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Sunday World

g It contains the news of the civilized world, gathered by the Associated Press and an army of its own special correspondents. g The Metropolitan Section is a weekly picture of the great city's life and amusements. g The Editorial Section is a record of the world's progress.

The Funny Side, with four pages of comics printed in color, is the children's favorite. g The Magazine, 12 pages in color and half-tone, givez stories of invention, adventure, discovery, science, travel, and the romances of every-day life. g Among other features of the New York Sunday World are:

Margaret Hubbard Ayer's Page for Women.
The Weekly Review of Finance and the Markets.
The Cable Page of News and Discussion from the

Capitals of the Old World.
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NEW YORK Also: 192 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass.

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R. HOE & CO.,

Principal Committees of the Fifty-ninth Congress.



STANDING COMMITTEES. Agriculture and Forestry. --Proctor (Chairman), Hausbrough, Warren, Dolliver, Burnham, Perkins, Long, Money, Simmons, Latimer, Frazier.

Appropriutions.-Allison (Chairman), 'Hale, Cullom, Perkins, Warren, Wetmore, Gallinger, Elkins, Teller, Berry, Tillman, Daniel, Clay.

Canadian Relations. --Crane (Chairman), Dryden, Hale, Bulkeley, Piles, Tillman, Clark, of Montana, Clarke of Arkansas, Whyte.

Census. -Long (Chairman), Hale, McCumber, Hopkin, Dick, Carter, La Follette, McEnery, Tallaferro, Blackburn, Bailey,

Civil Service and Retrenchment.-Perkins (Chairman), Lodge, Elkins, Platt, La Follette, Dubois, McLaurin, Clarke of Arkansas.

Claims.-Fulton (Chairman), Kean, Clapp, Burnhim, Allee, Smoot, Hemenway, Burkett, La Follette Martin, McLaurin, Overman, Frazier, Gearin.

Coast Defences. -Knox(Chairman), Alger, Ankeny, Heyburn, ('ullom, Nixon, Culberson, Taliaferro, Clay, Simmons, Foster.

Commerce. --Frye(Chairman), Elkins, Nelson, Gallinger, Penrose, Depew, Perkins, Alger, Ilopkins, Crane, Berry, Martin, Mallory, Foster, Stone, Simmons.

Cuban Relations. – Burnham (Chairman), Aldrich, Kittredge, Hopkins, Clapp, Beveridge, Bulkeley, Teller, Money, Taliaferro, Simmons.

District of Columbia. --Gallinger (Chairman), Hansbrough, Dillingham, Scott, Gamble, Allee, Long, Burkett, Martin, Dubois, Gearin, Blackburn, Whyte.

Education and Labor. --Dolliver (Chairman), Penrose, Clapp, Flint, Brandegee, Daniel, Newlands, Stone, Rayner

Finance. -Aldrich (Chairman), Allison, Burrows, Platt, Hansbrough, Spooner, Penrose, Hale, Daniel, Teller, Money, Bailey, Taliaferro.

Fisheries.-Holkins (Chairman), Proctor, Frye, Perkins, Bulkeley, Mallory, McEnery, Bailey, Overman,

Foreign Relations.--Cullom (Chairman), Frye, Lodge, Clark of Wyoming, Foraker, Spooner, Kean, Beveridge, Morgan, Bacon, Money, Clark of Montana, McCreary.

Immigration. -Dillingham (Chairman), Penrose, Lodge, Dryden, Heyburn, La Follette, McLaurin, Patterson, Latimer, Clarke of Arkansas, McCreary.

Indian Affairs. -Clapp (Chairman), McCumber, Gamble, Clark of Wyoming, Long, Warner, Sutherland, Brandegee, La Follette, Morgan, Dubois, Clark or Montana, Teller, Stone.

Interoceanic Canals. - Millard (Chairman), Platt, Kittredge, Dryden, Hopkins, Knox, Ankeny, Morgan, Carmack, Taliaferro, Simmons, Culberson.

Interstate Commerce. - Elkins (Chairman), Cullom, Aldrich, Kean, Dolliver, Foraker, Clapp, Crane, Tillman, McLaurin, Carmack, Foster, Newlands.

