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forces will receive adequate illustration through an evolutionary process of striking object-lessons. The Government of the United States has taken in hand the work of featuring the lately annexed territories of Porto Rico, Hawaii, and the Phillipines. In addition to this, the departments at Washington will place on exhibition the various objects of interest. scientific and commercial, through the aid of which this country has attained so envious a prominence among the nations of the world.

HE several States will contribute the specific attractions which have rendered them

conspicuous. Coal, iron, lumber, the various mineral industries, including the precious metals; mechanism in all its diversified forms, agriculture and horticul. ure, the barnyard and the range, domestic womforts and the value of the kitchen, the rts in their infinite variety, all these will be placed on appreciable exhibition for the nstruction and enlightenment of visitors.

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In addition to the Inside Inn already referred to the fact that an abundance of hotel

accommodation is within easy reach must be carefully kept in view. There is a first-class hotel of large dimensions just outside the grounds. Old Print Comfort, with its world-wide knowo hostelry. is directly opposite and can be reached by a twentyminutes' sail across Hampton Roads. Those who prefer a life on the wave will be accommodated by hotel ships at anchor, while Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News give an aniple supply of hotels to those who may desire to withdraw a space from the exhilarating scenes incessantly passing at the exposition. The following objects of curiosity, entertainment and education will be seen at the exposition:

Unique and gorgeous night harhor illumination.
Greatest gathering af warships in the history of the world.
International yacht races in which the countries of the world will participate.

Prize drills by the finest soldiers of all nations, and by picked regiments of United States and State troops.

Races of dirigible airships for commercial use.
Races of military airships of different nations.
Field athletic contests among champions of all great nations.

An exact reproduotion of the old town of Jamestown as it was three centuries ago.
The largest military parade ground in the world, covering 30 acres.
The largest military and naval purades ever witnessed.
More military and naval bands than were ever assembled in time of peace.
Industrial exhibits showing the progress of the world during three centuries.
Wonderful technical exhibits by the leading nations of the world.
An immense forestry exhibit.
A magnificent tobaoco palace.
King Cotton in all stages, from the growing plant to the finished fabric.
A beautiful palace built of coal.

A complete Japanese village, showing all stages of Japanese life, made by the government of Japan.

United States Life-Saving Corps in daily demonstration of life-saving methods. Greatest array of gorgeous military uniforms of all nations ever seen in any country.

More members of royalty of different countries than over assembled together in one place.

A great living picture of war with all its enticing splendors.

The points of historic interest in connection with the exposition may be briefly summarized thus:

At Hampton Roads, just off the exposition grounds. the first battle between ironclads, the Monitor and the Merrimac, took place April 8-9, 1862. The fortifications from which a land force of Confederates participated are on the exposition grounds.

Williamsburg, the second capital of Virginia, seat of the second oldest college in the United States.

Richmond, the capital of the Southern Confederacy, and an important point in history, is only a few hours' ride from the grounds.

Petersburg, where the closing battles of the Civil War were fought, is near by, and Appomattox, where General Lee surrendered. is about three hours' distant.

Jamestown Island, where the first permanent settlement of English-speaking people on the American Continent was made, is two hours' run from Norfolk.

Craney Island, at the mouth of the Elizabeth River, near Norfolk, is a storehouse of historic interest. The Dismal Swamp is within twenty miles.

The Jamestown Exposition Company, mindful of the responsibility it bears, is expending vast sums of money to beautify the grounds, and has already provided for the following buildings: Auditorium and Convention Hall or Admin. Children's Model Playground. istration Building.

Model School. Manufacturers and Liberal Arts.

Model Schoolroom. Machinery and Transportation.

Life-Saving. Mining and Metallurgy.

Copper Silver and Woodworking Shop. Smelter.

Pottery Building. States' Exhibits Palace.

Textile Building. Food Products Building.

Two Bazaar Buildings. Hygiene and Medical Building.

Power and Alcohol. History and Historic Art Palace.

Agricultural Implement Building. Education Building.

Reviewing stand for the accommodation of Pocahontas Building.

2,000 persons. Mothers' and Children's Building.

THE United

States Government through Congress has made an appropriation of $1.500,000, which sum is being utilized to place Government exhibits on view. The following States have made the appropriations set opposite their names. Virginia and Counties $450,000, Illinois

$95.000 New York 150.000 South Carolina

20.000 Pennsylvania 100.000 Rhode Island

50.000 New Jersey 75.000 Missouri

60.000 Ohio

Michigan, estimate

60.000 Maryland 65.00) Wisconsin, estimate

60.000 Massachusetts 50.000 Georgia

30.000 North Carolina 30,000 Florida, estimate

50.00 Connecticut 26,000' Maine, estimate




value of human interest will be given many of them by reason of local connection and reference, Thus, the reproduction the famous battle between the Monitor and the Merrimac on the identical spot where it took place on April 8-9. 1862, will be of a nature to stir up the deepest patriotic emotion. Among the other attractions deserving special notice, there may be named:

The greatest military spectacle the world has ever seen.
The greatest naval rendezvous in history.
International races by sub-marine warships.
Competitive flights of airships from all countries.
Magnificent pyrotechnic reproduction of war scenes.
Great museums of war relics from all nations and all ages.
Indian relics of three centuries.
A beautiful Colonial city of buildings, owned by several States of

the Union.
The largest motor boat regattia ever held.

