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Meðal of Honor Legion. THE Legion is composed of officers and enlisted men of the United States army and navy who have been awarded medals of honor for most distinguished gallantry in action during any war in which the United States has been engaged. At the present time it has 458 such members. At the last annual reunion, held at Winsted, ct., September 24-25, 1906, the following officers were elected : Commander-P. De Lacy, Scranton, Pa. Senior Vice-Commander-S. B. Horne, Winsted, Ct. Junior Vice-Commander-William Search, Boston, Mass. Quartermaster-N. D. Preston, Phila. delphia, Pa Chaplain-Rev. Dr. William Hubbell, New York City., Adjutant-John C. Hunterson, Philadelphia, Pa. Judge Advocate-Walter Thorn, Brooklyn, N. 5. Inspector-Charles H. Houghton, Newark, N. J. Surgeon-in-Chief-Gabriel Grant, M. D., New York City. Historian-St. Clair A. Mulholland, Philadelphia, Pa.

Naval Order of the United States. THE Naval Orderof the United States is composed of a General Commandery and commanderies in the States of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, California, and Illinois, and in the District of Columbia. The General Commandery meets triennially on October 5, and the State Commanderies meet annually in the month of November. The Massachusetts Commandery is the parent Com mandery, and was organized at Boston on July 4, 1890. The General Commandery was established three years later, on June 19, 1893. The Companions of the Order are officers and the descendants of officers who served in the navy and marine corps in any war or in any battle in which the said naval forces of the United States have participated. The membersbip clause, as adopted at the triennial congress held at Boston, October 5, 1895, provides for

two classes of members: First, veteran officers and their male descendants; and, second, enlisted men who have received the United States naval medal of honor for bravery in the face of the enemy.

The officers of the General Commandery are: General Commander-Rear-Admiral John G. Walker. Vice-General Commanders-Admiral George Dewey, U.S. N., Rear-Admiral Albert S. Barker, U.S.N., Capt. James H. Dayton, U. S. N. General Recorder--Charles W. Ruschenberger (late U.S. N.). Stafford, Chester Co., Pa. Assistant General Recorder-William H. Stayton, 111 Broadway, New York. General Registrar-Frederick B. Philsbrook. Boston, Mass. General Treasurer-George De Forest Barton (late U. S. N). General Historian--Col. John Biddle Porter, U.S. A. General Chaplain--Rev George Williamson Smith, D. D.

Army and Navy Union. National Commander-J. Edwin Browne, Washington, D. C. Senior Vice-National CommanderEdward Strobel, Albany, N. Y. Junior Vice- National Commander-Edward V, Auger, Brooklyn, N. Y. Adjutant-General-John

Schumacher, 425a Quincy Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Inspector General Sanders E. Adams, Jersey City, N. J. Judge Advocate-General-John D. Clute, Buftalo, N. Y. National Chaplain-Rev. John P. Čhidwick, Brooklyn, N. Y.

The Army and Navy Union was organized at Cincinnati and incorporated under the laws of Ohio In March, 1888. The national organization (called the National Corps) was organized in August, 1890. The

Union admits to its ranks any man who possesses an honorable discharge from the United States service, either regular or volunteer army and navy or marine corps, whether said service was before, during, or since any war at home or abroad. There are twelve garrisons in Greater New York.

The Navy League of the United States. THE Navy League of the United States was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York on January 2, 1903. Its declared object being “to acquire and spread before the citizens of the United States, through branch organizations and otherwise, information as to the condition of the Naval forces and equipment of the United States, and to awaken public interest and co-operation in all matters tending to aid, improve, and develop their efficiency." It is strictly non-partisan. Men, women and children are eligible to membership. The button of the League is of silver gilt and blue enamel, with letters in white, and anchor of gold, and is worn by members. The membership fee is one dollar annually. There are fifty-eight sections in the United States, and sections in England, Canada, Colombia, and two in Italy. Five or more citizens may sign an application for a charter to form a section of the League. A monthly paper, the Navy League Journal, is issued under the supervision of the Board of Directors. The headquarters of the League are at 78 Broad Street, New York City.

