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A Bachelor's Reverie. By Ik. Marvel.. 620 Galileo and his Daughter.

A Child's Dream of a Star

73 Genius


A Chip from a Sailor's Log

478 Ghost Stories: Mademoiselle Clairon.... 83

Adventure in a Turkish Harem

321 Glimpses of the East. By ALBERT Smith 198

Adventure with a Snake ....

415 Globes, and how they are Made... 165

Aerial voyage of Barral and Bixio. 499 Greenwich Weather-wisdom.

A few words on Corals .....
251 Habits of the African Lion ..

A Five Days' Tour in the Odenwald. By Have great Poets become impossible ? 340
William Howitt...
448 History of Bank Note Forgeries.

A Giraffe Chase
3:20 | How to kill Clever Children


Alchemy and Gunpowder .

195 How to make Home unhealthy. By Har-

American Literature ..

American Vanity
274 How We Went Whaling

A Midnight Drive..
820 Hydrophobia

Amusements of the Court of Louis XV... Any Ignorance of the English..

Andrew Carson's Money: A Story of Gold 503 Illustrations of Cheapness. Lucifer Matches 75
Anecdote of a Singer.
779 Industry of the Blind

Anecdotes of Dr. Chalmers.

696 Jenny Lind. By Fredrika BREMER. 657
Anecdote of Lord Clive..
554 Jewish Veneration ...

A Night in the Bell Inn. A Ghost Story. 252 Lack of Poetry in America.

A Paris Newspaper ..

181 Lady Alice Daventry; or, the Night of Crime 642
A Pilgrimage to the Cradle of Liberty... 721 Ledru Rollin...


Archibald Alison (with Portrait)

134 Leigh Hunt Drowning.


A Shilling's Worth of Science.

597 Lettice Arnold. By Mrs. Marsh, 13, 168, 353

Assyrian Sects ...

454 Lines. By Robert SOUTHEY


A Tale of the good Old Times.

52 Literary and Scientific Miscellany. 556
Atlantic Waves.


Lord Jeffrey's Account of the Origin of
A True Ghost Story.

the Edinburgh Review--Character of Sir

A Tuscan Vintage .


Robert Peel-The Ownership of Land-A

Self-Taught Artist-Conversation of Liter.
A Word at the Start

1 ary Men-Rewards of Literature-Schamy!

Bathing-Its Utility. By Dr. MOORE 215

the Prophet of the Caucasus-The Colossal

Battle with Life (Poetry)


Statue — Wordsworth's Prose. Writings-

Anecdotes of Beranger--The Paris Acade.
Benjamin West. By Leigu Hunt.. 191

my of Inscriptions.
Biographical Sketch of Zachary Taylor 298
Borax Lagoons of Tuscany.


Burke and the Painter Barry


Bryant's Letters of a Traveler; Bayard

Taylor's Eldorado, 140. Standish the Puri.
Charlotte Corday....


tan; Talbot and Vernon, 141. Smyth's
Chemical Contradictions


Unity of the Human Races, 284. Talvi's
Christ-hospital Worthies. By Leigu Hunt 200

Literature of the Slavic Nations ; Greeley's
Conflict with an Elephant.


Hints toward Reforms, 255. Antonina ;

Martinet's Solution of Great Problems;
Death of Cromwell (Poetry).


Lossing's Field Book, 286, 427, 837. La.

Descent into the Crater of a Volcano 838 martine's Past Present and Future of the

Diplomacy-Lord Chesterfield...

246 French Republic; Lardner's Railway

Doing (Poetry) ....


Economy; The Lone Dove; Mezzofantis

Method applied to the Study of the French

Dr. Johnson : his Religious Life and Death

Language; The Ojibway Conquest; Buf-

Early History of the Use of Coal.

656 fum's Six Months in the Gold Mines; The

Early Rising


World as it is and as it appears; Drake's

Earth's Harvests (Poetry)

Diseases of the Interior Valley of North


Ebenezer Elliott...

America, 286. Campbell's Life and Let-

ters, 425. Life and Correspondence of An-
Education in America.

