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Time of Next STATES AND

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Salaries Term, Terms Expire.




Bien. Session. Alabama Braxton B. Comer.

$5,000 4 Jan. - 1911 Jan. 14, 1907 Quad 60 dys Nov. --, 1910 Alaska. John G. Brady*

3,000 4 June 6 1908 Arizona Joseph H. Kibbey

3,000 Dec. -, 1909 Jan, 21, 1907 Bieri. 60 dys Nov. 3, 1908 Arkansas. John & Little


2 Jan. 1909 Jan. 14, 1907 Bien. 60 dys Sept. 1, 1908 California. James N. Gillett..

6,000 4 Jan. -, 1911 Jan. 7. 1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 3, 1908 Colorado. ... Henry A. Buchtel..

5,000 3 Jan. 10, 1909 Jan 2.1907 Bien. 90 dys Nov. 3, 1908 Connecticut.. Rollin S. Woodruft.

4,000 2 Jan. 9, 1909 Jan 9, 1907 Bien. None. Nov. 3, 1908 Delaware... Preston Lea...

2,000 4 Jan. - 1909 Jan.' 1, 1907 Bien. 60 dy's Vov. 3.1908 Florida. Napoleon B. Broward. 5,000 Jan. - 1909 Apr. 2.1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 3. 1908 Georgia, Joseph M. Terrells.

5,000 2 Jue-,1907 June 26, 1907 Am. 50 dys Oct. 3, 1908 Hawaii.. George R. Carter.

5,000 4 Nov.23,1907 Feb. 16, 1907 Bien. 60 dys Idaho. Frank R. Gooding..

5,000 2 Jan. 7,1909 Jan. 7, 1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 3, 19018 Illinois.. Charles S. Deneen.

6,000 4 Jan. - 1909 Jan. 9, 1907 Bien. None. Nov. 3,1908 Indiana J. Frank Hanly.

8,000 4 Jan. ,1909 Jan. 10, 1907 Bien. 6C dys Vov. 3, 1908 Iowa... Albert B. Cummins.

5,000 2 Jan. , 1909 Jan. 14, 1907 Bien. None. Yov. 3, 1908 Kansas. Edward W. Hoch

5.000 2 Jan, 10, 1909 Jan. 8. 1907 Bien. 50 dys Nov. 3, 1908 Kentucky John C. W. Beckham.

6,500 4 Dec. 10, 1907 Jan. 7. 1908 Bien. 60 dys Nor. 5,1907 Louisiana Newton C. Blanchard.. 5,000 4 May - 1908 May 14, 1908 Bien. 60 dys Apr. - 1908 Maine.. William T. Cobb.

3,000 2 Dec. - 1908 Jan. 2. 1907 Bien. Norie. Sept. 30, 1908 Maryland Edwin Warfield..

4,500 4 Jan. 13, 1908 Jan. 3, 1908 Bien. 90 dys Nov. 6, 1907 Massachusetts Curtis Guild, Jr...

8,000 1 Jan. 2, 1907 Jan. 2. 1907 Ann. None. Nov. 6, 1907 Michigan...... Fred. M. Warner.

4,000 2 Jan, 1, 1909 Jan. 2. 1907 Bien. None. Nov. 3. 1908 Minnesota. John A. Johnson....

5,000 2 Jan. 1, 1909 Jan. 8. 1907 Bien. 90 dys Nov. 3, 1908 Mississippi.. James K. Vardaman. 4,500 4 Jan. 18, 1908 Jan. 7, 1908 Bien. None. Nov. 6, 1907 Missouri Joxeph W. Folk

6,000 4 Jan. – 1909 Jan. 9, 1907 Bien. 90 dys Nov. 8, 1908 Montana. Joseph K. Toole.

5.000 4 Jan. 4, 1909 Jan. 7, 1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 3, 1908 Nebraska. George L. Sheldon.

2,500 2 Jan. 1, 1909 Jan. 1, 1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 8, 19118 Nevada.. John Sparks.

4,000 4 Dec. 31, 1910 Jan. 16, 1907 Bien. 50 dys Nov. 3, 1908 N. Hampshire John McLanet.

2,000 2 Jan. 3,1907 Jan. 2, 1907 Bien). None Nov. 8,1908 New Jersey... Edward C. Stokes.... 10,000 3 Jan. 17, 1908 Jan. 8,1907 Ann. None Nov. 6, 1907 New Mexico.. Herbert J. Hagerman* 3,000 4 Jan. 22, 1910 Jan. 21, 1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 3, 1908 New York.... Charles E. Hughes.

10,000 2 Jan. 1, 1909 Jan. 2, 1907 Ann. None. Nov. 3, 1908 N. Carolina.. Robert B. Glenn..

4.000 Jan. 1, 1909 Jan. 9, 1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 3, 1908 North Dakota John Burke..


2 Jan. - 1909 Jan. 8. 1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 3. 1903 Ohio Andrew L. Harris.

8.000 (c)3 Jan. 8. 1909 Jan. 6.1908 Bien. None. Nov. 3, 1908 Oklahoma..... Frank Frantz

2,400 4 Jan. 13, 1910 Jan. 8. 1907 Bien. 60 dys Oregon

George E. Chamberlain... 5,000 4 Jan. 1911 Jan, 14, 1907 Bien. None. Jwie 4,1910 Pennsylvania E. S. Stuart.....

10,000 4 Jan. 17, 1911 Jan. 1, 1907 Bien None. Nov. 3, 1908 Porto Rico... Beekman Winthrop.

8,000 4 Dec. 31, 1908 Jan. 8, 1908 Ann. 60 dys Rhode Island. James H. Higgins

3,000 1 Jan. 1, 1908 Jan. 1, 1907 Am. None Nov. 6, 1907 S. Carolina.. M. F. Ansel....

3,000 2 Jan. --, 1909 Jan. 8,1907 An. 40 dys Nov. 3, 1908 South Dakota. Coe I. Crawford.


