Зображення сторінки



REFORMED-Continued. St. John's, 99th St., cor. Fort Hamilton Ave. New Lots, New Lots Road, cor. Schenck Ave. H. J. G. Lewis.

C. Hasbrouck. St. John's, Parkville. E. A. Osborn.

New Utrecht, 18th Ave., near 83d St. A. H. Brush, St. John's Chapel, Atlantic Ave., cor. Albány. Ocean Hill, Herkimer St., near Hopkinson Ave. U.T. Tracy.

C. F. N. Voegelin. St. Jude's, 55th St., near 13th Ave. C. N. Dunham.

Old Bushwick, Conselyea and Humboldt Sts. E. St Luke's, Clinton Ave., near Fulton St. H. C. E. Mead. Swentzel.

Ridgewood, Smith St. G. R. Israel. St. Margaret's, Van Brunt St., near President St. South, 4th Ave. and 55th St, W. J. Macdonald, D. A. Rocca,

South' Bushwick, Bushwick Ave., cor: Him rod St. Mark's, Adelphi St.,n. DeKalbAve. S. S. Roche. St. E. Niles. St. Mark's, Brooklyn Ave, and E. Parkway. J. St. Petri, Union Ave., cor. Scholes St. G. G. D. Kennedy.

Wacker. St. Martin's, President St., c. Smith. F. W. Davis.

Twelfth St., 12th St., near 5th Ave. J. C. Caton. St. Mary's, Classon, n. WilloughbyAV. J.C. Jones. Woodlawn, Ave. M. J. G. Addy. St. Matthew's. McDonough st. and Tompkins Ave. F. W. Norris.

REFORMED CHURCH IN THE U. S. St. Matthias, E. 230 St., Sheepshead Bay. T. A.

Christ, 54 Wyona St. P. Wienand, Hyde.

Emmanuel, Graham Ave., near Withers. W. St. Michael's, High St., near Gold St. W.S. Wat

Walenta. son.

St. Luke, 53 Sutton St. M. Walenta,
St. Michael's, N. 5th St., near Bedford Ave. M.
A. Trathen.

St. Paul's, Clinton St., c. Carroll. W.E. L. Ward.
St. Paul's, Church Ave., cor. St. Paul's Pl. T. G.

C. E. McDonnell, Bishop.

All Saints' (German), Throop Ave., cor.Thornton. St. Peter's, State St., near Bond St. L. Parker.

George Kaupert. St. Philip's, ilth Ave., cor. 80th St. J. H. Sattig. Annunciation of the B. V. M. (German), N. 5th St, Philip's Chapel, Dean St., near Troy Ave. N. St., cor. Havemeyer St. Peter Henn. P. Boyd.

Assumption of the B. V. M., York St., cor. Jay St. St. Stephen's, Patchen Ave., cor, Jefferson Ave. W. J. Donaldson. H.T. Scudder.

Blessed Sacrament, Fulton St., cor. Euclid Ave. St. Thomas', Cooper St., cor. Bushwick Ave. D. J. F. McCoy. M. Genns.

Chapel of St. John's Home, St. Mark's Ave., cor. St. Timothy's, Howard Ave., near Atlantic Ave. Albany Ave, C. F. Vitta. C. A. Brown,

Chapel of St. Mary's Female Hospital, 155 Dean St. Transfiguration, Ridgewood and Railroad Aves. Chapel of St. Mary's Geueral Hospital, Rochester R. N. Merriman.

and St. Mark's Aves. J. Mackiverkin. Trinity, Arlington Ave., near Schenck Ave. N. Chapel of St. Peter's Hospital, Henry St., cor. R. Boss.

Congress St. T. Fitzgerald.

Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Hopkinson Ave.,

cor. Pacific St. Grace, Herkimer St., near Saratoga Ave. G. R. Chapel of the Precious Blood, 212 Putnam Ave. Swartz.

Chapel of the Visitation Convent, 89th St. & 2d Av. Reconc ion, Jefferson Ave.,cor. Nostrand Ave.

Epiphany, South 9th St. E. A. Duffy. Redemption, Leonard St., near Norman Ave. W. Fourteen Holy Martyrs, Central Ave., cor. Covert V. Edwards.

St. Bernard Kurz.

Guardian Angel, Ocean Parkway, near Neptune Astoria, Remsen St. J. G. Rauscher,

Ave. John J. Cullen. Astoria (Second), 2d Ave. C. D. F. Steinfuhrer, Holy Cross, Church Av., n. Rogers. J. T. Woods, Bay Ridge, 2d Ave. and 80th St. C. J. Scudder. Holy Family, Rockaway Ave., near Conklin Ave. Bethany Reformed, Clermont Ave., near Wil

John Reynolds. · loughby. James Demarest.

