Зображення сторінки

Steamships from New ¥ork City.

This table gives the destination of the steamer, then the street from the foot of which the steamships sail, and the location of the office of the agent in Manhattan. Loading berths are liable to be changed from those here shown. Antigua, W. 10th St., Quebec S. S. Co., 29 B'way. Havana, Union Stores, Brooklyn, Compañia Antwerp, foot Fulton St., N, R., Red Star Line, Transatlantica, 17 Battery Pl. 9 Broadway.

Havre, Barber & Co., Produce Exchange. Antwerp, 7th St., Hoboken, Phoenix Line, 22 Havre, Morton St., French Line, 32 Broadway. State St.

Hayti,' w. 25th St., Atlas Line, 82 Beaver St., Australia, Norton & Son, Produce Exchange, and 37 Broadway, U. S. & Australasia S.S. Co., 11 Broadway. Hayti, Royal Dutch Line,

10 Bridge St. Bahamas, Prentice Stores, Brooklyn, N. Y. & Honolulu, American-Hawaiian S, S. Co., 10 Cuba Mail S.S. Co., 96 Wall St.

Bridge St. Baltimore, Md., foot Old Slip, New York, and Hull, foot Bethune St., Wilson Line, 22 State St. Baltimore Trans. Co., Pier 11, E. R.

Jacksonville, foot Spring St., Clyde Line, foot Barbados, Martin Stores, Brooklyn, Booth S. S. Spring St., and 290 Broadway, Co., 88 Gold St.

Japan, U.S.'& China-Japan Line, 10 Bridgo St., Barbados, W. 10th St., Quebec S.S. Co.,29 B'way. American and Oriental Line, 24 State St. Barbados, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 State Key West, Burling Slip, Mallory Line, 129 Front St.

St, and 385 Broadway. Barcelona, Union Stores, Brooklyn, Compañia Kingston, Jamaica, w. 25th St., Hamburg-Am. Transatlantica, 17 Battery Pl.

Line (Atlas Line), 37 Broadway.
Bermuda, W. 10th St., Quebec S. S. Co., 29 B'way. Kingston & La Guayra, Bethune St., Sanderson &
Brazil, Lamport & Holt Line, Produce Exchange, Son, 22 State St.
Booth S. S. Co., 88 Gold St.

La Guayra,
Dutch Line, 10 B

dge St. Bremen, 3d St., Hoboken, North German Lloyd, La Guayra, Pier 11, Brooklyn, Red "D" Line, 82 5 Broadway.

Wall St. Bristol. Eng. , foot W. 29th St., Bristol City Line, Leghorn, Union Stores, Brooklyn, Anchor Line, 25 Whitehall St.

17 Broadway. Buenos Ayres, Pier 8, Brooklyn, Lamport & Liverpool, Jane St., Cunard Line, 21 State St. Holt Line, Produce Exchange.

Liverpool, W. 1lth St., White Star Line, 9 B'way. Buenos Ayres, Norton Line and Prince Line London, W. Houston St., Atlantic Transport Line, Produce Exchange.

9 Broadway. Cadiz, Union Stores, Brooklyn, Compañia Trans- Manchester. Dock in Brooklyn, Lamport & Holt atlantica, 17 Battery Pl.

Line, 301 Produce Exchange. Calcutta, Bush Dock, Brooklyn, American & Manila, American & Oriental Line, 24 State St.,and Indian Line, Produce Exchange.

U.S., China-Japan Line, 10 Bridge St. Callao, Merchants Line, Hanover Square. Marseilles, Fabre Line, 24 State St., and Anchor Callao, West Coast Line, 31 Broad St.

Line, 17 Broadway. Campeche, Thebaud Bros., 87 Broad St.

Martinique, W. 10th St., Quehec S. S. Co., 29 B'way Cape Town, American & African Line, Union- Melbourne, Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn, American

Clan Line, Prince Line, Produce Exchange. and Australian Line, Produce Exchange.
Carthagena, W. 25th St., Atlas Line, 37 Broadway Melbourne, United States and Australasia Line,
Charleston, S. C., foot of Spring St., Clyde Line, 11 Broadway.
foot Spring St., and 290 Broadway.

Montevideo, Norton Line, Prince Line, Barber
China, U. S. & China-Japan Line, 10 Bridge St., Line, Lam port & Holt Line, Houston Line, all
Prince Line, and Barber & Co., Produce Ex- in Produce Exchange.

