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Divisions, Mileage, and Operating




General Officers.

Georgia Southern and

Florida Ry, - Suwanee River Ronte." (Georgia and Florida.] For year ending June 30, 1906. Macon, Ga., to Palatka, Fla., 285 m.; Total earnings.... $1,944,946 Valdosta, Ga., to Grand Crossing, President, Samuel Spencer, New Operating expenses 1,519,659 Fla. , 106.61 m.

York; Vice-President, S. F. ParTotal mileage, 391.61.

rott; Secretary, Ben. c. Smith. Net earnings... $425, 287

General Offices, Macon, Ga. Other income....

18,578 EXPRESS Co.-Southern.
Total net income $443,865
Total payments.... 361,265


Grand Rapids and In

diana Railway. (Indiana and Michigan. ) For ye ir ending June 30, 1906. Richmond, Ind., to Mackinaw City, President, James McCrea, PittsTotal earnings. $3,787,162 Mich., 460 m.; Traverse City Div.,

burgh, Pa. ; Vice-President, W.R. Operating expenses 2,977,694 26 m. ; Muskegon Div., 40 m.; Har

Shelby; General Manager, J. H. bor Springs Br., 6 m.; Lake City

P. Net earnings...... $809,468

Hughart; Secretary, R. R. Br., 12 m. Total mileage, 544. Other income.. 8,972

Metheany. General Offices,
EXPRESS Co. -Adams,

Grand Rapids, Mich.
Total net income. $818,440
Total payments...

798,665 Surplus


Grand Trunk Railway. (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Quebec, Ontario,

President, Cbas. Rivers Wilson, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan Eastern Div., 938 m.; Ottawa Div.,

London, Eng.; Vice-President, For 6 mos. ending June 30, 1906.

A. W. Smithers, London, Eng. ; 463 m.; Middle Div., 1,490.25 m; Total earnings.. £3,021,681

2d Vice-President and General Northern Div., 888.36 m.; Western Operating expenses 2,184,821

Hays; Manager, Chas. M.

3d Div., 859.73 m. Total mileage, 4,639. Net earnings......

Vice-President, E, H, Fitzhugh; £836.860 EXPRESS Co.-Canadian. On Grand Other income..... 108,005

4th Vice-President, F. H. McTrunk Western Ry., National. Guigan. General Offices, MonTotal net income £944,865

treal, Quebec; New York Office, Total payments.... 635,006

290 Broadway. Surplus...


Great Northern Rail.

way. (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Ne.

President, J. J. Hill; Vice-Presibraska, Montana, Idah10, Great Northern Ry., 5,200 m.; Mon

dent, Louis W. Hill; 2d ViceWashington, Wisconsin. )

President, R. I. Farrington; 3d For year ending June 30, 1906. tana Central Ry., 250 m.; Wilmar

Vice-President and Secretary, and Sioux Falls Ry.,437 m.; Duluth, Total earnings. ... $46,269,500

E. 1. Nichols, New York; 4th Watertown and Pacific Ry., 70 m. Operating expenses 24,738,882 Total mileage, 5,957.

Vice - President, B. Campbell: Net earnings. $21,520,668

General Manager, F. E. Ward. EXPRESS C0,-Great Northern. Other income...... 2,202,302

General Offices, St. Paul, Minn. ;

New York Offices, 32' Nassau Total net income. $23,722,970

Street, 379 Broadway.
Total payments.... 18 538,400
Surplus ..


Hocking Valley Rail

way. (Ohio.)

Toledo, O., to Pomeroy, 0., 252.1 m. ; President, N. Monsarrat; 1st ViceFor year ending June 30, 1906. Athens Br., 26.9 m.; Jackson Br.

President, R. W. Hickox, Cleve. Total earnings.. $6.439,809 17.5 m.; other branches, 50.5 m.

land, O.; 2d Vice-President, J. H. Operating expenses. 4,181,774 Total mileage, 347.

Hoyt, Cleveland, O.; Secretary

and 'Treasurer, W. N. Cott; AsNet earnings. $2,258,035 EXPRESS Co.-American North of sistant Secretary and Treasurer, Other income.