Holy Family (German), 13th St., cor. 4th Ave. Christ German Evang.,

Wyona St., bet. Fulton St.& F. X. Bittinger. Jamaica Ave. Paul Wienand.

Holy Name, 9th Ave., cor. Prospect Ave. T. S. Church of Jesus, 64 Ralph St. W. F. Barney.

O'Reilly. East New York, New Jersey Ave., near Fullon St. Holy Rosary, ChaunceySt., Reid Av. J. McEnroe. F. L. Cornish.

Holy Trinity (German), Montrose Ave., near Edgewood, 14th Ave., near 53d St. H. C. Weber, Graham Ave. P. Dauffenbach. First, Bedford Ave., cor. Clymer St. E.D. Bailey. Inmaculate Conception, Leonard St, , cor. Maujer. First, 7th Ave., cor. Carroll St. J. M. Farrar.

J. F. Crowley. Flatbush, Flatbush Ave., cor. Church Ave. J. E. Immaculate Heart of Mary, Fort Hamilton Ave., Lloyd.

cor. E. 4th St. J. J. McAteer. Flatbush (Second) (German), Church Ave., cor. Nativity, Classon Ave., cor, Madison St. John L. Bedford Ave. Louis Goebel.

Belford. Flatlands, Kouwenhoven Pl., near Flatbush Ave. Our Lady of Angels, 4th Ave., cor. 74th St. J. S. Gardner.

J. Flyin. German-American, Glenmore Ave. and Crystal Our Lady of Czestohowa (Polish), 25th St., neat St. C. Oswald.

4th Ave. B. Puchalski. German English Evang., Conklin Ave., Canarsie. Our Lady of Good Counsel, Putnam, near Ralph H. J. Herge.

Ave. James J. Durick. Grace, Lincoln Road, cor. Bedford Ave. C. S. Our Lady of Loretto (Italian), Powell St., near Wyckoft

Liberty. V. Sorrentino. Gravesend, Neck Road (E. Ist St. ). P. V. Van Our Lady of Lourdes, De Sales Pl., near BroadBuskirk.

way. E. H. Porcile. Greenwood, 41st St., near 8th Ave. ('. T. Ander- Our Lady of Peace, 461 Carroll St. A. Faiticher. son.

Our Lady of Mercy, Schermerhorn St., Dear Bond. Heights, Chureh on the, Pierrepont St., near R. S. Foley. Henry. J. D. Adam.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Italian), N. 8th St., Kent St.. Kent St., near Manhattan Ave. R. cor. Union Ave. P. Saponara. G: Hutchius,

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 5th Ave., near 59th St. New Brooklyn, Herkimer St. cor. Dewey Pl. F. J. J. Frawley. 0. Erhardi.

Our Lady of Pompeii, Seigel st. A. Lopomo.



ROMAN CATHOLIC-Continued. Our Lady of the Presentation, Rockaway Ave., St. Michael's, 4th Ave., cor. 42d St. W.T.McGuirl. cor, St. Mark's Ave. Hugh Hand.

St. Michaei's Archangel (Italian), Lawrence St., Our Lady of Solace, W.17th St, and Mermaid Ave., cor. Tillary St. G. Garafalo. Coney Island. J. E. Brophy.

St. Michael's (German), Jerome St., near Liberty Our Lady of Sorrows, Morgan Ave, and Farrison Ave. (. Lutfring. Pl. J. B. Zentgraf.

St. Nicholas' (Gerinan), Devoe St., cor. Olive St. Our Lady of Victory, Throop Ave., cor. McDon- J. P, Hoffman. ough St. James J. Woods.

St. Patrick's, Academy St. E. F. Hannigan. Sacred Heart, Clermont AV., 11. Park Av, J.F. Nash. St. Patrick's, Kent Ave., cor. Willoughby Ave, Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, President St., Thomas Taafie. cor. Van Brunt St. John Vogel.

St. Patrick's, 95th St., cor. 4th Ave. Jos. P. St. Agnes', Hoyt St., cor. Sackett. J. S. Duffy. McGinley. St. Aloysius, Onderdonk Ave. and Stanhope St. St. Paul's, Court St., cor. Congress St. M. G. J. W. Hauptman.

Flannery. St. Alphonsus' (German), Kent Ave., near Man- St. Peter's, Hicks St., cor. Warren St., M. A. hattan Are. W. Guhl.

