Зображення сторінки





The Judges are elected for a term of ten years at years at an annual salary of $15,000.

The Surrogates are elected for a term of fourteen an annual salary of $10,000.



Term Expires.

Terın Expires,
Abner C. Thomas... Surrogate.

Jan. 1. 1914 Edw'd F. O'Dwyer Chief Judge Dec. 31, 1907 F. T. Fitzgerald.

1, 1907 J. H. McCarthy.. Judge

31, 1907 Lewis J. Conlan

Chief Clerk.-William V. Leary; salary. $8,000,

31, 1909 Joseph I. Green

31, 1909


31, 1910 OF


31, 1910 NEW YORK STATE, 65 LIBERTY ST. Samuel Seabury

31, 1911

Arbitrator, -Vacant. Clerk.-George Wilson,

This court was established by act of the Legis

lature, for the hearing and prompt settlement of Clerk.-Thos. F. Smith; salary, $6,000.

controversies among merchants, shipmasters, and Deputy.-Edward H. Piepenbring; salary, $3,000. I others within the Port of New York.

MUNICIPAL COURTS IN MANHATTAN AND BRONX. The Justices are elected for a term of ten years at an annual salary of $6,000. The Clerks are appointed by the Justices for six years, and receive annual salaries of $3,000. Ist Dis. ---3d, 5th, and 8th Wards, and all that part North River; 314 W. 54th St.; Thos. E. Murray, of Ist Ward lying westof B’dway and Whitehall Justice; Michael Skelly, Clerk. St., including Governor's Is., Liberty Is. Ellis 11th Dis.-Northern part 20th Ward, Court, room, Is.. Oyster Isls.; 128 Prince St.; Wauhope Lynn, 70 Manhattan St. : Francis J. Worcester, Justice; Justice; Thos. O'Connell, Clerk.

Heman B. Wilson, Clerk; Robt. Andrews, Aos'l 2d Dis.-All that part of 1st Ward east of B’dway Clerk.

aud Whitehall St., 2d, 4th, 6th, and 14th Wards; 12th Dis.-That part of the 22d Ward n. of W. 70th 59 Madison St.; John E.Hoyer, Justice; Francis St. and that part of 12th Ward bet. W. 861h and Maugin, Clerk.

W. 120th St. and 7th Ave, and North River; 3d Dis. -9th and 15th Wards; 6th Ave., cor, W. 10th 2630 B'way; Alfred P. W. Seaman,

Justice; St. ; Wm. F. Moore, Justice; D. Williams, Clerk. James V. Gilloon, Clerk. 4th Dis.-10th and 17th Wards; 30 1st St. ; Geo. F. 13th Dis.-Delancey from E. R., Pitt, to Grand, to Roesch, Justice; Andrew Lang, Clerk.

Norfolk, to Division, to Catharine, to E.R. ; 264 5th Dis. -ilth and part of 13th Ward : 154 Clinton St.; Madison; Leon Sanders, Justice; James J.

Benj. Hoffman, Justice; Thos. Fitzpatrick, Clerk. Devlin, Clerk. 6th Dis.-18th and 21st Wards; cor. 230 St. and 28 14th Dis. - Commencing on north at Central Park

Ave.; D. F. Martin, Justice; A. Bernard, Clerk. W. and W. 97th st. east to Lexington Ave., south 7th Dis.-19th Ward, except that portion embraced to E. 65th St., west to Park Ave., south to E. 61st

in the 14th Dis.; 151 E. 57th St. ; Herman Joseph, St., east to Park Ave., south to E.40th to W.40th Justice; Edward A. McQuade, Clerk.

to 8th Ave., north to W.53d St., east to 7th Ave., 8th Dis. - 16th and 20th Wards; 269 8th Ave. ; Jas. north to W. 59th St., west to Central Park W.,

W. McLaughlin, Justice; H. Merzbach, clerk. north to W. 97th St.; 624 Madison Ave. Edgar 9th Dis. - 12th Ward, except that portion which lies J. Lauer, Justice; W.J. Chamberlain, Clerk.

west of Lenox Ave, and of Harlem River north BRONX-1st Dis.-24th Ward east of Bronx River; of terminus of Lenox Ave. ; 170 E. 121st St.; Jos. Town Hall, Westchester; Wm. W. Penfield, P. Fallon, Justice; Wm. J. Kennedy, Clerk.

