The life of Thomas Reynolds, Том 1

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Сторінка 10 - Britain; and that the King's Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords spiritual and temporal and Commons of Great Britain in Parliament assembled, had, hath and of right ought to have, full power and authority to make laws and statutes of sufficient force and validity to bind the colonies and people of America, subjects of the Crown of Great Britain in all cases whatsoever.
Сторінка 136 - To subvert the tyranny of our execrable Government, to break the connection with England, the never-failing source of all our political evils, and to assert the independence of my country — • these were my objects. To unite the whole people of Ireland, to abolish the memory of all past dissensions, and to substitute the common name of Irishman in place of the denominations of Protestant, Catholic, and Dissenter — these were my means.
Сторінка iii - What if he hath decreed that I shall first Be tried in humble state, and things adverse, By tribulations, injuries, insults, Contempts, and scorns, and snares, and violence, Suffering, abstaining, quietly expecting, Without distrust or doubt, that he may know What I can suffer, how obey '( Who best Can suffer, best can do ; best reign, who first Well hath obey'd ; just trial, ere I merit My exaltation without change or end.
Сторінка 394 - In the awful presence of God, I, AB, do voluntarily declare that I will persevere in endeavouring to form a brotherhood of affection among Irishmen of every religious persuasion...
Сторінка 275 - Irishmen, your country is free, and you are about to be avenged. That vile Government which has so long and so cruelly oppressed you, is no more. Some of its most atrocious monsters have already paid the forfeit of their lives, and the rest are in our hands.
Сторінка 277 - Many of the military feel the love of liberty glow within their breasts, and have joined the national standard. Receive with open arms such as shall follow so glorious an example: they can render signal service to the cause of freedom, and shall be rewarded according to their deserts. But for the wretch who turns his sword against his native country, let the national vengeance be visited on him; let him find no quarter. Two other crimes demand...
Сторінка 23 - We beg leave humbly to represent to your majesty, that it is not by temporary expedients, but by a free trade alone, that this nation is now to be saved from impending ruin.
Сторінка 135 - Molyneux, that the influence of England was the radical vice of our Government, and consequently that Ireland would never be either free, prosperous, or happy, until she was independent, and that independence was unattainable whilst the connection with England existed.
Сторінка 277 - Country, be [Devoted to] passed in learning how to fight for it, or preparing the means of War, for War, War alone must occupy every mind and every hand in Ireland, until its long oppressed Soil be purged of all its enemies.
Сторінка 173 - Which of the two to choose, slavery or death ! No, let us rise at once, gird on our swords, And, at the head of our remaining troops, Attack the foe, break through the thick array Of his throng'd legions, and charge home upon him. Perhaps some arm, more lucky than the rest, May reach his heart, and free the world from bondage.

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