Зображення сторінки

Police Force of New ¥ork City.

(December 1, 1906.) 1 Chief Inspector, 1 Borough Inspector (Brooklyn and Queens), 12 District Inspectors, 23 Surgeons, 1 Sup't of Telegraph, 1 Ass't Sup't of Telegraph, 1 Chief Lineman, 6 Linemen, 2 Boiler Inspector's. BOROUGHS. Detective

Captains. Sergeants.
Roundsmen. *Patrolmen. Doormen.



33 173
177 250 3,968


39 4,720 The Bronx



4 676 Brooklyn

71 202 2,125 67

21 2,662 Queens.....



2 534 Richmond..



159 Total. 89 407 248

574 7,178 187 68 8,751 *36 Patrolmen on Probation. +2 Doormen on Probation.

SALARIES. Chief Inspector, Moses W. Cortright, $5,000; Inspector, Wm. W. McLaughlin, $5,000; 13 other Inspectors, $3,500 each: 23 Surgeons, $3,500 each.

Superintendent of Telegraph, $4,000; Assistant Superintendent of Telegraph, $3,000; Chief Lineman, $1,500; Linemen, si, 200 each; 2 Boiler Inspectors, $1,300 each.

Captains, $2,750 each; Sergeants, $2,000 each; Detective Sergeants, $2,000 each; Roundsmen, $1,500 each

Patrolmen, First Grade, five years' service, $1,400 each.
Patrolmen, Second Grade, less than five years and more than four years and six months. $1,350 each.
Patrolmen, Third Grade, less than four years and six months and more than four years, $1.250 each.
Patrolmen, Fourth Grade, less than four years and more than three years. $1,150 each.
Patrolmen, Fifth Grade, less than three years and more than two years, $1,000 each.
Patrolmen, Sixth Grade, less than two years and more than one year, $900 each.
Patrolmen, Seventh Grade, less than one year, $800 each.

Members of the police force may be retired on one-half rate of compensation after service of twenty-five years, having reached the age of fifty-five years, or after twenty years' service, upon certificate of police surgeons of permanent disability, or after 20 years' service if a Veteran of Civil War. Members of the police force who have not served twenty years may also be retired upon pension upon certificate of police surgeons of permanent disability or disease contracted without misconduct on the part of the officer, and by reason of the performance of duty, at not to exceed one-half nor less than one-fourth rate of compensation.

Police Station-Houses in Manhattan and Bronx.

PRECINCT AND LOCATION, 1st. Old Slip and Front Street. 17th. 230 W. 20th Street, 2d. Liberty and Church Streets. 18th. 327 E. 22d Street. 3d. City Hall.

19th, 137 W. 30th Street, sth. 9 Oak Street.

20th. 434 W. 37th Street. 6th, 19 Elizabeth Street,

21st. 160 E. 35th Street. 7th. 247 Madison Street,

22d. 347 W. 47th Street. 8th, 19 Leonard Street.

23d, Grand Central Station. 9th. 135 Charles Street.

24th. 163 E, 51st Street. 10th, 24 Macdougal Street,

25th. 153 E. 67th Street. 11th. 205 Mulberry Street.

26th. 150 W. 68th Street. 12th. 105 Eldridge Street.

27th. Central Park, Arsenal. 13th. Attorney and Delancey Sts. 28th. 432 E. 88th Street. 14th, Union Market, E. Houston 29th. 177 E. 104th Street. and Sheriff Streets.

30th. 134 W. 100th Street, 15th. 79 1st Avenue.

31st, 438 W. 125th Street. 16th. 253 Mercer Street.

32d. 148 E. 126th Street,

33d, Amsterdam Avenue, cor,

152d Street, 34th. Sedgwick Ave. and Wolf St. 35th. 257 Alexander Avenue. 36th. 160th Street,cor. 3d Avenue, 37th. 1925 Bathgate Ave. 38th. Town Hall, Westchester. 38th. Sub. City Island 39th, 229th St., White Plains Ave. 40th, Boston Ave. and Perot St.,

41st. Webster Av., and Moshclu

42d. Pier A, North River.
42d. Sub. Foot E. 1220 St.
Traffic, 1 East 27th Street.

New Xork Chamber of Commerce. ORGANIZED April 5, 1768. Incorporated by George III. March 13, 1770. Reincorporated by the State of New York April 13, 1784. Its object is indicated in the following words of the original charter: "Sensible that numberless inestimable benefits have accrued to mankind from commerce; that they are, in proportion to their greater or lesser application to it, more or less opulent and potent in all countries; and that the enlargement of trade will vastly increase the value of real estates as well as the general opulence of our said colony, " and "to carry into execution, encourage, and promote, by just and lawful ways and means, such measures as will tend to promote and extend just and lawful commerce.''

