy's Own Toy-Maker. By E. Landells. 4th edit, with 200 Tluscloth, 18. od. J. Maclaren, Edinburgh.

tritions, Royal 101ng, cloth, 2. od. Griffith and Farran. Famoue Boys: and how they become great men. Dedicated to Youths and Langford-Shelley, The Death of $t. Polycarg, and other Poems. By Jno. Young en. 4th enlarged cdit. 12.no, loth, 3,1.6. Darton.

Alfred Langford Fep. Svo, cluth, 5s. Smith, Elder, und Co. Fisher-Liturgical Punity our Righeful Inheritance. By JDo. C. Fisher. Second Lanke ter-A Plain and Easy Account of the British Ferns. Edited by Phobe edit. cr. 8r0, cloth, os Hamilton and Co.

Lankester. Illustrated. New edit. fcp. Svo, cloth, 28. 01. plain : 48. coloured, Foot -" The Death of Chatterton" Case, Turner v. Robinson. Dy Chas. H. Hardwicke.

Foot. Evo, sewed, Is, 6d. (E. Ponsonby, Dublin.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Levi-On Taxation: How it is Raised, and How it is expended. By Leone Co.

Levi. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 78. Od. J. W. Parker. Fraser-On Full Assurance. By the Rev. D. Fraser. 2nd edit. 18mo, sewed 4d. Line upon Line -Part II. By the Author of "Peep of Day." Now edit. 28mm J. Maclaren, Edinburgh.

cloth, 24. Hatchard and Co.


Liddell-" The Fruits of Penitential Borrow" Series of Lectures on 2 Corin. Robinson-The Daughters of India: their Social Condition, Religion, Litera

thians vii. 10 and 11: with one Preliminary Discourse on "The Love of ture, Obligations, and Prospects. By the Rev. Edward Jewitt Robinson. Christ constraining us," preached in St. Paul's, Wilton-place, during Lent, 12mo, cloth, 3s. 01. J. Nisbet and Co, 180. By the Hon. and Kev. Robert Liddell. Fcp. Svo, cloth, 23. 6d. J.T. Robson- How to Farm Two Acres Profitably; including the Management of Haves.

the Cow and the Pig. By Jno. Robson. Fcp. 850, cloth, sewed, ls. Cottage Linley-The Gold Seeker, a Metrical Narrative; and other Poems. By George Gardener Office, Linley, jun. 12no, cloth, 3s. Od. Harrison.

Rodwell--Old London Bridge: a Historical Tale of the Sixteenth Century. By Living tone's (Dr.) Cambridge Lectures, together with a Prefatory Letter by G. Herbert Rodwell, Esq. Fcp. 8vo, Lds. 2s. H. Ler.

the Pev. Professor Sedgwick. Edited, with an Introduction, by the Rev. Ruse and straker--I'rinting and its Accessories; a Comprehensive Book of W Monk. Portrait and Map. 2nd edit, cr. 8vo, oloth, 6s. 6d.' Bell and Charges for the Guidance of Letterpress and Lithographic Printers, En. Daldy.

gravers, and Bookbinders, Instructions in Lithography, Ink, Chalk, and Long-The Dublin Cow-pock Institution, and its Charge for Vaccine Lymph, Chromo, with Descriptive Illustrations; together with 166 Samples of

viewed in relation to Vaccination and the Prevalence of Small-pox in English and Foreign Papers. By G. Ruse and C. Straker. Cr. Svo, cloth, England and Ireland. By P. W. Long. Svo, sewed 6d. (W. B. Kelley 219. Straker and Son. Dublin.) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Ruth Clayton; or, the Contrast. New edit. 18mo, cloth, 1s. Knight and Son. Lord Fitzwarine. By "Scrutator." 3 vols, post svo, eloth, 81s. 6d. Hurst and Sabine Observations at St. Helena. By Major-General Saline. VOL. II.-1844 Blackett.

to 1819. 4to, cloth, 429. Longman and Co. Lytton-What will He do with It? By Pisistratus Carton. (Library Edition Sala- The Grand Volunteer Review, By George Augustus Sala. Cr. Svo, sewed, in vols.) Vol. III. Post 8vo, cloth, 5s. W. Blackwood and Sous.

Od. Tinsley. Macqueen- A Practical Treatise on the Law of Marriage, Divorce, and Legiti. Sala-A Narrative of the Grand Volunteer Review in Ilyde Park on Saturday,

macy, as administered in the Divorce Court and in the House of Lords. the 23rd of June 1800. By George Augustus Sala. 2nd edit., with Audition. 2nd edit. greatly enlarged. By John Fraser Macqueen. 8vo, cloth, 189. W. 12mo. sewed, od. Wm. Tinsley. Maxwell

Salmon-Fishing in Canada. Hy a Resident. Edited by Col. Sir James Edward Mangan-Poems by James Clarence Mangan: with Biographical Introduction. Alexander. With Illustrations. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 103.0d. Longman and Co.

By Jno. Mitchel. Cr. 8vo, eluth, 5s. (New York), Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Scofferti-- Report of the Royal Rifle Match on Wimbledon Common. By John Manzoni-I Promessi Sposi, di Allesandro Manzoni. Caps. I. to IV., containing Scoffern. 12mo, sewed, is. Ward and Lock.

the Italian Text, with a Literal word for Word Translation, by Mrs. A pel Scott-The Waverley Norels. By, Sir Walter Scott. Vol. XXIII. Kenilworth. upon the basis of Dr. Giles's Keys to the Greek and Latin Classics.

. . , cloth, A. C. Black 18ino, cloth, sewed 1s. Od. Jas, Cornish,

Scott-The Waverley Novels.' By Sir Walter Seott. Vol. XXIV. The Pirate. Markham--Diseases of the Heart; their Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Vol. I. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth, 45.00. A, and C. Black. Marisat's Settlers in Canada. New edit. (Bohn's Illustrated Library), post Scott PA Viagram of the French verbs, showing at one view all the Conjuga. By W.O. Markham, M. D. 2nd edit. 8vo, cloth, 6s. J. Churchill.

Scott-The Fair Maid of Perth; or, St. Valentine's Day. By Sir Walter Scott,
Svo, cloth, 5s, H. G. Bohd..
Martin-Westminister Chapel Pulpit. Reports of Sermons. By the Rev. tions, Regular and Irregular. By G. B. Scott. Fcp. 8vo, sewed, ls.; cloth,

Samuel Martin. New edit 1st and 2nd series. 12mo, cloth, 25. each. E. 19. Od. J. Heaton and Sun.

