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Regulation of Railroad Rates. The following are the clauses of the act approvedl u le 29, 1908, to amend the act of 1887 and other acts amendatory thereof entitled An Act 10 Regulate ('ominerce, which specifically relate to the construction of switches, Aling of schedules of rates and fares, prohibition of discriminations and rebates and hearing of complaints and remedial action thereou by the Interstate Commerce Commission.

FURNISHING SWITCHES AND TRANSPORTATION. Any common carrier subject to the provisions of this act. !!pon application of any lateral, branch line of railroad, or of any shipper tendering interstate traffic for transportation, shall construct, maintain, and operate upon reasonable terms a switch connection with any such lateral, branch line of railroad, or private side track which may be constructed to connect with its railroad, where such connection is reasonably practicable and can be put in with safety and will furnish sutticient business to justify the construction and maintenance of the same; and shall furnish cars for the movement of such trailic to the best of its ability, without discrimination in favor of or against any such shipper.

FILING OF SCHEDULES OF RATES. Every common carrier subject to the provisions of this act shall file with the commission created by this act and print and keep open to public inspection schedules showing all the rates, fares and charges for transportation between different points on its own route and between points on its own ronte and points on the route of any carrier by railroa I, by pipe line, or by water when a through route and joint rate have been established. If no joint rate over the through route has been establish id, the several carriers in such through route shall file, print and keep open to public inspection as aforesaid, the separately established rates, fares and charges applied to the through transportation. The schedules printed as aforesaid by any such common carrier shall plainly state the places between which property and passengers will be carried, and shall contain the classification of freight in force, and shall also state separately all terminal charges, storage charges, icing charges, and all other charges which the commission may require, all privileges or facilities granted or allowed, and any rules or regulations which in anywise change, attect, or determine any part of the aggregate of such aforesaid rates, fares and charges, or the value of the service rendered io the passenger, shipper, or cousiguee.

DISCRIMINATION FORBIDDEN. No carrier, unless otherwise provided by this act, shall engage or participate in the transportation of passengers or property, as defined in this act, unless the rates, fa res, and charges upon which the . same are transported by said carrier have been filed and published in accordance with the provisions of this act; nor shall any carrier charge or demand or collect or receive a greater or less or different compensation for such transportation of passengers or property, or for any service in connection herewith, between the poinis named in such tariffs than the rates, fares, and charges which are specified in the tariff tiled and in effect at the time; por shall any carrier refund or remit in any manner or by any device any portion of the rates, fares, and charges so specified, nor extend to any shipper or person any privileges or facilities in the transportation of passengers or property, except such as are specified in such tariffs,

REBATES. Any person, corporation, or company who shall deliver property for interstate transportation to any cominon carrier, subject to the provisions of this act, or for whom as consignor or consignee, any such carrier shall transport property from one State, Territory, or the District of Columbia to any other State, Territory, or the District of Columbia or foreigii country, who shall knowingly by employé, agent, officer, or otherwise, directly or indirectly, by or throngh any means or device whatsoever, receive or accept from such common carrier any sum of money or any other valuable consideration as a rebate or offset against the regular charges for transportation of such property, as fixed by the schedules of rate provided for in this act, shall in addition to any penalty provided by this act forfeit to the United States a sum of money three times the amount of money so received or accepted, and three times the value of any other consideration so received or accepted, to be ascertained by the trial court; and the Attorney-General of the United States is authorized and directed, whenever he has reasonable grounds to believe that any such person, corporation, or company has knowingly received or accepted from any such common carrier any sum of money or other valuable consideration as a rebate or offset as aforesaid, to institute in any court of the United States of competent jurisdiction, a civil action to collect the said sum or sums so for'eited as aforesaid; and in the trial of said action all such rehates or other considerations so received or accepted for a period of six years prior to the commencement of the action, may be included therein, and the amount recovered shall be three times the total amount of money, or three times the total value of such consideration, so received or accepted, or both, as the case may be.