Fitzgerald. St. Ambrose, Tompkins Ave., cor. De Kalb Ave. SS. Peter and Paul's, Wythe Ave., near S. 2d St. Thos. F. McGovern,

Joseph Kilpatrick. St. Anne's, Front St., cor, Gold. T. F. IIoran. St. Rosalie, 13th Ave. and 65th St. P.Sapienza. St. Anthony of Padua, Manhattan Ave., opposite St. Rose of Lima's, Lawrence Ave., near Ocean Milton St. P. F. O'Hare.

Parkway. J. McAleese. St. Augustine, 6th Ave, and Sterling Pl. E. W.

SS. Simon and Jude, Van Siclen Ave., Gravesend McCarty,

J. J. McCarron. St. Barbara's, Central Ave., cor. Bleecker St. J.

St. Stanislaus' (Scandinavian), 14th St., near 6th J. Hanselmann.

Ave. C. H. Dumahut. St. Benedict's (German), Fulton St., near Ralph St. Stanislaus' (Polish), Driggs Ave., near HumAve. I. J. King.

boldt St. Leo Wysiecki. St. Bernard's (German), Rapelye St., cor. Hicks.

St. Stephen's, Summit St., cor. Hicks St, J. G. J. Traenkle.

Fitz Gerald. St. Boniface's (German), Duffield St., near Wil- St. Teresa's, Classon Ave., cor. Sterling Pl. J. loughby St. Martin Lang.

McNamee. St. Bridget's, Linden St., cor. St. Nicholas Ave.

St. Thomas Aquinas', 4th Ave., cor. 9th St, J. P. J. Farrelly.

Donohue. St. Casimir's (Polish), Greene Ave., near Adelphi St. Thomas Aquinas', Flatbush Ave., near Ave. N. St. A. Nawrocki.

E. W. Dullea. St. Catherine of Alexandria, 41st St. and Ft.

St. Vincent de Paul's,' N. 6th St., near Driggs Hamilton Parkway. John J. O'Neill.

Ave. Thomas E. Carroll. St. Cecilia's, N. Henry St., cor. Herbert St. E.

Transfiguration, Hooper St., cor. Marcy Ave, W. J. McGolrick.

J. Maguire. St. Charles Borromeo's, Sidney Pl., cor. Liv

Visitation of the B. V. M., Verona St., cor. ingston St. J. E. Bobier.

Richards St. W. J. White.
St. Edward's, St. Edward's St.,cor. Leo Pl. J. F.

St. Elias', 720 Leonard St.

First English, Hopkinson Ave., near Decatur St. St. Finbar's, Bay 20th St, and Bath Ave. W.A. L. H. Proctor. Gardner.

First German, 189 Irving Ave. 0. E. Reinke. St. Francis de Chantal, 57th St., near 13th Ave. Scandinavian, 256 19th St. M. L. Andreasen. W.J. McAdam.

St. Francis of Assisi, Lincoln Road and Nostrand
Ave. F. X. Ludeke,

First Unitarian Congregational Society, Pierre

pont St., cor. Monroe Pl. J. P. Forbes. St. Francis Xavier's, Carroll'St., cor. 6th Ave. D. J. Hickey.

Fourth, Church Ave. and E. 18th St.

Second, Clinton St., cor. Congress St. St. Gabriel's, New Lots Road and Linwood St.

Third, Gates Ave., cor. Irving Pl. W. M. BrunW. F. Ahern.

dage, St. James' Pro-Cathedral, Jay St., cor. Chapel St. Peter Donohoe.

Willow Pl. Chapel, Willow Pl. B. J. Newman. St. Jerome, cor. Newkirk and Nostrand Aves. T.


All Souls' Church, Ditmas and Ocean Aves. L. St. John of Kenty (Polish), Blake and New Jersey W. Brigham. Aves. Thomas Misicki.

Church of Our Father, Grand Ave., cor, Lefferts St. John the Baptist's, Willoughby Ave., near Pl. T. E. Potterton. Lewis Ave. F. Moore.

Church of Reconciliation, N. Henry St., near St. John the Evangelist's, 21st St., near 5th Ave. Nassau Ave. T, S. Duhigg.

Church of the Good Tidings, Madison, cor. Stuy.
St. John's Chapel, Clermont Ave., near Greene vestant, Charles R. East.
Ave. J. J. Coan.

St. Joseph's, Pacific St., near Vanderbilt Ave. P.
J. McNamara.

Christian Church of the Evangel, Leonard St., St. Leonard of Port Maurice's (German), Ham- near Meserole Ave. Willlam J. Barnes.

burg Ave., cor. Jefferson St. Geo. D. Sander, First Free Baptist, Keap St., cor. Marcy Ave. St. Louis' (French), Ellery St., near Nostrand Ave. First German (Swedenborgian), 504 Bedford Ave. Jules Jollon.