Scott- A New and Comprehensive History of England, from the earliest period Matson-An Extract for Every Day in the Year. By Sarah Anne Matson. 2nd to the Accession of George III., embracing the best and most recent authori. edit. 32mo, cloth, ls. Longman and Co.

ties, principally designed for students in schools and colleges. By Adam May--Wedded and Winnowed, or, the Trials of Mary Gascoigne, a tale for the Scott. Carefully revised and brought down to the present time, with upwards

Divorce Court. 'By Marabel May Cr. 8vo, cloth, 108. 6d. Jas. Blackwood, of 4,000 Examination Questions, by Edward Farr. 12mo, cloth, 6s. T.J. Measom--The Official Illustrated Guide to the Great Western Railway. By Allman. George Measom. New edit. 12mo, sewed 18. R. Griffin and Co.

Shadow Land: a Story with a Purpose. By the Author of Philip Paternoster Cr. Meesom-The Official Illustrated Guide to the Bristol and Exerter, North and 8vo, cloth, 103.00. Hope.

South Devon, Cornwall, and South Wales Railway. By George Meason. Shepherd and Co.'s Universal Guide to Photography. By a Practical Photo. New edit. 12mo, sewed is. R. Griffith and Co.

grapher. 12o, sewed, ls. Marlborough. Melvill-Persuasives to a Christian Life. Golden Councils, from the Rev. Simeon-Stray Notes on Fishing and Natural History. By Cornwall Simeon.

Canon Melvill's "Lothbury Lectures." Edited by the Author of Pietas Pri. Illustrated, cr. 8vo, cloth, 7s.6d. Macmillan and Co. vata. New edit. 12mo, cloth, 58, J. F. Shaw.

Sinclair-The Journey of Life. By Catherine Sinclair. 9th edit. (Run and Miriam May: a Romance of Real Life, 4th edit. post 8vo. cloth, 103.02. Saun- Read Library, Vol. LXII.) Fcp. sro, bas. 2. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. ders, Otley, and Co.

Sinclair-Jane Bouverie; and How she became an Old Maid. By Catherine Molyneux-New Years' Sermons: Signs of the Times ; being a Sermon Preached Sinclair (Cheap Library). Fcp. Svo, bds. Is. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. by the Rev. Capel Molyneux at the Lock Chapel, Harrow-road, on Sunday

Sloman-The Claim of the Leibnitz to the Invention of the Differential Calculus, Morning, Jan. 1, 1800. 3rd edit. 8vo, sewed, 24. Stephen and Co.

By Dr. H. Sloman. Translated from the Gerinan, with considerable Altera Monro-Sacred Allegories. By the Rev. Edward Monro. Complete in one vol.

tions and new Addenda by the Author. 4to, cloth, ds. od. Macmillan and New edit. 12mo, cioth, 10s. 6d. J. Masters.

Co. Monro-Basil the schoolboy; or the Heir of Arundel. By the Rev. E. Monro. Smith--The Lawyer and his Profession: a Series of Letters to a Solicitor com3rd edit. 12mo, cloth, 3s. 6d. Masters.

mencing Business. By J. Orton Smith. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 4s. V. and R. Montgomery's 130 of the Christy's Minstrels' Songs, arranged expressly for the Stevens. Violin. Royal 8vo, sewed, ls. Musical Bouquet Office.

Smith-Helps to District Visitors: being Plain and Practical Remarks on some Mountain-Sermons for the Seasons and other Occasions. By the Rev. J.H. B. Portions of the Gospels, particularly the Narratives and Parables. With an Mountain. 8vo, cloth, 79.61. Mastery.

Appendix and Prayer selected from the Liturgy. By Rev. W. M. Sinith. Napoleon- The Early Life of Louis Napoleon, collected from Authentie Records. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, sewed, 25. Hatchard. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 2.0d. Bosworth and Harrison.

Smith-A History of Education for the English Bar: with Suggestions as to Near Home: or, the Countries of Europe described by the Author of Peep of Subjects and Method of Study. By Philip Anstie Smith. 8vo, cloth, gs. Day. 12mo, cloth, 58. Hatchard and Co.

Butterworth. Newman-Phases of Faith; or, Passages from the History of My Creed. By Smith-Companion to Hoppus. Hand-book of Tables for the use of TimherFrancis Wm. Newman. 6th edit. post 8vo, cloth, 89, 6d. G. Manwaring.

Merchants, Builders, Merchants, Ship-Owners, and others. By J. Smith. Nightingale-Notes on Nursing, what it is and what it is not. By Florence 8vo, cloth, 7s.6d. Houlston and Wright.

Nightingale. New edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo, cloth, 62. Harrison. Spectator (The), a New Edition, with Biographical Notices of the Contributors. Notes and Queries: a Medium of Intercommunication for Literary Men, Royal Svo, cloth, 85. 6d. W. Tesz. Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists,

etc. Second Series. Vol. IX., January Stafford Enoch: a poem in three books. By Robert Stafford. Fcp. Svo, cloth, to June, 1860. Fcp. 4to, cloth, 103. Bd. Bell and Daldy.

8. Od. Longman and Co. Oliphant-Patriots and Filibusters; or, Incidents of Political and Exploratory Standard Tune Book (The) and Metrical Companion to all Hymn-books. Vocal

Travel. By Laurence Oliphant. Post 8vo, cloth, 5s. Wm. Blackwood and score. New edit. 16mo, cloth, sewed, 2s. J. F. Shaw and Co.

Stansfeld-A Plan for a National Bank of Issue, whereby the Convertibility of Orpen-Life of the Rev. Charles Edward Herbert Orpen, M.D. By Mrs. Le Fanu. the Bank-note into Gold will be made more secure than at present, a Revenue Cr. 8vo, cloth, 58. Charles Westerton.

of upwards of 1,000,000l. obtained, and Monetary Panics prevented. By Osenden-Fervent Prayer. By Rev. A. Oxenden. End edit, much enlarged,

Hamer Stansfeld. 8vo, sewed, od. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. 18mo, cloth, Is. 62. Hatchard and Co.

Symons--Rough Types of English Life. Ky the late Jelinger Cookson Symons, Passaves from the Life of Agnes Home; with an Mustration. Cr. 8vo, cloth, Esq. Cr. svo), cloth, 5s. James Blackwood. 109. Bd. Saunders, Otley, and Co.

Tallis's Topographical Dictionary of England and Wales. 2 vols. royal 8vo, Peacock-A Ramble to the Wreck of the Royal Charter. By W. P Peacock. cloth, or 1 vol. royal svo, halt bound, 458. H. Lea.