Naples, Anchor Line, Fabre Line, North German Christiania, 17th t., Hoboken, Scandinavian- Lloyd, Hamburg-American, Prince Line, Hir

American Line, 10 Bridge St. , and1 Broadway. zel, Feltmann & Co.'s Line, La Veloce Line, Colon, foot W. 27th St., Panama R. R. Steamship White Star Line, and Cunard Line all call at Line, 24 State St.

Colon, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 State St. Nassau, Prentice Stores, Brooklyn, New York
Colon, W.25th St., Atlas Line, 39 Broadway. and Cuba Mail S.S. Co., 96 Wali St.
Copenhagen, 17th St., Hoboken, Scandinavian- New Orleans, North Moore St., Southern Pacific

American Line, 10 Bridge St. and 1 Broadway. Co., 349 Broadway.
Costa Rica, W. 25th St., Atlas Line, 39 B'way. Newport News, Norfolk, and old Point Comfort,
Costa Rica, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 Beach St., old Dominion S.S. Co., on pier and
State St.

81 Beach St. Curaçoa, Pier 11, Brooklyn, Red “D” Line, 82 New Zealand, Norton & Son, Produce Exchange. Wall St.

Para, Martin Stores, Brooklyn, Booth S. S. Co., Curaçoa, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St.

88 Gold St. Demerara, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St. Pernambuco, Dock in Brooklyn, Lamport & Holt Demerara, Demerara S. S. Line, 106 Wall St. Line, and Prince Line, Produce Exchange, stop Demerara W. 10th St., Quebec S.S. Co., 29 B'way. at this port. Dominica, W. 10th St., Quebec S.S. Co., 29 B’

way. Philadelphia, foot Roosevelt St., Clyde Line, on Galveston, Burling Slip, Mallory Line, 129 Front pier. St. and 385 Broadway.

Philippine Islands, see “Manila," Galveston, N. Moore St. , Morgan Line, 349 B'way. Port au Prince, see Hayti.,''. Genoa and Gibraltar, 1st St., Hoboken, Hamburg Portland, Pike St., Maine s. s. Line, 290 BroadLine, 37 Broadway.

way, and on pier. Genoa and Gibraltar, 3d St., Hoboken, North Port Limon, W. 25th St., Atlas Line, 39 B'way. German Lloyd, 5 Broadway.

Porto Rico, New York and Porto Rico S.S. Line, Genoa and Gibraltar, W. 1lth St., White Star 12 Broadway. Line, 9 Broadway.

Porto Rico, Pier 11, Brooklyn, Red "D" Line,' Genoa, W. 34th St., La Veloce Line, 29 Wall St. 82 Wall St. Gibraltar, Jane St., Cunard Line, 21 State St. Porto Rico, Pier 29, Brooklyn, Insular Line, 116 Glasgow, w. 24th St., Anchor Line, 17 B'way. Broad St. Halifax, Red Cross Line, 17 State St.

Progreso, Wall St., New York and Cuba Mail Hamburg, 1st St., Hoboken, Hamburg-American S. S. Co., 96 Wall St. Line, 37 Broadway.

Progreso, Thebaud Bros., 87 Broad St. Havana, Wall St., New York, and Cuba Mail S. S. Puerto Cabello, Pierli, Brooklyn, Red 'D''Line, Co., 96 Wall Ste

82 Wall St.


Puerto Cabello, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St. South Africa, Barber & Co., Produce Exchange. Queenstown, Cunard, and White Star Lines call Southampton, Fulton St., N. R., Americau Line, here.

9 Broadway. Rio de Janeiro, Atlantic Dock, Brooklyn, Slo- Southampton, 3d St., Hoboken, North German man's Line, 10 Bridge St.

Lloyd Line, 5 Broadway. Rio de Janeiro, Dock in Brooklyn, Lamport & St. John's, N. F., Red Cross Line, 17 State St.

Holt Line, Prince Line and Lloyd Brazileirs, all Tacoma, American-Hawaiian S.S. Co., 10 Bridge in Produce Exchange.

St. Rotterdam, 5th St., Hoboken. Holland-Amer- Tampico, Wall St., New York and Cuba Mail ica Line, 39 Broadway and 10 Bridge St.

Line, 96 Wall St,
San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle, American- Trinidad, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St.
Hawaiian S. S. Co., 10 Bridge St.

Trinidad, Trinidad Line, 29 Broadway. San Domingo, Catharine St., Clyde Line, Pier Valparaiso, W. R. Grace & Co., Hanover Square, 34 E. R.

