Зображення сторінки



ROMAN CATHOLIC-Continued. Annunciation, B. V. M., Broadway, cor. 131st St. St. Charles Borromeo, W. 141st St., near 7th Ave, W. L. Penny.

H. J. Gordon, Ascension 107th St., near B'way. E. M. Sweeny. St. Columba's, 339.W. 25th St. Henry Prat. Assumption, 427 W. 49th St. Henry Nieuwenhuis. St. Elizabeth's, W. 187th St., cor. Broadway. T. Blessed Sacrament, W. 71st St., near Broadway. F. Lynch. M. A. Taylor.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, 345 E. 4th St. W. Bis: Chapel of the Sacred Heart. Hart's Island.

korovany. Corpus Christi, 537 W. 121st St. John H. Dooley. St. cances of Rome, 88 Fulton St., Wakefield. Epiphany, 373 2d Ave. D. J. McMahon.

F. P. Moore. Guardian Angel, 513 W.230 St. J. C. Henry. St. Francis de Sales, 139 E. 96th St. J. L. Hoey. Holy Cross, 335 W. 42d St. Chas, McCready. St. Francis of Assisi, 139 W. 31st St. E. Schling. Holy Family, Castle Hill Ave., cor. Watson Ave. mann. E. T. Heinlein.

St. Francis Xavier, 36 W. 16th St. D. W. Hearn. Holy Innocents, 126 W. 37th St. M. C. O'Farrell. St. Gabriel's, 310 E. 37th St. W. L. Livingstou. Holy Name of Jesus, Amsterdam Ave. and 96th St. St. George's (Ruthenian), 332 E. 20th St. F. J. J. Kean.

Chapluiske. Holy Rosary, 442 E. 119th St. F. H. Wall.

St. Ignatius Loyola, Park Ave., cor. E. 84th St. N. Holy Spirit, Burnside Ave., cor. Aqueduct Ave. N. McKinnon. J. D. Roach.

St. James', 32 James St._J. B. Curry. Holy Trinity, 229 W.82d St. M. J. Considine. St. Jean Baptiste's, 159 E. 76th St. A. Letellier. Immaculate Conception, 505 E. 14th St.

St. Jerome's, Alexander Ave., cor. 138th St. G.T. Immaculate Conception (German), 636 E. 150th St. Donlin H. Otterbein.

St. Joachim's, 24 Roosevelt St. Paulus Poggi. Immaculate Conception, Williamsbridge. C. St. John Baptist's, 209 W. 30th St. C. Claude.

Cassenetti; Chapel, E. 215th St., near Maple. St. John Chrysostom's, 167th St., near Hoe Ave.
Mary, Star of the Sea, Governor's Island, M. J. B. F. Brady.

St. John Evangelist's, 355 E. 55th St. J. J. Flood. Most Holy Redeemer, 165 3d St. F. Spiedel. St. John Nepomuk's, 289 E. 4th St. L. Neuwirth. Most Precious Blood, 115 Baxter St. B. Pollizo.

St. John's, 254 E. 72d St. J.T. Prout. Nativity, 48 2d Ave. B. J. Reilly.

St. John's, 2911 Kingsbridge Ave. D. H.O'Dwyer. Our Lady of Solace, Van Nest. D. J. Curley.

St. Joseph's, 59 6th Ave. John Edwards. Our Lady of Good Counsel, 236 E. 90th St. J. N. St. Joseph's, 1943 Bathgate Ave. Peter Farrell. Connolly.

St. Joseph's (German), 408 E. 87th St. A. Lammel. Our Lady of Guadalupe, 229 W. 14th St. Thos. St. Joseph's, 125th St., cor. Columbus Ave. G. H. Darbois.

Our Lady of Loretto, 303 Elizabeth St. W. H. St. Leo's, 11 E. 28th St. Thos. J. Ducey.

St. Lucy's. 340 ks 104th St. Francis Cummings. Our Lady of Lourdes, Convent Ave. and W.1420 St. St. Luke's, E. 138th St., near Cypress Ave. J. J. Joseph McMahon.

Boyle. Our Lady of Mercy, E. 190th St., cor. Webster Ave. St. Malachy's, 243 W. 49th St. J. E. Delaney. M. J. McEvoy.

St. Margaret's, Riverdale. M. J. Murray. Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 473 E. 115th St. John St. Mark the Evangelist, 138th St., near Lenox Dolan

Ave. Thos, J. Keenan. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 321 E. 61st St. J. G. St. Martin of Tours, E. 182d St., cor. Grote. E. J. Kissner.