Fcp. 8vo, sewed, 2d. (Jno. Heywood, Manchester.) Simpkin, Marshall, Tayler-The Rudiments of Greek Grammar, as formerly used in the Royal Col. and Co.

lege at Eton, Literally Translated into English. By the Rev. H. J. Tayler, Pedler-The Anglo-Saron Episcopate of Cornwall, with some Account of the B.D. New edit. 12mo, cloth, 15. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Bishops of Crediton. By E. H. Pedler. New edit. &vo, cloth, 75. 6d. Taylor-The Prophet's Lamp on the Stream of Time. By the Rev. W.F. Taylor. Harrison.

cr. 8vo, cioth, Kewed, Is. (E. Howell, Liverpool.) Hamilton and Co. Peter. Parley, The Wanderers by Sea and Land, with other Taleg. By Peter Temple-The Present Relations of Science to Religion : a Sernion preached og

Parley. Illustrated. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 35. 04. James Blackwood. Philip-The Revival, or Who Teacheth like God? By Rev. Jno. Philip. 18mo, Meeting of the British Association. By the Rev. Frederick Temple. 8vo, cloth, sewed, 6. J. Maclaren, Edinburgh.

sewed, 18. J. H. and J. Parker. Phillips-The Vision of the Cross, and other Poems. By Ed. A. Phillips. 12mo, Thomas--Autumnal Leaves. Elegiac and other Poems. By William Edward cloth, 4s. Hatchard and Co.

Thomas. Royal 10ino, cloth, os. W. Wolker and Co. Philp-The

History of Progress of Great Britain, By Robert Kemp Philp. Thomas--The Call of Duty: a Sermon Preached on Occasion of the Attendance With numerous Dlustrations. Vol. II. 8vo, cloth, 78. Gd. Houlston and of the Twelfth (Melksham) Company of Wiltshire Rifle Volunteers at the Wright.

Parish Church, on Sunday, June 17, 1800. By the Rev. E, T. W. Thomas, Pindar-The Odes of Pindar. Part I. The Olympics and Pythians. Construed M.A. 8vo, sewed, Od. (J. Cochrane, Melksham.) Simpkin, Marshall, and

literaly and word for word. By the Rev. Dr. Giles (Giles's Key to the Co. Classics). 18mo, cloth, sewed, 23. J. Cornish.

Thomson-Health Resorts of Great Britain, and How to Profit by Them. By Pious Arminians proved to be Practical Calviniste; also Distinguishing Grace Spencer Thomson. Ilustrated, Svo, cloth, os. Ward and Lock.

Practically, Ponsidered and a Summary of Calvinism. Ismo, sewed, bd. Thoughts in Verse for Christian Children. 2nd edit. enlarged, 18mo, cloth, Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

sewed, 18. Hamilton and Co. Poems by L. Third Series. Post 8vo, cloth, 4s. Od. E. T. Whitfield,

Thrower-Questions in Arithmetic, for the use of the Free Grammar School of Popular Songs and Ballads of all Nations ; Sixty-nine of the best by the most King Edward the Sixth, Birmingham. By William Thrower. New edit.

Esteemed Composers. Words and Music. 4to, cloth, 4s. Musical Bouquet 12mo, cloth, 2. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.

Tomlinson-Winter in the Arctic Regions; with an Introductory Notice on Prichard--The Mutinies in Rajpootana; being a Personal Narrative of the the North-West Passage, and an Appendix on Sir John Franklin's Expedi

Mutiny at Musseerabad, with Subsequent Residence at Jodhpore, and tion. By Charles Tomlinson. New edit. 16mo, cloth, 23. 6d. S. P.C. K. Journey across the Desert into Sind; with an Account of the Outbreak at Trench-On some Deficiences in our English Dictionaries, By Richard Che. Neemuch, and Mutiny of the Jodhpore Legion at Erinpoora, and Attack nevix Trench. 2nd edit. Revised and Enlarged. To which is advied, a Leiter on Mount Aboo. By Ntudas Thomas Prichard. Post 8vo, cloth, 78. 6d. J. to the Author from Herbert Coleridge, Esq., on the Progress and Prospects W. Parker and Son.

of the Society's New English Dictionary. Svo, sewed, J. W. Parker. Palpit (The). Vol. LXXVII. 8vo, cloth, 78.00. Kent and Co.

Triumphs (The) of Perseverance and Enterprise. New edit. 12mo, cloth, 3s 6d. Punch. Vol. XXXVIII. 4to, cloth, 89. d. Office.

Darton and Co. Pupil Teacher's (The) Hand-book to the Annual Government Examination. Trollope--Father Eustace: a Tale of the Jesuits. By Mrs. Trollope, 3rd edit. With Questions, etc. 12mo, sewed, Is. Kent and Co.

12mo, bds. 23. knight and Son. Ranking-Radcliffe-The Hall. Yearly Abstract of the Medical Sciences. Edited Trollope- The Vicar of Wrexhill. By Mrs. Trollope. New edit. (Parlour

by W. H. Ranking and C. B. Radcliffe. Vol. XXXI. January to June, 1830. Library, Vol. CCXVI.) Fep. 8vo, Lds. 93. C.H. Clarke, Cr. 8vo, cloth, 68. 01. J. Churchill.

Trollope-Widow Barnaby. By Frances Trollope. New edit. (Parlour Library, Reade- The Eighth Commandinent. By Charles Reade. 8vo, cloth, 148. Vol. CCXV.) Fcp. 8vo, bds. 28. C. H. Clarke. Trabner and Co.

Trosachs (The) and Loch Lomond, ete., with Travelling Map and Six EngrayRedding-French Wines and Vineyards; and the way to find them. By Cyrus ings on Steel (Oliver and Boyd's Scottish Tourist). 12no, cloth, limp. ls. Redding: Cr. 8vo, cloth, 88.6d. Houlston and Wright.

(Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh:) Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Reid- The Hunter's Feant; or, Conversations around the Camp-Fire. By Capt Tulloch-Leaders of the Reformation - Luther, Calvin, Latimer, Knox. By

Mayne Reid. With eight blustrations by H. Weir, Fcp. 8vo, cloth, 39. éd. John Tulloch. 2nd edit. Cr. Svo, cloth, os. ód. W. Blackwood and Sons.

C. H. Clarke.
Revivaly-Authentic Records of Revival now in progress in the United King-

Tyndall - The Glaciers of the Alps: being a Narrative of Excursions and

Ascents. By John Tyndall. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 149. Murray. dom. Edited by the Rev. Wm. Reid. With an introduction by Horatius Underwood-A Short Manual of Arithmetic. By the Rer. Charles White Bonar. 12mo, cloth, 88. 6d. J. Nishet and Co.

Underwood. Fcp. 8vo, cloth, limp. 2s.6d. Macmillan and Co.
Ritchie About London. By J. Ewing Ritchie, Post Svo, cloth, 5s. Tinsler.
Ritchie's Here and There in London. (Cheaper edition.) 12mo, boards, 24. Ward

Vaughan-Epiphany, Lent, and Easier. A Selection of Sorinon preached in

St. Michael's Church, Chester-squnre, from January to April, 1860. By C. J and Look.