209 drew Combe, 426. Dr. Johnson's Religious

Elephant Shooting in South Africa 393 Life and Death; Sydney Smith's Sketches

Encounter with a Lioness..


of Moral Philosophy; The Plough, the

Loom, and the Anvil, 427. Mrs. Child's

Eruptions of Mount Etna.


Rebels; Davies's Logic and Utility of

Fashions for Early Summer

142 Mathematics; The Gallery of Ilustrious
Fashions for July ...


Americans; The Phantom World; Chris-

Fashions for August...


topher under Canvas; Byrne's Dictionary

of Mechanics ; Griffith's Marine and Vaval

Fashions for early Autumn


Architecture, 428. Duggin's Specimens of

Fashions for Autumn ..

719 Bridges, etc. on the U.S. Railroads; M'Clin.

Fashions for November


tock's Second Book in Greek; Baird's Im.

Fate Days, and other Superstitions

pressions of the West Indies, and North


America; Fleetwood's Life of Christ; The

Father and Son....

243 Shoulder Knot; Supplement to Forester s

Fearful Tragedy-A Man-eating Lion... 471 Fish and Fishing; The Morning Watch ;
Fifty Years ago. By Leigh Hưnt 180

Debates in the Convention of California ;

The Mothers of the Wise and Good, 429

Fortunes of the Gardener's Daughter 832

Carlyle's Latter-Day Pamphlets, 430, 571.

Francis Jeffrey ..

66 The Illustrated Domestic Bible; Earnest-


ness; Amy Harrington ; The Vale of
Cedars; Chronicles and Characters of the
Stock_Exchange; Wah-to-yah, and the
Taos Trail; Poems by H. Ladd Spencer;
Talvi's Heloise; The Initials ; The Lorg.
nette, 430. Tennyson's In Memoriam, 570.
Abbott's History of Darius; Fowler's En-
glish Language in its Elements and forms;
Julia Howard; Cumming's Five Years of a
Hunter's Life; Moore's Health, Disease,
and Remedy; Wright's Perforations of the
Latter-day Pamphlets ; Lanman's Haw-Ho-
Noo, 571. Leigh Hunt's Autobiography ;
U. S. Railroad Guide and Steamboat Jour-
nal; Ware's Hints to Young Men; The Iris;
Irving's Conquest of Granada, 572. Life
and Times of Gen. John Lamb; Progress of
the Northwest; Everett's Bunker Hill
Oration; Walker's Phi Beta Kappa Ora-
tion; Bayard Taylor's American Legend;
Ungewitter's Europe, Past and Present;
Downing's Architecture of Country Houses,
573. Jarvis's Don Quixote; Halliwell's
Shakspeare; Meyer's Universum ; The
Night Side of Nature; Giles's Thoughts on
Life; Hill's Lectures on Surgery; The
National Temperance Offering, 574. Rural
Hours; Robinson's Greek and English
Lexicon ; The Berber, 713. Works of
Joseph Bellamy; Adelaide Lindsay ; May-

hew's Popular Education ; Poems by Eliza-

beth Barrett Browning; After Dinner

Table Talk; Cooper's Deer Slayer ; Stock-

ton's Sermon on the Death of Zachary

Taylor; Raymond's Relations of the Ameri

can Scholar to his Country and his Times,

714. Loomis's Recent Progress of Astrono-

my; Loomis's Mathematical Course; Auto-

biography of Goethe; Braithwaite's Retro-

spect ; Mrs. Ellett's Domestic History of

the Revolution; Lives of Eminent Literary

and Scientific Men; Johnson's Cicero;

Lady Willoughby's Diary; The Young

Woman's Book of Health, 715. Whittier's

Songs of Labor; Nicholson's Poems of the

Heart; The Mariner's Vision; Collins's

edition of Æsop's Fables; Seba Smith's

New Elements of Geometry, 716. Bucking-

ham's Specimens of Newspaper Literature;

Edward Everett's Orations and Speeches,

717. Echoes of the Universe; Memoir of

Anne Boleyn; The Lily and the Totem;

Reminiscences of Congress; Mental Hy-

geine, 718. Williams's Religious Progress;

Poetry of Science; Footprints of the Cre-

ator ; Pre-Adamite Earth, 857. Household

Surgery ; Gray's Poetical Works; Memoirs

of Chalmers; History of Propellers and

Steam Navigation; The Country Year.