Justice; T. É. Delahanty, Clerk. 10th Dis.-Bounded on north by W. 86th St., east BRONX-20 Dis.--23 and 24th Wards; E. 1620 St.

by Central Park to W. 59th St., from W.59th St. and Washington Ave.; John M. 'Tierney, justice; to W.530 St., by 7th Ave., from W. 53d St. to W. Thomas A. Maher, Clerk. 40th St., 8th Ave., south by W. 40th St., west by

United States Courts in Manhattan. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS. -Post-Office Building. Judges.-Rufus W. Peckham, Circuit Justice; William J. Wallace, E. Henry Lacombe, Wm. K. Townsend, and Alfred C. Coxe, Circuit Judges. Clerk. -William Parkin; salary, $3,500. Term. -Second Tuesday in October. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURT. 1 Post- UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT.-PostOffice Building.

Office Building:

Judge of the District Court. -George B. Adams, The Judges of the Federal Courts are appointed Chas. M. Hough, Geo. L. Holt; salary, $6,000.

by the President, and confirmed by the United. Clerk.-Thomas Alexander. States Senate, for life.

Stated Term. -First Tuesday in every month. Also

first Wednesday of Feb., April, June, Oct,, and Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Dec., for trial of equity suits and actions at law,

and Judge of the Circuit Court.-Rufus W. Special Terin.--Every Tuesday for return of process, Peckham; salary, $12,500.

United States District- Allorney.-Henry L. Stimson;

salary, $10,000. Circuit Judges.-William J.Wallace, E. Henry La- Assistant District Attorneys.-J.0. Nichols, Gold.

combe, Wm. K. Townsend, and Alfred C. thwaite H. Dorr, D. Frank Lloyd, Clarence s. Coxe; salaries, $7,000 each.

Houghton, H. A. Wise, Francis J. Carmody,

F. Frankfurter; salaries range from $2,000 to Clerk.-John A. Shields; salary, $3,500.


Marshal. William Henkel; salary, $5,000. General Terms. --First Monday in April and third Chief Deputy.-John Stiebling; salary, $2,750 Monday in October.

Commissioners.-John A. Shields, Samuel R. Betts,

Thomas Alexander, Henry P. Butler, Samuel Equity Term. --Last Monday in February.

M. Hitchcock, Ed. L. Owen, James Ridgway,

Henry W. Goodrich, Herbert Green, Daniel Terms of Criminal Court.-Second Wednesdays in B. Deyo, Alex. Gilchrist, Jr., William D. January, March, May, October, December,

Jones, Wm. P. Prentice, James L. Williams, third in June.

P. W. Esmoud, Edward J. Collips,


In the following pages information of daily interest to citizens and visitors about the City of New York 1s given, the subjects, for convenience of reference, being arranged alphabetically. This information 1s of the date of January 1, 1907, but it must be borne in mind that changes in an active community like that of New York are continuously going on, and that accuracy in details can only be guaranteed for the date of issue of the ALMANAC.


Proprietors or Seat. Ca- Prices of Admission.

Location. THEATRES, ETC.


pacity (Subject to change.) Academy of Music E. 14th St. and Irving Place..... Gilmore & Tompkins.... 2,510 $1.50, 1.00, 75c., 50c., 25c. Alhambra... 7th Ave. and 126th St... Percy G. Williams

1,600 1.00, 75c., 50c., 25c. American... 8th Ave. and 42d St. Klaw, Erlanger & Weis.. 2,166

1.00, 75c., 50c., 25c. Astor.. Broadway and 45th St. Wagenhals & Kemper..


2.00 to 50c. Belasco. 420 St. and Broadway. David Belasco..


2.00 to 50c. Berkeley Lyceum. 44th St., near 5th Ave.

Walter C. Jordan...

Broadway and 31st St.. A. C. Campbell

969 2.00 to 1.00.
Broadway and 41st St.
Litt & Dingwall..


2.00, 1.50, 1.00, 75c., 50c.. Carnegie Lyceum. 7th Ave, and 57th St..

Board of Trustees.

639 Carnegie Hall.. W. 57th St., near 7th Ave.. Board of Trustees.

9,800 Casino... Broadway and 39th St... S. S. & Lee Shubert.


2.00, 1.50, 1.00, 50c. Circle. Broadway and 61st St., Sullivan & Kraus...

1,600 1.00 to 25c.
Broadway and 620 St.. Percy G. Williams.

1,700 1.00 to 25c.
Broadway and 44th St.
Charles Frohman..


2.00 to 50c.
Broadway and 30th St.
Daniel Frohman..

1,150 2.00 to 50c.
14th St., near 3d Ave..
Sullivan & Kraus...

1,600 1.00, 50c., 35c., 25c. Eden Musee. W.23d St., near 6th Ave.. Eden Musee Co....


50c., 25c.
Broadway and 40th St,
Charles Frohman..