O'Gorman. Our Lady of Pompeii, 214 Bleecker St. A. Demo. St. Mary Magdalen's, 527 E. 17th St. F. Siegelack. Our Lady of Sorrows, 105 Pitt St. T. Grossman. St. Mary's, 438 Grand St. N. J. Hughes, Our Lady of the Rosary, 1 State St. M. J. Henry. St. Mary's, White Plains Road. Jno. J. Carr. Our Lady of the Scapular of Mount Carmel, 337 E. St. Mary's Star of the Sea, City Island. J. B. MC28th St. John L. McCabe.

Grath, Our Lady Queen of Angels, 228 E. 113th St. Paul St. Matthew's, W. 67th St., near Amsterdam Ave. Reichertz.

P. F. Maughan.
Sacred Heart, Shakespeare Ave., near E. 169th St. St. Michael's, W.32d St. and 9th Ave. J. A. Gleason.
J. A. Mullin,

St. Monica's, 409 E. 79th St. J. D. Lennon.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, 447 W. 51st St. Joseph St. Nicholas', 125 2d St. J. B. Mayer.
F. Mooney.

St. Patrick's, Mott St.,cor. Prince St. J.F.Kearney. St. Adalbert's, 680 E. 156th St. Leo Kwasniewski. St. Patrick's Cathedral, cor. 5th Ave. and 50th St. St. Agnes', 143 E. 43d St. H. A. Brann,

M. J. Lavelle. St. Alphonsus', 312 W. Broadway. Peter Grein. St. Paul's, 121 E. 117th St. John McQuirk. St. Aloysius', 215 W. 132d St. John McKenna. St. Paul the Apostle, Columbus Ave.and W.60th St. St. Ambrose's, 515 W. 54th St. J. P. Ohidwick. G.M. Searle. St. Andrew's, Duane St., cor. City Hall Pl. Luke St. Peter's, 22 Barclay St. James H. McGean. Evers.

SS. Peter and Paul, 159th St. and St. Ann's Ave. St. Angela's, Morris Ave. and 1630 St. T. W. W. H. Murphy. Wallace.

St. Philip Neri's, Anthony Ave., opp. E. 2020 St. St. Ann's, 112 E. 12th St. Thos. F. Myhan.

D. F. X. Burke. St. Anselm's, Beach Ave., near E. 152d St. A. St. Raphael's, W. 40th St., bet. 10th and 11th Aves. Edelbrock.

M. A. Cuujon. St. Anthony's, 1010 E. 166th St. O. F. Strack. St. Raymond' s, West Farms Road, Westchester. St. Anthony of Padua, 153 Sullivan St. U. Mara- E. McKenna. valle.

St. Rita of Cascia, 442 College Ave. Chas. Ferina. St. Augustine's, E. 167th St., cor. Fulton Ave. T. St. Roch's, 932 E. 150th St. J. Milo. F, Gregg.

St, Rose's, Cannon St., near Broome. P. McNamee, St. Benedict the Moor, 3 W. 53d St. J. E. Burke. St. Rose oi Lima, W. 165th St., near Amsterdam St. Bernard's, 339 W. 14th St. G. A. Healy.

Ave. E. T. McGinley. St. Boniface's, 882 2d Ave. J.S. Braun.

St. Stanislaus', 107 7th St. J. H. Strzelecki. St. Brigid's, 123 Ave. B. P. F. McŚweeny. St. Stephen's, 149 E. 28th St. T. F. Cusack. St. Catharine of Genoa, W.153d St., near Amster- St. Teresa's, Rutgers, cor. Henry St. J. T. MCdam Ave. P. E. McCorry.

Entyre. St. Catherine of Sienna, 420 E. 69th St, E. A. St. Thomas the Apostle, W. 118th St., near St. Martin,

Nicholas Ave. J. J. Keogan. St. Cecilia's, E. 106th St., near Lexington Ave. St. Thomas Aquinas', 1277 Tremont Ave. C. E. M. J. Phelan,



St. Valentine's, E. 221st St., Williamsbridge. A. Free Methodist Mission, 349 E. 10th St.

Gospel Chapel, 305 W. S0th St. St. Veronica's, Christopher St., near Greenwich. Gospel Tabernacle, 692 8th Ave. J. F. Flannelly.

Holy Trinity, Greek Orthodox, 138 E. 27th St. St. Vincent de Paul, 127 W. 230 St. T. Wucher. Hungarian Reformed, 121 7th St. St. Vincent Ferrer, 871 Lexington Ave. (. M. Interdenominational, 1738th Ave. Thuente.

Italian Evangelical, 395 Broome St.
Transfiguration, 25 Mott St. E. Coppo.

Japanese Mission, 330 E. 57th St.

Mariners', 46 (atharine St.; West Side Branch,

128 Charlton St. Denominational Headquarters, 104 E. 20th St. McAuley's Water St. Mission, 316 Water St. All Souls', 4th Av. and 20th St. Thomas R. Slicer. Metropolitan Independent, Carnegie Lyceum, Lenox Ave., Lenox Ave., cor. 121st St. M. St. C. Mission of the Living Waters, 136 Chrystie St. Wright,

New Jerusalem (Swedenborgian), 114 E. 35th St. Messiah, E. 34th St., cor. Park Ave. Robert New York Foreigners' Mission, 5 Mott St. Collyer, Pastor Emeritus.