Vaughan. Cr. Svo, cloth, 78. Okt. Blacmillan and Co.

Venables-A Guide to the Isle of Wight, its Approaches, and Places of Resort, Abbott (Jacob), Florence Stories, Grimhie, fop. Svo, New York, 1960, pp. 259,

with numerous Walks, Drives, and Excursions, etc. etc. By the Rev. cloth, 4s. 6d. Edmund Venables. 12mo, cloth, 79. Bd. E. Stanford.

Booth (L.M.), Clock and Watchmakers' Manual, cr. 8vo, pp. 288, New York, 1900, Vignoles-Observations to uccompany the Map of the Shadow.path thrown by cloth, gs.

the Total Eclipse of the Sun on the 18th of July, 1500, across the North- Canadian Naturalist and Geologist, Vol. IV. pp. 500, Montreal, 1800, 18s. Eastern Part of Spain. By Charles Vignoles, F.Rs. Imp. Svo, cloth, 105. Od. Chase (P. E.), Sanscrit and English Analogues, 8vo, pp. 117, cloth, Philadelpbia, Longinan and Co.

1900, 0s. Village Belles: a Tale of English Country Life. By the Author of Mary Powell. Champlin (T. J., D.D.), Textbook in Intellectual Philosophy, 12mo, pp. 240,

New edition. 12mo, canvas, %s. Od. cloth, 3. od. (Bentley's Standard Boston, 1860, 7s.6d
Novels.) P. Bentley

Collins (P. M.), Voyage Down the Amoor, post 8vo, pp. 896, New York, 1960,7s. 64. Walpole-The Castle of Otranto: a Gothic Story. By Horace Walpole, Earl of Cooke (J. P.) Elements of Chemical Physics, 8vo, pp. 751, numerous Illustrations, Orford. New edition. 12mo, bds. 99. H. Lea.

Boston, 1800. Warren-A Guide to Beginners in the Art of Muminating. By Albert Warren. Cooper (J. F.), Illustrated Library edition of Novels, Vol. XIV. Home as 12mo, limp cloth, 29. od. Barnard and Son.

Found, Sequel to Home ward Bound, Svo, pp. 507, New York, 1800, 10s. 6d. Water-The Sea-board and the Down; or, My Country Parish in the South. By Douglas (Stephen A., Life of, by J. W. Shehun, with portrait, post 8vo, pp. 523,

an old Vicar (Rev. J. W. Water). 2 vols, royal 16mo, cloth, 284. Rivington, cloth, New York, 1900, 6s. 6d. Weld-Two Ponths in the Highlands, Orcadia, and Skye.' By C. R. Weld. Draper (John William), Human Physiology, Statical and Dynamical, 2nd edit. Illustrated. Post Svo, cloth, 129. 0d. Longinan and Co.

Hlustrated, New York, pp. 649, 255. Whaleman's (The) Adventures. Edited by the Rev. W. Scoresby, Fourth edit. Elwell (John James), A Medico Legal Treatise on Malpractice and Medical fep. Svo, cloth, 3s. 6d. Darton and Co.

Evidence, 8vo, New York, 1800, calf, pp. 558, 308. Whately--- Lectures on Prayer. By a Country Pastor, Author of Lectures on the Emmons (Ebenezer), Manual of Geology for use of Colleges and Academies, 2nd Parables. 12mo, cloth, 35. 60. J. W. Parker and Son.

edit. 8vo, illustrated, New York, 1900), pp. 297, half bound, 78. 6d. White-All Round the Wrekin. By W. White. Cr. 8vo, cl.99. Chapman and Hall. Godwin (Parke), The History of France, Vol. I. Ancient Gaul, New York, 1960, Who Shall be Duchess ? or, the New Lord of Burleigh. 2 vols, er. Sro, cloth, pp. 496, cloth, 12s. 214. Saunders, Otley, and Co.

Hamilton (F. H.) A Practical Treatise on Fractures and Dislocations, svo, Wife's (The) Domain. By Philothatos. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 89. 6. Churchill.

Philadelphia, 1860, pp. 758, cloth, 288. Winslow-Our Covenant God. By George Ewing Winslow. Cr. sro, cloth, 5s. Harpers' Series of School and Family Readers by Marcus Wilson, 5 vols. 12mno, Wertheim and Co.

New York, 1800, with numerous Ilustrations, London, 10s.6d. Or separately, Wise-Cominentary on the Hindu System of Medicine, By T. A. Wise. New the Primer is. First Reader ls. Od., Second Reader 2s., Third Reader Ss. o, issue. 8vo, cloth, 75.0d. Trubner and Co.

Fourth Reader 49. Cd. Wilford-Three Lectures upon the Rine. By Colonel E. C. Wilford. 2nd edit. Holmes (0. W.), The Professor at the Breakfast Table, with the Story of Iris, Fop. Svo, cloth, sewed, s. Marlborough.

12mo, Boston, 1874), pp. 410, cloth, 0s. Wilson-Narrative of Events during the French Invasion of Russia in 1812. By Hitchcock (E.) Elementary Anatomy and Physiology for Colleges, Academies, General Sir Robert Wilson. 2nd edit. Svo, cloth, 15s. Murray.

etc., cr. 8vo, New York, 1800, half bound, pp. 441, 63. ed. Words (The) and Works of our Blessed Lord, and their Lessons for Daily Life. Howe (Mrs. Julia W.) A Trip to Cuba, cr. Svo, Boston, 1950, pp. 251,

58. By the Author of Bramplon Rectory: ? vols. fep. 8vo, cloth, 95. J. W. Parker. Lincolu (Hon. A) Life and Public Services of, with

portrait, with a Biographical Wraxall-Life in the Sea: or, the Nature and Habits of Marine Animals, Sketch of Hon. H. Hamlin by D. W. Bartlett, post 8vo, New York, 1são, pp

Written and Compiled by Lascelles Wraxall. Cr. 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. Houl. 500, 6s. 6d. ston and Wright.

Mahan (Milo) A Church History of the First Three Centuries, from the 30th to Yonatı-The Pig. By W. Yonatt, V.S. Enlarged and Re-written by Samuel the 323rd year of the Christian Era, cr. 8vo, New York, 1800, pp. 42, cl. gs.

Sydney. With numerous Ilustrations. Post svo, half-bound, 5s, Routledge Mitchell (0. M., L.L.D.), Popular Astronomy, cr. 8vo, New York, 1860, with and Co.

numerous Illustrations, pp. 370, cloth, 8s.

North American Review (The), No. 188, July, 1800, (Boston), London, 69.