Irrigation-Ankeny (Chairman), Warren, Hansbrough, Fulton, Carter, Flint, Nixon, Sutherland, Bailey, Patterson, Newlands, Dubois, Whyte.

Judiciary.-Clark of Wyoming (Chairman), Nelson, Depew, Spooner, Foraker, Dillingham, Kittredge, Knox, Bacon, Pettus, Culberson, Blackburn, Patterson.

Library.-Wet more (Chairman), Hansbrough, Dryden, Clark of Montana, Whyte.
Manufactures. -Heyburn (Chairman), Gallinger, Allee, Clay, Latimer, Frazier.

Military Affairs.- Warren (Chairman), Scott, Foraker, Alger, Lodge, Hemen way, Burkeley, Warner, Pettüs, Blackburn, Foster, Overman, Taliaferro.

Mines and lining.--Dick (Chairman), Scott, Heyburn, Nixon, Sutherland, Tillman, Clark of Montana, Clarke of Arkansas, Newlands.

Mississippi River and Its Tributaries. -Nelson (Chairman), Dolliver, Millard, Warner, McEnery, McLaurin, Carmack.

Naval Affairs. -Hale (Chairman), Perkins, Platt, Penrose, Gallinger, Burrows, Dick, Tillman, Martin, McEnery, Mallory.

Pacific Islands and Porto Rico.-Foraker (Chairman), Depew, Wetmore, Clapp, Flint, Piles, Warner, Mallory, Blackburn, Clark of Montana, Rayner.

Pacifc Railroa ds. - Alger (Chairman), Dolliver, Frye, Long, Burkett, Morgan, Taliaferro, McCreary, Latimer.

Patents. -Kittredge (Chairman), Clapp, Smoot, Knox, Mallory, Foster, Latimer.

Pensions. - McCum ber (Chairman), Scott, Burnham, Alger, Smoot, Burkett, Piles, La Follette, Tallaferro, Patterson, Carmack, Overman, Gearin.

Philippines. --Lodge (Chairman), Hale, Beveridge, Burrows, Long, Dick, Nixon, Brandegee, Culberson, Dubois, Carmack, McCreary, Stone,

Post-Offices and Post- Roads. - Penrose (Chairman), Dolliver, Proctor, Burrows, Scott, ('rane, sulton, Hopkins, Carter, Clay, Culberson, Taliaferro, Simmons, Rayner.

Printing. -Platt (Chairman), Elkins, Whyte.
Private Land Claims. - Teller (Chairman), McEnery, Pettus, Hale, Kean, Gamble, Flint.

Privileges and Elections. -Burrows (Chairman), Foraker, Depew, Beveridge, Dillingham, lIopkins, Knox, Dolliver, Pettus, Dubois, Bailey, Overman, Frazier.

Public Buildings and Grounds. -Scott (Chairman), Warren, McCumber, Wetmore, Millard, Dryden, Heyburn, Culberson, Simmons, Clay, Stone, Latimer,

Public Health and National Quarantine. - Morgan (Chairman), McEnery, Mallory, Culberson, Spooner, Depew, Fulton, Proctor, Brandegee.

Public Lands -Hansb rough (Chairman), Nelson, Clark of Wyoming, Gamble, Fulton, Smoot, Carter, Flint, Hemenway, Berry, McEnery, McLaurin, Dubois, Newlands, Patterson.

Railroads.-Allee (Chairman), Clark of Wyoming, Nelson, Ankeny, Smoot, Bulkeley, Hemenway, Bacon, Pettus, Money, Carmack.

Revision of the Laws of the United States. --Depew (Chairman), Proctor, Fulton, Dick, Carter, Daniel, Mallory, Bailey, Patterson.

Rules. --Spooner (Chairman), Aldrich, Elkins, Lodge, Teller, Bacon, Bailey

Territories. - Beveridge (Chairman), Dillingham, Nelson, Burnham, Kean, Dick, Piles, Patterson, Clarke of Arkansas, New lands, Frazier.

Woman Suffrirge. -- Bacon (Chairman), Berry, Wetmore, Beveridge, Burkett.

Transportation and Sule of Meat Products.-Daniel (Chairman), Stone, Clark of Wyoming, Nixon, Brandegee.