1,100 2.00, 1.50, 1.00, 760., 60c. Fourteenth Street. W. 14th St., near 6th Ave., J. W. Rosenquest..

1,500 1.50 to 25c. Garden... Madison Ave. and 27th St. H. W. Savage..

1,110 2.00, 1.50, 1.00, 75c., 50c. Garrick 35th St., near 6th Ave Charles Frohman.


2.00, 1.50, 1.00, 50c. Gotham. 125th St., near 3d Ave.. Sullivan & Kraus.

1,650 1.00 to 25c. Grand Grand St., near Bowery. Jacob P. Adler...

1,888 1.00 to 25c. Grand Opera House... W. 23d St. and 8th Ave.. John H. Springer.

2.910 1.00, 70c., 50c., 26c. Hackett's 42d St., near Broadway. James K. Hackett.

1,000 2.00, 1.50, 1.00, 60c. Harlem Opera House.. W. 125th St., near 7th Ave. Keith & Proctor..


1.00 to 25c. Herald Square... Broadway and 35th St.. S. S. & Lee Shubert..

1,300 2.00 to 50c. Hippodroine. 6th Ave. and 44th St... Shubert & Anderson.

5,600 2.00 to 25c. Hudson. 44th St., near 6th Ave. H. B. Harris.......

995 2.00 to 50c. Hurtig & Seamnong' W.125th St, and 7th Ave., Hurtig & Seamon..

1,284 Irving Place E. 15th St, and Irving Pl. H. Conried....

1,096 2.00 to 35c. Kalich 45 Bowery. Leopold Spachner

2,000 2.00 to 50c. Keith & Proctor's Un. Sq. E. 14th St., near Broadway.

Keith & Proctor.

1,000 1.00, 50c., 25c. Keith & Proctor's E. 58th St., Dear 3d Ave.. Keith & Proctor.

2,200 1.00 to 25c. Keith & Proctor's.. W.23d St., near 6th Ave... Keith & Proctor...

1,551 1.00, 50c., 25c. Keith & Proctor's 5th Ave. Broadway and 28th St.

Keith & Proctor..

1,600 1.00 to 25c. Keith & Proctor's 125th St. 125th St. and Lexington Ave. Keith & Proctor.

1,800 1.00, 75c., 50c., 25c. Knickerbocker Broadway and 38th St. Al. Hayman & Co.

1,352 2.00, 1.50, 1.00, 60c. Liberty 234 W. 42d St.. Klaw & Erlanger.

1,200 2.00 to 50c.
Lincolo Square.
Broadw and 66th St..
A. H. Dexter..


1.00 to 25c. London 235 Bowery Jas. H. Curtin..

1,800 75c., 50c,, 35c., 25c., 18c. Lyceuin... 45th St., B'way and 6th Ave.... Daniel Frohman..


2.00 to 50c. Lyric... 7th Ave. and 420 St... S. S. & Lee Shubert...

2,000 2.00 to 50c Madison Square.. 24th St., near Broadway Walter N. Lawrence,

*650 2.00, 1.50, 1.00, 50c.
Madison Square Garden.. Madison Ave., 26th and 27th Sts. Madison Square Garden Co. 12,137
Madison Square Garden
Concert Hall...

26th St. and Madison Ave.. Madison Square Garden Co. 1,183
Rroadway and 59th St.
S. S. & Lee Shubert

1,704 1.50 to 50c.
Broadway, near 33d St.. William A, Brady.

1,100 2.00 to 50c. Manhattan Opera House.. 34th St., near 9th Ave... Oscar Hammerstein...

4,800 5.00 to 1.00 Metropolis 1420 St. and 3d Ave Henry Rosenberg

1,600 1.00, 75c., 50c., 25c. Metropolitan Op. House.. Broadway, 39th and 40th Sts.. Heinrich Conried.

3,336 5.00 to 1.00. Miner's Bowery Bowery, near Delancey St. W. H. Isham..

1,800 75c. to 15c. Miner's 8th Avenue. 7th Ave., near 251h St..

Edwin D. Miner.

1,100 750 to 25c. Murray Hill Lexington Ave. and 420 St. Hurtig & Seamon.

2,400 75c. to 25c. New Amsterdam. 42d St., west of Broadway Klaw & Erlanger.

1,675 2.00 to 50c. New Star... Lexington Ave. and 107th St.. Wm. T. Keogh

3,000 1.00, Tic., 50c., 25c., 160, New York.. Broadway and 45th St. Klaw & Erlanger.

3,815 1.00, 50c., 25c. Palace ... 3d Ave. and 129th St.. F. H. Schaefer...