West Coast Line, 31 Broad St. Santiago de Cuba, Prentice Stores, Brooklyn, New Venezuela, Royal Dutch Line, 10 Bridge St.,

Red York and Cuba Mail Line, 96 Wall St.

"D'' Line, 82 Wall St. Savannah, Spring St., Savannah Line, on pier Vera Cruz, Wall St., New York and Cuba Mail ar 1 317 Broadway.

Line, 96 Wall St. Savanilla, w. 25th st., Atlas Line, 39 Broadway; Wilmington, N. C... Spring St., Clyde Line, foot Savanilla, Bethune St., Sanderson & Son, 22 Spring St., and 290 Broadway.

State St.

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Ferries from and to Manhattan. To Astoria.-From ft. E. 92d St.

(Το Hoboken.-From ft. W. 23d St. to 14th St., H0

boken. “ Bedloe's Isl. (Liberty Island). -From Battery. " Blackwell's Island.-From ft. 26th St., ft. 524

'Jersey City.-From ft. Chambers and W. 230 St., ft. 70th St., E. R.

Sts. to Pavonia Ave Jersey City.

(Erie, Northern of New Jersey, “ Brooklyn Borough.-From ft. Catharine St. to

and N. J. & N. Y. R. R.) Main St., Brooklyn Boro.

Fromft.Cortlandt, Desbrosses,and From ft. E. 10th and ft. E.

W. 23d Sts. to Montgomery St., 23d St. to Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn Boro.

Jersey City. (Pennsylvania R. From ft. E. 23d St. to

R.,Lehigh Valley R.R., and New

York, Susquehanna & Western
B'way, Brooklyn Boro.

R. R.)
From ft. E. 42d St. to

From ft. Liberty and W. 23d Sts.
B'way, Brooklyn Boro.

to Communipaw, Jersey City, From ft. E. Houston St. to

(Central R.R. of New Jersey.) Grand St., B’klyn Boro.

Pennsylvania Annex from ft. Ful. From ft. Fulton St. to Ful

ton St., Brooklyn Borough, to ton St., Brooklyn Boro.

Jersey City, connecting with From ft. Grand St. to

Pennsylvania R.R., Lehigh ValGrand St.and Broadway,

ley R. R., and New York, Sus Brooklyn Boro.

quehanna & Western R. R. From ft. Roosevelt St. to " North Brother Island. --From ft. E. 132d St. Broadway,B'klyn Boro.

Queeus Borough (Long Island City). -- From ft From ft. Wall St. to Mon

E. 34th St. and James Slip to tague St., B'klyn Boro.

Borden Ave., Long Island
From ft. Whitehall St. to

City (L. I. R. R.).
Atlantic and Hamilton “ Randall's Island.-From ft. E. 26th, E. 120th and
Aves., Brooklyn Boro.

E. 125th Sts.
From ft. Whitehall St. to

Richmond Borough (Staten Island).-From ft. 39th St., Brooklyn Boro.

Whitehall St. to St. George, “ College Point (Queens Borough).-From ft. E.

Staten Island. (Staten Isl99th St.

and Rapid Transit R.R. and " Edgewater. From W. 130th St.

Trolley lines.)

"* Riker's Island-From ft. E. 26th St. " Ellis Island.-From Barge Office, White

" Ward's Island.-From ft. E. 116th St. hall St.

" Weehawken.-From ft. Desbrosses and ft.W.42d " Hart's Island.-From ft. 26th St., E. R.

St. (to W. Shore R.R. Depot.). “ Hoboken.-From ft. Barclay, Christopher and " West New York.-From ft. W. 42d St. to Old W.23d Sts. to Newark and Ferry

Sts., Hoboken,

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Prominent Societies and Associations

(IN MANHATTAN AND BRONX BOROUCHS). Actors' Society, 114 W. 40th St. W.D. Stone, Sec. Home and Foreign Missionary Society of A. M. Actuarial Society, Arthur Hunter, Sec., 346 E. Church, 61 Bible House. H. R. Parks, Sec. Broadway.

Hospital Saturday and Sunday Association, 105 Am. Bankers' Association, 7 Nassau St. J. R. E. 22d St. Geo. P. Cammann, Sec. Branch, Sec. Am. Bible Society, 6 Bible House. William I. | Lawton, Sec.

Huguenot Society, 105 E. 22d St. Mrs. J. M. Haven, John Fox, and E. P. Ingersoll, Secs. Am. Church Missionary Society, 281 4th Ave. Ralph Bryant, Sec.