2 Jan. 1, 1909 Jan. 8. 1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 3.1908 Tennessee.. Malcom R. Patterson.

4,000 2 Jan. 10, 1909 Jan. 7. 1907 Bien. 75 dys Nov. 3, 1918 Texas.. Thomas M. Campbel. 4,000 2 Jan. -, 1909 Jan. 8.1907 Bien. None. Nov. 3.1908 Utah. John C. Cutler..

4,000 Jan, - 1909 Jan, 14, 1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 3, 1908 Vermont. Fletcher D. Proctor,

1,500 2 Oct. - 1908 Oct. 3, 1908 Bien. None Sept. 4, 1908 Virginia Claude A. Swanson..

0,000 Febi 1.1910 Jan. 8. 1908 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 1909 Washington.. Albert E. Mead

4,000 4 Jan. -, 1909 Jan. 9. 1907 Bien. 60 dys Nov. 3, 1908 West Virginia William M. 0. Dawson. 5,000 4 Mar. 4.1909 Jan. 9, 1907 Bien. 45 dys Nov. 3, 1908 Wisconsin. ... J. O. Davidson..

5.000 2 Jan. -, 1909 Jan. 9, 1907 Bien. None. Nov. 3, 1908 Wyoming..... Bryant B, Brooks.

2,500 4 Jan. – 1911 Jan. 8. 1907 Bien.140 dys Nov.-, 1910 De nocrats in italics, Republicans in Roman. Next Presidential election, November 3, 1908,

* Territorial Governors are appointed by the President. (c) Rezolar term: years, but extended on this one o«casion pursuant to constitutional amendment. There was no choice hy the people in the flection for Governor in 1906, and the election will devolve on the Legislature, which meets in January.1967, when Charles M. Floyd, the Republican candidate, will probably be elected. His term will expire January 7, 1909. $ Will be succeeded by Hoke Smith (Deni. ), in June, 1907.


Salaries of MEMBERS,
Salaries of MEMBERS,

Salaries of MEMBRAS, STATES AND Meinbers,


TERRI- Annual or Per
TERRI- Annual or Per

TERRI- Annual or Per

(Repro Diem, while Sena

Diem, while Sena-
Diem, while Sana-

in Session. tors.

in Session.

in Session. tors.

tres Alabama.. $4 per diem 4

Maine $150 ann... 2 2 Oklah'ma.. 84 per diem Arizona. . $4 2 2 Maryland. 85 per diem 4 2 Oregon..

183 Arkansas. $6 2 Mass.. $750 ann...

1 1 Penna. $1,500 ses'n. Califoruia. 88 2 Michigan . $3 per diem 2 2

Porto Rico $5 per diem 4 Colorado.. $7

Minn, $6

2 R. Island..85
Connec't.. $300 ann...
Miss'sippi. 8400 ses'n..

S. Carol'a. 84
Delaware. $5 per diem
Missouri. . $5 per diem

S. Dakota. 85
Florida.... $6

Montana.. $6

2 Tenn..
Nebraska. 85

Texas. 85
Hawaii. $400 ann....

Idaho. $5 per diem
N. Hamp.. $200 ann....

Vermont. $3
Illinois $1,000 bien..
N. Jersey.. 8500

Virginia... 84
Indiana. $6 per diem
N. Mexico. 84 per diem

Wash'ton. $300 ses'n..
Iowa.. $550 ses'n..
X. York. . $1,500 ann..

W. Va..... $4 per diem 3-4
Kansas. $3 per diem
.X.Caro'la. 84 per diem

Wise'nsin. 8500 ann... Kent'cky. $5

V. Dak.. 85

2 Wyoming. $5 per diem Lonisiana. 85

Fobio..... $1,200 ann.. 2 2 All of the States and Territorios pay mileage alan, except Delaware and New Jersey, but froo transportation lo socorded lo Abe latter by al rallroads to memberi by law. Executive Council.






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... $8

The Federal Government.

THEODORE ROOSEVELT, of New York, ,salary, $50,000

8,000, THE CABINET Arranged in the order of succession for the Presidency declared by Chapter 4, Acts of 49th Congress,

1st Session, and Subsequent acts. Secretary of State-Elibu Root, of New York. Secretary of the Navy-Victor H, Metcalf, of Cal. Secretary of the Treasury-Geo. B.Cortelyou, ofN.Y. Secretary of Interior-James R. Garfield, of Ohio. Secretary of War-William H. Taft, of Ohio.

Secretary of Agriculture-James Wilson, of Iowa. Attorney-General-Charles J. Bonaparte,of Ma.

Secretary of Commerce and Labor-Oscar S. Straus. Postmaster-General-George von L. Meyer,of Mass. of New York.

The salaries of the Cabinet officers are $8,000 each.


STATE DEPARTMENT. Assistant Secretary-Robert Bacon, N. Y. .$4,500 | Ch. Consular Bureau-Wilbur J. Carr, D.C..$2,100 Second Ass't Secretary-A. A. Adee, D.C..... 4,500 Ch, Indexes & Archives - John R. Buck.... 2,100

Third Ass’t Sect' Y-Huntington Wilson, Ill... 4,500 Ch, Bureau Accounts-Thos. Morrison, N. Y. 2,100 Chief Clerk-Charles Denby.

3,000 Ch. Bureau Rolls & Lib'y-William McNair .. 2,100 Ass’t Solicitors { Joshua R. Clark, Jr., Utah. 3,000 Ch. Bureau Trade Relations-John B.Osborne 2,100

3,000 Ch. Bureau Appointments--Chas. R. Dean....: 2,100 Ch. Diplomatic Bureau-S. Y. Smith, D. C... 2,100 1.Ch, Bureau Passports-Gaillard Hunt, D. C. 2,100

TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Assistant Secretary-Chas. H.-Keep, N. Y.... $4,500 | Auditor for Treasury-Wm. E. Andrews, Neb. $4,000 Assistant Secretary-James B. Reynolds, Mass 4,500 Auditor for War Dept. -Benj. F. Harper, Ind. 4,000 Assistant Secretary-John H. Edwards, Ohio 4,500 Auditor for Int. Dept.-R. S. Person, s. D.... 4,000 Chief Clerk-Walter W. Ludlow, Minn... 3,000 Auditor for Navy Dept.-W. W. Brown, Pa... 4,000 Chief Appointment Div.-Chas. Lyman, Ct..... 2,750 Auditor for State, &c. -Caleb R. Layton, Del. 4,000 Ch. Bookkeeping Div.-W.F.MacLennan, N.Y. 3,500 | Auditor for P.O. Dept. -Ernst G.Timme, Wis. 4,000 Chief Public Moneys Div.-E. B. Daskam, ct.. 2,500 Treasurer of U.S. --Chas. H. Treat, N. Y. 6,000 Chief Customs Div. -James L. Gerry, Ill..... 2,750 Assistant Treasurer-James F. Meline, Ohio.. 3,600 Ch. Loans & Cur.Div.-A.T.Huntington, Mass. 3,000 Register Treasury-Wm. T. Vernon, Kans... 4,000 Ch. Stationery & Png Div.--G. Simmons, D. C.. 2,500 Deputy Register-Cyrus F. Adams, III. 2,250 Chief Mails and Files Div.-S. M. Gaines, Ky.. 2,500 Compir of Currency-Wm. B. Ridgely, Ill.... 5,000 Ch, Revenue Cutter Service-Worth G. Ross.... Commis. Internal Rev. -John W.Yerkes, Ky. 6,000 Director of Mint-Geo. E. Roberts, Iowa...... 4,500 Dep. Com. Internal Rev. R. Williams, Jr. , La. 4,000 Government Actuary-Joseph S. McCoy, N.J. 1,800 Dep. Com. Internal Rev.-J.C. Wheeler, Mich. 3,600 Superv. Surgeon-Gen.-Walter Wyman, Mo... 4,000 Solicitor Internal Rev.-Arthur B. Hayes, Utah 4,500 Ch. Bur. Eng. & Printing-T.J. Sullivan, D.C. 4,500 Solicitor of Treasury-M. D. O'Connell, Iowa. 4,500 Supervising Architect-James K. Taylor, Pa.. 4,500 Chief Secret Service-Jno. E. Wilkie, Ill....... 4,000 Compt. of Treasury-Robt. J. Tracewell, Ind. 5,500

WAR DEPARTMENT. Ass't Secretary-Robert Shaw Oliver, N. Y.. $4,500 | Chief Clerk-George A. Jones, N. Y..... $2,000 Chief Clerk-John C. Schofield, Ga.... 3,000 Paymaster-Gen.-Brig.-Gen. C. C. Sniffen.. 5,500 Chief of Staj-Brig.-Gen. J. F. Bell... 5,500 Chief Clerk-William Manley, Cal..

2,000 Chief Clerk-Nathaniel Hershler, ill.. 2,000 Ch. of Engineers-Brig.-Gen. Alex. Mackenzie 5,500 Mil. Secretary-Maj.-Gen. F.C. Ainsworth... 7,500 Chief Clerk-Phineas J. Dempsey, Va........ 2,000 Chief Clerk-Jacob Frech, D. C...

2,000 Chief of Ordnance-Brig.-Gen. Wm. Crozier... 5,500 Insp.-Gen.-Brig.-Gen. E. A. Garlington 5,500 Chief Clerk-John J. Cook, D.C.....

2,400 Chief Clerk-Warren H. Orcutt, Me..

1,800 Chief Signal Officer-Brig.-Gen. James Allen. 5,500 Judge- Adv.-Gen. -Brig.-Gen. Geo. B. Davis.. 5,500 Chief Clerk-E. W. Hutchinson, Ga... 2,000 Chief Clerk-L. W. Call, Kan..

2,000 Ch. Bu. In. Aff.-Brig. -Gen. c. R. Edwards 5.500 Q’rmaster-Gen.-Brig.-Gen. C.F. Humphrey. 5,500 Chief Clerk-A. D. Wilcox, Pa..

2,000 Chief Clerk-Henry D. Saxton, Mass.. 2,000 Officer Charge Pub. Bidgs. -Col. C. S. Bromweil 3,500 Commissary-Gen. -- Brig. -Gen. H. G. Sharpe. 5,500 chief Clerk-E. F. Concklin, N. Y.. Chief Clerk-Emmet Hamilton, Minn.. 2,000 Landscape Gardener-George H. Brown, D.C.. 2,000 Surgeon-Gen.-Brig.-Gen. R. M. O'Reilly.... 5,500

NAVY DEPARTMENT. Ass't Secretary-Truman H. Newberry,Mich.$4,500 Chief Navigation-R.-Adm. G. A. Converse...$7,500 Chief Clerk-Benj. F. Peters, Pa.... 3,000 Engineer-in-Chief-R.-Adm. Charles W. Rae. 5,500 Pres. General Board-Admiral George Dewey.13,500 Judge- Adv.-Gen. -Capt. W.S. Diehl....

4,500 Chief Yards and Docks--Civil Engineer M. T. Pres. Naval Exam. Board-Rear-Admiral Endicott 5,500 Charles H. Stockton.

6,375 Chief Ordnance-R.-Adm. N.E.Mason. 5,500 Pres. Naval Retiring Board - Rear-Admiral Chief Supplies and Accounts-Paymaster-Gen.

Charles H. Stockton. ...

6,375 E. B, Rogers.

5,500 ch. Intellig. Office-Capt. Raym'd P. Rodgers 4,165 Chief Medicine-Sur.-Gen. Presley M. Rixey # 5,500 Supt. Naval Obs.-Rear-Admiral Asa Walker 4,165 Chief Equipment-R.-Adm. W. $. Cowles... 5,500 Director Nautical Alm.-Prof.W.S. Harshman 2,700 Chief Construction-Naval Constructor Wash

Hydrographer-Commander C.C. Rogers. ... 3,570 ington L. Capps .....