Olivet Memorial, 63 2d St.

146th St. Gospel Temperance Mission, 146th St.,

near 3d Ave. (harles St., 41 Charles St. James A. Reed.

People's Tabernacle, 52 E. 1020 St. First, 16 W, 108th St. T. W. Anderson,

Puritan Chapel, 23 E. 125th St. Seventh Ave., 29 7th Ave. J. H. Tate.

Russian St. Nicholas Church, 17 E. 97th St. Washington Heights, 172d St. and Audubon Ave. Salvation Army, 122 W. 14th St.; 148 8th Ave. ; 326 J. L. Hervey.

W. 34th St., 2023 Lexington Ave. ; 322 W, 4th West 44th St., 434 W. 44th St. H. II. Wallace. St. ; 314 E. 84th St. ; 208 E. 13th St. ; 101 W. 99th UNIVERSALIST.

St. ;, 560 E. 139th St. ; 19 Stuyvesant Sq. ; 915

Eagle Ave. ; 158 E. 27th St.; 165 E. 128th St. ; Church of the Eternal Hope, 142 W.81st St. W. H. 2473 3d Ave.; 52 Roosevelt St. ; 6 Catharine Dearborn,

Sli Slums: 98 Cherry St. ; 90 Greenwich St. ; Fourth (Divine Paternity), Central Park West and 418 1st Ave. ; 402 10th Ave., 70th St. F. 0. Hall.

Scandinavian Mission, 25: E. 48th St.

Seaman's Rest Mission, 399 West St.

Seventh-Day Adventists, (1) 535 W. 110th St., L. Armenian Apostolic, 7th Ave. and W. 39th St. Klebahn; Berean Chapel, E. 166th St., cor. Beacon Light Rescue Mission, 2372 3d Ave.

Trinity Ave. C. H. Edwards; (2) 285 8th Ave. ; Bethany Gospel Mission, w. 142d St., cor. St. (3) 535 W. 110th St. J. M. Mitchell; (4) 1931 Nicholas Ave.

Broadway J. K. Humphrey; (5) 19' E. 135th Broome St. Tabernacle, 395 Broome St.

St. Geo. A. King. Catharine Mission, 24 Catharine Slip.

Strachan, Margaret, Chapel, 105 W. 27th St. Catholic Apostolic-Central, 417 W.57th St. ; Har- St. Paul's (Evang. Reformed), 874 E. 141st St. lem (German), 200 W. 114th St.

St. Trinity (Greek Orthodox), 158 E. 72d St. Chapel of Divine Providence, 356 W. 44th St. Sunshine Chapel, 550 W. 40th st. Chinatown Midnight Mission, 17 Doyers St. Unity Congregation, 725 6th Ave. Christian Catholic Church in Zion, il W.116th St. Volunteers of America, 38 Cooper Square W. Christian Israelites' Sanctuary, 108 1st St.

West-Side Noonday Prayer, 281 Greenwich St. Christian Reformed, 21 Bank St.

Woman's Union Prayer Meeting, Harlem, 101 Christ's Mission, 138 W.97th St.

W. 123d St.
Church of Christ (Scientist)–First, Central Park Woods Memorial Chapel, 133 Ave. A.

West, cor. W. 96th St., Second, Central Park Young Men's Christian Association, 158 E. 87th
West, cor. W. 68th St., Third, 43 E. 125th St, ; St.; E. 149th St., near St. Ann's Ave. ; E. 215th
Fourth, W. 82d St., near Broadway; Fifth, 228 St., near White Plains Rd.; 51 W. 630 st. :3 W.
W. 45th St.

29th St.; 153, 222 Bowery; 5 W. 125th St.; 531 W. Church of the Strangers, W. 57th St. and 8th Ave. 155th St. ; 142 2d Ave. ; 252 W. 53d St. ; 361 Cremorne Mission, 104 W. 32d St.

Madison Ave.; 129 Lexington Ave. ; 318 W. 57th De Witt Memorial, 280 Rivington St.

St.; 531 E. 150th St.: 109 W. 54th St.; 215 W.23d Door of Hope Gospel Mission, 271 W. 47th St.

St.; 153 E. 86th St.: 317 W. 56th St. Governor's Doyers St. Mission, 17 Doyers St.

Island: Fort Wood, Fort Schuyler. Eighth Ave. Mission, 291 8th Ave.

Young People's City Mission, 219 E. 59th St. Evangel Band and Mission, 5 Mott St.