Industrial Christian Alliance, 170 Bleecker St. Arthur S. Lloyd, Sec. Am. Fine Arts Society, 215 W. 57th St. H, M.

International Order of the King's Daughters Barry, Sec.

and Sons, 156 5th Ave. Mrs. M. L. Dickinson, Sec. Am. Geographical Society, 15 W. 81st St. A. A. Iowa Society. C.F. Clarkson, Sec., 210 W.57th St. Raven, Sec.

Irish Emigrant Society, 51 Chambers St. Thos. Am. Institute, 19 W. 44th St. R. A. B. Dayton, V. Brady, Sec. Sec.

Irish Ind. Society, 56 Pine St. John Quinn, Sec. Am. Institute of Bank Clerks, 35 Nassau St. George E. Allen, Sec.

Ladies' Christian Union, 49 W. 9th St. Mrs. Am. Missionary Association, 287 4th Ave. J. Henry Bowers, Sec. W. Cooperand Chas. J. Ryder, Secs.

Linnæan Society, Central Park West, cor. W.77th American Motor League, 132 Nassau St. F. St. C. G. Abbott, Sec, A. Egan, Sec.

Manufacturers' Association, 299 Broadway. P. Am. Newspaper Pub, Association, 61 Park Row.

T. Tunison, Sec. S. S. Rogers, Pres.

Mechanical Engineers' Library Association, 12 Am. Protective Tariff League, 339 Broadway. W: 31st St. Fred. R. Hutton, Sec. Charles A. Moore, Pres.

Merchants Association, 346 Broadway. S.C. Am. Railway Association, 24 Park Place. W.

Mead, Sec.
F. Allen, Sec.

Methodist Historical Society, 150 5th Ave.
Am. Scenic and Historic Society. Tribune R. Joy, Sec.
Building E. H. Hall, Sec.

Municipal .Art Society, 37 W. 34th St.


Walton, Sec.
Am. Seamen's Friend Society, 76 Wall St. Geo.
McP. Hunter, Sec.

Nat'l Association of Credit Men, 41 Park Row. Am. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to

Chas. E. Meek, Sec. Animals, 26th St.& Madison Ave. R. Welling,Sec.

Nat'l Christian League for Promotion of Purity.

Samuel Mareusand Mrs. Charlotte Wooley, Sec. Am. Society of Civil Engineers, 220 W. 57th St.

Nat'l Citizens' Alliance, 41 Park Row.
C. W. Hunt, Sec.
Am. Sunday-School Union, 156 5th Ave. E. P.

Nichols, Sec.
Nat'l Humane Alliance, 105 E. 22d St.

H. G. Bancroft, Sec.

Fiske, Pres. Am. Tract Society, 150 Nassau St. G. L. Shearer,

Nat'l Sculpture Society, 215 W. 57th St. J. S. Sec. Am. Water-Color Society, 215 W. 57th St. C.

Hartley, Sec.

Nat'l Society of New England Women, 531 T. Chapman, Sec.

5th Ave. Mrs. S. A, Palmer, Sec. Am. and Foreign Christian Union, 216 W. 230

Natural Science Association of America, 96 5th St. L. T. Chamberlain, Sec.

Ave. Art Students' League, 215 W. 57th St, Katharine

New England Soc. G. Wilson, Sec., 65 Liberty Farrington, Sec.

Association for Befriending Children and Young
Girls, 136 2d Ave. Mrs. Wm. E. Fay, Sec.

N. Y. Academy of Sciences, Central Park West,

cor. W. 77th St, W. M. Wheeler, Rec. Sec. Association for Improved Instruction of Deaf

N. Y. Association of Working Girls' Societies, Mutes, 904 Lexington Ave. Paul M. Herzog, Sec.

Mrs. Vernon C. Brown, Sec., New Rochelle. Beethoven Maennerchor, 7th Ave. , cor. 124th

N. Y. Association for Improving the Condition St. Karl Oberbach, Sec.

Board of Foreign Missions, 156 5th Ave. Frank of the Poor, 105 E. 22d St. L. E. Opdycke, Sec. F. Ellinwood, Sec.

N. Y. Bible Society, 66 Bible House. Chas, W. Charity Organization Society, 105 E. 22d St. E.

Parsons, Sec. T. Devine, Gen. Sec.

N.Y.City Church Extension and Missionary Soc, Children's Aid Society, 105 E.22d St. C. L. Brace, of M. E. Church, 150 5th Ave. F. M. North, Sec. Sec.