5,500 | Comdt. Marine Corps--Brig.-Gen.G.F.Elliott., 5,500 * Secretary to the President, William Loeb, Jr.

t Asrearranged by the President in November, 1906, to take effect at various dates from December 1, 1906, to March 4, 1907. Prior to these changes the Cabinet was as follows: State, Elihu Root, N.Y.; Treasury, Leslie M. Shaw, Iowa; War, William H. Taft, Ohio; Attorney-General, William H. Moody, Mass.; Postmaster-General, George B. Cortelyou, N.Y.; Navy, C. J. Bonaparte, Md.; Interior, E. A. Hitchcock, Mo.; Agriculture, James Wilson, Iowa; Commerce and Labor, Victor Metcal Cal.

Rank and title of Rear-Admiral while holding said office.

...... 24.000 .. 3,000

POST-OFFICE DEPARTMENT. Chief Clerk-Merritt 0. Chance, Ill.... $2,500 | Appointment Clerk-George S. Pauli, Ohio....$2,000 Ass't Chief Clerk-Geo. G. Thompson, Mich.. 2,000 Supt. Div. of Foreign. Mails--N. M. Brooks, Va. 3,000 First Ass't P, M, G.-F. H. Hitchcock, Mass.. 5,000 Supt.Div.of Money-Orders-E.F.Kimball,Mass 3,000 Second Ass't P. M. G.-W.S. Shallenberger, Pa. 4,500 Gent. Supt. Div. of Py. M. S.--Jas. E. White, Ill. 3,500 Third Ass't P.M.G.-E. C. Madden, Mich..... 4,500 Supt. Div.of Dead-Letters-James R.Young, Pa 2,500 Fourth Ass't P. M. G-P. V. DeGraw, Pa...... 4,500 Chief Inspector-Wm. J. Vickery, Ind......... 3,000 Assistant Attorney-Gen. - Russell P. Goodwin. 4,500 Disbursing Clerk-W. M. Mooney, Ohio...... 2,250 Purchasing Agent-W.E. Cochran, Col....... 4,000

INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. First Ass't Secretary-Thomas Ryan, Kan.. $6,000, Second Deputy Com, of Pensions-Leverett M. Assistant Secretary-Jesse E. Wilson, Ind... 4,500 Kelley, Ill.

$3,600 Chief Clerk-Edward M. Dawson, Md..

3,000 Commis. Education - E. E. Brown, Cal... 3,500 Commis. Land Office-Wm. A. Richards, Wyo. 5,000 Ass't Commis. --Charles F. Larrabee,

pipes, D.C: 4,000 Ass't Commis.-G. F. Pollock, Ohio.... 3,500 Commis. Patents--Frederick I. Allen, NY 5,000 Commis. Pensions-Vespasian Warner, 11.... 5,000 Ass't Commis. - Edward B. Moore, Mich. First Deputy Com, of Pensions-Jas. L. Daven

Direc, Geol. Sury.--Chas. D. Walcott, N. Y. 6,000 port, N. İ.

3,600 | Chief Clerk Geol. Survey-H. C. Rizer, Kau.. 2,500

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. Solicitor-Gen. -Henry M. Hoyt, Pa... $7,500 Ass't Atty.-Gen.-Alford W. Cooley, N. Y... ..$5,000 Ass't to Atty. - Gen.-Milton D. Purdy, Minn .. 7,000 Solicitor State Dept. --Jas. B. Scott, Cal. 4,500 Ass't Atty. - Gen. - John G. Thompson, Ul... 5,000 Chief Clerk--0, J. Field, Kan...

3,000 Ass't Atty. - Gen. -Josiah A. Van Orsdel, Wyo. 5,000 General Agent-Cecil Clay, W. Va.

4,000 4ss't Atty. - Gen. -Chas. W. Russell, W. Va... 5,000 Appointment Clerk--Chas. B. Sornborger, Vt.. 2,000 Ass’t Atty.-Gen. -Jas. C. McReynolds, Tenn.. 5,000 Atty. for Pardons-Peyton Gordon, Ma....... 2,400 Ass't Atty.-Gen.--William E. Fuller.. 5,000 Disbursing Clerk-Alex. C. Caine, Ohio..

...... 2,750 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. Ass't Secretary-Willett H. Hays, Minn...... $4,500 | Statistician-W. H. Olmstead, N. C.. .$3,500 Chief Clerk-S. R. Burch, Kan. 2,500 Entomologist-L. 0. Howard, N. Y.

2,750 Appointment Clerk-Joseph B. Bennett, Wis. 2,000 Chemist-H. W. Wiley, Ind.

3,500 Chief Weather Bureau-Willis L. Moore, nl. 5,000 Chief Div. Biological Survey-C. H. Merriam, Chief Bur. Animal Indust.-Dr. A.D. Melvin, 11 4,500 N. Y..

2,750 Director Experiment Stations-A. C. True, Ct... 3,500 Director Road Inquiry-Prof. L. W. Page, Mass 2,750 Chief Div. Publications-Geo. Wm. Hill, Minn. 2,500 Chiet Div. For. Markets-G.K. Holmes, '1). C.. 2,500 Chief Div. Accounts-A. Zappone, D.C. 2,700 Chief Bureau of Plant Industry-B. T. GalloChief Bureau Soils-Milton Whitney, Md... 3,500

way, Mo....

4,000 Chiej Bureau Forestry-Gifford Pinchot, N.Y. 3,500

DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND LABOR. Chief Clerk-Frank H, Bowen, Mass.... $3,000 Ch. Bureau Statistics-Oscar P. Austin, D. C.$4,000 Disbursing Clerk--Wm. L. Soleau, Md....... 2,500 Sup. Insp. - Gen. Stbt. Serv.--Geo. Uhler, Pa.. '3,500 Commis. Corporations--Jas. R. Garfield, Ohio* 5,000 Commissioner Fisheries--G.M. Bowers, W.Va. 5,000 Commissioner of Labor-C. P. Neill, D.C.. 5,000 Commis, Navigation- E.T. Chamberlain, N.Y. 4,000 Chair. Lt.-H. Bd.-Rear-Adm. G. C. Reiter... 4,125 Commis. - Gen. Immigration-F.P. Sargent,11l. 5,000 Director Census--S. N. D. North, Mass..... 6,000 Director Bur. Standards-S. W.Stratton, Ill.. 5,000 Sup.Coast & Geod. Survey-0.H. Tittmann, Mo. 5,000 Civil Service Commis. -John C. Black, Ill.... $3,500 | Director Bureau of American Republics-WillCivil Service Commis. – Vacant. 3,500 iams C. Fox, D. C....

