The Canadian Law Times, Том 17

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From 1900 to 1908 includes the "Annual digest of Canadian cases ... decided in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, in the Supreme and Exchequer Courts of Canada, and in the courts of the provinces ... Edited by Edward B. Brown."

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Сторінка 233 - First, in order to sustain an action of deceit there must be proof of fraud, and nothing short of that will suffice. Secondly, fraud is proved when it is shown that a false representation has been made (1) knowingly, or (2) without belief in its truth, or (3) recklessly, careless whether it be true or false.
Сторінка 285 - The rule of law is clear that where one by his words or conduct wilfully causes another to believe in the existence of a certain state of things, and induces him to act on that belief, so as to alter his own previous position, the former is concluded from averring against the latter a different state of things as existing at the same time.
Сторінка 278 - ... provided the said arrears of rent do not amount to more than one year's rent; and in case the said arrears shall exceed one year's rent, then the said party, at whose suit...
Сторінка 70 - ... shall have in her own name the same remedies, both civil and criminal, against all persons whomsoever for the protection and security of such wages, earnings, money, and property, and of any chattels or other property purchased or obtained by means thereof for her own use, as if such wages, earnings, moneys, chattels, and property belonged to her as an unmarried woman...
Сторінка 206 - Notwithstanding the rule of law which makes a will void for uncertainty, where the words, aided by evidence of the material facts of the case, are insufficient to determine the testator's meaning, courts of law, in certain special cases...
Сторінка 55 - Secretary calls the attention of the members of the Association to the fact that the...
Сторінка 170 - ... grant : for an estate for a man's own life is more beneficial and of a higher nature than for any other life ; and the rule of law is, that all grants are to be taken most strongly against the grantor*, unless in the case of the king.
Сторінка 206 - These cases may be thus defined: Where the object of a testator's bounty, or the subject of disposition (ie, person or thing intended is described in terms, which are applicable indifferently to more than one person or thing, evidence is admissible to prove which of the persons or things so described was intended by the testator.
Сторінка 18 - All persons may be joined in one action as plaintiffs, in whom any right to relief in respect of or arising out of the same transaction or series of transactions is alleged to exist, whether jointly, severally, or in the alternative, where if such persons brought separate actions any common question of law or fact would arise...
Сторінка 217 - Is that when a will is executed the testator designs to dispose of his entire estate, and does not intend to die intestate as to any part of his property.

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