N. Y. City Mission and Tract Society, 105 E. 22d Christian and Missionary Alliance, 692 8th Ave. St. W. $. Coflin, Sec. A. E. Funk, Sec.

N. Y. Flower and Fruit Mission, 104 E. 20th St. City Improvement Society. Noyes C. Wooster, Miss F. L. Russell, Sec. Treas., 126 Duane St.

N. Y. Genealogical and Biographical Society, City Vigilance League, 105 E. 22d St. T. L, MC- 226 W. 58th St. H. R. Drowne, Sec. Clintock, Sec.

N. Y. Historical Society, 170 2d Ave, G, R. Cooper Union, for Advancement of Science and Schieffelin, Cor. Sec. Art, 8th St. and 4th Ave. R. Fulton Cutting, Sec. N. Y. Kindergarten Association, 29 W. 42d St. Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the

James M. Bruce, Sec. Protestant Episcopal Church, 281 4th Ave. A. S. N. Y. Law Institute, 118 P.-O. Building. J. J. Lloyd and Joshua Kimber, Secs.

Rollins, Sec. Evangelical Alliance, 222 W. 23d St. Leander N. Y Maennerchor Society, 203 E. 56th St. Chamberlain, Pres.

R. Schuler, Sec. Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick. Thos. F. Con- N.Y. Practical Aid Society, 311 W. 45th St. M.A. way, Pres. , 32 Liberty St.

Lesser, Sec. Gaelic Society, 47 W. 420 St. Helen G. Kelly, Sec. N. Y, Society for the Enforcement of the Crimi. George Junior Republic Assoc. V. £. Macy, Sec. nal Law, 106 Fulton St. Edward Insley, Sec. German Society, 13 Broadway. A. Behrens, Sec. N. Y. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to

Hebrew Benevolent and OrphanAsylum Society, Children, 297 4th Ave. E. F. Jenkins, Sec. Amsterdam Ave., cor, W. 137th St. A. Schiff, Sec. N. Y. Society for the Suppression of Vice, 140

Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society, Broad- Nassau St. A. Comstock, Sec. way, cor. W. 150th St. W. Meyer, Sec.

N. Y. Society of Pedagogʻy, John W. Davis, Sec. Helping Hand Association, 229 E. 59th St. Mrs. N. Y. Sunday School Association, 146 5th Ave. G. Morgan Browne, Sec.

Milton S. Littlefield, Sec.
Hoiland Soc'ty, 99 Nassau St. L, L. Bogert, Sec. N. Y. Typographical Society, 320 Broudway.


N. Y. Zoological Soc., 11 Wall St. and E. 183d St., Society for the Relief of Half Orphans and Descor. Southern Boulevard. M. Grant, Sec.

titute Children, Manhattan Ave., near W. 104th Ohio Society, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. F. M. St. Miss A. B. Crane, Sec. Applegate, Sec.

Society for the Reformation of Juvenile DelinOld Guard, cor. Broadway and 49th St. R. L. quents, Randall's Island, E. J. Wendell, Sec. Luckey, Adjt.

State Charities Aid Association, 105 E. 22d St. Oratorio Society, 7th Ave., near 56th St. W. B. Homer Folks, Sec. Tuthill, Sec.

Tammany Soc. , 143E. 14th St. Thos. F. Smith, Sec. Orphan Asylum Society, office 287 4th Ave. J. Tree Planting Ass'n, 374 Broadway. Datus C. C. Bell, Sec.

Smith, Sec. Philharmonic Society, Carnegie Hall.

Unitarian Society, 104 E. 20th St.
Prison Ass'n, 135 E. 15th St. S. J. Barrows, Sec. United Heb.Charities, 356 2d Ave, I.S.Isaacs, Sec.
Professional Woman's League, 108 W. 45th St. United Irish League, 47 W. 42d St. Michael
Miss Alice Brown, Sec.

Fox, Sec.
Public Education Ass'n, 105 E. 22d St. C. B. Union Veteran Legion, 8 Union Sq. E.
Gilbert, Sec.

University Settlement Society, 184 Eldridge St.
Purim Ass'n. J. S. Isaacs, Sec. , 7 Pine St. S. M, Cromwell, Sec.
St. Andrew's Society, 105 E. 22d St, G. A. Morri- Veteran Firemen's Association, 106 W. 31st St.
son, Sec.