(Columbus, O.; Adams South of A. H. Gillard, New York. General * Total net income. $2,567,158 Columbus, O

Offices, Columbus, O.
Total payments.... 883,480


Main Line, 337.98 m.; Western Br. Houston avind Texas Cen

115 m.; Waco Br., 54.77 m. ; Austin President, R. S. Lovett; Vice-Presi. trl kia.road.

Div., 129.45 m.;

Ft. Worth Br., 52.88 dent. T. Fay; Secretary, W. H. (Texas.)

m.: Lancaster Br.,4.75 m. Nelleva- Field. General Offices, Houston, Financial Mexía ('ut-off. 94 m. Total mile- Tex. :

New report included

York Office, 120 in Southern Pacific Co. age, 788.78.

EXPRESS Co. -Wells, Fargo & Co.

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers.



Illinois Central Rail.

road. : (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin,

President, James T. Harahan; Iowa, Minnesota, South Illinois Central R, R., 705.50 m.; Chi- Vice-President, W. J. Harahan; Dakota, Kentucky, Tencago, St. Louis and New Orleans

Vice-President and Secretary, nessee, Mississippi, LouisiR. R., 1.506.73 m.; Dubuque and

A. G. Hackstaff, New York; ana, Missouri, Alabama. ] Sioux City R. R., 759.88 m., other

Assistant Secretaries, C. H. WenFor year ending June 30, 1906.

man, New York, and W. G. branches, 1,687.03 m. Total mileage, Total earnings. $51.636,405 4,459.14.

Bruen, Chicago, Ill. General Operating expenses 36,437,469 Yazoo and Miss. Val. R.R., 1,239.14 m.

Offices, Chicago, Ill. ; New York Net earnings.. $15,198,936 EXPRESS Co.-American.

Offices, 11 and 336 Broadway.

General Offices Yazoo and MissisOther income.. 3,256,989

sippi Valley. R. R., Memphis, Total net income.$18,455,925

Tenn., and Chicago, Ill.
Total payments.... 18,411,124


lutercolonial Railway. Halifax and Montreal Line,836.73 m.; ! Vova Scotia, New Bruns- St. John Br., 89.36 m.; Truro and wick, Quebec.]

Sydney Line, 214.17 m. ;Oxford and General Manager, D. Pottinger. For year ending June 30, 1905. Pictou Br.,69.10 m. ; Canada Eastern

General Offices, Moncton, N. B. Total earnings.. $6,783,522 Br., 125 m.; other branches, 114.26 Operating expenses. 8,508,826 m. Total mileage, 1.448.62. Deficit.

$1,725,304 EXPRESS Co. - Canadian; Dominion.

International and Great
Northern Railroad.

President, George J. Gould, New

York; Ist Vice-President, Frank (Texas. ] For year ending June 30, 1906.

J. Gould, New York; 2d ViceTotalearnings...

President and General Manager, $6,805,433 Gulf Div., 408.9 m.; Fort Worth Div., Operating expenses. 5,940,029 372.7 m.; San Antonio Div., 422.9 m.

L. Trice; Secretary, A. R. HowNet earnings.

ard; Assistant Secretary, H. B, $865,404 Total mileage, 1.159.5.

Henson, New York. General Other income. 4,006 EXPRESS Co. -Pacific,

Offices, Palestine, Tex.; New Total net income.. 8869,410

York Offices, 195 and 335 BroadTotal payments.. 1,781,696

way. Deficit.............. $912,286


Lowa Central Railway.

President, Edwin Hawley, New (iowa and Illinois.)

York; Vice-President, H. For year ending June 30. 1906. Albia, la., to Albert Lea, Minn.,

Davis, New York; Vice-PresiTotal earnings $2,958,587 Operating expenses 2 183,738 205.32 m.; Oskaloosa, Ia., to Peoria,

dent and General Manager, L.F. Ill., 188.90 m.; other branches,

Day, Minneapolis, Minn. SecNet earnings..... $774,849 164.21 m. Total mileage, 558.43.

retary, A. c. Doan, New York; Other income. 58,033 EXPRESS Co.-Adams.

Freight Traffic Manager,'J. N.

Tittemore, Peoria, Ill. General Total net income. $832,882

Offices, Minneapolis, Minn; New Total payments... 595,440

York Office, 25 Broad Street, Surplus.