The General Officers are: President-Horaca Porter ; Vice-President, William McAdoo; Treasurer, Clinton E. Braine; Secretary, Robert S. Sloan; General Counsel, Herbert L. Satterlee; Assistant Secretary, George H. Owen. Honorary Members-President Theodore Roosevelt, and Secretary of the Navy Charles J. Bonaparte. Director's-Captain J. W. Miller, W. H. Stayton, A. Noel Blakeman, ex-Secretary of the Navy Benjamin F. Tracy, Louis A. Osborne,

George C. Sargent, Robert 8. Sloan, George De Forest Barton, w. De W. Dimock, W. W. Hollingsworth, J. Frederic Fams, Aaron Vanderbilt, Francis B. Allen, General Horace Porter, William McAdoo, Herbert L. Satterlee, C. J. Parsons.

National Association of Naval Veterans. Commodore Commanding-Frederick M. Hammer, cor. Park and Smith Streets, New Bedford, Mass. Fleet Captain-Max F. Greene, Brooklyn, N. Y. Fleet Commander and Chief of Staff-Wm. A. Hollman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Feet Lipitenant-Commander-Carrington P. Slade, Bristol, R. I. pleet Lieutenant-Elias S. Nickerson, 77 Dyer Street, Providence, R. I. Fipet Paymaster-Henry F. Mc. Collum, New Haven, Ct. Flect Surgeon-Henry J. Brewer, M. D., Brooklyn, N. Y. Fleet Chaplain -John B. Wirt, Indianapolis, Ind. Fleet Judge Advocate-Frederick E. Haskins, Brooklyn, N. Y. Fleet Historian-William Simmons, Philadelphia, Pa. Fleet Boatswain-Martin C. Ford, Providence, R. 1., Fleet Secretary-William

W. Pease, Edgartown, Mass. Organized 1887. 6000 members. 1,500 contributing members. 80 Associations in all the principal cities of the United States.


STATE OF NEW YORK. INSTITUTED as a military society by the veterans of the War of 1812 on January 3, 1826, in the City of New York, and incorporated under the laws of the State of New York by the surviving veteran members, January 8, 1892. Consolidated January 8, 1848, with the Veteran Corps of Artillery (instituted by officers of the Revolutionary War November 25, 1790). Hiram Cronk, last surviving Veteran member War of 1812, born April 29, 1800, died May 13, 1905.

The officers are: President-Rev. Morgan Dix, D. D., D. C. L. Vice-President-Asa Bird Gardiner, LL. D., L. H. D. Secretary-Howland Pell, 27 William Street, New York. Assistant Secretary Charles Isham. Theasurer-Charles Augustus Schermerhorn.

The original members comprise those who actually served in the military or naval forces of the United States during the War of 1812, or on vessels other than merchant ships which sailed under commissions of letters of marque and reprisal from the United States in that war.

Eligibility to hereditary membership is confined to descendants of commissioned officers who actually served in the War of 1812, and descendants of former members of the Society in the State of New York, and of other military societies of 1812.

THE GENERAL SOCIETY OF THE WAR OF 1812. Composed of federated State societies, in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois, District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey,and Delaware, the members of each of which State Societies are borne upon the membership roll of the General Society. Any male person above the age of twenty-one years who participated in, or who is a lineal descendant of one who served during the War of 1812-14 in the army, navy, revenue marine, or privateer service of the United States, offering satisfactory proof to the State Society to which he makes application, and is of good moral character and reputation, may become a member. In case of failure of lineal descendants of an actual participant in said war, one collateral representative who is deemed worthy may be admitted to membership President-General-John Cadwalader, Pennsylvania. Secretary-General-Henry Randall Webb, 727 Nineteenth Street, N. W., Washington, D.C. Assistant Secretary-General-Henry Harmon Noble, Essex, N. Y. Treasurer-General-Frederick Bacon Philbrook, Boston. Assistant Treasurer-General-William Porter Adams, Illinois. Surgeon-General-George Horace Burgin, M. D., Pennsylvania. Judge- Advocate-General-Aloysius Leo Kuott, Maryland. Chaplain-General-Rt. Rev. Leighton Coleman, Delaware.

The American-Xrish Historical Society. President- General-Rear-Admiral John McGowan, U. S. N., retired, Washington, D. C. VicePresident-General-Franklin M. Danaher, Albany, N. Y. Secretary-General - Thomas Hamilton Murray, 36 Newbury, Street, Boston, Mass. Treasurer-General-M. F. Dooley, Providence, R. I. Librarian and Archivist-Thomas B. Lawler, New York City.