$5,000 Civil Service Commis.-H. F. Greene, Minn... 3,500 Chief Clerk Bureau Amer. Rep.-William C. Chief Examiner Civ. Ser.-F.M.Kiggins, Tenn. 3,000 Wells....

2,500 Secretary Civil Service-John T. Doyle, N. Y.. 2,250 Secretary-Frapcisco J. Yanes..

3,000 Government Printer--Charles A. Stillings... 4,500 Sec, Smithsonian Institute-Vacant.

3,000 Librarian of Congress-Herbert Putnam, Mass. 6,000 Dir. Bureau Amer. Ethnology-W.H. Holmes. Assistant Librarian-A. R. Spofford, Ohio.... 4,000

INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION. Martin A. Knapp, N. Y., Chairman.... $10.000 E. E. Clark, Iowa...

$10,000 Judson C. Clements, Ga.. 10,000 J. S. Harlan, Ill.

10.000 Francis M. Cockrell, Mo..

10,000 | Edward A. Moseley, Mass., Secretary. 3,500 Charles A. Prouty, Vt.

10,000 Martin S. Decker, N. Y., Ass’t Secretary.. 3,000 F. K. Lane, Cal..


SPANISH-AMERICAN CLAIMS COMMISSION. William E. Chandler, N. H.. $5,000 ( William A. Maury, D. C.....

$5,000 Gerrit J. Diekema, Mich.... 5,000 William L. Chambers, Ala...

5,000 James Perry Wood, Ohio..


Chairman-Darwin R. James, N.Y. E. Whittlesey, D. C.

Patrick J. Ryan, Pa.
Secretary-Merrille. Gates, Wash- William D. Walker. N. Y. Andrew S. Draper, Ill.
ington, D. C.
Joseph T. Jacobs, Mich.

The board serves without salary. Albert K. Smiley, N. Y.

F. M. Eagan, D.C.

COMMISSION TO CODIFY THE PENAL LAWS. Chairman-John T. Lott, Ohio...... $5,000 | William D. Bynum, Ind.....

.$5,000 David K. Watson, Ohio...


Angusta, Me.
.Selden Connor.

Knoxville, Tenn.. William Rule.
Boston, Mass.
Augustus J. Hoitt.

Louisville, Ky. Andrew T. Wood.
Buffalo, N. Y.
.Charles A. Orr.

Milwaukee, Wis.... Edwin D, Coe.
(hicago, Ill...
Charles Bent.

New York City, N. Y..Michael Kerwin. Columbus, Ohio.. W. R. Warnock.

Philadelphia, Pa........St. Clair A. Mulholland. ('oncord, N. H. C. A. Curtice.

Pittsburgh, Pa.. Daniel Ashworth,
Des Moines, Iowa. William V. Willcox.

San Francisco, Cal. .Jesse B. Fuller.
Detroit, Mich..
Oscar A. Janes.

Topeka, Kan...

Wilder S. Metcalf, Indianapolis, Ind.. Albert O. Marsh.

Washington, D. C......John R. King. * Herbert Knox Smith becomes Comptrollor on March 1, 1907. t Salarles of Pension Agents, $4,000.

Assistant Treasurer's. Sub-Theasuries.

Assistar Treasurers.
Clarence C. Pusey. New York..

Hamilton Figh. Boston... ..George A. Marden. Philadelphia.

..Joseph Bosler. Chicago... William Bolden week. St. Louis

Thomas J. Aking. Cincinnati. Charles A. Bosworth. San Francisco..

.Julius Jacobs. New Orleaus......

Clarence S. Hebert.

SUPERINTENDENTS OF MINTS. Carson City..(Equipped as Assay Office).


.John H. Landis. Roswell K. Colcord, Assayer in charge. San Francisco.

..Frank A. Leach. New Orleans.......

.Hugh S. Suthon. Denver(Equipped as Assay Office)F.M.Downer, Assayer in charge.

COLLECTORS OF CUSTOMS. Houlton, Me., William M. Sewell, (New York, N. Y., Nevada N. Stranahan. Apalachicola, Fla., Jesse F. Warren. Bangor, Me., Albert R. Day.

Niagara Falls, N. Y., John A. Merritt. Cedar Keys, Fla., Fred. C. Cubberly. Bath, Me., Elwell S. Crosby.

Ogdensburg, N. Y., Win. H. Daniels. Fernandina, Fla., John W. Howell. Belfast, Me., Charies E. Knowlton, Oswego, N. Y., Jaines H. Cooper,

Jackson ville, Fla., William H. Lucas. Castine, Me., John M. Vogell. Sag Harbor, N. Y., Peter Dippel.

Key West, Fla., George W. Allen. Ellsworth, Me., Henry Whiting.

Jersey City, N.J., John Doscher, Asst. Col. St. Augustine, Fla., Thomas B. George. Machias, Me., Frank L, Shaw.

Bridgeton, N. J., George W. McCowan. Tampa, Fla., Matthew B. Macfarlane. Kennebunk, Me., George E. Cousens. Burlington, N.J., I. Snowden Haines. Pensacola, Fla., John E. Stillman. Eastport, Me., George A. Curran.

Somers Point, N. J., Walter Fifield, New Orleans, La., Henry McCall,
Portland, Me., Charles M. Moses.
Newark, N. J., George L. Smith.

Brashear, La., John A. Thornton.
Saco, Me., William L. Gerrish.

Perth Amboy, N. J., Robert Carson. Brownsville, Tex., John W. Vann. Valdoboro, Me., Fred, W. Wight.

Tuckerton, N. J., Frank W. Leach. Corpus Christi, Tex., James J. Haynes. Wiscasset, Me., Daniel H. Moody.

Cainden, N. J., F.F. Patterson, Asst. Col. Eagle Pass, Tex., Robert W. Dowe. York, Me., George E. Marshall.