First German (Swedenborgian-new), Gates Ave. St. Lucy's (Italian), 810 Kent Ave. A. Arcese. and Broadway. William Diehl. St. Malachy's, Van Sicklen Ave., near Atlantic First Spiritual, Bedford Ave. and Madison St. Ave. H. B. Ward.

Friends, Schermerhorn St., near Boerum Pl. St. Mark's, Sheepshead Bay Rd., cor. E. 14th St. German People's, Throop Ave., near Myrtle. D. J. McCarthy.

Grace (Meth. Protes't). E. 92d St. & Church Lane, St. Mary's, 85th St., cor. 23d Ave. C. Wightman. Grace Gospel, Bainbridge St., near Saratoga Ave. St. Mary's of the Angels (Lithuanian), S. 4th and Latter-Day Saints, E. Parkway,c. Hopkinson Ave. Roebling Sts. Vincent Varnagiris.

Moravian, Jay St., near Myrtle Ave. Paul Greider. St. Mary's Star of the Sea, Court St., cor. Luquer. Reformed Presbyterian, 452 Monroe St. J. O'Connell,

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox, 299 Pacific St. St. Matthew's, Utica Ave., Degraw St. J. Swedenborgia (New Jerusalem), Clark St, and F. O'Hara.

Monroe Pl. J. C. Ager.

Libraries in Manhattan and Bronx.

(Hours of opening and closing subject to change.)

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Academy of Medicine, 17 W. 43d St.-Open 9.30 Mechanical Engineers', 12 W.31st St.-Open daily, A. M. to 1 P. M.

except Sunday, 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. Aguilar.-See''N.Y. Public Library'' next page. Mercantile, 13 Astor Place, 130 Broadway.--Open American Geographical Society, 15 W. 81st St. 8.30 A. M. 10 6 P. M. Rates : Clerks, $4 per annum; American Institute, 19 W. 44th St.-Open 9 A.M. others, $5. to 5 P.M.; B5 per annum.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park and American Law, 60 Wall St.-Open 9 A. M. to 10 E. 82d st. P. M. American Museum of Natural History, Central Open 10 A.M. to 5 P. M.

Mott Memorial Free Medical, 64 Madison Ave.Park W., cor. W. 77th St. American Numismatic and Archäological So

New York Free Circulating. -See “New York ciety, W.166th St, and Broadway.

Public Library”' next page. Astor. See “N. Y.Public Library'' next page.

New York Free Circulating Library for the Benjamin & Townsend, it. E. 26th st. -- Open Blind. --See “New York Public Library, next daily, 9 A. M. to 5 P. M.; Saturday, 9 A. M. to 13 M. page. Booklovers, 5 E. 230 St. --Open 8 A.M. to 6 P. M.

N. Y. Port Society, 46 Catharine St., 128 Charlton. Bronx Public Library, Washington Ave., cor. E.

New York Public Library.See next page. 176th St.

New York Society, 109 University Place. --Open Bryson, W. 120th St., nr. Broadway.-Open, ex

9 A. M. to 6 P. M. cept Sunday, 8.30 A.M. to 5.45 P.m.; Saturday, Olivet Memorial, 59 2d St. -Open 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. 8.45 AM to 5 P.M.

Riverdale, Riverdale. -Open Monday, WednesCathedral. See “New York Public Library,” day, Friday, Saturday, 8 to 10 P. M.; Wednesday next page.

and Friday, 2 to 4 P.M. City, 10 City Hall, free. -Open 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. St. Agnes'.-See “N, Y. Public Library'' next Columbia University, W. Î16th St. and Amster- page. dam Ave.

St. Aloysius', 208 E. 4th St.--Open Sunday afterCooper Union, 7th St. & 4th Ave.-8 A.M. to 10 P.M. noons.

De Witt Memorial, 286 Rivington St. --Open Seamen's, 1State St., free.-Open 10 A.M. to 10p.m. daily, except Sunday, from 3 to 8 P. M.

Sociological Reference, 105 E. 22d St.-Open 9 A. Genealogical and Biographical, 226 W. 58th St. – M. to 5 P.M. Open 10 A. M. to 6 P. M.; Mondays, 8 to 10 P. M. Squirrel Inn, 151 Bowery.-Open 9.30 A. M. to 9.30 Harlem.-See 'N.Y. Public Library'' next page. P. M. ; Sunday, 2 to 9.30 P. M.

Historical Society, 170 2d Ave.-Open 9 A.M. to 6 Tahard Inn, 5 E. 23d St. P.M., except during August and on holidays.

University Settlement. See “N. Y. Public Huntington Free Library, Westchester Ave., Library'' next page. Westchester.-Open daily, except Sunday, 9 A.M.

