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1 THE ^lltL.

Electrical Engineer.

A Weekly Review


Theoretical and Applied Electricity.


(January to June.)


The Electrical Engineer,

203 Broadway.

Alphabetical Index of Contents.

A denotes Articles. Ax denotes Abstracts and Extracts. E denotes Editorials. E, denotes Letters to the Editor.

I* N denotes Legal Notes. N denotes News and Notes. R denotes Reviews of Books. P BJ denotes Patent Notes.

X N denotes Trade Notes and Novelties and Mechanical Department. An Asterisk (*) denotes Illustrations.

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Accumulator, Chloride on Paris street railways

«A 230

Copper-zinc. C. J. Reed A 1573

PaulSchoop. A 07, 88.

105, 157. 178, 828

Henry »A 4»

litigation. Chloride L 168

More about the Chloride. L 241

Accumulators In central stations *A 241

"{.See alto Storage Batteriet)

Aeme portable testing set T N 172

"standard voltmeters *T N 194

Acoustic synchronizer for alternating machines

<T» 69

Action of electro-magnetic radiation on films

containing metallic powders Ax 163

Adams Electric Ry. Co. vs. Lindell Electric Ry.

Co L N 876

"litigation LN8U8

Adaptability of an Edison three-wire plant.

Jan. Milne 'A 177

Advantages of direct connected, direct current

generators Ax 141

Advertising system, Moore electrical T N 622

Air-core transformers L 261

Allen soldering stick T N 335

Alternate current curves. Apparatus for taking.

«A 825

Alternating apparatus of the Stanley Electric ^

"current motors. (Hee aim Motors.)
"•' systems, copper economy

of, Chas. Stelnmeta A 158

"and fuses *Ax 492, E 494

Alternators for Niagara, Proposed 5,000 H. P. »A 232

Altoona Mfg. Co T N 268

Aluminum manufacture at Niagara. TN 40

American Association for the Advancement of

Science N 517

Bell Capital to be $50,000.000 N 119

""Telephone Co., Fourteenth report

„ N808

"gondola E 159

Institute of Electrical Engineers.
N 56, 76, 166, 191, 262, 286, 846, 874,
895, 501, 561 ; E 418, 485, 455; A 452. 456

Mfg. & Engineering Co T N 541

"Metroioglcal Society N 846

"Society of Civil Engineers, Annual

Convention N 517

"Street Ry. Association N 489

Ammeters and voltmeters, (jueen £ Co T N 60

Amphibious Railway *A 6

Annuaire du Bureau dee Longitude*, 1894... R 395

Ansonia Electric Co T N 57

Antwerp Exposition N 249

Apparatus lor the taking of alternate current

curves *A 325

Arc lamp design ..L 144

"" for incandescent and railway circuits

T N 224

"ligbting apparatus of the Fort Wsyne Elec-
tric Corporation »A 528

"lights, small or subdivided A 431

Arcs, oig opening for small E 284

"Enclosed high potential E 183

'* Information on Incandescent L 329

Armature winding, Kushmore drum *T N 568

Armatures, relative advantages of toothed and

smooth core Ax 459

Arnold system of electric power station con-
struction *A 436

Ashwell and Vandergrift tubular mercury

pump ....Ax 240

Austin Engineering Co N 88

Autograpn time recorder *T N 462

Automatic car fender and brake *A 137

Ayer&Co., J. I. .- TN 40


Babcock & Wilcox boiler tests T N 464 L 495

Bacteria in telephones E 635

Badger.G. E N

bain arc machine with automatic regulator* f N 421
Ball direct connected engine and Waddell-Enlz