During the decade 1760-1770, according to Lord Sheffield's Observations, the average yearly value of American Coloniai imports from Great Britain was £1,763 409, and of exports to the same country £1,044,591. Up to the evacuation of the city by the British and its occupation by the Americans, on the 25th of November, 1783, the New York Chamber of Commerce had had seven presidents, thirteen vice-presidents, eight treasurers, one secretary, and 135 members. In May, 1763, the Sandy Hook Light- House was lighted up for the first time. In 1786 the Chamber of Commerce first suggested the construction of the Erie Canal, and in 1784 petitioned the New York Legislature (which so ordered) that duties should be levied under a specific instead of an ad valorem tariff-a system of which the Chamber of Commerce has ever since been the constant advocate.

As a society the Chamber of Commerce consists of fifteen hundred resident and two hundred and fifty non-resident members. Initiatory fees have varied between the sum of ten Spanish dollars, required in 1770, and $50, which is now demanded from every accepted candidate. Annual dues, $50 per annum. Non-resident members, $25 per annum.

The building of the Chamber is at 65 Liberty Street, New York. Officers: President, Morris K. Jesup; Secretary, George Wilson; Treasurer, James G. Cannon.

Churches in Manhattan and Bronx.

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CONGREGATIONAL-Continued. Baptist Ministers' Conference meets every Monday Christ, E. 175th St., cor. Topping St. H. M. at 11 A. M., at 215 West 23d St.

Brown. Abyssinian, 244 W.40th St. Chas. S. Morris.

Claremont Park, Webster Ave., cor. 167th St.

J. C. Whiting. Alexander Ave., cor. E. 141st St. F. H. Blakeslee.

First of Morrisania, E. 166th St. and Forest Ave. Amity, W. 54th St., bet. 8th and 9th Aves. Leigh

A. M. Reoch. ton Williams.

J. W.

Longwood Ave., Leggett Ave., cor. Beck, Ascension, 160th St., bet. Morris and 4th Aves.

Roberts. Isaac W. Goodhue. Calvary, W. 57th St., bet. 6th and 7th Aves. R. S. Manhattan, W. 76th St. and Broadway. H. A.

Stimson. MacArthur; Branch at 67th St., near Amsterdam Ave.

North New York, E. 143d St., near Willis Ave.

W. H. Kephart. Central, W. 42d St., near 8th Ave. F. M. Goodchild.

Pilgrim, Madison Ave., cor.121st St. Fred'k Lynch. Central Park, E. 83d St., bet. 2d and 3d Aves. S.

Smyrna (Welsh), 206 E. 11th St.

Swedish Evang. Immanuel, 308 W. 139th St. A. Church of the Epiphany, 64th St. and Madison Av. Trinity, Washington Ave., cor. E. 176th St. F. B.

M. C. Peters.
Church of the Redeemer, W. 131st St., bet. Lenox

Makepeace. and 7th Aves. A. Latscher,

DISCIPLES OF CHRIST. Creston Ave., Ford ham. C. 1, Sears.

First, 323 W. 56th St. M. L. Bates. Day Star, 501 W. 157th St.

Lenox Ave. Union, 119th St., near Lenox Ave. J, Eagle Ave., Eagle Ave., near 162d St. L. Rabe.

P. Lichtenberger. Ebenezer, 170 E. 105th St. G. W. Bailey,

Second, E. 169th St., near Franklin Ave. S. T. Ebenezer (Primitive), 173 8th Ave. John McCon

Willis. nell. Emanuel (German., 1151 1st Ave. J. H. Pastoret.

EVANGELICAL. Emanuel, 47 Suffolk St. John Bulness.

Dingeldein Memorial (German), 429 E. 77th St. D. Fifth Ave.,

6 W. 46th St., Armitage Chapel, 10th Schnebel. Av., cor. W. 50th St.

First Church of the Evangelical Association, 214 First, W. 79th St., cor. Broadway. I. M. Halde- W. 35th St. H.Heine. man,

German Evangelical Zion, 171 W. 140th St. First German, 336 E. 14th St. F. A. Licht.

Noehren, First German, 220 E. 118th St. R. T. Wegener. Second Church of the Evangelical Association, 424 First Italian, cor. Oliver and Heary Sts. J. Pet- W. 55th St. C. Philipbar. relli.

St. Paul's, 159 E. 112th St. H. Rexroth.
First Swedish, E. 55th St., bet. 3d and Lexington Swedish Bethesda, 138 E. 50th St. K. F. Ohlson;

Chapel, 308 W. 139th St. 0. Nelson.
Harlem, 215 E. 123d St. Adam Chambers.
Hope, cor. 104th St. and Broadway. R. Hartley

Immanuel, White Plains Rd., Williamsbridge.
R. J. Davies.