Kansas City Southern

Texarkana and 'Fort

Kansas City Southern Ry.-Presi. Smith Railway.

dent, J. A, Edson; Vice-Presi. [Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas,

dent, H. R. Duval, New York; Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas City, Mo., to Port Arthur,

Secretary, R. B. Sperry, New Texas. ] Tex., 788 m.; Fort Smith Br., 16

York. General Offices, Kansas For year ending June 30, 1906.

m. ; Lake Charles Br., 23 m. ; Air Total earnings....

City, Mo.; New York Office, $7,568,332 Line Branch, 6 m. Total mileage,

25 Broad St. 839. Operating expenses 5,532,275

Texarkana and Fort Smith Ry.Net earnings..... $2,036,057 EXPRESS CO. - Wells, Fargo & Co. President, J. A. Edson, Kansas Other income. 28,898

City, Mo.; lst Vice-President,

W. L. Estes. General Offices, Total net income. $2,064,955 Total payments.. 1,131,900

Texarkana, Tex, Surplus....... $933,055

Lake Erie and Western

President, W. H. Newman, New Railroad.

Maiú Line, 415.48 m.;. Indianapolis York; Vice-Presidents, W. C.. (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois.) and Michigan City Div., 160.25 m.; Brown, E. V. W. Rossiter, J. For year ending Dec. 31, 1905. Fort Wayne and Connorsville Div., Carstensen, New York; c. E. Total earnings. $5,037,294 108.57 m.; Rushville Br., 24.13 m.; Schaff and G. J. Grammer, Operating expenses. 3,665,291 Minster Br., 9.95 m.; Northern Ohio Chicago, Ill.; Secretary, D. W: Net earnings.. ......$1,372,003

Ry., 161.75 m. Total mileage, 880.13. Pardee, New York; General Other income...... 8,310 EXPRESS Co.-- United States.

Manager, E. A. Handy, Cleve

land, O. 'General Offices, Grand Total net income. $1,380,313 This road is controlled by Lake

Central Station, New York ; Total ayments.... 1,362,001 Shore & Mich. Southern Ky.

Cleveland, O.. and Indianapolis Surplus.. $18,312




Divisions, Mileage, and operating


Goneral Ducers

Lake Shore and Michi

Chairman of the Board, Chauncey gan Southern Railway

M. Depew, New York; President, (New York, Pennsylvania, Eastern Div., 183 m.; Toledo Div., 190

W.H. Newman, New York; ViceOhio, Michigan, Indiana, m.; Michigan Southern Div., 417

Presidents, W. C. Brown, E. V. Illinois. ] m.; Western Div., 101 m.; Frank.

W. Rossiter, and John Carstensen, For year ending Dec. 31, 1905. Total earnings...

New York; C. E. Schaff and Geo. $38,600,809 lin Div., 179 m.; Detroit Div., 160

Tota! m.; Lansing Div., 290 m. Operating expenses 31,331,508 mileage, 1,620.

J. Grammer, Chicago, Ill.; Secre

tary, D. W. Pardee, New York; Net earnings..... $7,269,301 EXPRESS CO.-Buffalo to Cleveland,

General Manager, E. A. Handy, Other income....... 3,518.663

Cleveland, O.; General SuperinAmerican; Buffalo to Chicago, tendent, J.J. Bernet,Cleveland, O, Total net income$10,787.964 United States.

General Offices, Grand Central Total payments.... 10,277,320

Station, New York, and CleveSurplus..... $510,644

land, 0,

Lehigh Valley Railroad. (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. )

New Jersey and Lehigh Div., 237.83 President, E. B. Thomas; 1st ViceFor year ending June 30, 1906. m.; Mahanoy and Hazleton Divs., Total earnings.. $32,789,856 169.94m, ; Wyoming Div., 185.06 m.;

President, J. A. Middleton, New Operating expenses 20,152, 210 Pennsylvania Div., 327.32 m.; Au

York; 2d' Vice-President, T. N. Net earnings.....$12,637,646 burn Div., 302.30 m.; Buffalo Div.,

Jarvis, New York; Secretary, D. 131.07 m. Branches, 62.07 m. Total delphia, Pa. New York'office,

808,851 Other income.... Total net income.$13,446,497 EXPRESS Co.-United States, mileage, 1,395.59.