Book ; Success in Life; Alton Locke, 838.

The Builder's, and the Cabinet-maker and

Upholster's Companion; Lessons from the

History of Medical Delusions ; Lexicon of

Terms used in Natural History; Lamar-

tine's Additional Memoirs, and Genevieve;

Rose's Chemical Tables; Pendennis ;

Stockhardt's Principles of Chemistry; Petti-

coat Government; Etchings to the Bridge

of Sighs, 859. Bartlett's Natural Philoso.

phy; Church's Calculas; Lonz Powers;

Abbott's History of Xerxes; Alexander's

Dictionary of Weights and Measures ;

America Discovered; Dwight's Christianity

Revived in the East ; Grahame, 860.

George Castriot; The Last of the Mohicans;

Johnston's Relations of Science and Agricul-

ture; Descriptive Geography of Palestine ;

Life of Commodore Talbot, American Bibli-

cal Repository; North American Review,

€61. Methodist Quarterly Review; Chris-

tian Review ; Brownson's Quarterly, 862.

Little Mary-A tale of the Irish Famine. 518

Lizzie Leigh. BY CHARLES DICKENS.... 38



Lord Byron, Wordsworth, and Lamb.. 293

ers, 418.

of Cuba, 275. Mr. Webster's letter on the
delivery of fugitive slaves; Reply of Hon.
Horace Mann, 275. Prof. Stuart's pamph.
let, 275. The Nashville Convention, 275.
New Southern Paper at Washington, 275.
Connecticut resolutions in favor of the Com.
promise Bill, 275. Dinner to Senator Dick-
enson, 275. Dinner to Hon. Edward Gil.
bert, of California, 276. Constitutional con-
ventions in Ohio and Michigan; Governors
Crittenden and Wright, 276. Anniversary
of the Battle of Bunker Hill, 276. Seizure
of a vessel for violation of the neutality act,
276. Death of President Taylor; succes-
sion of Mr. Fillmore, and the new Cabinet,
416. Release of the Contoy prisoners, 417.
Incorrect rumor of an insult to the U. S.
Minister to Spain, 417, 703. Fire in Phila-
delphia, 417. Will salt petre explode, 417.
Cholera at the West, 417. Professor Web-
ster's confession, 418. The Collins steam.

Mr. Squier's researches in Central

America, 418. Measures for a direct trade

from the South to Liverpool, 418. Free

School System in New York, 418. Medal

to Colonel Fremont, 418. U. S. Boundary

Commission, 418. State Convention in New

Mexico, 419. Fourth of July Addresses at

various places, 420. Celebration of the Cap-

ture of Stony Point, 420. Affairs at Liberia,

420. American claims on Portugal, 124.

Courtesies between the Corporations of Buf-

falo and Toronto, 563. Suffering the growth

of the Canada thistle made penal in Wis-

consin, 563. Report of the West Point Board

of Visitors, 563. Project for shortening the

passage of the Atlantic, 563. Gen. Quit-

man's letter, 702. Re-election of Mr. Rusk

as Senator from Texas, indicating a disposi-

tion to accept the U. S. proposals, 702. Ar-

rival of a Turkish Commissioner, 702.

Changes in the Cabinet, 702, Mr. Conrad's

letter to his constituents on the slavery

question, 702. Execution of Prof. Webster,

703. Arrival of Jenny Lind, 703. Opening

of the Gallery of the Art Union, 704. Pas-

sage of the Pacific from Liverpool, the

shortest ever made, 707. Whig State Con-

vention at Syracuse; Convention of the

seceders at Utica; Letter of Washington

Hunt, 849. Anti-Renters' convention at

Albany, 849. Feeling at the South in rela-

tion to the admission of California, 850.

Hon. C. J. Jenkins on disunion, 850. New

Collins steamers, Arctic and Baltic, 830.