Norton (Charles E.) Notes of Travel and Study in Italy 19mo, Boston, 1800, pp. Abbott (Jacob), History of Genghis Khan, pp. 395, New York, 1860, 42. 01.

320, cloth, 5s. Abbott (Jacob), American History, Maps, etc. pp. 239, New York, 1800, 5s.

Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the year 1858, Arts and Manufactures, in 3 vols. 8vo, pp. 2184 ; Agriculture, 1 vol.

8vo, pp. 552, Washington, 1850,408 • This list is kindly supplied by Messrs. Sampson Low and Son, American

Saxe (John G.), 'The Money King, and other Poems, 12mo, Boston, 1800, pp. 180

cloth, 5s. Booksellers, Ludgate hill, London.



LIVING and Travel What

FAMOUS BOYS; and How they became Great Men.



With Eight large ato Plaies, printed in Oil Colours, price 2s.6d., cloth güt, ered by Special Act of Parliament, for the Assurance of Lives, Annuities,

gilt edges, and the Guarantee of Fidelity in Situations of Trust. Chief Office-2, Waterloo lace, Pall Mall, London, S.W. The existing Revenue from Premiums exceeds One hundred and twenty

we See. By the Author of Plain Things for Little Folk. thousand pounds.

London : Darton and Co., 68, Holborn-hill.
HENRY WICKHAM WICKUAM, Esq., M.P., Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The European Assurance Society is authorized by Special Act of Parliament Now ready, price $9.04., cloth gilt, with eight full page Illustrations,
to guarantee the fidelity of persons holding Government and other Situations of
The Guarantee Policies of this Society are sanctioned by the Lords of the

The Story of
Treasury for the Customs, Inland Revenue, Poor Law Board, and County

London : Darton and Co., 58, Holborn-hill. Courts, and by the Board of Trade, India, Home, and other Public Depart. ments, and are accepted by the leading London, Provincial, and Colonial

Joint-Stock and Private Banks the principal Railway Companies, Life and

Price 8s. 6d., cloth gilt,
Fire Offices, Public Companies, Institutions, and Cominercial Firms through-
out the Kingdom.
Life Assurance combined with Guarantee confers important advantages, by

Lives of Eminent Women, with Examples of their Benevolent Works, the reduction allowed on the Life Premiuins.

Truthful Lives, and Noble Deeds, with full page Illustrations, engraved on Inmediate Annuities, payable during the whole of life, may be purchased on

Steel. By the Author of Famous Boys, and How

they became Great Men. the following scale

London: Darton and Co., 58, Holborn-hill.
Annuties granted at the undermentioned Ages for every £100 of
Purchase Money.

Author of The Crisis of Being; The Progress of Being, etc., etc. Pub
Ages... 50


lished Monthly, price sd.
£ s. d.
£s. d.

One of the most thoughtful and eloquent religious serials within our know

€ e d. Annuity 7 17 6 10 3 4 14 16 2

ledge."--Church of England Monthly Review.

London: Ward and Co., Paternoster-row. Proposals List of Shareholdere Se repertuses, and Agency upplications, mas THE DIAL., 2 First-Class London Weekly Newspaperat te to Secretary.

Half Price. Principles of Unsectarian Christianity and Political Independence; containing ample Discussion of Public

. , (Established A.D. 1844) No. 3, Pall-mall East, London, S.W.

Reform; Reviews and Discussions in Literature, Science, and Art; and an The WARRANTS for the HALF-YEARLY INTEREST, at the rate of 5 per extensive Monetary and Commercial Department. Price Threepence uncent, per annum, on Deposit Accounts, to the Soth June, are ready for delivery, stamped. and payable daily between the hours of ten and four..

Published every Friday, at 102, Fleet-street, London.
PETER MORRISON, Managing Director.
July 10th, 1800.
Parties desirous of Investing Money are requested to examine the plan of the

study and BANK OF DEPOSIT.

practise medicine are requested to communicate with Dr. JOHN MILL, NO Prospectuses and forms sent free on application.

Great Russell-street, W.C., London. .

Analyzed by Dr. Hopman, F.R.S., and Professor Redwood, Ph. D., strongly at the ensuing Election, which takes place in August next, for candidates for recommended by many eminent members of the Medical Profession, and admission to the Royal Asylum of St. Ann's Society, for

favourably noticed by the following Medical Journals :HERBERT FREDERICK MONSARRAT, AGED 9 YEARS,

The Lancet. Whose 'father, Prederek Geale Monsartat, died November, 1854, at the early age

The Medical Times and Gazette. of 39, leaving a widow and four infant children unprovided for.' The widow is a

The British Medical Journal. gentlewoman by birth and education, but being afflicted with deafness and

The Medical Circular. declining health, is incapable of filing any situation in order to provide for

The Edinburgh Medical Journal. her fatherless children. Her father, Captain John Harris, entered the Army

The Dublin Hospital Gazette. at the early age of 14 years, and served gallantly throughout the Peninsula It ja suited to all cases of delicate skin (whether arising from disease or and other campaigns under the Duke of Wellington, and remained with the otherwise), and is admirably adapted for nursery use. May be bad of all re45th Regiment of Foot throughout the whole or his military career; he had spectable Chemists, Perfumers, etc. seven brothers, also in the military profession, two of whom were killed in

Soap Works, Clerkenwell, London, E.C.
The Case is strongly recommended by

The Archdeacon of Waterford, Waterford.
Rev. Charles Seymour Langley, Rector of St. Mary's, Clonmel, Ireland.
Rev. William Cartienter, D.D., Christ's Church, Manchester.

HOLD SOAPS may now be had in family boxes as follows:Rrv. Sydney II. Widdrington, Vicar of St. Michael's, Coventry.

No. 1, containing 1121b. finest yellow in glb. cakes; John Mills Thorne, Esq., Turret House, South Lambeth.

No.2, 1121b. finest mottled in lb. cakes
William Thorne, Esq., Sherborne, Dorset.

No.3, 1121b. half yellow, half mottled, in flb cakes ;
Sydney C. Child, Esq., 02, Cannon-street, London, E.C.
John Boyes, Esq., 70, Great Tower-street, London, E.C.

No. 4, 841b. half yellow and half mottled, and slb. of fine Curd, for washing

lace and fine things, with an assortment of fancy Soaps. J. Pilkington, Esq., 15, Fish-street-hill, London, E.C.

The price for each box is 488. in London ; 2s. extra to any part of England; or Any support, by way or Proxies or otherwise, will be thankfully received by 18. extra within 100 miles of London. No charge for package. the mother of the child, or by Walter H. Wheeler, 3, Falcon-court, Fleet To be had of all Grocers and Oilmen in the Kingdom, or (wholesale only) at street, London, E.C.

the Soap Works, Clerkenwell.