generator TN 196

"& Wood Co TN 502

"" reception N 811

"" vertical compound engine....*A 363

Billoon at Antwerp, trolley N 433

Barclay, J. L. (obituary) 803

Birmen electric rack railway 'A 581

Barrett and the conduit N 111

Bars tow, W. F N 301

Base ball reporter, Compton *A 500

Battery, Imperial dry 'TN 172, 813

bobbins paste T N 146

Behavior of certain bodies in presence of electro-
magnetic oscillation N 537

Belknap multipolar generator T N 502

Bell, UU volt, of the Electric Bell & Resistance

Co TN 541

Bell, Dr. Louis, on polyphase apparatus .......N 66

Bentley.E. M TN 221


Bergmann alternating arc lamp *T N 194

Berlin Iron Bridge Co T N 19, 80, 147

Berliner patent E 18, L N 538, 551

Biddle system of electric lighting for railway

trains 'A 618

Big opening for small arcs E 284, L 284

Bl-metalllc conductors E 70

"electric transmission Co N 513

"telephone conductors, A. E Kennelly

... A 108

"telephone conductors and their rela-
tion to resonance on long distance

circuits, F. W. Dunbar A 81

"telephone wires. Self induction and.

A. N. Mansfield A 86

"wires for telephone conductors.. ..A 32

""in telephony E 31

Bismarck, Electric light for ....N 325

Bliss automatic muck bar shear *T N 443

Block signal, Sheehy electric "TM *29

"signals E 71

Boiler, How to operate a A 257

Boilers in the Milwaukee station L 828

Bonettl-Wlmshurst machine *A 409

Bonneau & Desroziers high speed electric loco-
motive *A 432

Boston overhead wires ordered down N 533

"& Maine station, Electric lighting, heat-
ing and power plant, A. O. Shaw.. .»A 485

Brady, Paul T N 329

Brake shoe, Wharton wooden *A 498

Brake and fender, automatic *A 127

Brakes, the question of car E 18

Bremen electric railroad *A 322

Brenner's one voltmeter method of switching

dynamos in parallel *A 150

Bridge at Omaha, Storage battery on *A 149

Bristol Co TN 104

Bristol's recording wattmeter *T N 503

Brooklyn, Big trolley travel in N 549

"bridge, estimated cost of substituting

electricity for cable A 582

"bridge, To electrify N 252

'* Edison illuminating Co T N 378

■• Electrical Society N 501

"•• Subway Commissioners. Ax 190

Institute N 827

of Arts and Sciences N 38

"Tabernacle E 495

"Trolley line regulation for N 69

"trolleys to carry the mall.. N 532

Brown pug dog TN 79

Brownell & Co T N 421

Bruger solenoid measuring instrument. *A 367

Brush Baltimore contract, termination of N 537

Electric Light Co T N 422

M patents, woven wire L 639

Brushes, Woven wire L 517

Buckeye Engine Co.... T N 385

lamp without leadlng-ln wires A 25

Buoy, Illuminated life H 276

Buoys for Mobile Bay, Electric N 297

Bus bars connected to field magnet, C. S. Van

Nuls *A 892

Bus and self-exciting methods. Combined advant-
ages of L 539

Bus or self excited fields L 495

Cable, Bed of proposed Pacific *Ax 164

Cables, India-rubber N 506

Calendar, Pettlngeli-Andrews T N 40

Calendars,Christmas TN 20

California Electrical Society N 262

Camden, Gloucester & Woodbury Railway, Am-
phibious *A 6

'* Me., looking backward N 284

Canadian Notes 124, 316, 521, 544

Canal boat in France, Electrical *A 681

""propulsion with special reference to

the Erie Canal. isJectric Ax 62

""traction in France, Electric 'A 322

"Electric " Snubbing " on the Erie N 69

"electrical propulsion In Maryland N 138

"propulsion. Electrical . ...E 13

*• •' Governor Flower on electrical

A 82

"Trolley on the Erie N 288

"trolleys, New York state engineer on.. A 9i
Canals, electric chain traction for. Jules Nehr ^

Capacity of raYl way motors, E. A. Merrill A 231

Card Electric Company's single motor equip-
ment for street railways *A 496

""Motor & Dynamo Co TN 57

Carpenter Enamel Rheostat Co TN 121, 484

Carriage, Cummlngs electric *A 461, N 490

Cart roads vs. trolley roads E 534

Cayadutta Electric railway *A 281

Cell, Experiments on E. M. F. of Clark standard

N 466

"of the Electric Power Storage Co T N 548

Cells, sensitive N 149

Central Electric Co T N 198, 296, 332, «520

'• station battery E 802

'• A Model E 235


Central station of the Elmlra Illuminating Co.