STANDING COMMITTEES, Ways and Means. -Payne, N. Y., Chairman; Dalzell, Pa. ; Grosvenor, Ohio; McCleary, Minn.; McCall, Mass ; Babcock, Wis.; Hill, Conn.; Boutell, III. ; Watson, Ind. Curtis, Kan.; Needham, Cal.; Smith, Mich.; Williams, Miss.; Robertson, La. ; Clark, Mo. ; Cockran, Ñ. Y.; Underwood, Ala.. Granger, R. I.

Appropriations. – Tawney, Minn., Chairman; Bingham, Pa. ; Littauer, N. Y,; Brownlow, Tenn.; Gardner, Mich.; Gillett, Mass.; Smith, Iowa; Grafi, ill. ; Brick, Iud.; Keifer, Ohio; Madden, Ill.; Livingston, Ga.; Taylor, Ala. ; Brundidge. Ark.; Fitzgerald, N. Y.; Burleson, Tex.; Sullivan, Mass.

Rules.-The Speaker; Dalzell, Pa. ; Grosvenor, Ohio; Williams, Miss.; De Armond, Mo.

Interstate and Foreign Commerce.- Hepburn, Iowa, Chairman; Sherman, N. Y.; Wanger, Pa.; Mann, ill.; Lovering, Mass.; Stevens, Minn.; Burke, s. Dak.; Esch, Wis ; Cushman, Wash. ; Townsend, Mich.; Gaines, w. Va. ; Kennedy, Ohio; Davey, La. ; Adamson, Ga. ; Ryan, N. Y.; Richardson, Ala. ; Bartlett, Ga.; Russell, Tex.

Foreign Affairs. - Cousins, Iowa; Landis, Ind. ; Perkins, N. Y.; Foster, Vt. ; Otjen, Wis., Capron, R. I.; Long worth, Ohio; Fassett, N. Y.; Denby, Mich.; McKinley, Ill.; Cooper, Pa. ; Howard, Ga.; Flood, Va. ; Towne N. Y.; Lamar, Fla. ; McNary, Mass. Garner, Tex.

Judicirr. -Jenkins, Wis., Chairman; Parker, N. J.; Alexander, N. Y.; Littlefield, Me. ; Nevin, Ohio; Palmer, Pa.; Pearre, Md.; Tirrell, Mass. ; Sterling, Ill. ; Birdsall, Iowa; Foster, Ind. ; De Armond, Mo., Smith, Ky.; Clayton, Ala. ; Henry, Tex.; Little, Ark.; Brantley, Ga.

Military Affairs. -Hull, Iowa, Chairman; Parker, N. J.; Capron, R. I. ; Prince, Ill.; Holliday, Ind. ; Young, Mich., Kann, Cal. ; Fletcher, Minn, ; Dawes, Ohio;- Miller, Kan,; Burke, Pa. ; Sulzer, N. Y.; Hay, Va.; Slayden, Tex. ; Broussard, La.; Talbott, Md. ; Wiley, Ala.; McGuire, Okla.

Nival Affairs. - Foss, Ill., Chairman; Loundenslager, N. J.; Butler, Pa.; Mudd, Md.; Cousins, Iowa; Roberts, Mass. ; Vreeland, N. Y.; Loud, Mich.; Bates, Pa. ; Lilley, Ct.;. Thomas, Ohio; Dawson, Iowa; Meyer, La. ; Rixey, Va.; Kitchin, N.C.; Padgett, Tenn. ; Garber, Ohio; Gregg, Tex.

Insular Affairs.--Cooper, .Wis., Chairman; Crumpacker, Ind.; Hamilton, Mich. ; Olmsted, Pa.; Smith, ill. ; Fuller, 111. ; Rinkaid, Neb.; Webber, Ohio; Graham, Pa. ; Hubbard, Towa: Parsons, N. Y.; McKinlay, Cal.; Jones, Va.. Patterson, Tenn.; Zenor, Ind. ; Rucker, Mo.; Gilbert, Ky. ; Page, N. C.; Larrinaga, Porto Rico.

Banking and Currency.-Fowler, N. J., Chairman; Prince, Ill.; Calderhead, Kan. ; Powers, Me. ; McMorran, Mich. ; Weems, Ohio; McCreary, Pa.; Knowland, Cal.; Waldo, N. Y.; Shartel, Mo. ; Hayes, Cal.; Weeks, Mass. ; Lomis, Ga.; Pujo, La.; Glass, Va. ; Gillespie, Tex.'; James, Ky.; Legare, s. C.