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Designed for the Use of Teachers in Schools and Young Men destined for the Medical Profession and for Public Instruction generally.



Surgeon to the University College Hospital, London, and Lecturer on Anatomy in the Science and Art Department, South Kensington.

TERMS OF PUBLICATION.-The Work contains 280 4to pages of Text, bound in Cloth, and 103 Coloured Illustrations, arranged in 9 Folio Plates,

measuring 15 inches by 78, in a Limp Cover. Price of the 4to Volume and small folio Atlas, 218.

London: Published by Day and Son, Lithographers to the Queen, 6, Gate-street, Lincoln's-inn Fields.



"A very useful series of Educational Works, of which Dr. Cornwall is that they are preparing for publication, towards the end of the present

author or editor. year a superbly Illustrated and Illuminated Edition of

It (the Geography for Beginners) is an admirable intro.

duction. There is vast difficulty in writing a good elementary book, and Dr. PARADISE AND THE PERI.

Cornwell has shown himself possessed of that rare combination of faculties

which is required for the task." -John Bull. BY THOMAS Moorx. The size of the work will be quarto, and it will contain 54 pages of the richest

GEOGRAPHY for BEGINNERS. 6th Edition, 1s. and most splendid illuminations ever published. The ornamental illumina

A SCHOOL GEOGRAPHY, 29th Edition, 3s. 6d. ; with tions will be by Owen Jones, and the illuminated illustrations by Henry Warren. Each border, in tone and ornament,

will be suggestive of the senti Maps, 5s.6d. ment pervading the portion of the poem which it surrounds: the illustrations A SCHOOL ATLAS, 28. 6d. plain ; 4s. coloured. will be treated on golden backgrounds, there will be about 25 beautiful figure. subjects. It is the intention of those connected with the production

of this ALLEN and CORNWELL'S GRAMMAR, 30th Edition, work that it shall possess all the higher qualities of oriental gorgeousness in

95. red; Is. ed. cloth. colour and design, that it shall exhibit, both in beauty and economy, the fullest powers of the chromolithographic process; and, whilst commanding the first GRAMMAR for BEGINNERS, 35th Edition, 1s. cloth ; position as a work of luxury and decoration, that it shall be eminently and Od. sewed. practically serviceable and suggestive to those of the nobility, the familes of the clergy and others, practising the now popular and valuable Art of Ilami. THE YOUNG COMPOSER, 23rd Edition, 1s. 6d. nating. Each one of the 54 pages presenting a fund of fresh

and tasteful

SELECT ENGLISH POETRY, 11th Edition, 4s. illumination. The binding of the work will be designed by Owen Jones. The price, com

THE SCIENCE of ARITHMETIC, 6th Edition, 4s. 6d. plete, will be £2 28.; or, in morocco, £* 12s.6d.

Subscriber's names are now being received, and as but a limited edition can ARITHMETIC for BEGINNERS, 4th Edition, ls. 6d. be ready for the Christmas season of 1880-61, it is requested that intending Subscribers should forward their names at once.

London : Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.; Hamilton, Adams, and Co.

Edinburgh: Oliver and Boyd.


THE of of ORNA.


THE ART of ILLUMINATING, as practised in Europe THE LADY and the LAWYERS ;

Egypt, etc., will be SOLD shortly.

Brother to the Inventor.
Privately, or through the Post

1 1 0 In Class

: 0 7 6

. London: 20, Paternoster-row, E.C. ment, by Owen JOXES, will be SOLD shortly.


corrected gratuitously MENTAL ART, South Kensington Museum, by BedrORD and Robin. through the post, by the members of the Phonetic Society. Sox, will be SOLD shortly.

London: Pitman, 20, Paternoster-row, E.C. THE LAST COPIES of the ART TREASURES of PHONETIC READING.–First Book in Phonetic Read

the UNITED KINGDOM, by WARING and BEDFORD. ("A present fit acquire the art of reading common books in one-fourth of the time now spent for a king."-Atheneum) Will be SOLD shortly. Particulars of Day and in learning, by first going through a course of Phonetic Reading. Son, Lithographers to the Queen, 6, Gate-street, W.C.

London. Fred. Pitman, 20, Paternoster-row, E.C.

Elegantly bound, gilt edges, price 108. 6d.,
Just published, price £3 103., binding extra elegant,

or, Honesty is the Best Policy

-This book, which has created a remarkable sensation amongst from the Earliest Times. Illustrated by Initial Letters and Alphabets, the legal confraternity, and which gives such an insight into their professional selected from the British Museum, South Kensington Museum, and other valu. practices, is now published for all booksellers, and may be had of the Authores, able Collections. By W.R. TYMM8. With an Essay on the Art, and Instruc- ANNA TOXER (née De Burgh), at 2, Belgrave-road, Eccleston-square, London. tions as to its practice in the present day, by Digby Wyatt, Architect.

Also by the same authoress, and bound with the above, EUGENIE; or, the
Day and Son, Lithographers to the Queen, 6, Gate-street, W.C.

Spanish Bride.

Trees, Flowers, Vegetables, and Sweet Herbs, for the Beauty and Profit of

26th Thousand; Sewed, sd.; Bound, 8d; Interleaved, 9d. tbe Villa or Farm. By N. PATERSON, D.D. Ninth Thousand. With numerous Additions and Improvements. Crown 8vo, cloth, 25.

CLASS MANUAL, and FAMILY CATECHIST. By Rev. Wm. Roar, In extra cloth gilt, 3s. 6d. post free,


"It is condensed power: every point is electric."--Homilist. THE LIFE and TRAVELS of ALEXANDER VON "A

jewel of great value."--Christian Witners. HUMBOLDT, with an Account of his Discoveries and Notices of his Scientific “Well conceived; eloquently written ; and unique."-Temperance Spectator. Fellow Labourers and Contemporaries. Numerous Illustrations.

Most instructive Sunday lessons." - Mother's journal.
"I am become a name:

A privilege to commend it." --Jercisk Herald.
For, always roaming with a hungry heart,

The best thing of the sort in existence."-British Ensign.
Much have I seen and known; cities of men

"Eminently suggestive." - Educator.
And manners, climatex, councils, governments,

"Biblical, doctrinal, and ethical."-Youth's Magazine, Myself not least, but honoured of them all."

"We heartily recommend it."-Herald of Peace

"Nothing to equal it in the English Language."-British Plag. Just published, price 8s. Ed. post free,

" Widely catholic, but intensely evangelical." --Blackburn News. THE MILITARY HEROES of ENGLAND, from the

* The hints on Puseyism are very good."-- Union Magazine,

"Tersest form of words possible to be conceived." -- Teacher's Treaty. Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Suppression of the Indian Mutiny Numerous "Written in a most attractive style."-Scottish Press. Illustrations, extra cloth. A more suitable book for boys or young men can "Sound in doctrine, lucid in arrangement.--Harbinger. hardly be suggested

"Displays great industry and ability."--Glasgow Commonwealth.