HEARING OF COMPLAINTS. The commission is authorized and empowered, and it shall be its duty, whenever, after full hearing upon a complaint made as provided in section thirteen of this act, or upon complaint of any common carrier, it shall be of the opinion that any of the rates, or charges whatsoever, demanded, charged, or collected by any common carrier or carriers, subject to the provisions of this act, for the transportation of persons or property as defined in the first section of this act, or that any regulations or practices whatsoever of such carrier or carriers affecting such rates, are unjust and unreasonable, or unjustly discriminatory, or unduly preferential or prejudicial, or otherwise in violation of any of the provisions of this act, to determine and prescribe what will be the just and reasonable rate or rates, charge or charges, to be thereafter observed in such case as the maximum to be charged ; and what regulation or practice in respect to such transportation is just, sair, and reasonable to be thereafter followed ; and to make an order that the c rrier shall cease and desist from such violation, to the extent to which the commission find the same to exist, and shall not thereafter publish, demand, or collect any rate or charge for such transportation in excess of the maximum rate or charge so prescribed. All shall couforın to the regulation or pratice so prescribed.

ESTABLISHMENT OF ROUTES AND RATES. The commission may also, after hearing on a complaint, establish through routes and joint rates as the maximum to he charged, and prescribe the division of such rates as hereinbefore provided, and the terms and conditions under which such through routes shall be operated, when that may be necessary to give effect to any provision of this act, and the carriers complained of have refused or neglected to voluntarily establish such through routes and joint rates, provided no reasonable or satisfactory through route exists, and this provision shall apply when one of the connecting carriers is a water line,


FACE STEAM RAILROADS IN THE UNITED STATES. This table was compiled from "Poor's Manual of Railroads of the United States for 1906."

Mileage of Railroads....

212,624.18 Miles of Railroad Operated........ 215,506.92 Second Tracks and Sidings..

Passenger Train Mileage.......

467,270,447 Freight

559,434,683 Total Track

301,331. 75

26,715,494 Steel Rails in Track.

290,529.24 Iron Rails in Track.

10, 802.51

1,053, 420, 624 Locomotives... 449,616 Passengers Carried....

745,446,641 Cars, Passenger..

Passenger Mileage..

23,906, 420, 668 Baggage, Mail, etc.... 10,552 Tons of Freight Moved...

1,435,321,748 Freight 1,757, 105 Freight Mileage...

187,375, 621,537

Traffic Earnings. Total Cars 1,798,434 Passengers

$486,420,902 Freight

1,478, 167, 246 Liabilities. Miscellaneous..

147, 609, 622 Capital Stock..

Total Traffic Revenue..

$2,112,197,770 Bonded Debts

7,821, 243, 106 Unfunded Debt...

201,978, 773
Net Earnings.

$685, 464,488 Current Accounts.... 620, 7:20. 096 Receipts from other sources......

80,927, 659 Sinking and Other Funds...

182,8 3,229

Total Available Revenue......... $766,392,147 Total Liabilities......... $15,568,752, 029

Interest on Bonds.............

$247,155,897 Other Interest.

12,956,346 Assets. Dividends on Stock.....

193,753, 869 Cost of Railroad and Equipment. $12. 143, 997,551 Miscellaneous...

59,856,679 Other Investments. 2,935, 276,877 Rentals-Interest.....

31,716,773 Sundry Assets

367, 454,847

22, 314,069 Current Accounts......


22, 208.880 Taxes.....

54,553, 620 Total Assets

$16, 219,573,845
Total Payments..

$644,516,133 Excess of Assets over Liabilities....

$650,821,816 Surplus.................................... $121,876,014 $Including, in 1905 and 1904, real estate mortgages, equipment trust obligations, etc., previously included in item "unfunded debt.' COMPARATIVE STATISTICS OF RAILROADS IN THE UNITED STATES, 1895-1905.