1,000 1.00, 50c., 350., 250.
E. 14th St., near 3d Ave
Tony Pastor...

1,000 1.00, 50c., 20c.
Broadway and 29th St.
S.S. & Lee Shubert..


2.00, 1.50, 1.00, 75c., 60c. Savoy.. 34th St, and Broadway, Frank McKee..

841 2.00 to 50c.
Bowery, near Canal St.
Sullivan & Woods

1,600 1.00 to 15c.
Third Avenue.
3d Ave., near 31st St..... Martin Dixon..

2.098 1.00 to 150.
42d St. and 7th Ave....
Oscar Hammerstein

1,000 1.50 to 25c.
Broadway and 30th St.
Mrs. Theo. Moss..

1,200 2.00 to 50c.
Broadway and 30th St.. Joseph Weber..

1,000 2.00 to 50c. West End.. 125th St. and 8th Ave..

Stair, Wilber & Nicolai. 2,000 1.00, to 150. Yorkville 186th St. and Lexington Ave...... Frank Gersten

1,450 11.50 to 25c. Seating capacity is given, but there is usually standing room in addition for a large number of persons. Theatre-goers should consult the daily papers as to time performance begins.

Musical entertainments are sometimes given in Cooper Union, Tammany Hall, Atlantic Garden, 50 Bowery; Grand Central Palace, 43d St. and Lexington Ave.; American Institute, 19 West 44th St.; Lexington Opera House, 58th Si., Dear Lexington Ave.

MUSEUMS.-Metropolitan Museum of Art, 5th Ave. and 820 St. (Central Park); free on Tues., Wed., Thurs., Sat., from 10 a. M. to half hour before suis-t, and on Monday and Friday from 8 to 10 P. M.; open on Sunday from i P. m. to half hour before sunset and on legal holidays; on Mon. and Fri., during the day, admission is 25 cents. Museum of Natural History, 8th Ave. and 77th St., free on Wed., Thars., Fri., and Sat., from 9 a. M. to 5 P. M., Sunday from 1 to 5 P. M., also on holiday! and Tues, and sats evenings, admission on Mon, and Tues., 25 cents. Aquarium, Castle Garden, Battery Park. Zoological Gardens, Central Park, entrance bth Ave, and 64th St., and at Bronx Park, 182d St, and Southern Boulevard, admission free, except on Mon. and Thurs. 25c. is charged. Botanical Gardens (Brons Park), open daily 10 A. m. to 4.30 P. m., tros.

Asylums and Homes in Manhattan and Bronx, Anthony Home, 126 E. 17th St,

Home for Friendless, for Females and Children, Association for Relief of Respectable Aged In- 936 Woody Crest Ave. digent Females, 891 Amsterdam Ave.

Home for Incurables, 3d Ave., cor. E. 182d St. Babies'Shelter, Church Holy Communion, Recep- Home for Italian Immigrants, 8 Charlton St. tion House, 49 W. 20th St.

Home for Old Men and Aged Couples, 1060AmsterBaptist Home for Aged, E. 68th St, and Park Ave. dam Ave. Berachah Orphanage House Reception,6908th Ave. Home for Protestant Immigrant Girls, 9 State St. Bide-a-Wee Home (for animals), 145 W. 38th St. Home for Relief of Destitute Blind, 896 AmsterBlind Asylum, Blackwell's Island,

dam Ave. Bloomingdale Insane Asylum, White Plains, N. Y. Home for the Aged, 213 E. 70th St. and 135 W. Office, W. 15th St.

106th St. Brace Farm School for Boys, 105 E, 22d St.

Home for the Aged of the Church of the Holy Brace Memorial Lodging House, 14 New Communion (P.E.), 49 W. 20th St. Chambers St.

Home for Unemployed Young Women, 116 E. Catholic Protectory, Van Nest Station, office 415 106th St. Broome St.

Home for Young Women, 49 W. 9th St. Branches Chapin Home for the Aged and Infirm, 151 E. 66th at 308 2d Ave., 153 E. 62d St. St.

Home of the Daughters of Jacob, 302 E. Broadway. Charity Organization Society, 105 E. 22d St.

Hopper, Isaac T., Home, 110 2d Ave. Chebra Hachnosath Orchim. See Hebrew Shelter- House of Calvary (Incurable Cancer, Females), ing House and Home for Aged.

5 Perry St. Children's Aid Society, executive office 105 E. House of Mercy (Protestant Episcopal), W.214th 22d St.

St., cor. Bolton Rd. Children's Temporary Home, 442 W.230 St. House of Nazareth, W. 236th St., near Spuyten Christian Home for Girls, 217' E. 62d St.