“A good discipline to scholars and teachers.--Baptist Hagazine. A VISIT to INDIA, CHINA, and JAPAN. By Bayard "An admirable manual."--Erangelical Magazine. TAYLOR. Newly Revised and Edited by G. É. PARDON. Post 8vo, cloth, 88, 8d. "A charming little book."- Mother's Priend.

"Successful in execution as it is norel in design."-Band of Hope Journal. SHAKSPEARE and the BIBLE. Showing how the The book is worthy of a life.-Bolton Independent. Great Dramatist was indebted to Holy Writ for his Wisdom and Profound "Deserving the widest circulation."--Dial. Knowledge of Human Nature. By Rev. J.R EATON. Post Svo, 8. 6d. Second

“Enforces the Temperance Reformation."-Scotish League, Edition

London Snow, and all Booksellers. Schools supplied by the Author, at 10 onuon: James Blackwood, Paternoster.ruv.

per cent, discount, and Carriage Free.

, of


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being a complete Weekly Numbers, price ld.; and Monthly Parts, price 5d. and 6d.; or free

Guide to the usages of Polite Society. by Post 2d.

Other Works in Preparation. A favourable opportunity is now presented for commencing the purchase of this periodical. With Number 184, dated Saturday, July 7th, is given the first portion of a NEW TALE, by Mr. J. F. SMITH; and also the first portion of a LIFE OF GARIBALDI, by One who Knew Him. The other contents are of the usual interesting character, forming an instructive and amusing miscellany under Government, containing an authoritative synopsis of the naine of the exa

for August (Part 32, price 6d), is issued a complete guide to Situations of the highest excellence, embellished by first-class Wood Engravings. LORD BROUGHAN, in his address at Liverpool, thus speaks of this universally

minations appointed for each department of the Public Service; full particulars

of the offices subject to the New Regulations, the age and other qualifications popular Periodical:-" Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper began this year with a sale of THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND.

The Tales composed for

of Candidates, Salaries, etc. This important work will be sold with the family working men's hours of relaxation are of a kind that address themselves both

Paper, at the above price for both inclusive, for a short time only. to the understanding and to the heart-at once giving lessons of instruction and fostering the kindly affections. It is iroin experience, no less than from Einstelations of net een done thor higher classes toas we may describe it as impos CASSEL L’S

EDUCATIONAL WORKS:read some of these stories with dry eye.


. with the Alphabet. The Orthographical portion is arranged upon the Web Profusely embellished with splendid Engravings and Tinted Plates. In ster" Principle of Pronunciation. Svo, cloth, ls. Monthly Parts price (d, each.

The First Volume, already completed, contains a complete account of-1. Four: LESSONS in ENGLISH, containing a Practical Gram. handed Animals, comprising all the Apes and Monkeys. 2. Wing-handed mar, adapted for the Use of the Sell-Educating Student, and abounding in Animals--the Bats. 8. 'Insect-eating Animals--Hedgehogs, Shrews, Moles, etc. Illustrations calculated to impart a thorough knowledge of the Language, the 4. The Rodento, or Gnawing Animals, sob as Hares, Rabbita, Marmots, Rate Roots and Derivatives of English Words, and of those Rules by which the Lapand Mice. 5. A Commencement or the History of Flesh-eating Animals, inclu- guage may be spoken and written grammatically. By J. R. BEARD, D.D. lume, ding the Bear in all its varieties, the Racoon, and some others. These subjects in paper covers, 38.; cloth boards, 3s. Od. are Illustrated with more than 500 Wood Engravings, and 12 Tinted Plates, Price, elegantly bound in cloth, 8. Od.

THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE in its ELEMENTS and Parts XIII., XIV., XV., and N11.commencing the Second Volume, are also FORM; with a History of its Origin and Developments. Designed for the ready. Part XVII. will be published on the 1st of August next.

use of Pupils and of Teachers, and as a book of General Reference. By WILLIAB

C. FOWLEK. 8vo, cloth, 85, 6d. Opinions of the Press. "The text and the illustrations of this work are alike admirable. It does not SIXPENNY LESSONS in FRENCH, with Rules for merely supply a careful and detailed description of animals, but enters deeply pronunciation on an entirely novel and simple plan. Crown 8vo, paper covers, into the whole subject, and no less amusing than full of information and 6d. instruction."- Morning Herald

LESSONS in FRENCH: containing a complete View of "The narrative part is full of interesting anecdotes and details, free from that dry and tedious description so frequently met with."-Daily Telegraph.

the Idioms of the French language, in a series of Easy and Progressive Lessons By Prof. FASQUELLE. 12.no. Parts I. and II., in paper covers, 2s, each, or in

cloth, 25. 63. each. Complete in one volume, cloth, is. Od.

In FRENCH MANUAL. Forming a complete, simple, and Weekly Numbers, price 1d.; and in Monthly Parts, price 5d, and 6d.

practical Guide to a thorough knowledge of speaking the French Language. The Family Bible is handsomely printed on goud paper, and embellished with By Prof. De LOLME. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. the choicest productions of our living artists, representing the principal events of Scripture History, and with more than ONE THOUSAND additional Engravings FRENCH READER; or, Interesting Narratives in of the Mountuins, Valleys, and Plains, the Lakes and Rivers, the Cities, Towns, French for Translation. Accompanied by Conversational Exercises and a and Villages in the "Lands of the Bible,

Vocabulary. By Prof. FASQUELLE. 12mo, paper covers, 25.; cloth, 2s. 64. Volume I., from Genesis to 1 Samuel, inclusive, is now ready. Prices :-Neatly bound in cloth boards, gilt back, 78. od.; handsomely bound

LESSONS in GERMAN. Containing a Complete Vier in cloth boards, gilt hack and wides, 8s.; elegantly bound in cloth, bevelled of the Idioms of the German Language, in 1 Series of Easy and Progressive boards, red edges, gilt back and sides, s.

Lessons. By W. H. WOODBURY. 12mo. Parts I. and II., paper covers, 93. cloth. Opinions of the Press.

Ps.6d, each; complete in 1 vol. cloth, 45. Od. "We are as rejoiced as we are astonished to hear of the enormous circulation of this edition of the Holy Scriptures has attined, both in this country and in

GERMAN PRONUNCIATION. Consisting of Easy the United States. Yet why should we be astonisheil? The type is handsome,

Extracts in Prose and Verse, with Vocabularies. 12mo, paper covers, ls.; cloth. the printing and general getting up all that could be desired, the notes useful, Is. 6d. the marginal references complete, and the ilustrations numerous and superior; finally, it is a miracle of cheapness."-The Patriot.