East 15th St., cor. Rutherford PI.
Madison Ave., cor. Madison Ave. and E. 31st St. Twentieth St., 144 E. 20th St.
K. B. Tupper.

Mariner's Temple, 12 Oliver St. G. Dowkontt.
Memorial, Washington Sq.s., cor. Thompson St. Lady of Perpetual Help, 381 Broome St. Cyrus
Edward Judson.

Pinnola. Mercy Seat, 46 W. 135th St.

St. George, 332 E. 20th St. Joseph E. Czaplinski. Mount Gilead, 307 E. 1220 St. L. B. Twisby. St. Peter's Chapel (Syrian), Church St., cor. BarMount Morris, 5th Ave., near W. 126th St. J. H. clay. A. Bachewate.

Mount Olivet, 161 W. 53d St. M. W. Gilbert.

North, 234 W. 11th St. E. T. Sanford.

Adereth EI, 135 E. 29th St. Pilgrim, Boston Road, near Vyse Ave.

Agudath Jeshorim, 115 E. 86th St. D. Davidson. Riverside, 92d St., cor. Amsterdam Ave. A. L.

Ahawath Chesed, 652 Lexington Ave. I. S. Moses. Moore.

Ansche Sfard, 99 Attorney St. Second Ave., 166 20 Ave.

Ateres Zewi, E. 121st St., near 1st Ave. F. Light.
Second German, 407 W. 43d St. E. Umbach.
Shiloh, W. 127th St., near Lawrence.

Atereth Israel, 323 E. 82d St. M. Krauskopf.
E. W.

S. Schulman.

Beth-El, 5th Ave., cor. E. 76th St. Wainwright.


Beth Hamedrash 'Hagodol, 64 Norfolk St. Sixteenth St., 257 W. 16th St. A. B. MacLaurin.

Jaffe. St. Paul, 352 W. 35th St.

Beth Hamedrash Shaarei Torah, 80 Forsyth St. Temple, w. 116th St., bet. 5th and Lenox Aves. A.D. Chandler.

Beth Israel Bikur Cholim, 720 St. and Lexington

Ave. Aaron Eiseman. Third German, 1127 Fulton Av R. Hoefflin.


Beth Tefila, E. 107th St and Lexington Ave. Tremont, Tremont Ave.. cor. Ryer. A. E. Knapp.

Trinity, 11 W. 29th St. R. R. Wilson.

B'nai Israel, 225 E. 79th St. M. Previn.
Washington Heights, 145th St. and Convent Ave.
West 33d St., 327 W. 33d St. E. S. Holloway.

B'nai Jeshurun, 65th St. and Madison Ave. J.M.

Ascher. Zion, 99 6th Av. E. E. Jackson,

B'nee Sholom, 630 5th St. D. Loewenthal.

Emuno Israel, 301 W. 29th St.

First Galizo Duckler Mogen Abraham, 87 Attor-
Armenian Evangelical. Rev. H. B. Garabedian.
Services held at Adams Memorial Church, 207 First Hungarian Cong. Oheb Zedek, 172 Norfolk St.
E. 30th St.

P. Klein. Bedford Park, Bainbridge Ave., cor. E. 201st St. First Roumanian Am. Congregation, 91 RivingJ W. Cool.

ton St. Bethany, 10th Ave., near 35th St. S. H. Cox. Kahal Adath Jeshurun, 14 Eldridge St. J. Fried. Broadway Tabernacle, Broadway and 56th St. Kehilath Jeshurun, 117 E. 85th St. M.S. Margolies. C. E. Jefferson.

Kol Israel Ansche Poland, 22 Forsyth St. R. TserCamp Memorial, 141 Chrystie St. William James,

ney St.


ery St.



Machzika Torah Anshar Sineer, 34 Montgom- Washington Heights, W. 153d St., near Broadway.

E. A. Tappert.
Nachlath Zevi, 170 E. 114th St. H. Kamenetzky. Zion, 339 E. 84th St. H. Hebler.
Ratfe Zedek Ansche Ritove, 209 E. Broadway.
Rodoph Sholom, 630 St. and Lexington Ave. R.


Denominational Headquarters, 150 5th Ave. Shaare Berocho, E. 57th St., near 1st Ave. G.

Battery Swedish, W. 24th St., near 9th Ave. B. Hirsch.

Nilsson, Shaarai Tephilla, W. 82d St., near Amsterdam

Bedford St., 28 Morton St. G. A. Macdonald. Ave. F. de Sola Mendes.