143 Liberty Street, Total payments.... 7,994.914 Surplus..


Long Island Railroado Main Line-Long Island City to (Long Island, New York.)

Greenport, 94.74 m.; Long Island For year ending Dec. 31, 1905.

City to Montauk, 115.13 m.; Total earnings.. $7,824,987

branches owned, 106.48 m.; branches President and General Manager, Operating expenses 6,364,636 leased, 63.67 m.; New York and

Ralph Peters. General Offices, Net earnings.. .$1,460,351 Rockaway Beach Ry., 11.74 m. Long Island City, New York, and Other income........

Total mileage, 391.76.

128 Broadway, New York,
Total net income. $2,128,528 EXPRESS Co.-Long Island,
Total payments. 2,105,999 This road is now controlled by the

$22,529 Pennsylvania R, R. Louisville and Nashville

Railroad. [Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Cincinnati to Louisville, 114 m. ; President, Milton H. Smith; Chair.

Georgia, North Carolina, Louisville to Nashville, 187 m.; man of Board, Henry Walters, Virginia, Tennessee, Ala- Nashville to New Orleans, 625 m.; New York; 1st Vice-President, bama, Florida, Louisiana, Memphis Junction to Memphis, 259 W. L. Mapother; 2d Vice-PresiMississippi.]

m.; St. Louis to Nashville, 320 m.; dent, A. W. Morriss, New York; For year ending June 30, 1906. Louisville to Lexington, 94 m.;

3d Vice-President, A. R. Smith; Total earnings... $43,008,996

Cincinnati to Marietta, 496_m.; 4th Vice-President, G. E. Evans; Operating expenses 30,933,463 other branches, 2,184 m. Total Secretary, J, H. Ellis; General

mileage, 4,279. Net earnings..... $12,075,533

Manager, B. M. Starks; Traffic

Manager, C. B. Compton. GenOther income. 1,566,776 EXPRESS Co.-Adams; Southern.

eral Offices, Louisville, Ky.; New Total net income $13,642,308 This road is now part of the Atlantic Coast Line System,

York Offices, 71 and 290 Broadway. Total payments... 10,893,934 Surplus..

$2,748,374 Maine Central Railroad. Portland to Vanceboro, via Augusta, Maine, New Hampshire,

250.90 m.; Cumberland Junction to Vermont, Quebec.)

Skowhegan, 91.20 m.;Bath to LewisFor year ending June 30, 1906. ton and Farmington, 76.30 m.; Bel. Total earnings. $7,794,745

fast Br., 33.13 m.; Dexter Br., 30.77 President, Lucius Tuttle; ViceOperating expenses 6,033,086 m.;Mt. Desert Br. (including Steam

President and General Manager, Ferry), 48.83 m.; Portland to LunenNet earnings.. $1,761,659 burg, 109.10 m.; Quebec Junction to

George F. Evans. General Offices, Other income.....

Lime Ridge, 108.18 m.; Bath to

Portland, Me.
Total net income. $1,859,992 Rockland (including Steam Ferry),
Total payments... *1,803,774 49.09 m.; branches, 26.73 m. Total

mileage, 824. 23. Surplus.


EXPRESS Co. -American. Michigan Central R.R. [New York, Ontario, Michi- Main Line, Buffalo to Chicago, 536.4 Chairman of the Board, H. B. Led.

gan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois.] m. ; Toledo Div., 58.9 m. ; $t. Clair yard, Detroit, Mich. President, For year ending Dec. 31, 1905. Div., 66.4 m.; Grand Rapids Diy..

W. H. Newman, New York; ViceTotal earnings. $23,288,868 94.5 m.; Mackinaw Div., 182.3 m.;

Presidents, W. C. Brown, New Operating expenses 18,865,916 Air Line Div., 104.2 m.; Saginaw

York; C. E. Schaff, Chicago, Ill; Div., 115.3 m.; Net earnings..

E. V. W. Rossiter and John Car 84,417,952

Bay City Div.,

108.9 m. ; Saginaw Bay and N. W. stensen, New York; Secretary Other income..