Property in N. Y. City, 830. Swedish col.

ony in Illinois, 850. Working of the Fugi-

tive Slave Bill, 830. Jenny Lind's con-

certs, 850. New York a Catholic Arch-

episcopal See, 850. The Boundary Bill in

Texas; Mr. Kaufman's letter, 831. Policy

of Government in relation to the transit of

the Isthmus, 851. Earthquake at Cleve.

land, 831.

CONGRESSIONAL.—The Compromise Bill

in the Senate, 275. Webster's speech on
the Bill, 416. The Galphin Claim, 416. Fi.
nal action of the Senate on the Compromise


Bill. 561. Protest of Southern Senators
against the admission of California, 561.
Proposals to Texas, in relation to the bound-
ary, 562. Discussion in the House on the
Appropriation Bill, 562. President's Mes-
sace on Texas and New Mexico, with Web-
ster's letter to Gov. Bell, of Texas, 562.
Nominations to the Cabinet, 563. Passage
of the Texas Bill, and analysis of the votes,
700. Passage of the California Bill; of the
Fazitive Slave Bill; of Bill abolishing the
Slave trade in the District, 701. Passage of
the Appropriation Bills, with provisions for
abolishing flogging in the navy, and grant-
ing bounties to soldiers ; Adjournment of
Congress, 849.

ELECTIONS.-In Virginia for members of

constitutional convention; contest between

the eastern and western sections, 463. In

Missouri, partial success of the Whigs, 463.

In North Carolina, success of the Demo-

crats, 463, In Indiana, giving the Demo-

crats the control of the legislature and con-

stitutional convention, 463. In Vermont,

saccess of the Whigs, 703. Election of

Hoa. Solomon Foot as Senator, 850.


GOS.-Tax on foreigners, 276. Excitement

at the delay of admission to the Union, 276.

Riot at Panama, 276. Fires at San Fran-

cisco, 419. Gold, 419. Indian hostilities,

419. Bill for the admission of California as

& state into the Union, passed the Senate,

and protest of Southern Senators, 561. Line

of stages between Independence, Mo., and

Santa Fé, 563. Continued discoveries of gold,

566. Disturbances with Foreigners and In-

diaas, 506, Steam communication between
San Francisco and China, 566. Rumors of
gold in Oregon, 366. Resignation of Gov.
Lane, 566. News from the Boundary Com.
mission, 702. Disturbances on account of
Sutter's claims, 705. Cholera on board
steaners, 706. New rumors of gold in
Oregon, 706. Arrival of Senators from New
Mexico; conflict of authorities; Indian out-
rages, 706. State of affairs in California,
up to Sept. 15, 851. In Oregon to Sept. 2,

dential Election in Mexico, Cholera ; Right
of Way across the Isthmus, 418. Ravages
of the Indians in Mexico, 566. Transit of
the Isthmus; Opening of the Port of San
Jaan, 851. Steamers proposed between
Valparaiso and Panama, 851.

LITERARY.--Agassiz and Smyth on the

Caity of the Human Race; Address of Pro-

fessor Lewis ; Bishop Hughes on Socialism.

Walter Colton's book on California ; Profes-

sor Davies's Logic and Utility of Mathe.

matics, 276. Bartlett's Natural Philosophy;
Manstieid on American Education, 277. De
Quincey's writings: Poems by Longfellow,
Wlittier, and Lowell; Giles's Christian
Thonguts on Life; Bristed's Reply to Mann;

Goall's Comedy, The Very Age, 277. His-

wrical Society in Trinity College, Hartford,

420, March's Reminiscences of Congress,

564. Torrey's translation of Neander, 564.

Life of Randolph, 565. Kendall's work on

the Mexican War, 565. Commencement

Exercises at various Colleges, 563. G.P.R.

James's Lectures, 701. Andrews's Latin

Lexicon, 704. Hildreth's new volume of

American History, 705. Dr. Wainwright's

Our Saviour with Prophets and Apostles ;

Miss McIntosh's Evenings at Donaldson

Manor, 853.

SCIENTIFIC. — Paine's Water-gas, 277,

564. Forshey's Essay on the deepening of
the channel of the Mississippi, 563. Profes.
sor Page's experiments in electro-magnet-
ism, 564. Mathiot's experiment's at illu-
minating with hydrogen, 564. Meeting of
the American Sa'antific Association at New


Haven, 564. Astronomical Expedition un-
der Lieutenant Gillis; Humboldt's Notice
of American Science, 705.