Capital Stock,

Bonded Debt. Gross Earnings. Net Earnings. Interest Paid. Dividends Paid. Operated 1895. 179, 887 5, 231,373,852 $5,712,052,517 $1,105, 284, 267 $327,505,716 $242,943,243 $83,175,774 1896.180,891 5.290.730.567 5,426,074,969 1,125,632.025 332 333, 756 242, 415,494 81,364,854 1897 181, 133 5,453.782.046 5.411.058,525 1.132.866.626 338.170.195 231,046,819 82,630,989 1898. 184.194 5.581.522.858 5.635.363 594 1.249,558.724 389, 666,474 237,133,099 94.937,526 1899.186,280 5.742,181,181 5,644.858.027 1.336,096,379 423, 941, 689 239, 178,913109,032,252 1900. 191,511 5,804,346, 250 5,758, 592.764 1,501, 695.378 483, 247,526 244, 447,806 140,343,653 1901. 195,886 5.978, 796. 249 6.035.469, 741 1.612,448,826 520.294.727 261, 645,714 156,887 283 1902. 197,381 6,078,290.596 6,465, 290,839 2,720,814.900 560.026.277 263, 237,451178,200.752 1903. 206,876 6,355, 207,335 6,722, 216,517 1.908,857,826 592,508.512 278,101,828 190,674,415 1904.211,074 6,477,045.374 7.475,840,203 1,977, 688.713 639, 240,027 275, 800,200 211,522,166 1905. 212,6:24 6,741,956.825 7,821,243, 106 2112,197,7701 685,464,488 270,315,290 203,675,622


(From Statistical Report of the Interstate Commerce Commission.)

[blocks in formation]

1217, 017.68 1,083.36 1218, 101.04 4.196.70 *7.34

+26, 44 1904 212, 577.57 1,326.77 213.904, 34 5,927. 12


26. 34 1903 207, 186.84 790,38 207.977.22 5,505, 37


26. 03 1902 201,672.83 799.02 202,471.85 5,234.41


25.76 1901 196.075.07 1,162.37 197.237.44

3,891. 66
6. 64

25.52 to 1900 192, 940.67 405.11 193, 345.78 4,051.12


25. 44 1899 188, 277.49 1,017.17 189, 294. 66 2,898, 34


25, 34 1898 185, 370.77 1,025. 55 186, 396.32 1.967. 85

6. 28

25.400 1897 182, 919.82 1,508. 65 184, 428.47 1,651.84 6.21

25.59 * On basis of 2,970,038 square miles, which covers and surface” oniy, and excludes Alaska.

+ On basis of 82 494.575 population for 1905, which is reached by adding to population of the United States in 1900 75,994,575 (which excludes Alaska and persons in the military and naval service stationed abroad), an estimated annual increase of 1,300,000 for each successive year.

$ Excludes 61.79 miles in Alaska

Principal Railroad Systems of United States and Canada




Divisions, Mileage, and Operating .

General Officers.

Express. Atchison, Topeka and

Santa Fe Ry. System. -"Santa Fe." [Illinois, Iowa, Missouri,

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Få Ry., President, E. P. Ripley, Chicago, Kansas, Nebraska, Colo6,908.98 na;

Ill. ; Vice-Presidents, J. W. Ken

Gull, Colorado and rado, Texas, New Mexico,

drick, G. T. Nicholson and W.B. Santa Fé Ry., 1,473,46 m.; Southern Arizona, California, OklaKansas Ry. of Texas, 129.17 m.;

Jansen, Chicago, Il.; Jeneral homa. )

Manager, J. E. Hurley, Topeka, Grand Canyon Ry., 66.89 m.; Santa For year ending June 30, 1906. Fé, Prescott & Phenix Ry.,

Kan.; Secretary, E. L. Copeland,

412.89 Total earnings.. $78,044,347 m.; Pecos System, 370.24 m.; S.F.&

Topeka, Kan. ; Assistant SecreOperating expenses 01,035,3ão N.W. Ry., 53.62 m. Total mileage, General Offices, Chicago, Ill., and

tary, L, C. Deming, New York. Netearnings.. $27,008,992 9,415.25. Other income.. 1,346,401 EXPRESS CO.-Wells, Fargo & Co.

Topeka, Kan.; New York Offices,

5 Nassau St., 377 Broadway.
Total net income.$38,355,393
Total payments...... 25,128,079


First Div. Districts: Richmond, 130.65

m.; Norfolk, 289.18 m.; WilmingAtlantic Const LineR.R. ton, 512.35 m.; Charleston, 314.59 m.; (Virginia, North Carolina, Columbia, 437.46 m.; Fayetteville, President, T. M. Emerson; Ist

South Carolina, Georgia, 212.13 m. Total mileage, first divi- Vice-President, Alex, Hamilton, Florida, Alabama. ) sion, 1,896.36.