Beekman Hill, 319 E. 50th St. E. W. Caswell. Shaari Zedek, 38 Henry St.

Blinn Memorial (German), 103d St. and Lexington Shearith B'nai Israel, 22 E. 113th St. A. Rosen

Ave. .arl Reuss. thal.

Calvary, 129th St. and 7th Ave. C. L. Goodell. Shearith Israel, 100 Central Park West, cor. 70th

Centenary, Washington Ave. and E. 166th St. B. St. H. P. Mendes.

C. Warren. Temple Emanu-El, 5th Ave. and 430 St. J. Silver Chelsea, 331 W. 30th St. A. M. Gay. man and L. Magnus.

Church of the People, 63 Park St. F. J. Belcher. Temple Israel, 120th St, and Lenox Ave. M. H.

Church of the Saviour, 109th St. and Madison Ave. Harris,

J. S. Stone. Tiftereth Israel, 126 Allen St. Joseph Lotz.

Cornell Memorial, E. 76th St., near 2d Ave. C. P. Zichron Ephraim, 67th St., near Lexington Ave.

Tinker. B. Drachman.

Duane, 294 Hudson St. R. H. Travis.

East Side Parish, 92d Ave. W. M. Stonehill, LUTHERAN

Eighteenth St., 307 W. 18th St. G. W. Downs. Advent, Broadway and 93d St. G. F. Krotel. Eleventh St, Chapel, 545 E. 11th St. E. L. Fox. Atonement, Edgecombe Ave. and 140th St. F. H. First German, 48 St. Mark's Place. Heury Heck. Knubel.

Five Points Mission, 63 Park St. F. J. Belcher. Bethany, 14 Teasdale Pl. W. Freas, Jr.

Fordham, Marion, Ave., near E. 192d St. W, B. Bethlehem, 239 E. 62d St. A. G. Steup.

Tower. Christ, 406 E. 19th St. G. U. Wenner.

Forty-fourth St., 461 W. 44th St. F. P. Harris, Christ, 552 W. 50th St.' H. Von Hollen.

German, Elton Ave., cor. E. 158th St. John Muller. Concordia, E. 144th St., cor. Brook Av. H. Pott- German, 316 W. 40th St. W. A. Stark, berg.

Grace, White Plains Road. R. F. Norton. Emanuel, Brown Pl.,cor. E. 137th St. A. A. King. Grace, 131 W. 104th St. T. H. Baragwanath. Emigrant House Chapel, 4 State St. G. Doering

Hedding, 337 E. 17th St. A. s, Hagarty. Epiphany, 72 E. 128th St. F. B. Clausen.

Jane St., 13 Jane St. Cyrus W. McPherson. Holy Trinity, 887 Tinton Av.

John St., 44 John St. J. W. Johnston. Grace, 123 W. 71st St. J. A. Weyl.

Madison Ave., Madison Ave., cor. 60th St. Grace, Webster Av., near 196th St. A. Koerber. MacMillen, Gustavus Adolphus, 151 E. 22d St. M. Stolpe. Metropolitan Temple, 58 7th Ave. R. Bagnell. Harlem Swedish, 191 E. 121st St. John Schiller. Morris Heights, Morris Heights Station. L. B. Heiland, Morris Av.

Longacre. Holy Trinity, Central Park West and W. 65th St. Mott Ave., Mott Ave., cor. E. 150th St. F. HerC. A. Miller.

mance, Immanuel, 215 E. 83d St. C. J. Renz.

Mount Hope, Tremont Ave., cor. E. 177th St. G. Immanuel, 1410 Vyse Av. M, (. Stensen.

S. Davis. Immanuel, 88th St., cor. Lexington Ave. Olin, White Plains Ave., Williamsbridge. John Schoenfeld,

Rippere. Our Saviour, 179th St. and Audubon Ave. W. H. Park Ave., Park Ave., cor. 86th St. D. W. B. Feldmann.

Thompson. Our Saviour (Norwegian), 237 E. 123d St. K. People's, E. 61st St., near 2d Ave, F. A. Scofield, Kvamme.

Perry St., 132 Perry St. John Rowe. Redeemer, 424 W. 44th St. F. C. G. Schumm. Prospect Ave., 998 E. 161st St. W. M. Carr. Reformation, Wilkins Pl., cor. Jennings, G.J. M. Rose Hill. 221 E. 27th St. E. L. Thorpe. Ketner.

St. Andrew's, 126 W. 76th St. A. Gillies. St. James', Madison Ave., cor. E. 73d St. J. B. St. James', Madison Ave. and 126th St. A. MacRemensnyder.

