The Prose Edda

Передня обкладинка
American-Scandinavian Foundation, 1916 - 266 стор.

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Сторінка 19 - The next thing when the rime dropped was that the cow hight Audhumla was made of it ; but four milk-rivers ran out of her teats, and she fed Ymir ; she licked rime-stones that were...
Сторінка 65 - I am in wrath and wrestle with me." "I see no one here," said Utgard-Loki, looking at the men sitting on the benches, "who would not think it beneath him to wrestle with thee; let somebody, however, call hither that old crone, my nurse Elli, and let Thor wrestle with her if he will. She has thrown to the ground many a man not less strong than this Thor is.
Сторінка 267 - SCANDINAVIAN CLASSICS I. Comedies by Holberg: Jeppe of the Hill, The Political Tinker, Erasmus Montanus Translated by OSCAR JAMES CAMPBELL, JR., and FREDERIC SCHENCK Price $2.00 II.
Сторінка 268 - There has always been a peculiar fascination for the student of American history in that chapter of it which deals with the pre-Columbian discovery of this continent. . . . To sweep away the cobwebs of error is no small task, but Professor Hovgaard's book, with its painstaking following of the scientific method, should go a long way toward its completion. . . . Professor Hovgaard has made the best complete exposition up to date of the voyages of the Norsemen to America.
Сторінка 43 - This was made from six things: the noise a cat makes when it moves, the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, the sinews of a bear, the breath of a fish, and the spittle of a bird.
Сторінка 70 - Have any more matters of note befallen among the ^Esir? A very great deed of valor did Thor achieve on that journey." Harr made answer : "Now shall be told of those tidings which seemed of more consequence to the ^Esir. The beginning of the story is this, that Baldr the Good dreamed great and perilous dreams touching his life. When he told these dreams to the...
Сторінка 40 - Heimdallr is the name of one : he is called the White God. He is great and holy; nine maids, all sisters, bore him for a son. He is also called Hallinskidi and Gullintanni; his teeth were of gold, and his horse is called Gold-top. He dwells in the place called Himinbjorg, hard by Bifrost: he is the warder of the gods, and sits there by Heaven's end to guard the bridge from the Hill-Giants. He needs less sleep than a bird; he sees equally well night and day a hundred leagues from him, and hears how...
Сторінка 82 - ... themselves, and it shall be very bright. The time of the old gods is past; they shall fall on the plain called Vigridr. Surtr shall cast fire over all the earth and burn all the world. But the dead shall rise up again to a new order of things. A new earth shall emerge out of the sea, and all shall be green and fair; then shall the fruits of it be brought forth unsown. The mighty one — the prince of light — shall settle every quarrel, pronounce judgments, and fix sacred, unalterable laws....
Сторінка 267 - GODDARD LEACH, Secretary of the Foundation SCANDINAVIAN CLASSICS I. Comedies by Holberg : Jeppe of the Hill, The Political Tinker , Erasmus Montanus Translated from the Danish by OSCAR JAMES CAMPBELL, JR., and FREDERIC SCHENCK, with an Introduction by OSCAR JAMES CAMPBELL, JR. 1914.

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