Petersburg, Va. ; 2d Vice-Presi. For year ending June 30, 1906. Second Div. Districts: Savannah, dent, C. S. Gadsden, Charleston,

S. C. ; 8d Vice-President, J. R. Operating expenses

Montgomery, 348.42 m, Total mile- Kenly: General Manager, W.N. Net earnings..... $8,786, 119 Third Div. Districts :'Jacksonville,

age, secoud division, 1,048.04. Royall; Secretary, H. L. Borden, Other income.. 2,565,934

New York. General Offices, Wil503.66 m. Lakeland, 313.86 m.; Total net income. 11,352,053

mington, N.C.; New York Offices,
Gainesville, 365.70 m.; Terminals 71, 407, and 1218 Broadway.
Total payments.... 9,253,740 at Jacksonville, 9.87 m. Total
Surplus...... 32,098,313

mileage, third division, 1,193.09.
Grand total, 4,137.49 m.

EXPRESS Co.-Southern.
Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
(New Jersey, Pennsylvania,

President, O. G. Murray; 1st ViceDelaware, Maryland, Dis

President, George F. Randolph; 2d trict of Columbia, Virginia,

Vice-President, H. L. Bond; 3d West Virginia, Ohio, 11

Vice-President, G. L. Potter;4th linois, Indiana, Kentucky,

Vice-President, J., V. McNeal; Missouri, ] Lines included in income account,

Secretary, C. W. Woolford; GenFor year ending June 30, 1906. 4,029.93 m.; afiliated lines, 455.78

eral Manager, T. Fitzgerald ;ManTotal earnings...... $77,392,006 m. Total mileage, 4,485.71.

ager Freight Traffic, c. S. Wight; Operating expenses 49,515,220 EXPRESS Co. -United States.

Manager Passenger Traffic, n.

B. Martin, General Offices, Bal. Net earnings.. $27,876,836

timore, Md.; New York Offices, Other income.... 3,466,371

2 Wall Street, 434 Broadway. Total net income.$31,343,207

General Offices B. & O. S. W. Total payments.. 22,416,310

Div., Cincinnati, O.; New York Surplus...

Office, 2 Wall Street. $8,926,897

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Bangor and Aroostook Aroostook Junction to Caribou,154.95

m.; Oldtown to Greenville, 76 m.; (Maine.)

Fort Fairfield Junction to Fort For year ending June 30, 1906. Fairfield, 13.30 m.; Ashland JuncTotal earnings. $2,496,546

tion to Fort Kent, 94.89 m.; Caribou President, F. W. Cram; ViceOperating expenses 2,544,669

to Van Buren, 33.11 m.;

Milo Junction to Katahdin Iron Works, 18.95

President, A. A. Burleigh, HoulNet earnings.. $951,877

ton, Me. General Offices, Bangor, m.; Patten Junction to Patten, 5.67 Other income..

13,179 m.; Caribou to Limestone, 15.72 m.; Total net income.. $965,057 Spurs, 15.86 m.; South Lagrange to Total payments... 892,126 Searsport, 54.13 m. Total mileage,

482.58. Surplus..


EXPRESS Co.-American.


Main Line, Boston, Mass., to Albany, Boston and Albany R. R. N.Y., 200 m.; Ware River Br., 49 m.; The Boston and Albany R. R. isleased (Massachusetts, New York.]

Athol Br., 45 m.; Pittsfield and to the New York Central and HudEarnings, expenses, etc., l'eNorth Adams Br., 19 m.; Hudson

son River R. R. ported by New York Central

and Chatham Br., 17 m.; Milford and Hudson River R. R. Br., 12 m.; Webster Br., 11 m.;

Second Vice-President, Edgar Van Co., Lessee. other branches, 39 m. Total mile

Etten. General Offices, Boston,

EXPRESS 3.-Adams, Americay

age, 392.

SYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND | Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Oficers, FINANCIAL DATA.


Western Div. (Boston to Portland), Boston and Maine Rail

115.31 m.; Eastern Div. (Boston to road.

Portland), 108.29 m.; Conway Jct., [New York, Massachusetts,

Me., to Intervale Jct., N.H., 73.31


m.; Worcester, Mass., to Portland, President, Lucius Tuttle; 2d Viceshire, Maine, Quebec.)

Me., 148.34 m.; Boston, Mass., to President and General Traffic For year ending June 30, 1906.