Div., 27.4.m.; other branches, 481.5 m. D. W. Pardee, New York. General Total net income $4,733,763 Total mileage, 1,745.32.

Offices, Grand Central Station, Total payments.... 4,509.830 EXPRESS Co.-American.

New York; Chicago, Ill i Detroit,

Mich, Surplus........... $223,933

Divisions, Mileage, and Operating


General Oficers.



Minneapolis & St. Louis
Railroad. - “Albert

Lea Route."
(Minnesota, Iowa, S. Dakota.) Albert Lea and Southern Divs., 261.04 President, Edwin Hawley, New
For year ending June 30, 1906. m. ; Western and Pacific Divs. York; Vice-President and Gen-
Total earnings....

$3,726,665 216.87 m. ; Southwestern Div., 153.56 eral Manager, L. F. Day; SecreOperating expenses 2,309, 196 m. ; Des Moines & Ft. Dodge Div. tary, Jos. Gaskell. General offices, Net earnings.


138.65 m. Total mileage, 770.06. Minneapolis, Minn.; New York Otherincome. 188,486 EXPRESS Co.-Adams.

Otice, 25 Broad Street.
Total net income. $1,606,955
Total payments.... 1,295,932



Minneapolis, St. Paul

and Sault Ste. Marie Railway_«Soo Line." (Michigan, Wisconsin, Min-Michigan-Main Line, 191.09 m.; Br., nesota, North Dakota, South

62.75 m.; Wisconsin-Main Line, President, Thomas Lowry; ViceDakota.)

262.80 m.; Br., 92.86 m.; Minnesotal President and General Manager, For year ending June 30, 1906. -- Main Line, 225 m.; Br., 310.97 m.; E. Pennington; Secretary, C. F. Total earnings......$11,574,461 North Dakota- Main Line, 361 m.; Clement. General Offices, MinneOperating expenses 5,784,559 Br., 748.51 m.; South Dakota--Main apolis, Minn?; New York Offices, Net earnings. $5,789,902 Line, – m.; Branch Lines, 33.50 m.

59 Wall Street, 458 Broadway. Other income..


Total mileage, 2,293.54.
Total net income $5,852,867 EXPRESS Co.-Western.
Total payments.... 2,685,181

General Officers of the System

President, F.N. Finney, St. Louis,
Mo. ; Vice-President, Chas. G.

Hedge, New York; Vice-PresiMissouri, Kansas and

dent and General Manager, A. A. Texas Rail way.

Allen, St. Louis, Mo.; Traffic (Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry., 1,725 Manager, C. Haile, St. Louis, Texas, Louisiana.)

m. ; Missouri, Kansas & Texas Ry. Mo.; Secretary, C. W. Whitehead, For year ending June 30, 1906. of Texas, 1,245 m.;

Galveston, New York. Total earnings.....$21,169,144 Houston & Henderson R.R. ,50 m.; Officers of Missouri, Kansas Operating expenses 14,990,297 Denison, Bonham & New Orleans Texas Ry. Co. of Texas-PresNet earnings.... $6,168,847

R.R., 24 m.; Wichita Falls Ry., 18 ident, M. Finney; Vice-PresOther income.


m.; Dallas, Cleburne & Southwest- ident and General Manager,

ern R.R. , 10 m. Total mileage, 3,072. A. A. Allen, St. Louis, Mo.; 2d Total net income. 86,577,882

Vice-President, J. N. Simpson, Total payments.... 6,779.458 EXPRESS CO.-American,

Dallas, Tex.; Secretary, C. S. Surplus.. $798,424

Sherwin, Dallas, Tex.
General Offices-St. Louis, Mo.;

Parsons, Kan.; Dallas, Tex. ; New

York Offices, 49 Wall Street, 309 Missouri Pacific Ry.

Broadway. (Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Ark ansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Illinois.)

President, George J. Gould, New For year ending June 30, 1906. Missouri Pacific Ry., 1,841 m.; Mis

York; "Vice-Presidents, Frank (Including Iron Mountain

souri Pacific Ry. Independent Br. Jay Gould, New York; Charles

Lines, 1,651 m.; St. Louis, Iron Line.)

