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1379 Broadway

251 N. Clark Street
New York

Clock Manufacturers

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Illuminated Electric Tower
Office and

and Post Clocks

| Stamps

Time Recorders

Observatory Clocks rented, regulated, and kept in repair at $7.00 a
year. Piano finish in quartered oak, walnut, and mahogany, or to
match your fixtures. Length, 56 inches; dial, 14 inches.

American Electric Time Stamps, $30.00
Uptown Onco,

One Gillmann Clock will operate one
or one hundred Time Stamps or Sec-
ondary Clocks.

Dec 15 2-33 PV 1906

The World



To the Inventor who desires prompt, experi, and Personal attention to his business, I tender my services.


Colorado Bldg. WASHINGTON, D. C.


NIGHT PHONE, 41 Morningside.

PHONES, 526-527 Cortlandt.


NICHOLAS BROOKS, Inspector of Police, City of New York, Retired. Licensed and Bonded

Detective Work in All Its Branches 1032-3-4 Temple Court Building. 119 Nassan St. NEW YORK CITY.



printed more advertisements in 1906 than The New York World any other newspaper in Christendom.

Every ad. given The World for publication was a carefully planned, shrewdly executed business move.


The Security Building Company of Rochester, N.Y.,

Will Buy One for You.


'HEN you enter into any plan that contemplates

your owning your home through instalment payınents you want to move with extreme

caution. Offers that sound well have been placed before the public from time immemorial, but after they had been digested have proved to be only the old building and loan systems, in which there could be but two classes interested—the investing and the borrowing. The investing class was offered larger interest than they could get in any other way; but the borrowing class had to pay this interest.

You should certainly inform yourself upon three very important points before you bind yourself to secure a home by any plan, no matter how alluringly it is placed before you.

(1.) The persons who are behind the deal must be absolutely reliable and responsible from every viewpoint. (2.) You must be sure

that you

are not particiA SECURITY CO. HOME. pating in an experiment; that the plan you purpose joining in must have been operated successfully and satisfactorily; and

(3.) You must be positive that the methods of the company are thoroughly businesslike and that there is nothing of a speculative or fluctuating rature involved in your proposed arrangement.

The Security Building Company of Rochester, N. Y., opens its books, its entire business and its personnel to your inspection and invites you to step in and examine them before you join in their plan, which, briefly, is to buy you a home and let you pay for it practically on your own terms. The plan is not entirely new. for there are over two thousand societies with a membership of 2,100,000 now doing a business of $130,000,000 annually in the British Isles along virtually the same lines. The adaptation to this country is new, and, briefly, it is this:

The Security Building Ompany is co-operative organization securing for its members 'first-class homes cheaply, easily and safely by a monthly payment amounting to no more that the reasonable rent rate for the property. Under its carefully worked out system, instead of paying rent the householder is enabled to make regular instalmients in purchase of the property while occupying it which becomes his own absolutely without incumbrance in a stated period. The company builds or buys to suit the indi vidual desire of the contract holder. The company further promotes home owning by assuming and discharging burdensome mortgiges for members, sukstituting new terms of indebtedness therefor that are not burdensome but make it easy for the mortgager to quickly pay off the incumbrance.

The keynote of the successful operation of this plan of home-owning is co-operation; and in order that it may be thoroughly understood, let us illustrate:

If an individual can save but $1.50 a week toward a home casting, say, $1,000, it would take him nearly seven hundred weeks to procure it. Now, suppose 100 such men put their weekly savings together, pooling their resources, as it were, to buy homes. In but six and two-third weeks there would be $1,000 in the pool, enough to buy one home. The




landlord, and pays the money he formerly paid for rent into the co-operative fund for the bene fit of the remaining ninety-nine in the association, This payment is made a little larger than the original $1.50 payment to cover interest, and for a reserve fund this helps the fund grow, so that the second man does not have to wait so long proportionately for his home as the first had to.

This process continues, and the whole one hundred get homes quickly on most advantageous terms. The great point about this ar rangement is the cash it makes available. In ordinary business you can get 10 per cent. off for cash. You can do better buying a home under expert guidance and trained judgment.

In buying one hundred homes for cash at $2,000 each you can save at least 10 per cent. on each; or $20,000 on the hundred as a whole. There, in a nutshell, is the advantage of the business co-operation The Security Building

Company is putting at your service. ONE OF THE SECURITY CO. HOMES. It makes no

difference what your station in life is, if

you are desirous of owning a home this company can help you, and help you in such a way that it is not inade a burden to you.

There is nothing, s) convincing as figures when you are considering the placing os your money into a home, and for that purpose, we have outlined below a hypothetical case of rent-paying and home buying in comparison:

RENT PLAN. Living in a rented house worth $2,000 you pay the landlord $18.64 per month, which, in nine years and nine months, amounts to..

$2,180 98 Deducting $10 per year for 10 years for taxes..

$100 00 Deducting for repairs for 10 years....

250 00 Landlord's total outlay

650 00 Balance in favor of landlord.

$1,550 98 And the landlord still owns the house.

THE SECURITY BUILDING CO.'S PLAN. In the case of a house costing $2,000 you accumulate by easy monthly payments before maturity of my contract..

$246 00 On taking possession of my home you owe..

.$1,754 00 Which you pay the company per month at the rate of.

18 6+ In nine years and nine months you have paid the company, principal and interest..$2,1&1 32 Your share toward company expenses.

48 00 Taxes for 10 years at $10 per year..

400 00 In less than 10 years your home is paid for at a total cost of..

$2,875 32 Deducting from this amount the $400 which you have paid for taxes makes the actual cost of your home only $294.34 more than you would have paid for rent for the same house for the same length of time.

In both of the above illustrations the payments have been at the same monthly rate for the same period of time.

Remember, moreover, that under the company's plan the dividends which you receive each year will stil further reduce the actual cost of your home.

The contract which you would sign with The Security Building Company in the event of your buying is most liberal. Your home is bought by them and paid for after you have paid in from 15 to 20 per cent. of its face value in regular monthly payments.

The contract is assignable. The contract has a liberal surrender value. In case of death the contract may be continued by representatives of the deceased or redeemed for the full amount paid in with its earnings. Failure to keep up payments does not forfeit contract within a reasonable time. Provision is made to help contract holders who through misfortune or sickness become in arrears in dues.

A HOME BUILT BY THIS COMPANY. This outlines in general terms the distinctly business plan of procedure of the Company, which was organized originally as a local concern, but has spread outside of the city of Rochester and outside of the State, throughout the United States, solely upon its merits. Every member of this Company is bonded for the performance off his duty and the promises of the concern. Its meth ods of procedure have been thoroughly investigated by both State and Federal authorities, and the fact that the business is growing more rapidly to-day than it has at any time since it was first commenced demonstrates that the plan is not only a practical one but is being conducted in an honest, business-like manner.

If you want to be convinced that you are not too poor to cwn a home, and that you should own a home, send for the booklet of The Security Building Company.

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The POST-DISPATCH sells 25,000 more papers in the city of St. Louis every day than there are homes in this Western metropolis.

Its St. Louis sales are greater than the combined sales of all other daily and Sunday papers in the same field.

It holds unchallenged supremacy in commercial and “wantadvertising.

EASTERN AGENTS S, C. Beckwith Special Agency NEW YORK


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