Groveton, N. H.,221.84 m.; Concord, Manager, W. F. Berry; 3d ViceTotal earnings... ..839,214,202

N.H., to White River Jct., Vt., 69.50 President and General Manager, Operating expenses 29,353,368

m.; White River Jct., Vt., to Len- Frank Barr; 4th Vice-President,

noxville, P. Q., 142.25 m.; N. Cam- W. J. Hobbs; Freight Traffic Net earnings...... $9,860,834 bridge Jct. to Northampton, Mass., Manager, M. T. Donovan ; GenOther income..... 622,085

95.69 m.; Springfield, Mass., to eral Superintendent, C. E. Lee. Total net income. $10,482,919 Keene, N.H., 74 m.; Boston to Rot- General Offices, Boston, Mass. Total payments ... 10,263,645 terdam Jct. and Troy, 250.98 m.;

Ashburnham Jot. to Bellows Falls, Surplus..

$217,274 53.85 m.; other branches, 934.10 m.

Total mileage, 2,287.52.

EXPRESS Co.-American,
Buffalo, Rochester and
Pittsburgh Railway.

President, Arthur G. Yates, Roche (New York, Pennsylvania.]

ester, N. Y.; Vice-President, For year ending June 30, 1906. Main Line and branches, 347.86 m. ;)

Adrian Iseliu, Jr., New York; Total earnings ....

leased lines, 94.04 m.; trackage

General Manager, W. T. Noonan; Operating expenses 4,559,112 rights, 125.87 m. Total mileage,

Secretary, John H. Hocart, New Net earnings ..... $3,238,135 567 77.

York, General Offices, Roches. Other income.. 32,204 EXPRESS CO.-American.

ter, N. Y.; New York Office, 36

Wall Street,
Total net income $3,270,339
Total payments.... 2,153,836

Surplus........ $1,116,503 Canadian Northern Ry. (Manitoba, Saskatchewan,

President, Wm. Mackenzie, ToAssiniboia, Ontario, Min

ronto, Ont.; Vice-President, D.D. pesota. )

Mann, Toronto, Ont. ; 3d ViceFor year ending June 30, 1906. Total mileage, 2,492.5.

President, D. B. Hanna, Toronto, Total earnings.. $5,903,755 EXPRESS Co.-Canadian Northern; Ont.;. Manager, E. A. James, Operating expenses 3,674,732 Northern; Great Northern. Winnipeg, Man.; Traffic ManNet earnings..... $2,229,023

ager, Geo. H. Shaw, Winnipeg, Total payments.... 1,509,448

Man.; Secretary, W. H. Moore,

Toronto, Ont. Surplus

$719,575 Canadian Pacific Ry. Eastern Div.,1,275.8 m. ; Ontario Div., [New Brunswick, Maine, 851.9 m.; Atlantic Div., 689.2 m.;

Vermont, Quebec, Ontario, Western Div., 1,262.5 m. į Pacific Chairman of the Board, W. C. Van Michigan, Manitoba, AS- Div.,951.7 m. ; Lake Superior Div. Horne; President, T. G. Shaughsiniboia, Saskatchewan, Al- 981.7 m.; Central Div., 2,764.1 m.

nessy ; Secretary, Charles Drinkberta, British Columbia. ] Total mileage, 8,776.9.

water; Vice-President, D. McFor year ending June 30, 1906. Length of Main Line, Montreal to Nicoll; 2d Vice-President, Wm. Total earnings.....$61,669,758 Vancouver, 2,911.9 m.

Whyte, Winnipeg, Man.; 3d ViceOperating expenses 38,696,445 Steamship lines: Vancouver, B. C., President, I. G. Ogden: 4th Vice

Net earnings..... $22,973,313 to Japan, China, Honolulu, H, I., President, G. M. Bosworth. GenOther income.. 1,969,447 Australia, Sydney, N. S. W.; eral Offices, Montreal, Quebec;

Slocan Lake Line; Upper Lake New York Offices, 31 Pine Street, Total net income. $24,942,760

Line; Lake Okanagan Line; Co- 458 Broadway. Total payments.... 12,778,278

lumbia and Kootenay Line; AtlanSurplus....... $12,164,482 tic Ocean-Liverpool to Montreal,

EXPRESS Co.-Dominion. Central of Georgia Ry. (Georgia, Alabama, and Ten- Columbus-Andalusia, 138 m.; Griffin President, J. F. Hanson, Macon, nessee. ]

Chattanooga, 198m.; Macon-Athens, For year ending June 30, 1906. 105 m. ; Savannah-Atlanta, 294 m. ;

Ga.; lst Vice-President, A. R. Total earnings.. $11,396,122 Birmingham-Macon, 257 m.; Ft.