PERSONAL.- Arrival of G. P. R. James,
419. Arrival of Gen. Dembinski, 419. Em-
erson, Prescott, Hudson, Garibaldi, 420.
Hon. D. D. Barnard, 563. Henry Clay at
Newport, 563. Intelligence from the Frank-
lin Expedition, 564. Messrs. Lawrence and
Rives at the Royal Agricultural Society, 567.
Messrs. Duer, Spaulding, and Ashmun, de.
cline re-election to Congress, 702. Ammin
Bey, 702. Jenny Lind, 703. Nomination
of George N. Briggs for re-election as Gov-
ernor of Mass., 850. Hamlet the fugitive
Slave, 850. Archbishop Hughes, 851. Bish-
op Onderdonk, 851. G.P.R. James and the

Whig Review, 853.

DEATHS.-Adam Ramage; S. Margaret

Fuller, 420. Commodore Jacob Jones, 563.

Mr. Nes; Professor Webster; Dr. Judson ;

Bishop H. B. Bascom ; John Inman, 703.

Gen. Herard, ex-President of Haiti, 706.


ENGLAND.—Birth of Prince Arthur, 123.

Mr. Gibson's motion in Parliament to abolish

all taxes on knowledge; bearing of these

taxes; motion negatived; evasion of the

excise on paper by the publisher of the

“ Greenock Newscloth," 124. Education

Bill introduced, discussed, and postponed,

124. Defeat of ministers on unimportant

measures, 124. Preparations for Industrial

Exhibition, 125, 280, 852, 853. Expeditions

in search of Sir John Franklin, 125, 855. The

Greek quarrel, 277. Consequent action of

Russia and Austria in relation to British
subjects, 278. University reform, 278. Im-
prisonment of British colored seamen at
Charleston, 278. Sinecures in the ecclesi-
astical courts, 278. Motion in Parliament
to give the Australian colonies the full man.
agement of their own atfairs, lost, 278. Bill
passed reducing the parliamentary franchise
in Ireland, and speech of Sir James Graham

its favor, 279. Various bills for Sanitary
and Social reform, 279. Bill to abolish the
Viceroyalty in Ireland, 280. Commission of
inquiry into the state of the Universities,
280. Death of Sir Robert Peel, 420. Dis-
cussions on the Greek question; remarka-
ble speeches of Lord Palmerston and Lord
John Russell, 421. Sunday labor in the
Post-office, 421. Bill lost for protecting free
sugar; Intra-mural interments Bill passed,
422. Assault on the Queen, 422. Wrecks in

the Northern Atlantic; wreck of the Orion,

4.22. The Rothschild case, 566. Foreign

policy of ministers sustained, 566. Sundry

Bills for social and political reform lost, 567.

Grants to the Duke of Cambridge and the
Princess Mary, 567. Explosion of a coal.
mine, 567. Gen. Haynau mobbed, 706. Pro-
rogation of Parliament, 706. Lord Brough-
am's vagaries, 706. Extent of railways in

Great Britain, 707. The Times and Gen.

Haynau, 852. The Arctic Expedition, 852.

Cotton in Siberia, 832. Lord Clarendon in

Ireland, 852. Queen's University and the

hishops, 852, 835. Shipwrecks, 853. The

Sea Serpent in Ireland, 853. Punishment of

naval officers for carelessness, 853. Amount

of Irish crop, 855. Cunard steamers, 855.

FRANCE, ---Contest in Paris for election of

Member of Assembly; election of Eugene

Sae, 122. Mutiny in the 11th Infantry, 122.

Destruction of the suspension bridge at An-

gers, and terrible loss of life, 122. Arrest

M. Proudhon, 123. Capture of Louis Pellet,

a notorious murderer, 123. Bill for restrict-
ing the suffrage, 283. Stringent proceedings
against the Press, 283. Recall of the French
embassador to England, 283. Increase voted
to the salary of the President, 424. New
laws for the restriction of the Press, 424.