Duyvil. Christian League Women's Industrial Home, 5 E. House of Refuge, Randall's Island. 12th St.

House of Rest for Consumptives, Inwood-on-theChristian Workers, 129 E. 10th St.

Hudson, office, 59 E, 59th St. Christie St. House, 129 Christie St.

House of the Good Shepherd, foot of E. 90th St. Christliches Madchenheim, 217 E. 620 St.

House of the Holy Comforter for Incurables, Colored Orphan Asylum, Amsterdam Ave., near 'foot W. 139th St. W. 143d St.

House of the Holy Family, 136 2d Ave. Co-operative Home, 348 W. 14th St.

Howard Mission and Home for Little Wanderers, Crittenton, Florence, Mission, 21 Bleecker St.

225 E. 11th St. Darrach Home for Crippled Children, 118 W. 104th Huguenot Home of French Church Du St. Esprit, St.

237 W. 24th St. Day School and Home for Crippled Children, 2111 | Hungarian Relief Society, 3 State St. Madison Ave.

Industrial Christian Alliance, 170 Bleecker St. Deaconess Home (Baptist), 312 W. 54th St.

Industrial Home, 528 W. 30th St. Deats, Hiram, Memorial Home for Children, 54 Infant Asylum, Amsterdam Ave., cor. 61st St. Washington Sq. S.

Insane Asylum, Ward's Isl’d,office foot E. 116th St. Dominican Convent Our Lady of Rosary (Home Isabella Heimath, Amsterdam Ave.and W.190th St. for Destitute Children), 329 É. 63d St.

Institution of Mercy, 1075 Madison Ave. Edgewater Creche, C. D. Kellogg, Treas., 29 E. Jeanne d'Arc Home for French Girls, 251 W.24th St. 29th St.

Jennie Clarkson Home for Children (Valhalla, Elizabeth Home for Girls, 307 E. 12th St.

N. Y.), office 264 Lenox Ave. Elmira Reformatory, office 135 E. l5th St.

Juvenile Asylum, office, 106 W.27th St. Emergency Shelter for Women with Children, 311 Leake and Watts’Orphan House, Hawthorne Ave., •E, 12th St

near City Line. Eva Home, 153 E. 620 St.

Leo House for German Catholic Immigrants, Fisher, Mary, Home, 2450 Grand Ave.

6 State St. Five Points House of Industry, 165 Worth St. Lincoln Hospital, E. 141st St., cor. Concord Ave. Five Points Mission, 63 Park St.

Lutheran Pilgrim House, 8 State St. Florence Home for Working Girls, 140 E. 14th St. McAuley's Water St. Mission, 316 Water St. Foundling Asylum, 175 E. 68th St., near 3d Ave. Magdalen Benevolent Society, Bolton Ave., Free Home for Destitute Young Girls, 23 E. 11th St. Inwood. French Evangelical Home for Young Women, 341 Margaret Louisa Home of Young Women's ChrisW. 30th St.

tian Association, 14 E. 16th St. German Lutheran Emigrant Home, 4 State St. Medical Missionary Home, 288 Lexington Ave. German Odd Fellows' Home and Orphan Asylum, Messiah Home for Children, w. 177th St., cor.

Havemeyer Ave., near Watson, Union port. Montgomery Ave. Golden Hour Home, 241 E. 19th St.

Methodist Episcopal Home, Amsterdam Ave., cor. Grace Church Hospital, 414 E. 14th St.

92d St. Heartsease Home for Friendless Girls, 313 W.530 St Midnight Mission and St. Michael's Home, office, Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum, Amster- 289 4th Ave. dam Ave., near W. 137th St.

Mission of Our Lady of the Rosary for the ProtecHebrew Infant Asylum, 907 Eagle Ave.

tion of Irish Immigrant Girls, 7 State St. Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Orphan Asylum, Mission of the Immaculate Virgin, 375 Lafayette St.

Broadway and W. 150th St., 507 W. 155th St., and Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids, Broadway Broadway, near W. 145th St.

and W. 138th St. Hebrew Sheltering House and Home for Aged, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 229 E. Broadway.

office Post-Office Building, Manhattan Borough. Hirsch, Clara de, Home for Working Girls, 225 | National Sunshine Settlement Home, 352 W. 40th E. 63d St.

St. Home for Aged and Infirm, Blackwell's Island. Newsboys' Lodging House, 14 New Chambers St. Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews,121 W. 105th

New Sailors' Home of Prot. Epis. Mission to SeaSt.

men, 52 Market St. Home for Convalescents, 433 E. 118th St.