Lawton; 2d Vice-President, W. Operating expenses. 8,235,212 Valley-Montgomery,194m.; Smith

A. Winburn; General Manager, Net earnings. .$3,160,910 ville-Lockhart, 178

T. S. Moise; Secretary, C. C.

m.; other Other income...

Williams, Macon, Ga. General 274,621 • branches, 549.4 m. Total mileage,

Offices, Savannah,


New Total net income..$3,435,531 1,913.4.

York Office, 317 Broadway. Total payments...., 2,934,860 EXPRESS Co.-Southern. Surplus...

$500,671 Central Railroad of New New York to Scranton, 191.67 m.: Jersey.

Newark Br., 10.62 m.; South Br., (New York, New Jersey, 15.78 m.; Perth Amboy Br., 23.56 Pennsylvania. ]

m.; High Bridge Br., 55.80 m.; President, George F. Baer; ViceFor year ending June 30, 1906 sundry branches in New Jersey

President, R. W. De Forest; Total earnings .... .$23,101,089 23.08 m.; sundry branches in Penn

Vice-President and General

New Jersey Operating expenses 12,779,866 sylvania, 91.18 m.;

Manager, W. G. Besler ; SecreSouthern Div., 174.24 m.; Freehold Net earnings..... .$10,321,223

tary, G. O. Waterman. General Other receipts.... 1,151,197 and Atlantic Highlands Div., 24.47

Offices, 143 Liberty Street, New m.; New York and Long Branch

Total netincome. $11,472,420 R. R.,38.04 m. Total mileage, 6-18.44.
Total payments... 9,186,514 EXPRESS Co.-United States. On New
berwo..... $2.285,906 York and Long Branch R R

Adams: United States

BYSTEMS, LOCATION, AND Divisions, Mileage, and Operating

General Omcers,

Central Vermont Ry.
[Connecticut, Massachusetts,
Vermont, Quebec.]

President, Chas. M, Hays, Mont-
For year ending June 30, 1906.
Total earnings.. $3.836.976 Southern Div., 173.5 m. ; Northern real, Can.; Vice-President, E.H.

Fitzhugh; General Manager, G. Operating expenses. 3,048,554 Div., 362.6 m. Total mileage, 537.

C. Jones. General offices, St. Net earnings...... $788,422 EXPRESS Co.-American; Canadian. Albans, Vt.; New York Offices, Other income. 13,840

385 Broadway, 82 Wall Street. Total net income. $802,262 Total payments..... 797,745 Surplus.....

$4,517 Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. (Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio. )

Main Line, 664.9 m.; Louisville Line, President, Geo. W. Stevens; ViceFor year ending June 30, 1906.

President, Decatur Axtell; SecreTotal earnings.

207.7 m. James River Line, 229.9 $24,602,988

m.; Washington Line, 93.6 m.; tary, C. E. Wellford; General Operating expenses 14,869,649

other branchies, 630,9 m. Total Manager, C. E. Doyle General Net earnings. $9,733,339 mileage, 1,826.9.

Offices, Richmond, Va.; New York Other income. 204,352 EXPRESS CO. -Adams,

Office, 362 Broadway.
Total net income. $9,937,691
Total payments..... 8,511,114

Surplus... $1,426,577
Chicago and Alton R.R. Chicago to Fast St. Louis, 279.95 m.;
(Mlinois and Missouri.] Coal City Line, 24.79 m. ; Dwight to

For year ending June 30, 1906. Washington and Lacon, 80.10 m.; President, s. M. Felton, Chicago, Total earnings $11,586,094 Roodhouse to Kansas City 251.17 m.;

Ill. ; Vice-President, W. D. CorOperating expenses 7,818,903 Bloomington to Wann, via Jack

nish, New York; Secretary, Alex. Net earnings. $3,767,191 sonville, Godfrey, and Upper Alton,

Millar, New York. General OfOther income... 259,145 158.19 m.; Mexico to Cedar City,

fices, Chicago, Ill.; New York 50.10 m. ; 'Springfield to Grove, 53.56 Total netincome..$4,026,336

Office, 120 Broadway. m.; Barnett to Eldred, 48.80 m. Total payments...