Philadelphia, Pa., C. Wesley 'Thomas. El Paso, Tex., Alfred L. Sharpe. Portsmonth, N. 8., Sherman T. Newton. Erie, Pa., Benjamin B. Brown.

Galveston, Tex., Francis L. Lee. Bristol, R. I., Charles A. Barbour. Wilinington, Del., David S. Clark. Cleveland, O., Charles F. Leach. Newport, R. I., Clarence A. Hammett. Washington, D. C., Howard S. Nyman. Sandusky, o., Charles A. Judson. Providence, R. I.. George W. Gardiner. Annapolis, Md., Lawrence Bailliere.

Toledo, O., Joseph C. Bonner.
Burlington, Vt., Charles H. Darling. Baltimore, Md., William F. Stone.

Detroit, Mich., John B. Whelan.
Newport, Vt., Curtis S. Emery.
Crisfield, Md., James C. Tawes.

Grand Haven, Mich., Walter I. Lillie. Bridgeport, Ct., Fred. Enos.

Alexandria, Va., Lewis McK. Bell. Marquette, Mich., Gad Smith.
Hartford, Ct., Ezra B. Bailey.
Cape Charles, Va., C. G. Smithers.

Port Huron, Mich., Lincoln Avery.
New Haven, C., J. Rice Winchell, Norfolk, Va., Richard G. Banks.

Chicago, Ill., John C. Ames. New London, Ct., Thomas 0. Thompson. Petersburg, Va., William Mahone.

St. Paul, Minn., John Peterson. Stonington, Ct., Charles T. Stanton. Taypahannock, Va., John Rosler.

Duluth, Minn., Levi M. Willeuts. Barnstable, Mass., Thacher T. Hallet. Newport News, Va., J. E. B. Stuart. Milwaukee, Wis., William H. De Vos. Boston, Mass., George H. Lyman.

Richmond, Va., Joseph B. Stewart. Great Falls, Mont., Charles M. Webster. Elgartown, Mass., Charles H. Marchant. Beaufort, N. C., Christopher D. Jones. San Francisco, Cal., Fred'k 8. Stratton. Fall River, Mass., James Brady.

Newbern, N. C., Daniel W. Patrick. San Diego, Cal., Frank W. Barnes.
Gloucester, Mass., William H. Jordan. Elizabeth City, N. C., D. O. Newberry. Los Angeles, Cal., John C. Cline.
Marblehead, Mass., Luke B. Colbert. Wilmington, N. C., Benjamin F. Keith. Eureka, Cal., Sterling A. Campbell.
Nantucket, Mass., Obel G. Smith.
Beaufort, s. c., Róbert Smalls.

Astoria, Ore., Clark W. Carnahan.
New Bedford, Mass., Rufus A. Soule. Charleston, S. C., Wm. D. Crum.

Coos Bay, Ore., Morton Tower.
Newburyport, Mass., Hirain P. Mackintosh. Georgetown, S. C., Isaiah J. McCottrie. Portland, Ore., Isaac L. Patterson.
Plynouth, Mass., Herbert Morissey. Brunswick, Ga., Henry T. Dunn.

Yaquina, Ore., Charles B. Crosno.
Salem, Mass., David M. Little.
Savannah, Ga., John H. Deveaux.

Port Townsend, Wash., Fred. C. Harper. Buffalo, N. Y., Frederick O. Murray. St. Mary's, Ga., John M. Holzendorf. Juneau, Alaska, Clarence L. Hol art. Cape Vincent, N. Y., William J. Grant. Mobile, Ala., William F. Tebbetts. Nogales, Ariz., Myron H. McCord. Plattsburg, N. Y., Walter C. Witherbee. Gulfport, Miss., Frederick W. Collins.

Pembina, N. D., Nelson E. Nelson.
Dunkirk, N. Y., John Bourne.
Natchez, Miss., John Russeli,

Honolulu, H. I., E. R. Stackable.
Rochester, N. Y., Geo. F. Roth.

Vicksburg, Miss., William L. Short. San Juan, P. R., James H. Causlen.

SURVEYORS OF CUSTOMS. Portland, Me., Joshua L. Chamberlain. Paducah, Ky., John R. Puryear.

Peoria, Ill., Julius S. Starr. Boston, Mass., Jeremiah J. McCarthy. Memphis, Tenn., James Jeffreys.

Rock Ísland, Ill., Robert G. Pearce. Springfield, Mass., Henry L. Hines. Chattanooga, Tenn., Thomas B. Stapp. Burlington, Ia., George H. Ludde. Albany, N. Y., Williain Barnes, Jr. Nashville, Tenn., Joseph W. Dillin. Council Bluffs,'la., Leander M, Shubert. Greenport, N. Y., John A, Bassarear. Knoxville, Tenn., Thomas B, McLemore. Des Moines, Ia., Geo. L. Godfrey. New York, N, Y., James S. Clarkson, Kansas City, Mo., Charles M. Clark. Dubuque, Ia., John M. Leniban. Patchogue, N. Y., Sidney O. Weeks. St. Joseph, Mo.,

John Albus, Jr.

Sioux City, Ia., James H. Bolton. Port Jefferson, N. Y., Arthur N. Randall. St. Louis, Mo., Charles F. Gallenkamp. Denver, Col., Nelson F. Handy. Syracuse, N. Y., Fred'k A. Kuntzsch. Cincinnati, o., Amor Smith, Jr.

Lincoln, Neb., Llewellyn L. Lindsey. Philadelphia, Pa., Perry M. Lytle. Columbus, O., Williain C. Kennedy. Omaha, Neb., Benjamin H. Barrows. Pittsburgh, Pa., Mahlon M. Garland. Evansville, Ind., Frank B. Posey.

La Crosse, Wis., Robert Calvert. Baltimore, Md., Robert A. Ravenscroft.

Indianapolis, Ind., Leopold G. Rothschild. Grand Rapids, Mich., Sheridan F. Master. Wheeling, W. Va., Charles H. Senseney. Michigan City, Ind., Charles J. Robb. San Francisco, Cal., Joseph S. Spear, Jr. Atlanta, Ga., Marcellus 0. Markham. Cairo, it. Thomas C. Elliott.