Rossie. St. John's, 81 Christopher St. John J. Young. St. John's German, Richardson Ave., Wakefield. St. John's, 217 E. 119th St. H. C. Steup.

George Maver. St. John's, Fulton Ave, and 170th St. H. Beider- St. Mark's, W. 53d St, and 8th Ave. W.H. Brooks. becke.

St. Paul's, 86th St, and West End Ave. G. P. St. Luke's, 39 Adams St., Van Nest. W. Eick- Eckman. mann.

St. Paul's (German), 308 E. 55th St. F. W Boese. St. Luke's, 233 W. 42d St. W. F. Koepchen. St. Stephen's, Marble Hill Ave., cor. W.228th St. St. Mark's, 323 6th St. G. C. F. Haas.

R. L. Ross.
St. Matthew's, 354 Broome St. Otto Sieker.

Second St., 276 2d St. W. C. Wilson.
St. Matthew's, E. 156th St., near Courtlardt Ave. Seventh St., 24 7th St. John R. Henry.
W. T. Junge.

Swedish, Lexington Av., cor. E. 32d St. H Young.
St. Paul's, 181st St., near 3d Ave. Wm. Proehl. Thirty-fifth St., 460 W. 35th St. T. S. Bond.
St. Paul's, 313 W. 22d St. Leo Koenig.

Thirty-seventh St., 225 E. 37th St. E. C. Hoag. St. Paul's, 149 W. 123d St. F. H. Bosch.

Tremont, Washington Ave., cor. E. 178th St. A.E. St. Paul's, 974 E. 156th St. G. H. Tappert.

Barnett. St Peter's, E. 218th St., near White Plains Rd. Tremont (German), Bathgate Ave., near E. 176th 0. Rappolt.

St. B. Blesi.
St. Peter's, Lexington Ave. and 54th St. A. B. Trinity, 323 E. 1181b St. Charles II. Grubb.

Trinity, Main St., City Island. Wm.s. Harper, St. Peter's, Alexander Ave. and 141st St. H. A. Twenty-fourth St., 359 W. 24th St. F. H. CarSteininger,

penter St. Stephen's, Union Ave., near 165th St. Paul Union, W. 48th St., near Broadway. C. A. Holla. Roesener.

Washington Heights, Amsterdam Ave., cor. 153d Trinity, 139 Ave. B. Otto Graesser.

St. J. W. Campbell. Trinity, 164 w. 100th St., near Amsterdam Ave. Washington Sq., 137 W. 4th St. G. L. Strobridge E. Brennecke.

Westchester, West Farm. RoadR. P



West Farms, 1266 Tremont Ave. C. E. Ames. Scotch, 96th St.and Central Park W. D. G. Wylie. Willis Ave., cor, E. 141st St. C. E. Barto.

Sea and Land, 61 Henry St. 0. G. Cocks. Woodlawn, E. 237th St., near Katonah Ave. M. P. Second German, 435 E. Houston St. C. D'Oench. Williams,

Seventb, cor. Broome and Ridge Sts. J. T. Wilds. METHODIST EPISCOPAL (AFRICAN).

Spring St., Spring St., near Varick St. H.R. Bates.

Thirteenth st., 145 W. 13th St. J. H. Hoadley. Bethel, 239 W. 25th St. T. W. Henderson.

Throgg's Neck, Ft. Schuyler Road, Westchester. Bethel Chapel, 220 W.61st St. J. E. Peterson.

R. B. Mattice. Bishops Chapel,60 W. 135th St. U.F.H.Gunthorpe. Tremont, Washington Ave., near E. 174th St. Little Zion,236 E. 117th St, W. A. Bradley.

George Nixon. Metropolitan Union American, 230 E. 85th St. J. United, E. 187th St., cor. Lorillard Pl. J. A. Shaw. Fernandez.

University Heights, University Heights. Percy Zion, 127 W. 89th St. J. H. McMullen.

B. Wightman.

University Pl., University Pl., cor. 10th St. G.

Alexander; Bethlehem Chapel, 196 Bleecker St. First (English), 154 Lexington Ave. M. W.

J. W. Miller; Emmanuel Chapel, 735 6th St. J. Leibert.

C. Palmer.
Second, Intervale Ave. and Jennings St. C. E. Welsh, 225 E 13th St. Joseph Roberts.

West, 42d St., bet. 5th and 6th Aves. A. H. Evans. Third, 224 W. 63d St. V. G. Flinn.

West End, 105th St. and Amsterdam Ave. A, E. PRESBYTERIAN.