3,831,362 Total mileage, 946.66. Surplus.

$194,974 EXPRESS CO.-United States. Chicago and Eastern

Illinois Railroad. (Indiana and Illinois. ]

President, A. J. Davidson, St. For year ending June 30, 1906.

Louis, Mo. ;

Vice-President, Total earnings.. $9,928,562

Robert Mather, New York; 2d Operating expenses. 6,851,288 Now part of "Frisco System.

Vice-President and General Net earnings......$3,077,274

Manager, H. I. Miller; Secretary,

General of Other income......

J.S. Ford, Chicago. 316,418

fices, Chicago, Ill.; New York Total net income, .$3,393,692

Office, 71 Broadway. Total payments.

3,356,000 Surplus...

$37,692 Chicago and Northwest

ern Raiiway. -." TheWisconsin Div., 324.55 m.; Galena President, Marvin Hughitt, Chi. Northwestern Line.”

Div., 497.98 m.; Iowa Div., 569.46 m.; [Michigan, Illinois, Iowa,

cago, Ill.; Vice-President and Wisconsin, Nebraska, MinMadison Div., 508.10 m.; Minnesota

Secretary, E. E. Osborn, New and Dakota Div., 1,302.41 m.; Peninnesota, North Dakota, South

York City; Vice-Presidents, M. Dakota, Wyoming.) sula Div., 464.44 m. ; Iowa and Min

M. Kirkman, H.R. McCullough, nesota Div., 323.11 m.; Northern For year ending June 30, 1906.*

J. M. Whitman, and William A. Iowa Div., 383.57 m.; Ashland Div., Total earnings.... $63,481,577 902.78 m.; Northern Wisconsin Div.,

Gardner; General Manager, R. H. Operating expenses 42,216,275

A ishton; Freight Traffic Man332.72 m.; Sioux City Div., 416.15 m.; Net earnings....

ager, Marvin Hughitt, Jr.; Pas$21,265,302 Nebraska & Wyoming Div.,1,428.31

senger Traffic Manager, W. B. Other income.. 577,080 m. Total mileage, 7,453.58; Chicago,

Kniskern, General Otices, ChiTotal net income. $21.842,382 St. Paul, Minn, & 6. Ry., 1,697.57.

cago, Ill.; New York Offices, 52 Total payments.... 19,525, 742 EXPRESS Co.-American.

Wall Street, 461 Broadway. Surplus...

$2,316,640 Chicago, Burlington and Hey

Railway. Burlington Route » Lines in Illinois, 1.679.91 m.; in Iowa, [Illinois, Wisconsin, Min- 1,436.70 m.; in Missouri, 1.401.12 m.: President, Geo. B. Harris; 1st Vice. nesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nein Wisconsin, 223.10 m. ; in Minne

President, Darius Miller; 2d Vicebraska, Kansas, Colorado,

sota, 38.45 m.; in Nebraska, 2,631.51 President, Daniel Willard; SecWyoming, South Dakota, m.; in Montana, 199.90 m.; in

retary, H. E. Jarvis, Burlington, Montana. ) Kansas, 260.44 m,: in Colorado,

Iowa; Assistant Secretary, G. H.

Earl. New York ; 429.35 m.; in South Dakota, 210.03

Passenger For year ending June 30, 1906.

Traffic Manager, P. S. Eustis; Total earnings..


m.; in Wyoming, 360.38 m. Lines
east of the Missouri River, 4,449.08

Freight Traffic Manager, G. H. Operating expenses 51,463,641 m.; lines west of the Missouri

Crosby. General Offices, Chicago, $22,683,029 River, 4,374.79 m. Total mileage of

Ill.; New York Cffice, 34 Nassau Other income 410,682 Burlington system (less duplicated General offices of lines west of the

Totalnet income. $23,093,711 mileage), 8,823.87.
Total payments.... 19,186,139 EXPRESS Co.-Adams.

Missouri River at Omaha, Neb. Surplus

$3,907.572 * laclusive of Chicago, St. Paul, Minn. &0. Ry.

Net earnings..

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