Young Women's Christian Association, 7 E. 15th Faith Mission, 34 West End Ave.

St. ; 169 W. 63d St. ; 460 W. 44th St.

Churches in Brooklyn.


Ainslie St., Ainslie, near Graham Ave. F. W. East End, Van Sicklen Ave., near Glenmore Ave.

M. G. Coker. Baptist Temple (First in Pierrepont St.), 3d Ave., Emmanuel, Lafayette Ave., cor. St. James' PI. J. cor. Schermerhorn St. Cortland Myers.

Humpstone. Bedford Heights, Bergen St., cor. Rogers Ave. F. Euclid Ave., Euclid Ave., cor. Hill St. A. D. H. Jacobs.

Bennett. Berean, Bergen St., near Rochester Ave. L. J. Fifteenth St., 15th St., near 4th Ave. H. A. Brown.

Tupper, Jr. Bethany, Classon and Atlantic Aves. J. H. Blair. First Canarsie, Remsen Ave., Canarsie. C. A. Borough Park, 48th St. and 13th Ave. W. W. Pennie. Ludwig.

First, in East New York, Hendrix St., near FulBushwick Ave., Bushwick Ave., cor. Weirfield St. ton St. Charles L. Pierce. T. J. Whittaker.

First, E. D., Lee Ave., cor. Keap St. George D. Central, Adelphi St., near Myrtle Ave. L. M. Adams. Gates,

First German, E. D., Montrose, near Union Ave. Central, Marcy Ave., cor. S. 5th St.

J. C. Grimmell. Concord (colored), Duffield St., near Myrtle Ave. First German, Prospect Ave., near 6th Ave. C. W. T. Dixon.



First Swedish, Dean St., near 6th Ave. O. J. Redeemer (Italian), Henry and Degraw Sts. A.

Fourth Av., 4th Av., near 32d St.

Rockaway Ave., Rockaway Ave., near Blake St. Greene Ave., Greene Ave., near Lewis Ave. D. South, President St., cor. Court St. A. J. Lymani. D. MacLaurin.

South Chapel, 118 4th Pl. Greenwood, 7th Ave. and 6th St. R. B. Hull. Tabernacle (Swedish), 330 55th St. N.J. Wessel.

Tompkins Ave., Hanson Place, Hanson Pl., cor. S. Portland Ave.

Tompkins Ave., col'. M(. D. Case.

Donough St. V. McG. Waters. Park Ave. Holy Trinity (colored), 382 Classon Ave. S. W. Branch, Park Aye., cor. Marcy. F. H. PolTimms.

hemus. Leiterts Park, 69th St. and 14th Ave. C. A. Johnson. United, Lee Ave., cor. Hooper St. L. R. Dyott. Lenox Road, Nostrand Ave., cor. Lenox Road,

D. A. MacMurray.
Marcy Ave., Marcy Ave., cor. Putnam Ave.

w. First, Sterling Pl. and 7th Ave. M. E. Harlan. C. P. Rhodes.

Second, Humboldt St., near Nassau Ave. J. Memorial, 8th Ave, and 16th St. C. H. Rannels.

Keevil. Pilgrim, Patchen Ave., cor. McDonough St. D.

Third, Dorchester Road and E. 15th St. W. G. T. Wyman.

Oram. Redeemer, cor. Cortelyou Road and E. 18th St. H.


Emanuel, 400 Melrose St. C. H. Philipbar, Second German, Evergreen Ave., cor, Woodbine. Evangelical Salems, 1198 Jefferson Ave. J.Reuber. A. P. Mihm.

Harrison Ave., near Middleton. G. A. Linder. Sheepshead Bay, E. 15th St., Sheepshead Bay. St. John's (German), Linden St. and Covert Ave. Sixth Ave., 6th Ave., cor. Lincoln Pl. C. R. F. W.Kratz. McNally.

St. Paul's, 541 Leonard St. R. Law.
Strong Pl., Strong Pl., cor. Degraw St. A, H. Zion's, Liberty Ave.,near Wyona St. H. P. Boll.
C. Morse.

Sumner Ave., Sumner Ave., cor. Decatur St. R.
M. Greene.

Ahawath Scholom Beth Aron, 98 Scholes St. K.

Solomon. Swedish Ebenezer, Herkimer Ave. and Schenectady Ave. N. E. Johnson.

Ahawath Chesed, cor. Lorimer and Stagg Sts. M. Tabernacle, Clinton St., cor. 3d Pl. Erwin Dennett. W. Newmark. Trinity, Greene Ave., cor, Patchen. H. Pethic. Asifas Israel, 25 Varet St. L. Shainfeld. Union, Noble, near Manhattan Ave. R. Mc- Baith Israel, Boerum Pl., cor. State St. A. RosenCullough.

berg. Washington Ave., Washington Ave., cor. Gates Beth El, 110 Noble St., Greenpoint. S. Heller. Ave. R. MacDonald.