William Scott, Sec. St. David's Soc., 105 E. 22d St. Geo. M. Lewis, Sec. Women's Prison Association, 110 20 Ave. Mrs. St. George's Society, 108 Broad St. W. A. H. M. Guilleudea, Sec. Shorrt, Sec.

Young Men's Christian Association, main of. St. Nicholas Soc. C. Isham, Sec. , 1286 Broadway. fice, 215 W. 230 St. H. M. Orne, Sec.

Society for Instruction in First Aid to the In- Young Men's Hebrew Association, 861 Lexing. jured, 105 E. 22d St. H. H. Truman, Sec.

ton Ave. F. Younker, Sec. Society for the Prevention of Crime, 105 E, 220 Young Women's Christian Association, 7 E. 15th St. T. D. Kenneson, Sec.

St., 460 W. 44th St. Miss J. F. Bangs, Sec,

U. S. Volunteer Life-Saving Corps.

(Incorporated and Organized in all the States.) THE U.S. Volunteer Life-Saving Corps has 1, 900 stations and 22,000 enrolled members, all expert swimmers, yachtsmen, and boatmen, with about 6,000 boats, from dories to expensive sail, steam, naphtha and gasoline launches, and has 34 lifeboats of its own. It covers all important points of all the lakes and rivers of the State from Montauk Point, L.I., to the shores of Lakes Erie and Ontario. It has 577 stations in Greater New York, with 4,500 members and 1,100 boats devoted to its life-saving work. It has saved 6,557 lives in twelve years, and has awarded 1, 705 honor medals for heroic rescues from drowning. J.R. Howe, President; E. C. Brennan, General Superintendent, 63 Park Row, New York; Ernest H. Luebbers, Jr., Secretary; Wm. P. Jackson, Treasurer.


BOROUGHS OF MANHATTAN AND BRONX. Stations-North River, Battery Park, Barge Office, Governor's Island Pier, Piers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10.12, Franklin, Grand, Morton, Desbrosses. Forty-ninth, Fiftieth, Fifty-fifth, Sixty-first, Eighty. third, Eighty-sixth, One Hundred and Second, One Hundred and Twenty-third, One Hundred and Twenty-fourth, One Hundred and Forty-ninth, One Hundred and Fifty-first, One Hundred and Fiftyfifth Streets; Cinder Beds and Audubon Park front to Inwood.

On Harlem River. -U. S. Canal, One Hundred and Sixty-second Street, Wyanoke Club, One Hun. dred and Fifty-third, One Hundred and Sixty-fifth Streets, Lone Star Club.One Hundred and Fortieth, One Hundred and Forty-seventh, One Hundred and Forty-ninth, One Hundred and Thirty-second Sts., Friendship Club, One Hundred and Twenty-fifth, East Ninety-eighth, East Ninety-second Sts.

East River. --Hell Gate, Astoria, East Eighty-seventh, East Eighty-fourth Streets, Cygnet Club, East Seventy-sixth Street, East-Side House, East Sixty-fifth, East Fifty-fifth, East Fifty-first Streets, Blackwell's Island Ferry, East Forty-ninth Street, Recreation Pier, East Twenty-fourth street; Rivington Stroet, East Fifth Street, Recreation Pier, East Third Street; Corlears Park, Grand Street, Jefferson Market, Dover Street, Coenties Slip.

BOROUGH OF BROOKLYN. Stations-Fort Hamilton, Bay Ridge, Manhattan Beach, Coney Island, Norton's Point, Old Iron Pier, Sheepshead Bay, Plum Island, Coney Island Creek, Bay Twenty-seventh Street, Ulmer Park, Gravesend Bay Yacht Club, Fishermen's Club, Benson hurst, Bath Beach, West End Hotel, River View Pier, Bay Seventeenth Street, Fifty-eighth. Fifty-sixth, Fifty-third Streets, Bay Twenty-first and Twentieth Street Piers, Gowanus Bay, Erie Basin, Amity, Harrison, Baltic, and Bridge Streets, Catharine Street Ferry, Wallabout Basin, North Eighth Street, Newtown Creek Bridges, and all Gowanus Creek Bridges.

BOROUGH OF QUEENS. Stations. ---Canarsie, Bergen Beach, Ruffle Bar, Barren Island, Rockaway Beach, Broad Channel, Old Mill Creek, Aqueduct, Breakwater, Springfield, Flushing, North Beach, Witzel's•and Max Zeder's, College Point.