Dayton, O., Oscar 1. Robbins. New Orleans, La., Fenton W. Gibson. Galena, Il., William Vincent.

Salt Lake City, Utah, Jac. G. Greenwald. Louisville, Ky., William G. Dearing.

Boston, Mass., James O. Lyford.
New Orleans, La., Elmer E. Wood.

San Francisco, Cal., John P. Irish. New York, N. Y., Frederick J. H. Kracke. Baltimore, Md., J. Stuart McDonald. Philadelphia, Pa., Walter T. Merrick. Chicago, ill., Thomas N. Jamieson.

POSTMASTERS OF PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. New York, Wm. R. Willcox, 1904. Louisville, Ky., Robert E. Woods, 1906. Scranton, Pa., Ezra H. Ripple, 1902. Chicago, Ill., Fred A. Busse, 1905. Omaha, Neb., Henry E. Palmer, 1904. Fall River, Mass., George A. Ballard, 1902. Brooklyn, N.Y., Geo. H. Roberts, Jr., 1901. Rochester, N. Y., James S. Graham, 1903. Memphis, Tenn., L. W. Dutro, 1904. St. Louis, Mo., Frank Wyman, 1903. St. Paul, Minn., Mark D. Flower, 1905. Dayton, O., Frederick G. Withoft, 1904. Boston, Mass., George A. Hibbard, 1903. Providence, R.Í., Clinton D. Sellew, 1902. Troy, N. Y., Albert E. Bonesteel, 1906. Baltimore, Md., Wm. Hall Harris, 1905. Denver, Col., Paul J. Sours, 1904.

Grand Rapids, Mich., L. K. Bishop, 1902. San Francisco, Cal., Arthur G. Fisk, 1903. Indianapolis., Inc., H. W. Bennett, 1905. Reading, Pa., Augustus M. High, 1903. Cincinnati, O., Elias R. Monfort, 1903. Allegheny, Pa., John Francies, 1905. Camden, N. J., Robert L. Barber, 1903. Cleveland, O., Charles C. Dewstoe, 1905. Albany, N. Y., C, E. Arg ersinger, 1903. Trenton, N. J., Alexander C. Yard, 1902. Buffalo, N. Y., Fred. Greiner, 1901. Columbus, Ohio, Harry W. Krumm, 1906. Lynn, Mass., Wm. F. Craig,

1905. Pittsburgh, Pa., Wm.H. Davis, 1906. Syracuse, N.Y., Dwight H. Bruce, 1901. Atlanta, Ga., Edwin F. Blodgett, 1902. Washington, D. C., Benj, F. Barnes, 1906. Worcester, Mass., James W. Hunt, 1902. Detroit, Mich., Hoiner Warren, 1906,

Wilmington, Del., Henry C. Conrad, 1906. Toledo, O., William H. Tucker, 1902, New Orleans, La., T. J. Woodward, 1905. Milwaukee, Wis., David C. Owen, 1906. Richmond, Va., Royal E. Cabell, 1906. Kansas City, Mo., Joseph H. Harris, 1902. Newark, N.J., James L. Hays, 1903, New Haven, Ct., Jas. A. Howarth, 1902. Philadelphia, Pa.,Rich'd L.Asbhurst,1906. Minneapolis, Minn., William D. Hale, 1902. Lowell, Mass., Albert G. Thompson, 1902. Charleston, S. C., Wilmot L. Harris, 1903. Jersey City, N. J., Peter F. Wanser, 1904. Nashville, Tenn. Andrew W. Wills, 1902.


... 1833


Chief Justice of the United States-Melville W. Fuller, of Illinois, born 1833, appointed 1888.
Born. App.

Born, App. Asso. Justice-John M. Harlan, Ky

1877 Asso. Justice-Joseph McKenna, Cal... 1843 1898 David J. Brewer, Kan.... 1837 1889

Oliver W. Holmes, Mass. 1841 1902 Edward D. White, La... 1845 1894

William R. Day, Ohio... 1849 1903 Rufus W. Peckham, N. Y. 1838 1895

William H. Moody Mass. 1853 1906 Reporter-Charles H. Butler, N. Y. Clerk-J. H. McKenney, D. C. Marshal-John M. Wright, Ky. The salary of the Chief Justice of the United States is $13,000; Associate Justices, $12,500 each.

Cir: Judges.
App. I Cir. Judges.

App. 1. Le Baron B. Colt, R. I. 1884 6. Henry F. Severens, Mich..

1900 William L. Putnam, Me.. 1892 Horace H. Lurton, Tenn.

1893 Francis C. Lowell, Mass. 1905 John K. Richards, Ohio...

1903 2. William J. Wallace, N. Y 1882 7. Peter S. Grosscup, Ill.

1899 E. Henry Lacombe, N. Y 1887 Francis E. Baker, Ind.

1902 William K. Townsend, Ct. 1902 William H. Seaman, Wis.

1905 Alfred C. Coxe, N. Y 1902 Christian C. Kohlsaat, Ill..

1905 3. George M. Dallas, Pa.. 1892 8. Willis Van Devanter, Wyo..

1903 George Gray, Del.. 1899 Walter H. Sanborn, Minn.

1892 Joseph Buffington, Pa.... 1906 William C. Hook, Kan.

1903 4. Nathan Goff, W. Va. 1892 Elmer B. Adams, No...

1905 Jeter C. Pritchard. 1904 9. William W. Morrow, Cal.

1897 5. Don A. Pardee, La. 1881 William B. Gilbert, Ore..

1892 A. P. McCormick, Tex.. 1892 Erskine M. Ross, Cal.

1895 David D. Shelby, Ala...

1899 Salaries, $7,000 each. The judges of each circuit and the justice of the Supreme Court for the circuit constitute a Circuit Court of Appeals.' The First CIRCUIT consists of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island. SECOND-Connecticut, New York, Vermont. THIRD-Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Fourth-Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia. FIFTH-Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas. SIXTH-Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee. SEVENTH -Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin. ÉIGHTH-Arkansas, Colorado, Indian and Oklahoma Territories, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming. NINTH-Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii.