Beth Elohim, State St., near Hoyt. Alex. Lyons. West End, 47th St., near 3d Ave. Thos. V. Parker. Beth Jacob, S. 3d St., near Marcy Ave. S. PerlWilliamsburg Jewish Mission, 626 B'way. L.Cohen.

man. Windsor Terrace, Greenwood Ave., cor. E. 7th St.

Bikur Cholim, Wyona, near Fulton St. Daniel George Stuart.


B'nai Sholaum, 327-9 9th St. I. Brooks.

B'nai Jacob, 167 Prospect Ave. B. Lebovitz.

Chebrah Bnei Sholome, 148 Varet St. S. Newman. First Church of Christ, 404 Lafayette Ave. F. H. Emanuel, 3d Ave. and 53d St. M. Lewisson. Leonard.

Mikro Kódesh Anshe Klodovo, 184 McKibbin St. Third Church of Christ, 199 Lincoln Pl.

S. L. Westman.

Mount Sinai, 345 Bridge St. L. Pulvermacher. CONGREGATIONAL.

Ohavai Sholom, Thatford, near Belmont Ave,

W. B. Roth.
Beecher Memorial, Herkimer St., near Rockaway | Ohav Sholom, 19 Varet St. S, Cohen.
Ave. Charles J. Allen.

Shaari Zedek, Quincy St., near Reid Ave. G. Bethesda, Ralph. Ave., cor. Chauncey St.

Taubenhaus. Borough Park, 41st St., near 13th Av. A.G.Mohr.

Sons of Israel, Bay 22d St., near Benson Ave.' F. Bushwick Ave., Bushwick Ave.,cor. Cornelia St. Tworger. J. L. Clark.

Temple Beth Elohim, Keap St., near Division Central, Hancock St., near Franklin Ave. S. P. Ave. Raphael Benjamin,

Clinton Ave., Clinton Ave., cor. Lafayette Ave.

Atlantic Ave. Chapel, Atlantic and Grand Aves., Bethlehem (German), Marion St., near Reid Ave.
W. S. Woodworth; Willoughby Ave. Chapel, E. W. Kandelhart.

Willoughby Ave., cor. Grand Ave., S. W. King. Bethlehem, 3d Ave, and 51st St. Flatbush, Dorchester Road, cor. E. 18th St.

Bethlehem (Norwegian), Russell St., near Nassau Iglesia (Hispano-American), Tompkins Ave., cor. Ave. C. M. Toleffsen. McDonough St. E. J. Gamblin.

Calvary, Rochester Ave.,near Herkimer St. Wm. Immanuel, Decatur St., near Ralph Ave.

H. Hetrick. Lewis Ave., Lewis Ave., cor. Madison St. R. J. Christ, 1084 Lafayette Ave. H. S. Knabenschuh. Kent.

Emanuel, 7th St., near 6th Ave. Emil Roth. Luther (German), 475 Pacific St. W.H. Lawall. Emanuel, S. 9th St., near Driggs Ave. John Mayflower Mission, Jay Şt., cor. High.

Holthusen. Nazarene, 1584 Fulton St.

German Evangelical, Schermerhorn St., near Ocean Avenue, Ocean Ave. and Ave I. L, H. Court St. J. W. Loch. Johnston.

Grace, Bushwick Ave. and Weirfield St. C. F. Park, 8th Ave., cor. 2d St. M. B. Taylor.

Inteman. Parkville, 18th Ave. and E. 5th St. H. L. Pyle. Holy 'l'rinity, Cumberland St., near Lafayette Ave. Pilgrim (Swedish), 413 Atlantic Ave. C. G. A. Steimle. Ellstrom.

Immanuel (Swedish), Leonard St., near Driggs Pilgrim Chapel, Henry St., cor. Degraw St. F. Ave. G. Nelsenius. P. Young.

Incarnation, 54th St. and 4th Ave. W. H. SteinPilgrims. Henry St., cor. Remsen. H. P. Dewey. bicker. Plymouth, Orange St., near Hicks. N. D. Hillis; Messiah, Russell St., near Nassau Ave. S. G. Plymouth (Canarsie), Rockaway Ave. and Bais- Trexler, ley's Lane, E. E. Stewart.

Our Saviour (Danish), 9th St., near 3d Ave. R. Puritan, Lafayette Av., cor. Marcy. L. L. Taylor, Andersen,



NETHODIST EPISCOPAL-Continued. Our Saviour (Norwegian), Henry St., near 4th Pl. Epworth, Bushwick Ave., cor. De Kalb Ave. T. C. S. Everson.

L. Price, Our Saviour, 37 Covert St. J. H. C. Fritz.

Fennimore St., Fennimore St., cor. Rogers Ave. Redeemer, Bedford Ave., cor. Hewes St. S. G.