FOR those who delight in the thrilling, pastime of an auto spurt it may be noted that a

to distance of eight miles. It will be of sufficient dimensions to accommodate every character of vehicle, each on its own course.





HE aquatic features of the great expositions at Chicago, St. Louis, Portland,

and other places have always made the strongest appeal to visitors. The Jamestown Exposition will present an absolutely novel entertainment the beautiful and historic waters adjacent thereto that must find favor with its patrons.

During the exposition period the representative warships of our navy and the visiting navies of the world will rendezvous on Hampton Roads. In order to provide people living inland with an opportunity to view our nation's pride—also the enormous and

powerful battle-ships and foreign sea-fighting craft—at the same time, see the exposition and its historic surroundings by water, a "belt line” of palatial observation steamers will be placed in commission by a company directed by Mr. H. F. McGarvie, one of the best known exposition concessionnaires in this country, which has the full indorsement of the Governors of the Exposition Company and the assurance of their hearty co-operation. The picturesque and historic interest of a water trip to the exposition grounds is assured those who patronize this new enterprise.

Each steamer will carry about 1,000 passengers without crowding. A regular schedule of trips will be made, the boats starting from Campbell's Wharf, in Norfolk, touching at Portsmouth, the Norfolk Navy Yard, Newport News, Old Point Comfort, Fortress Monroe, and other historic points en route, and completing the one-way trip at a fine pier to be built out into the waters of Hampton Roads, directly in front of the exposition site. Boats will run every hour. A unique feature of the plan is to issue coupon tickets on these trips, giving the passengers the privilege of disembarking at any or all of the stopping places.

The “Water Belt Line” is so named because of the fact that the steamers leaving the company's wharf on their daily schedule, every hour, will make a complete circuit of the points of interest in and about Hampton Roads. Direct service will be maintained between Newport News, Old Point Comfort, and the exposition grounds.

Besides the regular trips, the company is planning to have numerous excursions to such places as Jamestown Island, Yorktown, and other points of historic interest in and around tidewater Virginia. The value of these pilgrimages will be thoroughly appreciated by all those who are familiar with their country's history.

Combining as this innovation does, a view of the beautiful exposition and an opportunity to get in close touch with those points of interest so dear to our patriotic souls, there can be no hesitancy in saying that nothing like it has ever been offered before by any country or any people.


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Factory and General Office, AUBURN, N. Y,

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HOW TO GET THEM. The sixth edition of the book “200 Eggs a Year Per Hen” is now ready. Revised, en larged, and in part rewritten. 96 pages. Contains among other things the methoa of feeding by wnich Mr. S. D. Fox, of Wolfboro, N. H., won the prize of $100 in gold offered by the manufacturers of a well-known condition powder for the best egg record during the Winter months. Simple as a, b, c-and yet we guarantee it to start hens to laying earlier, and to induce them to lay more eggs than any other method under the sun. The book also contains recipe for egg food and tonic used by Mr. Fox, which brought him in one Winter day 68 eggs from 72 hens, and for five days in succession from the same flock 64 eggs a day. Mr. E. F. Chamberlain, of Wolfboro, N. 1., says: “By following the methods outlined in your book, I obtained 1.496 eggs from 91 R. I. Reds in the month of January, 1902.” From 14 pullets picked at random ont of a farmer's flock the author got 2,999 eggs in one year—an average of over 214 eggs apiece. It has been my ambition in writing “200 Eggs a Year Per Hen” to make it the standard book on egg production and profits in poultry. Tells all there is to know, and tells it in a plain, common-sense way. Price, 50 cents, or with a year's subscription, 75c.; or given as a premium for two yearly subscriptions to the American Poultry Advocate at 50c. each.

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At the Door of New York City — The Ideal Territory for

All-Year-Round Residence or a Summer Home PERMANENT Long Island has wonderful advantages for those who contemplate building HOMES

a home near the great City of New York. An opportunity to live in the country and attend to business every day. Modern schools, churches,

libraries and clubs are established in all sections of Long Island. SUMMER

Long Island (New York's Sea Coast), trending east and west, is cooled HOMES

during the Summer by the south breezes direct from the Ocean. With 250 miles of Coast on Ocean, Sound and Bays, the Island is unsurpassed as a Summer Resort. Write for booklet, “ Climate of Long Island," by

Dr. Le Grand Denslow. IMPROVEMENTS It is a well-known fact that Long Island real estate is rapidly enhancing in OPPORTUNITIES value and with the improvements now in course of construction—the FOR

great tunnels—splendid railroad terminal facilities and electric trains—there

can be no investment made with more promising results than in real estate INVESTMENT

on Long Island. INDUSTRIAL Exceptional opportunities for industrial plants seeking location are offered LOCATIONS and along the lines of the Long Island Railroad. HOTEL SITES There are many excellent sites on Long Island for hotels, possessing attrac

tions varied to a striking degree. SOIL

Long Island is without equal in fertility of soil. Its vegetables, fruits and PRODUCTS

flowers are famed for their excellent qualities. Of easy access to the

greatest market in the world where good prices are realized.
SPORTS AND A territory without a peer for yachting, canoeing, surf and still-water bath-
PASTIMES ing, fishing, hunting, golfing, riding, driving, automobiling or cycling.

Descriptive and Illustrative Books with full information issued by the
263 Fifth Avenue, New York City

Traffic Manager.

Gen'l Passenger Agt.


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