Walker's attempt to assassinate Louis Na.

poleon, 424. M. Thiers's visit to Louis Phi-

lippe, 424. Tax on feuilletons, 569. The

President's tour, 707. Death of Louis Phi-

lippe, and notice of his life, 708. Decision

of a majority of the departments in favor of

a revision of the constitution, 709. Duel be-

tween MM.Chavoix and Dupont, 711. Death

of Balzac, and notice of his life and works,

711. The President's plans; revision of the

Constitution, 856.

GERMANY.-Convocations at Frankfort and

Berlin, 284. Attempt on the life of the King
of Prussia, 284. Dissolution of the Saxon
Chambers, and of the Wurtemberg Diet,
424. Peace Convention at Frankfort, 424,
712. Restrictions on the Press in Prussia,
424. Fresh hostilities in Schleswig-Hol-
stein, Battle of Idstedt, 570. Proceedings
of Austria, respecting the Act of Confedera-
tion, 712. Inundations in Belgium, 712.
General Krogh rewarded by the Emperor
of Russia for his bravery at the battle of
Idstedt, 712. Extension of telegraphs, 855.
Hungarian musicians expelled from Vienna,
855. Colossal statue completed, 855. Rev.
olutions in Hesse Cassel and Mecklenburg-
Schwerin, 856.

ITALY, Spain, PORTUGAL.- The Pope's

return, and adhesion to the Absolutists,

128. State of affairs in Italy, 284. Intrigues

in Spain, 284. Rain after a five years'

drought, 284. Explosion of a powder-mill,

284. Claims of the United States on Por-

tugal, and consequent difficulties, 424, 569.

Birth and death of an heir to the Spanish

Crown, 569. Disturbances in Piedmont, 712.

Disquiets in Rome, 712. Inundation in

Lombardy, 855. Prisons at Naples, 855.

INDIA, AND THE EAST. - Disturbances

among the Affredies; their villages de.

stroyed by Sir Charles Napier, 128. Ar-

rangements of the Pasha of Egypt for

shortening the passage across the desert,

128. Establishment of a new journal in

China, 129. Permission granted the Jews

for building a temple on Mount Zion, 129.

University in New South Wales, 129. Ter-

rible explosion at Benares, 570. Sickness

at Canton, 570. The great diamond, 570.

Revolt at Bantam, 570. Sulphur mines in

Egypt, 856.

LITERARY.-Postponement of the French

Exhibition of Paintings, 129. Goethe's Ma-

nuscripts, 423. Mr. Hartley's bequests set

aside, 423. History of Spain, by St. Hilaire,

568. Sir Robert Peel's MSS., 568, 712. Miss

Strickland's forthcoming Lives ofthe Queens

of Scotland, 569. Bulwer's new novel, 710.

Copyright of foreigners, 710. Sale of the

Paintings of the King of Holland, 710. La-

martine's Confidences, 710. Notice of Tick-

nor's Spanish Literature in the Morning

Chronicle, 710. The North British Review,

711. Sale of the Barbarigo Gallery at Venice,

711. A new singer, 711. New edition of

Owen's Works, 853. Copyrights paid to

American Authors, 854. Theological Fac-

ulties in Germany, 854.

Translation of

Dante and Ovid into Hebrew, 854. Books

issued, 126, 282, 422, 564, 710.

SCIENTIFIC.- Papers read by Murchison

and Lepsius before the Geological Society,

125. Before the Royal Society, by O'Brien,

Farraday, and Mantell, 125.' The Peloro.

saurus, 125. Lead for statoes, 126. Op.

erations of Mr. Layard, 126, 280, 854. Dis.

covery of ancient Roman coins in the Dachy

of Oldenburgh, 128. Opening of the sub-

marine telegraph between Dover and Ca-

lais, 129. Experimental slips dropped from

balloons, 129. Box Tunnel, London, 129.

Transplantation of a full grown tree, 129.

Glass pipes for gas, 129. International

railway commission, 129. Russian expe-

dition for exploring the Northern Ural, 129.