H. E. Hiler.
Reformation, Pennsylvania Ave., near Liberty First, Greenpoint, Manhattan Ave., near Java St.

Robt. McNicoll.
St. H. P. Miller.
Resurrection, 236 President St. H. J. Cronshore.

First Pl., 1st Pl., cor. Henry St. W. H. Wake

ham. Salem's Danish Evangelical, 128 Prospect Ave. L. H. Kjaer.

Flatlands, Mill Lane & Lincoln Pl. R. Raymond. St. Ansgar's (Danish), 160 16th St. K. Samsoe.

Fleet St., Fleet St., cor. Lafayette Ave. E. G.

Richardson. St. Jacobi, 46th St., nr. 4th Ave. H, C. A. Meyer.

Fourth Ave., 4th Ave., cor. 47th St. E. A. Burns. St. Johannes, New Jersey Ave., near Liberty St.

Goodsell, Sheridan Ave., cor. McKinley Ave. G. F. Blaesi.

Robert Wasson.
St. Johırs, 84th St, and 16th Ave. L. Happ.
St. John's, 193 Maujer St. A. J. Beyer.

Grace, 7th Ave., cor. St. John's Pl. F.F.Shannon.

Gravesend, Neck Road and Van Sicklen St. G. A. St. John's, Prospect Ave., near 5th Ave. H. C.

Bronson. Wasmund.

Greene Ave., Greene Ave., near Central.

J. J. St. John's, E. D., Milton St., near Manhattan

Messmer. Ave. F. W. Oswald.

Greenpoint Tabernacle, Manhattan Ave., opp. St. Luke's, Washington Ave., near De Kalb Ave.

Noble St. L. H. Caswell. C. B. Schuchard.

Hanson Pi., Hanson Pl., .cor. St. Felix St. C.E. St. Mark's, Bushwick Ave., cor. Jefferson St. J.

Locke. T. Frey.

Janes, Reid Av., cor. Monroe St. J. W. Hill, St. Matthew's, E. 92d St., near Flatlands Ave. W.

Knickerbocker Ave., Knickerbocker Ave., cor. Wuerstlin.

Ralph. C. H. MacCrea. S [atthew's (German), N. 5th St., near Driggs

Newman Memorial, Herkimer St., near SchenecAve. G. Şommer.

tady Ave, C. E. Winston. St. Matthew's, 6th Ave., cor. 2d St. G. B. Young.

New York Ave., New York Ave., cor. Dean St. St. Paul's, Knickerbocker Ave., cor. Palmetto St.

F. J. McConnell.
J. P. Ridel.
St. Paul's, Henry St., near 3d Pl. J. Huppen-

North Fifth St., N, 5th St., near Bedford Ave. L.

Richardson. bauer. St. Paul's, Wyona St., near Glenmore Ave. J.F.

Nostrand Ave., Nostrand Ave., cor. Quincy St.

J. O. Wilson.
St. Paul's, E. D., S. 5th St., cor. Rodney St. H.

Ridley Memorial, Lawrence Ave., near Ocean

Parkway. H. S. Scarborough. W. Hoffmann.

R. S. St. Paul's (Swedish), 392 McDonough St.' V.

Russell Pl., Russell Pl., near Herkimer St.

Pardington. Ljung.

Salems, E. 38th St. and Ave. D. F. Hagner. St. Peter's, Bedford Ave., near De Kalb Ave. J.

Sands St., Henry St. , cor. Clark. Geo.M.Brown. J. Heischmann. St. Peter's, 94 Hale Ave. A. Brunn.

Second Norwegian and Danish, 58th St. and 12th

Ave. M. Stensen. St. Petri's, E. D., Rodney St., near S. 2d St. Paul Sheepshead Bay, Voorhees Ave., cor. Ocean Ave. Kasten.

W. T. Pray. St. Stephen's, Newkirk Ave., cor. E. 28th St. L.

Simpson, Clermont Ave., cor. Willoughby Ave. D. Gable.

W. J. Thompson, Tabor (Swedish), Ashford St., near Glenmore Sixth Av., 8th St., near 6th Av. W. W. Bowdish. Ave. J. C. Westlund.

South Second St., S. 2d St., near Driggs Ave. F. Trinity, Harrison St., cor. Tompkins Pl. J. Holt

Saunders. husen.

South Third St., S. 3d St., near Driggs Ave. Trinity (Norwegian), 27th St., near 5th Ave. J.

William Hamilton, Tanner.

St. James', 84th St., near 20th Av. C. W. Flint. Wartburg Chapel, Georgia Ave, and Fulton St.

St. John's, Bedford Ave., cor. Wilson St. D. G. R. Herbst.

Downey, Zion, Henry St., near Clark St. E.C. J. Kraeling.