Territorirs. - Hamilton, Mich., Chairman; Brick, Ind. ; Capron, R.I. ; Southwick, N. Y.; Powers, Me.; McKinney, Ill. ; Cole, Ohio; Higgins, Ct.; Reynolds, Pa. ; Klepper, Mo., Moon, Tenn. ; Reid, Ark.; Lloyd, Mo.;. Beall, Tex. ; Webb, N.C.; Stanley, Ky. ; McGuire, Okla. ; Smith, Ariz.; Andrews, N. M.; Kalanianaole, Hawaii.

Rivers mil Har bors. – Burton, Ohio, Chairman; Dovener, W. Va.; Bishop, Mich. ; Archeson, Pa.; Alexander, V. Y.; Lawrence, Mass.; Davidson, Wis.; McLachlan, Cal.; Lorimer, Ill. ; Jones, Wash.; Bede, Hinn.; Ellis, Mo.; Bapkhead, Ala.; Sparkman, Fla. ; Randsdell, La.; Burgess, Tex. ; Humphreys, Miss.

Rtilways and Canals.-Davidson, Wis., Chairman; Roberts, Mass. ; Deemer, Pa.; Knapp, N.Y. ; Huff, Pa.; Wood ward, W. Va. ; Cooper, Pa. ; Bannon, Ohio; Burton, Del.; Burnett, Ala. ; Smith, Md.; Davis, W. Va.; Patterson, s. C.; Ruppert, N.Y.

Post Offices and Post Roards. -Overstreet, Ind., Chairman; Gardner, N.J.; Sperry, Ct. ; Hedge, Iowa; Sibley, Pa. ; Snapp, Ill. ; Goebel, Ohio; Steenerson, Minn. , Stafford, Wis. ; Darragh, Mich. ; Murdock, Kan.; Dwight, 'N. Y. ; Moon, Tenn. ; Griggs, Ga.; Finley, S. C. ; Lloyd, Mo., Small, N.C. ; Hill, Miss.; Smith, Ariz.

Mines and Mining.-Brown, Wis., Chairman; Dale, Pa.; Scott, Kan.; Huff, Pa.; Dixon, Mont.; Williamson, Ore. ; Howell, Utah; Bonynge, Col ; Shartel, Mo.; Stanley, Ky. ; Heflin, Ala.; Lee, Ga.; Hunt, Mo.; Reid, Ark.; Andrews, N. M.

Pacific Railroads. -Butler, Pa., Chairman; Driscoll, N.Y., Otjen, Wis. ; Palmer, Pa.; Kinkaid, Neb.; Mudd, Md. ; McKinley, Ill. ; Dawson, Iowa; Slayden, Texas; Finley, S. C.; Rainey, Ill.; Houston, Tenn. ; Little, Ark. ; Lamar, Fla.

Public Lands. -Lacey, Ia., Chairman; Mondell, Wyo.; Martin, S. Dak. ; Fordney, Mich. ; Volstead, Minn. , Dixon, Mont.; Knopf. Ill. ; McCarthy, Neb. , French, Idaho; Smith, Cal. ; 'Gronna, N. Dak. Tyndall, Mo.;' Burnett, Ala. ; Rucker, Mo.; Gaines, Tenn.; Byrd, Miss.; Van Duzer, Nev. ; Robinson, Ark., Smith, Ariz.

Minufactures. -Sibley, Pa., Chairman ; Greene, Mass.: McMorran, Mich.; Hale, Tenn.; Chapman, Ill. Law, N Y.; Allen, N.J.; Schneebeli, Pa.; Weisse, Wis.; Hunt, Mo.; Bell, Ga.; Johnson, S.C.; Kitchin, N. C.

Labor. -Gardner, N. J., Chairman; Bartholdt, Mo.; McCall, Mass.; Vreeland, N. Y.; Conner, Ia.; Goebel, 0.; Haskins, Vt.; Norris, Neb.; Hearst, N. Y.; HuntMo.; Rainey, ill. ; Stanley, Ky.; Davis, W. Va.