The Society was organized at Boston, Mass., January 20, 1897, for the special study of the Irish element in the composition of the American people; to investigate and record the intuence of this element in the upbuilding of the nation, and to collect and publish facts relating to and Illustrating that influence.

Women's Patriotic Societies.

OFFICERS, President-Mrs. James W. Gerard. First Vice-President-Mrs. Edward King. Second Vice-Presi. dent-Miss J. J. Boudinot. Treasurer-Miss Helen Van C. De Peyster. Secretary-Mrs. Timothy Matlack Cheesman, 109 University Place, New York City. Historian-Miss Julia Livingston Delafield. Advisory Council-Henry E. Howland, Franklin Bartlett, Louis V. Bright.

The Society of the Colonial Dames of America was organized in the City of New York May 23, 1890, and was the first society of women for this patriotic purpose founded in this country. It was incorporated April 23, 1891. The Society is purely patriotic and educational in its objects, which are: (1) To collect and preserve relics, manuscripts, traditions, and mementoes of the founders and builders of the thirteen original States of the Union, and of the heroes of the War of Independence, that the memory of their deeds and achievements may be perpetuated. (2) To promote celebrations of great historic

events of National importance, to diffuse information on all subjects concerning American history, particularly among

the young, and to cultivate the spirit of patriotism and reverence for the founders of American constitutional history. This Society has already a large membership and chapters in many States. It is a distinct organization from that which follows.


OFFICERS OF THE NATIONAL SOCIETY. Honorary President-Mrs. Justine Van Rensselaer Townsend, President-Mrs. Herbert A. Claiborne. Vice-Presidents-Mrs. Samuel Colt, Connecticut; Mrs. Henry F. L. Lyster, Michigan; Mrs. William Reed, Maryland. Secretary-Mrs. Joseph Lamar, Georgia. Assistant Secretary-Mrs. Rosa Wright Smith, District of Columbia. Treasurer-Mrs. Alexander J. Cassatt, Philadelphia, Pa. Registrar-Mrs. Emil Richter, Portsmouth, N. H. Historian-Miss Anne Hollingsworth Wharton.

This society is a distinct organization from the one described in the first paragraph.

The National Society is composed of delegates from the State societies. These exist in the thir. teen original States and in twenty-one other

States and the District of Columbia, and are all incorporated. The aggregate membership is over 5,000. The President of the New York State Society is Mrs. Anson P. Atterbury. It is the sole custodian of the Colonial Musevm in New York.

Under the constitution of the National Society it is prescribed that the members shall be women "who are descended in their own right from some ancestor of worthy life who came to reside in an American Colony prior to 1750, which ancestor, or some one of his descendants, being a lineal ascendant of the applicant, shall have rendered efficient service to his country during the Colonial period, either in the founding of a commonwealth orof an institution which has survived and developed into importance, or who shall have held an important position in the Colonial Government, and who, by distinguished services, shall have contributed to the founding of this great and powerful nation." Services rendered after 1776 do not entitle to membership, but are accepted for supplemental applica. tions. There is no admission except through Colonial ancestry.


OFFICERS OF THE NATIONAL SOCIETY. President- General-Mrs. Donald McLean, 186 Lenox Avene, New York City. Vice-PresidentGeneral (of organization of chapters) --Mrs. Charlotte Emerson Main. l'ice-Presidents - GeneralMrs. John R. Walker, Mo.; Mrs. Mary Wood Swift, Cal.; Mrs. Charles H. Deere, Ill. ; Mrs. Orlando J. Hodge, Ohio; Mrs. Julius J, Estey, Vt. ; Mrs. Robert Emory Park, Ga.; Mrs. Richard Jackson Barker, R. I. ; Mrs. Truman H. Newberry, Mich. ; Mrs. William D. Kearfott, N. J.; Mrs. Theodore C. Bates, Mass. ; Mrs. H, s. Chamberlain, Tenn.; Mrs. Lindsay Patterson, N. C.; Mrs. John Cunningham Hazen, N. Y.; Mrs. George W. Nicholls, S. C. ; Mrs. Franklin E. Brooks, Col. ; Mrs. (lara Lee Bowman, Ct. Mrs. Drayton W. Bushnell, Ia. ; Mrs. Sallie Marshall Hardy, Ky.; Mrs. Ira H. Evans, Tex. ; Mrs. A. E. Heneberger, Va. Chaplain-General-Mrs. Teunis S. Hamlin, D. C. Recording Secretary-General-Miss Elisabeth É. Pierce, D. C. Registrar-General-Mrs. J. Stewart Jamiesoni, D. C. . Historian-General-Mrs. Jonathan P. Dolliver, D.C. Corresponding Secretary Generul-Miss Virginia Miller, D. C. Treasurer-General-Mrs, M. E. S. Davis, D.C. Assistant HistorianGeneral-Mrs. Mary S. Lockwood, D. (. Librarian-General-Miss Aline E, Solomons. D. C.