Webster.See N.Y,Public Library'' next page. to 10 P.M.; on Sundays from 2 to 9 P.M.

Woman's Library, 9 E. 8th St.--Open 9 A. M. to 4 Law Library of Equitable Life Assurance Society, P. M.; $1.50 per annum. 120 Broadway.-Open 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. ; Summer, Young Men's Christian Ass'n, 142 2d Ave., 129 9 A. M. to 5 P. M.

Lexington Ave., 5 W. 125th St., 361 Madison Ave., Lenox. -See “N.Y. Public Library” next page. 531 W. 155th St. near Broadway, 317 W. 56th St., Loan Libraries for Ships, 76 Wall St.

153 E. 86th St., 222 Bowery, foot W.72d St., 215 W. Maimonides, 723 Lexington Ave.-Open Friday, 230 St., 109 W. 54th St.-Open 9 A. M. to 10 P. M.; 9 A.M. to 5 P.m.; Saturday, 7 to 9 P. M.; Sunday, Sundays, 2 to 10 P.M. 9 A.M. to 1 P.M.; other days, 9 A. M. to 9 P.M.

Young Women's Christian Ass'n, 7 E. 15th Masonic, 79 W. 23d St.-Open 7 to 10.30 P. M. St.--Open 9 A.M. to 9.15 P.M., Sundays excepted.

China, Japan, Philippines, and Australia Mails. FIGURES in parentheses indicate number of days in transit from port of embarkation.

The Post-Office Department allows 5 days for transmission of mails from New York to San Fran. cisco, Seattle and Tacoma, and 9 days from New York to London, Eng. Leave London, Eng.. every Friday for Aden (10), Bombay (15), Colombo (16), Singapore (22-25),

Hong Kong (29-32), Shanghai (35), Yokohama (39-41). By Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navi.

gation Co. and Messageries Maritimes. Leave San Francisco, Cal.. about every 7 to 15 days for Hong Kong (32), Shanghai (29), Yoko

hama (19). By Pacific Mail and Occidental and Oriental Steamship lines. Leave Seattle, Tacoma or Victoria, about every 7 days for Hong Kong (32), Yokohama (17), Shanghai (24).

AUSTRALIA MAILS. -Mails for West Australia are all sent via London, Eng.
Leave San Francisco, Cal., every few days for Honolulu, Sandwich Islands (7); and every 21 days for

Auckland, New Zealand (18), Sydney, New South Wales (22), Brisbane (24).
Leave London, Eng., every Friday for all parts of Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, etc.

PHILIPPINE ISLANDS, ETC. Mails for the Philippine Islands are sent by steamers from San Francisco, Seattle or Tacoma to Hong

Kong 3 or 4 times a month, thence to Manila 3 or 4 times a week; time from Hong Kong to
Manila about 3 days. Steamers leave San Francisco for Manilla' about once a montb, due at

Manila in about 28 days.
Mails for Samoan Islands leave San Francisco every third Thursday.

New ¥ork Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden


ESTABLISHED by consolidation of “The Trustees of the Astor Library," "The Trustees of the Lenox Library," and "The Tilden Trust,” May 23, 1895, twenty-one Trustees being chosen from the Trustees of these corporations. The agreement of consolidation provided for the establishment and maintenance of a free public library and reading-room in the city of New York, with such branches as might be deemed advisable for the continued promotion of the objects and purposes of these several corporations.

The Trustees soon after the consolidation in 1895 determined to pursue a liberal policy and to create a great library system not only for the use of scholars, but for the people. The best permanent site for the future great library was considerea to be in Bryant Park, on Fifth Avenue, between Fortieth and Forty-second Streets, on the site of the reservoir, which had become obsolete and was practically unused. On March 25, 1896, the Trustees made a formal address to the Mayor asking aid from the city in securing the site of the reservoir, and in May, 1896, the Legislature passed a law authorizing the removal of the reservoir and the lease of the land to the Library. On May 19, 1897, another act was passed providing for the construction by the city of a library building on the reservoir site, and for its lease to the Library, which act was amended in 1900, removing the limit of cost. On November 10 the architects were selected for the new building and on December 1 the plans were approved by the city. The style of architecture is Renaissance and the material used is white marble. The building fronts on Fifth Avenue, looking east. The greatest projection of the main façade of the building is seventy-five feet back of the Fifth Avenue building line. It is intended to n ake & terrace out of this seventy-five feet of foreground, serving as a grand approach to the main entrance. The terrace will be 455 feet long. There will be a hallway in the centre of the building eighty feet long and forty feet wide. The staircases which lead to the second and third floors will be on stone, twelve feet wide. The arches of the vestibule are thirty-five feet high and fifteen feet wide. The en: trance to the stairs and the elevators will be found on the Fortieth Street side. The rooms for the circulation of books and the children's room will be on the basement floor, Forty-second Street side; on this floor will be also the rooms for newspapers, the binding and printing departments; the first floor will contain the offices of the business superintendent, superintendent of circulation, patents, and periodicals reading-rooms, and exhibition rooms; on the second floor will be the Trustees' room, the office of the director, lecture and assembly rooms, cataloguing and accession departments, and various special reading-rooms; the third foor will contain the large general reading-rooms, the public catalogue, special reading-rooms for manuscripts, Americana, etc., the Stuart books and pictures, the print room, etc. There will be about 140 feet of ground between the west elevation of ihe building and the present park. The design of the building will be monumental in character, with classical proportions. After delays, owing to the inability of the city to appropriate funds for the work, the removal of the reservoir was begun on June 6, 1899. The entire building was under roof at the end of November, 1906.