New York--Asylums and Homes bearing prefix Home for Crippled and Incurable Children, Broad- “New York” will be, as a rule, found in this way, cor. W. 155th St.

list minus the prefix. Home for Destitute and Crippled Children, 141 New York Orphan Asylum, Hastings, office 105 E, W. 61st St.

22d St. Home for Evicted and Homeless Women with Orphan Home and Asylum of Protestant Episcopal Children, 811 E, 12th St.

Church, office, 105 É. 22d St.


Peabody Home for Aged and Indigent Women, St. Philip's Parish Home, 1119 Boston Rd. 2064 Boston Rd.

St. Rose's Free Home for Incurable Cancer, 426 Presbyterian Home for Aged Women, 49 E. 73d St. Cherry St. Protestant Half-Orphan Asylum, 104th St. and St. Rose's Settlement, 259 E. 71st St. Manhattan Ave.

St. Vincent de Paul's Orphau Asylum, 211 W. 39th Reformatory for Misdemeanants, Hart's Island. St. Rescue Home, 316 E. 15th St.

St. Zita's Home for Friendless Women, 125 E.52d St. Robertson, Gilbert A., Home, Scarsdale, N. Y. St. Saviour's Sanitarium, W. 214th St., cor. BolSecretary, 59 Wall St.

ton Rd. Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, Sedgwick Ave., Salvation Army:Rescue Home, 316 E. 15th St. ;Incor. Kingsbridge Rd., office, 24 E. 52d St.

dustrial Home, 229 E. 120th St. Sacred Heart Orphan Asylum, Ft. Washington Samaritan Home for the Aged, 414 W. 220 St. Ave., cor. W. 190th St.

Sanitarium for Hebrew Children, office, 356 2d Ave. Sailors' Home, 52 Market St.

Scandinavian Immigrant IIome, 24 Greenwich St.
Sailors' Snug Harbor, S.I., office 31 Nassau St. Scandinavian Mission Home, 252 E. 48th St.
St Agatha's Home for Children, 175 E. 68th St. Scandinavian Sailors' Home, 6 Catharine Slip.
St. Ann's Home for Children, 500 E. 90th St. Sevilla Home for Children, Lafayette Ave., cor.
St. Barnabas' House, 304 Mulberry St.

St. Bartholomew's Girls' Home, 136 E. 47th St. Shelter for Respectable Girls, 212 E. 46th St.
St. Benedict's Home for Destitute Colored Chil. Sheltering Arms, 504 W. 1:29th St.
dren, 375 Lafayette St.

Sick Children's Mission, 287 E. Broadway, branch St. Elizabeth's Industrial School (female deaf of Children's Aid Society. mutes), 237 E. 14th St.

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 297 St. Helena's, 311 E. 4th St.

4th Ave. St. John Baptist House, 233 E. 17th St.

Strachan, Margaret, Home, 103 W. 27th St. St. John's Guild, office 501 5th Ave.

Swedish Lutheran Immigrant Home, 5 Water St. St. Joseph's Home for Babies, E. 182d St. and Bel- Swiss Home, 35 W. 67th St. mont Ave.

Thecla Orphanage, Palisades, N. Y. Office, 227 St. Joseph's Home for the Aged, 209 W. 15th St. Fulton St. St. Joseph's Home for Destitute Children, House Training Home for Christian Workers, 129 E. 10th. of Reception, 12 W. 129th St.

Trinity Chapel Home for Aged Women, 221 W.24th, St. Joseph's Home for Poles, 117 Broad St. Trinity Mission House, 211 Fulton St. St. Joseph's Industrial Home, 65 E. 81st St.

Washington Sq. Home for Friendless Girls, 9 W. St. Joseph's Night Shelter for Homeless Women,

8th St. 144 W. 15th St.

Webb's Academy and Home for Shipbuilders, St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum, 89th St., cor. Ave. A. Sedgwick Ave., cor. Academy St. Branch, New Road, Throg's Neck.

West-Side Boys' Lodging House, 225 W. 35th St. St. Luke's Home for Aged Women, 2914 Broadway: White Rose Home for Working Girls, 217 E. 86th St. St. Mary's Home for Protection and Comfort of Wilson Industrial School for Girls,125 St. Mark's Pl.

Respectable Young Women While Seeking Em- Woman's Shelter, 243 Bowery. ployment, 143 W. 14th St.

Xavier Institute for Blind, 217 W. 15th St. St. Philip's Home for Industrious Catholic Boys, 417 Broome St.

Fire Department in New Work City.

