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Then let us comfort one another with this thought.

Let the recollection of our indissoluble union with Christ, and of his eternal and unchanging affection for us, solace and refresh our spirits. “Having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end."* Yes, neither external circumstances, nor the decay of nature, nor even continual infirmity and sinfulness, can alienate the heart of the Saviour from those whom he has chosen, and called, and blessed. Heaven and earth may pass away, but his word—that word which assures us of the freeness and perpetuity of his love—abideth for ever

Aged Christian ! dwell much on the character and conduct of this mighty and faithful Friend: “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”! As life declines, let his preciousness increase; as the associations of earth gradually lessen, cling more closely and confidingly to him. Think of him, as preparing a place for you in the heavenly mansions; and as coming to receive you unto himself, that where he is, there you may be also. And if, while now you see him not, you can rejoice in him with joy that is unspeakeable and full of glory; what will be the rapture of your emancipated spirit, when you are admitted to full and uninterrupted communion with him! If now, while you only behold him as through a glass darkly, he is, in your apprehension, the fairest among ten thousand and the altogether lovely; how will your admiration be increased, when you behold him face to face! If now, while you know him but in part, your acquaintance with him is the source of purest and inexpressible pleasure, who shall estimate the happiness and the delight which shall result from your knowing even as you are known?

op 1 Peter v. 7.

* John xiii. 1.


Cast me not off in the time of old age ; forsake me not when my strength faileth.Ps. lxxi. 9.

Aged believer! you feel your dependence upon God for support and succour. If he should forsake you; if he should cast you off, you would indeed be helpless and hopeless. But you rejoice in the assurance that this can never be realized. You know that he will never leave you to bear up alone the pressure of your trials and infirmities; that he will never relax the grasp which enfolds you in his love. And therefore your prayer is rather the expression of confidence, than the apprehension of fear. You ask for that which he has promised, which you are certain he will grant--the continuance of his gracious aid. In youthful days, it may be, in healthful hours, you found that without him you were weak and unprotected; and now in the time of old age, when your strength faileth, you are more deeply conscious of your need of his help. Well, ask, and you shall receive; cast your burden, cast yourself upon him, and he will sustain you. Fear not, for he is with you; be not dismayed, for he is your God; he will strengthen you; yea, he will help you; yea, he will uphold you with the right hand of his righteousness. These things will he do unto you, and will never


forsake you.


Why should I doubt His love at last,

With anxious thoughts perplext?
Who saved me in the troubles past

Will save me in the next.
Will save—till at my latest hour,

With more than conquest blest,
I soar beyond temptation's power,

And enter into rest." Thou hast taught me from my youth : and hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works. Now also when I am old and grey-headed, O God, forsake me not." Ps. lxxi. 17, 18.

“ Thou hast taught me from my youth." How encouraging it is to look back to our early life, and recognise the goodness of God in its varied events ! He was our Guide, our Instructor, our Father. He restrained us from evil; counselled us in difficulty; directed us in uncertainty; preserved us through danger. All the knowledge which we have gained of his character, of his will, of ourselves, of futurity, he has communicated to us. And

Isa. xli. 10.

how gradual, how wise, how gentle are his teachings! How patiently has he borne with our ignorance and forgetfulness; how tenderly has he imparted his most difficult lessons. And though we have been dull and wayward scholars; though we have not profited as we might have done by his Divine instructions; yet we know, if we are disciples of Christ, that we have so learned of him as to find rest unto our souls. We have learned to rely upon

his strength, to depend upon his faithfulness, to trust in his righteousness.

“And hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works.” Grateful for his favours towards us, we have striven to live to his praise, and show forth his glory. It has been our aim to communicate to others the knowledge which we have received.

We have spoken of his goodness to those around us. We have not been ashamed of his gospel, nor indifferent to his honour.

“Now also when I am old and grey-headed, O God, forsake me not." " Those who have been taught of God from their youth, and have made it the business of their lives to serve and honour him, may be sure that he will not leave them when they are old and grey-headed: he is not a Master that is wont to cast off old servants."

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