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You pay me a Penny -and a Postal gets it. I Guarantee to Keep your Blades Sharp Forever Without Charge

24 Blades

Will you let me send you a razor-without a cent deposit?

Then I will keep it sharp and keen for the rest of your life free.

That's my plan-my new plan of sailing razors.

No other razor makers in the world sell razors this way-because they can't--their razors won't stand it. Mine will-it's the way it's made.

Now, I don't say “Send me the price of the razor, and it, after you have tried it, you find thit it isn't all I claim, I will send your money back.” Not me.

On a "money back" proposition you may feel that there was some chance of not getting your money back if you wanted it--I won't let you feel that way about my razor.

For if the razor don't do all I

say, you send it back at my exI am the man you hold personally pense, and you're out nothing responsible for every promise for you've paid me nothing and marle in this advertisement. you owe me nothing. W.C. SHERMAN

Simply do this --Send me your



pesme. occupation, homed agreeable to you introduse or an oid Style

business address-and in any manner that is convenient and agreeable to you introduce yourself to me.

I'll take all the risk and send, prepaid, a Sterling Safety Razor with 24 blades, or an Old Style Interchangeable Razor with 12 blades.

You see the Sterling Razor is so much better than any other razor that I can afford to send one without any payment or deposit.

When you have tested it 7 days, if you find it the finest and easiest shaving razor you ever used, keep it. Then the razor must pay for itself-that's my new plan.

You see the average man should be shaved at least three times a week-at 15c, a shave that's 45c. a week for shaving

So, if you decide to keep the razor, all I ask you to pay me is what you'd pay the barber-45c, a week for a few weeks until the razor is paid for.

That way I make the barber buy you the razor.

At that my razor doesn't take any more money to pay for itself than you would have to pay out of your own pocket for an ordinary razor.

And I go even farther. I see to it that your blades are kept sharp forever-free, . With any other safety razor you are always paying out money because you must keep on paying for new blades or resharpening as long as you live.

But with the Sterling, all you do is, send me 12 dull blades, at any time, with 10 cents to cover mailing expenses, and I return them to you perfectly sharp, free of charge.

That's really "no honing and no stropping."
Did you ever hear of anything as clever as this in the razor line?

It's this way-the reason I can make this offer is because I'm not in the least doubtful or afraid of my razor,

My STERLING blades are made of the finest razor steel that money can buy-costs me twice as much as the steel used in any other razor blades,

And mine is the only razor on the market that is made of genuine Sheffield Steel-that is not a cold rolled steel.

With my careful, systematic process, each STERLING blade is hardened, tempered, ground and honed in oil, and then stropped-so that my razor must hold its edge.

And each of my STERLING blades must pass the SHERMAN test, the most rigid test to which a razor blade can be subjected. I must make certain that the temper and cutting edge of every STERLING blade are perfect and lasting.

I cannot afford to pass any but faultless razor blades, because I send you the razor, prepaid, for free trial without any deposit but your name, address and the introduction. If you don't introduce yourself to me I will have to write you to do so, and that will delay shipment of the Sterling.

After you have tried it for a week' you can buy the Sterling Razor for $5.00 cash or postal order, but I am willing to let it pay for itself.

Now-write me to-day stating whether you wish the Safety or Old Style Interchangeable, and let me send you the razor. State whether you wish to cut close or medium, and whether your beard is wiry or fine. Don't send me any money-only a postal.

Remember the razor is yours for & week free-then either keep it and let it pay for itself with the guarantee that I must keep the blades sharp forever--from-or return it to

W. C. SHERMAN, Pres., 281 Water Street, New York City

To Know This!

Sooner or later you will find the need, if
not the necessity, of a Safe at your HOME
or in your BUSINESS : : : :

Compare this Statement with what any reliable dealer may tell you about what these

Safes are made for f]LINK's

MEILINK'S HIGH TEST SAFES use in their construction ONLY Steel and Malleable Iron (others use steel and. common cast-iron); the Tensile Strength is six times greater. Costs 2 1-4 times as much in material,

OUR FILLING contains 50 per cent. Fibre Asbestos, costs three times as much as all cement. Add to this Louble Price for curing the walls to make them Damp proof.

OUR LOCK AND BOLT All Sizes, from a Deed Box

WORK costs at least twice to an Office Safe.

as much as any competitor. OUR FINISH speaks for itself, needs no comparison.

No Manufacturer to-day can sell you a Safe as WELL MADE or USING such GOOD MATERIAL.

Our Prices are almost as low as the cheapest grades.

When you buy from us you PAY ONLY MANUFACTURER'S PROFIT, not 100 per cent. to the agent. SEND AT ONCE FOR CATALOGUE AND PRICE.



1002 Jackson St., TOLEDO, OHIO


Friedenwald's Buchu-Gin is composed, in part, of Gin and Buchu leaves. It is a wonderful solvent of uric acid and a most effective cure for all diseases of the Kidneys, Liver, Blood, and Urinary Organs, Female Complaints and Irregularities. It contains no opiates, narcotics, mercury, or injurious drugs.

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Catarrh of the Bladder, Weak Kidneys,
Retention of the Urine, Torpid Liver,
Overplus of Uric Acid, Sleeplessness,
Female Complaints, Rheumatism,
Pain in Urination, Foul Breath,
Urinary Troubles, Nervousness,
Liver Complaints,

Gall Stones,
Bright's Disease,

Female Irregularities.

• We will ship four full quarts, by express, for $4.00; or, we will

ship one quart for $1.00 if ordered in combination with our Baby Barrel of Whiskey.

See advertisement on opposite page. .
Ask your nearest druggist for this Gin.

J. H. FRIEDENWALD & CO. 90-92-94-96-98-100 N. Eutaw St. - - BALTIMORE, MD.

REFERENCES: Western National Bank, or any Commercial Agency

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