The Society was organized in the City of Washington, D. C., October 11, 1890. The headquarters are in Washington. its present membership is reported by the Secretary-tieneral to be 47,111. Seven hundred and fifty State chapters exist in forty-five States and Territories and the District of Columbia, presided over by regents. Chapter regents have been appointed for England, Cuba, and the Philippines.

Any woman may be eligible for membership, who is of the age of eighteen years, and who is descended from an ancestor who, "with unfailing loyalty, rendered material aid to the cause of independence as a recognized patriot, as soldier or sailor, or as a civil officer in one of the several Colonies or States, or of the United Colonies or States, " provided that the applicant shall be acceptable to the Society. Every application for membership must be endorsed by at least one member of the National Society, and is then submitted to the Registrars-General, who report on the question of eligibility to the Board of Management, and upon its approval the applicant is enrolled as a member.


OFFICERS OF THE GENERAL SOCIETY. President- General-Mrs. D. Phonix Ingraham, N. Y. Recording Secretary-General--Mrs. Carlton M. Moody, Pa. Corresponding Secretary-Generai-Mrs. John A. Heath, Mass. Treasurer-GeneralMiss Mary A. Kent, Pa. Registrar-General-Mrs. J.J. Casey, N. Y. Historian-General-Mrs. George F. Daniels, Mass. Librarian-General--Miss Clara B. Adams, Mass. Board of Managers.--Mrs. John H, Abeel, Miss Josephine Wandell, Mrs. Zeb Mayhew, Mrs. Frank H. Vinson, Mrs. Frank Le M. Hipp, Mrs. Frank C. Granger, Mrs. Hamilton Ormsbee, Mrs. J. W. M Carthy, Mrs. Robert Ward, Mrs. Treadwell L. Ireland, Mrs. Elvira E. Moffett, Mrs. Clarence L. Bleakley, Mrs. Peter T. Austen, Mrs. Nathaniel S. Keay, Mrs. Clinton Viles, Mrs. Jeremiah c. Kittredge, Mrs. Platoff Zane, Mrs. Benjamin C. Bancroft, Mrs. George W. Hodges, Mrs. Ashbel P. Fitch.

The General Society was organized in the City of New York August 20, 1891. Eligi. bility to membership is restricted to


who are lineal descendants of an ancestor who was a military or naval or marine officer, soldier, sailor, or marine in actual service under the authority of any of the thirteen Colonies or States, or of the Continental Congress, and remained always loyal to such authority, or descendants of one who signed the Deelaration of Independence, or of one who as a member of the Continental Congress or of the Congress of any of the Colonies or States, or as an official appointed by or under the authority of any such representative bodies, actually assisted in the establishment of American independence by service rendered during the War of the Revolution, becoming thereby liable to conviction of treason against the Government of Great Britain, but remaining always loyal to the authority of the Colonies or States." State societies exist in a large number of states. The office of the General Society is 156 Fifth Avenue, New York.

DAMES OF THE REVOLUTION. THE Society of Dames of the Revolution was organized in 1896. The regulation as to membership is that the Society shall be composed entirely of women above he age of eighteen years, of good moral character, who are descended in their own right from an ancestor who, either as a military, naval, or marine officer, or official in the service of any one of the thirteen original Colonies or States, or of the National Government representing or composed of those Colonies or States, assisted in establishing American independence during the War of the Revolution, April 19, 1775, when bos. tilities commenced, and April 19, 1783, when they were ordered to cease. Local chapters may be organized when authorized by the Board of Managers of the Society. The president is Mrs. Montgomery Sohnyler, 1025 Park Avenue, New York City. Secretary, Miss R. C. C. Carville, 257 Webster Avenue, New Rochelle, N. Y.

