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Сторінка 71 - The ORIGIN of CIVILISATION and the PRIMITIVE CONDITION of MAN ; Mental and Social Condition of Savages.
Сторінка 526 - THE LOVE OF AN UNCROWNED QUEEN: Sophie Dorothea, Consort of George I., and her Correspondence with Philip Christopher, Count Konigsmarck.
Сторінка 575 - Principles of the English Law of Contract, and of Agency in its Relation to Contract.
Сторінка 821 - Histoire du concile de Pisé , et de ce qui s'est passé de plus mémorable depuis ce concile jusqu'au Concile de Constance, Amst.
Сторінка 380 - ELECTRO-REFINING OF METALS. Being a new edition of ALEXANDER WATT'S " ELECTRO-DEPOSITION." Revised and Largely Rewritten by ARNOLD PHILIP, B.Sc., AIEE, Principal Assistant to the Admiralty Chemist.
Сторінка 411 - SEVERUS (Patriarch of Antioch). THE SIXTH BOOK OF THE SELECT LETTERS OF SEVERUS, PATRIARCH OF ANTIOCH, in the Syriac Version of Athanasius of Nisibis. Edited and translated by EW Brooks. Vol. I. (Text), Part I, and Vol.
Сторінка 890 - A Catalogue of South Indian Sanskrit Manuscripts (especially those of the Whish collection) belonging to the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland: With an appendix by FW Thomas.
Сторінка 57 - The Book of Psalms. A new English Translation, with Explanatory Notes and an Appendix on the Music of the Ancient Hebrews.
Сторінка 71 - THE CHASE OF THE WILD RED DEER in the Counties of Devon and Somerset. With an APPENDIX descriptive of Remarkable Runs and Incidents connected with the Chase, from the year 1780 to the year 1860.
Сторінка 819 - The Naked Truth ; or the true state of the Primitive Church. By an humble Moderator.

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