Зображення сторінки
[blocks in formation]

The new bishops at first averse to severe measures, 442. The

queen complains of the lack of uniformity, 443. Persecution
begun - Sampson and Humphrey summoned before the com-

[blocks in formation]

An Admonition to Parliament,” 479. Cartwright's and Whitgift's

antagonistic positions, 480. Wilcox and Field imprisoned for
the “Admonition,” 481. Cartwright's “ Second Admonition,"
and “Reply to Whitgift's Answer" Wilcox and Field's con-
fession of faith, 483. Charke's and Deering's views, 487. The
exercises, or prophecyings, 488. Scarcity of good minis-
ters, 490. The first presbytery in England, 492. Active per-

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