UNITED STATES DAUGHTERS, 1812. President- National-Mrs. William Gerry Slade, New York. Vice-Presidents - National - Mrs B. L. Whitley, Michigan; Mrs. Robert Hall Niles, Illinois; Mrs. George H, Wilson, Kentucky, Recording Secretary--Mrs. Willard F. Cochran. Corresponding Secretary-Mrs. Frank Wheaton. The office of the National Society is at 332 West Eighty-seventh Street, New York.

Membership Qualifications -- Any woman over eighteen years of age of good character and a lineal descendant of an ancestor who rendered civil, military, or naval service during the War of 1812,orthe period of the causes which led to that war (subsequent to the War of the Revolution), may be eligible to membership, provided the applicant be acceptable to the Society. In all the States the initiation fee is $1. The President of the New York State Society is Mrs. William Gerry Slade; the Correspouding Secretary is Mrs. George B. Wallis, Jr.

MOUNT VERNON LADIES' ASSOCIATION. THE Washington Estate at Mount Vernon, Va., is under the care and direction of the Mount Ver. non Ladies' Association of the Union. The founder of the Association in 1854 was Miss Ain Paui in Cunningham, of South Carolina. She was the first Regent, and her successors have been Mrs, Lily M. Berghman, 1874, and Mrs. Justine Van Rensselaer Townsend, 1895, the present Regeut. There are Vice-Regents for twenty-nine States.

The present officers are: Regent--Mrs. Justine Van Rensselaer Townsend. Secretary-Mrs. Jennie Meeker Ward, Ottawa, Kan. Treasurer-E, Francis Riggs, D.c. Resident Superintendent-Harrisou H. Dodge, 4ssistant Superintendent-James Youog. Advisory Committee-Lewis Cass Ledyard, N. Y. 7,858


Grand Army of the Republic.

R. B. Brown, Zanesville, Ohio.
Senior Vice-Commander.... William H. Armstrong Surgeon-General...

W. H. Johnson Junior Vice-Commander'.. ............ E. B. Fenton | Chaplain-in-Chief....Jobu Irelaia, St. Paul, Minn.

OFFICIAL STAFF. Adjutant-Gen'l.Joseph W.0. Neall, Zanesville,

0. Inspector-General.

Thomas W. Evans Quartermaster-Gen'i..Charles Burrows, New Jersey Judge- Advocate-General. Frank L. Campbell

The National Council of Administration has 45 members, each department having one member. DEPARTMENTS.

MemDepartment Commanders.*

Assistant Adjutants-General. (45.)

bers. Alabama ...... A. N. Ballard.. Birmingham. E. D. Bacon.

Birmingham 126 Arizona .. James H. Creighton Phønix..

W.F.R. Schindler.. Phoenix

150 Arkansas J. W. Lane.. Siloam Springs.. J, W. Baker,

Siloam Springs

524 Calif. & Nevada W. C. Alberger... San Francisco... John H. Roberts.. San Francisco. 5,600 Colo. & Wyom. L. C. Dana.

Colorado Springs.. Irving H. Burt.. Colorado Spr. 2,734 Connecticut Virgil McNeil. New Haven.. John H. Thacher Hartford..... 3,896 Delaware. Ira Lunt New Castle.. J.S. Litzenberg. Wilmington.

663 Florida William Emerson Tampa ...

Frank G. Purceli.


328 Georgia W. H. Kimball... Tallapoosa.. D. J. Carson...


428 Idaho. Alfred Anderson.. Boise

H. Barber...


438 Illinois.

Edwin S. Buck.. Rock Island. Charles A. Partridge.. Chicago. 18, 808 Indiana E. R. Brown....... Monticello..

John R. Fesler..., Indianapolis.. 14, 488 Indian Ter. J. F. Ayers..

Samuel H. Smith Diuskogee.

448 Iowa ...

Charles A. Clark.. Cedar Rapids George A. Newman... Des Moines.. 11,412 Kansas. P. H. Coney. Topeka..

J. M. Miller....

Topeka.. 10,653 Kentucky George T. Grinstead Winston.