Invention for extinguishing fires, 280. Ex-

periments on light and heat, 281. Discov.

ery of a new comet, 281. Unswathing a

mummy, 423. Society for investigating

epidemics; for observations in Meteorology,

423. Depredations on Assyrian and Egypt.

ian antiquities, 568. Apparatus to render

sea-water drinkable, 568. Improved mode

of producing iron, 569. Prof. Johnston on

American Agriculture, 569. Telegraphic

wire between Dover and Calais, 711. Iron

unsuitable for vessels of war, 853. New

submarine telegraph, 853. The atmopyre,


A new

star, 854. The Britannia

bridge, 855. Ascent of Mount Blanc, 855.

Social.-Great project for agricultural

emigration, 129. English criminal cases,

129. Building for the Industrial exhibition,

567. Lord Campbell on the Sunday Letter

Bill, 707. Extension of the Franchise in

Ireland, 707. Introduction of laborers into

the West Indies, 707. Tenant-right confer-

ence in

707. Peace Congress at

Frankfort, 424, 712.

PERSONAL.--Monument to Jeffrey, 125.

Absence of mind of Bowles, 133. Degree

of Doctor of Music conferred upon Meyer.

beer, 422. Gutzlaff, Corbould, Gibson, 422.

Baptism of the infant prince, 422. Aocident

to Rogers, 423. Monument to Wordsworth,

423. Sir Robert Peel's injunction to his

family not to accept titles or pensions, 567.

Barral and Bixio's balloon ascent, and

Poitevin's horseback ascent, 568. Poverty

of Guizot, 568. Meinhold fined for libel, 569.

Guizot's refusal to accept a seat in the

Council of Public Instruction, 569. Bulwer

a candidate for the House of Commons; bis

new play, 569, Ovation to Leibnitz and

Humboldt, 569. Haynau mobbed, 706.

Movements of the Queen, 707. Duel be.

tween MM. Chavoix and Dupont, 711.

Viscount Fielding embraces Catholicism,

835. Prospective liberation of Kossuth,


DEATHS.--Wordsworth, Bowles, 125; Sir

James Bathurst, Madame Dulcken, Sir

Archibald Galloway, Admiral Hills, Dr.

Prout, Madame Tussaud, 127; Dr. Potts,

inventor of the hydraulic pile driver, 129.

Gay-Lussac, 282; M. P. Souyet, the Empe-

ror of China, Earl of Roscommon, Sir James

Sutherland, Mrs. Jeffrey, 283; Sir Robert

Peel, 420; Duke of Cambridge, 422; Dr.

Burns, Dr. Gray. Rev. W. Kirby, B. Sim.

mons, 568; Neander, 569; Lonis Philippe,

708; Balzac, 711 ; Sir Martin Archer Shee,

711. Gale the aeronaut, 834.

Moorish Domestic Life


Morning in Spring


Moscow after the Conflagration


Mrs. Hemans


My Novel; or Varieties in English Lise.

By Sir Edward Bulwer LYTTON 659, 761

My Wonderful Adventures in Skitzland .. 258

Neander. A Biographical Sketch 510

Obstructions to the use of the Telescope . 699

Ode to the Sun. By Hunt


Papers on Water, No. 1


Physical Education

Peace (Poetry). By Chas. DRYDEN 194
Pilgrimage to the Home of Sir Thomas
More. By Mrs. S. C. HALL,

Portrait of Charles I. By VANDYCK 137
Poverty of the English Bar

Presence of Mind. By DE QUINCEY

Rapid Growth of America

Recollections of Dr. Chalmers


Recollections of Eminent Men. By Leigh

Hunt ....


Recollections of Thomas Campbell 345 The Miner's Daughters. A Tale of the

Scenery on the Erie Railroad


Peak .


Scenes in Egypt ....

210 The Modern Argonauts (Poetry)


Shooting Stars and Meteoric Showers 439 The Mother's First Duty...

Short Cuts Across the Globe ...,
79 | The Mysterious Preacher


Singular Proceedings of the Sand Wasp. The Old Church-yard Trec-A Prose-poem 483

By William HowITT

592 The Old Man's Bequest. A Story of Gold 387

Sir Robert Peel. A Biographical Sketch 405 The Old Well in Languedoc.....