West Farms, 1246 E. 180th St. C. P. Mallery.
Denominational Headquarters, 156 5th Ave. Westminster, 210-212 W.230 St. J. L. Lee.
(Rev. F. E. Shearer, D. D., Stated Clerk and Woodstock, E. 165th St. and Boston Ave. James

Adams Memorial, 207 E. 30th St. J. F. Forbes. Zion (German), 207 E. 30th St. G. J. Schörk.
Alexander Chapel,
7 King St. Hugh Pritchard.

Bedford Park, E. 200th St., cor. Bainbridge Ave.
John E. Triplett.

Diocesan House, 416 Lafayette Street,
Bethany,'E. 137th St., near Willis Ave. F. E.

Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, 113 W. 40th St., and Marsten.

Rt. Rev. D), H. Greer, 7 Gramercy Pk. , Bishops; Bohemian, 349 E. 74th St. Vincent Pisek.

George F. Nelson, Archdeacon, n. 416 Lafayette Brick, 5th Ave., cor. 37th St. W. R. Richards.

St. Bronx (Bohemian), Washington Ave., near 170th

Cathedral of St. John the Divine, W. 113th St., St. V. P. Backord.

between Amsterdam Ave. and Morningside Central, W. 57th St., bet. Broadway and 7th Ave.

Ave. W. M. Smith.

All Angels', 81st St., cor. West End Ave. S. D. Christ, 334 W. 36th St. J. M. Farr.

Church of the Puritans, 15 W. 130th St. C. J. All Saints', 286 Henry St. W. N. Dunnell.

All Souls', 86 St. Nicholas Ave. G. $. Pratt. Covenant, 310 E. 42d St. G. S. Webster.

Ascension, 36 5th Ave., cor. 10th St. Percy S. Grant. East Harlem, 116th St., bet. 2d and 3d Aves. C. H.

Ascension Memorial, 243 W. 43d St. J'F. Steen. Scholey.

Beloved Disciple, 89th St., near Madison Ave. H. Emmanuel Chapel, 733 6th St. J. C. Palmer.

M. Barbour, Faith, 359 W. 48th St. R. R. White.

Calvary, 273 4th Ave. J. L. Parks; Galilee MisFifth Ave., 5th Ave., cor. 55th St. J. R. Stevenson; sion, 346 E. 23d St.

Memorial Chapel, E. 62d St., near 1st Ave. Chapel of Christ the Consoler, foot E, 26th St. First, 54 5th Ave. Howard Duffield.

(Bellevue Hospital), Henry C. Dyer. First, Morrisania, Washington Ave., near 167th Chapel of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, 2 W. 106th St. St. Geo. P. Meritt.

A. D. Pell. First, 220 5th St., Williamsbridge. E. R. Perry. Chapel of the Comforter, 8 Horatio St. R. G. First Union, 147 E. 86th St. M. S. Littlefield.

Quenell. Fourth, West End Ave. and 91st St. P. Hunter. Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Blackwell's Island. Fourth Ave., 4th Ave. and 22d St. W. D. Buchanan. I. W. Beard. Fourteenth St., 14th St., cor. 2d Ave. Geo. E. "Chapel of the Good Shepherd (General Theological Merriam.

Seininary), Chelsea Square. French Evangelical, 126 W. 16th St. H. L. Grand-Chapel of the Messiah, 206 E. 95th St. F. H. lienard.

Church. Good Shepherd Chapel, 152 W. 66th St. D. E. Christ, Broadway and W. 71st St. G. A. Strong. Lorenz.

Christ, Riverdale. G. A. Carstensen, Harlem, 122d St. and Mt. Morris Park, West. J. Church of the Advocate, Washington Ave., near L. Caughey.

E. 180th St. Hope Chapel, 339 E. 4th St. A. Buchlos.

Church of tire Resurrection, E. 74th St., near Lenox, St. Nicholas Ave. and 141st St. T. W. Park Ave. A. D. Pell. Smith.

Corpus Christi, 221 W.69th St. L. C. Rich. Madison Ave., Madison Ave., cor. 73d St. H. S. Du St. Esprit, E. 27th St., near 4th Ave. A. V. Coffin.

Wittmeyer. Madison Square, 24th St. and Madison Ave. C. H. Epiphany, 259 Lexington Ave. W. T. (rocker. Parkhurst.

Epiphany Chapel, 130 Stanton St. W. W. Gilliss. Morningside, Morningside Ave. and W. 122d St. God's Providence Mission, 330 Broome St. J. C. A. Becker.

Grace, 800 Broadway. W. R. Huntington. Morrisania, 1203 Washington Ave, G. P. Merritt. Grace, Main St., City Island. Arthur Forbes. Mount Tabor, 57 W. 134th St. H. G. Miller. Grace, West Farms, Vyse Ave., near Tremont Ave. Mount Washington, Inwood. G. S. Payson.