St. John's, Sumner Pl., near Flushing Ave. A. Zion, Bedford, near Snyder Ave. P. F. Jubelt.

Flammann. Zion (Swedish), 59th St. and 11th Ave. J. G. Dan

St. Mark's, Ocean Ave. and Beverly Rd. J. H. ielson. Mission, 438 53d St.


St. Paul's, Marcy Ave., cor. Penn St. F. H. Rey. Andrew's, Richmond St., near Etna Ave. F. G.

St. Paul's, Richards St., near Sullivan St. W. E.

Smith. Howell. Bay Ridge, 4th and Ovington Aves. Geo. Adams. Summerfield, Washington Ave., cor. Greene Ave. Bethany (Swedish), Troy, cor. Herkimer. F. E.

J. E. Holmes. Broman.

Sumner Ave., Sumner Ave., cor. Van Buren St. Bethel Ship, 297 Carroll St. A. M. Frelstad.

G. S. Eldridge. Borough Park, 50th St. and 14th Ave. H. D.

Tompkins Ave., Tompkins, cor. Willoughby Ave. Weston,

W. J. White. Buffalo Ave., Buffalo Ave., cor. Bergen St. H. S.

Union, Leonard, cor. Conselyea, W. P. Estes.

Vanderveer Park, Glenwood Road, near FlatStill.

bush Ave. W. S. Winans. Bushwick Ave., Bushwick Ave., cor. Madison St. F. W. Hannan.

Warren St., Warren, near Smith St._A. W. Byrt. Cropsey Ave., Cropsey Ave., near Bay 35th. H.

Wesley, Glenmore Av., cor. Atkins. R. S. Putney. H. Mower.

Williams Ave., Williams Ave., near Atlantic Ave. De Kalb Ave., De Kalb Ave., near Franklin Ave.

H. E. Burns. W. A. Layton.

Windsor Terrace, Glenwood Ave., cor. Prospect. Eighteenth St., 18th St., near 5th Ave. L. K. A. McLean. Moore.

Wvckoff St.. Wyckoff St., near Smith St. W. H. Elim (Swedish), 47th St., near 3d Ave. E. N. Lawall. Hedeen.

York St., York St., near Gold St. W. M. Hughes.
Emanuel (Swedish), Dean St., near 5th Ave. J.
E. Hillberg.

Embury, Decatur St., cor. Lewis Ave.

Brooklyn, 16th St., near 4th Ave. E. Blews,




PRESBYTERIAN-Continued. First, Park Ave., near N. Elliott Pl. M. H. Memorial, 7th Ave., cor. St. John's Pl. T. C. McSharples.

Clelland. Branch 227 24th St. C. M. Cate. Orchard, Oaklanj St., near Nassau Ave. A. K. Mount Olivet, Evergreen Ave., cor. Troutman St. Collett.

F., T. Steele.
Welcome, Classon Ave., near Lafayette Ave. J. Noble St., Noble St., cor. Lorimer St. E. L.
J. Lockett.


Olivet, Bergen St., near 6th Ave. J. G. Snyder.

Pros ct Heights, Sth Ave., cor. 10th St. H. H. Grace, E. 92d St. and Church Lane. J. C. Cody. Fisher.

Ross St., Ross St., near Lee Ave. J. E. Adams. AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL. Second, 'Clinton St., cor, Remsen St. Louis Bethel, Schenectady Ave., cor. Dean St. A. L. Vandenberg Boulden.

Siloam, Prince St., near Willoughby St. W. A. Bridge St., 315 Bridge St. Albert Cooper.

Alexander. First Zion, w.3d St., Coney Island. P. H. Jones. South Third St., S. 3d St., cor. Driggs Ave. N. W. St. John's, Howard Ave. , near Herkimer. T. B. Wells. McConnell.

Throop Ave., Throop Ave., cor. Willoughby Ave. St. John's Zion, Atlantic and Classon Aves. R. A. D. Carlile. C. C. Jones.

Westminster, Clinton St., cor. 1st Pl. F. Camp-
Union Zion, S. 3d St., cor. Hooper. J. F. Waters. bell.
Zion, Fleet St., near Myrtle Ave. F. M. Jacobs. Wyckoff Heights Chapel, Harmon St., near St.

Nicholas Ave. J. Oastler.
Bedford Ave., cor. S. 3d St. H, N. Brown.

Fourth, 571 Atlantic Ave. A. T. Percy.

Open Church, Eldert's Lane and Etna St. J. I. Grace Mission, 318 Graham Ave. J. Fletcher. Frederick. John Wesley, Hopkinson Ave. and McDonough First, S. Ist St., cor. Rodney St. J. L. Hervey. St. E. A. Angel.

