Hygienic Laboratory bulletin. no. 87, 1913, Випуск 87

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913

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Сторінка 681 - Milk and its relation to the public health. By various authors. No. 42. — The thermal death points of pathogenic micro-organisms in milk. By MJ Rosenau. No. 43. — The standardization of tetanus antitoxin (an American unit established under authority of the act of July 1, 1902). By MJ Roseuau and John F. Anderson. No. 44. — Report No. 2 on the origin and prevalence of typhoid fever in the District of Columbia, 1907.
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Сторінка 29 - It is recommended that the Committee of Revision be authorized to prepare a supplement to the Pharmacopoeia at any time they may deem such action desirable. 14. Publicity. — It is recommended that the General Committee of Revision make public, for comment and criticism, an abstract of new descriptions and standards and of changes in descriptions and standards proposed, before final adoption.
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Сторінка 212 - BuL 130. 1911. BACON : Detection and Determination of Small Quantities of Ethyl and Methyl Alcohol and of Formic Acid. US Dept. Agriculture, Bur. Chem., Cir. No. 74. GORE : An Electrically Controlled Constant Temperature Water Bath for the Immersion Refractometer. J. Ind. Eng. Chem., 3, 506. CHAPTER II Aldehydes THE most important methods for the detection and determination of aldehydes are based upon reactions of...
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Сторінка 48 - Resolved, that it is of the utmost importance for accuracy in prescribing, and in the treatment of disease, that students of medicine be instructed fully as to those portions of the United States Pharmacopoeia which are of value to the practitioner, and that members of the medical profession be urged to prescribe the preparations of that publication, and further, that this resolution be forwarded to the medical and pharmaceutical journals, and to the teachers of medicine and therapeutics in the United...

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