S. Clarke, St. Louis, Mo.; Alex. Total earnings.....$44,566,821

Mountain and Southern Ry., 2,459 G. Cochran, St. Louis, Mo. ; A.

m.; Central Br. Ry., 388 m. Total Operating expenses 30,282,406

C. Bird, Chicago;. Secretary, A. mileage, 6,339.

H. Calef, New York. General Net earnings..... $14,284,416

Offices, St. Louis, Mo.; New York Other income.....

EXPRESS Co.-Pacific; Globe.

Offices, 195 Broadway.
Total net income$17,843,327
Total payments.

17,350,615 Surplus


Mobile and Ohio R.R.

Chairman of the Board, W. Butler (Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Main Line, St. Louis, Mo., to Mobile, Duncan, New York; President,

Tennessee, Mississippi, Ala., 644.60 m.; Aberdeen Br., 9 m.; Samuel 'Spencer, New York; lst Alabama. )

Starkville Br., 11 m.; Montgomery Vice-President, A. B. Andrews, For year ending June 30, 1906. Div., 167.19 m. ; Blocton Br., 11.82 Raleigh, N.C. ; 2d Vice-President, Total earnings.... $9,445,927 m.; Columbus, Miss. Br., 14 m. ; W.W. Finley, Washington, D. C. Operating expenses 6,545,434 Warrior Southern R.R., 13.60 m. : Vice-President, E. L. Russell,

Mobile, Ala.; General Manager, Net earnings.....

Warrior Br., 9.51 m, ;Millstadt Br., $2,900,493

7 m.; Mobile and Bay Shore Ry., R. V. Taylor, St. Louis, Mo.; Other income


38.36 m. Total mileage, 926.08. Secretary, Henry Tacon, Mobile, Total net income. 83,025,303 EXPRESS CO.-Southern.

Ala. General Offices, Mobile, Total payments.... 2,832,642)

Ala; St. Louis, Mo.; New York Surplus........ $192,661)

Office, 80 Broadway.

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Officers. FINANCIAL DATA.

Express. Nashville, Chattanooga Main Line, 320.21 m.; McMinnville and St. Louis Railway. Br., 84.60 m.; Sequatchie Valley R.

-- Lookout Mountain R.,68.10 m.; Tracy City Br. 31.17 m.; Route."

Centreville' Br., 69.91 m.; Shelby-President and General Manager, [Georgia, Alabama, Tennes- ville Br., 8.01 m.; Lebanon Br., 29.21

J. W. Thomas, Jr.; Vice-Pressee, Kentucky.) m.; Western and Atlantic R. R.,

ident and Traffic Manager, H. F. For year ending June 30, 1906. 136.82 m.; Rome R. R., 18.15 m.; Total earnings.....$11,120,982

Smith; Secretary, J.H. Ambrose. Huntsville and Gadsden Line, 80.08 General Ofħces, Nashville, Tenn. ; Operating expenses. 8,354,913 m.; Fayetteville and Columbia Br.,

New York Office, 71 Broadway Net earnings.. $2,766,069

86.35 m.; Paducah and Memphis General Offices of Western and Other income...

Div., 254.20 m.; Middle Tenn. and

Atlantic R. R., Atlanta, Ga.
Ala Div., 36.98 m.; West Nash-
Total net income $2,784,524

ville Br., 6.26 m. Total mileage, Total payments 2,330,532

1,230.05 Surplus

$453,992 EXPRESS Co.-Southern.

New York Central and Hudson River

R.R., 806.70 m.; West Shore R. R., New York Central and

478.97 m.; New York and Harlem Hudson River R.R.

R. R., 136.57 m.; Rome, Water(New York, New Jersey,

town and Ogdensburg R. R., 624.51 Pennsylvania, Massachu

m.; Beech Creek R. R., 164.80 m.; Chairman of the Board, Chauncey setts.)

Beech Creek Extension R.R., 128.34 M. Depew; President, William

m.; Mohawk and Malone Ry.,182.18 For year ending Dec. 31, 1905.

H. Newman; Vice-Presidents, (For entire system east of

m.; Carthage and Adirondack Ry., E. V. W. Rossiter; Edgar Van 45.85 m.; New York and Putnam R.