*A 525

""statistics, German E 514

Certain new prefixes proposed for physical unit
magnitudes. E. J. Houston and A. E. Ken-
nelly A 301

Chester, Col. Stephen M. (Obituary) 435

Chicago Electric Wire Co.'s cable- T N 123

"Electrical Association N 119

Chinnock, F. R T N 40

Chloride accumulator litigation L 165

"•■ on Paris street railways

»A 230

Circuit breakers. Tell-tale for *A 538

"patent litigation LN 75

Circuits, Faults incident to the protection of

lighting and power ...Ax 199

Clark standard cell, experiments on E. M. F..N 465

Cloud projector, Rogers electric *A 44

Coal cutter, General Electrlo T N 541

"handling plant of the New York Edison

Co N 264

"consumption in generating electricity. J.

8. Brown A 253

Collars, "Giant" safety TN 464

Columbia College University extension lectures.

...„. N 233

"Electrical work at N 283

"Incandescent Lamp Co T N 40, 80

"lamp Injunction vacated LN 589

"S. C. three-phase transmission plant

...»A 402, 419

Combined advantages of bus and self-exciting

methods L 539

Comparison between Welsbachs and arcs N 536

Compton electric base ball reporter *A 500

Concord Land & Water Power Co. plant. A. C.

Shaw *A 270

Condenser magnet, Tesla *A 87

Conditions of economy in long distance trans-
mission of power by electricity A 466

Conducting power of dielectric liquids N 66

Conductor, Tesla high potential *A 133

Conductors for telegraphy and telephony,

Pupin's system *A 448 -

Conduit. Fibre T N 335

'• urifnu electric railway 'A 161

railway systems, E 186, 895

"system. Love *A 179

Connecticut Street Ry. Association N 867

Collecting engines and dynamos, Arnold system

»A 486

field magnets to bus bars. C. S. Van

Nuls... «A 892

"""" L 418

Convention notes N 214

*' of the National Electric Light Asso-
ciation *A 204

themes E 206

Washington E 158

Cooling transformers and conductors, Row-
land's method N 126

Copper economy In single phase, two phase and
three phase transmission. W.

L. R. Emmet »A 42

""of alternating current systems.

Chas Steinmetz A 158

"zinc accumulator. C. J. Reed A 273

"" " Paul Schoop. A 67,

83, 106, 157, 178, 228
Corliss compound engines for electric light

work Ax 141

Corrosion of water pipes, gas pipes and tele-
phone cables, tie port of the Brooklyn Elec-
trical Subway Commissioners Ax 190

Oosmical electricity, Tnougbts on A& 11

Cost of telephone work in New York city Ax 98

""transmitting Niagara water power.. A 491
Coupling engines and dynamos, Arnold system

»A 436

Crocker-Wheeler standard multipolar machine.

TN 193

Crosby, O. T N 439

Cummlngs electric carriage *A 401, 497

Curtis, G. T. (Obituary) 303

"railway motors for Brooklyn T N 268

Curves, Apparatus for taking alternate current.

'A 325

Cut-out, Packard converter T N 524

Dale Mfg. Co TN 59

Danger of dividing applications LN 116

D'Arsonval experiments on high frequency cur-
rents »A 284

"horizontal magnet Instrument.. .T N 481

Data, Report of the committee on Ax 200

Decision against a city plant at Hiawatha,

Kansas... LN 101

""powdered silver leadlng-in

wires L N 638

Demand indicator, Electric current *A 530

Dental office. Electricity as a motive power in.

T. H. Berry A 155

DeRycke centrifugal grease extractor T N 441

Destructive effect of electrical currents on sub-
terranean metal pipes • Ax 872, 396

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