GERMAN READER: containing Cloice Selections from the best German Authors, in Prose and Verse, and a complete Vocabulary. By

W. H. WOODDURY. 13mo, paper covers, 2s.; cloth 89. Od.

HISTORY of ENG. LAND during the last 100 Years. By William Howitt. In Weekly Introduction to the Latin Language. Comprising Grammar, Exercises, and

FIRST LESSONS in LATIN; or, a Short and Easy Numbers, price ld.. and in Monthly Paris, price 54. and 6d.

Vocabulary. By Profs. ANDREW8 and STODDARD. 12mo, paper covers, lai The Illustraled History of England has been characterized by Lord Brougham cloth, Is. d. as one "in which the soundest principles are laid down in almost every instance, and in which the interests of virtue, of liberty, and of peace-the best LESSONS in LATIN : being an Elementary Grammar of interests of mankind-are faithfully and ably maintained."- Address to the

the Latin Language, in a Series of Easy and Progressive Lessons. By the Rer. Association for the Promotion of Social Science,

J. R. Beard, D.D. 12mo, paper covers, 29. Bd.; cloth, 3s.
Parts I., II., III., IV., V., and VI. are now ready.

LATIN GRAMMAR. For the use of Schools and Cal.

HISTORY of ENG- leges. By Profs. ANDREWS and STODDABD. Revised Edition, crown Svea LAND, from the Earliest Period to the Death of George II. By WILLIAM

cloth, 8s. 6a. IIOWITT. May also be had complete in Four Volunca, royal svo, bound in LATIN EXERCISES. Adapted to ANDREWS and Stopcloth, price 6s, each.

Dakr's Latin Grammar. 12ino, cloth, 2s. THE HISTORY of FRANCE, from the earliest Period; LATIN READER, adapted to Cassell's Latin Grammar; with numerous Portraits. 12mo, cloth, 28. 8d. ; strongly bound in leather, Ss.

consisting of Fables, Mythology, Anecdotes of Eminent Men, etc. Cloth, Is. 6d. THE HISTORY and SOURCES of the GREATNESS

LESSONS in ITALIAN : being an Elementary Grammar of the British Empire. By BENJAMIN Parsons. 190, cloth, 16. 01.

of the Language, with numerous Exercises, Italian-English, and English Italian,

Vocabulary, etc. etc. By Charles TausenAU, M.D., of the University of Paria the Progress of Phottigraphy and its allied Art and Sciences, Published LESSONS in GREEK; including a Grammar of the Lan. cvery Friday, yurice 3d, or stamped Ad. Vols. I. and II, handsomely bound in

guage in Easy and Progressive Lessons, with numerous Lxercises for translating cloth, 69. 61, each.

from Greek into English, and from English into Greek, etc. By the Rev. J. "Whether for the practical man or the deep-thinkins philosopher, there are

R. BEARD, D.D. 12mo, stiff covers, ss. d. cloth, 4s. few journals more interesting than this weekly paper."-Spectator.

THE ACTS of the APOSTLES in the Original Greek.

use of schools, Colleges, and Tlieological Seminaries. By of Literature, Education, Economy,

12mo, cloth, 2.0d. And Fashion. In Montbly Numbers, 6d. Vols. I., II., and III., handsomely bound in cloth, gilt, ev. l. carh, or with gilt edzes, 79. Bl.

ARITHMETIC for the YOUNG: inculcating the Science The Ladies' Treasury for August will contain the first of a series of Lessons in of Numbers by means of Familiar Objects; in a series of Easy Lessons, with Sepia and Water Colour Drawing. Its other contents include Fancy Work for copious Directions for Teachers. 12ino, cloth, 18. Ladies, Costume in all ages and countries, Domestie Economy, the newest Fashions direct from Paris, illustrated, entertaining Literature, Fine Arts, cte. ELEMENTS of ARITHMETIC, giving improved Expla

"The Lordies' Treasury is illustrated by woodcuts of the highest excellence. nations of all the Rules, on the basis of the "Higher Arithmetic" in the series Female dress is a subject which receives full attention."-Daily Telegraph. of Alucrican School-books. By Prof. WALLACE, A.X. Cr. Svo, paper covers, ls;

cloth, 28. d. CASSELL'S HANDBOOKS, 12mo cloth, 18. each.

ELEMENTS of ALGEBRA, intended for the use of Under this title, it is intended to issue a series of thoronghly useful Works on Schools, Colleges, Universities, and self-taught Students. Cr. 8vo, paper covers, various subjects, all of which will be treated in an elementary and popular 19.; cloth, 18. 64. manner, so as to meet the wants of those who wish to obtain the best infónna. tion in a condensed form. The following are now ready:

EUCLID: being the First Six Books, with the Eleventh and Twelfth of Euclid. Edited by Prof. WALLACE, A.M. Cr. Svo, stiff covers,

1s.; cloth, ls. 6d. Double Entry; Puled Account Books, extra, Is. 6d. each set. "In the Handbook or Book-keeping the prineiples of this science are exhibited MATHEMATICAL SCIENCE, its LOGIC and UTIin a concise and simple form, and by practical examplex, in lieu of mere abstract LITY; with Explanations and Illustrations of the best Methods of Instruc. rules, which too often tend to confise the learner.- Daily News

tions. By Charles Davies, LL.D. 8vo, cloth, 23.

GEOGRAPHY and ATLAS. By Peter Parler. New tion of the Garde, Lw of Chess, Technical Terms, Advice to Foung Edition, carefully adapted for the use of schools and families. Comprising a Players, etc., with an Account of the different Openings and Endings of diades, mass of details far exceding any work of similar price and pretensions. Sva. etc. By an OXFORD AMATXUR.

paper covers, ls.; cloth, ls. od. "In this small volume is contained the substance of the bulky works of Staunton, Phillidorc, and other chess authorities."-Brighton Guzette.

ASTRONOMICAL GEOGRAPHY, with the use of the "The autnor has managed his subject with no little ability":--Klustrated News Globes. Arranged either for simultaneous Reading and Study in classes, or for of the World.

study in the common method. By E. WILLARD. Svo, cloth, 2s, BUSINESS, A Dictionary of the OUTLINES of BOTANY; including a description of Terms and Technicalities used in Commerce, and Tables of Foreign MO_003, Lichens, Fungi, Ferns, and Sea.weeds. By Dr. J. SCOTTEN, M.B. *O, Yoneys, Weights, and Measures.

cloth 26. 00.



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A 12mo, stiti covers, 8s.; cloth, seoa

THE LADIES' TREASURY. An Ilinstrated Magazine According to be set of Austriteos. Stabat settings, and a Lexicon. For the

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of CHESS a clear Exposi


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