Etten, Boston, Mass.; W. C. Buffalo, except Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley

R., 58.88 m.; Fall Brook Ry., 91.51 and

Brown; John Carstensen; Wm. J. Pittsburgh R. R.)

m.; Pine Creek Ry., 74.96 m.; Syra- Wilgus; Nathan Guilford; ViceTotal earnings.. 886,095,602

cuse, Geneva and Corning Ry., 64.27 President and General Manager,

m.: Wallkill Valley R. R., 32.88 m.; Operating expenses 61,500,750

A. H. Smith; Secretary, D. W. other branches, 44.20 m.; New York Pardee. General Offices, Grand Net earnings. $24,594,852 & Ottawa Line 128.40 m. ; St. Law- Central Station, Fourth Avenue Other income.. 6,523,499 rence and Adirondack Ry., 65.07 and Forty-second Street, New Total net income.$31.118,351

m. Lines operated under trackage York, Total payments... 31,100,097 rights, 253.09 m.; Boston & Albany

R.R. Totalmileage, 3,773. 69. Surplus.. $18,254 Dunkirk, A. V. and P. R. R.,

90.51 m. EXPRESS Co.-American; Adams.

National Ex. on West Shore R. R. New York, Chicago and

St. Louis Railroad. [New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois.]

Chairman of the Board, Chauncey For year ending Dec. 31, 1905. Total earnings.. $9,108,730

M. Depew, New York; President, Operating expenses

W. H. Cannift, Cleveland, O.: Buffalo, N. Y., to Chicago, Ill., 523 7,020,350 m,

Secretary, D. W. Pardee, New Net earnings $2,088,380 EXPRESS CO.- National,

York. General Offices, Cleveland, Other income.. 30,716

0.; New York Office, Grand CenTotal net income. $2,119,096|

tral Station. Total payments.... 2,078,732 Surplus....


New York Div., 115 m.; Hartford New York, New Haven

Div., 146 m.; Highland Div., 174 and Hartford Rail.

m. ; Midland Div., 148 m.; Air road.

Line-Northampton, 191 m.; Nauga[Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New

tuck Div., 61 m. ; Berkshire Div., President, Chas. S. Mellen; Vice181 m.; Worcester Div., 193 m.;

President of the Board, C. F. York.] Plymouth Div., 279 m.; Taunton

Brooker; First Vice-President, For year ending June 30, 1906. Hiv., 231 m.; Providence Div., 82

Percy R. Todd ; 2d Vice-President, Total earnings... $52,984,322

Shore Div., 195 m. Total

F. S. Curtis, Boston; Secretary, Operating expenses 35,222,586 mileage, 2,003.

J. G. Parker: General Manager, Net earnings. $17,761,736 New England Nav, Co. is composed

S. Higgins. General Offices, New Other income. 2,115,757 of the Fall River Line, Providence

Haven, Ct.; New York Offices,

rand Central Station. Total net income. $19,937,493 Line, Norwich Line, New London Total payments.... 19,546,205

Line. New Bedford Line, New

Haven Line, and Bridgeport Line. Surplus...


EXPRESS Co.-Adams.
New York, Ontario and Main Line, Cornwall, N. Y., to Os-

Western Railway. wego, N. Y., 271.75 m.; Delhi Br.,
[New York, Pennsylvania.] 16.84 m.; Wharton Valley R.R., 6.80
For year ending June 30, 1906. m.; New Berlin Br., 22.38 m.; Útica
Total earnings.. $7,266,008 Div., 31.30 m.; Rome Br.,

12.78 m.; President, Thomas P. Fowler; ViceOperating expenses 5,233,287 Scranton Div., 54.05 m.; Ellenville President, J. B. Kerr; Vice

Br., 7.80 m. ; Pecksport Ry., 3.69 m.; President and General Manager,

$2,031,771 Net earnings.

Weehawken, N. J., to Cornwall, J. E. Childs; Secretary, R. D. Other income..


N.Y.(trackage rights), 53.07 m.; El Rickard. General Offices, 56 Total net income.. $2,484,988 lenville and Kingston R. R., 27.14 Beaver Street, New York. Total payments.... 2,459,783 m. ; Port Jervis, Mont. and Sum Surplus.


R. R., 38.27 m. Total mileage This road is now controlled

545.87. by the N.Y.,NH.& H.R.R, EXPRESS CO.-Adams,

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