A. J. Derbyshire. New York, 7th Ave. and 128th St. D. J. McMillan. Grace Chapel, 414 E. 14th St. Geo. H. Bottome. Northminster, W. 115th St., near St. Nicholas Grace Emanuel,

212 E. 116th St. Wm. K. McGown. Ave. W.P. Shriver.

Heavenly Rest, 551 5th Ave. D. Parker Morgan. North, 525 W. 155th St. W. D, Sexton.

Holy Apostles, 300 9th Ave. R. L. Paddock. Park, 86th St. and Amsterdam Ave. A. P. Atter- Holy Comforter, 343 W. Houston St. W. A. A. bury.

Gardner. Phelps Mission, 314 E. 35th St. E. C. Shaver. Holy Communion,324 6th Ave. Henry Mottet. Riverdale, Riverdale. I. S. Dodd.

Holy Cross, 43 Ave. c. M. W. Britton. Rutgers, Broadway and W. 73d St. R. Mackenzie. Holy Faith, E. 166th St., near Boston Ave. St. James', 357 W. 51st St. C. L. Butler.

Holy Nativity, W. 200th St., near Webster Ave. St. Nicholas Ave., 141st St. & St. Nicholas Ave. H. M. Hopkins.




PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL-Continued. Holyrood, Broadway, corner W. 181st St. St. Peter's, 342 W. 20th St. 0. S. Roche. Greaves.

St. Peter's, Westchester Ave. F. M. Clendenin. Holy Trinity (St. James' Parish), 316 E. 88th St. J. St. Philip's, 161 W. 25th St. H, C. Bishop. V. Chalmers.

St. Simeon's, E. 163d St., cor. College Ave. R. Holy Trinity, W. 122d St. and Lenox Ave. H. P. J. Walker. Nichols.

St. Stephen's, 124 W. 69th St. N. A. Seagle. Incarnation, 205 Madison Ave., cor. 35th St. W. M. St. Stephen's Chapel, E. 238th St., cor, Vireo Ave.

Grosvenor; Chapel, 242 E. 31st St. Geo. Biller, Jr. P. McIntire. Intercession, 158th St. and Broadway. M. H.Gates. St. Thomas', 5th Ave., cor. 53d St. E. M. Stires. "Little Church Around the Corner'' (Trans- St. Thomas' Chapel, 230 E. 60th St. R. R. Claiborne.

figuration), 5 E. 29th St. G. C. Houghton. San Salvatore(Italian), 359 Broome St. E.Knapp. Mediator, Kingsbridge Ave. John Campbell. Transfiguration (" Little Church Around the Our Saviour, foot Market St., East River. A, R. Corner''), 5 E. 29th St. G. C. Houghton. Mansfield.

Trinity, Broadway and Rector St. Morgan Dix, Redeemer, 136th St., near 7th Ave. W.E. Johnson. Trinity, E. 164th St., near Boston Road. A.S.Huil. St. Agnes’ Chapel (Trinity Parish), 92d St., near Trinity Chapel, 15 W. 25th St. W. H. Vibbert. Columbus Ave. W. T. Manning.

Zion and St. Timothy, 332 W. 57th St. Henry St. Alban's, Summit Ave., near E. 164th St. H.R. Lubeck. Fell.

REFORMED CHURCH IN AMERICA, St. Ambrose (Italian). 236 E. 11lth St. Arch

Denominational Headquarters, Reformed Church deacon Nelson.

Building, 25 E. 22d St. St. Andrew's, 127th St., near 5th Ave. G. R. Van

Anderson Memorial, cor. E. 183d St. and CambreDe Water. St. Ann's, St. Ann's Ave., near E. 140th St.


ling Ave. James B. Hunter, W. Harris.

Bloomingdale, West End Ave. and 106th St. W.C.

«Stinson. St. Ann's(Deaf Mutes), W. 148th St., near Amster

Church of the Comforter, E. 162d St., near Mordam Ave. John Chamberlain. St. Augustine's Chapel (Trinity Parish), 107 E.

ris Ave. Fioyd Decker. Houston St. A. C. Kimber.

Fordham Manor, Kingsbridge Road, near Jerome

Ave. J. M. Hodson.
St. Barnabas' Chapel, 306 Mulberry St. J. G.

Fourth German, 410 W. 45th St. J. H. Oerter. St. Bartholomew's, 348 Madison Ave. Leighton Germau Evangelical Mission, 141 E. Houston St.