A. J, Tharp.....


1,934 La. &Mississippi P. H. Boyle... New Orleans, La.. M. A. C. Hussey New Orleans. . 1,050 Maine.

Fredericks Walls.. Vinalhaven. Thos, G. Libby. Vinalhaven.. 5,654 Maryland. Geo. Prechtel... Baltimore.

J. A. Thompson, Baltimore 2,081 Massachusetts.. J. Payson Bradley.. Boston....

Wilfred A. Wetherbee Boston 15,947 Michigan Jos. B. Griswold... Grand Rapids. Fayette Wyckoff.

Lansing 11,566 Minnesota Levi Longfellow.. Minneapolis.. Orton S. Clark... St. Paul..

5,523 Missouri

John M. Williams.. California. Thomas B. Rodgers. St. Louis.
A. J. Fisk.

Frank P. Sterling, Helena.

416 Nebraska J. R. Maxon.. Meriden..

C. M. Parker...


4,403 V. Hampshire.. O. B. Warren. Rochester..

Frank Battles..


2,829 New Jersey Alfred Atkins.. Roselle.

E. Baldwin, Jr. Elizabeth... New Mexico. W. B. Brunton. Las Vegas.. A.D. Higgins. Las Vegas.

208 New York. John S. Maxwell... Amsterdam

0. P. Clarke..

Albany 27, 477 North Dakota.. B. F. Bigelow.... Jamestown

H. J. Rowe..


404 Ohio... George A. Harman. Lancaster.. H. I. Blaire..

Lancaster. 22,920 Oklahoma Peter R. Becker... Jefferson..

W. E. Bartlett... Jefferson 1, 763 Oregon Homer Sutcliffe... Portland

R. V. Pratt..

Portland.. 1,817 Pennsylvania M. A. Gherst.. Reading.

Ohas. A. Suydam... Philadelphia.. 23,921 Potomac. Benj. P. Entrikin... Washington, D.C.. Edward Webster.. Washington... 2,268 Rhode Island... George L, Greene... Providence Philip S. Chase. Providence. 1, 468 South Dakota..NI, Lowthian. Milbank

Thos. Fitch.


1,642 Tennessee John T. Wilder.... Knoxville..

Ben. A. Hamilton... Knoxville... 1, 216 Texas Wm. H. Harvey Belton.....

J.S, Dunlap.


464 Utah... B. M. Sperry. Salt Lake City. R.G. Sleater

Salt Lake City. 268 Vermont. John A. Sheldon.. Rutland..

Henry W. Spafford... Rutland, 2,872 Va, & No. Caro. D. R. Wilson.... Richmond, Va. A. A. Hager... Sol. Home.... 679 Wash. & Alaska C. B. Dunning. Spokane....

W. H. Wiscombe.. Spokane, 2,907 West Virginia. Thos. M. Mills.. New Martinsville.. F.C. Harvey

New M'tinsv'l 1,172 Wisconsin ...... John W. Ganes... Fox Lake..

.C. A. Pettibone


7,937 Total, December 31, 1905.

..235,823 * New department officers are elected from January to June, 1907. The number of Grand

Army Posts December 31, 1905, was 6,165. Losses by death during the preceding year, 3. 205, or 3.90 per cent.

The first post of the Grand Army was organized at Decatur, Ill., April 6, 1866. The first National Encampmeut was held at Indianapolis, November 20, 1866. The next Encampment will be at Saratoga, N. Y., in 1907.

NATIONAL ENCAMPMENTS AND COMMANDERS-IN-CHIEF. 1866-Indianapolis. .Stephen A. Hurlbut, IUI, 1888-Columbus...... William Warner, Mo. 1868-Philadelphia John A. Logan, Ill.

1889-Milwaukee. Russell A. Alger, Mich. 1869-Cincinnati ..John A. Logan, Ill.


Wheelock G. Veazey, Vt. 1870-Washington .John A. Logan, Ill.