Long Island Sound Divisions. - Ravenswood Boat Club, Clinton Avenue, Astoria, Bowery Bay, Steinway, College Point, North Beach, Seawanhaka Boat Club, Flushing. Sandford and Oak Points, Pelham Park, City Island, Whitestone, Stepping Stone Light, Fort Schuyler, New Rochelle, Sea Cliff.

BOROUGH OF RICHMOND, Port Richmond, Elm Park, West Brighton, Quarantine, South Beach, Crede's Hotel, Atlantic and Miller's Hotel, Cable's Hotel, Midland Beach, Richmond Park Beach, and Tottenville.

The corps furnishes all crews with life-saving apparatus, medicine chests, and lifeboats where necessary, free, and furnishes swimming instructors, and depends entirely upon the contributions of the humane to carry on and extend its work.

It has placed at dangerous points in the New York City Department 11 new lifeboats, and it has been giving free instruction in swimming in both male and female departments in tbe 20 public baths of Greater New York during the seasop of 1906,

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1 Henry, Catharine, and Oliver 58 317 W. 52d St.

126 536 E. 12th St. Sts. 59 226 E. 57th St.

127 515 W.37th St. 2 116 Henry St.

62 Hester, Essex and NorfolkSts. 129 433 E. 19th St. 3 Hudson and Grove St. * 63 3d and 4th Sts., e. of 1st Ave. 130 143 Baxter St. 4 203 Rivington Sl.

64 9th and 10th Sts., e.of Ave. B. 131 273 E. 2d St. 5 141st St. and Edgecombe Ave. 66 Eldridge and Forsyth, near 132 1820 St. & Wadsworth Ave. 6 Madison Ave. and 85th St.

Hester St.

134 293 Pearl St. ? Hester and Chrystie Sts. 07 114-124 W. 46th St.

135 51st St. and Ist Ave. 8 29 King St. 68 116 W. 128th St.

136 70 Monroe St. 9 West End Ave. and 820 St. 69 125 W. 54th St.

137 Essex Market, Grand and Es10 117th St. and St. Nicholas Ave. 70 207 E. 75th St.

sex Sts. 11 314 W. 17th St. 71 '188-192 7th St.

140 116 Norfolk St. 12 371 Madison St.

72 Lexington Ave., and 105th St. 141 468 W. 58th St. 13 239 E. Houston St. 73 209 E. 26th St.

144 30 Allen St. 14 225 E. 27th St. 74 220 E. 63d St.

147 Henry and Gouverneur Sts. 15 729 5th St. 75 25 Norfolk St.

150 95th & 96th Sts., e. of 2d Ave. 16 208 W. 13th St.

76 Lexington Ave.and 68th St. 151 91st St. and 1st Ave. 17 335 W.47th St. 77 1st Ave. and 86th St.

157 St. Nicholas Ave. & 127th St. 18 121 E. 51st St.

78 Pleasant Ave. and 119th St. 158 Ave. A, 77th and 78th Sts. 19 344 E. 14th St. 79 38 Ist St.

159 119th St., bet. 2d and 3d Aves. 20 Rivington and Forsyth Sts. 80 225 W. 41st St.

160 Rivington and Suffolk Sts. 21 222 Mott St.

81 119th and 120th Sts., near 7th '161 105 Ludlow St. 22 Stanton and Sheriff Sts.

Ave. t

162 36 City Hall Place. 23 Mulberry and Bayard Sts. 82 1st Ave. and 70th St.; Annex, 163 509 E. 120th St. 24 128th St., nr. Madison Ave.

446 E. 720 St.

165 108th and 109th Sts., bet. Am25 330 5th St.

83 216 E. 110th St.; Annex, 225 E. sterdam Ave. and B'way. 26 124 W. 30th St.

110th St.

166 89th St., bet. Amsterdam and 27 206 E. 42d St. 84 430 W. 50th St.

Columbus Aves. 28 257 W. 40th St. 85 1st Ave. and 117th St.

168 104th and 105th Sts., bet. Ist 29 Albany, Washington, and 86 Lexington Ave. and 96th St.

and 2d Aves. Carlisle Sts.

87 Amsterdam Ave.&W.77th St. 169 Audubon Ave., bet. 168th and 30 88th St., bet. 2d and 3d Aves. 88 300 Rivington St.

169th Sts. 31 200 Monroe St.

89 Lenox Ave. and 134th St. 170 111th St, 5th & Lenox Aves. 32 357 W. 35th St.

90 147th and 148th Sts., w. of 7th 171 1030 and 104th Sts, bet, 5th 33 418 W. 28th St.