Chief Justice-Stanton J. Peelle, Ind. Associate Judges-Charles B. Howry, Miss.; Fenton W. Booth,
Ill.; Geo. W. Atkinson, W. Va. ; Samuel S. Barney, Wis. Salaries,Chief Justice, $6,500; Justices, $6,000.

Judges. Addresses. App. Districts.

Judges. Addresses. Арр. Ala. : N. & M. Thomas G. Jones. Montgomery. 1901


.Wm. H. Hunt...Helena..... 1904 S. D...H.T. Toulmin ... Mobile

1887 Mo.: E. D.....G.A.Finkelnburg St. Louis.. 1905 Alaska. .R. A. Gunnison.. Juneau..

1904 W.D....John F. Philips Kansas City.. 1888 ....... Alfred S. Moore. Nome. 1902 Nebraska..... Wm. H. Munger, Omaha....

1897 ..J. Wickersham... Fairbanks.. 1905 Nevada... Vacant... Ark.: E. D...Jacob Trieber....Little Rock... 1901 N. Hamp. Edgar Aldrich.. Littleton 1891

W.D. .John H. Rogers.. Fort Smith.... 1896 New Jersey... W. M. Lanning. Trenton. 1904 Cal,: N. D...John J.De Haven San Francisco 1897

..Joseph Cross. ... Elizabeth. 1905 S. D....Olin Wellborn...Los Angeles... 1895 N.Y.: N. D.... George W. Ray.Norwich.. 1902 Colorado .....Robert E. Lewis. Denver.... 1906

W.D....John R. Hazel... Buffalo. 1900 Connecticut..James P. Platt... Hartford..... 1902

S.D.....Geo.B. Adams..N. Y.City. 1901 Delaware.....Ed.G. Bradford.. Wilmington.. 1897

..George C. Holt..N. Y. City. 1903 Fla. : N. D...Charles Swayne.. Pensacola. 1889

....Chas. M. Hough.N. Y. City. 1906 S. D...James W. Locke..Jacksonville.. 1872

E. D.... Edw.B. Thomas Brooklyn.

1898 Ga.: N.D... Wm. T. Newman. Atlanta... 1886 N.C.: E.D... Thos. R. Purnell. Raleigh 1897 S. D...Emory Speer ....Macon


W.D...James E. Boyd..Greensboro... 1901 Idaho James H. Beatty.Boisé 1892 N. Dakota.....Chas. F.Amidon. Fargo..

1897 Ill. :

1890 N. D. {

1905 Ohio: N. D....A.J. Ricks.......Cleveland Ken. M. Landis .. Chicago.. 1905

N.D....R. W. Tayler.... Cleveland 1905 S. D...J.O. Humphrey..Springfield... 1901 S. D..... A. C. Thompson.Cincinnati 1898

E......F.M. Wright...... Urbana 1905 Oregon ..... C.E. Wolverton.Portland...,. 1905 Ind. T.: N. D. Jos. A. Gill....... Vinita .. 1903 Pa.: E. D......J.B.McPherson. Philadelphia. 1899 " Luman F. Parker. Vinita... 1906

.Jas. B. Holland Philadelphia. 1904 C.D.W.H. H. Clayton.S. McAlester. 1901 M.

R. W. Arch bald.Scranton 1901 * T. C. Humphrey. Atoka..... 1904

W. D. ..Nath'l Ewing.. Pittsburgh 1906 S. D. Hosea Townsend. Ardmore. 1902 R. Island A.L. Brown.... Providence... 1896

"Jos. T. Dickerson.Chickasha... 1904 S. Carolina ....W.H. Brawley. Charleston.... 1894 W.D.C. W. Raymond..Muskogee. 1901 S.Dakota......John E.Carland.Sioux Falls... 1896

Louis Sulzbacher. Okmulgee. 1904 Tenn.: E. & M.Chas. D. Clark. .Chattanooga.. 1895 Indiana. ..... A. B. Anderson.. Indianapolis. 1902

W.D..John E. McCall. Memphis.. 1905 Iowa: N. D... Henry T. Reed... Cresco.

1904 Tex.: E. D.....D. E. Bryant....Sherman..... 1890 's. D...S.McPherson... ... Red Oak... 1900

W.D.... Thos. S.Maxey.. Austin

1888 Kansas..... John C. Pollock.. Leavenworth 1899

N.D.... Edw. R. Meek..Fort Worth... 1899 Ky:: W. D.... Walter Evans... Louisville 1899

S.D....W. T. Burns ... Houston..... 1902 E. D. ... A. M.J. Cochran. Maysville 1902 Utah... .J. A. Marshall...Salt Lake C.. 1896 La.: E.D..... Charles Parlange. New Orleans. 1894 Vermont James L. Martin Brattleboro.. 1906

W.D.... Aleck Boarman.. Shreveport... 1881 Va.: E. D. E. Waddill, Jr... Richmond... 1898 Maine... ..Clarence Hale .... Portland.. 1902

W.D. H.C.McDowell.. Big StoneGap 1901 Maryland .... Thomas J. Morris. Baltimore. 1879 Wash.: E. D..C.H. Hanford...Seattle..... 1890 Mass. Frederic Dodge.. Boston... 1905

W.D. Edw. Whitson ..Spokane...... 1905 Mich.: E. D.. Henry H. Swan..Detroit..

1891 W. Va.: N.D.A.G. Dayton....Phillippi 1905 W. D. Vacant....

S. D..B.F. Keller.....Bramwell.. 1901 Minnesota....Wm. Lochren.... Minneapolis.. 1896 Wis.: E. D....Jos. V. Quarles... Milwaukee... 1905 .Page Morris......Duluth..


W.D....A.L. Sanborn... Madison. 1905 Miss.: N. & S. Henry C. Niles.. Kosciusko.... 1902' Wyoming.....John A. Riner ..Cheyenne .... 1890

Salaries of District Judges, $6,000 each,

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