Militia. - Morrell, Pa., Chairman; Hull, Ia.; Smith, Ill.; Steenerson, Minn.; Ames, Mass. ; Smith, Pa.; Lefevre, N. Y.; Allen, N.J.; Dickson, ill. ; Ruppert, N. Y.; Wiley, Ala.; Keliher, Mass.; Gill.' Md.: Floyd, Ark.

ciáims. — Miller, Kan., Chairman: Tirrell, Mass. ;. Howell, Utah; Graham, Pa.; Waldo, N. Y.; Mouser, Ohio; McGavin, Ill.; Welborn, Miss. ; Rives, M.; Goldfogle, N. Y.; Kitchin, N. C.; Beall, Texas; Shackleford, Mo ; Garrett, Tenn.; Clark, Fla.

District of Columbia. -'Babcock, Wis., Chairman; Smith, Mich.; Allen, Me. ; Morrell, Pa. ; Slemp, Va. ; Campbell, Kan.; Wiley, N. J.; Greene, Mass. ; Beidler. Ohio; Blackburn. N. C.; Taylor, Ohio; Olcott, N. Y.; Sims, Tenn.; Meyer, La. ; Pou, N.C.; McLain, Miss. ; Shackleiord Mo.; Kline, Pa.

CHAIRMEN OF OTHER COMMITTEES. Elections No. 1, Mann, Ill.; Elections No.2, Olmstead, Pa. ; Elections No. 3, Driscoll, N. Y.; Agriculture, Wadsworth, N. Y.; New York Education, Southwick, N. Y.; Patents, ('urrier, N. 11. ; Pensions, Loudenslager, N.J.; Census, Crumpacker, Ind.; Merchant Marine, Grosvenor, Ohio; Irrigation, Mondell, Wyo.; Immigration, Howell N.J.; Printing, Landis, Ind.; Indian Afairs, Sherman, N. Y.



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PAGE Aaron, The D, O. Pen Co... .1 German-Am. Cinematograph &

Parker, Geo, A,...

.604 Allen Mfg. Co., The ........ .xl-1 Film Co......

606 Petersen, J. H..... American Felt Co.... 605 Gillmann, 0, F., & Co... xliii

Pettes & Randall Co...

.605 American Poultry Advocate..,xxv Gloeckner & Newby Co... 601

Pleasant Valley Wine Co ...585 American Securities.. ..607 Gutter B.....

Postal Insurance Co..... 606


Power, Nicholas... American Sheet & Tin Plate Co. 25

606 American Type Founders' Co..589

Press Co., The.

.607 American Typewriter Co.. 607 Haffen, J. & M. Brewing Co... .12 American Wine Growers' Asso

Hoe, R., & Co.

Iviii Quencer, W. J..
.583-584 Hoffman, G. W.


.xxvii Andrews, J. H. ...589 Hough, Franklin H


R Anglo-Am. Telegraph Co... xiii Hoyt, Wm. E..

xxxix Racine Hatcher Co.. Arrow Can Co., The.. ...xlvii Huber, J. M..

...li Rapid Addressing Machine Co.640 Austen, Dr. Peter T. .605

Rathbone & Son, R. O... xiv Autographic Register Co. ...... 604

Ray, Wm, H., Printing Ink Mig.

liii Independent Photo Card Co.... 603 Remington Typewriter Co.....588 B

Ingersoll, O. W
Bartley & Sons......

Ricketts & Banks.
Interborough Rapid Transit Co,

...604 Belle City Incubator Co. 591

Rieger, J., & Co.....

......601 Bell's Homeopathic Pharmacy. 606 International Correspondence

Robinson, Geo.

602 Bernard, Ohas. 606

Rochester Radiator Co.

.xxvii Bevans, James W.

International Stock Food Co.....XV Rohrer's Institute..

Rogers, H. C.....
Black, Carl.
604 Italian-Swiss Colony....

606 Bolton Realty Co...

.586 Rush Acetylene Generator Co., xxxix Braman Law Oo...... 602

The ...

.xiii Brotherhood Wine Co.... 586

Ryede Specialty Works........ 16g Brooks Detective Bureau.. xliii Jamestown Exposition,.xviii-xxiii Burton Machinery Co., O. A..xxix Jamestown Exposition ExcurButcher Polish Co., The,... ..12

sion and Steamboat Co......Xxiv Safety Banking & Trust Co..... 607

Safety Car Heating & Lighting к Oo.