Ave. †

and Madison Aves. 34 108 Broome St. 92 Broome and Ridge Sts.

172 108th and 109th Sts., bet. Ist 35 160 Chrystie St. 93 Amsterdam Ave. & 93d St.

and 2d Aves. 36 710 E. 9th St.

94 68th St. and Amsterdam Ave. 174 Attorney and Rivington Sts. 37 113 E. 87th St. 96 Ave. A and 81st St.

177 Market and Monroe Sts. 38 8 Clarke St. 97 Pitt and Delancey Sts.

179 101st and 102d Sts., bet. Co39 235 E. 125th St. 98 38 Sheriff St.

lumbus& Amsterdam Aves. 40 320 E. 20th St. 99 244 E. 520 St.

180 30 Vandewater St. 41 36 Greenwich St.

103 119th St. and Madison Ave. 183 66th and 67th Sts., east of Ist 42 Hester, Orchard, and Lud- 104 413 E. 16th St.

low Sts.
105 269 E. 4th St.

184 116th and 117th Sts., east of 43 Amsterdam Ave. & 129th St. 100 55 Marion St.

Lenox Ave. 44 Hubert and Collister Sts. 107 274 W. 10th St.

186 145th and 146th Sts. and Am45 225 W. 24th St. 108 60 Mott St.

sterdam Ave. 46 St. Nicholas Ave. & W. 156th109 99th & 100th Sts., e. of 3d Ave. 188 Manhattan, East Houston, St.; Annex, 155th St., near 110 28 Cannon St.

Lewis, and E. 3d Sts.
Amsterdam Ave.
111 31 Vestry St.

190 820 St., bet. 1st and 2d Aves. 48 124 W. 28th St. 112 53 Roosevelt St.

192 136th St, and A'sterd'm A ve. 49 237 E. 37th St.

113 7 Downing St. 50 211 E. 20th St. 114 73 Oliver St.

Training, 119th and 120th Sts., 51 523 W. 44th St, 116 215 E. 32d St.

bet. 2d and 3d Aves. 52 Broadway and Academy St. 117 170 E. 77th St.

Truant, 215 E. 21st St. 53 207 E. 79th St.

119 1330 & 134th Sts.,near 8th Ave. School for crippled children. 54 Amsterdam Ave. & 104th St. 120 187 Broome St.

29 Montgomery St, and 2111 55 140 W. 20th St. 121 102d St., bet. 2d and 3d Aves.

Madison Ave. 56 351 W. 18th St. 122 9th St. and 1st Ave.

Nautical Schooiship. Apply 57 176 E. 115th St.; Annex, 116th 124 29 Horatio St.

to Board of Educatiou. St., near Lexington Ave. 125 180 Wooster St.

Public School No.3destroyed by fire February 14, 1905; pupils provided for in Public Schools 16. 41, 107, and 111. † New buildings in process of construction.

HIGH SCHOOLS.- De Witt Clinton, 10th Ave., 58th and 59th Sts.; Wadleigh, 114th and 115th Sts., w. of 7th Ave. ;. Washington Irving, 34% E. 12th St.; Commerce, 65th & 66th Sts., w. of B way; Stuy vesant, 225 E, 23d St.

THE BRONX. 1 College Ave, and 145th St. 10 Eagle Ave. and 1630 St. 16 Matilda St., bet, Kossuth and 2 3d Ave., near 170th St.; An- 11 Ogden Ave., Highbridge.

W'chesterAvs., Wakefield; nex, Fulton Ave., 169th St. 12 2d St., Westchester; Annex, Annex,5th Av., Eastchester 3 157th St. and Courtlandt Ave. 14th St. and Ave. C, West- 17 Fordham Ave., City Island. 4 Fulton Av.and 173d St.; An


18 Courtlandt Ave., n. 148th St. nex, Wash. AV. & 174th St. 13 Park Ave, and 2d St., Will- 19 234th & 235th Sts., n. Woodlin 5 2436 Webster Ave.


20 Fox, Simpson, and 167th Sts. 6 Tremont, Bryant, and Vyse 14 Eastern Boulevard, near El- 21 225th & 226th Sts., n. White Aves., West Farms. liott Ave., Throg's Neck.

Plains Ave., Williamsb'ge. 7 Kingsbridge Ave. and 2320 St. 15 Westchester Ave., near Clas- 22 599 E. 140th St. 8 Mosholu P' kwy, Bedford Pk. son Point Road.

23 165th St. and Union Ave 735 Ę. 1381) SIA

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