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The busy day of life is over. Its pleasures, its duties, and its anxieties have passed away. The sunshine and the shade, which alternately marked its path, have alike disappeared; and the soft tints of evening are gathered over the sky.

The evening of life! Yes: life has its sunset hour, its twilight season.

The dim eye, the silvered lock, and the feeble step, indicate that the closing period of earthly existence has arrived. How rapid has been the flight of time! how near must be the approach of eternity!

The gradual decline of health and strength is a kind and merciful preparative for the solemn change which awaits us. It seems to lessen the reluctance which our nature feels to give up life; to wean us from the varied attractions of earth; to soften the abrupt transition from the present to a future state of being. It accustoms us to the consideration of death: it assists us in the realization of immortality.


The evening of life! Evening is the time for rest.

The little bird seeks its leafy roost; the rosy child throws aside its playthings and falls asleep; the weary labourer comes home from his work. The cares of the day are forgotten; and all is hushed and quiet. And life's closing hours, Christian reader, should be distinguished by serenity and repose. You must not harass and perplex yourself now with occupations which were once both appropriate and necessary, nor repine because you are unable to exert yourself as in former days. Your strength is to sit still. Old age is the restingplace in the journey of life; and the feverish heat of noontide is exchanged for the refreshing coolness of twilight.

An impatient, restless, grasping, or dissatisfied spirit is not consistent with the character of an aged pilgrim. Habitual quietude and self-possession should mark his demeanour. Neither the excitements of the world, nor the agitations of the professing church, should ruffle your equanimity; for you are too experienced a traveller in this vale of tears to be discomposed by the distractions around you, or to doubt the wisdom and faithfulness of Him who makes all things work together for good.

Your rest in Christ, your trust in him as your Saviour, should be more perfect, more unwavering than in earlier years.

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