.John Palmer, New York. 1871-Boston

.A. E. Burnside, Rhode Is. 1892-Washington. .A. G. Weissert, Wis. 1872-Cleveland. .A. E. Burnside, Rhode Is. 1893-Indianapolis, John G. B. Adams, Mass. 1873-New Haven Charles Devens, Jr., Mass. 1894-Pittsburgh. Thos, G. Lawler, III. 1874-Harrisburg .Charles Devens, Jr., Mass. 1895--Louisville. Ivan N. Walker, Ind. 1875--Chicago

.John F. Hartranft, Pa. 1896-St. Paul....... Thaddeus S. Clarkson, Neb 1876-Philadelphia. .John F. Hartranft, Pa. 1897-Buffalo... .John P. S. Gobin, Pa. 1877-Providence J.C. Robinson, New York. 1898-Cincinnati.. *James A. Sexton, II. 1878--Springfield .J.C. Robinson, New York. 1898-Cincinnati.. W. C. Johnson, Ohio. 1879—Albany

William Earnshaw, Ohio. 1899-Philadelphia Albert D. Shaw, N. Y. 1880-Dayton.. Louis Wagner, Pa.

1900-Chicago............ Leo Rassieur, Mo. 1881-Indianapolis. George S. Merrill, Mass. 1901-Cleveland.. Ell Torrance, Minn. 1882-Baltimore .Paul Van Der Voort, Neb. (1902-Washington, D. C. Thos. J. Stewart, Pa. 1883-Denver

Robert B. Beath, Pa. 1903-San Francisco ... John C. Black, Ill. 1884-Minneapolis ......John S. Kountz, Ohio. 1904 ---Boston..

* W. W. Blackmar, Mass. 1885-Portland, Me......S. S. Burdette, D C. 1905 --Boston.

John R. King, D. C. 1886-San Francisco... Lucius Fairchild, Wis. 1906-Deriver.

James Tanner, N. Y. 1887-St. Louis. ..John P. Rea, Minn. 1907- Minneapolis... V B. Brown, Ohio

• Died while in office,

Ulionan's Relief Corps. AUXILIARY TO THE GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC, National Presirlent-Mrs. Abbie A. Adams, Superior, Neb, National Secretary--Mrs. Mary R. Morgan, Alma, Neb. This organization was created by the mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters of Union soldiers of the Civil War of 1861-65, for the purpose of aiding and assisting the Grand Army of the Republic, and to "perpetuate the memory of their heroic dead,” to “extend needful aid to the widows and orphans,' to cherish and emulate the deeds of our army nurses," and to "inculcate lessons of patriotism and love of country among our children and in the communities in which we live.''

The organization is composed of 35 departments, which are subdivided into corps, as well as detached corps ini several States where no departments exist. The year ending June 30, 1905, there were 2,978 corps and 152, 233 members.

Sons of Veterans, U. S. A. Commander-in-Chier-Edwin M. Amies. Senior Vice-Commander-in-Chief-F. T. F. Johnson. Junior Vice-Commander-in-Chief-F. D. Wolfrom, Chief of Staff-R. M. J. Reed, 2510 West Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. National Secretary-Horace H. Hammer, Reading, Pa. National Treasurer --James Lewis Rake, Reading, Pa. National Inspector-George E. Cox, Hartford,

Ct. Camp No. 1, Sons of Veterans, U. S. A., was organized in the City of Philadelphia

September 29, 1879. The organization is composed of lineal descendants, over eighteen

years of age, of honorably discharged soldiers, sailors, or marines who served in the late Civil War. There are now about one thousand Camps, with a membership of fifty thousand, distributed among twenty-five Divisions, corresponding to States, the general society or national body constituting the Commandery-in-Chief. Each Camp has its own officers, the head officer being the Commander. The principal officer of the Division is the Division Commander.

The Sons of Veterans Auxiliary is an association of women auxiliary to the above organization. Mrs. William B. Moynihan, Rochester, N.Y., is National President, and Miss Frances A. Fux, Rochester, N. Y. National Secretary.

Societies of Spanish War Veterans. Naval and Military Order of the Spanish-American War. -Instituted February 2, 1899. Officers of the National Commandery.-Commander-in-Chief - Major Harry Alvan Hall, Pittsburgh, Pa. Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief-Major William B. Dwight, Connecticut. Junior Vice-Commander-in-Chief-Capt. Taylor E. Brown, Illinois. Recorder-in-Chief-Capt. John T. Hilton, 170 Fifth Avenue, New York. Registrar-in-Chief--- Major Felix Rosenberg, Ohio. Deputy Registrar-inChief-Major Samuel T. Armstrong, New York. Treasurer-in-Chief-Major George F. Shiels, California. Chaplain-in-Chiet+Rev. Henry H. Kelsey, Connecticut. The Commander of the New York Commandery is Brig. -Gen. John W. Clous. Membership is composed of persons who served on the active list or performed active duty as a commissioned officer, regular or volunteer, during the war with Spain, or who participated in the war as a naval or military cadet. Membership descends to the eldest male descendant in the order of primogeniture.