J. W. Geyer.
Parks. Oriental Mission, 209 E. 42d St.; Swedish
Chapel, 121 E. 127th St.

German Reformed Protestant Dutch, 353 E. 68th

St. Julius Jaeger.
St. Christopher's Chapel (Trinity Parish), 213

Grace, 845 7th Ave. J. R. Duryee.
Fulton St. A. W. Griffin.
St. Chrysostom's Chapel (Trinity Parish), 201 W.

Hamilton Grange, W. 149th St. and Convent Ave. 39th St. T. H. Sill.

Chalmers P. Dyke. St. Clement's, 108 W, 3d St. E. H. Van Winkle.

Harlem Collegiate, 191 E. 121st St. B. E. Dickhaut. St. Cornelius', 423 W. 46th St. I. C. Sturges.

Harbor Mission, Ellis Island, Paul Land. St. Cornelius? Chapel, Governor's Island. E. B.

Lenox Ave., 267 Lenox Ave. E. Tilton, Jr.

Madison Ave., Madison Ave., cor. 57th St.
St. David's, 642 E. 160th St. E. G. Clifton.

St. Edmund' 's, 177th St., near Morris Ave. J. C.

Manhattan, 71 Ave. B. Jacob Schlegel. Smiley.

Melrose, Elton Ave., cor. E. 156th St. G. H. Miller.

Mott Haven, 3d Ave., cor. 146th St. J. F. Dobbs. St. Edward the Martyr, 109th St., near 5th Ave. E. W. Neil.

New York Collegiate: St. George's, E. 219th St., Williamsbridge. F. N.

St. Nicholas, 5th Ave., c. 48th St. D. S. Mackay.

Knox Memorial, 405 W. 41st St. E. G. W. Meury. Strader. St. George's, 7 Rutherford Pl. Hugh Birckhead.

Marble, 5th Ave, and 29th St. D. J. Burrell. St. Ignatius, West End Ave. and W. 87th St.

Middle, 2d Ave. and 7th St. J. G. Fagg. Arthur Ritchie.

North Church Chapel, 113 Fulton St. St. James', 71st St., cor. Madison Ave. Frederick

Thirty-fourth St., 307 W. 34th St. R.W. Courtney. Courtney.

Vermilye Chapel, 416 W.54th St. W. R. Ackert. St. James', Fordham, Jerome Ave., cor. E. 190th St.

West End, 77th St. and West End Ave. H. E. D. L. Pelton.

Cobb. St. John the Divine Cathedral, W. 113th St., be- Prospect Hill, 1451 Lexington Ave. H. M. Cox, tween Amsterdam and Morningside Aves.

South, Madison Ave., cor. 38th St. T. R. Bridges, St. John the Evangelist, 222 W. 11th St. A. B.

Manor Chapel, 348 W. 26th St. James Palmer. Howard.

Union, Ogden Ave., near 168th St. J. B. Voorhees, St. John's (Trinity Parish), 46 Varick St. P. A. West Farms, Boston Road, cor. E. 179th St. W. H. Brown.

R. Hart,
St. Luke's, Convent Ave., cor. W. 141st St. J. T. REFORMED CHURCH IN THE U. S.

St. Luke's (Trinity Parish), Hudson St., opp.

Bethany,235 E. 109th St. E. W. C. Brueckner. Grove St. P. A. H. Brown.

Harbor Mission, Ellis Island. Paul Land.

Martha Memorial.419 W. 52d St. Paul H. Schnatz. St. Margaret's, E. 156th St., cor. Leggett Ave. C. A. Hamilton,

St. Paul's, 874 E. 141st St. Jacob Schmitt. St. Mark's, 2d Ave. and 10th St. L. W. Batten.

REFORMED EPISCOPAL. St. Mary's, Alexander Ave., cor. 142d St. F. S.

First, Madison Ave., cor. 55th St. W. T. Sabine. Moore.

St. Paul's, 236th St. and Vireo Ave. C. W. RusSt. Mary's, Lawrence St., near Amsterdam Ave.

sell. H. R. Hülse. St. Mary the Virgin, W. 46th St. ånd 6th Ave. G.


First, 123 W. 12th St. St. Matthew's, W. 84th St., near Central Park

Fourth, 304 W. 122d St. I. A. Blackwood. West. A. H. Judge.

Second, 227 W. 39th St. R. M. Somerville. St. Michael's, Amsterdam Ave., near W. 99th St.

Third, 238 W.23d St. F. M. Foster.
J. P. Peters.

St. Paul's, Washington Ave., cor. St. Paul's Pl.
H. F. Taylor.

Most Rev. J. M. Farley, Archbishop, 452 Madison
St. Paul's (Trinity Parisb), Broadway and Vesey Ave.
St. W. M. Geer.

All Saints', Madison Av. cor. 129th St. J. W Power,


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