604 Kansas Anti-Liquor Society...603 Sahler, Dr. C.O. Sanitarium..xxxvii Campbell Co., The.

Kasner, A. H.

.xvii St. Louis Post-Dispatch Careful Carpet Cleaning Co....604 Reeley Institute..


16a-16f Samwick Detective Bureau.. Carlisle, Wm. G.. 607

605 Chesebro Brothers,

Kemp. C, M., Mfg. Co..... .588 Sandholm Drug Co 607


Schieren & Co., Chas, A., Ohilds, J. O. .xxxi


L Cincinnati Conservatory

Schnoter, The J. C., Co.. of

591,599 Music.. 580-581 Lacey, R. S. & A. B..

Schulte, A..... 591

605 Olaflin, The, H. B. Co......573-574 Lincoln Bank.

Scott, Chas, A, 607

xvii 16h Lincoln Safe Deposit Co,.

Scott, Walter, & Co.. Cluthe, Ohas. W..


lii Coleman, Watson E.

Seashore Land & Improvement Linke Filter Co... 589


Columbia Rope Co.
XXV Long Island Railroad.

604 Columbia Warehouses. 607 Longman's Sons, R.

Security Building Co xliv-xlv Conti, Cesare. 604 Lotz, Henry A...... ......606 Shepherd & Parker..

Sherman, W, 0... Oooper, Chas., & Co.

605 .xli

M Oross Company, The

Sherwood, S. Clinton, Co....... 606 McCabe, Miss

Simmons, John, Co

..xlvii Mager & Gougelmann...


Mail Order Lyceum.

Smith & Hemenway Co.... Cover 2

604 Daniels, Dr. A. O. viii Manley, Chas. H. Co., The...xxxii Stewart & Hencken.....

Stevens, Milo B. Co

...X Dun, R. G., & Co,......... 604,606 Mark, Jacob Sons

Meilink Mfg. Co., The

Merchant & Evans Co.

Moehn Automatic Gas Machine Tate, Edgar & Co. ...

602 Eagle Mfg. Co...... ..587 Co....

xl Thorburn & Co., J. M.

. Eagle Typewriter Co. .....607 Monarch Typewriter Co....Cover 3 Travelers' Insurance Co., The.. lxiv Eborn, B. F ..607 Munn & Co,.

602 Typewriter Emporium.

......12 Egry Autographic Register Co., Myers Co., S. F. ........ iii The, viii

U Eimer & Amend


N Eiseman & Co.... ..587

U.S. Buggy & Cart Co..

........601 Electro-Chemical Ring Co.. 2

Newcome's Detective Bureau..605
Elmcroft Sanatorium. .xxxiv-XXXv New York Camera Exchange...589
Empire Detective Bureau...... 603 New York Physical & Surgical Vail, Dr. Edwin Smith.
Empire Electric Sign Co. 605 Hospital.


xxxiy-xxxv Enterprise Foundry & Fence New York Preparatory School.14 Vibrosimplex.....

.......1 Oo .xxxix New York World...

lvii Evans, Wilkens & Co..........XXV Niagara Hydraulic Engine Co...xi

Wadsworth's Sanitarium, Dr. xxxix
Ward Seminary....

Oakman Mfg. Co
xvii Water Belt Line.

.xxiv Faber, Eberhard..

.608 Ogilvie, J. S., Pub, Vo......592,600 Waterman, L. E. Co.,590 & Cover 4 Fidelity & Casualty Co., The....lv Old's Gas Power Co.

600 Williams, Percy G..

606 Fitz Gerald & Co.. 606 Oliver Typewriter Co... 598 Willmann, Wm. G..

587 Ford, Isaac H... 604 O'Meara & Brock....

599 Winslow's Soothing Syrup, Fordham University. 575-579 Omnigraph Co., The..


.xiv Fried, Chas. .604

Woodlawn Cemetery.

......605 Friedenwald & Co., J. H..... vi-vii

Fuller Co., Geo. R... ...... x Page Woven Wire Fence Co.... 607

Fuller's Detective Bureau...... 605 Pain Mfg. Co. .........605 Young, W. F.........




.605 Sinn, A.


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