On March 12, 1901, Mr. Andrew Carnegie offered to give $5,200,000 to the city for the construction and equipment of free circulating libraries upon condition that the city should provide the land and agree to maintain the libraries when built. This communication was submitted to the Mayor on March 15, and on April 26 an act was passed authorizing acceptance of the gift by the eity upon the terms imposed by Mr. Carnegie. An agreement with the city was executed on July 17, the Library acting as agent for Mr. Carnegie, under which forty-two buildings are to be erected in Manhattan, the B 1x, and Richmond (later increased to fifty), on sites selected purchased by the city with the approval of the Library, the buildings to be leased to the Library and to be under its control. The city agrees to provide adequate yearly maintenance, 10 per cent. of the cost of each building being agreed upon as a minimum.

On November 7, 1901, an agreement was made with three firms of architects in New York to prepare plans and specifications for these branch libraries. On June 6, 1902, an issue of bonds for $250,000 was authorized for purchase of sites. The first Carnegie building, known as the Yorkville branch, was opened December 13, 1902, at 222 East Seventy-ninth Street; the second, providing a new home for the Chatham Square branch, was opened November 2, 1903, at 31 East Broadway. Twenty-five other sites have been acquired under the contract, and building operations are under way. The Trustees of the Library are: William W. Appleton, Samuel Greenbaum J. Pierpont Morgan, George L. Rives, John Bigelow,

H, Van Ren. Kennedy, Morgan J. O'Brien, Chas. Howland Russell, John L. Cadwalader, John S. Kennedy, Stephen H. Olin,

Philip Schuyler, Andrew Carnegie, Edward King,

Alexander E. Orr, George W. Smith, Cleveland H. Dodge. Lewis Cass Ledyard, Henry C. Potter,

Frederick Sturges. John Murphy Farley, Alexander Maitland,

Mayor of City of New York, ex-oficio; Comptroller of the City of New York, ex-officio; President of the Board of Aldermen, ex-officio.

There is an advisory committee on circulation consisting of F. W. Stevens, E. S. Whitman, C. Scribner, F. C. Huntington, W. W. Appleton, Chairman; Mark Ash, D. P. Ingraham, J. H. McMahon, Philip Schuyler.

BRANCHES-REFERENCE.--Astor Building, 40 Lafayette Place. Open week days 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Lenox Building, 890 Fifth Avenue. Open from 9A.M. to 6 P.m. week days.

BRANCHES-CIRCULATING.-33 E. Broadway (Chatham Sq.), 197 E. Broadway (Educational Alliance Building), 61 Rivington St., 66 Leroy St. (Hudson Park), 49 Bond St., 135 2d Ave. (Ottendorfer), 331 E. 10th St., (Tompkins Sq.), 251 W. 13th St. (Jackson Sq.), 230 E. 22d St., 200 W. 230 St.(Muhlenberg), 215 E. 34th St., 501 W. 40th St., 226 W. 42d St. (George Bruce), 123 E.50tk St. (Cathedral), 463 W. 51st St., 113 E. 59th St., 328 E. 67th St., 190 Amsterdam Ave. (Riverside and Travelling Libraries),

1465 A ve. A (Webster), 222 E. 79th St. (Yorkville), 444 Amsterdam Ave., (St. Agnes), 536 Amsterdam Ave.,112 E. 96th St., 206 W. 100th St. (Bloomingdale), 174 E. 110th št. (Aguilar), 32 W. 123d St. (Harlem Library), 224 E. 125th St., 103 W. 135th st., 822 St. Nicholas Ave.(Washington Heights), 140th St.& Alexander Ave. (Mott Haven), 176th St.& Washington Ave, (Tremont), 2933 Kingsbridge Ave. (Kingsbridge), 12 Bennett St., Port Richmond, Amboy Road, Tottenville. Branches open from

9 A. v. to 9 P. M. week days. Statistics for year ended June 30, 1906: Volumes called for in reference branches, 778,652 ; number of readers using above volumes, 173,223; visitors to reference buildings, art galleries, exhibits, etc. , 216,428; volumes given out for home use: 4,752,628; volumes in reference department, 684,512; pamphlets in reference department, 265, 461; volumes in circulation department, 565, 482

Clubs in Manhattan.