Second, Atlantic Ave., cor. Bond St. W. M.
People's Mission, 1202 38th St. W. H. Raymond. Nichol.
Utica Ave. Tabernacle, near Dean St. C. H. Westminster, Bainbridge St. and Hopkinson Ave.

A. H. Crosbie

Ainslie St., near Manhattan Ave. L. W. Barney.
Arlington Ave., cor. Elton St. W. H. Wilson.

Frederick Burgess, Bishop.
Bay Ridge, 81st St., cor. 2d Ave. ; 94th St. and 4th Advent, Bay lóth St., near Bath Ave., Bensonburst.
Ave. W. M. Schall.

S. W. Bowne. Bedford, Dean St., cor. Nostrand Ave. W. J. All Saints', 7th Ave., cor. 7th St. Wm. Morrison. Hutchins,

Ascension, Kent St., near Manhattan Ave. W. Bensonhurst, 23d Ave. and 83d St. J. Mac- E. Bentley. Innes.

Atonement, 17th St., near5th Av. E. H. Wellman. Bethany, McDonough St., near Howard Ave. L. Calvary, Bushwick and Ralph Aves. J. Williams, 0. Rotenbach,

Christ, E, D., Bedford Ave., near Division. W.S. Borough Park, 46th St. and 15th Ave.

Chase. Central, Marcy Ave., cor. Jefferson Ave. J. F. Christ, Clinton, cor. Harrison. W. F. Johnson, Carson.

Christ, 3d Ave., cor. 68th St. Bishop Falkner. City Park Chapel, Concord St., near Hudson Ave. Christ Chapel, Wolcott St., near Van Brunt St. G. K. Newell.

C.S. Smith, Classon Ave., Olasson Ave., cor. Monroe St. J. Good Shepherd, McDonough St., near Lewis Ave. D. Burrell.

Robert Rogers. Cumberland St., Cumberland St., near Myrtle Grace, E. D., Conselyea St., near Lorimer St. Ave. J. A. McCague.

William G. Ivie. Cuyler Chapel, 358 Pacific St. L. P. Armstrong. Grace, Hicks St., near Remsen St. C.F.J.Wrigley Duryea, Clermont Ave., near Atlantic Ave. Wm. Holy Apostles, Greenwood Ave., cor. Prospect. Denman.

F. A. Wright. Ebenezer, Stockholm St., near St. Nicholas Ave. Holy Comforter Chapel, 44 Debevoise St. John C. C. Jaeger.

Männing. Fifth German, Halsey St., near Central Ave. C. Holy Cross Mission, 176 St. Nicholas Ave. N. B. H. Schwarzbach.

Wilson. First, Henry St., near Clark St. L. M. Clarke. Holy Spirit, Benson Ave., cor. 20th Ave. J. C. First German, Leonard St., cor. Stagg St. J. G. Wellwood. Hehr.

Holy Trinity, Clinton St., cor. Montague St. J. H. Flatbush, E. 23d St., near Foster Ave. D. E.

Melish. Marvin.

Incarnation, Gates Ave., near Classon Ave. J. G. Franklin Ave., near Myrtle Ave. De W. C. Bacchus. Snyder.

Messiah, Greene Ave., cor. Clermont Ave. St. Friedens' Kirche, Willoughby Ave., near Broad- Clair Hester. way. L. Wolferz.

Nativity, Kenilworth Pl., near Ave. F. A. Glenmore Ave., Glenmore Ave., cor. Doscher St. Fleming. A. H. Rennie.

Redeemer. Pacific St., cor. 4th Ave. T. J. Lacy. Grace, Stuyvesant Ave., cor. Jefferson Ave. R. St. Alban's, Ave. F, cor. E. 94th St. V. D. H. Carson.

Ruggles. Greene Ave., Greene Ave., near Reid Ave. D. H. St. Andrew's, 50th St. and 4th Ave. W.N.Ackley. Overton.

St. Aun's, Clinton, cor. Livingstou St. Home Crest, cor. Ave. T and E. l5th St. E. L. St. Augustine's, St. Edward's St., near Myrtle Tibbals.

Ave. 6. F. Miller. Hopkins St. (German), Ralph St. and Bushwick St. Bartholomew's, Pacific St., cor, Bedford Ave. Ave. H. E. Schnatz.

R. M. W. Black. Irving Square, Weirfield St. and Hamburg Ave. St. Clement's, Penysylvania Ave., cor. Liberty. Ira W. Henderson.

F. W. Appleton. Lafayette Ave., Lafayette Ave., cor. S. Oxford St. St. George's, Marcy Av., cor. Gates. W. S. Baer. C. M. McAfee.

St. James', St. James' Pl., cor. Lasayette Ave. Lefferts Park, 15th Ave. and 72d St. A. J. Bruck- G. T. Dowling: lacher

St. Jobu's, St. John's Pl., cor. 7th Ave. F. Page.

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