Sketches of English Character-The Old The Oldest Inhabitant of the Place de Grève 749

Squire—The Young Squire. By Wil- The Orphan's Voyage Home (Poetry) 272
Liam HowITT
460 | The Paris Election...

Sketches of Life. By a Radical

803 | The Planet Watchers of Greenwich. 233
Snakes and Serpent Charmers
680 | The Pleasures of Illness

Sonnet on the Death of Wordsworth 218 The Pope at Home again



72 The Power of Mercy


Sonnets from the Italian
114 The Prodigal's Return...

Sophistry of Anglers. By Leigh Hunt .. 164 The Quakers during the American War.
Sorrows and Joys (Poetry)
C27 By Howitt..


Spider's Silk

824 The Railway (Poetry)


Sponges .

406 The Railway Station (Poetry)



50 The Railway Works at Crewe.


Steam Bridge of the Atlantic

411 | The Return of Pope Pius IX. to Rome... 90

Story of a Kite..

750 | The Rev. William Lisle Bowles...

Summer Pastime (Poetry)

524 The Salt Mines of Europe.


Sydney Smith ..

584 The Schoolmaster of Coleridge and Lamb.

Sydney Smith on Moral Philosophy 107 By Leigh Hunt....


Terrestrial Magnetism

651 The Snowy Mountains in New Zealand 65

The American Revolution. By Guizot. 178 The State of the World before Adam ... 754

The Appetite for News

249 The Steel Pen. Illustration of Cheapness 677

The Approach of Christmas (Poetry) 454 The Sun..


The Australian Colonies

118 The Tea Plant


The Blind Sister......
826 The Two Guides of the Child.

The Brothers Cheeryble.
551 The Two Thompsons.

The Chapel by the Shore
74 The Young Advocate.

The Character of Burns. By ELLIOTT 114 | The Uses of Sorrow (Poetry)

The Chemistry of a Candle
524 The Wahr-Wolf ...


The Circassian Priest Warrior and his The Wife of Kong Tolv. A Fairy Tale 324

White Horse (Poetry)

98 Thomas Babington Macaulay....


The Communist Sparrow-An Anecdote Thomas Carlyle. By George GILF'LLAN. 536
of Cuvier .....

317 Thomas de Quincey, the “English Opium
The Corn Law Rhymer
135 Eater"


The Countess

816 Thomas Moore..


The Death of an Infant (Poetry)

183 Trial and Execution of Mad. Roland 732

The Disasters of a Man who wouldn't trust Truth..

his Wife. By William Howitt 512 Tunnel of tho Alps.
The Doom of the Slaver

846 Two-handed Dick, the Stockman. A Tale
The Enchanted Baths
139 of Adventure in Australia..

The Enchanted Rock ,

639 / Ugliness Redeemed-A Tale of a London
The English Peasant. By Howitt
483 Dust-Heap

The Every-Day Married Lady.

777 Unsectarian Education in England. 100

The Every-Day Young Lady.

742 Villainy Outwitted ..


The Flower Gatherer

78 Wallace and Fawdon (Poetry). By LEIGH
The Force of Fear
640 Hunt.

The Genius of George Sand. The Com- What becomes of all the clever Children ?. 402
edy of François le Champi .

95 What Horses Think of Men. From the
The Gentleman Beggar. An Attorney's Raven in the Happy Family..


Story .....

588 When the Summer Comes


The German Meistersingers
81 William H. Prescott..

The Haunted House in Charnwood Forest 472 William Pitt. By S. T. Coleridge. 202
The Household Jewels (Poetry)
692 William Wordsworth


The Imprisoned Lady

554 Women in the East..


The Iron Ring ....

808 Work! An Anecdote...


The Laboratory in the Chest

673 Wordsworth--His Character and Genius.

The Light of Home...


The Literary Profession--Authors and Wordsworth's Posthumous Poem.



548 Writing for Periodicals


The little Hero of Haarlem.

414 Young Poet's Plaint. By Elliott. 113

The Magic Maze....

684 Young Russia-State of Society in the

The Mania for Tulips in Holland.. 758 Russian Empire.


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