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Aldine Association... 1895 Fifth Ave.& 18th St.. 500 None. 500

100, $100 $50*75.00 $25.00 Cbas. L Patton. American Yacht 1883 Milton Point, Rye, N.Y. 300



W. P. Allen. Arion..... 1854 Park Ave. & 59th St... 1,500



Paul C.F.Kauffmann Arkwright. 1893 320 Brouu war..

700 None. 700 128 50 20.00 50.00 20.00 Francis H. Holm-S. Army'and Navy 1989|107 W. 43 i St.. None. None. 192 1,117 95 None. $0.00 5.00 Cbaries H. Jooring. Authors

188217th Ave. c. W. 56th St. None. None. 100 76 25 25.00 20.00 10.0 Duffield Osborne, Automobile.. 1899 753 Fifth Ave..

1,000 None. 973 227 100 50.00 50.00 25.00 S. M. Butler. Barnard... 1893 W. 56th St. & 7th Ave. 700

526 40 35 15.00 10.00 5.00 Edward L. Parris. Calumet 1879267 Fifth Ave...

600 None.


100 50.00 85.00 40.00 E.O. Richards. Catholic...

1871 120 Central Park South 1,000 None. 915 503 50 None 50.00 10.00 Charles Murray, Century Association. 1847/7 W. 43d St

1,000 300 1,000 240 150 100.00 60.00 30.00 Edward Cary. Chemists 103 W. 55th St..

Charles Baskerrik City.. 1892 55 W. 44th St..

None. None. 1,349 563 50 25 60.00 15.00 Luwrence Veille. Columbia Yacht. Foot W. 86th St... None. None. 600 None. 50 130.00

George R. Brange, Coney Island Joekesi. 1879 569 Fifth Ave. (d)


Cornelius Fellowes. Congregational... 1879 St. Denis Hotel.

200 None. 80 75 5 None. 10.00 None. Chas. L. Beckwith. Cornell University. 1889 58 W. 45th St..


450 150 None. None. 20.00 10.00 Jam 8 G. Gregg. Democratic 1871617 Fifth Ave..

3,000 None. 2,720 400 100 25.00 50.00 20.00 John H. Campbell. Deutscher Press.. 1884 21 City Hall.Place.. None, None. 250

Em 1 Klaessig. Downtown Aes'n.. 1860 50 Pine St....

1,000 None.


92 200 100.00 75.00 37.50 Gordon Macdonald. Drug and Chemical. 1894 100 Willian St.

500 None. 460 158 50 5.00 50.00 10.00 Harry Hall. Engineers. 1488132 W. 40th St..


745 738 100 100.00 60.00 30.00 M. G. Starrett. Explorers 1905 23 W.67th St.

47 35

15.00 5.00 H. C. Walsh. Fidelio (9) 1870 110 E. 59th St.

200 25 50 None

80.00 25.00 Samuel Louisson. German Liederkranz... 1847 111 E. 58th St.



40.00 20.00 R. F. Lang. Green Room... 1903 139 W. 47th St... None. None. 500 2.0 (c) 25

(c) 100

Edward C. White. Grolier... 188429 E. 32d St..

250 150

250 132 100 50.00 30.00 15.00 Walter Gilliss. Hardware... 1892 253 Broadway

600 200 600 175 50 50.00 50.00 25.00 Arthur G. Sherman. Harlem..

1879 Lenox Ave. & 123d St. 400 None. 100 60 50 None. 50.00 15.00 Wm. A. Dodds. Harlein Democratic.. 1882 106 W. 126th St.... None. None. 600

None. None 10.00

T. E. Dempsey. Harlem Republican. 1887 23 W, 14th St. None None. 150 25 10 5.0 30.00 15.00 A. S. Safford. Harmouie.... 1852 4 E. 60th St..

200 None. 800 None. 200 None. 125.00 None. E. E. Spiegelberg. Harvard... 1865 27 W. 44th St...,

None. None. 1,50 1,200 10 10.00 10-40 15.00 Thomas W. Slocum. Jockey.. 1894 Fifth Ave. & 46th St.. 50 None. 50 None.

