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House; for much Time else would be lost abroad, and many ill Habits got; and that it should be plain, healthful, and moderate, I suppose is out of controversy. Thus, Mr. Hartlib, you have a general view in writing, as your desire was, of that which: at several times. I had discours'd with you concern. ing the best and noblest way of Education; not be ginning as some have done from the Cradle, which yet might be worth many Considerations, if brevity: had not been my fcope :- Many other circumstances. also I could have mention'd, but this, to such as. have the worth in them to make trial, for Light and Direction may be enough. Only. I believe, that this is not a Bow for every Man to shoot in that counts himself a Teacher; uut will require finews almoft equal to those which Homer gave Ulysses; yet I am withal persuaded that it may prove much more easy in the Essay, than it now seems at dif. tance, and much more illustrious : howbeit nos more difficult than I imagine, and that Imagination presents me with nothing but very happy and very, poffible according to best wishes; if God have ra decreed, and this Age have Spirit and Capacity, enough to apprehend..

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