United Spanish War Veterans. --National Encampment United Spanish War Veterans-Organized April 18, 1904, by the consolidation of the National Army and Navy Spanish War Veterans, National Association of Spanish American War Veterans, and the Society of the Service Men of the Spanish War. Commander-in-Chief-Hamilton Ward, Buffalo, N. Y. Adjutant-General--Lieut. Harman L. Hutson, Indianapolis, Ind. Quartermaster-General-Lieut. George W. Powell, Indianapolis, Ind. Senior Vice-Commander-Henry W. Busch, Detroit, Mich. Junior Vice-Commander-Charles W. Newton, Hartford, Ct. Judge- Advocate General-John Lewis Smith, Washington, D. C. SurgeonGeneral-J.O'Donoghue, Roxbury, Mass. Chaplain-in-Chief-Rev. W. H.I. Reany, Brooklyn, N. Y. Conimissary-General-A. M. Brunswick, San Francisco, Cal. Paymaster-General-Frank Ě. Jones, Scranton. Pa. Chief of Engineers-W. H. MacKay, Rutherford, N.J. Chief Sigmal Officer-Charles W. Parker, Elberton, Ga. Chief of Ordnance-E. L. Evans, Racine, Wis. Chief of Artilery-J. A. Welch, Taunton, Mass. Chief Mustering Officer-Charles F. Stroud, Sandusky, Ohio. National HistorianJ. Walter Mitchell, Washington, D. Č. Soldiers and sailors of the regular and volunteer army, navy, and marine corps who served honorably during the war with Spain or the insurrection in the Phlippines are eligible to membership.

Society of the Army of Santiago de Cuba.-Organized in the Governor's Palace at San tiago de Cuba July 31, 1898, President-Major-Gen. J. Ford Kent. First Vice-President- MajorGen. H.S. Bawkins, Second Vice-President--Lieut. -Col. Charles Dick. Third Vice-President-MajorGen. S. S. Saamner. Fourth Vice-President-Brig.-Gen. Chambers McKibbin. Secretary and Treasurer-Lieut.-Col. Alfred C. Sharpe. Historian-Major G. Creighton Webb. Registrar-General-Col. Philip Reade. Annual dues 81, life membership $25. No initiation fee. There are branch societies in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, California,

District of olum Rough Riders' Association.-Before the disbanding of the First Regiment United States Volunteer Cavalry, serving in Cuba, the members organized the Rough Riders' Association. All members of the regiment are eligible to membership in the Association, and membership descends to the eldest sons of original members, as in the Order of the Cincinnati, founded by the officers of the Revolutionary War. The following are the officers: President-C. E. Hunter, Oklahoma City, Okl. Scretary- Treasurer-B, H. Colbert, Tishimingo, Okl. Next meeting at Prescott, Ariz., in 1907.

United Volunteer Association.-AN white sulatérs aud saldyrs who served honorably in the military or naval service of the United States during the war with Spain or the incident insurrection in the Pullippines are eligible to membership. This society was organized at Chattanooga, Tenn., August 17, 1899, and has a membership of nearly 38,00. It is national in scope and character. Officers: President-Col. William J. Fise, California. First Vice-President-Capt. G. A. Wheatley, Texas. Second Vice-President-Major E. R. DuMont, Mississippi. Third Vice-President-Major Clay C. MacDonald. Secretary-Col. William C. Liller, 23 Irving Place, New York City. Treasurer Joseph H. Stiner, New York City.

Astor Battery Association.-President-Otto Koenig, New York City. Vice-President--Charles E. Callan, New York City. Treasurer--Jobn N. Ostrander, New York City. Secretary-George S. Geis, Long Beach, Cal. Organized December, 1904. Composed of original members of the Astor Battery, which served in the Philippines campaign of 1898. Meets annually, August 13, anniversary of the capture of Manila, at Reunion- Army of the Philippines.

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