100.00 F. K. Sturgis. Knickerbocker. 1871 Fifth Ave. & 32d St.. 500 None.



100.00 Jas. W. Appleton. Knickerbocker Yacht. . 1874 College Point, L. 1.



J. 0. Sinkinson Lambs (q). 1874 130 W. 44th St.

150 450 148

440) 200 100.00 50.00 25.00 William F. Mokr. Lawyers. 1887 120 Broadway.

1,350 None.

1,350 500 None. None. 100.00 50.00 Geo. T. Wilson. Lincoln. 1872 12 E. Sth St..



J. F. Dornheim. Lotos.. 1870558 Fifth Ave..

600 None. 420 384 100 95.00 75.00 30.00 Geo. 1. D.mniels. Manhattan. 1865 26th St. & Marlison Ave


200 125.00 100.00) 25.00 David B. Gilbert. Manhattan Chess 1877 Carnegie Hall.

None None. 220 30 10 10.00 20.00 10.00 C. H. Hatheway. Masonic... 1894 17 E. 22d St. None None. 300 501 No.e. 15.00

5.00 G. W. Arnold. Merchants 1871 108 Leonard St.

350 150 350 77 100 50.00 75.00 37.00 Frederic S. Wells. Metropolitan. 1991 Fifth Ave. cor. 60th St. 1,000

250 1,000

212 300:00.00 100.00 50.00 Win. W. Sherman. New York. 1845 18 W, 40th St..

500 None. 493 250 100 50.00 75.00 37.50 Henry Despard. N. Y. Athletic. 1868 58 W. 59th St.

800 3,352

721 100 50.00 50.00 30.00 Chas. L. Burnham, N. Y. Caledonian 1856 646 Seventh Ave. None. None. 360 None. 5

6.00 John Proctor. N. Y. Press... 1872 120 Nassau St..

550 120 10

5.00 18.00

8.00 Walter Scott. N. Y. Railroad. 1872

None None.


H. D. Vought, N. Y. Yacht 1811 37 W, 44th St.(a).. None . None.



G, A. Cormack. Players... 1888 16 Gramercy Park..

500 550 470 550 100 50.00 50.00 25.00 H. B. Hodges. Princeton (9) 1899 72 E. 34th St.. None None. 675 543

10.00 20.10 10.00 W. W. Phillips. Progress.. 18641 W.88th St

600 None. 600 25 100 50.00 100.00 50.00 Chas. M. Eisig. Racquet and Tonnis (q) 1875 27 W. 131 St.


900 2001 200 200.00 10.00 50.00 H. C. Mortimer. Reform (q).. 18837 W.34th St.

None. 2.000 310 620 25 None.40.00 10.00 Bert Hanson. Republican 1879 54 W.40th St.

1,000 None. 852 748 50 25.00 50.00 25.00 Reuben L. Maynard. Saint Nicholas. 1875 7 W. 44th St.


100 100.00 75.00 37.50 Rutger B. Jewett. Salmaguindi.. 1871114 W. 12th St.

500 None. 451 96 50 50.00 30.00 10.00 J. A. Thompson. Seawanhaka - Corin

1871 Oyster Bay, L.I,.. than Yacht.



50.00 S. R. Outerbridge. Strollers .. 188667 Madison Ave.

400 400 988 250 50 50.00 30.00 15.00 Harold Binney. Transportation

1895 Madison Ave. & 42d St. 500 500 425 500 2525.00 40.00 20.00 John Carstense!. Turf and Field.. 1895 519 Fifth Ave. (e).... 450 None.

380 100

1896 16 Liberty St..
650 None. 650 75

25.00 10.00 G. H. Brewer. Union...... 1836 Fifth Ave. & 51st St... 1,600 None. 1,600 None.


100.00 Union League 1863 1 E. 39th St.... 2,000


75.00 45.00 Hen y W. Hayden. University.

1865 Fifth Ave. cor. 54th St. 2,000 1,500 2,000 1,500 200 100.00 75.00 35.00 William Manice. Wool.. 1-894 W. B'was & Beach St. 100 200 400 110

50.00 90.00 1.John P. Faure. Yale 1897 30 W. 44th St.

None. None.! 1,450 1,250




500 Nong

E. C. La Montagne.

Franklin Bartlett.


] 20.00 50.00 0.00 Home. Pravicon. (a) Rendezvous at Bay Ridge, L. I. (c) Theatrical. (d) and Sheepshead Bay. (e) and Belmont Park, Queens Co., N. Y.

(9) Report of December, 1905.

ilie returus in this table are of January 1, 1907, approximately,

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