(December, 1906.) TABLE showing number of firemen in active service in New York City, and the salaries they receive:

[blocks in formation]

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 790, Chapter 466, laws of 1903, Greater New York Charter, all uniformed members of the Fire Department are entitled to retire at the expiration of twenty years' continuous service on a pension equal to one-half of the salary they may be receiving at the time of their application. The Fire Commissioner also has the power to retire members of the de partment who, from any cause, are found to be unable to perform active duty in the department. If the disability occurs from injuries in the discharge of their duty the pension must equal one-half of the salary; if from natural causes the Fire Commissioner can decide upon the amount of the pension.

There is a paid service in the Borough of Richmond, comprising a Deputy-Chief of Department; 2 Chiefs of Battalion and 14 Engine and Hook and Ladder Companies (including 1 Hose Company, 14 Foremen, 17 Assistant Foremen, 18 Engineers of Steamers, and 114 Firemen; there are also 12 Volunteer Companies in Richmond,

Banks in Manhattan and Bronx. . THE Clearing-House is at 77 Cedar Street, Manhattan Borough. Wm. Sherer is manager Wm. J. Gilpin, assistant nanager. Fifty-four banks are associated for the purpose of exchanging the checks and bills they hold against each other. Other banks, not members of the association, clear through members. 'l'he representatives of the members appear at the Clearing House at 10 o'clock A. M. every business day, with the checks and bills to be exchanged. The resulting balances are ascertained in about an hour, and before half-past one o'clock those indebted pay their balances, and after that hour the other banks receive the amounts due them. The Clearing-House has been in operation since 1853.

Following are extracts from the Manager's annual report for year ending September 30, 1906. The Clearing-House transactions for the year have been as follows: Exchanges, $103,754,100,091; balances, $3,832,621,023; total transactions, $107,586,721.115. The average daily transactions: Exchanges, $342,422,772; balances, $12,648,914; total, $355,071,686. Total transactions since organization of Clearing House (53 years): Exchanges, $1,761, 301, 740, 198; balances, $82, 471,200,791; total, $1,843,772, 940,989.

Banks are open from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M. , and on Saturdays from 10 A. M. to 12 noon. Commercial paper, except sight or demand bills, falling due on Saturday is payable on the following business day.


Surplus and

Capital. Undivided




Greenwich&Warren $200,000
Anerican Exchange 128 Broadway. 5,000,000
18 W. 34th St...

350,000 Bank of Commerce. 31 Nassau St.

25,000,000 Bank of New York.. 48 Wall St.

2,000,000 Bank of N. America. 43 Exchange Place.. 2,000,000 Battery Park... 24 State St...

200,000 Butchers & Drovers' 683 Broadway.

300,000 Chase 83 Cedar St...

5,000,000 Chatham 192 Broadway

450,000 Chemical 303 Broadway

300,000 Citizeus' Central. 320 Broadway

2,550,000 City 52 Wall St.

25,000,000 Coal and Iron 143 Liberty St..

500 000 Consolidated 50 Broadway

1,000,000 East River 680 Broadway

250,000 Fifth National 3d Ave. & 230 St. 250,000 First National. 2 Wall St...

10,000,000 Fourth National 14 Nassau St

3,000,000 Gallatin.. 36 Wall St.

1,000,000 Garfield 73 W. 23d St...

1,000,000 Hanover

Nassau St., cor, Pine 3,000,000
Imp’t’rs & Traders' 247 Broadway. 1,500,000
1 Hudson St..

139 Broadway

1,000,000 Lincoln 32 E. 42d St.

300,000 Market and Fulton 81 Fulton St.

1,000,000 Mechanics' 33 Wall St..

3,000,000 Mercantile

195 Broadway 3,000,000 Merchants' 42 Wall St.

2,000,000 Merchants' Exch 257 Broadway.

600,000 National Park.. 21 Broadway. 3,000,000 New Amsterdam.... B’ way, cor. 39th. 1.000.000 New York County 8th Av., cor. 14th St. 200,000 N.Y. National Exch. W.B'way&Chamb's 1,000,000 Northern 692 Broadway.

300,000 Phenix..

Nassau & Liberty St. 1,000,000 Seaboard 18 Broadway

1,000,000 Second National.. 5th Ave., cor. 238.... 300,000 Thirty-fourth St.. 41 W. 34th St.


$157,085 C.E. Finlay.. Jas, Dennison. 4,577,000' Dumont Clarke. Edward Burns.

710,296 Geo. F. Baker... Geo. W. Pancoast. 13,581,878 V. P. Snyder. W C. Duvall. 2,806,361 Herbert L. Griggs.. Charles Olney. 2,153,000 Alfred H. Curtis.... Edward B. Wire. 115,000 E.A. de Lima..

E.B. Day. 155,200 D. H. Rowland... William H, Chase. 4,159,000 A. B. Hepburn. E. J. Stalker. 1,023,000 George M. Hard.... H. P. Doremus. 7,914,631 William H. Porter.. Francis Halpiu.

822,000 Edwin S. Schenck. A. Chapmau. 20,681,889 James Stillman. Arthur Kavanagh.

553,248 John T. Sproull.. Addison H. Day. 1,115,000 O. F. Thomas. Thos. J. Lewis.

117.000 Vincent Loeser... Zenas E. Newell. 450,000 S. Kelly.

Andrew Thompson 17,999,000 George F. Baker... C. D. Backus. 2.991,133 J. Edwd. Simmons. C. H. Patterson. 2,368,900 Sam. Woolverton... G. E. Lewis. 1,381,636 R. W. Poor.. W. L. Douglass. 8,000,000 Jas. T. Woodward.. E. E. Whittaker. 6,774,079 Edward Townsend.. H. H. Powell. 1,119,076 S. S. Conover.. B. F. Werner. 2,203,840 E. C. Converse.. Chas. W. Riecks. 1,614,468 Thomas L. James.. C. E. Warren. 1,500,000 Alex. Gilbert ....... T. J. Stevens. 3,500,000 G. W. McGarrah.... Frank 0. Roe. 4,648,663 Fred'k B. Schenck. James V. Lott. 1,462,584 R. M. Gallaway. Z. S. Freeman.

450,000 P. C. Lounsbury, ..... E. V. Gambier, 7,897,601 Richard Delafield.. Maurice H. Eiver.

250,000 Miles M. O'Brien... E, 0. Eldredge. 1,000,000 Francis L. Leland.. Janies C. Brower.

900,000 Louis E. Pierson. Rollin P. Grant. 239,099. Henry Dimse. Henry A. Belden, 337,859 F. E. Marshall.... Alfred M. Bull. 1,250,000 Samuel G. Bayne. C. C. Thompson. 1,716,202 James Stillman.. Joseph S. Case. 200,000 E. R. L. Gould... Curtis J. Beard.

STATE BANKS, Bank of America 44 Wall St

$1,500,000 $3,905,735 William H. Perkins W. M. Bennet. Bank of Discount.. 59th St. & 8th Ave.. 100,000 48,000 Joseph G. Robin .... W.L. Brower. Bank of Metropolis. . 31 Union Square. 1,000,000 1,600,000 C. H. Hackett..... E. C. Evans. Bowery Bowery, cor. Grand 250.000 780,000 John S. Foster..

Charles Essig. Bronx Bor'gh Bank 702 Tremont Ave.. 50,000 145,999 C. A. Becker. Jay Lehrbach. ('entury.

Fifth Ave. & 20th St. 200,000 140,796 George Chapman. Edw. J. Croker. Chelsea Exchange 34th St. and 8th Av. 100,000 96,404 Irving M. Shaw. A. E. Stilger. Colonialt

Columbus Av.& 81st. 100,000 375,000 Alexander Walker. Geo.S.(arr. Columbiatt.. 5th Ave., cor. 42d. 300,000 412,197 Joseph Fox

W. S. Griffith. Corn Exchange William & Beaver.. 3,000,000 4,525,000 William A. Nash Fred'k T. Martin. Cosmopolitan. 803 Prospect Ave. 100,000

2,000 Jesse Can z.

M. M. Corwin. Eastern Discount.... 165E.Bway;565 Bway 100,000

M. Jarmulo wsky. L. Jarmulowsky. Fidelity

Mad. Ave., c. 75th.. 200,000 140,000 Edward H. Peaslee. E.W. Dutton, 5th Av Bank of NY, 530 Fifth Ave..

100,000 1,789,955. A. S. Frissell.... B. H. Fancher. + Branches at B'way, cor. 66th, 78th and 103d Sts.; Columbus Ave., 92d St., and cor. 105th St. ; 116th St., cor. 7th Ave. #Branches, 530, 1178, 2902 B'way, 23 Astor Pi., Columbus Ave. and 728 St.. 5th Ave., cor. 19th St. ; 420 St., cor. Sth Ave.; 7 E. 420 St., Ave. D, cor. 10th St.; cor. Grand aud Vorfolk Sts., 34 Union Sq.: 100 W. 125th St., Amsterdam Ave. and 143d St., 520 Willis A ve.; Brooklyn-Court and Montague Sts. i Queens County, Branch, Borden Ave.and Front St.: 75 Fulton Ave., Queens; Franklin St. and Greenpoint Ave. ; also New Brightou, S. I. ++ Brauch: 407 B'way. Brauch 101th St, and B'way.

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